and he's just so pleased he can do this for him

silent treatment

request: can you please do a jimin scenario where his gf loves cuddles especially in the mornings the one day they sorta fight and his gf gives him the silent treatment so he tries to get her to forgive him by force cuddles? ty

Last night Jimin and you had a small argument. Nothing serious but it left you going to bed irritated. You and Jimin had slept the night facing opposite directions. When you woke up the next morning Jimin was clung to your waist like a koala. It was natural for Jimin, like a routine, every night you guys went to sleep cuddled together and waking up the same way. 

Still mad from last night, you try to lightly shrug him off but his grip was just too tight. You turn to face his chest and try again to push him back to his side of the bed. This wakes him up and he slowly opens his eyes adjusting to the sun. You watch him become alert and turn your back to him again, like last night. With all your strength you pull the comforter to cover your body and cocoon yourself in it. You hear Jimin let out a yawn and the mattress dips as he crawls over to you. 

“Babe,” he whispers but all he gets in response is you shuffling even further to the edge, “I’m sorry about last night.” he apologizes. You don’t even have to look at him to know that he has that stupid cute apologetic look on his face, where he’s pouting and he looks like a puppy that got scolded. He wraps himself back around you. Apologies spilling out of his lips as he’s nuzzling his head against you. Jimin’s nonstop ‘sorry’s’ and cuddles eventually succeeds. 

“Apology accepted.” Your voice is muffled by the blanket. The argument was stupid anyways,Jimin apologized and as long as he didn’t do it again there was no reason to be mad at him. 

“I won’t do it again.” he says the tone of his voice getting more excited as he’s covering you in kisses.  

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a/n: i couldn’t find sad puppy gifs but this is basically jimin before and after you accept his apology. i love jimin.

      I love that our version of Anakin is somehow stupider AND bad at sex. The Chosen One: confused literally all the time, bad at sex, great hair, impressive hero, needs constant supervision.

      He’s so, so brilliant but he’s also SO STUPID.
      Like, you need someone to fly a ship? ANAKIN. You need someone who can put together a droid with his eyes closed? ANAKIN. You need someone with sheer raw power in the Force? ANAKIN.
      You need a functional adult who is good at sex and knows what they’re doing in general? PLEASE CALL OBI-WAN KENOBI.

      I’m just picturing him trying to pitch a fit in a council meeting and Obi-Wan distracting him with a laser pointer.

      LOL STOP IT. WE HAVE BEEN AROUND EACH OTHER TOO LONG because I don’t even have TROUBLE imagining it anymore.
      I’m just imagining Hayden Christensen in that giant ass robe he wears and all those golden curls literally chasing a laser dot across the Council room floor.

      “MASTER WINDU THIS IS AN…whoa…wait what is…that….”
      Obi-Wan just leans back like “YOU’RE WELCOME”.

      It starts with just the eyes, the dot slides across the floor, he just kind of follows it with only his eyes.
      But then it moves out of his peripheral and he has to turn to go… wait… what… what is that…. and SOON ENOUGH he’s stalking around the room TRYING TO FIND WHAT IT WAS.
      Like, all pure feline grace and intense scowl and probably the butt wiggle before he pounces on it.

      Hahaha THE BUTT WIGGLE.

      SAVE ME from giffing that deleted scene in the tunnels of Grievous’ ship just to further the mental image.

      Anakin’s Butt. I love that it’s a Recurring Theme OF THAT MOVIE. You should know better than to ask ME to save you from that. I’ll just be over here all “yeah totally the first time Obi-Wan spent time looking at Anakin’s ass. IN THE LAST 4 HOURS.”

SPOILER ALERT:  @forcearama did not stop me.

I want to read/write a fic where Will decides that that’s it, he’s had enough, he can’t just sit and pine from a distance anymore, he’s got to DO something even if it will probably end, badly, and he decides to start flirting with Mike in small ways to test the waters, so one day he compliments Mike’s shirt and the next he brushes back Mike’s hair from his eyes and once he even kisses him on the cheek as thanks, and Mike is Confused and Flustered but Very Pleased.

Bonus points if Will secretly picks up one of those silly magazines for help (you know, the dumb “how to tell if someone likes you” and “flirting tips” pages with stuff like “touch their arm and laugh at their jokes”) because goddamnit he doesn’t really know how to flirt but he’s trying, and he can use all the help he can get.

