and he's on with his groggy morning voice

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~HEY Y’ALL it’s ya girl back at it again with some more Grayson fluff. This one is kinda inspired by Ethan’s tweet about sleepy and delirious Gray. I’m hoping to write more often, it just takes a lil more for me to get inspired. OH and thank you guys so, SO much for all the positive feedback on my first Gray imagine, “take me there”. I’m so proud of it and I’m so happy you guys seem to enjoy it as well. :)

**No warnings (unless you wanna count Ethan’s dirty joke in the beginning)**

He was up pretty late last night, probably beating it to a picture of you or something, I dunno,” Ethan teased after letting you inside the apartment.

“Good lord, E,” you groaned with a scrunched face. You followed him past the kitchen and into the living room.

“I’m kidding loser,” he chuckled, plopping down on the couch and pressing play on the game he had paused to answer the door. “He was just up editing his part of the video for a long ass time last night. Although he probably did do the other thing. Wouldn’t put it past him.”

“Ethan!” You scolded, soliciting a laugh from your boyfriend’s brother.

“Just being truthful, cupcake,” he shrugged, not taking his eyes off his game. You scoffed and jokingly shoved his head as you walked past him (ignoring his whines that you made him mess up his game or whatever) and made your way to Grayson’s room, quietly opening and closing the door behind you. You leaned against the door and sighed in sympathy and love as you laid eyes on his sleeping figure.

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Make up Marichat May, Day 12: Sleepover

Title: Good Morning
Word Count: 2,059

“Nope,” Chat Noir admits, trying to keep any disappointment from sneaking into his tone. He’d never slept over at someone’s house before. His father was far too protective to have him do something like that.  

“No? They’re fun,” Marinette says nonchalantly.

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Make a choice Dean

A/N: Story begins in the middle of a hunt.

Warnings: Angst

Make a choice Dean Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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You and Sam looked around the hallway you were standing in; there was nothing special about it. Just a hallway of what appeared to be an empty factory. Glancing over at Sam, you nodded at each other, silently communicating that you should move.

The two of you were looking for Dean who had been taken by the djinn who fed off of fear. Sam had killed it a day ago but Dean never woke up, which led to where you are now; walking in Dean’s nightmare, trying to find him so that he could wake himself up.

You had just turned the corner when you heard a voice chuckling from what sounded below you. Sam heard it too because he glanced at you before walking to the railing to view what was going on below you.

Your eyes widened as you took in the scene; the dream’s version of you and Sam were each tied to a chair while Dean stood five feet in front of you. A man, a demon with black eyes showing, stood off to the side a few feet away.

“The hell?” You heard Sam say next to you.

“What is going-” You began but stopped when you heard the demon begin to speak.

“Alright Dean, choose. Do you want to save your brother, the one you raised and spent your entire life looking after.” The demon paused, “Or your little half sister who you didn’t even know about until the apocalypse? Your choice.” He said while handing Dean a gun, “You better choose quickly, otherwise I might just kill them both.”

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so many things in this video fuck me up™.
like his groggy morning voice or how about his stubble holy fucking hell or let’s take notice of his lips oh my god. there’s also the fact that i’m shook™ over how clear his skin is and let’s not forget you can tell he just woke up because his eyes are doing that thing where they won’t completely open yet. holy fucking shit who does he think he is fucking me up like this

Missing You and You Only

“I’m glad you could make it,” Ethan rasped, his voice groggy from the morning and arising from the dead of sleep. Truthfully, he hadn’t had that peaceful of a sleep in a long time, more specifically, in a couple months -since the last time he was home with you.

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Dating Barry Allen Would Include..


PROMPT?: Can you do a headcanon for what it would be like to date Barry Allen from the Flash TV show? Thanks! :)

WARNINGS: already dating Barry

  • Never knowing that Barry was a meta-human until he saved you.
  • Immediately recognizing his voice and tearing off his mask.
  • Barry being incredibly nervous because he had been lying to you for months but all you do is kiss him.
  • Lots of kissing.
  • When he comes home to your shared apartment, always worriedly looking over him for any signs of him being hurt.
  • Lots of cuddles.
  • Barry vibrating when you mention you’re cold.
  • Barry being an errand-runner for you, now that you know he can do it in mere seconds.
  • Everyone at the lab knowing every detail about you.
  • What you had for breakfast, what your hair looked liked today, how groggy your morning voice was this morning.
  • Cisco being kind of jealous that Barry got someone like you, despite never even meeting you.
  • Barry never forgetting your birthday, anniversaries or holidays, despite being able to get last minute gifts easier than most boyfriends.
  • Always sneaking up behind you to tickle you or scare you.
  • Neck kisses from behind post-scaring.
  • Lots of silent and inside jokes between the two of you, everyone else in the room confused as to why you could just look at each other and bust out laughing.
  • Barry being your best friend, your boyfriend, and your superhero.
  • Never ever wanting anymore from anyone else.
Birthday Girl (NSFW)

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: Sorry this took so long birthday anons! I know it’s long past your birthdays but I hope you still enjoy the fic anyway! Also since these requests were so similar I decided to combine them.

You woke up early that morning as you prepared for the long day ahead. Seb had promised to take you shopping and to lunch for your birthday and your friends had planned an elaborate girls’ night out. You stood there making pancakes as you felt two strong arms wrap around your waist and hot breath fan over the back of your neck.

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Tumbleweed, Her (M) #1 - [BAP] Mafia!Au

Originally posted by daenana

[A/N] This kind of writing falls under the ‘Noir’ category. It involves crime and is rated M for mature contents. One part, every week. OK? OK.

The Lieutenant: Bang Yongguk.

The smell of cigarettes from his superior is blocking his mind. He tried to shake his discomforts, a few times, but he had to settle for a walk for a minute. He never bothered to take his phone to the toilet but this time, he did. He picked the cubicle farthest from the entrance and placed the seat cover down. He slip his phone out of his back pocket and he sighed, before anything else. He sighed, tiredly. As if he’ll be expecting some unwanted texts. And like he predicted, he did.

