and he's putting on a show

I’m glad folks have noticed that Bendy’s eyes “do the thing” in the Toon Henry AU whenever he’s feeling very emotional or serious.

Fact of the matter is, it’s off-model for his character.  And as a former animator for Bendy’s show, Henry would notice it right away, which is why it startles him the first time he sees it.

If he had any doubts about the studio truly having been turned into a cartoon world – which he very much did – seeing Bendy’s expression do this would have confirmed it.  Bendy himself would find it off-putting and inexplicable if he could see this expression on himself, as it’s one he’d never make in his cartoon.

But, well, he can’t.  He can’t tell that this happens when he’s not acting like his normal toony self… or else this would put some serious doubt into his faith that Joey’s been telling him the truth.

Now, that being said… what would happen if the other toons saw him wearing this expression?

like, I get that the exclusivity was an issue for Baz, but the fact that he made a show centered around queer, black, and latinx people, that was super high quality, visually stunning, well written, and heartfelt, and then Netflix put out no ads and didn’t even put it on the banner of their site the day part two came out is too fucking much to be brushed off. Baz is going to go back to making his straight white romance movies, Netflix is going to go back to jerking themselves off to their plentitude of shitty straight white series, and a show that was nothing but the best it could be is cancelled after one season. don’t tell me that means nothing


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“Steve did you put a whole box of washing powder in the machine?” You asked fondly as Steve stopped in the hall.

“Would you believe me if I said I didn’t know how to work it?” He asked through a laugh and you pulled a face as if you were thinking about it.

“No because I showed you how to work it last week.” You smiled when he grinned in defeat.

“Bucky said a whole box would make it explode bubbles like on old cartoons we saw.” He smiled and watched you go from disbelief to utter amusement. “I had to try it once.”

“You’re seriously a man-child.” You giggled, both of you breaking into a fit of laughter.

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Can you do a fic where Nico and Will are out in public and Someone yells that they are disgusting and stuff so Will gets in a fight!?!?

Warning for homophobia/homophobic slurs. Putting it under a read more for violence and homophobic language.

As contrary as it sounded, Nico actually tried to avoid fights when he could. Now, do get him wrong, Nico loved any chance he got to show off his skill, be it hand to hand combat or sword training, but he tried to avoid fights outside of the practice arena. Most of the time. He especially tried to avoid getting into fights with mortals. What was the point? Five seconds of glory before the cops showed up? Nico didn’t think it was worth it.

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I was decorating my secret base in Omega Ruby Version to make it look like Sapphires and I just noticed Ruby’s interesting choice of posters..


And Relicanth.

Seviper being the point of the story where they made the bet and Ruby refusing to help Sapphire fight the Seviper.

Relicanth being the point of the story with the two of them reconciling after breaking the bet and Ruby wanting to help Sapphire fight for Hoenn.

That’s two very important points in their journeys both to do with the 80 day bet. Plus this is the 80th day and a celebration of the two of them completing their goals.

So like wow, Ruby’s actually put some thought into decorating Sapphires cave.Typical Ruby acting all selfish and clueless but still showing he cares through the little things he does.

Before anyone asks me: No! I’m actually not worried at all about Luke being at the top of Rian’s “shit list.”

I’m actually optimistic now. Very optimistic. Rian wanting to put Luke through some difficult trials shows me that they’re giving him a solid character treatment by giving him obstacles to overcome. Luke needing to overcome these obstacles means he has a clear arc. Luke having a clear arc means he has purpose to his character. Luke with purpose going through his arc means that at some point, Luke will overcome his obstacles and emerge victorious. Meaning Luke probably gets some sort of happy ending. 

So yeah, I’m rubbing my hands together. This is gonna be goooood!

