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Hello, may I have a scenario where Todoroki does kabe don to his crush (it's when someone slams his hand against the wall) because he's getting jealous that his crush didn't pay enough attention to him? (Sorry if I made mistakes, English isn't my first language) Thank you in advance !! ^^

((todoroki: they aren’t paying attention to me *knocks a vase off the table*))

Todoroki knew it was irrational to get upset that you weren’t focusing on him at this very moment, but he couldn’t help it. Watching you laugh with your other classmates, smiling and giggling at their jokes, causally touching somebody else’s arm… irritated him, somehow. You weren’t so affectionate with him. He felt stupid admitting it to himself, but he really wanted your attention. And he was gonna get it, no doubt in his mind.
He caught up to you after the bell rang, ready to do… something? for you to take notice of him. You looked up from your phone and smiled at him, and any plan he had dropped out of his mind. “Hey Todoroki, what’s up?“
He felt his open hand meet the wall by your shoulder, and heard you make a noise of surprise. You were searching his face with those big, beautiful eyes, and he could only come up with one thing to say.
“Go out with me.”
Your cheeks turned red, and he felt his get a little pink too. “…What?”
He leaned forward and put his forehead on yours, immediately becoming embarrassed but deciding to leave it there anyway. “Please.”
You looked like you were overheating, the closer contact bringing more of a flush to your entire face. Todoroki worried that maybe he’d gone too far, stepped over the line, ruined this good thing you two had going, when you said, in a voice barely audible, “okay.”
Todoroki blinked. He wasn’t expecting that. “Wait, really?”
“Yeah,” you nodded, “let’s do it. …Did you have any place in mind?”
He sure as shit didn’t, but at least he’d gotten your attention. The two of you could work it out later together.

i just thought about harry maybe being on snl and getting to be in some skits and i giggled lol

allura to shiro: excuse me? i do not need your permission.

y'all: allura’s a teen therefore she’s a child and shallura is problematic!

matt to shiro: it’s good to see you SIR

y'all: um here’s 2908980 reasons why matt is actually OLDER than shiro and they are still equal rank therefore sh@tt is pure and good : )