Extra bonus points if Will imitates Nancy’s coy smile and uses some of Steve’s more subtle pick-up lines and even thinks back to how Bob and Joyce treated each other for tips.


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007 with Taehyung please😍😊

“i dreamt about you last night.” + clairvoyant!taehyung

There was something different in the way he grinned and acted around you the moment he entered the book shop that you two were working at. Taehyung was a naturally bubbly and friendly kid, so him being all smiles and all was not something you were unfamiliar with, you just couldn’t seem to pinpoint on why he was just being so extra and being very clingy for that particular day. It wasn’t like you hated it — because you loved it very much — but you’d be lying if you said that you didn’t find it at least weird.

“I’m heading out for my lunch break, okay?” you announce, slinging your purse over your shoulder but before you can push the door open, a hand wraps around your wrist to stop you from doing so.

“Wait,” Taehyung pulls you back, “I’ll come with you.”

You snort. “That won’t be necessary. Besides, who’d watch over the shop?”

Hoseok suddenly appears over the counter. “It’s fine. You two can get along. There aren’t going to be many customers today anyway.”

You sigh while Taehyung grins, excusing himself to get his wallet.

Once he was back, the both of you proceeded on going out of the store to find a place where you can eat together. You were searching for a restaurant in your phone while Taehyung walked beside you silently, the first for that day. Finally, after minutes of just comfortable silence, he looks over to you and speaks.

“I dreamt about you last night,” he says with a rather shy tone.

“Really?” you look back at him. “What was it about?”

Taehyung grins. “Well, I’m not going to tell you obviously. Ever heard of the saying that if you tell someone of your dream, it’s not going to come true? And just so you know, mine comes true most of the time.”

“I’m assuming it’s something good then?”


You laugh lightly before your gaze goes over his shoulder, the barbeque place that you have been trying to find finally visible after walking around the streets for a considerably long amount of time. Taehyung turns to where you were staring at and a grin goes back to his lips.

“That’s where we’re eating, right?”

You don’t remember telling him it was but you don’t bother questioning him about it anyways due to your hunger. Instead, you hold his arm and drag him towards the street so that you can cross the road quickly.

What happened next played exactly the way it had in his dream, where your hand that was on his arm slowly slipped in his own hand, where you two sat on the very same seat inside the restaurant, when you ordered the same menu — and Taehyung couldn’t wait for the next events to come because he knew that when you finish eating and propose to get ice cream, it would be the time when the both of you would share your first kiss.

You know the best way I combat dysphoria is just pointing out that other men have what I have

I have boobs? So does my sister’s boyfriend I ain’t special

I got a vagina? So does Miles McKenna is that stopping him?

Feminine face? Yeah so do so many guys my age, plus it just makes me cute.

Big thighs? Whatever please just look at any man that Tumblr calls thicc

Hips? So does my really hot passing friend like ffs I can totally be him if I want.

No facial hair? Dan Howell can’t grow facial hair, I’ll be able to one day and so will he.

And this applies for other people too don’t worry.

Like long hair? You’re a frikken elf go live in the forest and talk to trees you magical boy


short? Levi Ackerman

Or you know if you want a real person, Bruno fuckin’ Mars like bro he’s a god.

Whatever your problem there are men in this world with the same things as you, and you’re gonna do great, don’t stop trying to be who you want, you’ll get there.

I believe in you

Also make a female version of this I wanna see that but idk everything trans girls have problems with.

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Can you please do another curvy/thick reader with Peter Parker please.

(here is the original post)

here’s a lil addition: 

  • so we all know how cute peter is
  • if he was ever cold, he would never go get a blanket or a sweater
  • he’d just snuggle up to you
  • even if you were really hot, like sweaty 
  • he’d be all over you
  • you’d be like “pete, what are you doing, i’m so hot rn, how are you cold”
  • and he’d be like “ik you’re hot ;) can you keep me warm”
  • eye rolls all around
  • you’d give in and warm him up tho
  • he’d love when you wore his hoodies
  • he’d wear yours too sometimes tbh (who cares. break those gender boundaries)
  • he’d carry you around the house (super strength comes in handy)
  • when you were cuddling he’d put his head on your butt
  • on your thighs
  • on your stomach
  • or your boobs
  • he loved your boobs
  • he loved when you were the big spoon, but he loved being the big spoon just as much
  • if you ever felt insecure, he would reassure you that you were so beautiful
  • he’d ask you to tell him which parts of your body you were insecure about
  • he’d kiss every single part and tell you what he loved about it 
  • he’d be so fluffy and caring
  • he just loved you and wanted you to love yourself 
  • he always made you feel better :)

ok so i just watched the first ep of idol produce and:

- i am already completely in love with cai xukin and chen linong

- jeffrey is so awkward and adorable WE MUST PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS

- bu fan may be 192cm but HE’S A GIANT ADORABLE PUPPY

- the yuehua kids, once again, are ruining my life T_______T but zhengting looks so done with justin lmfao he kept looking at him like “boy please don’t be embarrassing i’m trying to look cool” or when he deadass told him to stop when he (and chengcheng) was imitating xukun’s bodyroll lmfao

I can’t wait for the next episode! I’m looking forward to their performance, even though they were all crying in the preview I hope it’s just overreacting for drama and they didn’t do too bad ;; but it hurts to see them crying ;;

btw if anyone is posting about the show (or watching it and wanna talk) lmk and i’ll follow you ^^ especially if you’re posting about any of the guys i mentioned lol

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Okay! Can you do one for Quilliam?

I am so absolutely pleased that it’s kipps right out the gate. My Son.

favorite thing about them

Either 1) when he basically turns into an excited little kid when he gets the goggles or 2) how much he really does care and try to take care of his team as a Fittes supervisor. The boy tries so hard just let him rest.

least favorite thing about them

HOW MUCH. HE HAS GONE THROUGH. The bullshit this boy has had to deal with… Just. Leave him alone let him be happy please.
BUT ALSO Chapter 18 of The Empty Grave. You know what I’m talking about. The boy has very bAD timing.

favorite line

“He was so brave over there. He was so strong, so full of life….” I sniffed loudly. “Too strong. It was only at the very end that I realized he was dying.”
Kipps opened an eye. “What do you mean, dying? I bloody well hope not.”
~ The Empty Grave


Quill and Lucy. I seem to recall seeing a post about them awhile ago like kind of about them eventually becoming really close? I gotta try to find it but I feel like they would actually become bffs eventually. (ahhhhh here I found it)


uhhh don’t really have one (but lowkey I kinda sorta do ship him and george)


lowkey him and any girl. I really just do see him as gay. like I know some people ship him and Jessica, which is totally cool and makes for really interesting dynamics and is fascinating to me…, but personally I strongly headcanon him as gay. So yeah.  

random headcanon

He has little sisters and they think the world of him, he’s their favorite person and he would do anything for them.

unpopular opinion

um maybe the nOTP on him and jessica? (Like I’m not. aggressive about it. I just. don’t ship it. And again its totally cool if others do. Its a really fun headcanon but. I just don’t.) Other than that none I guess.

song i associate with them

Pray by Sam Smith, Through the Eyes of a Child by AURORA, or Organs by Of Monsters and Men. (Just like. Sad. Melancholy. Regretful songs. Ones that make me emosh)

favorite picture of them

Um… I’ll just link some of my favorite Kipps art I guess. (This, this, this, this isn’t actually an art it’s just my favorite kipps post of all time deadass this post killed me in cold blood it was just. so fucking funny to me.) ( @graf-fiction @artydarling @alexdoodle @the-girl-who-reads-too-much )

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I feel you I’m also sick friend, but imagine demon kylo visiting you, seeing you sick and being confused/worried that you’re dying! Demons don’t get sick so this is new to him, he doesn’t let you do ANYTHING, and babies the hell out of you. “Please get better,” he practically begs. He hates seeing you so weak and miserable, luckily he can’t get sick so that means he’s extra affectionate, holding you in his arms as he soothes your hair, nuzzling your cheek (kylo-renne ♥️)

Isn’t this time of year fun? Sickness running rampant,, its great.