“Please, answer my call.”
“I need you.”
“Call me.”
“I won’t be asking you for help. Not anymore.”
“This will be the last time.”

He locked the screen and hovered his eyes away from it, while tilting his head back. “You have seven missed calls, since Monday.” The last text arrived. He had been out of town, but isn’t very far from where he lives. This was the kind of text messages he refused to reply to. He cares about you too much, and for that same reason he had been avoiding you. So that you’ll grow out of it.

[Several months ago]

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A Thank You Gift

Member(s): Suga / V // BTS

Genre: CatHybrid!AU, Romance, Smut, Poly

Words: 1.9k

She felt cold that morning, something lacking by her backside and under her arm; the usual morning warmth from her two pets was gone and she felt empty as she awoke. Only not for long, as soft nips at her neck and licks up her stomach let her know that she was far from being alone and even further from being lonely.

She chuckled lightly, scratching behind the youngest ears, pulling him away from her stomach as he purred in bliss at the feeling of her fingers roaming through his sensitive spots of pure pleasure. “What’s with the nice wake up call, Tae?” she asked of the youngest, knowing that it would have been much more difficult to make the elder speak, particularly not when he was so into nipping and licking at her neck, sending small waves of shiver down her spine so early in the morning.

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Jaebum as your boyfriend

The way he looks at you.

Jaebum appreciates you in every way possible and adores everything about you. He sometimes looks still looks at you as if he couldn’t believe you’re really his.

Originally posted by got7europe

You supporting him.

You love Jaebum with all your being and support him him and GOT7 in every way possible, so you often accompany them to any music shows or concerts and hang out with them backstage or help here and there.

“Are you nervous?”

“You’re going soon! Good luck, baby!”

“How was the performance? Are you hungry?”

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

You randomly filming him.


“Say hello to your fans, Jae!”

“Look at the camera, babe.”

Originally posted by justrightforjb

When you tease him.

You like teasing Jaebum, although it’s difficult to fluster him, because he usually keeps his cool.

But sometimes he gets flustered and embaressed when you tell GOT7 about the sweet things Jaebum has said to you or done for you, breaking his image of cool and chic.

“Yah! Why are you telling them that?”

“That’s not how I said it!”

“Aish, seriously Y/N!”

Originally posted by j-miki


Especially on snapchat.

Originally posted by crying-in-korean

When he gets jealous or annoyed.

Talking or thinking about you to the fans or on broadcasts always brings a smile to Jaebums face, he loves seeing you happy and well.

Sometimes he gets a little overprotective and jealous though when one of the members chime in and talk about you affectionately as well.

“The other day Y/N and I went to the shops and-”

“She bought me a sweater! Y/N is really generous! And pretty too.”

“Yah, I was talking about her. She’s mine.”

Originally posted by seokijn

Teasing you at concerts when he sees you in the crowd.

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

Even more teasing on TV broadcasts and talk shows.

“She likes it when I do this.”

“My girlfriend is an ahgase too, so she enjoys the fanservice just as much.”

“Y/N said I’m even more handsome when I do this.”

Originally posted by chattyang

When he does aegyo just for you.

You know just as everybody else, that Jaebum really doesn’t enjoy doing aegyo, since he believes he doesn’t have it. And even though he isn’t overbearingly clingy, he likes showing you small gestures of affection every know and then and turns shy when you praise his aegyo.

“Aww, Jaebum! You’re cute, babe.”

“Cute? I’m not cute. What are you talking about?” *chuckles*

“I don’t like aegyo, I’m not good at it.”

Originally posted by defsouljb

You waking up to this sight in the morning.

Jaebum likes to hug you close when you share a bed or be the big spoon. His embrace makes you feel secure and you love snuggling up in his side, hearing his heartbeat and steady breathing - you always feel at complete ease.

You also love his groggy, deep morning voice.

“Hey, baby. How did you sleep?”

“I’m still sleepy, Y/N. Let’s just relax and stay in bed.”

Originally posted by curlstae

When he wants to go down on you.

“Y/N, babe, come here.”

"Get into my room.”

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i wrote a fanfic for the first time in months oh my god.
dedicated to @taylor-tut​ because it’s a whumpfic and she’s the one who inspired me to write again
ofc this is gonna be actual garbage because i havent written in forever but like,please enjoy?? i guess LMAO
1.5k words, whump. nongraphic description of injury. written at 3 in the morning. lance is very sarcastic in this but that’s probably because im sarcastic 25/8 and it’s bleeding into my writing. fuck.
fic is under the cut :)

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Mommy (Namjoon/Reader)

Originally posted by bangthebae

Genre: Smut

Words: 2.5K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: When the typically dominant lover has a wet dream about being dominated by his lover, who are you to deny his deepest fantasies? After all, everyone has their deepest darkest fantasies tucked away in the depths of their sexually aware mind like they have skeletons in their closet.

Tags: Mommy Kink, Dirty Talk, Orgasm Denial, Fem!Dom, Cuffing, etc.

Note: To clarify any confusion, I am reposting my old fics from BGS/theofficialrapmom here on HOBI since I previously removed them from Tumblr. Please do not attempt to send in plagiarism claims, as I assure you, I am the original content creator. For any questions, please feel free to contact me privately off of anon. Anonymous messages in regards to the reposting may be deleted if deemed rude/hateful.

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It All Comes Down To You (Part 1)

Bucky Barnes x reader / Avengers x reader Two Part Series - Part 1 Part 2

When the love of your life suddenly dies in your arms, you don’t think of having children anytime soon. But in your case, the universe (or rather your uterus) decided for you. [~3400 words]

warnings: S A D N E S S, angst, major character death, mentions of blood and violence, pregnancy, language, friendship-fluff (platonic fluff maybe? idk)

A/N: I guess my hiatus is over then (if anyone even noticed it haha). enjoy, though! feedback is always appreciated

Originally posted by anne-the-nerd

“BUCKY!” As fast as your legs would carry you, you ran towards where you had heard the gunshots. You didn’t care that you could be hit by a bullet as well, your eyes were solely on him.

