and he's only 4 years older than me

4 Years with Bangtan

Being an ARMY has been one of the best things in my life.
It all started when I saw the Run MV for the first time. Something about them clicked.
They were unique
They were intriguing.
Having watched kpop since I was 8, BTS was certainly different.
I have been am ARMY since.

It pains me to even think that they might have disbanded during N.O because of money crisis. And look at them now!

They worked so so hard and had so much struggle with all the hate and antis, but they didn’t give in. They stayed true to themselves even after gaining such massive fame.
Practicing 12 hours, coming up with such killer concepts, the members were fuckin strong through it all.
Even when they felt depressed, like giving up, they didn’t. They still went onstage and in front of cameras with smiles and fierce attitude. Its admirable really

When Seokjin had to use his allowance to buy ingredients to cook for the boys. He looked after them so that they were all well fed and happy. Being the oldest hyung definitely wasn’t easy on him. Not to mention how hard he worked for his vocals and dancing, theyre spectacular.
When Yoongi suffered depression and had to choose between food and commute. He too fought tooth and nail for this. He kept his strong facade up and continued despite being told he would be a failure. Now hes fuckin Agust D and slaying. That’s somebody you should look up to.
When Hoseok valued the members above himself, becoming everyone’s hope. Hes always keeping a positive air around him. He lets the members lean on him, being his selfless self. How he helps each member perfect the choreo and he himself practices himself so hard. And how he wasnt supposed to be rapper but did, he had to learn all of it from scratch and now he has a Mixtape coming.
Namjoon goes through so much guys. Being the leader, he has alot of weight on his shoulders. He is the glue that holds Bangtan together. That time he was on hidden camera, and after offering a solo career, he didn’t even hesitate to choose his brothers, Bangtan. He is so fuckin handsome and attractive and yet people have the audacity to send him threats. Even as a person, Namjoon has a unique, flamboyant, wise personality. And his rapping is just phenomenal
Jimin is another member that the others lean on for support. Whenever theres a member struggling or crying, there’s Jimin standing beside them. Hes another selfless angel and deserves so much more. His perfect vocals and ethereal dancing, one of the things that make Bangtan stand out.
Taehyung is a wonderfully whimsical person. He worked on a farm with his grandmother, whom he loves so much, he came with his friend who was gonna audition. He was a hidden member til debut. He had to adapt to this life and progress. Now he has a voice everyone will be jealous over and the visuals of a fuckin king.
Jungkook was just 14/15 when he joined. Away from his parents, with older brothers who were young themselves. He was shy and couldn’t speak to the members. Now he overflows with confidence, delicate vocals and amazing dancing .

This band has helped me through so much. Their lyrics, although korean, gives my life meaning. They helped my depression, gave me encouragement and made me smile and cry.
This band means way more to me than I can express.
And Im sure it matters just as much to them.

Its been only 4 years. I know everything must meet an end.

But lets ARMYs and Bangtan forever stay together. :)

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Hi! Can you please update the de-aged Stiles tag? I'm pretty sure I read all the fics under the de-aged tag and I need some fluffiness in my life after reading this 100k fic that destroyed my heart and left me in tears

ah of course we’ve all been through it

When I see you again by Analinea (1/1 | 9,568 | PG13)

There’s a lot of big things happening, but maybe Derek will get out of it with more than he had before.

The Little Spark by Nerdy_fangirl_57 (1/1 | 13,666 | G)

Derek is running in the preserve when he hears it. A tiny, broken sob coming from the nearby trees. He gets closer only to find a little boy, no older than 4 years old, with moles plastered all over his tearful face as well as watery honey colored eyes and soft brown hair sticking up in all directions. Wearing a red hoodie.


Broken | Hyungwon

Originally posted by hotseok

Warnings: Angst. I suck at it but I was feeling really sad. Strong/ inappropriate language. Implications of depression. Mentions/attempted suicide.

Your relationship started just as soon as you began to slip into a very dark place. He became your rock. The only person you could lean on, the only shoulder you could cry on, the only ear you wanted to listen. Hyungwon had fast become one of the most important people in your life. It was unhealthy how much you depended on him. You weren’t smiling if he wasn’t around you. You weren’t talking if it wasn’t to him. He was your only friend, everyone else had turned their backs to you claiming you weren’t the same. Hyungwon didn’t care, though. He admitted you’d changed but stayed by your side in hopes of the “old you” shining through. 

