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I️ hc that Gabe is a great cook and makes dinner for Jack here and there. But Jack decides, one day, he wants to make Gabe dinner. And oh.... it’s bad.... Gabe keeps eating his portion bc he LOVES this man. But Jack just bursts out laughing at what a bad job he did and makes Gabe stop eating it, and buys his boyfriend dinner instead. Years later they still talk about the “one time Jack made Gabe dinner.”

I personally tend to stick to the hc that Jack’s pretty bad at first but at least learns how to make some reasonably okay meals with coaching. Like he’s the goddamn pancake master (the one thing he gets over Gabe on the ‘cool uncle’ ranking with Fareeha) and Ana and Gabe teach him a few recipes and honestly the only reason he takes to eating unheated canned beans and dry toast in his 76 days is Depression.

But his first attempts were… bad. Not good. Unpleasant. OVERDONE. And Gabe endured those largely on his own because everyone else learned to run and he… just can’t. He just looks miserable until Jack asks if he’s okay and he has to admit he was trying to will himself into not tasting while he chewed. They get take out a lot during Jack’s earlier exploration of culinary arts.

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Modern Losers Club headcanons?

did you say give my kids technology??? OKAY

  • The amount of poetry slams Ben performs at is ungodly, but Bev always gives him a kiss before each show and the losers club comes to each one without fail (Richie’s snapping is shockingly enthusiastic when you take into consideration that he can’t actually snap his fingers)
  • Stan vlogs and his youtube channel has exactly seven subscribers (the other losers and one man – bot – who swears he’s an African prince and Stan is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen) the editing is incredible but the content is mostly just Richie doing horribly embarrassing things and cringy flirting with Eddie and Stan looking into the camera like he’s in the office
  • Bev and Mike are Fitness Buddies. They have fitblrs and share recipes (listen, vegan mike, just – listen to me. this is canon okay? just lis-) and love to go on hikes together
  • Bev beats Mike in pushup contests every time the girl is strong as a fukin tank holy shit (one time Georgie sat on her back as a way of challenging her and maybe helping Mike win but nope, she was still going and with a smile because Georgie loved it)
  • Eddie is a wreck, the internet Does Not help him, his chrome homepage is set to webMD like. boi
  • Um!!! Modern!reddie did you mean the cutest boys in the world, they (meaning Eddie and by association Richie because theyre always together)  run their school’s GSA and honestly it’s the best community Eddie’s ever been a part of because??? They encourage him to let himself embrace his feminine side and Richie get’s a fucking nosebleed when Eddie shows up to his house blushing in a fluffy pink sweater and little frills from his socks peaking over his sneakers, asking if Richie thinks he looks okay (he obviously can’t wear the sweater every day but the socks become a daily thing – Richie showers Eddie in different colours and styles)
  • Georgie (he’s part of the losers club because he never dies what are you talking about) learns how to make paper boats on his own thanks to youtube (it breaks Bill’s heart that his little brother doesn’t need his boat making skills anymore) and then that sheep love the taste of paper boats from Mike
  • He catches Richie giving a sheep a piece of unfolded paper and gasps before ripping it out of his hand and plopping down cross legged right there in the barn because “They like them better as boats. You can’t just give him paper! That’d be like if Billy didn’t make the pancakes look like Mickey Mouse!” he is dead serious and entirely offended
  • Georgie scowls very hard and Richie is coerced into paper boat making lessons (Stan get’s the whole thing on tape, talk about Good Vlog Content)
  • RICHIE AND BEV ARE IN A BAND!!!!!!!! They post videos to instagram and it’s all very artsy and #punkrock and they do small gigs in town but mostly just do it for the fun
  • They do mostly covers but Bev wrote a soft piano song to play while Richie sings and it beautiful omfg
  • My man Big Bill rocks the hoverboards he’s so good at it – Richie always wants to use it and he also always falls, when he’s face down on the ground Bill will just step on and ride away #disappointed
  • Bill loves Siri because it can’t understand a damn thing he says, the losers will sit around an iphone for hours and have Bill ask it questions just to see what words it makes out of his stutter – it gets funnier the longer they go because Bill’s stutter gets worse as he gets further into his laughing fits
chowder hcs nobody asked for
  • fucking instagram famous
  • does live shows like twice a week and people actually watch it
  • he mostly posts selfies and dog pictures, people follow him for the cuteness and stay for the positivity
  • he got lost in the woods when he was a kid and instead of staying where he was he just started walking and crossed state borders while doing so “the girl who loved tom gorden”-style
  • is a sucker for conspiracy theories, aliens are real but they just wanna be friends … don’t be mean .. they’re curious, they don’t wanna take over our planet, dex, stop
  • nobody ever sees him work out??? how does that boy stay fit??
  • wants to learn cooking so badly, but he once burned pancakes so badly that they had to throw away a pan and since then he has to be under supervision while in the kitchen
  • loves nursey patrol, because nursey gets affectionate and talks about how much he loves his friends and that’s like chowders favorite thing to do so it’s a win-win situation
  • he kissed everyone on the team at least once, he just gets excited okay, he loves people a lot, make platonic kissing a thing 2k17
  • (farmer finds it cute)
  • ALSO farmer, he loves her a lot, lets talk about that
  • he had no idea about volleyball but once he met her he watched the entirety of haikyuu and read the wikipedia page so he knows(tm)
  • they went on a date in a nice italian place and woke up a town over in onesies none of them owned before the next day, when asked what happened chowder just smiles and looks into the distance
  • boi can hold his liquid, he only drinks with friends but he doesnt really feel it??
  • speaks swedish fluently for some reason
  • backpack-hoarder(tm), why wasnt one backpack enough?? why does he need fifteen?? reasons, just let him be
  • also t-shirts.
  • has pinterest and always pins cool diy projects and never does them
superluthorlane headcanons

Lena and Lucy both wake up absurdly early for their workdays, like 5 am early. Meanwhile, Kara wakes up at 7: 30 am ish. She swears she’s more human than her girlfriend sometimes.

Lena and Lucy are health fanatics. Kara doesn’t enjoy this.

Sometimes Kara comes back really late and will find her girlfriends asleep on the couch because they tried to wait up for her. But their days are so hectic and busy, they fell asleep. Kara gently carries them into bed.

Sometimes Kara is the one to fall asleep on the couch waiting up. Even with their combined strength, Lena and Lucy can’t carry her. Somehow, all three of them still wake up together in bed the next morning.

Kara’s a space heater. Lena loves it but Lucy prefers the cold so Lena ends up in the middle. She loves it.

