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Please write a short fic about tony catching peter drinking i would die omg

“Hey, Peter,” 

He froze, eyes widening as he heard the all-too-familiar sound of expensive leather brogues scuffing along the floor a few meters from him, and he turned quickly, brow furrowed into a deep V as he watched Tony wander up to him, all smiles and casual posture, hands buried in the pockets of his grease-stained jeans. He looked like he’d come straight from the workshop, stopping only to throw on a leather jacket along the way.

Why he was here at all, however, made no sense at all.

“T- Mr Stark,” Peter said, trying to communicate with him through eyebrow movements alone. If it turned out that he had to suit up and help out somewhere, he was pretty fucked, considering the fact he’d had a bit to drink at the party he’d been invited to.

Well. He said ‘a bit’. It was possibly more accurate to say ‘a fucking shit-ton’, but whatever.

Tony looked at him blankly, before shooting another smile toward the circle of people who were stood around Peter and staring quite blatantly at the both of them. “Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I’m afraid I have to take Mr Parker away. He’s an intern at Stark Industries, you know how it is. Lots of work, yadda yadda, okay bye,”

And before Peter could even open his mouth, Tony had grabbed him by the arm and snatched the solo cup out of his hand almost angrily, pulling him away from the group of people and through the crowds of rowdy teenagers that littered the huge house.

“Uh, Mr Stark, wha’dd’ya want me for, exactly?” Peter asked, speaking loudly above the blaring music and wincing at how slurred his voice came out.

It had been a weird month, okay. He was just trying it out. 

Tony paused, and Peter saw him purse his lips even tighter before beginning to walk again, guiding Peter through the crowds and holding him tight as he stumbled a little.

“Hey, Parker, leaving so soon?” Flash called out from somewhere to his left, and Peter stopped turning to face him as the other boy wandered toward them. “We haven’t even begun yet, Jesus, are you a pussy or what-”

“Kid,” and suddenly Tony had let go, spinning around and walking up to Flash, who seemed to suddenly recognise who exactly Tony was, because his eyes went hilariously wide and he stumbled backward a few steps. Peter snorted involuntarily, and he saw Tony turn briefly, before shaking his head and looking back to Flash, “it seems like you’re having an absolute ball here, but I’m gonna say something and I’m only going to say it once.”

Tony looked down at Flash, eyes harsh as he drew a little closer. “Leave. Peter. Out of it. Do you understand? He is not here for you to manipulate, not here for you to bully into trying out crazy shit for your amusement-”

“Tony, what the fuck,” Peter blurted, frowning and stepping forward, more than a little put out. He’d only just managed to get accepted by Flash and all the other popular kids, and Tony was just going in, ruining it all, “you’re not my dad- don’t tell me or my friends what I can and can’t do.”

Tony turned, eyebrows raised. “Friends?” He snorted, shaking his head and walking over to Peter once more, taking him by the arm. “You haven’t called in with Aunt May for two days now,” he hissed into Peter’s ear, “she’s worried sick. You are coming with me, right now.”

“No ‘m not,” Peter pushed his hand off, looking over at Tony in anger. “You are fucking….embarrassing me…. in fron’ of my friends-”

“They are not your friends!” Tony snarled, pulling his arm again, “your friends are all currently at home, worrying their asses off because this is not like you, Peter, and they didn’t know what to fucking do, so they ended up calling me. Now you will fucking follow me out of this goddamn place right now, or I am hauling you out.”

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Will You Let It Die...?

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Word Count: 1,800

Requested: Hey sweetie, how are you? Can you do an imagine where Shawn’s performing Roses onstage and he gets emotional (like last night’s show) bc Roses is y/n’s fav song and he misses her so much bc they aren’t together anymore and then he calls her and asks her for another chance? Sorry my English, it’s not my first language



“What song do you get most emotional about playing?” The girl who had asked him this question during the Q&A meant no harm, but the feeling of his heart breaking at the question - proved him otherwise.

If you were to ask him which song he got the most emotional about playing, which this girl did, it would be Roses. Not due to the message behind it, that had little to do with why Shawn’s eyes stung with sadness each time he performed it. No, it reminded him of the love he had until recently - you.

Shawn took his time in answering this question, debating on whether or not to tell the truth or give a different answer. However, he didn’t want to hide anything, so he gave her the truth.

“Probably Roses.” He answered simply, wanting to move on.