What went down in Kung Food
  • Marinette: hey Alya so I need to talk to my Chinese uncle but I don't speak Chinese
  • Marinette: what should I do
  • Alya: does he speak any English
  • Marinette: what good would that do?
  • Marinette: I don't speak any English
  • Alya: then what are you speaking rn
  • Marinette: French, remember?
  • Alya: oh right I forgot
  • Marinette: yeah this is confusing
  • Alya: so does he speak any French
  • Marinette: idk I don't think imma bother to check
  • Alya: you're trying to get me to send Adrien as an interpreter
  • Marinette: pls Alya
  • Alya: fine he's on his way
  • Wang: this isn't at all awkward
  • Adrien: hey guys!
  • Wang: hey Adrien!
  • Adrien: so you actually speak English then
  • Wang: no this is French
  • Adrien: right
  • Wang: anyway imma be on this cooking competition
  • Adrien: kk cool do you want me to interpret for you
  • Wang: nah I'm sure nothing will go wrong
  • Chloé: *happens*
  • Wang: in retrospect...
  • Hawkmoth: fly my akuma
  • Kung Food: it's time for Chloé to get WRECKED
  • Chloé: wow real original there
  • Kung Food: I'll show you original!!!
  • Kung Food: prepare for a sticky situation as my protégés coat the building in IMPENETRABLE CARAMEL
  • Kung Food: get ready to cry when you witness my FLYING ONION CAMERAS
  • Kung Food: you'll be the one getting cut into slices as you face off against my TEN-FOOT PIZZA SWORD
  • Ladybug: should we jump in and stop him
  • Chat Noir: no not yet he's on a roll here
  • Kung Food: your salty attitude will be the perfect seasoning for my SWIMMING POOL OF BOILING SOUP
  • Kung Food: I always said that the fennel was mightier than the sword
  • Kung Food: pasta la vista, baby
  • Chat Noir: okay, looks like he's out of ideas
  • Ladybug: yeah he defs stole that last one from somewhere
  • Chat Noir: well it's time to take him down
  • Kung Food: *retreats to the roof*
  • Chloé: oh good
  • Kung Food: *suspends Chloé over a swimming pool of boiling soup*
  • Chloé: oh no
  • Jagged Stone: so anyways y'all gotta fight me first
  • Ladybug: what's that weapon you've got?
  • Jagged Stone: you'll be like fish in a barrel as I come at you with my SEAFOOD STAFF
  • Chat Noir:
  • Ladybug: *locks Jagged Stone in the closet like a badass*
  • André: and now you gotta fight me!
  • Ladybug: and what's your deal
  • André: something something sausage fest
  • Ladybug: yeah nope
  • Ladybug: *drops a chandelier on him*
  • Marlena and Alec: and now there's TWO OF US
  • Marlena: prepare to face an onslaught of flavor from my THOUSAND FLYING CAKES
  • Ladybug: okay but
  • Ladybug: let's get real here
  • Ladybug: "thousand flying cakes" is the coolest attack name EVER
  • Ladybug: like, respect
  • Alec: and I can't think of a pun, but here are some BLINDING STINKY CHEESE BOMBS
  • Chat Noir: my inner Plagg is v conflicted
  • Chat Noir: also I just realized my inner Plagg is v literal rn
  • Chat Noir: whoa that's really weird to think about
  • Alec: *wrecks him*
  • Ladybug: *wrecks both Alec and Marlena*
  • Ladybug: and now for the boss fight
  • Chat Noir: don't you mean the chef fight
  • Ladybug: don't try and say one-liners, you're bad at it
  • Chat Noir: I call them pun-liners
  • Kung Food: HEY GUYS
  • Kung Food: *drops Chloé toward soup*
  • Ladybug: whoa Chloé's about to die
  • Ladybug: like wow the stakes have never been higher
  • Ladybug: I can't imagine what life would be like with her gone
  • Kung Food: do you want me to pull her back out so you've got enough time to rescue her
  • Ladybug: nah I got this
  • Ladybug: *rescues Chloé like a badass*
  • Chloé: *is herself*
  • Ladybug: *drops Chloé off roof*
  • Chat Noir: did you just
  • Ladybug: she'll be fine
  • Chat Noir: how do you know
  • Ladybug: the screenwriters need somebody to get people akumatized
  • Chat Noir: oh right
  • Kung Food: *attacks*
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir: *fight back*
  • Ladybug: hey Kung Food hang on a minute
  • Chloé: hey guys so I climbed back up
  • Ladybug: *chucks Chloé off the roof again*
  • Kung Food: that was a worthy diversion
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • Payment terminal: *happens*
  • Ladybug: "payment terminal"? really?
  • Chat Noir: do you have a better name for those things
  • Chat Noir: that's even what it's called on the wiki
  • Ladybug: idk but I've got a good one-liner for it
  • Ladybug: hey Kung Food, we've finished our meal and it's time to pay the bill!
  • Chat Noir: needs work
  • Ladybug: *wrecks Kung Food*
  • Ladybug: you were saying
  • Chat Noir: FINISH HIM
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • Wang: anyway here's the soup I made
  • Alec & co: ok you've won the competition
  • Alec & co: like there are defs no more contestants
  • Wang: btw I renamed the soup
  • Wang: it's now called Marinette Soup
  • Alec & co: might I ask why
  • Wang: bc Marinette fell in the swimming pool of soup
  • Wang: she's responsible for the flavor
  • Marinette: um no I'm right here
  • Wang: oh wow this is awkward
  • Wang: so who was that who fell in the soup
  • Marinette: idk

is it canon that the Stolls are in charge of the camp store? i feel like it’s not but i’ve just personally accepted it as a fact

Pour Some Sugar on Me

Damn, this might be close to rated X. You wanted a smutty good time, anon? Hopefully this is enough for you. I personally love this song, it’s on my playlist on my phone that is titled “Stripper Songs”. Like I believe this is my stripper song number 6. Which was the inspiration to this one. Hope you like it anon.

