and he's fully dressed on top of everything else that happened

Just Married

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Summary: Wedding Smut w. you and Luke on your Honeymoon to Bora Bora

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Hey guys, so if you have been following us, I recently wrote a smut but then compared to my other admins smut and I was like ‘DamN, I reaLLY Need tO rewrite mine’ so I thought i would give this a second go :) This was a request and the request was that you are in a club with jungkook and the gang, and you start dancing with a random guy and Jungkook starts getting jealous :)

It is a bit of a long intro but please bare with :)

Originally posted by kuromel

‘Oh come on , that song is SooOOO OLD! Play a different tune. A tune everyone can jam to!’

Taehyung and Namjoon were bickering away at what to play on the journey to the club. You were stuck in the middle of Taehyung and Jungkook in the cab while Namjoon at the front with the driver. In a way, it was good because Tae always kept the journey’s fun, but it was also difficult because you couldn’t keep your mind off of one thing. While staring out the window and into the pouring rain, You couldn’t keep your mind off of how good Jungkook looked today and the thought of it slightly aroused you. He was wearing his usual black jeans with his timbs, his blue shirt with his top 4 buttons undone, which slightly revealed his chest. It was accompanied by a thin silver chain and he had one diamond stud in his right ear. You snapped out of this thought track when the driver shouted ‘We’re here!’

You had to patiently wait for either Jungkook or Tae to get out of the car. But of course, Tae was busy fixing his oh-so-beautiful hair, so you waited for Jungkook to get out. As you shuffled your way to his seat, you were met with his soft hand reaching out for yours, ‘Careful, its really slippery out’

God You thought. I really need to do something tonight to get my mind off of him. I can’t hold this in anymore
Hesitantly, you take his hand and climb out of the car. You catch Jungkook staring at your arse and then realise that your dress is half way up your arse. You giggle to yourself and think wow, I’m really not helping myself today
You start to make your way towards the club when you feel cold fingers touching your back. You felt a sudden shiver down your spine, and already knew whos delicate hands they were. ‘We don’t want you tripping or slipping do we?’ You turned your head slightly to be met with a face that was angelic and beautiful and eyes that anyone could be lost in.

But it was also in that moment when you questioned whether you really wanted him doing this. His fingers touching your body, his eyes gazing into yours. And you so badly wanted to escape this torture of his body not against yours.

With these thoughts in mind, you shrugged and walked off with Tae and Namjoon to meet with the rest of the gang at the club.

After Tae handed in the tickets to the bodyguard and let you lot in, you could suddenly feel the rhythm of the music and the pounding of the beat. You just badly wanted to get onto the dancefloor, get as drunk as you can, dance and take your mind off things.

As you walked further into the club, you realised that to really take your mind some place else, you needed to take a couple of shots. You scan the club looking for the bar, and spot a bright lit sign saying ‘shakers’. You start to make your way there when some random guy bumps into you and steps on your toes.

‘OW!’ you screamed while hopelessly hopping around with your foot half in the air. The guy immediately bent down and put your foot on his knee. He started to massage it and kept saying sorry and how he wasn’t looking properly. You started laughing and he looked up at you, confused.

‘I’m a bit of a drama queen. It didn’t actually hurt that much. Sorry!’

You start giggling to yourself and realise that you made yourself look like a complete fool. He started laughing with you, got up and leant closer to your ear.

‘Why is a gorgeous girl like you, alone in a club like this?’

‘Trying to get away from all my problems’ you replied back

‘Why don’t I help you get rid of them’ he teased.

He grabbed your hands and twisted you half around and pulled you against his body. You could feel his bulge against your ass and he started to push your hair to one side. He started to caress your neck with his lips and then sucking your skin into his mouth, while one hand was on your hips. You were both moving rhythmically to the beat and he started to make his way to your shoulder.

It was then when you looked across the dance floor to see those very eyes that met with yours when you came out the cab. The very eyes that made you fall in love with him in the first place. But this time, they looked different.

They looked sexy. They were filled with jealousy and for some strange reason, this turned you on. You loved to see this side of him. The side of Jungkook that only ever came out when he saw something he wanted, being taken away from him. And it was only moments after when you saw him striding towards you. But you didn’t want to give him the pleasure of winning just yet. So you turned around and started to unzip the guys trousers.

‘OOhh, I like where this is going’ He purred into your ear

But only you really knew where this was going and you couldn’t wait to see it happen. When seconds after you felt a grapple on your arm that yanked you away, making you tumble back.
‘OI!’ You shouted. ‘I was ENJOYING myself’

‘You hardly FUCKING know him’

You loved it. You loved it when you saw this side of Jungkook. The sexy, angry and dominant side of him that never failed to turn you on.

‘what does it matter to YOU’ you replied aggressively, trying to hold back a lip bite.

He walked up to the guy and shoved him back. ‘Don’t you DARE touch my girl like that again’
‘It’s not my fault she’s not getting what she wants from you’ the guy started to laugh with his hands up as if he surrendered. He started to back away and it brought a smile to your lips. You knew this was going to end one way.

'We were enjoying ourselves. Whats wrong with you?’

‘Your MINE!’

Although you two were not in a relationship, Jungkook felt as though he had to protect you. A responsibility to protect you from everyone and everything. It was as though you belonged to him and no one else

But thats all it took. Those two simple words that you were longing to hear. And as you looked into those brown eyes, that were full of dark jealousy and lust, you knew then and there where the rest of night was going to lead.

Slowly, You started walking towards him. The music in the backround started to slowly fade away. Everyone else’s existence in the club seemed irrelevant. And in that moment, your eyes were not wandering anywhere else but towards him. You noticed the way he was looking at you. Filled with lust and desire. When you had finally reached him, you wrapped your arms gently around his neck and he wrapped his hands around your waist.

‘It was never really going to lead anywhere you know. If anything he was only reassuring me on what I really wanted’ you teased

‘Yeah? And what was that?’ He purred into your ear


‘Well maybe, we should leave the rest of them here and have the couple of hours to ourselves back at the apartment’ he cooed

And without hesitation, you grabbed his wrist and started to make your way out of the club. You waved for a cab and when it pulled up, Jungkook opened the door for you

‘After you M’lady’ he smirked

You climbed and as soon as he sat down in the car, you pulled on his shirt and grabbed his hair. He instantly pulled you on top of him and started to unzip your dress. You put his other hand on your ass and whispered into his ear ‘Maybe we should wait for that part when we’re alone.’

He chuckled to himself but pressed his soft, plump lips against your shoulders, slowly making his way up your neck

‘But how can I resist such a delicious thing like you’ he mumbled

‘You’ve waited this long…I’m sure you can wait a bit longer’ you whispered while gently licking your lips.

And before you knew it the cab pulled up to the kerb where your apartment was. Jungkook signalled to his pockets and you giggled as you realised he needed his wallet. You jumped out the cab and impatiently waited for this beautiful creature to hurry up. You couldn’t wait for him to do you right. You’ve been waiting for this day for what felt like years. He finished paying the driver, stepped out and immediately flung you over his shoulders.

‘You’re going to take way too long to walk to the lifts, I’ll take you there myself’

You started laughing while playfully hitting him. You got to the lifts and as soon as the doors opened he put you down and pressed you against the wall.

‘You’ve been a bad girl tonight you know’

‘Well then show me how I should behave’ you teased back gently stroking his face

You reached your floor and he flung you over his shoulders again. When he reached your door he already knew where the spare key was. He slowly kneeled down and retrieved the key from under the map. Hastily, he opened the door, walked in, slammed it shut and started striding towards your bedroom.

‘And now…for the fun part’

He half chucked half placed you onto your bed and climbed ontop you. As your dress was already unzipped, he gently started to take each strap off and slid your dress off of your body. He then leant in towards your inner thigh. He licked his lips first and started to kiss every part of your skin there. He slowly started making his way up, but then came across the barrier that was your knickers. He bit into them and started sliding them off maintaining eye contact with you the whole time. As soon as he was done, he went back to finish the job.

He steadily made his way towards your clit and although he was not fully touching you, you could feel his lips lingering over. You grabbed his hair instantly as to pull him up, but he growled back. ‘Today you’ve been a bad girl, going off with guys you’re not supposed to be with’

You licked your upper lip as he continued and finally, he delved his tongue into your pussy, tasting every bit of your juices. Your hands grasped onto his hair even more and you let out a moan. And to your surprise, he went even further in, and kissing the lips of your pussy between every flick of his tongue. And between every lick and every kiss, you felt weaker and weaker but never felt more alive. He made sure to go slow. He wanted to savour every taste and every moment he had with you. You head jerked forward and he started to slow down. But you knew he wasn’t finished.

