and he's just so pleased he can do this for him

Solo Direction according to Billboard

Just in case you couldn’t pick up what the Billboard’s agenda is:

Louis: He is too dad to do anything beyond son and hoping to land a gig on one of his best friend Simon’s reality shows.

Niall: Some people said he signed to Universal, but that hasn’t been proven (that explanation only matters when it’s Niall’s and not Harry’s rumored deal, apparently) but he should write music since we can’t really see him being a solo act.

Liam: Liam is in the studio doing a lot of studio things, like making music and writing, for his confirmed solo album wow that’s amazing.

Harry: We don’t know the timeline at all, so first, we’ll claim One Direction announced a hiatus before Zayn left, when it was actually 8 months after that. Oops! But anyways, Zayn went solo first, surprising everyone who thought it would be Harry, because Harry hasn’t wanted to be in this band since 2009.  But no fears! Dunkirk will be a success and Harry will keep acting and making solo music, none of which has even been confirmed yet, but we’ve confirmed via a source his second solo album will be released in January 2017.

Zayn: “The only member to voluntarily leave the band,” so I guess the others were forced out when they got too old, Menudo style.

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I'd love to see a (short) stony soulmate au, preferably with soulmarks or something but you're the writer and you should choose whatever inspires you

A/N: I hope you don’t mind if I made it a non-powered au as well. 

“Why do you have so many books?” Rhodey huffed as he dropped the box of texts just inside Tony’s new apartment. “I would have thought you’d gone digital by now.”

Tony wiped beads of sweat off his brow as he finished throwing the last of his clothes in his drawer to make room for more boxes. “I have. I have three tablets filled with books. Plus, not every book has a digital copy.”

Rhodey grumbled and eyed Tony’s fridge. “Please tell me you’ve plugged that in and filled it with beer.”

Tony nodded, and Rhodey rummaged through the fridge. Rhodey sighed as he popped open a can and drank.

Tony smiled at his friend as he walked past him to get more boxes from the moving van.

Tony breathed in the fresh air. He was so happy to finally move out on his own and be free of his dad. Plus, he’d scored on the apartment. It was in a quiet neighborhood not far from the city with a walking trail within sight of it.

He took a moment to admire the people strolling down the path with their dogs and kids.

Two runners appeared in his line of sight, laughing with each other. The tall, blond one turned to say something to his friend when he and Tony locked eyes.

It was only a second of eye contact, but it jolted Tony out of his reverie. He headed to the van and reached inside for a box. He grunted under the weight of the books within the box. Not willing to give up though, Tony swayed three steps to his new home before the bottom tore out of the box and books spewed everywhere on the asphalt.

Tony cursed. He scrambled to collect his books. He’d gathered five of them to his chest when a hand held out one of his books to him.

Tony blinked, staring at the soul mark along the forearm. The mark was a collage of American priotiatism, gears, wires, paintbrushes, and robot claws. It was the same soul mark Tony had on his forearm.

Tony looked into the blue eyes of the tall blond runner he’d seen moments ago.

The man smiled down at Tony and crouched next to him. “Need help?”

Tony thrust out his hand in greeting, which conveniently showed off his soul mark to the man. “Tony.”

The man’s eyes darted down to the mark and lit up with delight. He took Tony’s hand and shook it. “Steve.”

A little Diner Fun

Genre : Smut

Includes the following : Sub!Chanyeol, public sex

 “What are you doing!?” He chokes on his pancake and looks down at your hand.

“I’m touching you,” You say, hiding a grin by resting your head against his shoulder, while your hand moves further north.

“But we’re in public!” he hisses under his breath, “You can’t-”

You rest your hand on top of his crotch, “oooh we’re in public, so scary,” you mimic his words but in a much higher and squeakier tone.

“Someone will see us, and I don’t wanna get caught with your hand on my dick,” He whispers, “Babe, we can have fun at home please just-”

“Are you disobeying me?” Your words are threatening, but your voice is all candy coated. The instantaneous effect it has on him  has you chuckling in the crook of his neck. Although you aren’t staring at his face, you feel his muscles tensing up under his jumper.