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i’ve tried to stay silent on this whole thing and i always try to avoid the chris antis because i can’t be bothered with them most of the time but this has gone way too far and i’ve had enough and this is all i’m saying on it.

this is dedicated to EVERYONE who is dragging chris wood and calling him a homophobe because of a quote that is going round that has been taking out of context and failed to actually post the whole quote. WATCH the video before calling him out because i’ve seen and spoken to so many people who have “cancelled” chris wood just because of the quote that is going round and then when i’ve showed them the video they’ve said “oh… he didn’t do anything wrong”
did he say the quote that’s going round? YES. but was that all he said? NO. he said it in a sarcastic tone and then said it was sarcasm (with the intention to be sarcastic when he said it, not just say something shitty and then blame it on sarcasm or say it was a joke) it was OBVIOUSLY sarcasm, he OBVIOUSLY disagrees with what he said which is why he said it SARCASTICALLY, he was mocking the fact that some people actually think they have the right to tell people what their sexualities are. You are ALL agreeing with him. his point is still valid just because it was done sarcastically.

he didn’t interrupt katie at all and she actually laughed at the comment (again, watch the video, that’s just a fact) and then she later made the same point that he had previously made except she didn’t do it in a sarcastic way. they both made exactly the same point!!

as for the song video… people saying shit like chris was singing along or laughing his ass off, WATCH THE VIDEO (not the one above but it’s the recap video on MTV’s youtube, idk if some of y'all know that seeing as most of you haven’t even seen the video you’re just going on what people say) which isn’t fair because this fandom is BIASED to hating everything chris does and have since he first appeared on SG.

chris was THE ONLY cast member to not laugh during the song. THE ONLY one. katie laughed (she was in fact laughing her ass off that she was practically crying), david laughed, odette laughed, mehcad was singing along and obviously it was jeremy and melissa who sang the song. he looked uncomfortable for the whole part of the song about supercorp.

if you want to hate chris just because you hate him or because he doesn’t hate karamel or because he said once that mon-el was a good guy or because he sang (along with most of the cast) a song about daxam, if you really want to hate him because of any of those reasons then just fucking own up to it. don’t call him homophobic because you think that justifies hating him more than the reasons listed above.

i’m not going to make this about why chris shouldn’t even be hated because that’s a whole other thing. ive tried again and again with people and at the end of the day people just want to hate chris. i’ve actually seen people ADMIT that chris didn’t really do anything wrong but “oh well i’ve never liked the guy” so let’s post this out of context quote and call him a homophobe so everyone who isn’t in the sg fandom hates him with us

also to all the people i’m blatantly going to have coming at me i am NOT saying anything about the other cast members or what happened with the song this is solely about chris and what actually happened, and the video proves it so this isn’t for a fight.


Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Request: Can you please do a tom holland x reader where the reader and tom have been dating for like 4 years and tom and zendaya sleep together whilst filming homecoming like multiple times and the reader finds out because text messages between zendaya and tom leaked and she confronts him about it when he comes home from filming he tries to deny it but eventually admits it and you can just take it from there? Thank you so much if you do this I love your writing!

A/N: this is like kind of different from the request but it follows the same lines. but hi! thank you for requesting love :-)

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This guy deserves the whole world in my opinion. He’s there every day to make us laugh, feel better or just for us to have someone. This guy spends so much just for us. And I’m not just talking about money. In a way he even gave up his freedom and I know that that’s his own choice but let me tell you HE DOESN’T DESERVE THIS.

I don’t really know what we can do to help him but please everyone SHOW HIM YOUR SUPPORT! He needs it now more than ever and I don’t care if it’s a dm, a comment on a picture, a comment on a video, a tweet or whatever just let him know that we are there for him and that we will do anything to support him and to make sure that he can keep making videos. Please just make sure that he notices how much his fans love and adore him and can’t live without him. Because honestly guys CALLUX IS AN AMAZING PERSON

Bashful Beauchamp - Teenage AU

Finally! We got to see Jamie over for dinner with Claire and Lambert. Now we get to see Claire meeting the Fraser clan! How will she do? Will they treat her kindly? Read on to find out! 

Shout out to @diversemediums for helping me edit this and @outlandishchridhe for helping me with a new title!

Catch up on Jamie’s dinner in Flustered Fraser

Jamie had worn his kilt when he’d come to dinner with me and my uncle. Now it’s my turn to impress his family. So I’m standing in front of my wardrobe, trying to decide what a sensible English girl would wear. Uncle Lamb is in the living room, waiting for me to dress so we can leave.

I have my red dress, a black dress, and a blue dress all laid out on my small bed.

“Uncle Lamb!” I cry, my voice sounding frantic to my own ears.

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The Sweetness of Singleness

I remember wanting a friend. I remember late at night wishing I had strong arms to hold me. I remember writing him, not knowing who he was, or where- just because I wished I could talk to him. I remember longing for more. I remember feeling ready. But all those prayers never fell on deaf ears, and while I wanted to be impatient, I gave up all these things to Him. I spent some nights in tears, crying out, hoping He hadn’t forgotten me- but I let Him lead me to what He had in store. I had no idea it would unfold so wonderfully.