Showing You (Jesse McCree)

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Pairing: Jesse McCree/Chubby!Fem!Reader
Words: 1330+
Warning(s): self-consciousness,nsfw
A/N: hey guys! still slowly getting back into this blog. though i have to put off writing as a whole thanks to my birthday, finals, and graduation quickly approaching me. i can’t write smut for the life of me so take what you can get here lol.
Request:  McCree with a chubby/large chested reader who tries to deny her feelings for him, and he shamelessly flirts with her every single time he sees her. And he finds out that she’s been holding back because she’s self conscious about her body and thinks that McCree flirts with everyone like that, and couldn’t possibly seriously like her? SFW or NSFW whatever you wanna do!

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Them Seeing the Girl They Like  but She Doesn’t Know They’re in Mafia: MONSTA X


Would probably be the most sensible one and therefore would not approach you at all, simply observing you from afar, where you never knew and wouldn’t be put in danger.


Approaches you as if it’s a normal thing to do and doesn’t show even the slightest thing about his `occupation`, pretending to be a normal salary man and slowly seducing you.


Would recklessly approach you anyway and throw his hands over your shoulders, laughing and singing and wooing you to him, then later he would blurt the fact that he’s a mafioso out on accident without actually realizing it.


He would be the careful one. He’d first spend some long time evaluating you before actually approaching you. He wanted to make sure that you were not associated with any opposing groups, so he might follow you around, tape you, or anything of the like. And even then, after approaching you, he would make sure that you would never find out his little secret.


He would lying straight out, but the problem was the fact that he started to lie about it all. He felt as if since he lied about his actual `job`, there was either no point in telling you the truth in anything, or he simply couldn’t be bothered and a couple of small lies was just a minor inconvenience.


After approaching you, I think he’d find it harder and harder to keep that particular fact about himself away from you, since he was so head-over-heels for you, and in thee end he would simply set you down and explain everything the way it was, hoping for the best.


Hey-ho to another reckless man. Though, I think ChangKyun would be a little more on edge, and would go to far lengths to keep you by his side. He was the man to give all of his into something he wanted; and the relationship with you is what he truly desired.

I really hope that they don’t pursue this whole “Archie has feelings for Betty now” thing to the point where her feelings for him resurface and affect her relationship with Jughead (and probably Veronica too). This isn’t even to do with the fact that I ship Bughead; I truly think that, above anything else, it would just be ridiculous and demeaning for Betty’s character growth. Especially after the way he rejected her until he saw she was with somebody else. I might lose a bit of respect for the show if they do that, but they’re always talking about female empowerment so I’m hoping Betty will put him in his place. Veronica also deserves better, let’s be real. Archie needs a reality check!


Happy bellarke fam selfie night! Happy Praimfaya! Happy finale! Happy show day! OMG. I almost posted the selfie with the bags under my eyes from not sleeping over this damn show, but it turns out I’m too vain. Huge bags. HUGE. Like duffel bags. So instead, you get a photo of the library/tvroom/craft room my uncle is building in my house. He’s going to put a projection tv in there for movies. I like that it’s someone else’s project and I don’t have to do it. Just waiting to put my books up.

I have been working on my novel, as well as my bellarke fics for alpha male celebration. i thought I was falling behind, but it turns out I did post two this week, and that’s what I promised, it’s just that one of them is an extra chapter in my 90s au fic  (which someone did prompt me to continue) and then there’s a canon divergent one set after the list scene with added jobi nuts and party. I have the bellarke pregnancy one in the lighthouse that I’m having trouble with  at the moment, because, while unlikely, it’s still in the realm of possibility, so I’m going to wait until after the show has jossed it, so I can be free with my interpretation.

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I think Jughead being domimant is just him being passionate and loving and just showing betty how much he loves her by putting all his feelings into physical love if you know what i mean

I totally do get what you mean, Grayface. I honestly think that, in recent years, the word “dominant” has some totally unfair connotations to it (part in parcel from an “unnamed, irresponsibly unresearched, utterly dodgy, and badly written erotica” novel).