He made his way up your torso, nibbling on it bit by bit and he finally met with your breasts. Again he was met with the obstacle of your bra but already knew what to do. Without even trying, he unhinged the hooks and threw them off. He let his breath tickle over your breasts and then went on to gently kissing and sucking at them. You hooked your legs over his waists only to realise that you were the only one undressed.

‘It’s only fair if I try too,’ you breathed desparetly, while trying to flip him onto his back And he did just that. You went down on him and put his trousers zips in between your teeth, you slowly started to unzip them and you pulled back his trousers. You could see his bulge under his tight Calvin Klein boxers and bit your lip.

Immediately, you ripped them down and grabbed his waist and put straight away put his cock into your mouth. Your mouth hollowed during every suck and you could hear him gently moaning and could feel his nails raking through your hair. His breathe


‘I know’ You groaned back. His breathing started to go deeper and deeper while you putting his cock further into your mouth. You never would’ve guessed that it was this big, but still you wanted every taste of it, Savouring every bit of it with pleasure, with your wet saliva all over it. Your lips were red with pleasure and you glanced up only to see his head jerk back. He clenched onto your hair even tighter and tried to pull you up.

You slowly came to a stop and kissed his tip. But you both wanted more. You licked your way up his torso.

‘And now I need to treat a girl who’s been misbehaving tonight’

He grabbed your waist and flipped you onto your stomach, slapped your ass and climbed onto your thighs. Every fibre f your being was set alight and you could feel electric shocks being sent down your body as you felt his skin touching yours

You could feel it slowly going in and him sinking into you but then he thrust harder and started to set a rhythm. You wanted to grab onto the headboard, but he stopped you. He set his hands onto your wrists and buried them into the pillows. You could feel his breath tingling on your shoulder blade and his tongue started to make way for his lips to viciously clasp your neck. You took a sharp breath while gripping the bedsheets. He bit your neck and then licked off the sweat that you were producing from this rhythm.

And then finally…You felt the world spinning on its axis as your mind dissolved into the world of pleasure. You hear him slowly panting but you let out a loud moan and you both finally release. He smacks your ass again and the bed finally stops shaking. He comes to join you lying down.

Two beautiful bodies lying next to each other on the bed, legs intertwined.

While simultaneously panting and breathing aloud together, Jungkook, slides his hand over your breasts and starts to play with your nipples.

‘And thats what happens to girls when they grind up against the wrong guy’

‘Maybe I should grind up against him harder next time’

You both chuckle and the rest of the night was something never to forget…

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OHHHHHHH DEAAAAAARRRR LOOORRRRRRRRRRD. GUYS YOU ACTUALLY DON’T KNOW MY STRUGGLE WHILE WRITING THIS. To be absolutely honest, this was my first ever smut that I wrote completely. I still feel its pretty crap and hopefully my next couple of smuts will get better and bbetter.. Please leave some comments on how it went lol

~~Admin M xx

The Tease (Part 2)

Read Part 1 First.

The next day, you’re back at the restaurant interviewing another person of interest, zeroing in on what’s probably a shapeshifter (if Sam’s intel is anything to go on). This time you’ve purposely worn your shortest skirt and your highest heels. Dean can keep pretending he doesn’t notice you, but you saw the way his eyes darkened as you came out of the bathroom in that outfit this morning. You see the way he tries to keep his eyes up as you walk into the restaurant ahead of him.

Originally posted by shoeholic

He sits across from you at the table this time, remembering how things went yesterday. You’re both trying so hard to appear professional, but you’re afraid this man—a professor at the local university and someone much more respectable and attentive than yesterday’s tramp of the week—can sense the current shooting between you.

You slip one foot out of its heel and rub it around Dean’s ankle like a cat. You think he’s going to ignore it, but then you feel his hand drift up your thigh, his fingers brushing yours gently. You suck in a breath and let your fingers dance with his a moment. Your toes creep into his pant leg up far enough to reach the skin at the top of his sock. He digs his fingertips into your skin and then pulls his hand back. It goes up to his tie as if the tie needs to be adjusted. 

Originally posted by moan-s

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A Song for the Dead

Originally posted by witchyautumns

Title: A Song for the Dead
Chapter: 1/1 (?)
Paring: Gaston/Witch!Reader
Words: 2,639
Summary: You are a young witch living alone in the woods, until one day you feel odd. You are led to a man, dead, in the woods. Using your powers, you mange to revive him.
A/N: okay this was intended to be a oneshot, but?? i’m not opposed to turning this into a series if you guys want? like, it’d have the same premise, but it’d go into depth about the events that happen after he wakes up and stuff? idk
also papa bless the lovely @darkwing-katy for editing this pos wOO BOY

As soon as you left your home that evening, you could sense something was wrong.

Very wrong.

The forest was especially quiet that day, and there were restless spirits about.

Very, very wrong.

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There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back

This is my first smut so hopefully you guys like it…… And my god There’s nothing holdin me back sooooo GOOD!!!

The gold colours fabric of her dress clung to her body so perfectly it made her look priceless. Her hair was left down, natural an messy. Holding an aura of confidence that anyone in the room could sense. She is beautiful, gorgeous, without realizing so. Practically every guy in the room looked at her wanting to make there move but her attention was on only one.

He stood across the club with friends, a sweet face and black leather jacket, that hadn’t been what had caught her eye about him. Unlike all the other guys in the club, his eyes weren’t glued to her body, they stayed Fixed on her face. . Y/n wondered when the stranger would approach.

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Play Pretend [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]

Request/Inspiration: Not a request! It just came to me!

Summary: “Can you do me a favor and be my fake girlfriend for the weekend?”

A/N: I was going to do it the other way around, but I wanted to try something else. I switched it around. Anyways, happy April! I hope you enjoy this fic! I know I haven’t posted a story in a while, please forgive me! Shoutout to my beb @dear-alexander for reading an excerpt and giving me some advice. <3

Word Count: 2,272 [Wow.]


Request Here!

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Inspired by THAT scene from 6x18 “Where Blue Birds Fly” this is just a bit captain swan smuff. I actually originally had nearly the same idea that played out in that scene, but it happened before (and much better) I could write it. So I changed up my idea so as not to totally copy what they did on the show. Emma and Killian just want one, uninterrupted morning to themselves, but it seems that Mary Margaret has sixth sense about these things and has really the worst timing ever. And also a terrible definition of the word emergency. 

A big thanks to @wholockgal for her help with beta and editing, working out the details, and the title. She’s amazing and I love her and you all should too. 

Also read here on A03 or on

Rate M-just in case

Emma was seated at the kitchen table, one foot tucked under the opposite leg, a cup of coffee and a plate containing what was left of the strawberry pop-tarts she’d consumed for breakfast next to her while she flipped through the bridal magazine she’s picked up at the store yesterday. As she turned the pages, folding down the corner on anything that caught her eye, she absent mindedly twirled the diamond ring that now sat on the third finger of her left hand. It had recently been placed back on said finger, after Killian had returned being sent off to another realm by Gideon. And since the moment he’d proposed for the second time, they had made good use of every quiet moment alone to enjoy each other. (Sometimes several times in one night, and on nearly every surface of the house.)

 “Finding anything you like, love?” 

Emma looked up at the sound of her fiance’s voice. She’d been lost in her own thoughts and hadn’t heard him come down the stairs. 

“A few things,” she replied, giving him a smile. “But I don’t know if I can find anything like them in Storybrooke. I think my choices are going to be pretty limited.”

 Killian moved into the kitchen and stood behind her, hand and hook on her shoulders as leaned down, his lips brushing her ear as he spoke. “I’m sure, whatever you choose, you’ll be ravishing,” he said, his voice husky as he nipped her earlobe. 

Emma squirmed a little in her chair, and bit her bottom lip as memories of everything else he’d nipped last night came flooding back to her. They’d had quite the pleasurable evening when they returned home from dinner at her parents apartment, with Henry deciding to stay at Regina’s they’d had the house to themselves. Being separated by realms, and with the Final Battle looming in the not too distant future they weren’t wasting any of the quiet moment they had together and, well, Emma hadn’t been sure she was going to be able to walk down the stairs this morning. 

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Harry Styles - Stops Wedding - Imagine

[Thank you!  Enjoy!]

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Four times Maggie Scully’s prayers were answered and one time they weren’t

Written for @xfficchallenges The Fic You’d Never Write challenge. I’ve pretty much covered comedy, drama, family, sick, smut, angst, casefile and au in my stories so it was tricky to think of a new angle. I couldn’t bring myself to write another pairing, so I settled on another POV: Maggie Scully.

