and he's like oh shit i gotta look good i gotta look cool I GOTTA BE AWESOME

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SPN FanFic

~Dean can have fun in almost any situation.~

Dean x Reader

3,510 Words (oops)

Warnings: CRACK. Implied Sexual Activities. Really bad jokes. Very little plot.

A/N: This is my entry for @trexrambling Jess’ Hunter Challenge. My prompts were Dean, Wraith, Potato Launcher. You wanted crack, and this is what you got. I am so sorry, I have no idea if this makes sense but here we are. The ending keeps cracking me up. ;) Hope you enjoy. 

Dean Winchester. Hunter. Ladies’ Man. Closet genius. Bad-ass warrior. Kid at heart.

When Dean came home with an arm full of black pipe and various bags from Home Depot, you were a little curious, but not enough to really ask questions. He gave you a mischievous smile and hid himself away for a few hours in the garage, which again, was nothing to write home about. You figured he was tinkering with one of the dozen cars in there, or trying his hand at crafting a new weapon. Honestly, you didn’t really care.

All had been quiet for a while, and you were enjoying the down time, keeping busy with internet articles and brushing up on your culinary skills. Sam had split town for a few days, giving himself a little vacation from you and Dean, off to some literary convention in Tulsa. Why he wanted to spend eight hours a day crammed into a stuffy auditorium listening to authors read their books aloud was beyond you, but whatever, Sam was weird.

With a grumbling tummy, you took to the kitchen, deciding to make Dean a hearty dinner. Nothing too fancy, just a roast chicken with all the fixings. Well, not all the fixings. Since Sam was gone, you could skip the salad and veggies; Dean wouldn’t mind.

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mercuriocristallo  asked:

Jon Risinger x Fem!reader. Honestly don't think there is enough Risinger fic out there even though he is a beautiful motherfucker. Reader has a huge crush on Jon and he asks her to be On The Spot, he has a secret crush on her. Honestly, I have no idea (this is my first time making a request). If its all romantic and cute fluff with Jon, I will be happy.

A/N - No problem, friend, your prompt was AOK! I actually ended up combining this with another prompt I got from an anonymous user, seeing as they both asked for Jon fluff while on On The Spot. So the reason for the specifics of it being on Jon’s birthday and her getting him a gift come from there! I hope you and the anon prompter don’t mind sharing for this fic!

Pairing - Jon x Reader

Warnings - Swearing

Word Count - 1, 174

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secret keeper

They’re sitting under a tree in the middle of Central Park eating burritos, and even though there’s sound and people all around them, they’re surrounded in a nice sort of silence. Their train home has been delayed and they’re waiting it out, but both of them love hanging out here. Lukas watches a man and his two dogs run back and forth, chasing a Frisbee. And there’s a set of girls that look like cheerleaders, trying to stand on each other’s backs and failing over and over again. Lukas smiles, shaking his head.

Philip is clicking through the pictures he took of Lukas today and Lukas is trying not to stare over his shoulder and scrutinize every dumb expression on his own face. But he knows this is the beginning of the portfolio pictures and he hopes he’s the model Philip wants him to be.

He looks down at his notebook and shoves the rest of his burrito in his mouth, lamenting the few black beans that fall into the grass. He’s been trying to come up with a stupid logo for himself and failing, scribbling out the remainder of what’s left on the page. He’s got the details of a few future motocross circuits written down on the page, all of which he’s already discussed with Philip. He only picked ones that are in spring term of their junior year, and figured he could take a summer term to make up for missing it. It’s still a ways away, but it’s definitely weighing on his mind.

He really misses riding his bike all the time, and he still knows he wants to do it professionally. It’s so possible, he just has to reach out and snatch every opportunity. And he can hear Philip’s melodic voice in his head, reassuring him, wiping away his worst fear about the whole thing. I’ll be there every step of the way.

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Ghostfacers - Part 3

Word Count: 1920

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

February 29 – 3:00am

“Oh god, what have we done? Oh god.” Ed was rocking back and forth in the salt ring, staring at Corbett’s spirit.

“Ed. Ed!” Harry grabbed his shoulders and shook him. “Corbett’s a…he’s a death echo. He’s reliving his own murder.”

“Over and over. Forever.” Maggie sadly whispered.


“What’s this Daggett guy’s problem anyway?” Spruce asked. He was surprisingly calm for someone who just saw his dead friend. You were kind of impressed.

“Loneliness.” Sam answered.

“What, he’s never heard of a Realdoll?” Dean asked sarcastically.

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Idiots talking about each other in concert.

March 3rd, 2013 - Omaha, Nebrasksa (x)

“*sings ‘She Will Be Loved in a deeper voice* ..sounds like Blake Shelton… *sings “she will be loved” in deep country accent*… Man, I got it all wrong, it’s so much easier to sing like Blake Shelton, it’s like a whole octave down.. *sings “she will-” in deep country accent* I’m sorry, I’m sorry.. I love Blake.. I love that son of a bitch.. Ok what were we doing? Oh yeah, we were doing a concert… *leads the audience* the dudes can sing it like Blake..”