Song: Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard
Wrestler: Jon Moxley 
Requested by Anon

I’m no longer doing submissions right now so I can focus on the requests I have in my inbox AND my Smitten by the Lunatic series (link is to the most recent chapter that has links to the others)

“Wait, wait, wait.”
Angie turned around and looked at me, “What?”
“I thought you said we were going to a friend’s house?” I said putting my hands on my hips.
“(Y/N), we are! It just so happens that we are going to a friend’s house that I just met last night at that wrestling show.” She said trying to be casual.
“Oh please. And just who, might I ask, did you make friends with? Some weirdo fan that’s probably half crazy?”

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;; Hey! Could you draw some fluffy AmeriPan? I love your art style!!

whipped up a quick doodle!! basically this is a highschool au where alfred is a jock whos super into science and?? that was refreshing to kiku bc its the first time hes seen someone so ….. different,

and kikus a fudanshi actually and sometimes while talking abt chemistry hed make dirty jokes about his otp

which alfred doesnt understand lololol but he still likes it anyway bc YEAH this guy is def dtf

this is prob tmi for most of the ppl on here who kno me irl BUT idgaf so i just wanna make a quick comment that if u give me a hickey while we’re making out/fucking then be prepared for me to actually lose all control

Do you figure Hide had to sit down by himself at some point to think clearly about whether he would let Kaneki eat a chunk off him if the circumstances demanded it? The scene in the sewer always felt like something Hide would do and was proof of how much he cared about Kaneki but I don’t think he decided it on the spot. Like, there must have been plenty of times Hide thought about it from the moment he found out Kaneki had become a ghoul, and he must have thought about the risks that came with that and how dangerous Kaneki’s life was and how he was definitely not eating people (or not a lot, anyway) because that’s just like Kaneki. Would it be a small bit? Would it be a lot? Would he be able to stop himself? What if I die? I wonder if he had moments where he was like “yeah def, he’s my best friend, if he’s gravely hurt or starved then I couldn’t possibly leave him to die” only to vividly imagine it and have chills run down his spine and be slightly terrified. Maybe he would crack a small joke to himself to shake off the fear. Imagine him going through these thoughts for the nth time as he walked through the dark sewers in search of Kaneki who he already knew was at his limit and bleeding out.

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Sometimes I think Harry is like this with his social media as a way to weed out the most noxious parts of the fandom. But, then I realize that would take forever and think about how he's made comments about not liking twitter.

Yeah, he def does not like his twitter. A lot of mean people on there, like he said himself. We can all guess who he’s referring to. It’s probably easier for him to stay off social media than to log in and see all the stupid shit written about him, about his people or family or love interests, etc. All that hate, it once made him cry, remember? Sure, he was young then and things are massively different now, but he’s still got that soft heart. If he knows how to avoid meaningless voices messing with his head, he should just stay off. x

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Lmfaoooooo tryna get me in trouble i see 😭😭

22. Popular character I hate:



I hate Itachi bc I love Sasuke and his anti-establishment craze and I’m major pro-Uchiha…mostly. Btw a lot of what i say could be seen as a reiteration of other anti blogs but this just my take for the bit.

I think Itachi truly believed in his love for his brother, and truly believed that he was doing the right thing in all his endeavors, but that just demonstrates how demented and delusional he was.

His narrative is too backwards. He carried out a full on genocide for the sake of upholding the peaceful oasis that is Konoha…

But how peaceful can that village be if they deem a genocide of women children and elders and even just innocent civilian men who had nothing to do with the coup, necessary?

Then as true testament of his love for Sasuke, he mind rapes him forcing him to literally watch his parents death for 72hours??? Like…yeah def sibling goals

And then he to further ensure his claim over Sasuke’s life, he secures Sasuke’s blind loyalty to the village and provoked him into this path to revenge just so he could die the way HE wanted-by the hands of another Uchiha- like…what

I wouldn’t have a problem with these factors-him being a shitty brother and all if the narrative didn’t treat him like some damn god for it. If it held him accountable for these mistakes.They try to tell us he made the biggest sacrifice-but those lives weren’t HIS to sacrifice in the first place. The Uchiha clan did not consent to dying to be further and PERMANENTLY silenced by their oppressor. The worst that happened for him is that his reputation was tarnished and he felt guilty,(though he still rationalized it as necessary) and that’s literally it…whereas the Uchihas were wiped off the face of the earth, and completely vilified. They try to tell us he’s a tragic hero, but what kind of a hero kills innocents based off the lies and propaganda of their own genes?