In my mind, Dom doesn’t mean control - in fact, the submissive partner is actually the one in control. If Betts didn’t want to be slammed into that kitchen cupboard, she wouldn’t have been. Also - as Zump mentioned - Betty is finally coming into her own. She’s calling out her mother. She’s not just taking what the world throws at her. She’s questioning her Stepford life. Were I in her place, with someone I love and trust as much as she does Juggie, I would probably be just as likely to surrender that hard won control and trust that he’s going to take care of me. (Not to say that I wouldn’t want my turn on top - but giving over that need for control is actually very freeing)

For Juggie to behave as he did in E13, I think part of it’s about passion and trust (finally complete confidence and trust in someone! yes!) - but another part of it is as Zumpie’s anon said - Juggie is used to trying to orchestrate things in his favour (as much as possible anyway) and she was right - he didn’t make that first risky move until he was pretty sure that taking a chance wouldn’t have her kicking him back down the ladder. Keep in mind she’d just gone on a “date” with Trev and I imagine that was a huge catalyst for him making the move before he lost his opportunity completely. The Juggie in my head isn’t a shrinking violet. When he couldn’t bear it at home - he moved out. But he also has a lot of outside things acting upon him - example: he’s unable to do anything about his father’s arrest - so when he’s with Betty and he’s accepted that she’s his lobster and he can 100% trust her, he’s going to be able to “act and not be acted upon.”

Seriously, I know this is a long answer for a simple question but Dom!Juggie is one of my absolute favourite kind of Juggies. Throw in some dirty talk and I’m more than a happy girl. Why do you think I love heytherejones so much? lol.

When I was a child in this house in Novi, Michigan, we went to church in the basement.
I didn’t grow up in a religious family. In my house it was simple, Bruce Springsteen was the Lord, and “Born To Run” was the Bible. I remember burning that album for hours on end downstairs with my dad, Tenth Avenue Freeze Out turned up to 11, pretending to play along on any instrument I could find. I was baptized by rock & roll music.

A big part of my story is rooted in this guitar in my dad’s hands.
It’s an early 1980’s fender esquire. My mom bought it for him as a gift. He never learned how to play it, but it always knew how to put on a show for the neighborhood kids on Chase Drive. Later on, when the DALES clan became a party of five and moved west to Arizona, the guitar came too. It survived a big fall out of the trunk on Route 66, my failed first guitar lessons, and even my awkward teenage years when all I wanted was be a drummer.

Eventually I turned 18, the dream became real, and I got to tour the world for the several years. Meanwhile, the guitar collected dust in the garage.

When I started making the DALES record with Matt, I took a trip back to Arizona and begged my dad to let me take the guitar home with me to LA. After a bittersweet debate, he gave in and we were on our way to dust off the cobwebs. A part of me always knew I wanted to tell this story with the very instrument that was so deeply rooted into my childhood DNA. (I also wanted to learn how to really fucking play, thanks Matt.)

It’s an out-of-body experience to hold something in your hands and it feel like a time capsule to your first memories of music. A portal to a basement in Michigan where I felt the feeling for the first time,
the same feeling I’ll be chasing for the rest of my life.

Now not a day goes by where I don’t pick up this guitar.

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shaolin steals a knife without annie knowing and prepares to stab her in the middle of the sex but cadillac shows up as they're in the disco downstairs and shoots her point blank in the head just as she's about to kiss shao and then hugs shao for the first and only time as they remember all the shit and rape and abuse she put them through and then cadillac leaves and boo gets out of juvie and everyone forgives shao and he falls asleep holding napoleons tight

im crying and im happy you didn’t make shao kill her cause that would’ve traumatized him

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I met Ryan Tubridy on work experience in RTÉ Studios a few months ago. It was a weird experience. I didn't really say anything, but the girl sitting beside told him she watches the Toy Show every year and he just said "Well, you don't HAVE to," in a really exasperated tone, and then he just ... left. Without another word to any of us. Who put a stick up your hole, Tubridy?

jesus that’s savage, but I mean if I was working for RTÉ I’d probably be salty as hell too

I was talking with a friend and she asked me why did Robert while visiting Lyanna’s tomb put a feather  in one of her hands. She did not notice that Sansa picks up the same feather later.

