and he's like hell yeah

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Lil freshman s/o accidentally called him "quad daddy" but (junior) Hank couldn't hear the "quad" part and he's all like "hELL YEAH COME HERE BABYGIRL" and he hugs you from behind and you can totally feel his massive boner.. "Hank, why are your sticks in your pocket?" He whispers in your ear "they aren't" and you're like o sHIT QUAD DADDY GOT A BIG AF DICK


sup losers it’s 4 am and i can’t stop thinking abt lance and keith playing just dance 

- lance is like im gonna fuckin school you kid and keith is like i literally don’t wanna play this 

- lance is like um you have to so i can beat you..and keith is like fine whatever

- lance makes them do all the partner dances and he’s like hell yeah but then keith is weirdly really good at the game

- he’s pissed but also kind of proud and happy

- what the fuck keith you beat my high score

- keith gets competitive like halfway through and everyone is like aww bc they’re finally working together and they’re doing it by being dance partners but keith is like be quiet i need to focus i have to kick his ass

- lance gets to DIP keith and he’s like um this is the best moment of my life???


- pidge kicks their ASSES at the hip hop ones

- shiro has a hidden talent for latin ballroom

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What if, after getting out of Australia Junkrat just has 0 sugar tolerance. Like he starts out like "HELL YEAH I'M EATING THIS WHOLE CAKE" and then 1 slice later he's just lying on the floor like, "so this is how it ends, not with a bang but a whimper."

hhhg holy shit,,,jamie eats like, a pancake and has to rest for the rest of the day

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What would happen if female tired to take control in the bed room? (T and M)

Ruki- No just no. He would be the one to take control not you

Kou- He really doesn’t mind at all because it make you even more sexy but of course he will take control soon

Yuma- Hell yeah!! he like seeing you trying to act so dominance

Azusa- He doesn’t mind you being dominance it easy for him then making him do it

Carla- No. He would force you to submit to him and not let you be dominance

Shin- He like being dominance and watching you in pain rather than you being dominance and entertain him

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do you think lance and keith would be that couple that has pictures of each other as their phone home/lockscreens?

TBH HELL YEAH actually lance seems like he definitely would but keith probably either wouldn’t think of doing that at all or think it’s tacky & use a normal bg image instead (he’d get dokis at the thought of lance doing it tho)

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Genji uses Mercy's heels to be taller than Zenyatta. Zenyatta thinks it's adorable.

YES god genji complains about the fact zenny is taller than him and asks mercy to burrow heels and mercy is like “hell yeah rock ‘em” and he just Struts to zenyatta and goes “do u notice anything different about me master” and zenny’s like “did u get a growth spurt?” fhjsdhdsf Very Good

So there’s a Pokemon gym right outside my school and people walk right in it when the go home a lot, so today I pull out Pokemon to check and see who leading it. (It’s mystic, it usually stays Valor, never seen it at Instinct.) now, because of shit that went down with some people I created a new account and joined instinct instead of Valor. So, I’m on my phone about to walk downstairs, when this freshman guy comes over and goes “Awh I hope your not playing Pokemon. Wait what team are you?” And I’m just like ‘Instinct’ internally screaming. And he goes “hell yeah! Wanna help me take over this gym?” And I’m just like shit boi lets do it. So the gym is currently controlled by a 200 CP Fearow named Denny’s and a 2000 Cp water type.

a while ago before leaving for his prom my younger brother told me that his (really beautiful, bisexual) prom date whispered to him that i have a fat ass and tbh that statement > any compliment any boy has ever given me ever

Wic+Div Challenge: Day 19 Favorite Cosplay 

i am a cosplay snob, as a side effect of being a cosplayer and i there for eonly can thing of 2 cosplays ive really liked, simply because i know i couldnt do them better which A) is not at all in the spirit of this an B) made me sad cuz so many people have already highleghted them so inted this lil guy doing the most cuz like me in this comic he saw for what probably felt like the first time a character who looked like him!!! and then he thought, “hell yeah i can do that”

you go lil trashcan, cosplay ur heart out

Challenge Masterpost

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So I got this random burst of confidence talking to this guy I work with (who I kinda have a crush on) and was like "So.... You like superheroes/villains? Because I've been dying to see Suicide Squad and literally no one wants to see it with me or has already seen it... but it's totally okay if you don't it was just a thought" and I have like 6 panic attacks waiting for him to reply and when he did he was like "I've been dying to see it! Hell yeah let's go!" and I feel so proud of myself.😂❤️😌


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I feel like Ian's the type of guy that would get stupidly flustered and overwhelmed if a hot fan came up to him and said they wanna fuck him (but he'd be like oh hell yeah)

Yeah I guess he’d go “oh hell yeah” to appear humorous, but like on the inside he’d be getting pretty overwhelmed lol.