Sometimes, that desire for a companion can well up so intensely you almost feel miserable. It’s okay to desire something good so deeply. I did. Over and over, I had to turn that desire over to God and entrust Him with it. If you are single, please- do not despise your singleness. I know if you have the desire for more, it can be hard- but listen, singleness is such a special time.

Take it from a young woman who spent 25 years single, had one break-up, and married her best friend less than a month ago. I love being married; but coming back to where I spent most of my time single, I was reminded of the sweetness of that time. I wish I could speak to the girl I was and reassure her how beautifully God had everything planned out. But then, I realize- isn’t that what He whispered in those moments to me?

Yesterday, I took the familiar wide open road to visit the home I grew up in. My parents weren’t home, so I cleared the table and took my favorite spot in the kitchen. I spent so many mornings there –every morning there- with God, studying the Bible, alone with Him. Feelings rushed to me being there again.

Not very long ago, this was my home.

I sat at this very table and spent time with You.

My Bible open, right along with my heart, You were my Best Friend.

Many times, my only friend.

You never abandoned me.

You always understood me.

You loved me and I loved you, deeply, fully, without reservation.

I remember one January spending hours every day, that entire month, just feasting on learning from You. I was learning a lot about being a godly woman, about godly relationships- I felt challenged. I was so hungry for more. There was nothing I was holding back, no area I didn’t open up to you. I grew so much. Truth was pouring into me and saturating my life.

I’m still close to You.

But a lot happened between that time, those moments with You, and today.


I’m married, I have a new home, another Best Friend, it’s not only me and You now.

Yet I’m back at this table, wanting that same friendship as fiercely as before.

Not because I’ve lost it.

But because the I miss the girl I was in those days.

Perhaps it was the innocence between the hurt. Before I experienced the pain of trusting my heart to someone else. 

Before any man had touched my heart or soul- when I was only Yours.

Not because Kyle doesn’t love me well, but because no man has ever loved me as perfectly as You-

And no man can love without it being broken.

I miss the safety of being single, the purity of keeping myself only for God, the sacredness of You knowing me best.

Yet how You’ve revealed Your love for me through giving me such a gift in Kyle. Yet how You taught me about Your truth and nature and heart for me through the times I was met with the opposite. How clear it is to me what Your love looks like. Through heartbreak I learned better ways. My eyes were opened to my own depravity, my need for grace, the depth of it You extend to me, and the forgiveness that doesn’t play favorites. If I hadn’t been through a breakup, I wouldn’t have grown in ways I needed. The brokenness was used to make me whole. 

You used it all for good. 

But here I am, having all I could dream, and wanting still-

Because still, my heart yearns for You.

Nothing and no one, still, ever compares to You.

You don’t get married and everything is good now- because we were created for more than another human heart can satisfy. We were created for an infinite God with infinite love for us!

If you think, being single, dating, or engaged that all your issues will just go away if you were just married already- know that the main purpose of marriage is to sanctify you.

Exactly the same thing God is doing when you are single. 

There is nothing to covet in being married as opposed to being single. Be content where God has you! It is good. It is meant to be enjoyed. Find your joy there, in Christ. Because if you can’t find your joy in Christ while being single, let me just confirm it will just as difficult when you are married. Let Him be your source of joy. Don’t make a relationship your goal. Make your heart resting in Him, closeness with Him, your desire.

Everything is good for our growth in God’s perfect timing. The wrong timing brings a different kind of growing- one that’s painful. Don’t seek something for the pleasure. Every other pleasure will fade away and not fully satisfy if you idolize it, no matter how desirable it may seem. There is no pleasure greater than knowing God. The safety of singleness or marriage, they’re both good. The delicate balance of what you pursue between is the hardest. In marriage, there is only a new level of relationship shared, one where the bond is greater. Because you are not just one, you are one with someone else. It’s not one plus one plus God equals three. It’s one plus one equals one plus God equals one. You all are striving for one. There’s nothing like that, relationally, until marriage. That’s the main difference between being single and being married and your relationship with God.

I love my husband. I love being married! I love loving God with my husband. I love being one with him, and seeking to have one heart with God together. There is so much beauty in growing together. There’s probably nothing more awesome than when you feel one. One mind, one spirit, one heart, one desire, one purpose, one physically. When you marry, you both are two different people and it takes work to become one- it’s not automatic. “One” doesn’t mean the same person, it more means in agreement, not separate or divided. I’m not going to be Kyle, he is his unique self. He is not going to be me, either- he can’t. But together, we balance and complement each other in a way that were one is weak, the other’s strength plays in. This is how we serve each other. This is how we work as one together. And it’s a beautiful picture of how God sustains both of us in loving each other- where we are weak, He is strong.

