and he's just staring at you

BTS REACTS TO: Finding your vibrator

Anon Asked:  What about their reaction to finding a vibrator in y/n’s room? XD

I’d like to teach you about the lord and savior Beyonce Knowles. - Admin Dayna


Forgive him father for he has sinned. He was only looking for a pair of socks. If he had been actually paying attention to which drawer he was opening, he wouldn’t have been in this predicament. Jin was old and mature enough for things like this to not bother him so much, but it was just… it was so unexpected. And it was you. I mean, people had their needs, but… it was… right there. Jin stared at your vibrator for a moment, his brain blank, body frozen. He just stood and stared. Motionless. Speechless. Then finally came to his senses, a shiver running down his spine as he slammed the drawer shut. 

It was best left unspoken.

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Quick Soundcheck Fan Acct!

Okay so this is for 3/23 in Newark!

Min Yoongi stared at me long and hard when he saw me in my Sope tracksuit and Sope banner and also JRE just passed by me outside and also stared and just went “Sope!” And at the end when they were about to leave he stage and also Taehyung was walking away from the stage but then ran back because he forgot his phone on the stage lmaoooo


Okay they did Dope, Save Me, and Baepsae and for the first two they didn’t really do the choreo but they did for Bapsae and oh my god. I don’t know. How are they real. How.

For the songs they didn’t do the choreo to, Hobi was totally feeling himself and hE CAN MOVE. And they were all bare faced and they’re beautiful I’m kinda floating on a cloud right now byeeeeeee.

(Also I totally spotted @taetaetown a row or two behind me but I was too shy to say anything hahaha)

Also they all look so hot drinking water byeeeeeeeeee.

The only sad thing is I lost my Sope banner so someone better pick it up and put it to good use (jkjkjk). (Plus I got so many free banners so it’s fine)

Being Benjamin's girlfriend and getting shot instead of him would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Sadness :( Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him instantly rushing to your side to hold you not caring for anyone else around and tearing up to see you in so much pain

-Richard being shocked to see you take the bullet and staring at Jared, only to hear Gavin yelling at him for what he had just done

-Morgan panicking as much as Benjamin and telling everyone that you must be taken away quickly, as he tightens his belt above your wound

-Benjamin stroking your hair and looking you in the eyes, as he tries to reassure you that everything will be fine

-Benjamin doing whatever he thinks might help keep the blood from spewing and just promising you over and over that everything will be fine

-Ezekiel and the others gathering around to help Benjamin and Morgan pick you up and leave to go

-Benjamin and Morgan doing whatever it takes to remove the bullet from your leg, as the others help as well

-You holding onto Benjamin’s hand and whispering to him the last words you have for him, only for him to shake his head and just tell you repeatedly that he loves you and that you’ll be fine

-Him being utterly devastated to hear your last breath and crying his eyes out as he holds your hand, wanting to deny whatever had just happened

-Morgan and Ezekiel comforting him as much as they can, only for Morgan to actually be more frustrated over not saving you and in the end finding out the culprit to your death

bts reaction - seeing your heart shaped birthmark on your hip


He loves all things cute or related to hearts, so he would just fall for you right then and there when he seems you have a birthmark shaped like a heart.

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On lazy days, he would trace it with his thumb and smile at you. He’d think of you as his angel of love and will never let you go.

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Rap monster

he would be very inspired my your mark. He would even put in a small line about it in one of his love songs.

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J hope

“I’m your hope, I’m your angel, but you are my love.”

“I love you too, Hobi~”

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He’d get all excited when he wees it. He wouldn’t be able to help but stare at it and turning into a giggling child again.

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He would see you as a goddess. He’d be completely amazed by your mark.

“My birthmarks just looks like a big dot…”


He’d blush the first time he saw it, not just because it’s a heart, but because he knows he’s the only one who will see it. He’d want you to hide it from everyone else.

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Him Sticking Out Their Tongue and Her Licking it: PENTAGON


He would be curious to see your limits at this point.


*wiggles eyebrows suggestively*


His eyebrows would fly up, though he would smirk later, sticking out his tongue again.


“You did that to me, now let me do it to you.”


He would bring around the topic of `adult cards`, suggesting to play a couple of adult games later in the evening.


He would just silently stare at you, totally mesmerized by your boldness.


A little flustered mess. “Now we will have to get married!” he’d yell weakly, making you laugh.


He’d be just… Speechless. His cheeks red as he’d turn on his heel and head for the kitchen for that well-needed water to clench his thirst.


You would have the time of your life seeing him having a mental breakdown as his mind couldn’t process what just happened.