I’m in love with this aaa. He’s totally freaking out the whole time, never leaving your side and constantly poking you to make sure you’re just sleeping and not dead. He keeps finding blankets and pillows to tuck you in with, convinced that if he buries you in enough of them you’ll get better faster. And of course, he makes sure to snuggle you up lots, giving you lots of kisses and pets. Needless to say he is a very good care taker– always looking out for his little human.

( tysm for this love :’) truly made my day a little better <3 )

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Do you write transmale characters? If so could you write a story with Jared Kleinmen where his boyfriend gets dysphoric with Jared's friends so he takes him home and they take a bath and cuddle? ❤ If not that's okay

I had it written halfway and yay Tumblr ate it. So I got a tad frustrated.

Anyway I wanted to say that I do write trans!readers, but I´m not used to, so if I make a mistake or write something that´s… wrong please notify me so I can change it. I hope you like it ^^

Couple/s: Jared Kleinman x Trans!Male!Reader

Character/s: Jared Kleinman, Connor Murphy, Evan Hansen, Male!Reader

Plot: Check ask 

Warning/s: I don´t know if I portrayed the reader welll

´Wow, look at them. They don´t even try. And me? I give it all. For what? It´s always the same what is the point is exhausting myself over and over for a goal which-´ The boy´s dark thoughts stopped momentarily by his boyfriend´s hand plating on his shoulder. Jared was looking at him with a silly smile. He was looking at him expectantly, so he figured that he was asked something. Just that he didn´t hear it. Not one bit of the entire conversation. Evan rose an eyebrow when he noticed that he wasn´t going to answer-actually, didn´t know what to answer.

“This has been happening a lot to you recently. Has something been on your mind?” He asked out of courtesy, but he had next to no doubt that it was a yes. Connor had shared his thoughts on it earlier and that gave Evan enough confidence to probe at the teen.

“Not really” Curt, meticulous answer. (M/N)´s eyes hadn´t rose from the floor in front of his shoes. Never made contact with the rest. Not the normal him. Jared´s head tilted to the side, eyes following to cast a look that spoke words to his friends.

“That doesn´t sound truthful. Honestly, what´s up?” He grinned and poked at the soft belly in a gentle way of lifting the atmosphere. “What´s got you all mopey? Got a B on your grade?”His hands were roughly swatted away. For what felt like the only time he had seen his boyfriend´s eyes since the conversation started. Just that fury wasn´t what he wanted to see in his face. Though he didn´t knew whether he preferred fury over sadness. He´d think about it, later.

“Stop it Kleinman! Just let me be!” And there he went down the hallway. Running away from the concern and worry of his friends, and his boyfriend. The one who secretly saw him as the gravity of his world, behind those lips that loved to Kiss him laid insecurities about himself and how (M/N) was brave and deserved someone so much better that himself. But he was selfish, and had started believing that as long as he knew the other was smiling then everything would be fine.

So the tears that started to peer from the corner of his eyes made Jared squirm. 

 “H-hey what´s up?” (M/N) curled more into himself when he Heard his boyfriend´s voice. His heart wanted to race at the sound of it, but couldn´t get any faster than it´s slow beat.

.“… Hey” His voice was so quiet it hurt Jared´s heart.Jared took in a breath and started bouncing his leg. “Can you tell me what happened earlier today? That wasn´t like you…”

“It´s… nothing, I guess” That didn´t sound convincing. At all. But neither had he tried. He was tired. Of faking crying into the void and internally complaining how no one listened to him, but the truth is that he never had tried making his voice heard. It was hard as hell. Clawing out of that sticky darkness was considered that week´s work out, but he needed it. Alone he would fall quickly. So.

“No, ehm, there is something wrong. I know it”

Usually Jared would avoid any serious conversation if he could. Humour and sarcasm were always easier. They were his second nature. He felt like a fish out of the water, but it was what he needed to do. “Please tell me. I only want to help”

“… I actually… haven´t been feeling great” His came slowly, one by one. “I´ve been thinking dumb things I guess”

“Things like what?”Jared heard a grim laugh from the other side and a sniffle caused from new fallen tears.

“Things like… What´s the point of this? That I-I haven´t been feeling anything how I should. That I´m not normal, that I´m a creep. I mean, why can´t I look like any other guy. Instead I´m… I´m… And that I feel like my I am a fucking mess full of-“

“That´s not true!” He probably shouldn’t have interrupted (M/N), but he couldn´t let the one he loved say such horrible things about themselves. And to think all of that has been passing without him knowing.