You don’t want to desire the right thing at the wrong time. You don’t want to be distracted with the wrong thing in the right time. You want to trust God’s timing and seek Him every step of the way. If you are demanding Him to bring what you want to you, chances are you not being patient with His timing. I know it’s hard, it was hard for me. Still, you can trust Him. If you have given up, chances are you are doubting His ability to fulfill that desire. Have hope. Leave that hope in His capable hands. He can do way better than your plans for yourself. I promise.

I’ve forgiven and healed from the times I’ve gotten hurt. I’ve learned from the times I suffered. The best advice I can pass on is always turn toward God. Never stop. If you have to, run to Him. He’ll catch you. He’ll embrace you. He’ll comfort you. If you need anything, Jesus is the one you need to look to. He always loves you, He cares for you, He’s going to be there. Also: never, ever believe the lies that come to you when you’re weak. Tell them to shut up, and shut them down immediately. Don’t even ponder them, don’t give them room. Reject them. Speak the truth instead. Repeat it and stand firm on it. Lies will destroy you from the inside out and mess with your perception. Don’t even let them in.

Marriage is vulnerability. Marriage is not stapled by being alone or keeping your heart hidden. It’s laid bare, swung wide open- and you not only entrust it to God, but also to the care of your spouse. That’s a wild adventure!

If you are single, enjoy the sweetness of that time. It can be sweet. Be alone with God. Grow. Learn contentment. If you are dating, don’t idolize that relationship and stay free in God’s will for you. If you are engaged, keep accountable and patient. God has good for you. He is the greatest love you will ever enjoy, so get lost in that and let Him care for you. He’s got you.

medical student!wonwoo

anon askedmedicine student!wonwoo please :)

wow i am totally not educated in this field. i’ll do my best!

  • smart as fuck
  • he studies everything because he knows it’ll be important
  • is satisfied when he understands something
  • there’s a lot of work to do, whether it’s easy or hard
  • he sucks it up and studies studies studies
  • recites his oral exam to himself so he doesn’t forget any terms
  • anatomy freaked him out
  • it wasn’t just diagrams
  • they had to dissect a donated body to learn more about the human body
  • wonwoo almost cried
  • made lots of friends
  • helped them study
  • everyone loves him
  • sighs loudly whenever he watches a medical drama
  • he hates them
  • but he still watches them for some reason who knows
  • clenches his fists whenever non medic friends/family ask him questions
  • pls ask someone who’s a doctor he’s still studying
  • never forgets to wash his hands when needed
  • doesn’t drink
  • cause he’ll vomit the next day if he does
  • you can’t handle medical stuff if u drink the day before /: don’t get hangovers children
  • once wore colours that weren’t grey, white, black, or navy to a lecture
  • professor noticed him right away lol rip
  • got asked most of the questions
  • thank GOODNESS he was a diligent student or else he would’ve been screwed
  • quite extremely stressed
  • doesn’t show it cause he’s cccccool
  • chills from time to time (when he can)
  • really wants 2 graduate
  • tries to avoid sneezing
  • sneezes inside his shirt since he doesn’t want to spread the germs in the air
  • is intelligent
  • still knows how to have fun
  • loves girls/boys but can’t get into a relationship
  • bc studying
  • focus wonwoo focus
  • ends up dating u
  • lol some1 pls help him he just wants to graduate and become rich and help ppl who need it
NCT DREAM as boyfriends

Pt:1 - Jisung

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-Okay first off you gotta understand that this gif is looks creepy tbh but this is honestly how hewould act.

-When you aren’t looking he’d always be staring and admiring you but when you see him doing it he’d get all flustered and blushy and adorable omg help me please.

-I feel like it would be you that has to make most of the decisions and make steps forward in the relationship.

-Jisung would doubt himself and wouldn’t want to make a decision that you didn’t like so he just wouldn’t make the decisions (you get me? probably not).

-But he has such sweet intentions. It’s not because he can’t be bothered to make an effort, he justs thinks that if you make all th choices, you’ll be happiest.

-I’m sure after a while of dating he’d change this though and he’d try and act more manly bitch wut? which would just end up with him being even more cute because he’s trying so hard.

-And even though you found his efforts adorable, you would reassure him that he was perfect the way he was.

-I feel like he’d keep your relationship as quiet as possible around the members because he doesn’t want to be teased about it.

-The members probably found out because one of them caught him texting you.