He would freeze and kinda lean back with a blank expression while staring into your eyes/

1. Until Oda tells me otherwise, Reiju and Yonji have the best relationship of the Vinsmoke quadruplets.  He was the one that came with her to ‘greet’ the Straw Hats and is the one to ask where she was all night.  I’m sure it would have been Reiju and Sanji if he’d stayed and this family wasn’t so messed up. 

2. Niji’s hair keeps getting bigger and bigger with each panel.  Why is he so extra?  Yonji and Reiju are just staring at it and are embarrassed that they’re related to this mess.  Are you even an adult Niji?

3. This wedding is going to fall apart simply on the basis that Ichiji doesn’t have his squad outfit on.  Where’s his suit jacket?  He’s angry/upset about something vital down the line.  Or he’s really hungover and mildly regrets last night’s decisions because he’s not even sure if this is his shirt.

4. On a side note, the capes are doing so much for me.     

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Anti sometimes wears necklaces that purposely draw attention to his neck scar, then gets snarky with anyone who stares Sorry for spamming you I had a lot of ideas

no worries! i love these. 💙

the thing is that anti thrives off of attention. so he purposely does things in order for us to get his attention, but always plays it off like a “you can look but can’t touch” sort of thing, or just he knows that he’s being looked at but poses a fake modesty like we shouldn’t be looking at him. sort of thing idk 

Shu Headcanon (Wedding Treat Edition)

You finally staggered back to your room after saying goodbye and thank you to everyone. It had been a long night and you were surprised how long you have gone without kicking you’re heels off.
Your long off white dress flowed behind you and the material clung to your curves.
You reached down to take off your heels when you felt a familiar hand on your ass.
‘Hey!’ You giggled.
‘Don’t take them off..’ He says in a husky voice.
'But Shu..they hurt so much!’
'Leave them on…’ He smirks and you finally realise why.
'Ah..I see.’ You smile back.
'What’s under your dress?’
'Is that all you care about? After I tried so hard to pick the perfect dress!’
He just stares at you, 'Lace underwear I hope..’
You roll your eyes.
'Tell me what you were thinking of when you were choosing your underwear..“will Shu like it?” “Will this turn him on?” Tell me.’
You blush and sit on the bed.
'Uh..something like that..’
'Thats what the underwear is for right?seducing me? You wear it for sex?’
He sits next to you and you knew he was going to tease you more.
'Why are you wearing white? White is for pure innocent virgins is it not? Shouldn’t a lewd dirty slut like you be wearing a dark colour? To show your sins?’
You have many sins..but it was all thanks to this mans fault.
'Shu.. stop teasing.’
He smirks more, and pushes up your dress to find stockings and a garter.
'Your supposed to pull that of with your teeth..’ you blush.
'Hum..what a lewd tradition.’ Yet to your surprise he bends down, his mouth taking the lacy material, his blue eyes look up at you as he very slowly slides it down your thigh and leg.
Damn he’s too hot..
' me more..’ Shu opens your legs.

^_^ teasing end! As is Shu tradition!

The wedding bouquet

 Note:So this my take on what happens with Sasuke and Sakura  during the naruhina wedding.

All the women attending the wedding gathered around in one place except for the groom’s best female friend, who remained seated on her table next to Kakashi, who was eyeing her.

Kakashi wasn’t the type to pry, but the sad expression on the face of his female student, who was like a daughter to him was bothering him.

‘‘Why don’t you go and try your luck with the bouquet, huh Sakura?’‘

Sakura looked up to stare at Kakashi before displaying one of her signature fake smiles.

‘‘It’s okay,I don‘t believe in such things and besides I’m pretty sure Ino or Temari are going to get married next.’‘

‘‘But you never know with Sasuke,I’m pretty sure that it’s his hawk that keeps traveling in and out of Konoha weekly.’‘‘

Sakura blushed before replying.

‘‘That’s nothing he just sent a letter to me after he heard of my kidnapping,and after that we just kept in touch I guess.’‘

Kakashi only nodded,he decided to end this conversation before he annoys Sakura with his questions and she gets mad.

Hokage or not,that women can make Madara Uchiha run if she’s angry.

Kakashi’s thoughts about how will his only single male student would handle Sakura’s anger were interrupted by Sakura’s voice.

‘‘I better get going now Kakashi sensei, I have a an early shift tomorrow.’‘

‘‘See ya.’‘

Kakashi watched as Sakura headed towards the bride and groom to say her farewell,but she couldn’t get past all the cheerring women so she stood in the back of the crowd.

Hinata threw the bouquet backwards ,but she threw it with a little too much force,  for it would have fallen on the ground if Sakura wasn’t standing there.

If Kakashi wasn’t a as cool as he is, he would have probably burst out laughing at his former student’s face,so instead he settled for a chuckle.