Ignoring the shouts and orders coming through the intercom, you knelt next to him. Instantly, your hands pressed down on the wound as hard as possible. “It’s gonna be fine,” you said but Bucky’s eyes were already closed.

“You listening to me, love?” There was no answer. “Bucky?!” The panic was evident in your voice. Seemingly startled, his eyelids slowly fluttered open.

“Y/N.” Bucky forced a smile for you but he couldn’t fight off the drowsiness and how foggy everything suddenly felt. “I love you. Don’t forget that.”

You shook your head furiously, partly to shake off the tears that clouded your vision and partly because you needed him to know that you would never, ever forget him. “I love you, too. So much.”

“Y/N?” This time, it was Clint who called your name through the intercom. “Where are you?”

“Bucky is down. He got hit.”

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Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Chris and Reader spend a lazy and funny Sunday together in their Californian house by the beach before he leaves to promote Gifted.
Word Count: 1.4k
Genre: Fluff!
Warnings: two innuendos, but it’s just an adorable moment with Chris.
Author’s Note: This little story is dedicated to @always-an-evans-addict. I do hope you will like it because I’ve had so much fun writing it, xo. Also, thank you so much to @punkrockhippiefromthefourties for being my beta and for giving me all these tips and suggestions. You saved my life. If this fic is good, it’s thanks of her.

    The sun peeked in the bedroom window, illuminating your hair like a fiery halo, and so slowly, you lifted your head from the pillow. Despite your grogginess, you looked out at the beach off in the distance as the sun’s vibrant rays sent a glossy, gold sheen all around the room and the sound of the rhythmic waves of the ocean brought a peaceful hymn to your ears.

    Your eyelids closed again, and you rested back against your pillow, feeling Chris’ chest inches away from your body. You enjoyed the restful moment and hummed lightly as you remembered how much you lived for those quiet mornings with your husband by your side.

    “Hi, sweetie,” Chris’ sleepy voice spoke behind you. He put a hand on your arm and you lazily turned around. “You look so beautiful in the morning.”

    “You aren’t so bad yourself, Dorito,” you complimented, pecking his nose.

    “I was actually talking to the sun,” he joked with a jovial smile of his, and you laughed heartily, tipping your head back.

    Chris beamed at you, enjoying the melody of your laugh and he took the opportunity to climb on top of you. Yet, as he leaned into the kiss he chased every morning, you turned your head to the side and looked at the beach with this obvious smirk.

    “Y/N, I didn’t ask to wake up to nothing.”

    “Shut up,” you retorted and restrained your giggle.

    “What?” He furrowed his brows, feigning anger, but he couldn’t hold the character.

    “Shut up and kiss me.” You turned back to him, cupping his bearded cheek. You closed your eyes, melting when his lips captured yours and claimed them as his proudly.  

    “Now, you don’t have ‘nothing’.”

    “If I keep talking, can I have another?” Chris asked, raising an eyebrow and smiling.

    “Depends on what you tell me,” you giggled as he moved to your ear and whispered a sweet nothing. “I need a shower, first and then breakfast in bed?”

    “I’m going to work out quickly and take a shower after you.” He placed a loving peck on your forehead and swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

    “It’s Sunday, Chris. You can’t lift weights.” You grabbed his arm and pulled him back with you.

    “Of course I can do some push-ups,” he chuckled and you shot up in bed.

    “It’s a lazy day. We don’t do anything, but laugh, chill and make out in our case.”

    “It’s been a while since our last lazy Sunday. I completely forgot.”

    “Oh, man… Poor you,” you faked a sob, wrapping your arms around his chest. “We need to fix this.”

    “Uh, can I say hello to Dodger at least?”

    That afternoon, you sat on the couch, book in hand with Chris’ head on your lap and he scratched on his sketchbook silently, almost too focused on his art. Your free fingers played with the locks of his light brown hair as he used this quiet time to come back to something he had missed doing.

    After a few minutes using his pencil on the page filled with a beautiful depiction of nature, your husband put the sketchbook on the ground. He stretched his body over your lap, brushing your hip with his hand and he poked you lightly, earning your sweet giggle.

    “I’ve always thought you were ‘only surprised’.” A mischievous smirk grew on his face as he sat up and turned his head to you. “You’ve always been ticklish, haven’t you?”

    “I’m not,” you lied, trying to keep your concentration on the book.

    “Oh, really?” He moved closer to you, pressing his body against you. “Because it doesn’t seem like that.”

    “No, Chris.” You closed your book and finally met his playful gaze. “I know what you are thinking about, don’t do it.”

    “Am I that obvious?” Chris inquired, inching towards you with a new mischievous grin.

    “Christopher, we are not children. We are very serious grown people,” you countered, slowly standing from the couch and he scoffed.

    “Doesn’t mean I can’t do that.” He enveloped his large hand around your wrist and yanked down. He pounced at you and immediately tickled your sides, reaching certain spots of your body that secretly made you laugh each time he had poked or caressed them with his hands.

    You squirmed around before laughing uncontrollably as his fingers dug into your waist, making you laugh even harder. Tears of mirth threatened to spill as well as incomprehensible pleads flew out of your mouth underneath him as he kept torturing you so sweetly.

    “CHR- CHRIS NO!” You gasped for air, shrieking. “PLEASE! I- I- CHRIS… CHRIS!”

    He laughed as you kept on giggling like a maniac under the work of his fingers and he eventually gave you a break. Like nothing had happened, Chris smirked lightly and let you take this moment to catch your breath, sighing in relief.

    You looked up at him with this glare and he leaned his head to the side, lovingly staring at you with this beautiful smile that had you melting instantly.

    “This isn’t fair.” You rested on your elbows. “You are too strong.”