Robert and his brothers used to go hawking in the books. It is also something that is done for fun in the North: Ned wishes he could go hawking with Robb again, when Sansa is asked by the Tyrells if she practices hawing she says ‘a little’, Arya was promised her own hawk when she grew older etc. So…perhaps Lyanna also enjoyed hawking while at Winterfell. Hawking might be one of the few things Robert had in common with Lyanna. Of course this is just speculation based on some facts from the books, but if this would be the true reason Robert put a feather in the crypts in the show…then it’s really clever…almost too clever. Notice that Sansa picks up the feather…Sansa who is associated multiple times in the books with birds ( called 'little dove’ by Cersei, 'little bird’ by the Hound, then she goes to the Arryns which have a falcon as a sigil, is 'trained’ by the Littlefinger who took a mockingbird as his sigil etc).

At the same time it could be just a coincidence and mean nothing. There’s also a possibility this feather might make some sense at some point (perhaps a short flashback of Lyanna hawking or something).

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the whole thing about netflix cancelling cause baz couldnt give 100% is total bullshit anyway like he was still gonna be directing he just couldnt be as involved and its not like the other writers/stage directors wouldnt be able to take his place for what he was unable to do like so much more goes into making a show than just the director netflix any money already didnt wanna put in a 2nd season and is using baz saying he couldnt be as involved as a cop-out to not continue it

I know, and I’ll be bitter until the day I die

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I high key feel that they're going to make Bellamy date raven or echo or have some sort of fling to create more drama for him and Clarke 😐🙄

would not be surprised tbh. granted i dont think hes gonna date echo and bellamys also 30 now??? that was an insane time jump??? like couldnt the death wave have been like 3 years this show is so extra LMAO 

part of me also feels like they did the time jump so they could put bellarke together without getting hate about clarke moving on too fast from finn/lexa cause i mean its been 6 years 

Headcanon: Ardyn is the fashion mogul of the Niflheim Empire. He puts on fashion shows regularly in Gralea and always models his favorite designs. 😂  

Wonderful artwork is a commission completed by @prompto-loco  This makes me smile sooo much! 😆❤💋

Inspiration for the picture is from this photo

SAM- favorite Snape quote

there are so many good quotes of Snape I like, but I chose this: because it shows Severus Snape, not the Professor, not the teacher, not the spy. I believe it shows him. It shows what he is NOW. How he thinks and what he is doing now. 

Dumbledore opened his eyes. Snape looked horrified. “You have kept him alive so that he can die at the right moment?”

“Dont be shocked, Severus. How many men and woman have you watched die?”

“Lately only those whom I could not save” said Snape. He stood up. “ You have used me” “Meaning?”

I have spied for you, and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you. Everything was supposed to be keep Lily Potters son safe. Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter….”

Snape critically questioning the decisions of Albus? Yes! A former Death Eater blaming Albus to use Harry?  I dont want to push that point he uses him. Only that it is indeed interesting that Albus accepts beeing questioned by him about his motivations and means . And rightfully.

- And Snape is referring to Lily as Lily Potter. Not Evans.

The pink liquid that spills over Pink Guy, covering up the black? I don’t think that’s him before he got Pink, i think that’s him regaining his colour after using a disguise. We’ve seen him running through all these realms, and for all we know, he needed to wear a disguise through them. Maybe he even disguised himself as Chin Chin so people wouldn’t get as suspicious when they saw Pink Guy running around these densely populated realms. 

Afterwards, he puts back on his real colour. I think Pink Thug is another disguise Pink Guy wore, hence him being covered in the pink liquid at the end too.