‘‘Way to go Sakura-chan!’‘

All the women sighted in dissapointment before walking away,leaving Sakura standing in her place, bouquet in her hands.

I can’t believe i actually caught it. she thought

‘‘So that means Sakura’s the one to settle down next.’‘

Hinata’s voice broke Sakura from her stupor.

‘‘No, these things are just wives tails.’‘ she said while shaking her hand in front of her.

Naruto smiled his usual wide smile before talking.

‘‘You know,he came about 30 minutes ago,he congratulated me,and  told me to tell you to go to the place where you parted,wherever that is.’‘

‘‘Who’s he?’‘ Sakura guessed a second later and before Naruto could open his mouth she threw the bouquet from her hands and ran straight to the place he’s waiting for her.

The place where they parted, the place where she revealed her true feelings to him for the first time,the place where the will reunite.

She stopped running when she caught sigh of a tall figure sitting on the bench,the same bench he layed her on all those years ago,she watched as he stood up and looked at her.

After a minute of them looking into each others eyes,Sasuke smiled, a beautiful smile, a smile Sakura has never seen before.

‘‘Come here.’‘ he said while gesturing with his hand for her to come.

Sh walked forward until only about half a meter seperated them,she watched as Sasuke’s hand raised upward and as he pocked her forehead.

‘‘Tadaima Sakura.’‘

Sakura’s eyes widened before she replied.

‘‘Okaeri Sasuke.’‘


>> Sons Of Anarchy
>> Juice Ortiz x OFC
>> One Shot
>> Sad af

Were you real?

Juice often found himself lost in a sea of questions. His own darkness scared him. Every day would start the same: peaceful, calm, tranquil. But they never stayed that way for him. He struggled keeping a grip on reality, on what was actually being said to him, and about him. His heart was heavy, broken. He longed for someone to help him lessen the load, share the burden of his loneliness, give him a home.

She changed his life. She made life more bearable for him, turning darkness into shadows. She made life worth living again, even if it was just for a little while.

“You can do this.” Raegan whispered to herself. She stared at herself in the rear-view mirror. Her cross-country drive had taken a toll on her appearance. She fixed her makeup and smoothed her hair. She sat back in the driver’s seat, nodding to herself, building up the courage she so desperately lacked. Raegan took three deep breathes before stepping out of her car.

Raegan stood opposite the Teller-Morrow entrance. She watched the leather clad bikers shuffle around within the fenced in quarters. When Juan told Raegan he had joined a motor cycle club she didn’t think he meant anything like this. She held her head high and confidentially strolled through the parking lot. “Excuse me?” She tapped the shoulder of a vest wearing biker. Scars adorned the older males face. He smiled at Raegan warmly. “How can I help you lass?” Raegan was not expecting the thick Scottish accent that fell from his lips. She stared at him in slight awe. “I… erm… Is Juan here? Juan Ortiz?” She fumbled over her words.
“Oh Juicy boy, I’ll take you to him.” Raegan scrunch her brow. Juicy, what? She was taken aback by the nickname Juan had gained. “What’s your name lass?” Chibs made small talk as they made their way towards the clubhouse.
“Raegan.” She struggled to keep up with Chibs’ long strides. She found herself taking three steps to his one. “That’s pretty.” He said, pushing the door open, allowing her to enter first.

“Juan!!” Raegan’s voice came out high-pitched and excited at the man that stood across the room. Juice’s jaw went slack. The young girl he had left in Queens had become a woman. Her feet pattered across the floor towards him. Upon instinct Juice opened his arms to catch her as she jumped into them. His hands grasped at her waist holding her close to him as he spun with her in his arms.

“What are you doing here Rae?” He asked setting her back onto her feet. She giggled. Her fingers played with his kutte. “Did you think you would get rid of me that easy?” She beamed a smile at him. “Besides, Queens is boring without you.” Juice could feel his brothers’ eyes burning holes in him. He slung his arm around Raegan and led her to the others. “Everyone, this is Raegan. She was my best friend growing up… she still is.” Juice introduced Raegan to everyone.

Raegan and Juice spent the day sat on the couch in the clubhouse catching up on the missed years. She explained her plans on staying and looking for work. Juice was excited by the idea of having her around again. He had missed their times together, he missed her. “So,” Chibs interrupted the pair, “How did you two meet?” Raegan erupted in laughter at the memory. Juice rubbed his hand over his scalp. “Go ahead” He encouraged.
“Well, Juicy here had the locker next to mine in middle school. After, what could only be described as a difficult day, he opened his locker a little too fast… and hard, might I add.” She eyed him smiling, “he managed to slam his locker door into my face. Almost broke my nose. But it was the blossoming of a beautiful friendship.” She joked.
“I still feel terrible about that.” Juice looked at her with puppy dog eyes.
“It was worth it.” She patted his knee.