It was a lost cause. You’d be the first to admit that you became a shell of the person you once were. As much as you tried it was too hard to get back into old routines after your mother’s death. Naturally, she meant a great deal to you. Before Hyungwon, she was the only person you could run to about any and everything without fear of ridicule. She was your confidant. But stage 3 Brest cancer had taken her away from you all too quickly. Hyungwon reminded you a lot of her actually. As you’d sit and talk to him he’d listen with a small smile lighting up his face. He admired your passion and enthusiasm. 

Upon your mother’s diagnosis, you began to lean on him heavily for strength. He’d whisper sweet assurances, “Everything will be fine,” He’d say as he’d pet your hair. “She’ll be fine. She’ll make it through." 

A year later his words proved false. The cancer wasn’t responsive to radiation treatments at all. The doctors said she was lucky to have lived as long as she did with cancer so aggressive. Was being held up in a hospital room, throwing up because of a treatment that wasn’t even working, watching as your hair falls out, your skin gets more dull, your eyes shine less, and you’re slowly unable to do anything for yourself because you’ve become too weak… was that really living? She’d suffered so much. And you blamed yourself. 

Hyungwon became like everyone else. He’d quickly got tired of your negative self-talk. He screamed at you to realize that it wasn’t your fault. Seeing you the way you were was heartbreaking for him and he sought professional help for the both of you. You didn’t find the therapy helpful, but Hyungwon did. He went often. It was like this that he discovered he was enabling you. Taking care of everything while you self-loathed wasn’t doing you any good. He needed to leave you in order for you to be better. And so he did. 

The breakup took you by surprise. You’d been sure everything was fine between the two of you. He still seemed to love you like he did when you’d first started dating. You were wrong tho. And it hurt. It hurt so much to watch Hyungwon walk out of your life. You’d lost your mother a little less than 6 months prior, how could you be expected to go back to normal. You blamed him a lot at first. The breakup was his decision after all. 

You’d been perfectly content with your year and a half long relationship, it was him who wanted to leave. You were angry and bitter for awhile… You drank a lot. You called him several times during those drunken spells. You called to curse at him for leaving you. You called to beg him to come back. Then you’d call again the morning after to apologize for your drunken behavior. Of course, you were talking to his voicemail each time you called and he probably deleted the messages before even listening to them, but they made you feel better. The messages felt better than all the therapy sessions Hyungwon had dragged you to combined. They didn’t feel good enough, though… 

Hyungwon rushed through several hospital doors in a panic looking for an information desk… looking for anything. 

"May I help you, sir?” A nurse calls out to him. She’s short and curvy and her brown hair tucked away neatly in a bun at the top of her head. 

“I just got a call um… I’m looking for a Y/N L/N.” Hyungwon explains 

“Y/N L/N,” She repeats as she searches down a long list of patients in the ward. “Ah, here they are…” she says. Her face is grim as she looks up at Hyungwon. An uncomfortable smile makes it’s way to her lips as she holds up her hand and grabs the phone next to her. “Let me call the doctor. You can have a seat right over there." 

Hyungwon feels uneasy but still does as she says and takes a seat in the designated area. The only other people present are a mother and son duo. The boy is young, no older than 4-years-old. Hyungwon watches as the mother struggles to get the young boy to stay still. Every time she gets a small hold of him, he manages to escape and quickly runs behind a chair with a wide smile plastered on his face. The mother sighs in frustration and calls the boys name but he continues to peer at her from behind the chair a few feet away with a big smile. She snatches him quickly and he’s finally unable to escape. Her large hand comes down and smacks his much smaller one. The boy’s smile disappears and he screams out his displeasure. Tears stream down his face as he cries out about how didn’t do anything wrong. 

It reminded Hyungwon of the few times you called him. He listened to all the messages you’d left and the apologies that came with them. Some were sweet and you rambled on about the past the two of you shared. 

"Remember when we first started dating and you watched to go see ‘Split’. I was absolutely terrified,” you laughed. “I fucking hate scary movies. You know I scare easy as hell. But I went because it was you I was going with. I just wanted to spend time with you. I was genuinely happy just in your presence. I hid under you the entire movie and you teased me and tickled my sides.” Then you were quite for awhile. The next time you spoke he could tell you’d been crying.  He could practically hear the tears running don your face.“I just don’t know what I did… I didn’t do anything… Why’d you leave?" 

"Mr. Chae?” A voice calls and he’s quickly whipping his attention to the man standing before him. He’s a tall black man wearing a button down and a tie with a pair of slacks underneath a white doctors apron. It was definitely safe to assume he was the doctor. 

Hyungwon quickly stood and shook his hand. “What… what happened?" 

The doctor sighed, "We usually don’t give that information out to anyone that isn’t family-" 

"Her father was never around and her mother died 6 months ago… I’m the only family she’s got." 