- he quickly turned off the phone and acted like nothing had happened but that member that caught him would spread the news to all the other member.

-He’d never be able to escape their teasing after that so he just kept quiet about it.

-Until…his members invited you over because what other way could they mortify their poor child?!

-When you arrive, he’d probably be really awkward. maybe a quiet “hi” and when you give him a peck on the cheek as you come in he’d be like “Crap what do i do now”.

-Honestly it would have been fine if there weren’t like 14 other pairs of eyes staring him down.

-Don’t even think about kissing him in front of the members thr first time you meet them XD you’ll never here the end of it “Oh what are you doing to our baby jisungie””Wow jisungs really a man now”.

-But honestly it would be fine after a while and you’d be able to do skinship freely.

-Only little gestures though like little pecks or hand holding otherwise the teasing would start again.

-Jisungs still young so skinship when you’re alone will also be quite subtle.

-I do honestly think that jisungs a sucker for cuddling though.

-He’d love to just have you in his arms and have you close to him.

-And he’s so tall now as well he’d be the perfect cuddle buddy.

-Also can we talk about how soothing jisungs voice is real quick like imagine you’ve had a stressy day but then ,when you get home, you get the sweetest cuddles ever and he just comforts you and argghhhh i need to stop already this post is too long!!

-I’m gonna try and end this now otherwise it will go on forever.

-Lastly, Jisung would love going on dates where you two could just have fun.

-No going out to fancy restaurants and candle lit dinners.

-He’d much rather go to a theme park where you can just enjoy yourselves.

-You don’t like theme park rides? well that’s fine he didn’t come for the rides anyway he came to spend time with you and he isn’t going to drag you on anything you don’t like well i say that but he probably would so he could see how adorable you are when you’re scared and just to laugh at you tbh.

-He’d obviously hug you and comfort you if you got really scared. He’d probably hold your hand on the ride with his massive hands.

-Where am i even going with this why are we at an amusement park wtf!? 

-Basically Jisung is an adorable sweetheart who’s main priority is you and even though he doesn’t show his love in a very obvious way, you can tell his feelings are sincere.

-Okay i’mdone bitches! get me a lemonade!

thank you for requesting this boyfriend series thing anon. I hope you liked the first one :D give me pointers if you want anything specific in the next ones that i didn’t put in here(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

p.s. that amusement park bit reminded me of when i was in lotte world with my family and my mum managed to get me to go on atlantis and i cried ಥ_ಥ so yeah thats all ┐(‘~`;)┌

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can you please rec some of ur favorite boyf riends fics!!! tysm in advance<3333

Of course! I’ll do my top 4 boyf riends fanfics at the moment C:

1. is this a forest? ‘cuz there sure is a lot of pine by reptilianraven

I LOVE this fanfic because it shows Michael pining after Jeremy and how he feels when Jeremy is talking about how much he likes Christine, and all of the emotions are described so well! It all feels extremely genuine and real as you read it and it’s a roller coaster of feels to experience. This fic also takes Michael’s Filipino side into account and shows him speaking Tagalog which is just so great in my opinion. 11/10.

2. How Can I Fight My Demons When You’re One Of Them by  Dying_Is_Easy_Living_Is_Harder

OOOO BOY LEMME TELL YA AU’S WHERE THE SQUIP TOOK A FORM AS MICHAEL ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. And that’s what this fic is about. Also, tons of gay angst??? Sign me up please??

3. They were going to hurt you by TheTwoPlayerGays

So this fic is really gay and super sweet and protective Michael is the Basically, Michael starts acting weird and then Jeremy gets confronted after a play rehearsal and shit goes down. I don’t wanna spoil too much so all I can say is just READ IT!

4. Jeremy Heere, BUT WITH MUSCLES by zellymaybloom

Realistically, Jeremy should have been ripped with all of the push-ups the SQUIP made him do everytime he thought of sex, right? This fic answers that question with gay Michael pining after his best friend and it’s the best fckin thing ever! I think this has some nsfw themes to it so if that makes you uncomfy, I don’t recommend reading this. If you’re fine with that, then go ahead!

I hope that you enjoy these fanfics!! I know I sure did :D

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Okay but also think for your trans deku hc: Todoroki has a sister, he knows what happens during periods and how painful they can be (he remembers his sisters cramps getting so bad she puked), so he already knows the basics of what to do but he puts in the extra research to make sure he can do as much as possible to help Izuku when he's having a particulary hard time during his cycle.

This is even more fitting imo, because it makes it clear why Todo would have been so determined to research so extensively in the first place.