The day had come to a close. Juice invited Raegan to stay with him while she worked out her next move.  Juice opened the door to his apartment and ushered Raegan inside. The sounds of laughter were never far from them. Juice couldn’t help but feel free when Raegan was around. She damped the voices that plagued his mind. When they were together he couldn’t help but feel alive. Raegan inspected his place, moving things as she went around in the hopes to gain a reaction. She ran her fingers along the pictures in his bedroom. To her surprise he kept their prom picture out and on display. “This must go down well with your girlfriend.” She held it up to him. Juice pushed away from the door frame which he had been leaning on and moved towards her. “That’s not something I’ve had to worry about.” He said quietly, slightly embarrassed. Raegan shook her head.
“Well they don’t know what they are miss-“Juice’s lips crashed to Raegan’s before she could finish her sentence. Raegan didn’t move, she didn’t know how to react. Juice pulled away quickly, shying away from her. Raegan reacted before he could leave. She grabbed him roughly by the kutte forcing their lips back together.

That night Juice and Raegan let loose their feelings. It was a night of firsts. That ended in love.


“We had a year together, a year of bliss. Raegan was my best friend and my soul mate. She made the days easier for me without even trying. With her by my side I could conquer anything. When I looked into her eyes I saw love, I felt loved. We shared the same dreams, simple ones, ones of settling down together, getting married… having children. Raegan was my future. I have never loved anyone the way I loved her and I never will.

I lived for her smile. On my worst days her smile made everything better. My heart would ache whenever I was away from her. I spent those days jittery, anxious to be back at her side again. Without her to hold my hand, to guide me, I am lost. I still wake up expecting to see her lying next to me. I miss the warm smile she gave me every morning. The soft kisses she placed on my face.

I would give anything to have her back, to have her stay. I need her… I need her to tell me that everything will be okay, that the world will keep spinning, that I can keep living. I need her to call me an idiot and shake her head at me one more time. Without her I am not living, I am getting by. I am waiting.”


Juice was excited to return home. He played the moment out in his head over and over on the flight back from Ireland. He had missed her every second he had been away. He fumbled with his key in the lock, before he could turn it the door swung open. “Juicy!” Raegan shrieked with excitement. She jumped into his arms, peppering his face with kisses. Juice kicked the door closed behind them, carrying Raegan into the living room. “I missed you.” He said dipping his head down to steal a kiss from her lips.
“Don’t be mad.” Raegan spoke as she wriggled free of his grip. Juice broke eye contact with her to see the disarray in front of him. The furniture had been moved to the centre of the room away from the walls. “White just wasn’t cheery enough.” She said proudly. Juice’s once white walls were now coated in a soft yellow colour. “I know it’s not much different but it reminds me of spring… or summer.” Juice was speechless. He just stared at the walls. “You hate it?” Raegan spoke softly, tears threatened to spill from her eyes. She wrapped her arms around herself. A small smile broke free on Juice’s face. “Oh babe,” he engulfed her in a hug. “I love it. I love the fact you are making it your home too.” Juice could feel his life falling into place, like he was finally getting his happy ending. “I’m just going to take the trash out.” Raegan placed a small kiss on the corner of his mouth.

Juice pulled a small velvet box from his pocket. He wanted to surprise Raegan, to make him his old lady officially. In that moment Juice could not be happier but the sound of screeching tires, drew his attention.

“She didn’t deserve to die. She deserved happiness. She deserved to live. I can’t bring her back. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.” Juice placed the velvet box on top of her coffin before they lowered her into ground. “I will always love you.”

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Idk if you do this sort of thing but could I have a fic about how mccree reacts to his daughter coming out as a lesbian? I know this is weird but it would mean so much to me thank you

Hiya! I’ve gone ahead and treated this ask as if the reader was his daughter! I think that may be what you meant in the first place, but I made the note here just in case!

You stood there and faced your father, chin held high and your hand clasped tightly in your girlfriend’s. Your grip grew tighter as the seconds dragged on, trying not to choke on the thick silence, and she squeezed you back.

Jesse wasn’t saying anything as he met your eyes on the couch. He was staring at you and your girlfriend with an expression you couldn’t read, and he wasn’t saying anything

In your mind, you were already dreading how long it would take you to pack and high-tail it outta here when he inevitably kicked you out of his house and disowned you. There were so many things to pack, so many job applications to fill out, so many nights you’d have to freeload on peoples’ couches until you got on your feet…would the other Overwatch members still want to keep in touch with you? Would you be excommunicated from everyone’s lives? Would they ever be willing to see you again?

Your resolve was slipping away. Suddenly your knees felt weak, and you leaned against your girlfriend as the tears burned at the back of your eyes. Her strong arm circling your waist was one of the only things keeping you on your feet, now.