Lena loves watching her girlfriends work out. Especially in the green room.

Lena loves it a lot less when they start making her work out, too.

None of them can cook worth shit. Lucy makes everything pain because she just wants to get eating over with so she can go back to work. Lena never had time to learn. Kara can only successfully make pancakes. Local restaurants that don’t even do delivery will delivery especially for them. (It makes a lot of money)

Lena always tips people 100%

Alex is thankful that she doesn’t have to pay for Kara’s food anymore. Eliza loves her two new daughters. James feels like he walked into some parallel universe.

Lucy is always the driver. Lena doesn’t like to drive and Kara’s reckless.

Kara and Lucy take Lena to the desert to teach her how to ride a motorcycle.

Christmas is a ridiculous affair. And every other holiday. Lena always goes over the top.

They’re all ridiculously in love.

Little tidbits of headcanons for the Ravagers that I couldn’t include in a full-blown one:

Cooking is a little group project, because none of the Ravagers can cook really well, but each one has one or two easy things that they can somehow mash together and cook in a pan without burning it. The ones who really can cook are Kraglin and Peter, because those had family once and can still remember a few dishes they were taught.

At some point, the few of them who can cook learned to do a few Terran dishes, like pancakes or pizza, so they could cook it for Peter when he had done an especially good job. Not like they would tell him the occasion, though, they insist that they just like the food.

Yondu actually can fight without his arrow, be it with fists, guns or with other weapons. It’s just that the arrow is easily the most powerful weapon he owns and the one that gives him most control over the situation. Plus he hates fights were he really has to make contact with the enemy – it reminds him of his time as a battle slave.

He is also the one who helps with Peter’s training when the boy has become old, strong and smart enough to beat Tullk and Oblo. It’s the first time Peter sees Yondu without his coat and west, and the first time he sees all the scars littering the Centaurian’s body.
Peter doesn’t dare to ask, but the fact that he only blinks and goes back into stance instead of starring like an idiot makes Yondu bite back a proud, almost grateful grin.

Oblo loves to carve little things out of wood, plastic or metal, whatever he can get his hands on. He’s frankly good at it. He also has a soft spot for Peter, so especially during the first few months, he spends a lot of his free time creating little toys and figurines for the homesick boy.
Peter still owns a few of them and later gives them to Groot to play with them, if the little tree promises to be careful with them.

The few Ravagers that like Peter’s music – for example Kraglin – could sometimes, when they feel like they’re not being watched, be caught dancing along to the tunes they are humming under their breath while doing their jobs.
The first time Peter catches one of them doing that, he lets out a victorious scream and insists on telling everyone that someone likes his music, and he ends up being chased through the whole ship under great laughter from everyone.

Peter trains his pickpocketing skills on the crew. He was a fast learner, and it happens very, very often that someone suddenly was missing a gun, a knife, a wallet or even a fake-eye.
Peter tries to pickpocket Yondu, too, and sometimes the Centaurian even lets him. Peter’s respect from the man is still so high that he  comes back to hand it over pretty soon, grinning crookedly until Yondu laughs and pats him on the back a little too hard.

Little Peter falls often asleep on the men’s back, being carried by them as not to get lost in crowds. Somehow – and nobody dares to question it – he’s always, always and without fault passed over to Yondu or Kraglin as soon as that happens so that they can take care of the sleeping boy.
It’s one of the things Peter can’t remember anymore from his childhood.

Taehyung Scenario: 11:11.

Request: Hello~ since you did a wonderful job in doing the Starlight inspired Taehyung Scenario, could you also do Taeyeon’s 11:11 inspired Taehyung scenario? Love you guys!!

Genre: Angst / Drama.

-It’s 11:11, let’s make a wish- 

Taehyung would say each and every time he noticed the time. The wish always resulted to be something really corny and cheesy, like you going on secret escapades, doing couple stuff and saying how long you would be together, usually it was forever.

Now it was 11:11, but none of you remembered any of those wishes. He didn’t, as he repeated his words one again.

-I’m tired Y/N, I can’t do it anymore-

You fisted your hands trying to think what to say, trying to control the torrent of feelings those words had occasioned in you. -Why? I mean I… why?- you asked not understanding the reason of him saying this. You had noticed your relationship had turned cold the past two weeks but you thought it was only a moment, just a rough time in a sea of the pure happiness you had pictured with him. 

-Because I can’t-

-But why?- you repeated hearing how your voice wasn’t even. -Did I do something? Did anything happened I…-

Taehyung shook his head, you were on the living room slash dining in your place, he was standing in front of you, just a chair  between of your bodies, but the short distance felt like millions of miles apart, Taehyung sighed and shook his head making his smooth hair bounce a little from side to side. 

-No Y/N, it’s just… we are at a dead point, don’t you see?-

That made you gasp, how he could say that? and what he was calling dead point? So things were hard and for him it was a dead point? Taehyung was such a sensible person, you couldn’t believe he was actually speaking those words.

-What dead point? Just because it has been a bit harder these last few days you want to…-

-It’s not that it has been harder- he interrupted you. -This is it Y/N, I thought you too, I thought you were thinking the same-

So he had been thinking this over? You didn’t want to cry but the tears were there and you didn’t know how to hold them. -Please don’t cry, I didn’t mean to hurt you but…-

-Oh no, of course you didn’t- you spat, the fact that you were crying in front of him making you angry. -How could you? Because you are so nice and gentle-

Taehyung frowned. -I didn’t, I’m just being honest with you, would you prefer someone who doesn’t tell you how he’s feeling?-

-And did you?- you retorted. -You had been thinking about this and you hadn’t said anything, why? You wanted this-

He sighed and shook his head. -It’s not that I wanted it, it happened!-

-How convenient, I…- you turned your head and tried to calm down, but it hurt, your chest, your head, all over it hurt and you weren’t sure how to handle it. -You can go, just don’t pretend you didn’t want to hurt me-

He opened his mouth to say something else but he just groaned and took his jacket that was on the chair, the harsh movement made the chair fall down, startling you more than it should, but even still Taehyung turned his back and he left.

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Yooran Week Day 03 Cooking [ soo late]
0102 ♥ 03 ♥ 04 05 0607

I think I start to having the choi’s hair style in hand…fluffy hair are so difficult to draw T.T
I realy like making blushing face 8D fufufu blushing face everywere mouhahhah
Who know  that Saeran can cook well? Maybe he learn it at Mint eyes??
Saeran’s sweeter is back XD ….Hope that the chef having his kiss fufufu.