 1 Lost and found

She watched Fox as he walked around the apartment. She knew Dana thought highly of him, had come to trust in him. But she had also spoken of his impetuosity, the disregard he displayed for his own safety, his unwavering belief in the hopeless, the inexplicable and the outlandish. Dana told her that oftentimes during a case he was driven to point of closing his mind to logic, order or direct command. And for that, today, now, Maggie Scully was grateful. He barked orders at the techs, he spoke with authority to whoever he was conversing with on his cellphone, he regarded each blood stain, each hair, each upended object in Dana’s apartment with a deep consideration that made her believe in the hopeless – that Dana would come home. Safe.

           ‘Mrs Scully – why don’t I get one of the officers to drive you home. You should try to get some sleep.’

           She shook her head and looked at the fern that draped over the top of the cupboard in Dana’s living room. Bright green, well-cared for. Full of life. ‘I wouldn’t sleep, but I do feel like I’m in the way here.’

           Fox nodded and offered her a half smile of sympathy. She saw a depth of understanding in his eyes. She saw how his losing Dana cut him – they had shared so much in just a year or so. She saw respect and fear too. But above all she saw tenacity.

           ‘I can drive you, if you prefer.’

           ‘I wouldn’t want to take you away from here.’

           He chuffed out a bitter laugh. ‘Perhaps I’m better off staying. There’s lots to be done still.’

‘I’ll be praying.’

He put his hand on hers. ‘I will find her. I’ll do everything I can to find her.’

           ‘I know,’ she said. And she did.

2 Doubt and Trust

Dana rushed past her, taking the stairs two at a time and slammed the door of her room. The rafters shook and Maggie looked out the window at the garden, marvelling at how well it had survived the cooler months. As she waited downstairs, she could hear Dana opening drawers and shutting them. She heard her crying out and talking to herself, wild words, incomprehensible ranting. Maggie waited until it fell silent. She learned early on as a parent, that the trouble was always to be found in the silence.

Dana had been an introspective child, the quietest. Missy was all drama and theatrics, Bill was full of his own self-importance and blustering righteousness, Charlie was a noisy terrier desperate to keep up with the older ones. But Dana was always observing. And when she did break down there was always a damned good reason. Maggie knew her daughter felt so deeply, tried so hard to work out how to live in harmony with a world full of pain and injustice that it sometimes became impossible to be the stoic one, to not be worn down.

And whatever had worn her down now was frightening in its ferocity. This had not been a slow chipping away; this had been a searing, burning explosion.

Maggie trod carefully, holding the banister, weighing up whether to call Fox first or wait for him to come. He would come. Of that, she was certain. She knocked, lightly at first, then with more force. She rattled the door against its lock.

           ‘Dana, honey. Let me in. Please.’


           ‘Dana, I want to help you, but you have to open the door.’


           ‘I have the key, Dana. I’m going to open the door anyway. It will be much better if you open it yourself. I just want to see that you’re okay, that’s all.’

           When Dana pulled back the door, Maggie tried to contain her rising fear. She was still fully dressed but rumpled, her hair tangled, her eyes red-rimmed and wide with terror. She was wringing her fingers, pacing.

           ‘It’s all been a lie, mom. All of it.’

           ‘I’m sure that’s not true, Dana.’

           ‘It is,’ she said, wiping spittle from her chin. ‘I’ve been so stupid. So stupid. How could I not have seen it?’

           Maggie moved forward, holding her arms out towards Dana. ‘Why don’t you  come downstairs with me? I’ve made tea. You’ll feel better if you drink something, sit down.’ She brushed the sides of Dana’s arms, just a light touch, but one that sent her daughter skittling backwards as though her fingers were electrically charged.

           The rapping at the front door was the tipping point. Dana sunk to her knees, clutching her hands against her ears. When the knocking came again, louder, more insistent, Dana jolted upright and shoved Maggie out of the door. ‘Don’t answer it. It’s them. They can’t come in. If you answer it, they’ll kill me.’ She shut the door.

           The walk down the stairs was terrifying. The fear that Dana would hurt herself if she answered the door weighted against the fear that she would hurt herself if she didn’t. Before she even pulled it open, she knew it was Fox and that she wouldn’t be able to stop him. She recognised the look in his eyes. The depth of understanding. Respect and fear. And the tenacity.

           And the moment Dana collapsed in tears she saw the love too.

That night she prayed for her daughter. And she prayed for Fox. And she prayed they could move past this event to regain their mutual trust. The trust they needed more than her prayers.

3 Strength and Weakness

Dana’s skin was so pale and with her gaunt face, she looked haunted. Maggie knew she was stubbornly refusing to be as terrified as everyone else. Maggie sat in the chair most nights and read to her. She slept fitfully, twisting the sheets and mumbling about Mulder. Whatever had happened since he reappeared, Maggie felt sure that her daughter would rest easier if Fox spent a little more time with her. The chip that Fox had offered up as a cure was a mystery that Bill refused to give any credence to, but Maggie knew her daughter, and if Dana trusted Fox with her future, then the least she could do as her mother was to wait and read and hope.

           Dana stirred, turning her face to the window as her eyes fluttered open. She smiled at Maggie. Maggie squeezed her hand and offered her a cup of water. Dana hoisted herself up and sat against the starched pillows.

           “Has Mulder been in?”

           “He called by earlier, but didn’t stay. Can you manage something to eat? A little jello? Bill stopped by too. He says to say hi.”

           “I think he chooses to stop in when Mulder’s here so he can look like he cares more.”

           Maggie clucked. “I think that’s a little unkind, Dana.” She gave Dana a spoon and a bowl of orange jello.

           “It’s true. His presence here intimidates Mulder.”

           “Fox is a grown man. An FBI agent. He carries a gun. Your brother shouldn’t intimidate him.”

Dana swallowed a mouthful of jello and smiled. “Mulder’s vulnerable at the moment. He’s had his beliefs tested. He has had to re-examine his entire purpose, his quest for the truth, his job,” she paused and took another spoonful. “This illness. His passion is both his strength and his weakness. He’s been shattered by recent events.”

Dana lay her head back against the pillow.

“You can’t use all your strength worrying about Fox.”

“Who else will, mom?”

She was asleep within minutes. Mulder knocked gently and slid into the room, taking the seat on the other side of the bed. Maggie put the book on the side table and whispered to him that she was going to find a cup of tea. He stood up as she left, closing the door behind her. She waited a moment outside. Watched as he lifted the chair closer to Dana’s side. Placed his hand over Dana’s.

           Maggie stopped on her way to the canteen, visiting the quiet room. She contemplated the landscape on the wall, a forest scene with towering trees that stretched their leaf-laden limbs to a deep blue sky. She closed her eyes and gathered her strength, praying for Dana.

And for Fox.

4 Forward and Backward

It was sometimes difficult to understand just what the FBI wanted. They took so much and gave nothing back. All Maggie wanted for her daughter was peace, dignity. She’d buried Fox. She’d witnessed the miracle of his resurrection. They had a child only to be forced to give William away. And then the trial. Charges that carried the death penalty. The break out. And years of forced isolation. And now this.

           The driveway was long and rutted. The house always seemed like it had been stuck on the block with no care. And now it just looked disheveled and sorry as they drove away.

“I’m sorry you had to come get me, mom.”

“I wish you’d tell me what’s going on, Dana.”

           Her daughter leant her head against the window and didn’t speak for hours.

Those first few days, Fox left 86 messages on the answerphone. Dana switched off her cell. Maggie threw away sandwiches, crackers, fruit and a put servings of pot roast, meatloaf and lasagne back in the fridge. She boiled the kettle more times than she could count and listened to Dana sob herself to sleep.

           “I can’t go back.”

           These were the first words Dana spoke.

           “Why not?”

           “I hurt him more when I’m there.”

           Maggie shook her head. “I know you two. You need each other.”

           Tears streaked Dana’s face. “We did. We do. More than is healthy. We take steps forward and then we run backward. That’s been the pattern of our lives.”

           “You’ll find a way through. I’ll help you.”

           Dana sobbed, laying her head on her arms across the table. “Prayers can’t fix this, mom.”

           Maggie prayed anyway. And the FBI finally stopped taking.

5 Answers and Questions

The sounds came and went, along with the light. The sounds fell away. The light blinded her then receded. She took comfort in the feel of someone holding her hand but sometimes, when she woke up, her hands were folded across her abdomen and all she had left was the ghost of a touch.

It was dark. It was bright. It was silent. It was chaos. She was comforted. She was frightened.

She could hear his voice. Charlie. Love swelled in her heart, her veins. She couldn’t hear because love was pulsing through her, rushing in her ears and keeping her eyes pressed shut. She’d prayed for Charlie’s return to the fold, to her breast. He’d come home.

She willed her eyes to open. She saw Fox. And Dana.

“My son is named William too,” she said.