“So, ya ain’t gonna introduce me?”

You blinked, pulled from your rapidly derailing train of thought to stare at your dad.

“W-what?” You blurted. Jesse lifted his prosthetic arm and waved it between the two of you, his face shifting into something resembling amusement.

“Ya ain’t gonna introduce me to the lovely lass that’s courtin’ my daughter?” he asked, rising from his seat and extending a hand to shake. “Name’s Jesse McCree - yes, that one - nice t’meet ya.”

You watched your girlfriend offer him a smile and reach out to shake his hand, incredulous. Before you could think, you blurted, “you aren’t mad?”

“Mad?” He repeated, moving his hat aside to scratch his head. “Why would I be mad? My lil’ girl’s finally found a special somebody.” His expression turned fond, and he reached out to place a steadying hand on your shoulder. “It don’t matter t’me whether you’ve got a lass or a lad. I just want ya t’be happy, darlin’. Understand?”

The next time you blinked, your eyes were blurry with tears, happy this time, and threw your arms around your father. 

“I understand,” you murmured, “thanks, pa.”

Jesse chuckled, hugging you tight.

“So, when’s the weddin’?”


-mod Viena

Monsta X reaction to another guy sending looks or staring at their girlfriend

A/N: IM BACK GUUYSSSSS! Lol, I’m sorry for not posting for the past few weeks. I hope you guys enjoy this!! credits to the owners for this gif.

requested by anon!


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You were waiting for Shownu, oblivious enough to notice the stare of some dude right across your table. Tapping your feet on the floor, you glanced around, only to make eye contact with the dude, who gave you a creepy smile. Just in time, Shownu arrives and sees the dude right away. He passes you your drink and excuses himself.

Babe, here’s your drink… Excuse me for a sec..”

You followed him with your eyes and see that he warned him without any hesitation. The dude gulped down a big amount of saliva before leaving the cafe in a hurry.

What did you do?”

I nicely told to him to piss off. *smiles widely at you*”

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Wonho kept on staring at the guy who continued to give you looks. You, on the other hand, was busy blabbering about something that you’ve notice or heard of. Wonho, at first, let the dude off the hook since he thought that he was looking at someone else but after a couple of glances, he was right that he was looking at you. Having enough of the dude, he glares at him and notices that it barely affected the dude so he looks at you and smiles.

Babe, I’ll be right back, okay?”

You weirdly look at him and nod. By the second Wonho stands up while angrily looking at the dude, the dude whimpers and scrambles off before Wonho could even reach him. You’re actually confused since he went back to sit beside you.

Okay…. I thought you’ll go get something or go to the washroom?”

“Oh, I changed my mind. Where did we stop?”

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Lee Minhyuk, this boy was literally quick on his feet. The two of you were happily eating when this dude decides to wink at you. At first, Minhyuk was confused if the dude winked at you or at him since the two of you were looking at the dude. The two of you decided to brush it off and continued to enjoy your meal when you nudged him and told him that the dude continued to give creepy looks. Minhyuk didn’t like that. He literally didn’t like the thought of some dude giving his girl the looks.

When Minhyuk was walking towards him, a lady went towards the dude who was giving you creepy looks and smacked him on the head with a bag. Actually, he was caught by his girlfriend. Minhyuk was left there, dumbfounded if he should give the dude a word or just go back to your table.

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Coming out from the bathroom, he sees this dude walking up to you and decided to give you some creepy looks, trying to hit you up. You looked uncomfortable as you tried to fidget your way out of that situation. Kihyun, on the other hand, was really sensitive that day. His blood boiled but he kept it cool. Walking towards the dude, he leans in and places a hand around the dude’s shoulder. His ears were red like a monkey’s butt and you felt sorry for the dude who was going to face the wrath of Yoo Kihyun.

Oh, are you hitting on my girlfriend?

“What do you mean, your girlfriend?”

The moment those words left the dudes mouth, you could see Kihyun’s hand tightly gripped on to his shoulder with a smile. The dude fell on both of his knees before asking forgiveness. Kihyun removes his hand and the dude hurriedly scrambled on to his feet and left.

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It has been weeks since the two of you last seen each other. Meeting up at the cafe near their company, the two of you chatted before buying a cup of coffee for each other. In the midst of your chat, Hyungwon noticed some random dude who kept on looking at you. This literally bothered him. Hyungwon didn’t think twice and immediately looked at him and glared.

Do you want to die?”

You were startled by what he just said and followed his gaze, only to see a dude sweating really hard. Hyungwon was about to stand up when the dude stood up and bowed at the two of you before leaving the cafe.

The nerve of that punk… Tsk, why are you so pretty, huh?”