    “They say that. You seem to like it usually.” He winked and you threw your head back, placing your hands on your forehead as you giggled again.

    After leaving you in peace for a brief minute, Chris stared once more at your body with his famous smirk and he leaned in. He placed his hands on your neck and you dissolved into a pile of giggles as he tickled your skin down to your sides without a break.

    “PLEASE CHRIS! I- I CAN’T H- HOLD IT” You tried to fight back, failing miserably because of your lack of strength.

    “You say you aren’t ticklish, huh, sweetheart?”

    Chris accompanied your joyful laugh, trying to hold your squirming figure and you turned your head to the side, seeing the opportunity to free yourself. You managed to grab the cushion next to you, smacking his head with it and he backed away, pretending to be shocked.

    “This means war,” he warned with this light chuckle in the background.

    “Pillow fight, Evans!”

    You rolled off the couch and ran upstairs to your bedroom with your husband running after you. He slammed the door shut behind him and grabbed his feathery pillow, mimicking your swift movement.


    You jumped on the bed, smacking the pillow across his face and you laughed, daring him. Another hit and he didn’t even flinch as he joined you on the mattress. Your pillows used as hammers and shields at the same time, you hit each other and the feathers flying around you blinded your vision whilst you could only hear Chris’ constant giggles as he hit your belly with a new full pillow that spewed its content everywhere.

    You threw another pillow at him, but he smashed his fist into it and dropped it down, having your jaw dropping as you looked at the feathers on the bed and everything around covered by a white shin of softness.

    Taking advantage, Chris sneaked behind you, folding his strong arms around your waist and he lifted you up, spinning you around. Your head fell backward on his shoulder as you laughed and he kissed your neck, nuzzling his face in the crook.

    “Chris! Put me down… I’m- I’m going to throw up if you-”

    “All right,” he laughed, the same sound you found so adorable.

    Chris eventually let you down after more pleads and you let yourself fall on the mattress, lying down. He joined almost too enthusiastically as the bed collapsed under both your weight and you squealed. You looked at him with wide eyes until you burst out into laughter again, putting a hand on your chest and he mimicked famously.

    “That bed was too old anyways,” you gasped, wiping away the tears.

    “Yeah, it’s only the third in four months.”

    “We’re filthy.”

    “I can’t get enough of your laugh,” he whispered, calming down and he caressed your cheek. “I love you.” His eyes darted from your lips to your eyes, then your mouth again.

    “I love you too, honey.” You rolled over to climb on top him and attached your lips sweetly together

    “I’ve missed chilling with you.” Chris passed his fingers through your hair and you put your chin on his chest, looking at him.

    “Me, too.”

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    anonymous asked:

    Hi! For a Klance prompt, Lance or Keith (your pick) gets infected by some alien thing that makes them tell the truth so they admit their feelings for the other person, but after being 'cured' they don't remember doing it? thanks!

    For sure! Hope you like it :D

               “Lance, what are you doing – get away from that!” Keith grabbed the back of Lance’s armor and hauled him backward as the flower exploded a white puff in his face, making Lance sneeze violently. He rubbed the residue off his face, inspecting the white smear it left on his glove.

               “It’s just pollen,” he shrugged. Keith glared at him.

               “Do you know how many people are allergic to Earth pollen? Who knows what alien pollen might do to you?” Lance rolled his eyes.

               “You’re being dramatic. Look, I’m fine. I feel better than ever.” Keith narrowed his eyes.

               “Let’s just keep moving,” he said, shifting his grip on his bayard. “We can probably find a cave in those cliffs up there, hole up there for the night, try and contact the team again in the morning.” Lance nodded.

               “After you,” he said, gesturing grandly. Keith just rolled his eyes and set off, hacking a particularly thorny branch away with his sword.

               They made it to a shallow, unoccupied cave in the cliff face with about an hour to spare before sunset and managed to build a fire before it got too dark to see. They negotiated guard duty and Keith got first watch, leaving Lance to stretch out and go to sleep beside the fire. Except, in typical Lance fashion, he started to talk instead.

               “I’ve never built a fire before. I never thought I would have to,” he said. Keith groaned quietly.

               “Lance, we’ve got a long night ahead of us. You should really try to get some sleep.”

               “I never went camping as a kid. My family didn’t have the money to make a trip like that.”

               “You can tell me about it later. If you absolutely must,” he added under his breath. “Just please be quiet.”

               “We thought it was fancy when they managed to take us out to dinner and a movie. That was a big day. There were four of us plus my parents, and that’s a lot of kids to pay for, so we couldn’t do it very often. But camping was never an option. My sister really wanted to do it. She begged my parents for months. But they wouldn’t let her. It was pretty awful to watch how crushed she was, but to tell the truth, I thought she was being selfish.”

               “Lance?” Keith asked. There was something off about Lance’s voice. It sounded too flat and monotone, as if he wasn’t actually hearing what he was saying. Lance continued as if he hadn’t heard Keith.

               “She knew they couldn’t afford to take all of us, so either she wanted to get special treatment and go without us, or she was just being a whiny brat and harassing my parents because she got fed up with having no money all the time. I got fed up too, we all did. She could have sucked it up like the rest of us.”

               “Lance.” There was definitely something wrong. Lance never talked about his family like this. Certainly not to Keith, at any rate. He sprung to his feet and walked over to where Lance was flat on his back, eyes glassy and unfocused, staring at the ceiling.

               “Of course I still love her but God did she get on my nerves when we were kids sometimes. But I don’t really think about that these days because I’m so homesick. I just think about all the perfect times we had together. You don’t understand it, you know. I don’t think anyone else on the ship understands how close I am to my family and how much I hate being here sometimes. At least Pidge is trying to get her family back. Voltron just keeps me further away. But you especially don’t understand because you don’t have any family.” Keith slapped Lance hard across the face.