One last prayer. Just one.

Confession (Wonho/Reader)

By: Admin Dreamer

Genre: Fluff, a little angsty?, bartender!Wonho

Warnings: None

You decided to drink your problems away after a embarrassingly bad confession, only to find out that your bartender for the night was your crush that you tried to forget about.

“That was terrible.” Your friend whispered as you left your last class of the day with her, your shoulders slightly hunched over in embarrassment and fully aware of the jocks who were laughing about what happened between you and Wonho earlier that day.

“Yeah, don’t remind me.”

“Hey, at least he was nice about it and you didn’t make a total fool of yourself.”

With a scoff, you looked at her incredulously, “Are you kidding, Celia? I totally made myself look like an idiot out there. I’m not the most good-looking person out there, what would he think of me after this?”

“Okay first off, you need to have more confidence in yourself. Secondly, Wonho is a nice guy even though he is part of the swim team. If anything I would rather you date him than anyone else, they’re all douchebags.”

“Thanks, friend.” You mused sarcastically, squinting in the sunlight.

“Hey, I’m going to be having a get-together tonight at the bar downtown, you want to come with?”

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Some Like it Hot

Submitted by @aqua-harry! Thank you, love. x

It was hot. It was so hot, he would’ve welcomed death. It was the kind of hot that dripped down his back, stuck to his thighs, and seeped into his veins, making it impossible to remember a time when he wasn’t so goddamn hot.

He climbed up the stairs to his apartment on the fifteenth floor, dragging his feet up the steps, the weight of his legs too much to bear under the thick heat. With each conquered flight, he allowed himself a few seconds of respite while he pumped himself up to take on the rest of the stairs - one more flight to go.

When he makes it, he slumps against the doorframe and breathes heavily, pulling a heavy hand through his sweaty hair. He groans slightly, but then thinks against it, as complaining about the heat required more energy than he was willing to emit.

Unlocking the door, he drops his belongings at his feet, whining at how hot his fifteenth-floor, one-bedroom loft is. Moving to New York City had never been in the plans, but when the opportunity to establish a homebase for his own record label came about, he knew he’d be stupid to pass it up. He’d always loved New York, always inspired by the industrial feel, never lonely in the city that never sleeps. He’d gotten used to the hustle and bustle of the city, and he enjoyed watching the seasons change throughout the year. He figured nothing could get much hotter than Los Angeles in July, but he didn’t account for what the center of New York City had to offer. At least LA had a breeze - at least LA had open spaces - at least LA had swimming pools. The heat in New York City nearly made him feel trapped, unable to escape the skyscrapers and concrete, closed in on all four sides.

He’d always liked the heat. It meant that he could cool off in a large body of water, the relief of silky waves something to write home about during the hot summer months. He’d felt at home in the water, never fearful of the ocean or diving into the deep end of a pool. He relished in how it made him feel weightless, how the water calmed his nerves and relaxed every muscle in his body. He’d always loved the heat, but he’d never experienced this. A heat that he couldn’t escape, a heat that he couldn’t find solace from.

He slowly makes his way to the windows - large, streak-free glass rectangles - and opens them up. The relief is minimal, but at least it provided a slight breeze that provided a relief lasting all of two seconds. Yellow taxi cabs honk below him, the flow of traffic at the intersection outside of his building coming to a halt. Without the traffic lights working, everyone forgot how to drive. He rests the heels of his hand against the windowsill, looking down on the street while his forearms glisten with sweat in the sun. He shakes his head knowingly and wonders if he had ever seen a more chaotic sight. He’d performed for screaming fans in stadiums that sat a hundred thousand people, but it was an experience to see the entirety of New York City shut down. The last city-wide power outage had been in 2003, but back then, he was still a young boy in Holmes Chapel, never thinking that he’d find himself here, with his own apartment worlds away from the small town he loved so much.

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I'm stuck with who?

Pairing: John Murphy X Reader
Requested: Yes 
Warnings: vulgar language, violence, and slight sexual themes
A/N: Sorry this is late, I have a busy week! To the anon that requested this– I hope you enjoy it! 
Word count : 1685
“What was that sound?” Murphy asks, his head moving toward the noise that came from farther up the shore.

“I don’t know, hopefully someone here to kill you, so I don’t have to have your blood on my hands,” you reply from your place on the sand. You two had been lying on the beach since Jaha had run off, following more of his crazy delusions. It’s two days after you’d been wandering in through the dead zone with Jaha and his group of misfits. You can’t shake the memories from your head.

Holy shit. That’s all that passed through your mind as you watched Harris’s body be blown to pieces by the land mine he stepped on. You had made the decision to follow Jaha into the dead zone, now you wished you had thought this idea through with a little more foresight. Sadly, you realize, nobody would miss you, if you were the one who’d stepped on the land mine. All of the delinquents you’d been sent to Earth with despised you, you were notorious for your sarcastic comments, bad attitude, and ‘don’t fuck with me’ persona. Everyone had avoided you, afraid to piss you off and be on the other side of your right hook. The only people that could have wanted you to stay back, in case you died, had already died themselves. Your parents. They died during the Ark’s descent to Earth, of course the station they had been on was the one that burned up in the atmosphere. But now, you’re following a deranged man, that thinks he’s the messiah, into unknown territory. This is definitely at the top of the list entitled 'stupid decisions Y/N has made’.

Of course that journey was filled to the brim of sarcastic, nasty comments thrown between you and Murphy. You can’t remember ever saying one nice thing to the boy. Back at the dropship you two got into quarrels almost every time your eyes locked, both of you are not only short tempered, but ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

“If it is a murderer I’d be glad they killed me, then I wouldn’t have to deal with your annoying ass all the time,” came Murphy’s sarcastic reply drawing you out of your thoughts. He lifts his body from the sand and makes his way over to the lighthouse.

“Well, are you coming or not?” Murphy asks you, in a demanding tone of voice, obviously annoyed that you weren’t following him.

“Y-yeah, yeah,” you say struggling to stand up, your leg still bleeding from the sea monster attack. Murphy starts up the hill, while you hobble behind him, as fast as your two legs can carry you. Nearing the lighthouse you see Murphy racing inside a hole in the wall, the noise you two heard must have been a door opening. You still, your instincts are screaming at you to be cautious and not go inside. But, you ignore them and continue through the frame once you hear music coming from inside.

“Woah,” you whisper under your breath. Once you’re at the bottom of the stairs, your eyes soak in everything around you. There’s a pool table standing in the middle of the room, alcohol littered the counters, motorcycles you had only seen in history textbooks were parked in the hallway.

“Look at this place,” Murphy says, head turned over his shoulder at you, “There’s food, music, running water, everything I’ve ever needed. Now all I need is someone to share it with, sadly my only option is you.” He pours himself a glass of alcohol, you can’t tell what type it is from this far away. Moving toward him you say, “Hey asshole, you’re not who I’d want to be here with either. Pour me a glass while you’re at it. I’m gonna explore.”

You walk down the hallway, taking a mental inventory of everything you see. There’s only two rooms down this way: a bathroom containing a shower and toilet, and one bedroom fitted with a king-sized bed. You choose to explore the bedroom first. The bed is covered in an inane amount of pillows, too many for one person to ever need. Throwing open the closet doors you see it’s as full as the kitchen cupboards.

“I’m gonna utilize the shower in here, ya know, get the rest of Harris off me. When I’m done you should do the same!” You call out to Murphy after exiting the bedroom. He’s sitting on the couch, engrossed in a video on the screen. “What is that?” You question, taking a step closer to him.

“Nothing,” he tells you after tearing his eyes away from the screen. He seems out of it, as if he weren’t expecting what happened in the movie. “Go take your shower, you reek.” Suddenly Murphy is back to his normal agitating self.

“Only if you promise to take one after,” you sneer. It’s a half hearted come back, even Murphy can tell. You’ve never seen him act like that, a shell of himself, like he wasn’t really there. Even if you hate the kid you can’t help but to worry about him. Just because the top layers of your personality consist of sarcasm, bitterness, and hatred, doesn’t mean that there’s not a nice, caring, and sympathetic core underneath. Turning, you walk into the bathroom and turn the shower on. There’s no use in asking Murphy more about it, he wouldn’t open up to you anyways.

In the shower, you relish the warmth of the water as it envelopes your body. You’d forgotten how good this felt. You watched as the grime that covered your body was washed down the drain, this is the first time you’ve felt truly clean in months. After taking thirty minutes to fully cleanse yourself, you step out of the tub and grab a towel that was stashed under the sink. Wrapping it around your body, you open the bathroom door and make your way to the bedroom. You open the door to find Murphy sifting through the closet, looking for god knows what.