August 10th, 2013 - Camden, New Jersey (x)

“I had no idea who in the hell the other coaches were even gonna be at all.. so we got up that morning after we got to L.A., we got up the next morning went to this big ass meeting, we went to this high-rise building. And I walk in and there’s all these suits in there, and network people, and of course I’m the country singer so I was actually on time for this damn meeting. And so I say hi to everybody and I go in and sit down and the meeting starts and I’m still the only coach in there and I would say the meeting gets going, I would say about, I don’t know, ten minutes into the meeting, man, I look up and through the doorway and I see this little scrawny dude come walking in all fast, he’s got his sungalsses on, t-shirt, and the collar’s all stretched out.. And I told my manager, who was next to me, I was like, ‘Holy Crap! Do you know who that is?!’ and he said, ‘Nah, I don’t know who that is.’ and I said, ‘Listen, that is Adam, that is Adam Levine! That is the lead singer of Maroon 5! Adam Levine! You don’t  know who that is?!’ and my manager’s like, ‘I don’t know who that is, but he’s damn good looking.’ I said, ‘I know! I know! He’s sexy!’ and so that was the first time I ever met Adam, was that moment, in that boardroom or whatever it is.” 

September 23rd, 2014 - Wheatland, California (x)

“So much fun doing that show.. More fun than you can imagine.. It’s a lot of time but it’s absolutely worth it.. It’s mostly been cool because of uh the people I’ve had a chance to meet being on that show.. All the coaches that I’ve had a chance to work with have been awesome, except for Adam, Adam’s kind of a douchebag. But the rest of them have been awesome to work with. Are you YouTubing that? Please YouTube that.. I want him to see that so bad.. He’s such an idiot… Mostly though.. I know I love him..”

December 21st, 2014 (x)

“I gotta tell y’all, man I’ve had more freaking fun being a part of that show then you can imagine. I know if you’ve seen it, you can tell we’re having fun, and we truly are having a great time. And mostly, for me, it’s been fun because of the people I’ve gotten a chance to meet just being there… I love being able to work all the coaches, they’ve been absolutely unbelievable, except for Adam, Adam’s kind of a douchebag, but- but the rest of them have been awesome to work with. I hope someone puts that on YouTube, I really want him to see that..” 

March 11th, 2015 - Columbus, Ohio (x)

“I see various amounts of signs.. I saw a t-shirt right here that’s a picture of uh- a picture of Blake Shelton. Really cool.. What a dickhead, right? What a shitface, Blake Shelton is.. Blake Shelton’s gotta be the dumbest motherfucker on earth.. And there’s no way he’ll see this either. No way that big giant pile of shit will ever see what I’m saying right now, about Blake Shelton.. that fucking dickhead. There’s no way that anyone will post ANYTHING that I’m just saying right now about what a douche, Blake Shelton is. I’m just joking. But I’m not joking. Actually, I really love that guy very much. Thank you for making that t-shirt so I could see his pretty face even though he’s far away from me. He’s my friend. He’s my friend! I love that sonuva bitch… Now that I’ve got to talk a little bit of smack about Blake I’m moving on to the next subject..” (plays “She Will Be Loved” next)

March 19th, 2015 - Houston, Texas (x)

“It’s been a blast to work with all the other coaches over the years.. Ah man, all of them, man.. From Cee Lo, Christina, Usher, Pharrell, Gwen.. all- all of them. Except, except Adam. Adam’s kind of a douchebag, but, but the rest of them have been awesome. I hope to god somebody YouTubed that and he sees that.”

May 23rd, 2015 - Tree Town (x)

“Being able to hang out with some of those coaches man, freaking Pharrell, and Usher, and Cee Lo, Christina, Shakira, Gwen…  except Adam, Adam is kind of a douchebag, but, the rest of them have been cool to work with. Please, I hope somebody’s YouTubing that right now. *points to camera* You are. I can tell you’re YouTubing. You YouTubing bastard.. I hope you post that and he sees it.”

June 29th, 2015 - Kicker Stampede (x)

“Anyway, listen, I gotta tell y’all, being apart of the Voice has been one of the coolest things I have ever gotten to do, man.. I mean, no doubt about it. We have a lot of fun on that show and the coolest thing about it is the people that I have gotten a chance to meet by being a part of that thing… Even working with the coaches, man, I mean from Cee Lo, and Pharrell, and Usher, and Christina, and Shakira, and Gwen… Except Adam, Adam’s kind of a douchebag, but the rest of them have been awesome to work with. Are you- please tell me you’re YouTubing that. Please post- I want him to see that so bad.. Idiot.”

If anyone has any more that they know of, if it’s not too much trouble, please send them my way!

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