               “Snap out of it!” he growled. “What the hell is…?” He bent closer. Something was glowing faintly white on the edges of Lance’s nostrils. The flower. It had infected him or something, and now he was talking without any kind of filter. “I told you that alien pollen was bad news,” he groaned, rubbing his forehead. Lance’s eyes were still just as glassy as before. He barely seemed to register the fact that he had been slapped.

               “It makes me miserable how much you hate me,” he said. Keith, in the middle of searching for some kind of leaf or cloth or anything he could use to try and scrape the gunk off Lance’s nose, paused.

               “You think I hate you?” he asked.

               “Yes,” Lance said. He started at receiving a direct answer and slowly turned back to Lance.

               “Why do you think I hate you?”

               “Because you’re so much better than me, and I annoy you by trying to compete with you. You know you can win so it’s a waste of your time.” Keith sat down heavily.

               “Lance, no. That’s not… that’s not…”

               “Of course I realized recently that the real reason I want to compete with you is because I want you to notice me,” he continued, “because I’ve had an awful crush on you since the Garrison. I thought I just wanted people to think I could be as good as you, but the real issue is that I like you a lot and I’m terrified of you finding out because I know you’ll just laugh at me.” Keith covered his ears.

               “I don’t want to hear this,” he moaned. “Lance, please, stop talking.”

               “I think you’re the most talented and beautiful person I’ve ever met and I started fantasizing about kissing you about two months ago. I even love the mullet even though I still think it’s ridiculous that you have it. I keep flirting with aliens to distract myself but I only do it because I know I won’t have any success. I don’t want to actually date anyone but you.” Keith’s head was between his knees. He wasn’t supposed to be hearing this. It wasn’t fair the way Lance’s confession made his heart speed up in his chest, made him think of the times they’d both caught each other staring lately, made him remember Lance saving his life on their most recent mission and brushing it off like it was nothing. It wasn’t fair to Lance. “I think I might love you, Keith, and I’ve cried twice about the fact that you could never love me back.” Lance’s speech ceased abruptly, leaving a few seconds of silence. “I’m tired. I’m going to sleep now,” he announced, and closed his eyes. Keith heaved a sigh of relief, coming over with a leaf to rub away the white residue on his nose. He dropped a hand on Lance’s shoulder.

               “You do that, Lance,” he said. “You do that.”


               Lance woke up to morning light groggy and with the worst crick in his neck he’d ever had. He sat up, yawned, and noticed Keith sitting at the edge of the cave, staring off into the woods. He frowned.

               “Dude, why didn’t you wake me up for guard duty?” he asked. “Have you been sitting there awake all night?” Keith jumped at the sound of Lance voice, turned to look at him, and scrambled to his feet.

               “Lance!” he said. “Are you… You seem normal?” Lance blinked.

               “Yeah, why… why wouldn’t I be?” Keith hovered uncertainly, unsure whether or not to move forward.

               “Do… do you not… do you remember last night?”

               “Yeah, we planned for guard duty, you said you’d wake me up in a few hours, and then you just never did! Come on, man, let people help you sometimes, you’re going to be exhausted now.” Keith bit his lip.

               “So… nothing else?” Lance stared.

               “What happened?”

               “Nothing!” Keith said hurriedly. His cheeks were slightly red for some reason. “I… I tried to wake you up but I couldn’t. You were too sound asleep. So yeah, I’ve been awake all night, asshole.” The insult was only half-hearted and didn’t really seem to land. Lance blinked.

               “Okay,” he said. “Well, we probably better see if we can’t find a way to signal the castle. It looked like there were settlements further up the cliff, let’s see if we can find some alien friends.” Keith nodded in agreement, heading to stamp out the fire. As Lance gathered his Paladin armor, he kept glancing sideways at his rival and his friend, wondering what had really happened last night – and why Keith was lying.

    [I am no longer accepting prompts, just completing the ones in my inbox]

    Proximity (03)-Forty Percent

    Prompt: Sebastian meets his newest neighbor and immediately finds her to be an interesting and genuine person. Before he knows it, he’s developing feelings for his much younger friend that he tries not to act on because of their age difference, only the proximity of their lives has other things in store for the couple.

    Tag List: @sebstanwassup, @starkxpotts, @kyleannsmut, @joshuad-n, @bucky-bear-barnes, @metal-arm-red-star, @dammnnbucky, @crystallimythium, @harleenquinzzel, @camillechan, @marvelouslyloki, @msdrmarvel, @-tulipsunflower-, @shakzer00, @sebstan01, @kitty11223, @one-of-the-boys, @come-and-figure-me-out, @miraisnotavailable, @ladymelissastark, @msharleyquinn, @seargantbcky, @ballerinafairyprincess, @yourgayonlinemom, @broken-pieces, @bubblyanarocks3

    Warnings: some language, upset Seb, jealous Tom

    A/N: it’s kind of long but I hope y'all like it. The next part will be (maybe) shorter and focus more on the reader’s pov during this part. PLEASE let me know what you think :)

    Proximity (00)-Prologue, Proximity (01)-My Place at Six, Proximity (02)-Just My Neighbor, Proximity (04)-Writing My Goodbyes, Proximity (05)-If You Want,  Proximity (06)-Oblivion, Proximity (07)-IDFC, Proximity (08)-Last Night, Proximity (09)-Boo at the Zoo pt.1,

    For the rest of the night, since (Y/N) abruptly left Sebastian’s apartment, he couldn’t help thinking what went wrong. Each moment of interaction flashed through his memory with excitement and glee. Her laugh, her smile, how perfect it felt to have her wrapped under his arm and leaning into his side. Maybe that was the problem… 

    The following morning, Sebastian listened closely for any indication that (Y/N) was awake yet. It was a Saturday, which meant (Y/N) shouldn’t have anything planned and was more than likely still in bed. Just as he made up his mind to text her to see if everything was okay, his phone started to ring in his hand.

    “Hey,” she said in an airy tone.

    “Good morning,” he greeted, his voice much more groggy than expected.

    “I’m real sorry about last night,” she hurried to say.