“Throw me some clothes, will you?” you ask in a not-so-friendly voice.

“Maybe if you make it worth my while,” he says, a smirk crossing his face as his eyes linger over your towel clad body.

“Only in your dreams, Murphy.” You walk to the closet trying to nudge him aside to grab clothes yourself. It doesn’t work, he stands stock still, his clothed body brushing against your bare skin.

“Why dream when the real thing is right in front of me?” he smirks, dragging his hand up your arm.

“Oh, only if you hadn’t been such a dick to me. Maybe your fantasies would have become a reality,” you whisper to him before striding back to the bathroom, clothes in hand.

“Well, you’re no walk in the park either, bitch,” he calls after you. “Before I forget to tell you, the door closed. Tried opening it, but it’s no use, we’re trapped in here. Together.” You looked over at him, the fear on your face clear as day. Your body starts going into panic mode, breathing becoming erratic, heart racing. “I wouldn’t worry so much, there’s plenty of food, okay?” His voice sounds, dare you say, caring. You nod at him, concealing your emotions, then turn to continue the task you were doing. After getting dressed you head back into the bedroom, planning on going to sleep, but stop in your tracks when your eyes land on Murphy taking his shirt off.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” he tells you with a smirk spreading across his face. How did he know that you were looking at him? His back was to you. You decide to ignore him.

“Uh, I hope you know, I plan on sleeping in that bed.” You switch off the light, and start walking to the bed side closest to the door.

“And I hope you know, I’m not sleeping anywhere but this bed,” he starts pulling the covers back. You continue getting into, what you’ve deemed, your side of the bed.

“You better not try and cop a feel, or else you’ll be waking up with no hands,” you snarl at him before lying down and pulling the covers around your body.

“Trust me, I wouldn’t dream of it,” he replies, situating himself in bed. You both face away from one another, staring at the walls. It only takes you a few minutes to drift off to sleep. It’s been so long since you’ve felt the comfort of a soft bed, fluffy pillows, and a warm blanket around you. That combined with the exhaustion of wandering through the deadline for days, makes it easy to forget about not being able to leave this lighthouse. Until you start dreaming, that is.
You’re sat on the couch, facing the television screen. Looking around you notice a body, lying in front of your feet, lifeless. Examining it you see the bony body, and sunken in face of Murphy. Screaming, you try to move as far away from him as possible, but you’re stuck staring into his blank, dead face.

You feel something wrap around your body, stilling your thrashing movements. Slowly, the scene fades away into blackness. A calm floods over you, and your mind keeps the nightmares away, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep.
You wake up in the morning, feeling well rested and safe. Shifting, you feel an unusual weight on your waist. You turn your body to face the presence behind you, and you see Murphy’s sleeping face. Pictures from your nightmare come to mind, pushing them away you take in his features: pale skin, sharp cheekbones, long dark eyelashes, smooth pink lips. He looks so innocent when he’s asleep and can’t spew rude comments at you. Sighing, you decide to enjoy this moment of peace, and cuddle closer to him. His arms tighten around you, and you start to think that maybe being stuck in this place with him could be a good thing.

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This is the third fic in a series of Lana del Rey song inspired fics.

Title: National Anthem

Pairing: Ike Evans x Vera Evans

Fandom: Magic City

Summary: It’s New Year’s Eve, and the Evans host a spectacular party for the elite of Miami in the Miramar Playa, but 1960 is not the only thing that they will be celebrating.

Warnings: Fluff, smut

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anonymous asked:

Cheating Rfa boys please! Angst angst angst omg and mc becomes stone hearted afterwards

Ask and you shall receive~

◉ Yoosung

  • He said he was staying late with a study group at the library
  • You carefully packed some of the dinner you just finished cooking into a small tupperware container to bring to him
  • He’d been a little distant lately, and you knew it must be the stress of his studies
  • So why not surprise him by bringing some food to keep him going?
  • He always loved your cooking
  • It was one surefire way to get a smile out of him
  • You were surprised to see the library this busy at night.
  • Lots of students hustling around with their faces pressed in their books
  • Out of the crowd you finally spotted him sitting at a table
  • The smile fading from your face as you drew closer. He was sitting cheerfully with another girl.
  • Their hands together, fingers intertwined on the table top.
  • Then Yoosung leaned in and kissed her
  • Your heart stopped
  • And your feet were still moving although you weren’t paying attention to where they were taking you
  • You ran into a book cart and fell
  • Dropping the tupperware and spilling the food
    • “Ouch!”
  • Yoosung looked up to see you on the ground trying desperately to pick up the food
  • Your hands were shaking and it was hard to see through the tears
    • “MC?!” Yoosung ran towards you
  • You wiped your eyes and stood up to meet him
    • “I thought you might be hungry…” you felt the tears begin to stream down your face again
    • “MC I…I-I’m so sorry-”
  • You shoved the food at him and ran off, leaving him standing there speechless
  • Packing was a blur for you
  • But what hurt the most was that Yoosung hadn’t even bothered to come home right away
  • You had enough time to look over the place twice and make sure you didn’t miss anything
  • And now you stood outside with your bags in hand
  • The door opened to reveal Saeyoung
  • You broke down and dropped your things at the sight of him
    • “Woah! It’s going to be okay…” he hugged you, “let’s get you inside. Don’t worry, I’ll grab the bags okay? Then you can tell me everything.”
  • You followed him inside

◉ Jumin

  • ‘I’m sorry, I have to work late tonight’
  • That’s what he texted you
  • But standing there now in the doorway to his office
  • Watching him kissing a woman as she sat on his desk
  • You could see that wasn’t true
    • “Really swamped with work tonight, I see,” you clutched your phone in your hand and your eyes were beginning to swell with tears
  • Both of them jumped
  • And the woman hopped from the desk and ran past you
    • “MC, what are you doing here?” he straightened his tie as he turned to you
    • “Watching you cheat on me, apparently,” you spat back
  • He tried to approach you but you took a few steps back
    • “Don’t even try to touch me,” you warned
    • “This was nothing. Just me closing a business deal, that’s all-” he tried to explain
    • “You’re really something else, Jumin Han,” you were crying now against your will, “well don’t worry. This is the last time I will ever interrupt a ‘deal’ again. Goodbye, Jumin.”
  • You wiped your cheeks and turned heel with a sniffle
    • “MC get back here so we can talk about this”
    • “No! You don’t get to order me around. Not anymore. Don’t look for me at the penthouse, I’m never going back. Don’t try and find me.”
  • You held in your emotions until you were fully out of the building
  • And let yourself sob once you made it around the corner
  • You didn’t know where you would go
  • But your only care at the moment was getting the image of them together out of your mind

◉ Zen

  • Some of the cast were snickering
  • You had shown up to his rehearsal with iced coffees to surprise him
    • “He’s in his dressing room,” one girl finally spoke up
    • “But he might be a little pre-occupied…” another guy laughed and got elbowed
    • “That’s his girlfriend, right?” another one whispered
  • You were feeling a little uncomfortable
  • But thanked them anyway and hesitantly made your way to his dressing room
  • You wished you hadn’t
  • You opened the door to see Zen and another actress, both of them had their shirts off and were kissing heavily
  • Your heart sank at the sight and you froze
    • “Can we help you?” the girl broke this kiss to talk to you
  • You couldn’t speak
  • And when Zen made eye contact with you, you ran
  • And Zen trailed after you
    • “Wait! C-Come back! I know this looks bad-” he called
  • But you kept on walking, trying to stop crying
  • The rest of the cast were now grouped around to watch what was going on
    • She came on to me! What was I supposed to do?” he cried
  • You stopped in your tracks and turned to face him
  • You had pulled the lid from the coffees and threw them on him
  • The whole cast was a chorus of “oOooooOOOoo”
    • “You’re an asshole!” you sobbed
  • Zen was now dripping wet with a blank face
    • “An ASSHOLE! And I’ll never forgive you for this. Have a good life, Hyun. We’re through.”
  • You erased all of the photos of him in your phone
  • Grabbed all of your things from the apartment
  • And ripped yourself out of all of the couples photos around your place
  • And from then on
  • Anytime you saw his face on a magazine you turned it around on the stand