Shouto: *waking up his sister with a call at midnight* “He’s a man with cramps, sis.”
Fuyumi: “It’s too early for this…you should just…talk to him about this tomorrow…this morning actually.”
Shouto: “But what if I offend him or trigger him by pointing out the issue to him??”
Fuyumi: “Honey, please…you live together. It’s been six months.
Shouto: “YES. YES. And he concealed how he was enduring it for four of those six bloody months!”
Fuyumi: *sitting on bed, pressing her knuckles on the bridge of her nose* “You had known all along that he was transgender, my dear.”
Shouto: “Yes, but it never occurred to me that it could have been that bad in the first place!!!”
Fuyumi: “Go talk to him.”
Shouto: “I don’t know what to say.”
Fuyumi: “You are freaking out because you don’t want to hurt his feelings by asking. But you need to ask in order to calm down and be a functioning adult once again. Then, both of you will be able to work on this together by knowing how to talk about it freely next time.”
Shouto: “Wow sis. You’re good at this.”
Fuyumi: “Honey, communication is the key…I should know, your sister in law doesn’t have a period either, so she was basically in your same boat at the time…although it was a bit annoying that she couldn’t even sympathize with me as a fellow woman.”
Sosaki: (laying in bed with Fuyumi, purring in her sleep) “I love you…too…” *snores some more*
Shouto: “Say hi to Mandalay for me.”
Fuyumi: “Say hi to Deku for me as well.”
Shouto: “You’re a good sis.”
Fuyumi: *smiles* “I am aware, thank you.”

Something on the lines, maybe??

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holy f*ck i can go on for days about this… FIRST OF ALL,, THIS HAPPENED AGAIN RECENTLY SO IM GONNA TALK ABOUT THIS NOW: STOP CALLING WONHO WONH*E im so sick of it omg its july 25th 2017 please stop already like ogle over his body all u want but just… dont use that uglie word pls,,,

and okay another thing, if u ONLY see hyungwon as a meme/frog please… just… leave…. to put it nicely… you dont know 99% of him and if you think you do then you’re wrong because he is SO, SO much more than that and if you can’t see that/choose not to, then please dont ever put his name in your mouth again and call youself a stan. love him for all amazingness he emits, not just that… (also no joke like two weeks ago someone tagged a super cute gif set i made of hyungwon where he looked… ethereal… and they tagged it as ‘a frog’. literally that was it… just ‘a frog’.. zzZzz ive never blocked anyone faster in my entire life good bye) AND ALSO HYUNGWON DOESNT WANT TO BE CALLED A FROG!! HES ONLY OKAY W IT IF HIS FACE IS ACTUALLY SWOLLEN/PUFFY FROM EATING OR NO SLEEP so yeah u can call him a turtle but not frog ok :/

and also the typical shownu has no emotionsa d kihyun is a real sn*ke (it annoys me so much that people actually think he is… omg choke) .. those r stupid too… OH AND ALSO? HYUNGWON IS NOT LAZY. JUST BECAUSE HE LIKES SLEEPING A LOT DOESNT MAKE HIM LAZY??? HE IS SUCH A HARDWORKING BOY AND IF I CATCH ANYONE SAYING THAT HE ISNT, I WILL REALLY THROW HANDS

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👍 I love your portrayal to death! Jasper's had a shitty past, yeah, and it's definitely apparent that you keep his history in mind and it's not just like a thing that's forgotten and has no impact on the way he acts now. He has so many layers to him it can get a little mindblowing sometimes. And most of all, you write him as a human being. With flaws and everything in between <3

hhhhh Thank you. Really.

Jasper is very near and dear to my heart and I’ve had to shelf him for the past few years, so the fact that I was able to bring him here and not only do people play with him, but people like playing with him and people think he’s fun, which. Is really all I ever want Jasper to be. The human personification of South Park: horrible sense of humor, trash all around, but actually very prescient about the world as a whole, while making a mixture of stoner jokes and intellectual jokes.

also please come off anon so I can love you

ahuuda  asked:

...Bruce would be the most disturbing person in prison if he wasn't keeping cover. He'd do shit like slam his hand against the wall to dislocate his thumb so he could slip his cuffs to go intercede in a fight that he felt needed disruption. Be apathetic to the point it was creepy instead of reassuring. ...even when fighting. (Please keep being the person who thinks of Rorshack bc you pulled me in too.)

(well, since you asked so nicely i feel i :3 simply must)

if he had no reason or will to get out for whatever, i can easily see him just setting up shop in a corner and glaring darkly at all who approach. he’s in his metaphorical turtle shell, you see. he’s not coming out. i remember reading a fic once where he actually gets sent to arkham and he literally does nothing other than sit there and become a batman-shaped vegetable, and yeah, that’d be pretty off-putting. dick, banging on the bars: when i told you to shut up i didn’t mean literally you ass

i don’t think he’d necessarily be rorschach, though - if bruce wasn’t planning to break out of prison, he’s already given up, and rorschach’s thing is that he refuses to give up and would view the act of it as weak. 