"Yes well, as you were listed as her emergency contact I believe it’s fitting to let you know… she attempted to commit suicide." 

Hyungwon’s breath left his body in one quick gust. Suicide? We’re things that bad for you? He had no idea you’d even considered it. 

"Mr. Chae…” The doctor calls again.


“Injuries sustained coincide with a drop from approximately three or four stories high.”

He closed his eyes and clenched his fist. “How is she?”

“She’s got several broken ribs. Her right leg and left arm are both broken. But um… What we’re most worried about is the swelling… in her brain.” The doctor sighs, “And unfortunately we weren’t able to save the baby.”

“B-b-baby?” Hyungwon stutters.

“I take it you weren’t aware then? She was only two months along. She probably didn’t even know herself… I’m sorry fo your loss.”

His legs gave out from underneath him. Baby? You were pregnant? If he would have known he’d never have left. Tears rushed down his face. The love of his life is laying in a hospital bed and all he can do is hope she stays alive. The baby he didn’t even know was there, is gone… So much went wrong in the span of only 3 weeks…. and he has no one to blame.

I know the ending sucked I’m sorry I hope you still enjoyed it guys :)

- AJ

Just the Way I'm Not (Asa Butterfield x reader)

Anonymous said: Hi! I loooove all your stories, they’re amazing and you’re an extremely talented writer! Can I request an Asa fic where the reader meets Asa and doesn’t like him and first but he likes that she’s kinda cynical and they end up together? Sorry if that sounds dumb lol but I love your blog!!

Sure thing! I hope you enjoy it! x

Originally posted by mlnyard

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Forever the One

Summary: When Omega Dan is of age, he is told by his father that he will be sold off to find an Alpha mate. Cue, Alpha Phil. Alpha Phil is in desperate need for a mate, and although Phil is only a few years older than Dan, he holds a reasoning behind why he needs a mate so quickly. When secrets are revealed that give up why Phil needed a mate, this story may not have a happy ending.

Chaptered Work: This is chapter 4 of 16.

Warnings: None! But if anyone notices one, PLEASE message me and tell me so I can change this! 

Word Count: 1,680

Authors Note: This chapter is made to not only foreshadow, but begin to progress the story faster. I’m hoping this worked and I really begin making a great impression with this story. Soon enough, you’re not gonna know what hit you or where it came from! Anyways, happy reading! :) 


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Let Me Love You - Part 3

Pairing: Jensen x Reader 

Word Count: 1,055

Summary: The reader has not heard from Jensen in over two years, he randomly calls one day and it completely turns her world upside down.

Part 1 Part 2 

Well shit. 

You look down and notice his wedding ring is gone. How the hell did you miss that?! 

“You…wait a minute.” You stutter out.

Jensen pulls the ring out of his pocket and drops it on the table.

“I still have to wear this in public until the divorce is announced. I don’t want to deal with any rumors. But we are officially separated.” 

You study his face and realize he doesn’t seem that upset.

“You don’t appear to be that unhappy about it. Should I be saying congratulations?” You say annoyed.

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we fight, we makeup

Being with Sammy wasn’t easy. We’ve been together for about 4 months now, but we’ve known each other for a year or so. I was actually really good friends with Madison, I was actually the one who did her like recording and audio and stuff like that, and also her photographer for her shoots.

But then she introduced me to Jack and Jack, and then we met everyone else, including Sammy. Me and him, after months of nonstop flirting, we finally ended up together. Now here we are 4 months later and, yes I was happy, but we did have our fights.

Despite how bad any of our fights got, it was still better than my last relationship. My last relationship was with some older guy, He was 27 and I was only 19. He was a real ass and ended up hitting me a lot. But after finally reporting it, things with us ended, and then I met Sammy like a year later.

I never told Sammy that my ex hit me. He knew we fought a lot, and thinks that’s why we broke up. Which granted, that’s part of why, but then there’s also the beating me thing.

Now my relationship with Sammy wasn’t that bad, nowhere close. But we did fight, a lot more lately than we used to. He’s just been spending a lot of time with his sister, which I loved Emily, but Emily always seemed to bring Stassie around. And Stassie was always all over him it seemed.

And here I am again, waiting for Sammy to come over. He was supposed to come over at like 5 and we were gonna make a pizza and then watch a movie and then stay over for the night. But that was at 5, and it was 8.

At around 9:30 Sammy finally showed up. I had already showered, and was changed into one of Sammy’s shirts he left over at mine. And I threw on some fuzzy socks, and I was cuddled up with a blanket on my couch watching tv and he just walked in.

He went to the fridge and grabbed a beer and came back in and sat next to me, throwing his arm over my shoulder. I shrugged him off though and he just looked at me.