Being Bucky’s Valentine Would Include...


[warnings] mentions of smut.

[a/n] happy valentine’s day. and to those that don’t like the holiday because it makes them feel lonely, just remember that there’s more than romantic love and i could always be ur valentine if you want. ily.

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Being Bucky’s Valentine Would Include…

  • He would go all out, trust me on this.
  • Homeboy would be up on Pinterest and everything.
  • He would make you pancakes to surprise you in bed when you woke up and he would learn how to carve the strawberries into roses.
  • When you got back from training or whatever he would have the whole shabang put together.
  • One of those giant teddy bears that’s bigger than you, like 100 roses, and a lot of chocolate.
  • And you’re not a terrible girlfriend, so you would give him your gift.
  • You would probably take a lot of pictures and post them everywhere.
  • It would be really cheesy because the lights would be dim and there would be candles and there would be a tablecloth on the coffee table and a box of pizza and wings waiting in front of the TV, where you would watch a rom-com.
  • But, Bucky you hate 13 Going on 30.
  • I know, but I know that you love it.
  • He would totally buy you tons from Victoria’s Secret, insisting that you model them for him ;).
  • There’d be a card attached to the gifts and it would literally be the smoothest thing ever written and it would take up the entire space on the card.
  • Y’all would just chill all night eating pizza and wings and all 30 of the giant boxes of chocolate boxes he got you.
  • He’d be super proud that he planned the whole evening without any help.
  • You would probably start crying because he’s just so great, and he would panic because he did not expect that.
  • Wow, I thought that you’d be happier about all this, he’d joke.
  • It would ultimately be the cheesiest but best night ever.

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Anon from the Lotor ask here, if you could that's be very nice

here you go, doll. hope you feel better!


  • if you don’t think his daughter has him wrapped around her finger, you’re wrong. 
  • once he rules the kingdom he’s that kind of dad that sits his child on his knee when he’s on the throne and asks them what he should do with the traitor brought before them. 
  • the child has a good heart, though, and they usually make some really weird punishments that aren’t horrible at all, and lotor will laugh like ‘thanks to the grace of my daughter, i’ve decided to be merciful.’
  • bc tasks like these are really the only time he gets to spend with his daugther for a while after the war
  • but he’s a good dad and he always manages to surprise them for their birthday, even if he can’t be there. he’ll leave gifts for them to find, and it’ll be like a treasure hunt
  • his daughter got her first pet on hunts like these, along with a crown, and when she’s older, battle armor
  • the distance between her and her dad as a child cements their relationship when they’re older. she knows he had to do what was right for the kingdom, and she forgives him. now that she’s older they can do more things together
  • he makes her one of his generals, even tho his s/o is probably like ‘is that such a good idea?? she has such a gentle heart’
  • but he just chuckles and pats his daughter’s head ‘there’s no one i would trust more with my life’
  • family dinners are always fun when she’s little. lotor lets his fatherly side come out and they have a lot of laughs
  • his daughter loves story time. tales of lotor’s accomplishments are her favorite, and she wants to be just like him when she’s older.
  • she sleeps with her parents for a while longer than most kids bc she loves them both so much and she only really gets to see her mom
  • she goes to sleep against lotor’s chest and when she wakes up he’s gone, but there’s breakfast waiting for her
  • speaking of breakfast, once lotor learns how, he makes the best pancakes. pancakes become the food they share when they need to have a talk or a daddy/daughter date
  • his daughter kind of changes him. he’s still a stern leader, but he’s much more merciful
Accidents Cause Accidents Pt3

Word Count: 3777

    A/N: Here is the third part to Accidents cause Accidents! I’m sorry it’s so long lol. Let me know what you think, I love feedback! Much love!

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“And I love you.” Jughead felt as sleep took the beautiful (Y/H/C) haired girl laying on him and he cherished this moment. He knew for sure that in the morning the police and the hospital were going to be pissed that she was here, but he didn’t want to worry about that right now. All he wanted to do was spend some quality time with the one person in his life who had never betrayed him, promising to himself that this time if danger would show its ugly face again, which it most undoubtedly would, he’d do whatever it took to protect her.


    “Jughead! It’s time to get up. You have school today.” Fred called, trying to wake up the sleeping boy who was sprawled out on the couch. Jughead slowly opened his eyes, reaching to pull Y/N closer to him while he could before he had to go to school, but he felt no one by him. He quickly shot up, looking around the room but there was no confused girl to be found.

    “Where is Y/N?” Jughead asked, quickly standing up to go find her. Before Fred could even answer the question wildly thrown at him, Jughead stormed out of the room and into the kitchen. He quickly calmed down as he found Archie making pancakes and Y/N cutting fruit beside him, the two of them laughing and talking. Jughead leaned against the door frame, the two of them not noticing his presence yet and he enjoyed the sight. His two best friends were talking and joking around, just like before the accident.

    “Its my turn to make a pancake, Archie! You’ve already made enough!” Y/N complained, giggling as Archie bumped into her with his hip.

    “You don’t even know how to make them.” he playfully argued.

    “Did I before?” she asked, and Archie sadly nodded his head, remembering Y/Ns accident. It was easy to forget she even had one until she brought it up or when you saw her trying to learn things all over again.

    “Yeah, you did. You used to break into our house in the morning and surprise my dad, Jughead and I with them as a thank you.” He said, grinning at the memory.

    “Then move it, Archie. I’m going to learn again.” She said, pushing him out of the way of the pan.

    “Yeah Archie, move so she can learn and continue her morning felonies.” Jughead called, and the two of them whipped their heads around and finally notice the raven haired boy smirking at them. Archie laughed and threw his hands up in surrender, leaning against the opposite counter. Y/N turned around and stuck her tongue out at him and they all laughed. She took the batter, and poured it in, making the best circle she could. She watched as it bubbled, and she carefully flipped the pancake, revealing a beautifully golden treat.

    “Suck it, Archie! I do know how to make pancakes.” She teased, putting the pancake on the stack Archie had previously made and gave herself a high five. “Go me!”

    “Yeah whatever, I guess I’ll finish cutting the fruit.” Archie sighed, chuckling over at the girl doing a weird dance in front of the stove.

    “Yeah, you better.” she joked, and Jughead came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and burying his head in her neck.

    “Good morning.” he said, his breath tickling her neck.

    “Good morning to you too handsome boy.” Archie said, and Jughead turned his head to face him. Archie gave him a playful wink and Y/N laughed. She broke free from Jugheads hold, and placed the spatula in his hand.