◉ Saeyoung

  • You didn’t normally look at his phone
  • But it was buzzing and he was in the other room
  • You figured it was Yoosung asking to come over and game
  • But it wasn’t
  • And your hand started shaking
  • Tears were dotting the screen as you looked down at the text messages
  • Saeyoung came out to see you crying
    • “Hey what’s the matter?” he sounded concerned
    • “I miss you so much, babe. I keep thinking about the other night-” you choked as you read it out loud to him, “who is this?” you looked up with tearful eyes
    • “Shit…” was all he could manage
  • You dropped the phone
    • “The other night. Like, when you told me you had to work late and wouldn’t be home? That night? And you kissed me when you came home…” your voice trailed, “I think I’m going to be sick”
  • You stood up from the couch
    • “I’m so sorry. Please, I don’t know how this all ended up happening…I just-what are you doing?”
  • You had brushed past him and made your way to the bedroom
  • Quickly throwing your essentials into a small suitcase
  • The clothes you couldn’t be without
  • The box of personal items you held dear
  • All the while Saeyoung was staring at you
  • Not sure what to say or do
  • Throwing on a coat you walked past him once more without even a glance
  • Stopping for a moment and feeling in your pocket
    • “There,” you threw your phone at his feet, “now you can’t trace me, right?”
  • You pulled the door open
    • “Please…I’m begging you. Don’t do this. Just give me a chance to explain,” he cried
    • “No. I don’t want to hear it,” your voice was cold and you turned to face him with tear-stained cheeks, “and I never want to see you again, Saeyoung.”
  • And with that you walked away

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You were in the process of locking up when a man in a dark coat and hat covering his eyes ran down the street in the rain, making it harder to recognize who it was. In the time it took you to close the door, the mystery man had made it to you, putting his hand out to stop you from closing it. A girl like you being approached by a man in a town like Birmingham wasn’t a good situation, but for some reason you weren’t scared. A little smile spread across your face as you looked at the man whose chest was rising and falling rhythmically, but you tried to hide it just as quickly.

“Tommy, you know we’re closed.” You say, shaking your head. He took his hat off, wringing it in his hands as you moved the slightest bit to let him in.

“Then why are you still here, hmm?” He questioned as you locked up behind him. He wandered over to the bar, placing his dripping hat on the counter, waiting for a response. You walked behind the bar, glaring at the new wet spot his hat had left. You glared at him until he picked it up so you could wipe the bar down and when you didn’t respond his voice filled the air again. “You knew I would show, didn’t you?”

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ASTRO for Harper’s Bazaar (2017 May issue)


I heard that you’re in charge of ‘fatality’ and 'provocation’ in ASTRO?
My confidence level dropped a bit after today’s filming. I thought I was sexy when I was shooting but after looking at the monitor, I was like an angry person. Seems like I’ve to study up a little more… Shall I describe it as a period of self-reflection? (laughs) But even so, it was nice since I was able to try an experimental style that I’ve always wanted to wear. Clothes with sleeves going down all the way to my knees, with holes ripped in places and of loud colours.

Maybe it’s because of your way of speaking that’s mixed with aegyo or maybe it’s because of your eye smile but I actually thought you were the 'sweetest’ member. When is that you feel sexy?
When I’m sweating on stage and not smiling. (Cha Eunwoo who was quietly listening in, added on, “Hyung, you really look like you’re suffering then. Your make-up’s all gone away. You’re sexy when you’re belting out your high notes.”_ I look ugly then though… Okay, it’s when I’m singing but only my neck is sexy and not my face!

Who’s an artist in your age group that has had the greatest amount of influence on you?
Sung Si Kyung sunbae-nim and Highlight sunbae-nims. I especially respect Yang Yoseob sunbae-nim. I enjoy watching videos of idol singers performing live before I go to sleep, I watched DBSK’s concert video yesterday. While being amazed throughout those two hours and going, “Woah, so it’s possible to create a stage this dynamic.”

I heard that up till now you’ve went through four relationships.
I didn’t date any of them for long. I care for them lovingly and listen to everything they say but I couldn’t actually expressing my feelings properly. If there was something that disappointed me, I’m the type to think over it alone and am a little defensive. I don’t think I’ve ever fully given my heart. Because I’m scared I’ll get hurt.

In an interview, you chose 'time travel’ as a super power you’d like to possess. What’s your reason?
It’s because I want to go back to a time where I was younger and have an early start, preparing myself even more but bit by bit. I’d probably have grown a lot taller if I had slept earlier then (laugher).

Moonbin mentioned that while you’re extremely sensible, you don’t trust in that sensibility and are always doubtful.
I worry a lot and am also really shy. But once we get closer, I’m more cheerful and animated than anyone else (you know). In particular, I’m confident that my ability to spread positive energy is the best within the team.

Not singing? You’re the lead vocal though.
It’s hard to say I’m confident in that. Because I’m at a stage where I need to really grit my teeth and work hard.


Who made up the name 'JinJin’ for you?
My face looks like a puppy’s. I was reading a webtoon titled <Jin Jin Evolution*> where a Korean Jindo is the protagonist and then one day Moonbin started calling me like that. Everyone was calling me by my nickname, “JinJin hyung, JinJin hyung,” but it ended up really becoming my stage name (laughs).

You’re the oldest and also the leader in your team but you were chosen as the member who cries the most.
I think I’ve cried at every single concert or fan meeting we’ve held until now. The tears just come to me when I think about my parents. To be honest, my dad had a great influence on how I ended up doing music. He played the drums as his hobby and I started learning with him then. Since my 5th year of elementary school, I played the drums for about 5 years and then as I learnt the guitar and dance, I naturally dreamt of (becoming) who I am now.

I heard that everyone personally writes their own rap, what do you have drafted in your notes lately?
(looking through the notes in his handphone) Can I rap it? (laughs) “A lot of things have happened, being together was fun, you look prettier the more I look at you that I wandered around feeling flustered” (You have to read it rhythmically!) The content is about not wanting to be friends just for that day and wanting the relationship to progress into lovers. It’s not my own story, I’m usually the sort to gain a lot of ideas through movies (laughs).

Who’s a rapper that you like the most?
Big Sean! (On this day, as soon as JinJin heard Big Sean’s Moves loudly playing on the filming site, he gave up his sandwich, dashed out from the dressing room and started to move along with the rhythm.) Opposed to a low tone tight rap, I think the style of completely warming up your voice and then being able to easily go into a high tone rap is really cool.

I heard that you collect colognes and shoes.
Rather than liking just one thing, my personality itself tends to look out for new things. Hairstyle, clothes, colognes, I’m the type to quickly get sick of something so I like to gather this and that. Even with my shoes, I collect one model in different colours. With my rapidly growing interest in fashion, I’m daringly challenging myself to try fancy things and what stands out. Lately I like matching my dress code to my shoes.

Now that you mention it, you’re wearing black trainers and a black shirt today too.
It’s a pair of trainers that I really wanted to own and the fans gifted it to me. I’m really thankful. I’m always wiping them with tissues and being careful when I wear them (laughs).

*Not the official English title

Cha Eunwoo

Listening from start to finish your EPs which you released throughout last year in time for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, you naturally imagine an innocent boy wearing his school uniform. Can we see a developed image through your new mini album that you’re busily preparing for now?
Carefully envisioning it, I think it’s more of growing from a middle schooler to a high schooler rather than becoming a straight up adult. ASTRO’s characteristic zesty energy is similar to how we really are now so I think that it’s right we slowly change while maintaining that vibe.

The concept for today’s pictorial is a little different compared to the past and current ASTRO.
I’ve always wanted to try filming with this kind of feel. But it’s definitely hard. I realised that again as we were filming. “Ah, I’m still far away from being sexy, the company didn’t uselessly push for a cute concept (laughs).”

Your straight-laced model student image is strong. Even pointing out that your life’s best escape was 'going out alone to watch a midnight movie’.
I was like that back then. (How are you now?) If I were to talk about that… If I were to confess something of a level higher than midnight movies is us having secretly gone to an internet cafe? During our trainee days, avoiding eye contact with our manager and heading off to somewhere was a really big deal. Like an 007 mission, we’d carefully make our move, hiding round the corners of buildings and assessing our every step.

On the other hand, you’re in charge of the role of 'rebellious top star MJ’ in the variety drama <The Best Hit> which is being directed by PD Yoo Ho Jin in collaboration with actor Cha Tae Hyun.
He’s an extremely cocky and selfish character. He’s someone you’d really hate so I’m practicing with the mindset of, “Let’s act while thinking of someone that you never want to become and who you shouldn’t become.” Before I went for the script reading, I was practicing my lines with my manager and there were tons of labels and ways of talking that I’ve never imagined of until now, like, “Hyung! What do you do for a living?” so it was a new feeling. Next week would be the first filming so I’m really excited.

When is your loneliest moment?
When I’ve to go to sleep but can’t. It’s really distressing. I’m the sort to have a lot of thoughts so I’d think, “There wasn’t the need to go that far” but then go deeper into thinking, “What kind of person am I that I would think there was no need?” So I want to quickly promote actively and have no time to think.