    “Don’t worry about it,” he said as he rolled onto his back and shoved his free hand through his hair. “You’re okay though, right?”

    “Yeah, yeah I’m okay,” she said, her voice softer than normal which only lead him to paying more attention to the rise and fall of her breaths through the phone.

    “Good,” he stated before filing the awkwardness of the conversation growing. “I’m sorry if I did anything to make you feel uncomfortable.”

    “No, Seb,” she sighed with a forced laugh in her voice. “It wasn’t you. I just had a pretty rough day and–”

    “And forgetting about your homework–”

    “Did not help at all,” she laughed as they continued to finish the other’s sentences.

    “Well, are you doing anything today?” he asked hesitantly, not wanting to know if it was too early to be asking her to hang out again.

    “Come on, Seb, you know I don’t make plans until I’ve had caffeine,” she grumbled. “Want to come down for coffee?” (Y/N)’s heart started pounding as she heard the words leaving her mouth. She couldn’t believe that not even six hours after her bathroom breakdown, where she vowed not to get any closer to him romantically, that she was asking him over to her place.

    “I actually got a text from Anthony a few minutes ago; Chris, Elizabeth, and Tom are all in the area and we are going to meet up and get breakfast at Veselka,” Sebastian stated. 

    “What’s that?” (Y/N) asked as she rolled over onto her side and shoved her phone between her head and the pillow.

    “A little Ukrainian spot on second,” he said, fighting the urge to fall back asleep.

    “Oh, well have fun then,” she said softly, trying not to sound upset.

    “You do realize I’m inviting you, you dork,” he laughed.

    “Well, Sebastian, you did not say ‘(Y/N) would you like to ’–” she was cut short by his groaning from the other end of the line which was completely audible through her ceiling.

    “(Y/N), would you like to join me at breakfast this morning?” he asked as his laugh continued to echo through each of their bedrooms.

    “Will there be coffee?” she asked back.

    “Yes, (Y/N) there will be coffee.”

    “Okay, but I’m holding you to it. If there’s no coffee–”

    “If there’s no coffee then you and I will find a coffee shop, leave, and then come back with enough caffeine to keep both of us satisfied, okay?”

    “Sounds like a plan, Stan,” she chuckled.

    “Oh God,” he huffed. “You’re back on that again?”

    “Who said I was ever off it?” she teased. “See you in ten?”

    “Meet in the lobby!” With that their conversation ended and each returned to their solitary lives. Quickly, Sebastian responded to the group chat.

    Chococcino: I’m headed toward the restaurant.

    Chrissy Boo Bear: I’ll be there in fifteen

    Thin Lizzy: I put in a reservation for five

    Vanilla Ice: Make it six, please

    Spidey-Kid: Is Robert in town?

    Vanilla Ice: I invited my neighbor, if you guys don’t mind

    Spidey-Kid: Is she hot?

    Chococcino: T.F. Tom!? Have you seen sexy sea bass?

    Thin Lizzy: I added another, Sebastian

    Spidey-Kid: It was just a question, tweety bird.

    Vanilla Ice: Thanks Liz

    Chococcino: Come on, kid. Birds eat bugs for breakfast

    Spidey-Kid: You can’t scare me into not coming, especially not that Sebastian’s sexy roommate is coming

    Chrissy Boo Bear: I believe her name in Seb’s phone is Cute Neighbor, but you were close Tom

    Upon reading that last message, Sebastian turned his phone onto silent, slid into a pair of jeans, and pulled a sweater over his head. He snatched his house keys from the kitchen counter, grabbed his leather jacket from the coat hook, dropped his phone into his back pocket and hurried to the elevator, only to be stopped on the floor below him by (Y/N) jumping on.

    “Wow,” she sighed upon looking at him. “You’re way more dressed up than me.”

    “I’m wearing jeans,” he protested.

    “Well normally you only wear basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Jeans are an improvement.” Sebastian rolled his eyes at her as she filed into the elevator and leaned against the thin rail behind them. He looked over her body as her knee high tan boots traveled along her legging clad legs, a loose burgundy sweater fell to her mid thighs beneath a black leather jacket, and the red, pink, and grey silk scarf he got as a souvenir/thank you gift for watching his house while he was in China, hung around her neck.

    “You look great, (Y/N),” he smiled as his eyes finally landed on hers. (Y/N) fought the fluttering of her heart as tickled her ribs the second she noticed Sebastian’s eyes trail her body. Just friends, (Y/N), she told herself. You’re just friends. Realizing they were less than a mile from the restaurant, the pair started walking. It didn’t take longer than for the pair to walk a block down the road before he was spotted by some fans.

    “Sebastian!” a few teenage girls yelled while flocking toward him.

    “Hi,” he smiled while waving gingerly to them, stopping in his tracks as they tried to take photos. Quietly, (Y/N) tried to hide herself behind Sebastian or jump out of the photo’s frame as the girls approached.

    “Do you mind taking a picture with us?” the girls asked.

    “Not at all!” Sebastian smiled to the girls as they quickly pressed themselves on each side of him and tried to take a selfie.

    “Here,” (Y/N) offered while stepping toward the collection of people crouched, trying to get the perfect shot of their favorite celebrity. She took each of the girl’s cell phones and took at lead three photos on each phone before returning them to the teens.

    “Thank you so much!” one of the girls cooed to Sebastian and then turned toward (Y/N). “You’re a life saver!!”

    “You’re so lucky,” another started fawn over (Y/N) as she glanced over her shoulder at Sebastian.

    “Excuse me?” (Y/N) asked only for the girls’ attention to flow back toward Sebastian.

    “We don’t want to keep you,” they smiled before walking past (Y/N) and making obscene sexual gestures with their hands and whispering ‘bag him for the rest of us’ out of Sebastian’s earshot. Quickly, Sebastian slid his hand along (Y/N)’s arm as she stared after the teenagers who had just pranced away.