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Originally posted by velvetnyc

Imagine Ryan coming home from work one day and he opens the door to the apartment, calling out your name, when he sees you laying down on the couch in brand new lingerie for him, looking sexy as hell, and it completely takes his breath away. He can’t wait to get his hands on you, and when he kisses you he’s already letting his fingers slide underneath the lace and tug it off your body, his messy and reckless open mouthed kisses letting you know just how desperate he is to fuck you. Before you know it you’re both fully undressed and he hasn’t even taken the time to move your position, instead, fucking you on the couch, making you moan out his name, and he’s so glad he ended up coming home to a surprise like this…


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(I've tried to send this 500 times Jesus please let this send now) Dolokhov gets v frustrated easily so one day he keeps trying to do something and can't so he slams his fist down on a table and there's a loud crack and a startled Anatole thinks it's the table but Dolokhov starts bawling his eyes out so he takes him to the ER and Dolokhov has to get surgery he broke his hand so bad and afterwards Anatole tells him to just ask him for help and pls don't ever hurt himself that badly again

ohmy god i cant




We as a community love you and support you no matter what as we have shown with how we responded to your recent late night vlog.


You said in your ONI livestream that you wanted someone to compile a list of some of the games people wanted you to play.


I started it back in January of 2016. It has over 6 pages of various games. SIX PAGES!

And I realize that you get thousands of messages. Emails and posts just thrown at you. But I still try..

I have made a Google Doc. Shared with your gmail (both markiplier and markipliergame) and I would post the link here but honestly… I put some more personal stuff on there… ANYWHo 


-Go to your google drive

-Get to the search bar

-Look up “Markiplier Master Game Suggestions List”

-Click it 



I do try to add more games when I can and some games are kinda old but still.

If you do see this, please give me some kind of signal?? Write on the doc, send me an ask, anything.


Stranger Things Season 2 trailer shot by shot run down

I do not claim or own any of these screenshots all rights to Netflix

aw look at my children doing normal children things can’t wait to see how long that’s going to last 

so, the way that Dungeons and Dragons was sort of the running analogy last season, my guess is that this game is going to be the overlying symbolism for this season.

my boys all back together and happy again can’t wait to see how long that’ll last :’)

so if this is the analogy I’m guessing the “sword” is going to be the key to slaying the monster

again, the dragon probably = the monster

and if so, the fact that Dustin seemingly LOST this game sort of worries me…

case in point

this trailer took approximately 15 seconds to get me to say “oh no”

AS I WAS SAYING (okay so obviously from what we left off on last season and the trailers/ teaser we’ve gotten. we now know this season is going to deal with the aftermath of the Upside Down for Will as well as the entire community as rifts have been opened to other worlds)

so i’m assuming Will’s main arc this season is going to be his struggle with being split between two worlds, and though I understand why they did it I wish we could see more of Will apart from that but oh well)

me too buddy, me too.

and thus, we have our big bad for the season *rubs hands together*

mike he is obviously not okay but thanks for being concerned

correct me if i’m wrong but is that Jonathan’s car? why is he leaving?

sooooo why isn’t Will at school?

stancy break up/ tension possibly? nothing good ever really comes from their meeting in this ally

aw…is this why he wasn’t in school? Joyce obviously knows something is up. (side note: is that Hopper behind them?)

oh come on-

these SOBs again?

so i guess maybe the Upside Down;s bleeding over to our world effect crops too???????

Hopper and Joyce as parents yes please (also Will is not okay)

“I felt it everywhere” wtf is that supposed to mean that’s terrifying

please just let the Byers family live someone give them a break

why do they look so suspect? who are they looking at?

honestly I’m loving the Halloween time theme I can’t wait for the aesthetics they’re going to be implementing

my connection/ insider I have previously hinted to me about a Steve/ kids dynamic that was going to be happening this season, but I’m actually very interested to see where this goes and the relationships that’ll come out of it

again with the aesthetics !!! yes !!! please!!! and !!! thank !!! you !!!

when the scientists are worried, it’s really time to get worried

uuuhhhhh yikes? blood is never a good sign?


ah yes all is probably not well at the Wheeler household 

of course my dork sons all go trick or treating in matching Ghost Busters costumes I love them

it looks like he’s tracking something. buuuuut what?


oooohhhhhh these boys look like they’re crushing on the new giiirrrllll 👀 (mainly Lucas and Dustin? maybe Will I can’t tell) (except for Mike because they really are doing everything they can to bury me in Mileven feels)