Oh…that sounds eerily and horrifyingly familiar actually.

I’m aware he was manipulated and young and had some twisted set of principles he felt were necessary to abide by, and that the coup the Uchihas were planning was…illegal (i won’t say for sure whether it was wrong for them wanting some sort of change), BUT i won’t call him the victim in that situation. He had a choice. ChoicES if you ask me.

And he made it.

I could go on and on about how much i dislike Itachi and about how the logic behind people who defend him and his actions only further prove my point that the romanticizing of his character by the narrative only serve to condone things like fascism and genocide-


Ima take a pass on that one-totally different ask for a different day.

But thanks homie ❤️


Because I’ve been asked a couple of times, here are my faceclaims/fancastings/things for the Silmarillion so far… please keep in mind I picked these primarily as standalones, so I’d have something to make graphics with, so I didn’t really pay attention to things like family resemblance etc..

Curufin: Daniel Tighe; Fingon: Cykeem White (source); Finrod: Tomek Szczukiecki; Haleth: Sibel Kekilli; Caranthir: Willy Cartier; Aredhel: Zoe Saldana; Maglor: Harry Curran (source); Mahtan: Dominic (source); Maedhros: Mathias Lauridsen

Part I

Meeting The Teenage Daughter

Dean was nervous. It had taken him weeks of casually bumping into the adorable accountant at their favorite coffee shop before he had the nerve to ask him out. After that they went on a couple dates before Castiel had admitted to having a teenage daughter. Now, Dean wasn’t the type of guy to dump a single parent just like that. But he was worried beyond belief because Claire was a teenager. He had no idea how this young girl would react to her father dating a man, let alone a mechanic with nothing but a GED and six bucks in the bank.

But Dean cared for Castiel more than he ever imagined he would. He didn’t want to lose the gaze from those blue eyes just because he was a little terrified of meeting Claire. So he did what he had to do and was now standing on the footsteps of the Novak residence with the best looking tie and button down he had in his wardrobe. Idly he wondered if the flowers in his hand were stupid.

Just as he was about to knock his knuckles against the door, it opened to reveal a beautiful young woman with blonde hair braided down her back and darkened eyeliner making her eyes pop out at Dean. She looked him over as she crossed her arms across her chest.

“So you’re Dean, huh?” Claire brought her eyes back up to his and seemed to scrutinize every expression that came across his face.

“Yeah. You must be Claire. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Dean felt his entire body break out into a sweat as he was stared down by this teenager. She held all the power and she knew it. If she didn’t approve Dean knew that Cas would graciously break things off.

Claire paused before stepping aside to let him in. “Look, I don’t really care what gender my father brings home. As long as he is happy I am happy. But I sweat to whatever God is listening, if you dare hurt him I will bring down upon you a wrath of hell no man would ever imagine the pain of. If you make him happy, we will get along swimmingly.”

Dean’s jaw slacked a little as his eyes widened at the threat.

Claire plastered on a smile. “Come on in, Dean. Dad’s in the kitchen making some meatloaf. He told me you like Def Leppard, that true?”

“Yeah. They’re one of my favorites.” Dean still felt tense as he walked across the threshold but when he saw Claire send him an impressed smile he eased up a bit.

“No shit. They’re one of mine, too.” Claire looked over the flowers with a small smile. “I think we are going to get along just fine, Dean.”

As Dean sat at the table with Cas by his side and Claire seated across from them, he saw a life carved into his future. And as the years passed he grew to call Claire his own. The day Dean will never forget will be the day he married Castiel… which was also the first day Claire called him Dad.