He shakes his head, “No mistress, it’s just that I..”

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I totally agree, he looks so darn happy! I really hope fans are going to let him be, he deserves so much love and happiness and I hope his (ex)gfriend didn't do this and is avoiding trouble cuz fans tend to get obsessive and are prob tracking her....

o god PLEASE FANS LEAVE HER ALONE, even if she leaked them, JONGDAE AND HER WILL TALK. IT IS BETWEEN THEM!!! it is or was a relationship between THEM just them two, the “fans” don’t need to get involved with tracking her down and release her info or anything.. omfg 

if you can’t take the fact that your fave is well and dating other people then maybe you should just save yourselves from some agony and just leave

ok even if she is the one who leaked need to go and invade her private life now. no matter how they ended their relationship she was once happy with Jongdae.. Jongdae was once very happy with her. That it all that matters. The rest of the stuff leave it between them two. we don’t know anything aside from the pictures.


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He basically invented every hair colour but blonde minseok is just soooooo urghhh i cant explain my potato he's such a hot blonde. Please do a spam for blonde minseok but only when you're free and up to it. No rush here ok? 😎

i don’t really want to admit it….

but he looks the best with this color

such a king

asdfghjkl so cute

suho tho omg

can you not?

holy shit minseok

so hoooooot


I’m in love bye



he’s an angel



who allowed him to be this hot?

hellooooo angeeeeeel


this. is. not. okay.

is he even real? IS HE REAL?

omfg i wanna cry


so pretty :(((((

boi you need to chill wtf

as a xiustan, I hit the lotto everyday

my dancing king


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I've been going through your blog for the past hour and I abso-fucking-lutely love it!! Your writing and headcanons are so amazing that I feel like dying for fangirling so much!! Could you please do some SFW and NSFW headcanons for Kiba? Thank you!! 😁

aaaand here’s another kiba request for all you thirsty inuzuka hoes ;))) slightly inspired by the last request here, which is why there are mentions of preganancy aha. ~admin sasucakes


♥ Kiba’s a bit lazy, so his favorite dates usually involve him and his S/O hanging out at his place. He’s not one for romantic nights at restaurants–the fanciest he’ll get is Ichiraku or some other fast food place. But he also enjoys going on dates to the park, where you two can get some fresh air and play fetch with Akamaru. 

♥ Kiba is the type to randomly appear at your house late at night for an impromptu convenience store run, or just to swing on the swing sets at the children’s playground. He’ll try to play it off as him simply being in the area, but really he just missed you. 

♥ Whenever you guys are watching TV, he’ll wrap the both of you up tightly in a thick blanket. He thinks it’s cute when you get mad that you can’t move. There’s also something funny about knowing you’re literally stuck with him. (He always ends up falling asleep first, and that’s what really annoys you–when his dead weight is on you, and his body heat is causing you to sweat, but he just won’t wake up because of how fast he falls into a deep slumber.)

♥ He really wouldn’t mind if his S/O gained some weight–in fact, he loves having something extra to squeeze or snuggling into their softness as they sleep. If his S/O could become pregnant, he’d be extra touchy with his hands, and would always be rubbing their belly gently. 

♥ Likes to playfully bite his S/O’s bottom lip while they’re kissing, or even leave really sloppy kisses with lots of tongue on their mouth. He does it partly to play up to the whole canine thing, and partly because he doesn’t think they should take physical intimacy too seriously. 


♥ Kiba has a high sex drive. He could go at it multiple times a day, but will settle (albeit a bit begrudgingly) for once every other day. If they don’t have sex every day, Kiba is guaranteed to find some alone time to take care of his problem. He wouldn’t want to bother you with his needs, but he isn’t able to resist the urge.

♥ LOVES to mark his S/O’s body with his cum. He likes to do it on his S/O’s stomach and chest, as opposed to their face. To him, these parts are more intimate, but if they’re fine with it, he thinks streaking their face with his cum is even hotter. He revels in the messiness of sex.