    “Damn, I’ll just leave you and your boyfriend to it I guess, you two obviously need some alone time.” she said sarcastically, backing up and making her way to the living room.

    “No, come back here.” Jughead called and she slipped from the kitchen, winking to the two of them on her way out. Jughead sighed and flipped the pancake in the pan in front of him.

    “She is going to have to learn everything all over again.” Archie said worriedly, cutting up the apple that was on the board. Jughead sat there in silence for a few minutes, trying to think of something to say that would hopefully make Archie less worried. Archie was right of course, school was going to be a pain in the ass for the poor girl if she doesn’t get her memories back, which the doctor had predicted she wouldn’t.

     There is so much that Y/N did before that she has no idea how to do now, would she even be the same person? Jughead shook himself from that thought, of course she would be the same person, you can’t change someone’s personality. Your personality sticks with you, its molded by the things that you grew up with and the things that have happened to you, but Y/N didn’t remember any of that. At this moment in time, all she knew was the jackass doctor and the three people in this house not including her. The things she would know is being interrogated by police, being tracked down and hunted by serpents, and constantly being protected by people she didn’t know. She already felt vulnerable enough, what if it gets worse? What if it gets to the point where she starts to rebel in an attempt to feel less vulnerable, to feel in control. Her life to her is now a blank slate, her personality could completely alter, and the girl he fell in love with could be no more. What was he going-

    “Jughead! You’re burning the pancake!” Fred called, snapping him out of his thoughts.

    “Oh shit, sorry.” He quickly picked the pancake up with the spatula and placed it on the stack.

    “Are you okay?” Fred asked, watching as Jugheads face contorted, and he could tell the gears in his head were turning.

    “And did you even hear what I said?” Archie asked. Jughead sighed and ran his hand through his beanie free hair.

    “I’m fine, and yes I did hear you. Don’t worry Archie, look how quickly she picked up on pancake making, I’m sure she’ll learn everything else quickly as well.” Jughead said. “I have faith in her.”

    “Yeah, but that was making a pancake, that’s something five year-olds can do. Its easy. What about everything else? She’s going to be so overwhelmed.” Archie argued.

    “She’ll be okay, she was a smart girl and I’m sure she still is. If anyone can figure this stuff out, she can. She isn’t as helpless as everyone seems to think, just because she doesn’t remember much doesn’t mean she cant take care of herself.” Jughead concluded, trying his best to end the conversation.

    “Jugheads got a point Arch, she will be just fine. She will be staying with us for awhile though because I don’t trust that she’ll be safe on her own in her apartment.” Fred said, grabbing the orange juice out of the fridge and placing it on the table.

    “Okay.” Archie sighed. He was just worried about one of his best friends, and he was scared that things were going to change drastically with her, he had a gut feeling. He pushed it down though, deciding that he was outnumbered in his worries and that maybe he was just over-reacting. Although he wasn’t aware that Jughead and Fred feel the same way. Jughead turned the stove off and made his way out to the living room to check on Y/N, she had been far too quiet for far too long.

    “Y/N?” he asked, turning the corner to find her on the couch laying down. “You alright?” he asked, walking towards the girl. He heard a sniffle and worry set it. He knelt down by the couch in front of the crying girl, staring down at her face and playing with her hair. “Hey, come on, you can talk to me. What’s going on?”

    “I’m alright.” she whispered and he rolled his eyes.

    “You’re still a terrible liar.” he teased and she grinned. “Seriously though, are you okay?” he asked. She sat up and crossed her legs, staring down at her fidgeting hands.

    “I’m alright, to be honest I’m just a little scared. I heard you guys talking, what if I don’t remember Jug? I don’t even remember how we met, or where I came from, and apparently I have an apartment? Where are my parents, where are yours? Whats my favourite colour, what do I like to eat, I don’t know any of this!” she said, her voice shaking and cracking.

    “Woah, breathe.” Jughead tried to sooth, taking her hands into his. “We met when we were very little, I don’t even remember how we met so don’t feel bad. You come from Riverdale, and yes you have an apartment. Its your own because your parents left you about a year back, they said you were too much to handle and you were glad to leave because they were constantly at eachothers throats. My parents aren’t any better, my dad is an alcoholic and my mom took my sister and left, and I miss those two every day. My dad is still around though, but I don’t live with him, I cant really stand to be around him. I moved out a few months ago and I lived at the Drive In, although you probably don’t remember it. It was our favourite place to hang out and watch movies together. We would be up all night watching movies and joking around, stuffing our faces with popcorn and soda pop, it was nice until it got torn down.”

    “After the Drive In was torn down, I lived at school until you found out and you tried to get me to move in with you but I refused. I didn’t want to be a burden so you and your stubborn and caring self took my matters into your own hands and told Fred, who forced me to live with him. At first I was a little mad, but now I’m thankful for it, you always have my back and I don’t know what I would do without you. You and I both have been betrayed time and time again, but we have never betrayed eachother which is probably why we are so close.” he explained, and Y/N nodded her head listened.

    “I’m sorry Juggie.” She said, reaching out and wrapping her arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, relishing in the moment.

    “Don’t be. Its not your fault, everything good that’s happened these past few months have been because of you, and I don’t know how I can ever thank you.” he said. She pulled away from him and sat back down on the couch.

    “Fred seems nice, I like him.” She said softly, and Jughead chuckled.

    “He seems to be the only good parent in this town.” Jughead agreed, looking over to the kitchen door to find him and Archie quietly watching. Fred gave him a small smile, and Jughead smiled back. “He is always there for us kids when we need him, he is definitely trustworthy.”

    “Alright.” She said quietly. Jughead looked down at her and smiled.

    “Oh, and your favourite color is (Y/F/C) and your favourite food is (Y/F/F).” he quickly added, earning a giggle from the (Y/H/C) haired girl.

    “Alright you two, its time for breakfast. Jughead and Archie are going to be late for school if they don’t hustle.” Fred called, and Y/N jumped off the couch, making her way to the kitchen. Jughead and Archie walked in first, but Y/N pulled Fred aside.

    “Thank you.” She said, and he smiled at her.

    “You’re very welcome.” He said, patting her arm. “I’ve known you since you were little, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

    “I appreciate it.” she pulled him into a hug, and she quickly pulled away and made her way into the kitchen. Jughead and Archie were eating, talking and laughing and Y/N took a seat in between them. “Move it you two, I want to sit in between of my two favourite people.”