“What do you mean? -,-”

“Nevermind. Next time, you’ll be wearing a face mask with me okay?”

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The two of you were busy looking at Earthenware Jars for the soybean paste and red chili pepper paste that the two of you were going to make the next day. When you were busy looking at the jars, Jooheon noticed the young lad, who was assisting the two of you, kept on staring at you. Jooheon gawked at the young lad and actually threw a fit.

Seriously, seriously? Wow, you still have the audacity to stare at my girlfriend when her boyfriend is just right behind her?”

The young lad became flustered and immediately excused himself. You sighed at Jooheon and gave him a look. Jooheon, being Jooheon, pouted and started to whine.

But babe… he was staring at you. Awww…. babe don’t give me that look. Huhuhu he was staring at you and I just… can’t stand here and continue to let him look at you.”

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Changkyun left you for a moment to go get some banana milk. Once he successfully got his banana milk, he skipped back to the aisle that you were in when he noticed the dude, that was standing a couple of meters away from you, continued to look at you. He places the banana milk on the cart and blankly stared at him. Well, he was confused at first.

Why is he still there? Wait… .why is he staring at [y/n]? Changkyun continued to ponder on the question when he finally realized why the dude was staring at you. Changkyun would walk up to the dude, leaving you dumbfounded.

Excuse me, I know my babe’s freaking gorgeous and all, but can you stop staring at her before I poke your eyes out of its socket?”

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could i maybe request junkrat, genji, and zenyatta walking in on their s/o singing along to some cheesy anime opening (like renai circulation)? tysm! <33


  • He enthusiastically joins in
    • Hopping around you
    • Trying to keep up with you
    • The pair of you giggling


  • He thinks it’s adorable
    • A smile crossing his face at the familiar language
    • When you see him you get embarrassed
    • He quickly reassures you


  • He adores your passionate dancing
    • Humming the melody as he just watches you
    • You get embarrassed when you see him staring
    • He takes your hand in his as just coos at you reassuringly
Good Guy

Here’s a little cute drabble for everyone’s favorite tree bros! (Title is kind of based off of this song but the fic doesn’t really go with it I just love the song)

Hope y’all enjoy!!

“Am I a good person?” The question came out of nowhere, startling Evan. He looked over at Connor, who was staring down at his hands. Evan untangled his legs and turned his body so he could look at the taller boy.

“Babe?” The nickname was posed as a question- Evan was confused. “Connor, what are you talking about?”

“I mean, there has to be some good in me? I used to be a horrible person to Zoe, to a lot to my parents… I haven’t changed much since then, I just kind of… Stopped being mean?” Connor refused to look anywhere else but his hands, so Evan moved so he could place one of his hands in the palms of his boyfriend. “I mean-” Connor continued, but his fingers curled around Evan’s lightly. “I don’t really believe in a heaven or hell, I guess I believe in an afterlife, but I don’t want to go to a bad place. When I die, I don’t want to go some place where I can’t spend the rest of eternity-” Connor’s voice dropped in volume. “-Without you.”

Evan smiled.

“Cute.” Evan said. He started to move again, pushing Connor’s shoulders back, and moved so he could straddle Connor, and they could be chest to chest.

“I mean, I still am not that nice. I don’t volunteer to the homeless. .I helped you out with your homework a few days ago, but I don’t think that helping you with some algebra is going to redeem me.” Connor chuckled, finally meeting Evan’s eyes as Evan placed his arms on Connor’s shoulders.

“Wanna hear my whole thought process on this?” Evan asked. He leaned in, lightly brushing his lips against Connor’s. Connor pressed forward, trying to further the kiss but Evan leaned back. A soft whine came from the back of Connor’s throat, making Evan chuckle. “Connor, I love you. I love you to the moon and back, and way further than that. Space stuff, etcetera etcetera.”

Connor smiled and started placing little delicate kisses along Evan’s jaw.

“I don’t know what makes a good person. You are a good person to me, because I know you, I know your soul inside and out. But other people don’t know you this way. Some people may think you are a bad person because you are dating me-” Connor growled, nipping Evan’s jaw lightly instead of kissing him like Evan expected. Evan laughed lightly, but continued. “Either because I am Evan Hansen,” Connor poked Evan in the side in a teasingly warning way, but Evan shook his head, “Or because I am a guy. But you, Connor Murphy, you are a good guy, and I know that. And for me, that is enough. I don’t know if you want more people to know, but if you do, then I can help you. But I believe that you are a good guy.”

Connor let out a little sigh and leaned closer to Evan. They kissed tenderly, and Connor kept his eyes closed.

“Thank you,” He mumbled. Evan didn’t respond, instead opting for bringing Connor closer to him and running his fingers through Connor’s hair. “I love you,” Connor said just before their lips connected again.

