and he's just like...learn to make pancakes

Being Bucky’s Valentine Would Include...


[warnings] mentions of smut.

[a/n] happy valentine’s day. and to those that don’t like the holiday because it makes them feel lonely, just remember that there’s more than romantic love and i could always be ur valentine if you want. ily.

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Being Bucky’s Valentine Would Include…

  • He would go all out, trust me on this.
  • Homeboy would be up on Pinterest and everything.
  • He would make you pancakes to surprise you in bed when you woke up and he would learn how to carve the strawberries into roses.
  • When you got back from training or whatever he would have the whole shabang put together.
  • One of those giant teddy bears that’s bigger than you, like 100 roses, and a lot of chocolate.
  • And you’re not a terrible girlfriend, so you would give him your gift.
  • You would probably take a lot of pictures and post them everywhere.
  • It would be really cheesy because the lights would be dim and there would be candles and there would be a tablecloth on the coffee table and a box of pizza and wings waiting in front of the TV, where you would watch a rom-com.
  • But, Bucky you hate 13 Going on 30.
  • I know, but I know that you love it.
  • He would totally buy you tons from Victoria’s Secret, insisting that you model them for him ;).
  • There’d be a card attached to the gifts and it would literally be the smoothest thing ever written and it would take up the entire space on the card.
  • Y’all would just chill all night eating pizza and wings and all 30 of the giant boxes of chocolate boxes he got you.
  • He’d be super proud that he planned the whole evening without any help.
  • You would probably start crying because he’s just so great, and he would panic because he did not expect that.
  • Wow, I thought that you’d be happier about all this, he’d joke.
  • It would ultimately be the cheesiest but best night ever.

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Days With Him

REQUESTED BY ANON: Hi!Can I have a sisfic where the reader is kevins girlfriend (like 18y/o) and just make some cute scenes with a lot of fluff? Maybe also something like she got kidnaped and totured and after she gets back he makes sure she’s feeling alright? Thanks💕

“Kevin!” You whine burying your head in the pillow.

Kevin laughs, he is used to this, every morning it is a war to get you up. Though, he learned a few tricks.

“Come on, (Y/N)” Kevin says lying beside you “I promise that I’ll make you some pancakes”.

You look up at him a smile on your face.


“Really” he nodded.

“I’m up!”

You jump out of bed and open your door, but before you can get out, Kevin stops you.

“Maybe you should put pants on and a more suitable shirt, your brothers are here”.


You grab your clothes from the floor, dressing up so quickly that you put your shirt upside down. You run out the room, but notice that Kevin is not following. So, you go back to the room.

“Kevin! Come on”.

He takes a step towards you and gives you a kiss.

“I want pancakes” you mumble.

“Well this is how you pay for it”.

Kevin has a hard time working on the tablet. Especially when he is so tired and sees you asleep on the bed next to you.

He watches you, finding it cute how you look so peaceful in your sleep. He had to deal with you and the nightmares when they thought Dean was dead. Though, he was sent to purgatory. You had a big fight with Sam, and he left to live normal. You were left alone until Kevin found you.

Kevin finally decides that his eyes can’t stay open much longer. He takes his pants off and joins you in bed. As a reflex, you snuggle closer, you cheek on his chest.

“I love you” he whispered kissing your head “I love you so much”.

You are a hunter and a Winchester, what makes you a victim to danger.

And this is what happened. You got kidnapped by a bunch of demons that wanted to know where Kevin and the tablet was.  

Your older brothers saved you, just in time. You got cut up, beaten… tortured.

They brought you back and cleaned your wounds. Kevin never left your side since you got back. He just sits there, on a chair next to you. He blames himself because the demons were searching for him.

You got hurt because of him.

“Kevin” Dean called out from the door of the room “she’s gonna be okay. It’s late, and you look worn out”.

“No” he shakes his head “I want to be here when she wakes up”.

“Dean’s right” Sam said, walking next to his brother “she just needs a lot of rest”.

Kevin shakes his head again.

Sam and Dean look at each other and decide to leave you two alone.

It is only a few hours later, as Kevin was falling asleep that he hears your weak voice calling his name.


Kevin sits up and grabs your hand, which you tightly SERT.

“Oh, baby” he sighs relieved “how are you feeling? You need something? Does something hurt? Want me to-”

“I’m fine, Kevin” you smile slightly “I want you to come to bed with me… I missed you”.

Kevin doesn’t have to be told twice. He gently lays beside you, making sure he doesn’t hurt you.

“I’m sorry” he whispered playing with your hair.


“Because I know that they took you to know where I am. Sam and Dean told me, I’m so sorry”.

“It’s not your fault” you assured him “I got worst. I’m just happy I’m here with you”.

“I promise I will protect you” Kevin said “I love you way too much to lose you”.

He places his lips on yours and kisses you, before you both fall asleep.

OK SO I THOUGHT OF A SAD THING WHILE WRITING A REPLY FOR @lotusfated​ ( wow an angst thing?? while writing??? with rena???? never ). SO?? ren & nora became orphans pretty quick. nora was obviously under fed when she first found ren, and i can just imagine little bby ren learning to cook for her. maybe he helped his mom or some chefs in the town cook so he knew basics but just imAGINE as they make out a living him learning new techniques through experience, staying up late in libraries to find recipes, trying what she does like and doesn’t ( and lets be honest she’s probably a pretty easy critique as long as its not that fukn lake slime juice ), getting his face all messy and nora peaking over her shoulder. she tried to help once, it went terribly, she helps in other ways instead. and i JUST HNnn. ok. the first time he makes her pancakes her eyes just LIGHT. UP. with this pure, unadulterated happiness, and he just has to take a second. thanks. goodbye.