    The three of them ate and talked for the remainder of breakfast, Jughead and Y/N playing footsie under the table. When breakfast was done, the two boys picked up their backpacks and got ready to leave, and there was a ring of the doorbell. Y/N tensed up, and hid in the hall as Jughead opened the door, but a blonde-haired girl she barely remembered to be named Betty walked into the house.

    “Hey you two.” She said. “Did you guys hear, Y/N wasn’t in the hospital this morning, she had checked herself out and no one has seen her since. Everyone is worried sick, I’ve been crying all morning.” Jughead and Archie laughed nervously.

    “About that…” Jughead said, and Y/N stepped out of the hall.

    “Betty right?” she asked quietly, and the blonde dropped her backpack and ran up to her.

    “Oh my god! You’re alright!” she exclaimed, wrapping her arms around the girl.

    “I am.” Y/N said, laughing as she wrapped her arms around the blonde as well. Betty pulled back and stared happily at Y/N.

    “You’re up and walking and you’re okay and ahh!” she exclaimed. “Why didn’t you tell me you checked yourself out and you were alright?” she asked. Y/N shrugged, nervously shifting on her feet.

    “I didn’t even know I was coming here, I kind of just walked and ended up here by chance. I also don’t really remember anything about you.” Y/N mumbled quietly, and Betty’s face fell.

    “Oh yeah, I keep forgetting.” Betty said, clearing her throat. Everyone in the room could tell she was choking back tears, and Archie spoke out.

    “We should probably be heading to school.” Betty nodded her head quickly, sniffling and wiping a stray tear from her face.

    “Betty, are you okay? I’m sorry-”

    “Don’t worry about it Y/N,  it’s not your fault. I’m sorry about what happened to you, and I know that you’ll remember soon.” Betty said cheerily as a cover for her sadness. She picked up her backpack and walked to the door.

    “Y/N, we’ll be back soon. How about you come to Pops with us after school, I’ll come pick you up?” Archie suggested, and Y/N nodded her head slowly.

    “Okay.” she replied, trying to swallow the lump in her throat. “Have a great day guys.”

    “You too.” Archie said, opening the door and waving. Jughead jogged over and smiled at her, to which she did her best to return. Jughead wrapped his arms around the girl, burying his head into her neck.

    “You’ll be okay. If you need anything just text me.” he whispered in her ear as he pulled away. She just nodded her head and leaned up, wanting to feel something that made her happy, Jugheads lips on her own. He smiled in the kiss, realizing that this was the first time since her accident that she initiated a kiss.

    “I will.” she promised. Jughead picked his backpack up from the ground and walked to the door, turning to give one last smile to the girl. “I love you.” she called as the door closed, and she heard no response. She quietly made her way to the kitchen and started picking up breakfast, leaving a plate out for Fred. After everything was put away, she sat at the table and slumped over, her head resting on her folded arms.

    “You all good, kiddo?” Fred asked, making his way to the coffee machine. She quickly shot up, looking over to the man.

    “I’m fine.” she mumbled, sighing and then yawning and rubbing her eyes.

    “Tired?” he asked, and she nodded. “Want some coffee?”

    “I don’t know.” she shrugged, playing with her hands. Fred took a mug out of the cupboard and poured some coffee in it, placing it on front of her.

    “You might not like this, so if this is too bitter for you then tell me and I can fix it.” he said, nodding down to the cup. She reluctantly took the mug in her hands and brought the hot liquid up to her lips. She took a sip and quickly placed the cup down.

    “Oh, no. Please fix it!” she exclaimed, shivers coursing through her. Fred chuckled and grabbed creamed out of the fridge, pouring it into the coffee, stirring it, and handing it back to Y/N. She looked at the mug that was now filled with a light colour liquid and she brought it up to her lips again, this time taking a long drink.

    “Much better.” she said, taking another long drink.

    “I’m glad.” Fred chuckled, taking a seat at the table as well and Y/N pushed over his plate of breakfast.

    “Eat up. I made you a plate before I put stuff away.” Fred took a fork in his hand and dug in, closing his eyes and leaning back in his chair.

    “Archie and you did a good job on this.” he remarked, taking another bite.

    “Thank you.”

    “you’ve been excused from school until they figure out what to do with you, so that leaves us with what to do with you here. What are your plans for today?” Fred asked, and Y/N thought for a second.

    “I don’t really have any. To not get dragged back to the hospital I guess.” she mumbled.

    “Stay out of trouble and that won’t be too much of a problem.” he teased. “And be careful walking, you’re quite a clumsy person.” Y/N grinned and rolled her eyes.

    “Okay dad.” she joked, and Fred froze. Y/N noticed and she felt her stomach drop. “I mean-I was just joking…I thought that’s what people said.” she stuttered, hoping she hadn’t freaked him out to the point he’d make her leave.

    “No, it’s alright Y/N, I promise.” he said, putting his fork down and turning to better face the girl. “If it’s any conciliation, I think of you as a daughter. I’ve known you practically your whole life and you don’t exactly have a family to take care of you, that’s why I do it. I’m really sorry about your parents, I tried to talk sense into them but they just don’t listen to reason and didn’t understand how fucked up it was to just abandon-”

    “It’s okay, I don’t remember it anyways.” she brushed it off, giving a light chucked. Fred gave a saddened smile.

    “Yeah. I guess so.” he mumbled, looking at the time. He stood from the stool quickly, grabbing the things he needed for work and rushed to the door. Y/N got up and followed and watched.

    “I’ll be home soon, have a good day. Anything in the fridge or pantry is fair game, okay?” he said, opening the door. She nodded her head.

    “You have a good day too.” she called as she left, shutting the door behind him. Once the door shut Y/N ran a hand over her face, sighing heavily and making her way back into the kitchen. She leaned against a counter and her eyes roamed the room. Her eyes lazily caught a glimpse of what looked to be a picture of a young girl on the front of a newspaper in the recycling, and she took it out.

    “Young Girl Solves Local Case And Consequences Follow.” she read, looking more closely at the photo. “Oh my god. That’s me.” she quickly scanned the page, her head racing too much to fully read it. She slammed the paper down on the counter, trying to take deep breathes to calm herself down.  

    “Chill the fuck out Y/N, you’re a wreck.” she muttered. No one had really talked to her about what happened, she didn’t even know the simplest details on the case she supposedly solved, reading this could shed light to what happened to her. She could figure out who turned her life around, who took the past 16 years from her. Slowly, she picked the paper back up.