“You are a good person to me Connor. I fell in love with a good person, and you haven’t stopped being a good person.”

cartoonbooknerd: I got another one! Where bughead dance in secret and they are really good and in sync. The choreography is Stay Alessia cara on YouTube you can just envision Bughead cuteness. One of Cheryl’s minions sees them and records them and goes viral in school Which the gang seeing the video but not Bughead 

Finally finished my last essay and got a prompt out! 

Thank you for the idea, lovely! I may have envisioned their style of dancing a little differently to what you had in mind but it just fit in my head, I hope you don’t mind! :)

 Betty’s shoulders were hunched in dejection as she trudged into The Blue and Gold office after cheer practice, throwing her pom poms onto the worn plaid couch before following after them. Jughead lifted his head from where he was staring at the computer screen at his desk, eyes following her.

“Why so glum, vixen? Lost your pep?” he joked, trademark smirk gracing his features. Betty lifted her head to stare at him with tired eyes, not even huffing out a laugh at his attempted humour. 

“No, it’s just… Cheryl. She’s constantly on at me, saying how out of rhythm I am and that it’s my fault if anyone else is out because I’m throwing them off!” she ranted, not meeting Jughead’s eyes, her own misting with unshed tears of embarrassment. Jughead’s skin prickled at the thought of anyone saying such hateful things to Betty. How anyone could be mean to a girl that quite literally radiated sunshine absolutely baffled him. Steeling his shoulders he stood up and walked to where she was sitting, fingers playing unhappily with the hem of her uniform. 

“Come here, green eyes,” he said softly, holding out a hand to her. She stared at the outstretched hand apprehensively, big doe eyes and quivering lips, and his heart broke. “I won’t bite… well unless you want me to,” he quipped, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. His chest filled with warmth at the giggle his words pulled from her lips as she placed her small hand in his and he led them to the middle of the room. 

“Err, what are you doing, Juggie?” Betty questioned, knitting her eyebrows as he brought her other hand up to rest on his shoulder before placing his delicately on her waist. She jumped slightly at the more intimate touch, breath leaving her as she looked up into his storm blue eyes, much closer than she expected them to be.

“Follow my lead,” he murmured, quickly moving his left foot to step forward, her right leg moving back instinctively to accommodate him. Before she knew it they were spinning around the dusty old office, caught up in their own bubble of measured steps and twirls, being pulled back towards each other as if by some magnetic force every time they let a little space get between them. Jughead dipped her suddenly, Betty’s hand tightening on his bicep beneath the flannel shirt he had on, eyes exploring every detail of his face while it was so tantalisingly close to hers. Before she could say anything he’d lifted her back up, taking a few more steps before spinning her round in a pirouette that felt so freeing that she couldn’t help laughing in childlike glee at the feeling. He stopped her suddenly, her leg lifting up, thigh coming to rest against his hip, faces inches apart. She could fee his fingers on the soft skin of her thigh, slipping slightly under her skirt, his thumb almost involuntarily rubbing circles on the forbidden surface. She could taste his air as their breathing slowed, feel their chests moving quickly against one another in unison. She felt every soft inch of her body pressed deliciously against the hard, smooth surfaces of his. She never wanted to move.

Jughead couldn’t think about where his hand was right now, about the feeling of her chest pressed against his, his thigh between the apex of hers. It would have been too much. Instead he focused on her slightly parted lips, so close to his. She noticed his gaze and leaned in, capturing his lips with her own in an already-breathless kiss. It was sweet and tender with the promise of so much more lying underneath. Betty felt as if she was on fire as she tightened her thigh against him, hands moving to grip his hair. Jughead groaned as he pulled her closer, lost in all things bright and bubblegum. 

When they parted they were both more breathless than before, heaving chests and swollen lips, Jughead darting back in for a few more pecks because he couldn’t resist.

“Well,” he began when they’d finally calmed down enough to speak. “Your rhythm seems perfectly fine to me,” he finished, causing Betty to erupt into laughter all over again. He wanted to bottle the sound. 

“Where did you learn to do that, Jug?” she asked, looking at him with a wonder that made him both embarrassed and filled with pride. 

“My mom…” He cleared his throat. “She loved to dance, she took lessons. Whenever things got… difficult with Dad and he couldn’t be reasoned with she used to take me outside and teach me how to dance.” He smiled slightly as he reminisced. “She told me that a man should always know how to dance, you never know when you’re going to need to sweep someone off their feet.” He smirked as a beautiful pink blush blossomed over Betty’s cheeks. She titled her head to rest against his as they stood there in each others embrace for a while longer, all unpleasantness forgotten. 