“what’s wrong ma?” he asked.

“nothing.” I said, focusing on the show.

Sammy went and tried to pull me into him again, throwing his arm around me again, but I removed it again.

“okay, what the fuck (y/n). What’s your problem tonight?”

“my problem?” I turn and look at him “maybe the fact that my fucking boyfriend is 4 and a half hours late.”

“I’m sorry. I was busy at the studio.” He tried to defend.

“I don’t care Sammy. You could have fucking texted me or called and told me you were gonna be late.” I huffed.

“so what I forgot to text you. What’s the problem?”

“the problem?” I asked, standing up “what did you even do at the studio? Anything music related? Or did you just drink and smoke with Nate, your sister and Stassie?” I spit, and then walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge and grabbing a beer as well. Only to have Sammy follow me in.

“seriously (y/n) do you know how hard I work in the studio? I’m in there recording and making shit for my fans to enjoy, so what if I take a little break with some friends to relax.” He said calmly, but I was so livid.

“Sammy, you haven’t released anything in over like 3 months. All you do in the studio is party with Nate and the girls.”

“(y/n) you know that’s not true.”

“bullshit Sammy. All I see on every fucking social media is pictures of you and Nate smoking in the studio. Or fucking pictures of you and Stassie all over each other.” I raised my tone.

Sammy sighed and lifted his hand, and I immediately flinched, turning my head, closing my eyes and just shaking, waiting for it to happen. I peeked to see what Sammy was waiting for only to see him looking at me with wide eyes.

“(y/n), did-did you think I was gonna hurt you?” he asked, shocked. I just looked down at my feet, avoiding eye contact with him.

“ma” he said, tilting my chin up, but I pulled away. Danny always used to do that after he would hit me as well, trying to make up for it. Would tell me ‘he didn’t mean to’ and ‘it won’t happen again’ but those were obviously lies.

“I’m sorry” he breathed out before he turned and exited the kitchen and then my house. I wiped away a tear that had fell out of my eye in fear, and due to the memories, and locked up the doors and headed up to bed.

The next morning I woke up at around 11, and had ultimately no motivation to do anything today. I was upset about Sammy, and I didn’t even have any missed calls or new texts from him. I just wanted to lay in bed all day and do nothing but sleep and eat.

I was in the middle of my favorite tv show when my phone started ringing. I groaned, seeing it was Madison and answered.

Hey Mads

‘hey (y/n) I was wondering if you were doing anything today?’

No, I wasn’t planning on it. I replied. Despite her being my best friend, I wasn’t going to tell her about things with Sammy. She didn’t even know about what Danny did. I just liked to keep to myself most of the time, feeling if I talked about any problems I had, I’d just be getting on the person’s nerves.

‘perfect! Would you mind if we did a shoot today? If you can I mean.’

Yeah, that’s fine. When and where were you thinking?

‘okay I was thinking that little cove on the beach? Ya know, where there’s like some really cool caves, really private?’

Yeah that’s fine. What time?

‘can you be there by like 4?’

Yeah, no problem. I’ll see ya then.

‘okay, thank you so much girl. Love ya’

Love ya too, bye.

I decided that since it was now 12:30, I might as well get up and start getting ready.

I decided to wear a white sleeveless crop top, and some regular jean shorts. I wore navy blue flip flops, knowing I’d take them off as soon as I got there, and loosely curled my hair, going for the natural beach wave look. I applied a little bit of mascara and then decided to get my camera ready and stuff.

After getting all my stuff together it was already 3:30, and knowing it was a little bit of a drive to the cove, I left.

20 minutes later I arrived at the cove, and knowing Madison wasn’t there yet, since she texted me, I walked down to the shore line and stared out at the waves.

“I knew you would be down here.” A familiar voice spoke behind me. I turned around to see Sammy, dressed in khakis and an open denim like button down shirt.

“what are you doing here?” I asked. He hasn’t talked to me since last night, not even to check if everything’s okay, but he just shows up?

“I wanted to make things up with us.” He said, putting his hands in his pockets. “so I asked Madison if she could get you to come to the cove without having any suspicions.” He spoke, looking me right in the eyes, practically right into my soul.

“Sammy, that’s really sweet of you, but you know if you woulda just texted me this morning we woulda been okay.”

“yeah, but I wanted to do something special.” He said, reaching out and taking my hand, dragging me behind him up to a blanket with a little basket.

I smiled as we sat down on the blanket together and he pulled out two beers and some grapes and a sub. We were in the middle of eating when I decided to speak.

“you didn’t have to do all this.”

“I know ma, but I wanted to.” He said chewing up the rest of his bite, swallowing he continued “plus I wanted to talk about last night.”