    “Sophomore at Riverdale High School, Y/N. Y/L/N  recently solved the murder of Jason Blossom, another sophomore who was found dead last summer. After recording a conversation she overheard at the Blossoms residence, she soon made it home where she sent the video to Sheriff Kellers son. Unfortunately, she was spotted and tracked by Southside Serpents, who are now also under investigation, at her apartment where her and her boyfriend Forsythe Pendleton the Third, better known as Jughead Jones were taking shelter. Jones and Y/L/N hid in a closet in hopes to avoid being spotted, but they were found, Jughead Jones being thrown across the room and knocked unconscious and Y/N  Y/L/N being taken out to her balcony and thrown off. By some miracle, the girl survived with her only injuries being a concussion, a few broke bones and most unfortunately, amnesia. She woke up and has no memory of the incident that took place, or anything before that. We are wishing her a quick recovery and we thank her for her sacrifice.” Y/N read the paper out loud, dropping the paper to the floor when she was done. She stumbled back into the counter and stood there numb. It was only until she felt her face wet that she realized she was crying, and she slowly walked to the living room, laying on the couch.

    “We would like to thank her for her sacrifice.” she scoffed, anger now setting in. “It wasn’t a sacrifice I wanted to make, and now look at me! I didn’t even know the town where I lived was Riverdale! Who the hell is Jason, and was he worth this?” she exclaimed, tears spilling from her eyes. South side Serpents… she thought to herself.They’re the ones responsible for this.

    “I’m going to get those sons of bitches and I’m going to make them pay.” she growled, standing from her seat on the couch and making her way to the office. She opened the door and got on the computer, opening whatever search engine was first available and typed in Southside Serpents Riverdale. An address for a bar popped up and she quickly scribbled it on a piece of paper.

    “They don’t know what’s coming.”

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Help Each Other

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Description: You’re on We Got Married with Taeyong PT.4

Warning: None

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Mr. and Mrs. Lee,
You have managed to go two weeks of your marriage without cooking together.
Good couples cook together.
Your goal for today, is to make a lovely meal together together.
Help each other, give tips to one another, learn together.
WGM Crew

After having found the note left on the kitchen table, Taeyong showed it to you when you finally crawled out of bed, and sluggishly stumbled into the kitchen for your coffee, as you did every morning.
“I guess we’re making breakfast together?” Taeyong scratched his head, reading through the note once more just in case he missed something in his sleepy state.
“Looks like it.” You yawned, stretching with a groan and a pleased sigh when your back cracked.
“Just do something small? Eggs, bacon, pancakes?” He suggested, going over to start the coffee maker. You had only been living together for a short time, but he already knew you might as well be a corpse helping him cook unless you had coffee first. Once you had your coffee in you, you dug through the fridge,pulling out the eggs, bacon, and milk while Taeyong gathered the flour and such for pancakes.
“Scrambled?” You asked, glancing at him before cracking a few eggs in a bowl.
“Yes please.”
Humming in response, you picked up a fork, and began breaking up the yolks. A heartbeat later, you nearly jumped out of your skin when Taeyong’s warm arms slipped around your waist, tugging you back against his front, and placing his hand over yours, slowly helping you beat the eggs. A moment later, he paused your combined movements. Resting his chin on your shoulder, he leaned his head against yours, eyes closed, with a light smile dusted on his lips. In a quick, fluid motion, he turned his head and placed his lips against your cheek, missing the corner of your mouth by mere millimeters. Pulling back, he almost laughed at how quickly your cheeks had flushed bright red.
“Good morning, jagi.”

WGM Question Time
Q: Why did you hold your wife like that? Kiss her?

Taeyong: “I thought sh-I mean, she’s too cute to resist. Would you be able to resist your jagi when she’s just wearing pajamas and messy haired? She’s just adorable when she’s sleepy…I couldn’t help it…”

WGM Question Time
Q: How did you feel when your husband held you for the first time? And kissed you?

You: “It completely surprised me. It was early, and we were trying to complete a couple mission, I didn’t expect him to…do that…this soon…but I’m not complaining…”

Holiday Present HxH headcanons for the main 4 +Alluka!

- Leorio notices Kurapika looking at a sweater often. So one night while Pika is out he runs to get the sweater
- when they open gifts they decide to open them at the same time
- they got each other the same thing
- they begin laughing and the kids are like “What’s going on” until they see what it is
- they both change into the sweaters and it’s rly cute and they watch the boys give each other their gifts
- Killua gets Gon a new outfit (bc literally he only changes his outfit like 3 times)
- Killua gets new shoes and chocobots from Gon and he immediately plans on what he’s gonna wear them with that day
- he loves his shoes
- Alluka gets a dress from Killu and some hair clips from Gon and she’s so happy she’s just hugging everyone
- the Dads™ get Killua a 50 pound basketball to go with his extra yo-yo’s
- Leorio then gives a lecture on safety and Killua is DONE
- Gon gets a new fishing rod bc it hasn’t shown up for a while
- so the kids make Pika and Leo cover their eyes so they can bring in their presents
- they could smell the eggs baking but they pretended not to notice
- they bring in a big breakfast and it smells good
- Alluka wanted to learn to make food bc she was getting tired of her brothers junk food so she asked Gon to help her learn
- Killua got wanted to help too cause that’s HIS PARENTS TOO
- they make chocolate pancakes for everyone and made sure Leorio’s was shaped like a giant band aid
- he was so proud
- and Killua called up Milluki and asked if he could find some Kurta recipes for Pika’s breakfast
- it took a while but they found the ingredients
- Kurapika was in happy tears
- he hadn’t had that food in so long
- at first they were worried but then realized he was just excited to eat the food again
- they all ate a really good breakfast and then went to go visit their friends and drop off their gifts for them
-they went back home and watched some cheesy movie by the fire with some hot chocolate

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Hc about Bakugo babysitting children for some reason (cause I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to do it by his own free will xD)? That'd be cute

Bakugou would be a good babysitter, but on the other hand really not.

•Why did he agree to this?
•What. The. Fuck.
•His mom forced him to do this
•He is actually pretty good at it
•The kids are kinda scared at him, but it just turns into a game of tag or hide and seek
•When the parents come home the children’s vocabulary has increased
•They can all curse now
•The kids kept telling Bakugou to “not to use the bad words”
•Didn’t work out so well
•He makes them pancakes or something
•If they go to a park, he is so fucking protective
•Like if some strangers gets close to the kids, he will kick ass
•He will make sure the kids aren’t bullied (even though he was and is a bully)
•Doesn’t remember the kids’ names, and wouldn’t bother to learn them
•Just calls them by some weird nicknames
•Would let the play any video game or watch a horror movie if they wanted
•Take a wild guess if he gets to babysit for this family again
•Probably no
•But the kids really like him

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Can you do a Dating Shaun Murphy list?