“Oh my God, you guys, you’re never going to believe what I’ve just been sent!” Kevin shouted suddenly at the picnic bench where he was sitting with Archie, Val and Veronica. “Look!” He turned his phone around as the trio leaned in to get a better view of the small screen. 

“Is that…” Veronica began, mouth dropping open as she took in the video before her. It was shaky and slightly grainy but there was no mistaking the two figures on the screen as Betty and Jughead, caught up together in their own world, spinning and laughing and holding onto each other like their lives depended on it.

“I didn’t know Jug could dance,” Archie laughed in disbelief, shaking his head as the video continued to play, before cutting off abruptly. The table was silent for a beat. 

“Well, I think it’s sweet,” Val shrugged, going back to her fries. 

“They’re actually… good?” Kevin mused, head tilted. “And it’s all over the school already, Ginger sent it to everyone, there’s already been hundreds of hits.” Veronica’s eyes widened. 

“Oh, God. Nobody tell Betty. One viral video is enough for anyone’s lifetime I think,” she remarked, speaking of their ‘sticky maple’ take-down and Betty’s surprisingly popular alter ego. 

“Guys, here they come,” Archie whispered as the duo walked over, hand in hand. Everyone looked pointedly at their joint hands as they took a seat next to Veronica. 

“Something you want to tell me, B?” Veronica smirked in a hushed tone, arching a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. Betty giggled, biting her lip.

“Later, V,” she promised, eyes darting briefly to glance at Jughead besides her. He looked at her with a knowing glance, mouth tilted upwards at the corners. Butterflies erupted in her stomach as she chewed on her apple. 

The rest of the group shared a look. Their ignorance was definitely bliss, for now. 

Love at First Sight Headcanons


-once she see’s you she stares you down
- she comes off as threatening
-really she’s just trying to fight what she’s feeling
- short with you, it seems like she hates you (and she wants to)
- notices: posture


-very questioning, he can’t help but want to know everything at once
- love at first sight to him is finding someone intriguing without any reason to it
- he’s serious and genuine
-notices: eyes


- calls you out
-he’ll be straight up and tell you that you’ve caught his attention
-says interesting or mysterious things to make you smile
-tries to get you close so he can feel your aura
-notices: breath


- gets more sassy than usual
-follows you around silently
-does something nice in a mean way
-notices: muscle/strength


-gets suddenly clumsy
-for once at a loss for words and starts to stutter
- starts actively avoiding you so he doesn’t mess up
-notices: voice


“Hey, you okay?” You stared at the Daxamite, he looked at you the smile not quite reacting his eyes. You knew Kara and everyone at the DEO were doing their best to help him learn about Earth but from experience, you understood how overwhelming the whole thing could be.

“It’s just, it’s all different. I’m not used to this.” 

“I get that. Here. Come with me.” You held an arm out to him, he took your hand, curiosity getting the better of him. “Where are we going?” 

“Just shhh, you’ll see.” You got in your car, driving aimlessly for a while, away from the city. It’s something you always did when life got to be too much. When all you could see was the distant lights of National city behind you, you parked. Looking out onto a barren field that stretched on for miles.

“You’re uh, you’re not gonna kill me or something right?” Mon-el joked.

“Oh yeah, definitely, brought you out here to hide the body. Just come on.” He followed you out of the car, walking until you placed yourself on a patch of grass and weeds. Mon-el drifted down to sit beside you, watching as you laid back and let your eyes fall onto the skies above. The sun was just setting and the first flicker of stars could be seen overheard. “I come here sometimes, when I need to breathe or get away. It’s easy to forget that we all need breaks, even you Mon-el.” He stared at you, an appreciative smile settled on his face. 

In the next moment, he laid down beside you, an arm resting under his head, his head turned towards you. “Thank you, for this.” 

“Anytime, you don’t need to wear yourself out trying to figure this all out at once, just so you know. It all gets easier eventually but that comes with time.” 

anonymous asked:

can you do how amaimon would snuggle his s/o please ?

  • Amaimon is actually a big snuggler
  • Which surprised you 
  • He will lock you in his arms and doesn’t let you go easily
  • He’s very protective and territorial of you
  • He loves holding your hand as you rest your head on his shoulder
  • Or he loves the  you just take a nap draped over his body
  • He won’t move until you wake
  • He’ll just lay there with his hands wrapped around your waist
  • Absentmindedly playing with your hair
  • You both just sit and stare at each other whilst in each others arms
  • He creates forts full of his big brothers comfy blankets and body pillows that he stole from Mepphy’s room
  • You sit together snuggled up against a mountain of cushions throwing candy into each others mouths 
  • Literally you spend half the day netflix and chill, but with 50% less chill so it’s just cuddling
  • Sometimes Behemoth will come curl up near your feet, like a cat or dog would

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