    “Come on, we’re going to be late,” he said while pulling her along and locking his arm in hers, in a protective manner as they passed a number of strangers, all giving her strange looks. She could see the gears turning in their heads: they second guess whether they actually saw the Winter Soldier on the street and then once they realized they had in fact seen the actor, they do a double take only to see the all too young, awkward, and average girl beside him.

    (Y/N) had hoped that the negative looks and attention she received would fade as they got to the restaurant, but was sadly mistaken. Of course the group of Avengers casually gathered together for breakfast drew attention to themselves, but the onlookers’ confusion was only enhanced when presented with the newest, most unrecognizable face at the table: (Y/N)’s. Who was she? Was she a new Avenger character being introduced in Infinity War? Was she Sebastian Stan’s latest play thing?

    She was thankful as Sebastian pulled out a chair for her that was blocked from a lot of people’s sight due to the proximity of the chairs seated around the rather small table. She slid in gracefully with a shy smile on her face, trying not to stare at anyone looking at her for too long. Sebastian fell into a seat beside her and smiled at his friends as he shrugged his coat from his shoulders.

    “Sorry we’re late,” Sebastian muttered as he turned backwards to hang the coat on the back of his chair. “We got stopped by some fans.” (Y/N) immediately wanted to correct him and say ‘you were stopped,’ but thinking back to the interaction, she realized that he three girls said more to her in passing than to him.

    “I can see why,” Tom muttered under his breath as his eyes diverted from (Y/N) to the menu in front of him. Is this fucking real? she thought to herself as her heart pounded in her chest. Some random teenage girls encourage her to fuck Sebastian five minutes before Tom Holland inadvertently hits on her…is this the life she’s going to have to get used to so long as she keeps Sebastian in her life?

    “I’m so sorry,” Sebastian muttered while turning back to the table and gesturing toward the girl on his left. “Everyone, this is (Y/N); (Y/N), this is Anthony Mackie, Lizzie Olsen, Tom Holland, and Chris Evans,” Seb introduced everyone around the table from his right around to her left.

    “Hi,” she smiled lightly and crossed her legs uneasily beneath the table.

    “It’s nice to meet you,” Elizabeth smiled adjacent to (Y/N).

    “We’re glad you could make it,” Chris’s voice invaded her left ear.

    “Thanks for inviting me,” she smiled softly at each of them.

    “It was our pleasure,” Tom replied with a smirk. (Y/N) fought the blush that threatened to rise into her cheeks.

    “Stay in your lane, Ketchum,” Anthony teased. “She’s not a femme fatale like Hilda.”

    “The fact that you knew that both startles and impresses me,” (Y/N) laughed at Anthony’s Pokemon Black and White reference.

    “I have three kids; there is no silence, there is only Pokemon,” he groaned through laughter.

    “For once you’re the only one in the group with kids,” Sebastian teased.

    “Yeah,” Chris added, “normally you’ve got Robert or Jeremy.”

    “Now I’ve got a bunch of young singletons,” he chuckled. “You are single, right?” he asked while locking eyes on (Y/N).

    “Um, yeah,” she said softly. Anthony tried not to notice the smile begin to fade from Sebastian’s lips nor the one on Tom’s face begin to grow. “I’ve just been really busy and it wouldn’t be fair for me to be in a relationship when I can’t give any more than forty percent,” she tried to explain.

    “Forty percent?” Chris asked.

    “My schedule is pretty full,” she said and ducked her head, trying not to have the destiny of the situation fall even more heavily on her shoulders.

    “(Y/N)’s working at CUNY’s undergraduate English department as a student teacher while working on a master’s degree in forensic psychology at John Jay,” Sebastian explained, lightly dancing around the situation in hopes that the others don’t draw too much into their situation.

    “That’s incredible,” Lizzie said from across the table. “Become the female Spencer Reid; men can wait!” (Y/N) laughed as Lizzie smiled. A low, forced chuckle, escaped Sebastian’s lips.

    “Isn’t Spencer Reid that skinny nerdy kid on Criminal Minds?” Anthony asked.

    “The one who’s a literal genius?” Tom interjected.

    “That’s the one,” Seb smirked proudly.

    “Damn, that’s a lot to live up to,” Anthony laughed.

    “Not really,” Sebastian added while putting his hand gently on (Y/N)’s arm.

    “Seb, come on,” she laughed.

    “Seriously, though, she has a genius level IQ, give or take three points.”

    “Oh gosh this is embarrassing,” (Y/N) muttered as the table laughed At their collective chattering, (Y/N) felt her heart lift and a smile curl onto her face.

    “Don’t think of it as being embarrassing,” Chris encouraged her, “we’ve come to understand Sebastian loves to brag about his cute neighbor.” (Y/N) dropped her face to her menu and Sebastian’s ears turned red. He offered a light, embarrassed laugh as he faced the rest of the table. Sensing the young woman’s discomfort, Elizabeth rose from the table and asked if (Y/N) would join her to wash up before their food arrived. Quickly, (Y/N) left along side Lizzie and the four men continued the conversation.

    “Come on guys,” Sebastian groaned.

    “We’re just shooting the shit with you,” Anthony chuckled.

    “I know what you’re doing,” Seb stated.

    “Well then pick up on it,” Chris replied. “She’s great, man.”

    “Wait, are you serious about her?” Tom asked hesitantly.

    “What do your spidey-senses say?” Anthony teased.

    “Why, what’s wrong with that?” Sebastian asked Tom, shocked to find himself questioning the kid for dating advice.

    “Dude, she’s like, my age! You guys give me shit all the time for being younger than you and now you’re trying to hook up with someone who’s barely older than me.”

    “But (Y/N) doesn’t look like she’s twelve,” Anthony snapped back trying to encourage Sebastian.

    “Looking a certain age doesn’t make you that age,” Tom muttered. “She said it herself that she’s not able to give more than forty percent in a relationship and you’re not getting any younger.”

    “Thanks for that,” Sebastian grumbled.