After calming him enough to tell him that he´d go there, ten minutes passed before (M/N) was crumbling in Jared´s arms. It had been a while since he had felt so horrible, vulnerable enough to cry and be held. He didn´t feel any better, but he was feeling. And for now, that would be enough and he would cry.Jared rocked him, shushed his broken voice, kissed him, loved him for a long while.

He only moved his boyfriend to walk to his bedroom since the floor was getting quickly uncomfortable. He didn´t know what to say, so he said nothing. He felt he made the right decision when the cries gradually stopped. Until just silence blanketed them.

“Hey, how about we go take a nice, warm shower. How ´bout that?” He whispered cautiously. He didn´t want to look down at his face, to hide his red face and to not put any pressure. A tiny shake from the other head was his noiseless answer.

He manoeuvred the two to the bathroom attached to the room. First, his own clothes. Then (M/N) slowly followed him. He didn´t face the other, not even when they were standing under the warming water. Seconds passed, and he brought his fingers to his mouth, nibbling at the skin around his nails. A habit he´d discover recently

.“Are you ok if I touch you?” Jared asked with a voice that filled the Wells in his eyes. Even if he had begun crying again, he whispered a shaky yes. The soft arms he´d fallen in love with and loved having around him wrapped around his waist from behind and Jared buried his face in the hollow between his neck and the shoulder.

Maybe happy thoughts wouldn´t come back son, and afterwards he´d want to throw up all the contents in his stomach for how pitiful he was. But with Jared being there with him, maybe his heart would turn back to a drumming and not a dull beat.

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Shyan with #32 please?

32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

“Did you hear that?” Ryan asked, panicked look on his face as he turns to Shane. They’re in another haunted location, and just like their previous ones, it’s old and abandoned and without any proper heating, so Shane is freezing his butt off again, and sometimes he really wonders why he does this.

(He knows why he does this. Of course he does. The reason is about 5’9 and three quarters and has a laugh that makes Shane’s insides melt.)

“Yes, yes I did,” Shane says, “It was our good friend the wind.”

Ryan frowns at him. Shane wants to smooth down his wrinkles with his thumb, but figures that would be a bit weird, and bussies himself with swinging the flashlight around, lighting up their surrounding. “See? Nothing.”

“I swear I heard something,” Ryan says, and huffs. “You truly aren’t afraid of anything.”

Shane wants to laugh at that, because god, he’s terrified of a lot of things. He’s terrified of spiders, of losing his parents, and yes, even of forced heroine injections.

But most of all, most of all he’s afraid of the way Ryan makes him feel. He’s terrified of the lurch his heart makes every time Ryan enters a room, terrified of the fluttering in his stomach when Ryan so much as looks at him, terrified of loving a man that is never going to love him back.

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified,” he wants to say. “I know I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

But all he says instead is, “Hey do you reckon if we start singing the ghosties a little song, they will start singing along?” and starts humming ‘Old McDonald Had A Farm’.

Ryan wheezes, and Shane pretends it doesn’t make his heart hurt.

I feel like tumblr is my happy place to come and shout so ignore this please.

Have you ever believed in someone and they just completely forget about you and just leave? That’s what my father did to me multiple times.

I’m done with being an idiot who still tries to have a decent conversation with the one who abandoned me years ago, only for him to do it again and again.

I’m honestly so done in growing up fast to try and help my mother with everything. I’m done with being treated as an adult because I act like one for her.

I’m still a kid and that shit hurts.

I left the family group, I really don’t want to talk to him, he can go to fucking Mars for all I care atm. He’s my father and I shouldn’t be thinking that, but honestly it’s so hard not to…..

Anyways fuck my dad and I never thought I would be saying this but fuck his girlfriend too.

I loved it when he told me he had a girlfriend. He was happy, and I was too. She’s the one he was side dating while married to my mum but I tried to forget that, for him.

Everytime I want to go there and we have plans she just takes him away to Brazil. She laughs about my mother and bitch, you DO NOT disrespect the woman who had to take care of a teen all alone, mentally and fucking economically.

In better news, fanboy will be posted in a few hours!

