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I like to imagine that when Figaro gets drunk, he becomes really cuddly with people he's close to, so Salem will try to be there every damn time, just to have some Figaro cuddles

Unfortunately, there would be cuddles, but they would not the pleasant kind. When Fig gets drunk enough that he loses his inhibitions, he is a very sad drunk, prone to weeping and melancholy.

  • APH Luxembourg: What'd she do, get you drunk?
  • APH Netherlands: No, we just, uh, well... we — we did drink a little bit. How'd you know that?
  • APH Luxembourg: Because that's what she said she'd do. I said you wouldn't give her the money, and she said, "He will if I get him drunk." Probably because she thinks you're a cheap bastard. Oh... her words.
So a couple theories against the whole Evil Morty being the Rick's original Morty theory

First, the memory of Rick seeing baby Morty could be one of two other things. Given his honest attachment to Morty and the fact that something compelled him to go back in the first place, it wouldn’t surprise me if he used the goggles from Ricksty Minutes to periodically check in on a Rick who never left Beth. He’d get drunk and portal somewhere isolated to see the life he left behind and at least know a slice of a better life was still out there somewhere in the multiverse. Otherwise, I could see him randomly portaling home when he knew the coast was clear to get his fix of family and remind him why he was doing whatever else it was doing and grew fond of watching Morty grow up.

Secondly, we dont know how the portal gun works, but based on how we’ve seen it used, it gets opens a portal to specific dimension in the multiverse. So, even though we’ve seen the Ricks look skeptical when Morty said he’s C-137 in Close Encounters of the Rick Kind, in The Rickshank Redemption they dig up the old Rick and his portal gun and since Morty is convinced he’s Earth C-137 he takes Summer back to the world they Kronenberged. If he wasn’t C-137 morty he would’ve wound up in a totally different universe, because he doesn’t believe he’s anything else. I may be off, but I feel like there’s some holes in the more widely proposed Evil Morty theories out there, and that would be a pretty lame twist all in all.

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What are they like when drunk?

2p Italy: He can’t stop hugging people. He’ll try to get someone to carry him around and he’ll suddenly become very ditsy and touchy-feely.

2p Germany: This man has very high alcohol-tolerance and takes pride in it. However, he becomes very loud and angry when he’s drunk. He’s the kind of guy that gets into bar fights.

2p Japan: He doesn’t change very much when he’s drunk. He might be more quiet, but nothing really changes about him.

2p Prussia: He becomes unusually quiet and just sits there. His pupils become huge and he can’t function. This boy can’t stand alcohol very well.

2p Romano: Flavio becomes very loud when he’s drunk. He becomes irritated rather quickly but not as bad as Siegfried.

2p Spain: Doesn’t change very much, but he might ramble more than he usually does. He would talk about pointless things that doesn’t make sense.

2p Seborga: He becomes very emotional when he drunk. He’ll cry easily and frankly, it’s hilarious.

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give me Jewish hc of the entire justice League ( well the main 6 anyway djajahhd )