“look Sammy, I overreacted. I know you work ha-“ but he cut me off.

“no not about that. The fact that you thought I was going to hit you? You know, no matter how bad things get between us, no matter how much we screaming at each other, I would never lay a hand on you.” He breathed, taking my hand in his. “I love you ma, I would never do that, and I have no idea why you think I would.”

“bad experience I guess.”

“(y/n) come on, you can tell me what happened.”

“I don’t want you to be upset.”

“why would I be upset?”

“cause I didn’t leave sooner.” I mumbled out.

“what are you talking about (y/n)?”

I took a deep breath and sighed, no longer looking at Sammy, but out at the crashing waves. “my last relationship, was…abusive. He always hit me, over stupid shit, like not folding his shirts right, or washing them the right way, or for there to be dirty dishes in the sink or something. And I stayed with him for over a year, and he was hitting me for about 7 of those months…I’m sorry I didn’t leave him sooner.” I closed my eyes, remembering all the pain he caused me.

“(y/n) look at me.” Sammy said, causing me to turn and lock eyes with him. “I love you, and I want you to know I would never, ever, lay a hand on you. Yeah sure, it pisses me off that he hit you, and I want to do nothing more than find his sorry ass and beat the shit out of him, but don’t you ever think I would be upset or disappointed in you for not leaving him sooner.”

“I love you too Sammy. I just feel awful for sticking around so long. Look what it’s done to me. My boyfriend can’t even mess with his hair without me thinking he’s gonna hit me.”

“don’t do that. It’s not your fault babe.” Sammy said, rubbing his thumb on the backside of my hand.

“I know, but he just made it second nature to flinch.”

“well you have nothing to worry about with me. I’m sorry you thought I was going to, and I’m sorry for yesterday too.”

“don’t be. You didn’t do anything. I overreacted. It’s okay.”

“okay good, cause you know I hate when you’re mad at me.” He said, pulling me into his chest, so we were cuddling on the beach. “plus if you’re mad at me, I can’t do this.”

And he leaned in and gently kissed my lips, only for us to pull away and just lay together in pure happiness and bliss.

My cousin just got married to her husband who she’s been with for ten years. All their friends are here with their children and they’re only 4 years older than me. I got a text half way through from P saying he wants to see me so he can take my knickers off again and I’m sad because I’m a huge slut and I’m worried I’ll never get married and be happy.

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An exo L on Twitter is spreading a round that johnny bullied Lay during trainee years. Everyone should report @AinsleyPaisley

I will definitely report thank you so much for letting me know if my followers can report too please do!

And let me address these “rumors”
OMGGG LAY IS 4 YEARS OLDER THAN HIM??? JOHNNY JOINED SM WHEN HE WAS AROUND 14?? WHAT LANGUAGE WOULD HE BULLY LAY IN??? JOHNNY NEEDED KOREAN CLASSES FOR A LONG TIME??? HE ONLY RECENTLY STARTED LEARNING CHINESE LIKE ??? My friend from korea say antis use lay a lot with rumors because they see Lay as a target. Johnny was friends with exo. Including china line. We seen him with tao. There is no reason for him to bully lay.

someone: are you ok?

me: how old is carl grimes. how old am i supposed to think of him as. chandler riggs is only six months older than me which makes him pushing 17 right now but in the timeline of the show assuming he began at 10 carl should only be about 12 now. is chandler riggs playing a 12 year old? unlikely because his whole storyline once he meets enid & ron & other teenagers is that of a 16-17 year old and not a twelve year old. people treat him like he’s 16. rick treats him like almost an adult yet carl refers to himself as a kid. judith is still a baby despite being born 4 seasons ago which means that within the walking dead universe carl should still appear 12 regardless of chandler riggs’ age. am i supposed to assume that every year chandler grows, the older carl began the series as in order to keep him in line with the two year timeline while still remaining 16 in season 6? this haunts me