Do you not have any thoughts about wanting to date? Not simply (based on) good impressions, but love.
Up till now, I’ve only dated once but I still don’t know what love is! When you read books or watch movies, don’t they say that someone who has never fallen crazy in love would never understand? That you have to experience it in order to become an adult. They say that when you love, your heart gets torn apart and you spill tears but I can’t empathise. I’m usually the style to only develop emotions after a long period of time so I really can’t comprehend falling in love at first sight. I’ll probably experience real love one day.

'A guy ripped out of manhwas’, 'a guy with a sexy brain’ and even 'face genius’, your nicknames are flashy. Today in particular, your members themselves looked at your close up shot and commented, “A top class handsome guy,” they seemed fascinated. If you were to freely boast about yourself?
Someone who’s more reliable than anyone else and who always gives his all to the people he treasures, who’s very hard on himself and there are times where it gets too much but because of that, he’s someone who’s detailed and earnest. (Your visuals?) Then… Cha Eunwoo’s a handsome guy whose face and heart are both pretty (laughs)!


It’s a first that an idol shyly went, “I want to eat bossam and pig’s feet!” Bossam and pig’s feet, even kimbap and a sandwich, you really enjoyed yourself and finished up everything (laughs).
When we went to Singapore, there was an instance where eight of us ate 180k won worth of chilli crab. Right since the start I told the company that I hope they don’t interfere when it comes to food. Going with your gut, eating when it’s time to eat, playing when it’s time to play, being zealous when it’s time to work, I think it’s fair that you lose weight when you need to go on a diet.

Are you the type to be impromptu?
More than anyone else! Eunwoo and I are both B blood types but we’re polar opposites. Eunwoo likes to plan things out one by one but that’s what I hate. There’s never really been an instance where I made plans during the school break and even if I were to write up a chart for my plans, I’ll never keep to it. Being with Eunwoo did teach me that to a certain extent, there needs to be a side of me that’s detailed but there’s no change to my fundamental thoughts or attitude. Above all, seeing how our line of work emphasizes sense, I think that be it in dancing or singing, establishing just the big picture while allowing yourself freedom within it is good.

Of the moments where he was the most grateful to his members, your roommate Cha Eunwoo picked you waking up early to be one of them.
I usually sleep a lot. Our manager comes to wake me up every 5 minutes but I really don’t hear him while light sleeper Eunwoo wakes up. Sometimes I don’t hear “You seriously have to wake up!” but can instead only clearly hear Eunwoo letting out a sigh (laughs). I’d feel sorry then and my eyes naturally open.

Is there a field outside of ASTRO’s promotions that you have a greed for?
I really want to one day try acting in a movie. It’ll be even nicer if it was a movie that centers around a webtoon or novel. I usually like (reading) manhwas and webtoons. I’ve been reading the Naver webtoon <Street Gossip*> and it makes me think that it’ll really be a hit if the webtoon was produced as a movie or drama. As a fusion fantasy historical genre, the story’s unique and there’s a big handful of good lines.

Which line touched your heart?
The girl’s a blue blood but she’s blind while the guy’s an illiterate born in the lowest class. Lines normally have to be read in the story so that they’re properly conveyed but talking about just the meaning, “Even if I can’t see you, even if you’re an illiterate, I like you for who you are and because of that, I’m plenty happy now.” Those words really played out prettily.

Thinking about it, didn’t you point out going to Tokyo Anime Center to be your ideal date? I can sense you’re a huge fan.
For the sake of and <One Piece> and <Tokyo Ghoul>, I really want to go to Tokyo Anime Center even if it’s by myself. I usually like watching YouTube videos like ‘Marvel vs. DC’ and mystery videos about freakish happenings or involving bizarre creatures like Bigfoot, Sasquatch. I’m the type to see it to the end once I get hooked on something. Even yesterday, I ended up sleeping after watching the ending of the game <Battlefield> (laughs).

*Not the official English title


You had red lighting shining all around you today at the filming site and your intense facial expressions you showed off didn’t look an ounce awkward.
To be honest, I was shy and embarrassed but the picture had to come out well so I tried my best to focus. Watching our pre-debut webdrama <To Be Continued> now is still pretty awkward but I realised today that even my 'bad acting’ can become of help (laughs). I think that thanks to the webdrama, I learnt how to focus by creating my own space within the awkwardness. Not that I want to become an actor straight away but I want to give it another try one day.

What kind of role would you like to try then?
I want to challenge myself at the action genre. I was good at taekwondo when I was younger so I was ever Gyeongsangnam-do’s representative. I think I’m able to dance like I do now because I’m athletic. It’s been hitting me lately that your sense of balance is really important if you want to use your body properly. I think that you’re able to be better at what you like doing if your condition’s good.

I heard that you play a pivotal role in your team when it comes to choreography.
I danced since I was 4. I learnt a little bit of Korean dance and even ballet. I do a lot of monitoring on a regular basis to the point that continuously replaying videos of my dancing on stage is my hobby. I’m also always watching choreographies from people who are the top of the class, like worldwide choreographer AJ. I really want to be acknowledged as a choreographer.

Since your debut days, the competition and tests must have been endless so how do you relieve stress?
I wish I could have a good sleep because it’s tough on my body but to be honest, 'stress’ is a rather ambiguous word to me. Since what I’m doing now is fun and I’m happy? (laughs)

Who do you match the best with in the dorms?
(staring into space) I match the best with our television (laughs). I’m on friendly terms with all the members but we don’t play around. In fact I mainly while away my time watching the television. It hasn’t been long since we got one in our dorm and movies that you pay to watch couldn’t be as sweet.

I heard that you still write your rap lyrics in a notebook.
At first there were a lot of notes in my locker that I scribbled down as practice but I can’t look at them now. I’m so bad at writing that it’ll make your stand on its ends. There are lyrics that I wrote starting off with the word 'boy’ but I threw those away (laughs). I think at that time I really put my feelings into writing them but looking at them now, they’re horrible. I can’t write stories about people. Is it because I’m far away from love now… (laughs).

Yoon Sanha

What did you do before coming to the filming site today?
I had my guitar lesson. I used to learn (to play) by myself but I wanted to strengthen my basics so I’ve been taking lessons once per week since not too long ago.

You playing your guitar and singing Kim Kwang Seok’s I’ll Become Dust at an audition pre-debut was memorable.
It’s a song that my father really liked and enjoyed singing. His original dream was to become a singer. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen him singing with a guitar in his hands since so long ago but I think he’s had a great impact on me. 2 years ago, he had my older brother who was leaving to join the army the next day, stand in front of him and he sang 'A Letter From A Private’. Even his favourite song to sing at karaokes is Kim Kwang Seok sunbae-nim’s Around Thirty.

What do you think about the most throughout the day?
Hm… guitar! I’ve recently been practicing with the guitar my fans gifted me and it makes me realise how much precious it is.

You’re the youngest in your team. Aren’t you the only one born in the 2000s?
It’s a truth I found out later on but I actually nearly didn’t make it into ASTRO’s member line-up. During the time when they couldn’t make up their minds because I was too young, I suddenly grew taller and went through a growth spurt. My growth rate suddenly shot up past 10cm during my 3rd year of middle school and I was able to join as ASTRO’s younger member. Even recently I’m continuing to grow little by little. I’ve to stop (growing) now though (laughs).

Do you have a nickname?
4-cut fairy! There’s an app that automatically merges 4 of your selfies. I use that to take pictures and then I’ll often upload them on twitter. It seems like I’m always using the same facial expressions so I’ve been taking pictures while studying up (laughs).

Do you have any personal talents as well?
MJ hyung seriously has a lot. He’s the king of imitation. I really can’t do impersonations. There’s one I practiced by myself. Doraemon?

What are your goals for 2017?
I want to try winning no.1 on a public broadcast. We’ve yet to win even once.

Taking this interview as an opportunity, is there anything that you really want to say?
There’s something I’d like to say to AROHAs. We’ve been on hiatus after wrapping up promotions for our 3rd album but we’re zealously preparing! Please wait just a little longer! Please make sure to tell them that I’ve dyed my hair (laughs).

Translations by @99pmh​
Take out with full credits

Huntress- Part Five: Let’s Kill Hitler

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E5, so (duh)warning: SPOILERS

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A/N : I’m sorry it’s late again and sorry it’s a little shorter but I’m trying really hard. These are written from memory btw so I’m aware not everything is in here and for what is in here it’s not all that accurate. But I am trying. There is only one of me so bear with. Tysm for reading and I always appreciate any kind of feedback, if you want to be tagged in any upcoming parts let me know ^^

Walking towards the kitchen, you realised you didn’t feel as much of an intruder as you had done previously. It felt good to walk in the room knowing the routine a little more than the last times. It seemed to be some sort of custom to just lounge about the kitchen for a while, eat some breakfast, have some coffee…or in your case hot chocolate…and discuss the next case. Your Uncle Dean was sat down, his head buried in what must have been this weeks’ newspaper. For once it wasn’t a pie. If there was one thing you’d learnt over the past month, it was that your Uncle Dean loved pie. 