I can literally feel her angst radiating off the screen and I have a feeling I’m going to stan her unless the writers use her as a devise to cause tension or rivalry among the boys in which case someone is going to die

“Sometimes I feel like I can still see her” WHY DO THE WRITERS FEEL THE NEED TO HURT ME LIKE THIS GAH I MISS MILEVEN HE EVEN KEPT HER BLANKET FORT UP  (because also it’s important to note that this is the same shirt from the screenshot of them watching the girl walk in. so if Mike goes home and realizes he still misses I’m going to choke)

can’t wait for this to most likely just be a cat jump scare

they’re building something don’t ask me what

if I had to guess I would say some sort of device that picks up on signals from the Upside Down maybe? like some sort of crystal radio?

but why does Mike kind of look like hes going to smash it with the speaker?

new girl seems to be working with them/ part of the group now. but the box opened? idk this part is confusing

-EDIT/ UPDATE THANKS TO @disneyprincesskatherine apparently this is a reference to Ghostbusters! the box is similar to a device they use in the movies to catch ghost (i’m uncultured I’m so sorry). she also speculates this is the capture of the sort of “pet” Dustin gets that Gaten talked about (could also be why there is blood on Dustin’s chair)

okay but where is #4? they’re still in their Halloween costumes so we can assume it’s either the day of or the morning after, though on what looked to be Halloween night in one of the previous screencaps, all 4 were present soooo

more evidence of the world meshing

YOU BEST BELIEVE I SCREAMED OUT LOUD I MISSED THEM (they both looks so good I‘m loving the haircuts) (and is this them breaking into the lab?)

even though this is a gross slimy portal to another dimension, i’m still digging the aesthetics

Will is not okay part 87450507

this is either a drawing of a map of the Upside Down or all connecting tree roots. either way wtf Will?

This time on: OTPs With Unreal Height Differences 

it kind of looks like the same “tree roots” on the ground as there were at the gas station shot so yeah, I think Will was drawing a giant root system

🎶 you’re my daaad, you’re my dad, boogie woogie woogie 🎶

DREAM TEAM (Mike, Nancy, Jonathan, Joyce) (also can we laugh at the fact that Mike is armed with a candle holder while he stands next to his sister literally holding a shot gun)

Hop digging my grave for when I finish the season

*cues classic 80′s teen movie party montage*

my girl wildin out (and Steve’s there too I guess)

TELL ME WHO HURT YOU (this is a different outfit from the party though, so it’s not the same scene)

a new weapon? perhaps the “sword”?



everyone in this trailer looks as shook as I feel watching it

Will Is Not Okay: The Saga Continues

same shirt so most likely what he’s experiencing on the other side. I’m almost certain he’s going to play a big role in Eleven being able to come back to the other side

Journey To The Center of the Earth (2008)

well well well, Samwise Gamgee, what’s poppin’

why does Steve have Jonathan’s bat?

as far as I can tell this treck into the Upside Down consists of Mike, Dustin, Joyce, and I can’t tell who the others are 

“ABORT ABORT!!!” (this is a different scene from the one above so I wonder what this is in reference to)

another shot of Will being scared out of his mind, this kid doesn’t ever get a break (though the background looks almost like the lab as opposed to the upside down. I could be wrong)

…well that’s concerning (kind of looks like that giant monster is chasing him)

“If you’re out there, please just give me a sign”

so this looks to be back in the Upside Down equivalent to the classroom where Eleven defeated the Demegorgan. and based on the look on her face and the previous shot above, it seems she JUST woke up




I’m so freaking happy for her return to Mike us

Lord almighty this season looks amazing.

Night Drive

Summary: In which you help Bucky combat a sleepless night by going on a night drive.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,366

A/N: Oh hey, it’s me. I guess I’m back.

Originally posted by krisletang

The screaming starts late that night. Or maybe it starts early that morning; it’s too dark outside your window to be sure of the time.

Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes is easier said than done. Your slumber had been a deep one, as the fatigue from two sleepless nights in a row had caught up to you. Once your head hit the pillow, you were convinced nothing could possibly wake you up.

Nothing except the sound of Bucky’s screams in the room down the hall from yours.

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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma

Interacting with other mothers… + The aftermath

Yuuri despises socializing with people he doesn’t know, but his unconventional family and marriage is one of the hottest gossip topics in town especially among the other mums. One day, he decides to just fuck it all…and sorely regrets it afterwards.

(Featuring OC kid Arisa, and later Yasha and Shura)

*If the comics are hard to read, tap on the image first to bring it up in the Tumblr viewer, THEN right click view image for the unaltered slightly higher resolution.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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