▪Shaun constantly giving you check-ups to make sure you are okay. He’s always worried about your well being, making sure you get enough sleep and eat enough.
▪Being one of the few people he will actually touch in a non-medical setting. While intimacy isn’t his strong point, whether it be emotional or physical, he tries his best with you.
▪Making chocolate chip pancakes for him every morning.
▪Routine. He knows your schedule from front to back just like you know his.
▪Shaun showing you he loves you in his own way like small touches, here and there or giving you flowers. Sometimes he asks Dr. Glassman for advice.
▪Animals! You have at least 2 fur babies.
▪TELEVISION. Lots of literal Netflix and Chill.
▪Medical lectures. It’s cool though because you learn a lot!


Okay, so I’ve tried to post this 3x, but every time it keeps reformatting 🙄 hopefully this is the last time

Also, this is my first time writing headcanons, so let’s see how this goes!


~ You always wake up in a mountain of covers

~ Steve is an early riser, so he likes to bundle you up in the bedsheets so that you’re still warm without him

~ He loves to make breakfast for the both of you

~ “You gonna eat those pancakes, Rogers?”

~ “Well I guess not, now.”

~Watching the daily news is a must

~ Coffee’s in hand, you both slump on the couch and learn what’s going on in the world

~ He’ll occasionally talk about what it was like before he became a super soldier

~ Sometimes he busts out the old sketchbook

~ He loves to draw you when you’re in your pj’s, hair poking out at odd angles, while you flip through the tv channels

~ On days where Steve isn’t busy, you never just lounge around

~ These days include cleaning, grocery shopping, and doing laundry

~ Steve likes to watch you dance as you vacuum the apartment

~ “I’ve never seen more beautiful dancing, doll. Really.”

~ “Don’t mock me.”

~ Steve likes to sing in the shower. Loudly

~ Surprisingly, he doesn’t sound too bad, but it’s still comical

~ You take videos and send them to the rest of the Avengers

~ “Tony called me ‘American Idol’ today, and I have no clue what that means.”

~ You and Steve alternate nights on who cooks

~ On Steve’s nights he always tries to go all out

~ This usually results with a few cuts and beeping smoke alarms

~ “I thought we’d try something more…..Cajun?”

~ At the end of the meal, you both are an unstoppable dishwashing and drying combo

~ Showers are never sexual, just relaxing and soothing

~ Steve just stares lovingly at you as you try to rinse all of the shampoo out of his hair

~ When it comes time for bed, you both like to cuddle up and turn on an old film as you drift off to sleep

~ Steve tries, and fails, to fall asleep after you

~ You stay awake just a bit longer just to see all of the little lines of tension ease from his face

~ Somehow, you always end up scooped up on Steve’s chest when you wake up

thirty days of skam fic: day eleven
aka even tries to teach isak to cook

beginning. accusation. restless. leaves. rainbow. flame. formal. under. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. cans. order. thanks. look. summer. transformation. tremble. tent. mad. thousand. paper. winter. luxury. letters. promise. simple. future.


“The first rule of cooking,” Even says, looking Isak very seriously in the eyes and handing him a spatula, “Is to always be prepared for anything.”

Isak blinks. He accepts the spatula, but considering they aren’t even stood in the kitchen yet, he’s not particularly sure what he’s supposed to do with it.

“I feel like that’s not the first rule of cooking. Isn’t the first rule of cooking probably something to do with not giving people food poisoning or chopping your finger off with a meat knife or something?”

Even shakes his head, rather disapprovingly, as he starts to back the two feet into their tiny kitchen.

“Nope! It’s the being prepared thing,” he insists. Isak, huffing for a moment, follows him to the kitchen.

The thing is, Even likes to act like he’s this master chef.  His dad’s a really good cook – Isak can attest to that, from every Bech Naesheim family dinner he’s attended by this point – and Even picked up a few tricks from him.  Between the two of them, Even is the one who knows things like how to make homemade soup and how to crack an egg with one hand and how to bake pretty decent cupcakes without measuring your ingredients.  But if that was the only criteria to make someone a master of the culinary arts, it would be a very low bar indeed.  And Even is still really just a twenty year old boy who only recently left home; he’s not immune to burning toast, and he has to google most of his recipes, and he has a frankly reckless grasp of how to use spices.  There’s no need to exaggerate.

Isak adores when Even cooks for him, of course.  Most of the time that Isak’s had to cook for himself – which is pretty much since his dad left, since his mum was in no state to look after him at that point – he’s relied on instant noodles and cheese toast and bags of Doritos.  But he thinks that Even claiming he’s going to train Isak up to be a kitchen genius is a little bit of an overstatement.  

But Even had sounded so excited when he suggested it, so Isak could hardly say no.  Their kitchen is technically a hallway and is barely big enough for two people to stand in, but Isak hovers in front of the fridge anyway, still holding the spatula aimlessly and watching Even turn on the oven.

“Okay, kitchen master,” he says, rolling his eyes when Even shoots him a rather pleased look, like he doesn’t think that was sarcasm.  “What are you gonna teach me to make?”

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gingeremoji  asked:

Okay but consider this: dex and nursey don't have that angry sexual tension kiss like people always think they would, they slowly grow from not being able to stand each other to being best friends and are so completely comfortable with each other that they always just want to be in the others presence even if they're just sitting in the same room on their laptops working on their own hw. Their first kiss is actually when they're both watching a movie together and it's soft and gentle and quiet.