There’s a trend going around on Twitter called #GrowingUpWithStrictParents.
I think I am a prime example of that.
Growing up, my father was never in my life. My mother played the role of both a mother and a father to me until I was 4 when my stepdad came into my life. With my stepdad only being 18 years older than me, I’m sure when he was 22, he didn’t picture his life taking a 4 year old in as his own.
My mother grew up in a strict catholic family. My stepdad grew up in a Lutheran family. Almost as strict.
Up until I was 12 I had to be in bed by 8:00. Until I was 14 it was 9:00. 15-17 was 10:30 at the absolute latest. 18 was before midnight.
I couldn’t watch shows most kids would watch. I couldn’t watch Spongebob, or anything on Cartoon Network. I watched PBS and their educational shows such as Sesame Street, Zaboomafoo, and shows along that line.
I couldn’t listen to explicit music until I was 18 (when I really started listening at 15 and hid it). I didn’t see my first Rated - R movie in theater until I was 17. I couldn’t have my cell phone after 8:00 until I was 18. My mother approved all of my clothes and threw away the ones she didn’t buy with me.
I couldn’t go to sleepovers unless my friends parents called my mother telling her exactly who was going to be there. I wasn’t allowed to be outside after the sun started setting until I had my license, afraid I was going to get kidnapped and raped.
Even after I got my license I couldn’t unless I was with a group of friends, because of that reason.
I wasn’t allowed to date until I was sixteen (but nobody follows that rule.)
I had to have my parents check my planner of assignments and sign them to make sure I got them done before I could do anything.
Growing up with strict parents is good yet bad at the same time.
It gives you structure in your life. They taught me to always respect people. To treat them how you would like to be treated. To write out everything that needed to be done. To not trust someone right off the bat. I have a lot of respect for my parents, if my parents weren’t so strict, I wouldn’t be who I was today.
But as they say, strict parents raise good liars and sneaky kids. This is what happened because of that.
I smoked my first cigarette when I was 12. I hung out with the wrong crowd for quite some time. I had my first kiss at 14. I lost my virginity at 15. I gained a lot and lost a lot of friends. My friends would pretend to be their parents so I could hang out and lie about what we were actually doing. I had my first drink of alcohol when I was 15. I partially moved out when I was 17. I started smoking weed when I was 17. I lived with 4 guys and one girl. I partied way too much. I trusted people too soon and got hurt. I snuck around and hid who I was dating. I got my first tattoo when I was 17, and ruined my mothers wishes for my first one to be with her. I got my second tattoo two days after I turned 18, and somehow his it until April. I got my belly button pierced the end of March. I got three tattoos within a week the beginning of July. I got my septum pierced a week after I turned 19. I got the bottom of my belly button pierced two weeks after that. I got a tattoo on my arm, and a day later I got one going down my spine the beginning of June. My parents know about the tattoos when I was 17 because she saw them two weeks before I turned 18, she knows about the feather on my shoulder and then noticed the quote under it two weeks after I got it. She just saw the tattoo on my arm and thought it was henna. She does not know about the two quotes on my ribs, nor about the one on my spine. She found out about my belly button piercing in October, little did she know, I had it double pierced at that point. She found out about the bottom one the end of May because it got caught on my shorts. I have lived with two different boyfriends, the one didn’t last long. I currently live with one who she absolutely despised at one point.
It is 11:51 pm, July 23, 2015 in exactly 2 months, 6 days, and 9 minutes. I will be 20.
My parents try and control every move I make. I and currently on vacation and they aren’t happy with when I’m leaving. I’m not allowed to get a phone that will personally fit me better. Tattoos and piercings are not acceptable in my family. But I’m the only one they make a big deal about it with. I can’t cut or dye my hair the way I want to. I can’t do my make up the way I want to around them. I can’t buy certain clothing. And I can’t do what I would like to do at times.
I am almost 20 years old and my parents, are just as strict, possibly most strict than they were when I lived with them. Over a year ago.
Strict parents are great, yet they are not.
They don’t know when to let go and realize their children are all grown up.
But because I am my mothers only child. She is never going to realize that. And she just wants the best.
It’s time to let go and let me be my own person.

-One irritated and fed up daughter.

Other ‘Aged Up’ versions: Yumi | Ulrich | William

Odd here is a special case since there’s a lot I have to talk about with him since majority of what I have for him here is mostly headcanon rather than actual canon so please bear with me here. 