♥ Has a thing for having sex with his S/O when they’re pregnant. If possible, his sex drive is even higher. He’ll be extra careful, being mindful of the baby, but he can’t help but want to get as close as possible to you. He finds it incredibly arousing that his S/O is carrying his child.

♥ Kiba likes using his tongue and teeth to mark every bit of your body. When giving oral, he loves making sloppy, loud sucking noises. He thinks the sounds add to the experience. During penetrative sex, he’ll also lavish your collarbone with his tongue. His wet and sloppy licks on your skin a bit of an odd sensation at first, but it grows on you.

♥ He loves getting blowjobs but is a demanding receiver. He’ll buck into your mouth, try and get you to deepthroat him, and may even just grab the back of your head and thrust into your mouth. He’ll apologize for getting rough afterwards, and if you didn’t like it, he’d stop, but he can’t help but lose control at the sight of your lips and the feel of your warm, wet mouth wrapped around him.

I don’t think anyone understands how proud I am of hobi.

I bawled like a baby the first time watching the trailer even though I was on break at work lol. He’s wanted to do the intro for so long and he worked his ass off and finally did it. Not only that but he managed to make it completely his own by making it a dance video: this is one of the most diverse routines we’ve ever seen him do. Yes, he flashed his abs and did body rolls, but as a dancer I thought this routine was absolutely breathtaking. He said in his first HOTS that he needed to start expanding his set of moves so he’s not always doing the same thing and he did it!! I love that when hobi wants to improve something about himself he genuinely works his hardest to get it done. I just can’t even put into words how proud I am of him and I wanna cry every time I even think about it. Just look how happy he was in that twitter video when jikook was hyping him up, he was GLOWING. And I’m so glad so many more fans are seeing what hoseok stans have seen from the very beginning. I love that people are giving him all the props he deserves for all the hard work and skill he put into this.

Please continue supporting Hoseok and showing him that he’s loved and appreciated. At the end of the day the smile on his face will make everything worthwhile ❤

okay so I know a lot of people have been talking about being proud of bitty for finally speaking up about how he’s been feeling, and I would like to add that he’s grown so much in the last year??

parallels time!

if we look back at graduation:

bitty decides not to speak up about how upset he is that jack’s leaving and that he never said anything, instead deflecting and not wanting to freak out/upset jack right before he leaves. but now in 3.9:

we can see how much he’s grown. he and jack are in a healthy relationship and can actually talk about things, which jack has invited bitty to do. bitty’s finally taking initiative and talking about how he feels and i am just. so incredibly proud of him. he’s grown so much. <33

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Can you do asasuga mpreg where asahi is like super nervous all the time but suga's taking it like a champ

I love AsaSuga!

Suga was nine months pregnant and Asahi was just a mess. He was worried almost all of the time, making Suga lay in bed half the time so he wouldn’t hurt himself. He wouldn’t let Suga bend over ever to pick anything up in worry that he would hurt his back.

“Asahi, please.” Koushi said, holding his hands up to hold him back. “You’re smothering me. I can handle myself.”

“I just don’t want you to hurt yourself.” Asahi said while reaching out for Suga. Suga swats him away.

“I know and I appreciate it but please I am fine.” Suga said bending over to pick up a box on the floor. He huffs when he stands up, back strained a bit. Asahi narrows his eyes. “I’m fine!” Suga said, walking away. Asahi followed him, hovering, knwoing hat he’s not fine at all.

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Ugghhhhhggghh this entire situation is just so upsetting. Can I please request an accidental first kiss between Dan and Ross that leads to them being all cute and giggly and gay? Oh and also ur amazing and ily<3

Yeah, I hated seeing everyone so down, which is why I opened the doors for fluffy prompts. And thank you so much, oh my goodness! You’re so nice, and I love you too~ <3

Fluffy drabble prompts are open!

Ross readied himself. He’d seen others try, and fail miserably, to accomplish what he was going to do. He flexed his fingers, like a Hollywood cowboy, and stared down the beanbag several feet in front of him.

“Just do it,” Dan said with a groan, holding his phone up. “I can’t leave this recording all day.”

“Shut up! You’re breaking my concentration.”

