and he's proud of her

Favourite Parts of B99 Fall Finale
  • Rosa is the most private person on the team and yet Jake has met her parents once before
  • Jake’s lock screen is the cutest picture of him and Amy showing off the engagement ring
  • Rosa getting emotional when her parents didn’t accept her 
  • Rosa’s dad, the tougher one out of her parents, being the first one to accept her and calling her “mija”
  • Amy failing at winking
  • Rosa drawing a lesbian wedding and her mom guessing anything but that (”two women opening up a chocolate shop!”)
  • Holt hugging Rosa and telling her how proud he is of her
  • Charles deciding to stop saying “bye” so he wouldn’t out Rosa
  • Gina: “We would have made a hot ass couple” Rosa: “Agreed”
  • Rosa refusing to answer any questions about her dating life/girlfriend cuz she’s still the same private Rosa
  • Rosa explaining how she first realized she was bi in middle school while watching Saved By The Bell
  • Jake being the most supportive friend
  • Jake being bisexual foreshadowing 
  • 99 Family Game Night
  • “The Godfather” references
  • Amy putting her bare feet up on the chair 
  • Kyle, that’s all
  • Gina and Terry bonding over parenting
  • Enigma
  • Gina referring to the team as her friends

i’m so proud of rosa. she faced her fears and that’s so hard to do.

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DEH and BMC boys when their girlfriend gets accepted into the college of her dreams?


Connor: he’s so proud, he’ll pick you up and spin your around

Evan: he cries a little bit, he can’t stop saying how proud he is

Jared: he grins so smugly and says something like “well duh, they’d be stupid not to take you”


Jeremy: his eyes go wide and he wraps his arms around you tightly

Michael: nearly tackles you into a hug as you two celebrate


Jake: takes you out on a celebration date where he INSISTS on paying


Wow, are they really doing this?! Are they really eloping?!

Elizabeth and Solo dash into separate rooms to try and calm themselves down. They both feel nervous but ecstatic at the same time. Solo can be quite impulsive, and he does worry that he is pushing Elizabeth too far sometimes, but she keeps surprising him with her growing self confidence.

If she does back down, he won’t be upset, he’ll be so proud of her for coming out of her shell this much!

Amy Santiago, ladies and gentlemen.


this scene was incredible

Since the beginning of summer, Dipper has been obsessed with mystery ever since he found Ford’s journal 

 He investigated Mabel’s boyfriend 

He investigated the Loch Ness Monster

He tried to find out who murdered the wax Grunkle Stan

He wondered about ghosts

He wanted to find out who the real town founder was

He wondered how timelines work

He wanted to find a mysterious way to get taller

He wondered the body swap carpet worked

He became suspicious about Robbie’s CD

He wanted to find the beast that attacked the town 

He wanted to know why Stan was always rough on him

He wanted to know what the thing was that was stealing his and Mabel’s  Summerween candy

He wanted to know about Stan’s tattoo

He wanted to learn about the mysterious mailbox

He wanted to know why a mysterious Gravity Falls citizen always faces left

He wanted to know where the giant tooth came from

He wanted to find the Hide-Behind

He wanted to learn about the big mysteries in Gravity Falls

He wanted to learn about the author’s secret bunker

He wanted to know the password to the laptop 

He wanted to know who the author was 

He wanted to know why the townspeople’s memories were getting erased

He wanted to know why Soos hates his birthday 

He investigated the ghost haunting Northwest Manor

He wondered who his Grunkle Stan was

When he found out who the author was, he had so many questions for him

He wanted to know his Grunkles’ backstory

He was curious about what his Grunkle Ford was working on

He wanted to know the history between Ford and Bill 

He wondered what the phrase “New Mummies Daily!” meant

And he went on an adventure with Ford to find the alien adhesive to fix the rift

He’s been through a lot of mysteries this summer 

Mysteries are his passion

And when Ford asked Dipper to be his apprentice, Dipper eventually turned it down. Why? Why did Dipper give up on something that he loved and obsessed over since the beginning of summer? Why did he give up on a big dream he had? 

Because of her folks. 

That’s right. Dipper loves his sister more than anything. And instead of living his dream and following his big passion, he chose to go home with his sister.

Now that is truly amazing :*)

correction of my previous post: there’s two of them now


Did you arrest him because of what I said? Only in part. But it helped? Yeah.