  • if you don’t think barry impresses everyone by singing chad gadya at superspeed you’re wrong and a fool (and yes he’s teaching wally because mary west? jewish. (rudolph’s a goy))
  • hal absolutely gets drunk on manischewitz. nobody knows how. but he’s drunk on it and singing 
    • he keeps looking at barry and grinning really wide because he loves him 
    • he drunkenly flirts with iris and barry and cries when they tell him they’re all dating
  • ted wears these dumb Chanukah glasses even on the holidays that aren’t Chanukah. somehow while they’re kissing booster ends up with them.
  • clark’s a good jewish boy with good jewish parents so the kents host a seder for the whole entire justice league every other year (not every year, they can’t afford that)
  • diana’s not really jewish but she comes to the seders anyways and is genuinely thinking about converting because she loves the values of judaism.
  • batfamily holidays are absolutely wild. seriously. especially on Chanukah-you should see bruce’s kids fight over who gets to light the candles. it’s incredible. and of course alfred makes the best matzo ball soup around.
  • vic is a sweetheart so he always gets gar really heartfelt Chanukah gifts before kicking his ass at dreidel (he’s the best there is-the whole league plays and vic wins every time and nobody can figure out how because he’s definitely not cheating so…)
  • billy holds the concept of mitzvahs and tzedakah very very close to his heart and believes in them very strongly and does his very best. 
    • clark came to his bar mitzvah and cried because he loves billy so much and he’s so proud of him.
  • atlantis has several major religions and judaism is one of them which arthur was super happy about since he was raised jewish.
    • yes there are waterproof torahs. don’t question it.
  • barry always feels bad that he can’t fast for yom kippur because if he doesn’t eat every day then he’ll literally die but the league cheers him up and tells him that hashem doesn’t want him to put his life or his health in danger to fast
  • not entirely justice league related but shadowpact has at least two jews on it so?? i mean???? They’re All Jewish Now and they have seders.
    • bruce: kate you wanna come over for passover this year
      kate, looking at her shitty friends cheering for basil as he shapeshifts to reenact the story of the maccabees: nah i’m good

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Although I'm sorry to hear about your asks, I'm more than happy to deliver more asks! Autumn is almost here, so could I please request headcanons for (choose your favorites!!!) characters' favorite fall activities or autumn-y things? Thank you kindly! ❤

I love autumn with everything in me 


  • He loves to carve pumpkins and hit up haunted houses. 
  • Kisame loves watching scary movies as well. He just real likes scaring himself and the rush of adrenaline that it brings. 
  • Caramel apples are his favorite 


  • He likes to go apple picking and on hayrides. 
  • Itachi doesn’t have the best health so he doesn’t mind staying home and watching some moveis and cuddling with you. 
  • He is a sucker for pumpkin pie


  • Kakashi likes the colder weather and he likes going on walks and picnics this time of year 
  • He likes putting on the costumes and dressing up with his s/o or just by himself and going to costume parties and getting copiously drunk 
  • He likes warm comfort foods, like hearty stews or soups


  • Ino loves fall because it’s time for her favorite fashion time. She rocks sweater dresses, cute sweaters, button ups, skirts, and booties. She lives for the color scheme too. 
  • Other than fashion, Ino likes haunted houses and carving pumpkins. She thinks they’re fun group activites and its nice to see her friends. 
  • Ino likes eating fresh pumpkin bread and drinking pumpkin spice lattes. 


  • He likes the cooler weather, it makes his travels more enjoyable. 
  • If Sasuke is home, he likes carving pumpkins, or picking apples with Itachi. 
  • Sasuke doesn’t love fall because that means no more fresh tomatoes 


  • Tsuande likes fall no matter what. Fall is beautiful in Konaha. 
  • She likes walking around the forest. The leaves are her favorite part. She could spend all day looking at them. 
  • She also likes stews and fresh bread. They warm her up and remind her of her childhood. 


  • Naruto loves haunted houses and all the pretty shades of orange this time of year. 
  • He loves sitting at home and watching scary movies as well. Again Naruto just likes to scare himself. 
  • Naruto loves all food, but he is a sucker for fresh pumpkin seeds. 

Does Cabanela manage to retain his Cabanela-ness when drunk or does he turn into a complete walking disaster of arms and legs? The leg raise when sitting becomes a self defence mechanism to see where the hell his feet actually are.

(Okay I did write him getting drunk and he was kind of a mess, but he was also angry, overtired, grieving and wound up a bit carsick to boot so he was just a mess anyway)

Flopping all over Jowd taken to the next level. Don’t let him near stairs.

The important questions


so uh, about aizawa,

Shit my boyfriend said while I was making him watch Hannibal with me.

(note: we started watching in the middle of second season, specifically the last five minutes of Su-zakana, starting properly on Shiizakana. My boyfriend has seen the first episode, bits and pieces of the first season, and I briefly filled him in on the rest of what was happening, so his knowledge of the show up to this point is a bit spotty.)



Favorite moments from Drunk History with Impractical Jokers Q and Sal.