Run, jump, kick, land on the beanbag. Easy. His legs moved on their own, taking long strides toward his target. After one second of being in the air, his body decided to fuck it up.

Somehow he landed flat on his back, right next to the beanbag. Pain shot through him and stars danced across his vision.

“Holy shit, Ross, are you- fuck!”

Danny had rushed over to check up on him and, as proof that misfortune wasn’t only for Ross, tripped over his own goddamn feet. Luckily, he managed to catch himself before he completely squashed Ross.

On the other hand, he hadn’t been quick enough to stop the bruising mockery of a kiss between them.

Neither of them moved, not even to separate their lips. It was weirdly nice. Even with the butterflies in Ross’s stomach.

“So… Does this mean we’re a thing now?” Ross joked, turning his head just a bit to speak.

“Uh, I mean…” Dan let out one of his little laughs that Ross liked. “If you want?”

Ross snorted, then pressed their lips back together. He wanted a real, proper first kiss.

  • ross still needs to learn to help himself and not deliberately provoke people
  • he also needs to take several seats and maybe not shout at demelza for doing something risky to put food in their mouths when the only reason she has to do so is because ross makes such terrible financial choices
  • like, for instance, choosing to take an even bigger risk with the mines
  • even if it did lead to happy ross/francis scenes which I adore
  • although poor francis that just being happy makes his family think something is wrong
  • but he is finally extending his better attitude towards verity and blamey which makes me very happy
  • like seriously how can anyone ever be mean to verity she is the most precious and pure of them all
  • also why is it necessary for esther to be mean? can we please get some more female friendships 
  • I really want to know what is going on inside george’s head that he thinks it could possibly be a good idea to provoke the man that scares him into sleeping with a pistol in his bedside drawer, I mean really
  • plus someone needs to get him lessons on how to make friends
  • caroline … caroline … I fully understand why you want dwight’s attention but if that classist bullshit was an act then please drop it quickly and if it’s not then please educate yourself you are better than this
  • at least the oranges did slightly make up for it
  • dwight you are wonderful, don’t ever change
  • elizabeth I know you mean well but how do you not understand that george is a terrible person
  • ross kicked george into the dirt and it was glorious 
  • the ross/demelza argument in the boat was gold
  • jeremy ❤ 
  • I know the happiness won’t last but I am going to enjoy it while it does  

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Please tell us how soft Kajs fur is - it looks really so fluffy ❤. And do you preffer a collar or a harness 😁?

it is VERY SOFT!!! on his head and legs and belly, a bit like baby hair and thats why i love to kiss his face and top of his head……. the rest of his body is kinda less smooth, and his ruff and pants are way thicker and rougher, like wool! 

and i definitely prefer harnesses! from a practical point of view at least. i love collars but they just aren’t made for kaj, as his tiny neck could snap in two if he were to suddenly flip out on leash (and also you can’t see any collar under all his floof, sobs). that said he has one big collar with a phone number tag, that i try to remember to put on him for trips to unknown places, and another light up collar that he wears during early morning or late afternoon walks. we have a lot of hunters around here and i’d rather have kaj wear a visible harness than nothing at all, just in case!

Good thing she rejected Marshtomp's claim
  • Marshtomp:*proclaiming his for love for Mareep Maxine*So please let's be mates!♡A♡
  • Mareep Maxine:*sweatdrops*B-But I'm already taken...
  • Marshtomp:(゚Д゚)
  • Mareep Maxine:S-Sorry but we can be friends right?*hopeful smile*
  • Marshtomp:Eh yeah sure...*leaves broken hearted*
  • Mareep Maxine:I hope he's okay.*worried*
  • Aggron Subaru:*right behind her*Tch why are you so worried about him?*crosses his arms over*
  • Mareep Maxine:*jumps a little*S-Squee!!!*turns to face him and is flustered*W-When did you get here?
  • Aggron Subaru:Just now.*light blush*Stop changing the subject and answer my question.
  • Mareep Maxine:W-Well I'm worried because he might be sad...*tail drops down sadly*
  • Aggron Subaru:...*annoyed sigh*He'll be fine.*uncrosses his arms and takes her hand, walking back to his cave*
  • Mareep Maxine:*following behind and looks up*H-How do you figure?
  • Aggron Subaru:Because the asshole was flirting with an Audino and asked the same thing to her.*grumbling*He's just trying to gather a fucking harem.
  • Mareep Maxine:W-Wha!?*shocked*That jerk!!*angry pout*
  • Aggron Subaru:Good thing you rejected him.*chuckles*

hhhhmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMM *EXPLODES* YES PLEASE I WANT THIS— i want ishimaru to go around teaching mondo about all the pieces of artwork and this is like– when they do start getting along after the initial shock of a sTATUE coming to life. but he listens to ishimaru all night sometimes and sometimes he gets a little sad halfway through. its a soft, sad smile and he starts to tear up and apologizes to mondo. hes just so happy he has someone who can finally talk back to him and listen and it makes mondo feel really bad but also lets ishimaru know that hes not going anywhere and he promises to keep listening everyda y aH H

but also i mean— sometimes that perfect butt 2 much 2 handle can i get an amen and a bible

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Dropping Roadhog to be judged please! -Roadhog Mun (how are you?)

My relationship with our Junker is actually very limited at the moment, so I can only ‘judge’ him by what I do know about him.

He doesn’t seem all to bad, looks very huggable. The crime sprees are a bad habit, and probably need to be reeled in for a while so they don’t link together where you two are headed next and what not. My favorite feature is how huggable he looks. Quite like that one character, um, Baynax or something.

I’d love to look over his weaponry and things of the sort, they look pretty cool. He’s always welcomed to visit the shop.

Just don’t hurt Jack.

(Ah well, mun isn’t doing too good, tbh)

((Also I have like four different roadhogs here so I’m not particularly sure which one you are. This is just as bad as thr McCrees))

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Hey hey hey I just went through surgery do ya think u can give me some Junkrat please? Doesn't matter what it's about just give me the trash boi.

Originally posted by teenvogue

Trash Boi

-He and his s/o go and get boba tea every sunday

-This boy loves cuddles, especially when it was a long day

-ok but he Loves mythbusters ok? just He especially loves when the blow stuff up (obliviously)

-One time he had so much boba tea he had a stomachache that he couldn’t move and Roadie and hiss/o had to take care of him

-he has to be bribed with something in order to take a bath and his s/o has to wash his hair for him 

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courting meme for kaiden! 15, 19, 26 & 29! :D

{Relationship and Courting antics}

15. ♥ Do they enjoy talking to their partners before going to sleep or is it straight to dreamland?

Kaiden definitely enjoys talking with his partner before. Even if it’s just a short conversation asking how their day was. But he can’t just flop into bed and go to sleep, no matter how tired he is. Making sure his partner is doing okay is one of his top concerns, so even if he had a long day, he’ll have a conversation before it’s off to snoozeland.

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Hello admins! Firstly, thank u so much for always supplying us ksoo hoes with lovely fics! Secondly, i once read a chansoo fic in which ksoo goes to a prostitution place and got cy as his host. cy asks him what he wants to do, and ksoo says something like he wants to be used and ordered around and dominated. and when they got down to it, cy uses a rlly big dildo and etc. but i just can't remember the name of the fic. Please help me???

Hello back! You’re welcome, we try to do our best. Thanks for that ^^ As for the fic, I have reasons to think the one you want is Kyungsoo the submissive. Feel free to let us know if it isn’t - Admin Vic

we need bernie to win. we absolutely need him to win tuesday, june 7th’s primaries. it’s his last shot to get the democratic nomination. and the media knows this, which is why they’re doing everything they can to suppress voters, such as declaring hillary is the winner even though they don’t vote on it till july.

and you can help make sure he win. right now, he leads calfornia by 1 point. 1 point that could be easily swayed into her direction due to voter suppression. how can you help? by phonebankng! if everyone just dedicate a little bit of your time this weekend each day, it’ll add up and we’ll be able to win enough delegates to push bernie to the nomination. so please, so we can defeat donald trump in the election, phonebank for bernie before june 7th