  • Baby: Only son and child between the newly wed Della Robbia family. Likes to be butt naked cause god knows why.
  • 4-5 years old: His parents decided he was old enough to be solely taken cared for by his older sisters and was regularly left at home while his parents were gone for work and his sisters had either school or work. They got him Kiwi at this time cause he complained about being lonely one time and they’ve been inseparable ever since. 
  • 10 years old: Has grown into an adorable boy to a complete little shit thanks to the lack of parents in his life and his sisters barely being able to handle how much of a bastard he is. Despite his troublesome behavior, he knows how to easily charm people into giving him slack quite well for his age.
  • 12-13 years old: ‘Code Lyoko era’. Got sent to Kadic after his sisters finally decided they couldn’t handle too many teenagers in the house. Brought Kiwi with him because he didn’t trust leaving him with his sisters and in case he was going to have a hard time at the school so at least he wouldn’t be alone. Also the time where his hormones start going crazy and he practically chases after every girl in the school at least once.
  • 14-15 years old: ‘Evolution era’. Practically stays the same height to his dismay because Puberty doesn’t like him. Forced to send Kiwi back home after he probably gets found by Jim (and with the Supercomputer out at the time, they can’t RTTP so Odd could fix his mistake). While still madly into girls, he’s unable to get back into dating as much as he’s used to in the past merely because he’s already dated all of the girls in his and Yumi’s grade and doesn’t swing for younger chicks and his reputation isn’t exactly….great. 
  • Early 20s: ‘College AU era’. Continues to room with Ulrich outside of Kadic cause it beats having to get to know a complete stranger and possible serial killer. Kiwi dies waaay early on in this AU and he’s still upset about his death to the point he can’t just get another dog (that and the apartment they live in doesnt allow pets). Like the others, he carries a horrid reputation from Kadic but he has somewhat of a functioning social life compared to them. His dating life has resorted to one night stands as he just can’t seem to find the one to fill the void in his heart.

Antis need to calm the fuck down I swear to god. Age differences in adult relationships are extremely common. This whole idea that you can’t ship Lucio and D.Va because he’s 7 years older than her is ridiculous. She’s an adult, not a child. He’s only 7 years older than her. That’s actually not a huge age difference. I’ve dated someone 6 years older than me when I was 18 and we were together for 4 years. My parents are 11 years apart. A friend of mine’s parents are 13 years apart.
There is nothing inherently wrong with age differences in relationships. It’s not going to automatically be abusive. There are SO MANY real couples out there who are in healthy, happy relationships that have an age difference. Are you calling their relationships gross?
Just let people enjoy their ships. If you don’t like it, stay out of the tags, don’t view it. Simple as that. They are fictional adults in a fictional relationship. Sit down, and let it go.
Also, where do you have the energy to be so angry all the time? God damn.

thomsfalsetto  asked:

Interesting fact: I'm 18 years younger than my brother he was in college when I was born (which makes me the youngest in my generation of the family by like a lot)

oooo wow that’s wild! i can’t imagine that bc i have family all around me that are similar ages that’s very interesting
i guess my related fact would be that when i was born my parents only had planned a male name and not a girl name so when my older sister (who was 4 at the time) suggested a name they liked it and just used what she said lol so my 4 year old sister named me

David Bowie, rated by the level of dateability

Baby Bowie: Not really hot. Fucks around but is underage. -1/10

Mod Bowie: Has a fashion sense. Looks sharp as fuck. A London Boy. Hair on fleek. Does tinkture though and I’m not into drugs… 4/10

Space Oddity Bowie: A bit of a macho who wants his food on the table when he comes home (says Hermione), the perm… omg noodle no that was a bad decision. Skinny lad. Weird fashion choices. Is pimply and pasty. Not very appealing. 2/10

The Man Who Sold The World: A freak, but a good freak in a dress. Still, the perm isn’t my thing, but I dig the Holy Holy costumes… mmmhhhhhhh 4/10?

Hunky Dory Bowie: A HOT GUY! Really good hair. I am really envious. Let me bathe with him and wash my hair and ahhhhHHHHH!!! Fabulous as FUCK! Also have you seen his Glastonbury Look, the cape, the wide trousers, the cowboy hat? 7/10

Ziggy Stardust Bowie: Okay, I have a thing for redheads. There also is glitter, tight stage suits, has a glittery guitar. That is just super rad. Sexually ambitious, fucks a lot, #monogamy whats dis. Would be a 10/10 but the whole fucking around is kinda a downgrade personally, so 9/10.

Aladdin Sane Bowie: The same as Ziggy Stardust, but more unhappy. Poor baby, I wanna cuddle him, he probably wants to make out with me. 8/10.

Pin Ups Bowie: ???

Diamond Dogs: Like the Gouster, but still healthier, is a lone wolf, bold. Could seem confident, but just fired his band without thinking about his own future, is also a bit of an ass, starts getting into drugs… not really my thing. 5/10

Young Americans/ the Gouster: Gouster Look looks HELLA cute with his loaned clothes, and his transitional haircut, is a poor baby, probably very horny (but unable to get it up or have good sex)… dateable a 0/10

Thin White Duke: The same about the fucking as Gouster, looks like he aged around 10 years and his Gouster’s older stylish Wall Street Brother. Looks cold and unsympathetic. Is he even into dating? He dumped Ava. What about his sex drive? A mystery. Not very appealing but the suits get him a 1/10