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Hi! I was wondering if you would please give me some advice? A guy just asked me to prom over text, but I really don't want to go with him. Is there any way to nicely say no? Or should I go with him to avoid hurting his feelings? I actually asked him to a dance last year, and he went with, but refused to dance with me because he "didn't like the music" I had a really bad time and don't want to do it again. Thank you for your time!

Ah, matters of the heart can be so delicate sometimes. I do not think you should go with him simply to spare his feelings, as that is dishonest to him and most unfair to you. However there are ways to politely let someone down. The simplest, perhaps, is to tell him that you are flattered, but you do not wish to go with him this time. If this is a good friend of yours, you might also open up to him about the last time, and how he didn’t seem to enjoy it that much either and perhaps he might have more fun with a more compatible date.

It is likely that no matter how kind your reply, his feelings may be hurt a little, but you should not let this override your own needs.

A lot of the OP movies have been about Nami, can we have 1 about Sanji now? One that doesn’t make a fool out of him, preferably. I want him to get to do some cool fighting in a movie for once c'mon. I want him to be the center of the movie. Zoro had one, Chopper had one, Nami’s had at least four, and all the others were Luffy or the whole crew in general. Give me a movie about Sanji (that isn’t just this current arc put in movie form like they did with Alabasta and Drum Island)

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Hope you're doing well, friendo! Could I request some NSFW head canons for Bui, please? Take all the time you need or ignore this if he's too obscure 😊

Fuck yeah, my guy! Who am I to deprive a Bui lover of headcanons? And nothing is too obscure, man. I’d come up with headcanons about those two members of team Rokuyukai that Chu killed. I’d come up with heacanons about Tarukene’s butler whose name I don’t recall so I’m just going to call him Jenkins. I’d come up with headcanons about each and every ogre in Koenma’s office. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is too obscure.


-Literally always wearing his armor so he doesn’t accidentally kill you. Even when y’all cuddle, he got that shit on. And DAMN is it pokey.

-Actions speak louder than words for him, so if you’re ever sad, he’s just gonna hug you until you feel better.

-Although you can’t see his face, you will easily be able to tell he’s blushing under the helmet whenever you compliment him. After rolling with Toguro’s gang, he isn’t particularly used to it.

-Adores your attempts to kiss him despite the helmet. Will not stop laughing ever.

-Just a big ol’ dork and a giggly bitch in general.

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I read people saying yesterday he looked rest and pretty and so good and bla bla and while of course he’s pretty because his beauty can’t change, what on earth this people are looking at? He looks so tired, so pale? It’s weird to see him with his skin this white, he used to be always tan. I don’t know if was the light or what and his eyes? That pink on around his eyes shows his tired he is. And I want to cry, so much, someone please free him and let him live. Just please god 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

I genuinely wonder whether because he looks tired most of the time for a very long time now, if people have accepted it as norm so they see pics and videos and think this is normal. Or are they afraid that if they do mention him looking like crap then somehow this is viewed as not loving him and will get hate for it. Or do they truly not see, don’t want to see?




We as a community love you and support you no matter what as we have shown with how we responded to your recent late night vlog.


You said in your ONI livestream that you wanted someone to compile a list of some of the games people wanted you to play.


I started it back in January of 2016. It has over 6 pages of various games. SIX PAGES!

And I realize that you get thousands of messages. Emails and posts just thrown at you. But I still try..

I have made a Google Doc. Shared with your gmail (both markiplier and markipliergame) and I would post the link here but honestly… I put some more personal stuff on there… ANYWHo 


-Go to your google drive

-Get to the search bar

-Look up “Markiplier Master Game Suggestions List”

-Click it 



I do try to add more games when I can and some games are kinda old but still.

If you do see this, please give me some kind of signal?? Write on the doc, send me an ask, anything.



You are the One, Noctis.
The Stars shine for
you now. That which is
yours by right
shall be restored to you.

All I Want For Christmas

In which it’s Christmas time, and Harry can’t help falling for the girl who helps him shop for gifts. 

A/N: THE CHRISTMAS ONESHOT IS HERE! I’m sorry I didn’t get this out yesterday like I originally planned, but I figured better late than never right?!  Enjoy, my loves, and Merry Christmas!!! xx

Please do NOT repost without permission!!!! 

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