    “I’m saying if you’re looking for more than casual dating, finding it in a twenty-one year-old probably isn’t the best choice,” Tom explained. “Besides, she’s probably wanting to get another degree after this and focus on her career, and you’re not going to be around much because of yours. You’d really make her chose between you or her job?” Sebastian’s head fell lightly and Anthony glared at Tom as the girls returned.

    Sebastian glanced up at the woman hurrying back to his side with a smile on her face. “Hi,” she called to him, a cheery smile pulled across her face. His hopeful eyes flashed up to her and the smile on his face faded as he chewed anxiously on the inside of his lip. He couldn’t get the thought out of his head that (Y/N) may be too young for him. 

    Was putting work in front of (Y/N) fair to her? Was it fair to expect her to do the same? Was giving sixty percent in hopes to receive forty worth the risk of them being torn apart or thrust together? “Yes,” he stated to his own thoughts, quickly smiling across at the woman beside him.

    Early Morning Proposals [Shiro x Reader]

    Requested by anon: “Can you use the “don’t you dare let go!” Prompt for Shiro, or any character you’d prefer? I’m glad inbox is open and I hope this makes it, but if not, that’s okay. 😊 thanks so much!“

    A/N: I love this so much <33333 I needed to make this fluffy.


    Shiro’s natural clock was making him stir. He felt your head snuggled against his chest. Slowly opening his eyes before looking down at you. A soft, endearing smile made it’s way to his face. You were still fast asleep and wrapped in his arms.

    Carefully, he lifted his left hand. Pushing some hair out of your face, then running his hand through the strands of [h/c] hair. He silently admired you. The way your hair fell even when it was messy from sleep, the way your nose curved, the color of your lips, the steadiness of your breathing.

    He let out a content sigh before pressing a kiss to the top of your head. Wrapping his arm around you again he pulled you back into his embrace. Taking in your scent.

    Cuddling like that for a long while until he knew he should get up for training. He propped himself up on his right arm with his left still around you.

    Beginning to retract it, “Don’t you dare let go” mumbling against his chest.

    He chuckled, “Good morning” pecking your forehead.

    Opening your eyes to meet his dark grey ones. “Good morning handsome” a groggy tone in your voice.

    He smiled before placing a chaste kiss to your lips. You smiled into the kiss before pulling away a little, “Don’t go to training early” whispering against his lips.

    “You know I have too” before pecking your lips again. “No you don’t” pushing him on to his back and resting your head on his shoulder. Giving in, he wrapped his galra arm around your waist as you intertwined your fingers with his other hand.

    “Hey Shiro” you looked up at him, catching his attention. “Yes ma’ lady?” he smiled as you chuckled at the nickname.

    “Do you ever think about us? About when we finally get home?” diverting your eyes to your intertwined hands. He was silent for a while, slowly rubbing circles on your back. “Of course I do” squeezing your hand. “Why, what do you think about?”

    You shrugged, “I don’t know the usual stuff. What to do for work, whether we’ll get married, a family” sighing slightly, rubbing your thumb against his hand.

    He released your hand and lifted your chin to meet his eyes to yours. He pressed his lips to yours, feeling all of the love behind it. Pulling away and resting his forehead to yours. “I don’t think you’ll have to worry about those last two things.” running his thumb over your cheek.

    A beaming grin made it’s way onto your face. “Did you just ask me to marry you?” happiness radiating off your voice.

    “I think I did” his smile matching yours. “Well, in that case. Yes” excitement running through you.

    If possible he smiled wider before feverishly peppering your face with kisses. Moving from your forehead, to your nose, to your cheeks, and ending by placing a passionate kiss to your lips. “Mrs. [F/n] Shirogane… I like it” he said after putting distance between your lips.

    “Me too” you smiled before quickly kissing him again and nuzzling into the crook of his neck.

    “I’m happy I didn’t let go” he chuckled wrapping his other arm around you. “Tell me about it” chuckling as the both of you stayed wrapped in the others arms. 

    After finally getting up and allowing Shiro to go train. You both walked into the kitchen with your fingers interlocked and wide smiles on your faces.

    “What’s got you two so smiley?” Lance questioned upon seeing you both. The other paladins in the kitchen. Pidge was working on a new piece of tech, Hunk was cooking, and Keith was examining his Bayard.

    “[F/n] is no longer my girlfriend, but my fiancée” Shiro smiled at the paladins, wrapping his arms around your shoulders from behind. Your hands resting on his arms while shooting him a smilel. All of the paladins immediately stopped what they were doing.

    “What? Whoa congratulations!” Keith was the first to process the news. Giving  you and Shiro a quick hug. All of the others soon followed ecstatic for the both of you. 

    “What’s going on?” Coran questioned as he and Allura entered the room.

    “[F/n] and Shiro are engaged!” Lance cheered. Making the both of you smile as Shiro wrapped an arm around your waist.

    “Engaged in what exactly?” Allura asked, confusion prevalent on both the Altean’s features.

    “They’re going to be married, you know become husband and wife” Pidge explained. The two immediately understood.

    “Wow, that’s fantastic! Congratulations!” Allura pulled you into a hug first. Then Shiro. Everyone was now in phenomenal moods.

    “I shall make a celebratory Altean feast!” Coran exclaimed before Pidge, Keith, Lance, and Hunk all in unison objected. “NO!”

    You and Shiro chuckled before exchanging a look that said ‘our crazy family.’

    Harry Drabble #1

    A/N: Posting a piece of my writing on here has been long anticipated and I’d just like to thank The Hebirth™ squad for giving me a whole bunch of love when I was thinking about posting! This is a teeny little piece, but I hope to post more writing on here in the coming weeks! I hope you enjoy xx

    Harry has to be honest: He’s never met anyone quite like Y/N. Sure, he’d gotten along fine with plenty of other people, but nobody had just clicked like he and Y/N did. He’s sure that’s why he’d ended up at her flat tonight, his breath smelling suspiciously of booze.

    Keep reading