  • ok so they’re not at ransom and holster’s level with how comfortable they are but as they start getting closer, they learn things
  • dex learns that the best way to help nursey when he’s super stressed and anxious is to sit away from him and talk about your day - it allows him to concentrate on something other than his anxiety without having to actively think about distracting himself
  • nursey learns that dex likes to keep his problems to himself (until someone really probes into the subject) but he has no problem listening and solving other people’s problems (nursey chalks this up to dex having a shit ton of time for his siblings but never himself)
  • they also learn stupid shit about each other like how nursey always makes emoji pancakes when he has a hangover because that’s what his moms taught him and how dex’s favourite movie is 100% monsters inc because the first time he watched it, he thought sully would never see boo and ended up crying so hard (in his defence he was just a kid)
  • that’s how they end up watching monsters inc in dex’s dorm one night, just the two of them. 
  • they’d invited chowder because recently it had gotten really awkward between the two of them (mostly because they both thought their crushes were unrequited) but he had a date with farmer and neither wanted to be that asshole who backed out
  • they were sitting against the headboard with the laptop in the middle watching the movie when dex leaned his head on nursey’s shoulder and instead of stiffening like he thought he would, nursey wraps an arm around dex’s shoulders and kisses him lightly on the head
  • obviously dex feels this and looks up at nursey who looks really embarrassed because holy shit now he has to explain his crush on dex to dex and this is all a goddamn mess.
  • and that’s when it happens
  • the tension is so thick between them and the two of them are moving forward, knowing fully what is going to happen once they get close enough 
  • their first kiss is a hesitant one, it’s soft and gentle and it doesn’t really lead to much but nursey carries on stealing kisses from dex throughout the entire movie with a smile on his face

I have recently become addicted to Magica being a tsundere motherly figure to the boys and it is extremely bothering so I’m gonna make this AU where Magica somehow ends up living with the boys, maybe as a form of kidnapping or a ransom for the Number One Dime, not sure about the details yet.


Though she’d never admit it, Magica has a soft spot for the eldest triplet moreso than the other two. He’d spend days in her library devouring books of spells and chemistry, asking for advice on how to properly brew potions and as expected, he’d end up with the best results out of the flock. Huey immediately showed a genuine love for the supernatural and the unexplained despite also being the first to look for ways out or ways to communicate with their family. His inability to lie often gives away his plans quickly, as well as the ever vigilant eye of Ratface.

At times he does stare at his Junior Woodchuck Guidebook and wonder how the troop is doing without him back in Duckburg. He’s the most open on how much he misses his family, Uncle Donald, Uncle Scrooge, Webby, he knows how much they must be worried for his and his siblings’ sake and although he’s having a great time learning new things, he doesn’t want to be selfish and keep on living like this. On his worst days it’s likely that Magica might cook a few pancakes or bring sweets home from her ingredient shopping, not because of him of course : she’s just tired of eating the same old stuff everyday.

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Cherry Wine (1/?)

Set a couple of months after Emma and Killian get married, the marriage has completely devolved and Emma starts to realise she’s a victim of domestic abuse. She tries to break free to where she know’s she’s safe. Warning: Abuse of all kinds. Anti-CaptainSwan, Anti-Hook.

FF (X)

Emma didn’t notice the change.

It crept upon her like a monster creeping under the bed, the change happened upon the two of them in a synced dance for power, and slowly Emma lost everything whereas he gained all. She had been in love, she was in love, true love… wasn’t she?


She heard the door slam, she wasn’t sure if it was the actual smell or the memory of it which made her knew that he smelt like a distillery, not just his alcohol of choice he was no longer fussy with liquor he would take any. She felt her heart quicken as he walked up the stairs, his boots slamming down hard on the wood, she wasn’t sure if he was just drunk or was angrily drunk.

She heard him calling her name as he got up the stairs.

“Mrs Jones.”

She pretended to be asleep.


Emma stood in the kitchen making pancakes. It was something she was trying her hardest to learn, cooking, she had never excelled at it – her parents had tried to teach her when she had lived with them, she had never really excelled at it and had been known to be able to burn water. But she tried. She wanted to be able to do something to contribute to their household, Henry spent most of his time with his friends or at Regina’s so often she would just be alone in the house, turning down offers to see people became second nature to her

“I, erm… I thought that I might go to my parents’ house tomorrow.” She said pleasantly. She held her breath. The air as always was intoxicating, the smell of alcohol and her attempts at cooking, she could feel herself chocking on it, slowly.


That was it, no explanation, Emma hadn’t realised she was asking permission, but apparently she was. “It’s just my mom invited me, and I haven’t seen her in ages, and I figured I could probably help my dad out on his farm, not that I know the first thing about farming… I know you’re busy with work and now neither he nor I are at the station I figured…-”

That was another thing she thought in the back of her mind he had slowly convinced her to give up the sheriff position, which had fallen to her deputy to fill. He had convinced her at first she needed some time off, to relax after all the craziness which had happened in her life over the past couple of years. He had been her knight in shining armour. That time off had slowly lengthened she had demoted herself to deputy when he pointed out that she was extremely rusty after her time off. She had taken herself off from work completely when he had announced to their, her, family at a dinner one day while smiling down at her little brother that they’d be trying for their own child soon enough. That had blind sighted Emma, they had toyed around with the idea to the extent that he had strongly encouraged her to talk to Henry about it,

“Aye, and I said no!” He shouted, he spilt some of the rum he was pouring into a hip flask and growled in frustration, he didn’t notice his wife cower as he did, even if he had seen would he care?
Probably not, he wasn’t a morning person.
He stood up and strode towards her. He towered over her and raised his hand to point towards her face, he didn’t miss her flinch that time, he just didn’t care. He pointed at her busted lip and the yellow and green fusion of a bruise which was fading around it.
“You think I don’t know that you’re trying to push me away? What do you think Dave and Snow would say if they saw you like this? They wouldn’t understand! We’re not like them, we’re not heroes, we might have been once before you turned to the darkness and sucked me in with you…” He trailed off deliberately. He placed his hand on her cheek and held tight, forcing her to look at him. “They don’t get us, Emma Jones,” he smiled when he said her name, it had taken him so long to win her, “they don’t get that this was both of our fault.”

Emma found herself nodding her head. She gave him a smile which didn’t meet her eyes. He was right. “I know, I’m sorry, I won’t go. I love you.” But those three words sounded like a question. So, she pulled him into a kiss, it was always a good distraction technique, plus he had to get to work so the kiss wouldn’t be able to turn into anything else.

Killian finally pulled back with a smile, he hadn’t noticed that Emma hadn’t been the one to pull away out of fear, she had simply tried to outlast him, she hadn’t enjoyed it, but what did that have to do with him? He picked up her phone from the counter. “I’ll let your mother know you can’t make it, that you’re ill,” he used his hook to brush one of the purple bags under her eyes, “you should get some rest you look tired.”

He slipped the phone into his pocket and left with it.

It might have been an accident, he might have thought it was his cell phone, and he was simply going to ring her mother, he didn’t mean to leave with her phone. It could have been an accident.

It wasn’t.

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Friends With Benefits (Part 4) - Taehyung x Reader

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Taehyung

Genre : smut, FWB, cheating, jealousy, affair.

Word Count : 3K

Description : having a friend with benefits despite being in a relationship? not a good idea, right?

previous : part III | next : part V


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