–Admin 2

question list tag

tagged by: @jacksunshinewang thank you <33

1. what is your first ever kpop song?

the first one i remember is lucifer by shinee

2. who is/was your first bias?


3. who is your current bias?


4. who/which are your fav groups?

exo, bts, shinee, seventeen, monsta x

5. how many groups are you a fan of atm?

maybe 6 or 7? but i only really stan 4 or 5 groups

6. if your bias would be a candy what would he be?

a bubble tea candy bar or something bc he likes bubble tea!

7. can your bias dance?

hell yeah he can

8. in your opinion: your bias is the best dancer/rapper/singer/other (mention what)

the best rapper (sorry chanyeol) but also the best maknae because he always worries for the other members and prays for them

9. if he/she was an animal what would they be?

idk maybe a fox or a wolf lmao

10. if he/she would be a fantasy creature what would they be?

uhh idk a dragon i guess

11. name a color that describes him/her


12. in an alternate universe what his/her job be?

lmao i have no idea

13. what would your bias have been in a past life? (you may not believe in this but just play along)

a dog (idkkkk)

14. the song that got you into the group of your bias(es)

i actually don’t remember! overdose i think?

15. the song/moment that made you a fan of your bias(es)

sehun doing a v app broadcast :^)

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I feel like danganronpa 2 was just so… Surreal.. Like half of the shit made no sense but I was so into it and I was just like HELL YEAH he turn into robot HELL YEAH we in some weird ass hidden strawberry room HELL YEAH none of this was real…. Idk when I think about it it’s just very nostalgic for me and awesome even tho it is really “out there” I guess? Even ultra despair girls wasn’t as twisted as #2 in my opinion

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OKAY! what kind of music does jonah like (any specific bands come to mind?), what kind of childhood did he have? is there a story behind his piercings or does he just like piercings? do his tattoos have any meaning?


Okay so first thing’s first: Jonah listens to a lot of punk, ska, and 90s rock. His canon voice is Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse, so while I think he’d listen to the band, it might be weird? I’ve drawn him in Modest Mouse shirts before. Pretty sure he listens to Sublime, any popular punk bands (Ramones, The Clash, Black Flag, etc.), Green Day, Presidents of the United States of America, Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Bosstones. He likes loud shit he can party to. If his stories took place in present day, I’m pretty sure he’d be into dubstep… maybe. He might be one of those “if there’s no guitar, it ain’t music” people.

His childhood was FUCKED lol. In most iterations of the story’s he’s in, it’s mostly the same. His mother and father were never married and he was an accident (his mom calls him “Little Happy Accident” as a pet name… best mom?). He was really close to his mother. She wasn’t the best mom, but she loved him and made him smile. He lived with her until she died when he was about 9 or ten. After that, things kinda went to shit.

(that’s him at 10 and 16)

After his mom died, Jonah went to live with his father, who is a rich, angry businessman who is anything BUT kind. His name is Isaac, look at him:

So anyway, needless to say, Jojo wasn’t keen on staying with his dad, so he ran away and met Nameless, who offered to take care of him if he helped him with a few things. Jonah accepted, and that’s how he became a cog in a drug machine. Jonah was a mule for 6 years and Nameless basically kept him imprisoned with threats, abuse, and drug addiction. When Jojo was 16, he about had enough of it (after getting seriously injured due to Nameless’ carelessness) and escaped. Gr8 childhood, 10/10 feelgood.

As for his tats, Jojo’s got a few:

The rifle is down his right arm, there are several of the bombs littering his body, Not Safe is on his left deltoid, City’s Been Dead is HUGE and covers his back. (these were designed by luckysquid) On his left forearm he has a symbol that’s a diamond between two X’s, and on his left wrist is an abstract explosion.  He has a target over his heart. On his right rib cage he has the script “Everybody wants to change the world” and on his right he has “no one wants to die”. Across his knuckles, he has the words “Stay Loud”. He used to have one that said “don’t feed the animals” but it was replaced with the rifle.

Mostly, his tattoos don’t mean jack shit other than the fact that he hates the government. In the first story he was in, he was an extreme, riot advocating anarchist working to take down the government. The first tattoo he got was the target over his chest so he could whip off his shirt and taunt the police… because he’s an IDIOT. “Not Safe” was a graffiti tag a friend of his used for a while before he was killed by the police. City’s Been Dead was something he designed himself out of anger. The rest of them were riot slogans or weapon-related stamp tattoos (like the rifle and bombs) to help him stand out as a Rioter. 

The X with the diamonds between it:

Was the logo for the drug cartel he was in. There used to be a symbol in the diamond, but he got it blacked out and tried to play that tat off as “something (he) got for fun”.

JESUS THAT GOT LONG, I AM SORRY! But thanks for asking about Jojo! He’s one of my favorites~