Berlin Bowie: Now we’re talking! A dude with a really lowkey haircut, who is an alcoholic but consumes way less coke, he’s quiet, he paints a lot, goes to the museums, sits in the window at his apartment and strums his guitar. Come on once he threw out Iggy I would do the same as Coco (allegedly) and fall for him. Into his bed. Hell, it even got Angie back to sleeping with him again! 8/10

Scary Monsters Bowie: Seems similarly lowkey as Berlin Bowie, has cleaned up his act more. Don’t know much about him, but does a Broadway play and Baal, a very intersting and dateable bloke imo, 8/10

Let’s Dance Bowie: Man I don’t know, the superstardom isn’t really my thing, but for a hot affair I’d definitely be there. Like, roll around with him naked on a beach, sleep with him, travel around the world for six weeks while having a ton of good long mornings, … yes. 5/10 because no long term thing.

Tonight Bowie: Does he even think of dating? No, probably not. He’s very sad, and frustrated, has tons of beautiful women throwing themselves at him, but probably works through his issues in therapy, not yet dateable. Looks sometimes questionable but solid. Mmh 4/10

Never Let Me Down Bowie: Lowest point. So depressed. Alone. Frustrated. Has a gf who is a ballet dancer. Apart from the part where he is 20 years older – better life choices than in the past 5 years. Mullet. Starts getting more dateable. 5/10 because he’s not hot-hot, only personality-starts-to-appeal-hot.

Tin Machine Bowie: runs around in suits. Is probably a sex god when he hits mid-life crisis. Funny bloke – sits around with his underrated yet very relevant buddy Reeves and improvs TV-dialogue while having the volume off. Seems like a really solid guy. Loves music again, isn’t out for commercial success anymore, seems like the guy you could start a life with. Beard though, is sometimes attractive and sometimes not… 7/10

Black Tie White Noise Bowie: Suits. So many suits. And one happy bunny. Man, this man is happy as fuck. Also his wife is gorgeous. Let’s give him a solid 21/10 in dateability. To be precise, 9/10 points this gets is for his body in his engagement pic, the engagement pic itself, and a solid 10 extra bonus points are for his naked wife in their engagement pics. Another 2 points for the way he looks at her in that one photo at their wedding. You know the one. Every one. Can’t overscore, so… 10/10

Buddha of Suburbia Bowie: If I would date one guy besides BTWN from the guys mentioned until now, it would be Buddha of Suburbia Bowie. Why? He has a chill home life. Two weeks per year he records, otherwise he takes you to Bali or someplace, reads a lot, is super chill, clean, happy, makes a lot of sweet love to you. 10/10.

1. Outside Bowie:  THE SEX GOD. 11/10. Idc that you can’t overscore. Facial hair is always a risky move, but it paid off this time. The eyeliner is just everything, plus all the leather, the good humor, the sass, the dirty jokes, man this man got laid. A lot. Perfect husband. 11/10.

Earthling Bowie: Still perfect husband, but doesn’t look as hot as before. Still acts really, really hot. I will give it a 10/10 for every faked orgasm and hip roll and… (faints)

‘hours…’ Bowie: Can go from cuddly to sexy ageless guy in 0.2 seconds, beware. Sometimes has facial hair, which enhances the sexiness. Still the dork side gets prevalent now and his body isn’t that hot anymore, also he doesn’t get naked anymore on stage!!! I object!!! Fathers a child though congratz that gives him extra points, totalling at 8/10

Heathen Bowie: Has the best ass. Let’s be real here. That ass is made for thrusting. Lies about changing dirty diapers though, but reads a lot to your kid, is the best dad™, while being 100% fashionable and adores you to bits, gentle ageing and appreciative man with a side job as internationally acclaimed rockstar. Also bought you a fucking big apartment. 11/10 would bang, then ask for his hair stylist’s address.

Reality Bowie: Runs around like a dad in his free time, which he is. Has a second career-high, goes on his biggest tour ever, only to quit touring and smoking for you and the kid. Responsible and a bundle of love, 10/10. Funny clothes haha.

Gap Years Bowie: THE BEST. THE ABSOLUTE BEST. 9/10 would date/ marry/ go out with. His looks are fading but SO WHAT. The guy is just fucking amazing and chill and will adore you to bits, has his affairs sorted out… ideal.

The Next Day Bowie: He’s also still friggin cool, in case you forgot it. Maybe that’s why he made that album, maybe he was just a bit bored at home. Cool dad, also rockstar upsetting the Catholic Church. 9/10 would date.

Blackstar Bowie:Dr. Cameron from House M.D. would totes date and marry him, but jokes aside, hard to put a number on this one as little is known about his behaviour. Going from rumors he’ll still keep being positive and on valuing you, so I’ll give the whole experience a 5/10, because it still sucks hard.