You pour the boiling water in a mug, stirring the cocoa powder before sitting down next to him. “Morning, sunshine.” He remarked. You smile lightly.
“You okay?” He frowned, his green eyes squinting slightly as his brows creased.
“Yeah…just tired.”
“I hear that.” He nodded, going back to look at the paper.
“What happened to your Dad?” You asked after taking a sip.
He paused from reading , put the paper down, and sighed. “We were in a car crash. He uh…he didn’t make it.”
You looked down, it was almost more shocking to hear that a Hunter had died from something other than a supernatural creature. You were expecting a demon or werewolf or something. But not that. “I’m really sorry.” You say respectfully.
“Don’t be, kid. At least he didn’t make a deal or something.” He picked the paper back up as if to say that the conversation was over, but he stopped himself from going back to reading and turned to you: “Did Mom say anything to you…before she uh, you know.”
Your heart broke, he was so hopeless and obviously not coping well without her. He couldn’t even bring himself to say it.
“She  just said she was proud of you both…and me I guess. Said she wanted me to look out for you,” He smiled at this “She said I belonged here.”
“Do you think you do?” He asked
“I am a Winchester…half of one anyway.”
“Family don’t end in blood, kid.” He said. The way he said it was as though he was quoting  something…or someone. Whoever said it, he was clearly in agreement.

Footsteps broke the comfortable silence as your Dad entered the scene. He had two shopping bags in his arms as he strode towards the counter. Planting them on the top, he smiled at the pair  of you. “I brought pie.” He declared.
A voice next to you mumbled “Not hungry.”. You shared a confused look with your Dad., who questioned him “You sure?”.
“I found a case.” Your Uncle Dean ignored the question. “Two people have died in a mystery fire.”
“And a mystery fire is?” You frown, taking the paper from his hands and holding it so that your Dad, who  had wandered over, could see too.
“The kind of fire that only burns the bodies. No sign of a fire anywhere else in the building.” He explained, pointing towards the picture on the front. It was of two piles of ash. You grimaced a little. “What…you thinking cursed object?” Your Dad said, taking a sip of coffee.
“Maybe. Or ghost possession.”
“You sure you’re up for it?” Your Dad raised an eyebrow at you, he didn’t say it but you figured he’d be referring to the last hunt. But you knew hunting was dangerous. You’d already accepted that.
“I’m sure.”
“Okay. But for once maybe do as I say?” He smirked “You know, like don’t run off or anything.”
“Oh you said don’t run off?” You chuckle, making him laugh.
“Come on, I’ll grab the duffle’s.”

Another car ride in Baby. It was beginning to feel so normal to you, her low hum as she took you to the next case. You relaxed in the back seat, pulling your phone out of your pocket and glancing down at the notifications- most of which you swiped away.

Your Dad went in first, followed by you, then your Uncle. The shop was definitely an antique shop. It had all sorts of bits and bobs. You noticed there was a significant number of boats on display on the balcony the floor above you. “No one’s in. Split up. I’ll check out the computer.” Your Dad said.
“Okay. Kiddo you look around. I’ll be on the first floor.” He headed to the stairs and you nodded in response. You look about the place. Lots of globes ,maps, and mannequins dressed in retro clothing littered the room. A jewellery cabinet looking old enough to be an antique itself displayed some frankly hideous items.
You searched the nooks and cranny’s of the place but no such luck. Nothing interesting anyway. A clutter sounded, making you and your Dad’s heads turn up to see your Uncle Dean’s arms fumbling about the place in attempt to catch a model boat. You giggle, alerting to him he had an audience. Your Dad smiled at your happy face in such a strange situation. He admired your ability to find such small things entertaining. He wanted your optimism on the inside. A gruff “Shut up.” Came from your Uncle.
You follow after him, your hand tracing the banister of the twisting steps. Old and large paintings covered the yellow-stained walls.
It smelt really strange, but it wasn’t sulfur- a sort of dusty and old musk. You grimaced slightly before following after your Uncle. His hands traced the tops of the book shelves searching for hex bags.

You frowned, annoyed by the place. Everything was normal, which was the problem- too normal. You turned your head when a clicking sound came from behind you. What appeared to be a regular bookshelf had been shifted to the right and behind it was a dark room. Your Uncle Dean glanced back at you and you shared an impressed look. Hurrying over, you found the light switch.

In front of the two of you were looming mannequins dressed in Nazi-Germany attire. Their pale uniforms and swastikas were glaring symbols of hatred. You look around in disgust. Everything was set up like it was a freeze frame from a play or strange idolised production.

Rushing footsteps neared you both as you continued to stare. The footsteps then slowed to a halt: “Wow.”.
You took a step forward, being the first to actually fully enter the room and walk around the desk. The most worrying thing was that everything looked genuine. Everything was genuine.

“Well this is normal.” Your Uncle Dean remarked, his eyebrows knitted together with concern for whomever put the shrine together.
“Yeah…totally normal.” Your Dad nodded.

You hold your gun up, it’s nose facing a girl tied to a chair. She had terrified eyes and was shaking her head as much as possible. You lower it and rush over, cutting the pieces of rope binding her pale wrists. You open your mouth to call your Dad, but stop yourself. “Hey you okay?” You ask Ellie, giving up on calling for them.
“What the hell is going on?” She said, her face expecting answers.
“I’ll explain in a minute, but it’s not all that safe here.” You say, gesturing for her to move.

Your Dad and Uncle walk in. “Why didn’t you call?” Your Dad frowned, putting his gun in his pocket and going over to help Ellie, only his eyes never left yours. 
You shrug awkwardly. heading back to keep watch.

The moment you turned the corner of the hallway you practically walked into two tall men. You take a stride backwards, staring up at them to see what they would do. 
The lunge towards you, guns in hand. You kick the pistol out of the right ones hand, it clattered to the floor an he shouted something in German. Hopefully that would be enough to let the others know they were soon to be in trouble.The other took aim and shot, you dodged behind the wall and cocked your gun. 
“Y/N!” Your Uncle Dean shouted, almost walking into you. He sighed with relief only to be thrown to the side by one of the men. He grunted, struggling to get back up. 

You shove one of them with all your might, you don’t think he was expecting you to. He fell against the wall and you grabbed his gun this time. One down.
This time you were the one taken by surprise: your body hit the wall only to be lifted by one of the men. He looked you up and down, dragging you to the floor.
Your Dad then burst in “Hey!” He threw the man off you and they got into a full on fight. You watched, unsure of what to do. To your left you noticed your Uncle Dean fighting the other man. You grabbed a metal bar lying on the floor and in one clean hit he was out cold. 
“Thanks.” Your Uncle caught his breath, standing back up straight.
You smile a little and turn round where the other one was unconscious also.

Your Dad placed his arm on your back and gently took you back into the main room. “You okay?” He asked, glancing round nervously.
“I’m fine.” You smiled…then you frowned “Where’s Ellie?”

The three of you turned on the spot to try and see where she went. You head to one of the offices where she went to hide earlier. Your Dad pointed above your head to where the window was open. Looking out of it, you tried to find a sign of someone but nothing. “She legged it” You mumbled, slamming it shut and picking up a gun off the floor.

You, your Dad and your Uncle were sat at one of the cafes near where the case was. You had a hot chocolate and were sat next to your Dad. He had his laptop up, researching as usual. He seemed to prefer the theory side of things where as Uncle Dean was much more into the field work- anything practical.

“We have no idea where she could be. For all we know, they already found her. All I’m saying.” Your Dad mentioned, looking at Dean instead of you.
“Still, we have some whatever percentage of the DNA of Adolf Hitler walking around. She’s more than wanted at this point. They need her.” Dean replied.
You smiled awkwardly at a Waitress walking by who gave you a stern look.

Out of nowhere Christoph sat down next to Uncle Dean. “Hi.” He looked directly at you before looking between the three of you. You’d questioned him earlier about the wacky plan to bring back Hitler. It was mental.
“Hi…?” You replied, not sure what else to say.
“I can help you guys.” He said decisively.
“Okay.” Your Dad nodded slowly, still a little taken back by Christoph’s approach.
“Why the hell should we trust you?” Uncle Dean asked.
“Why not? I gave you information before, didn’t I? Look, I’m fed up of this life and I want out. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be the kid of a maniac?”
You wanted to nod but instead you just shrugged before adding “I mean…he’s got a point.”

“What have you got for us?” Your Dad questioned, a little more uncertain than you.
“I can take you to, Ellie. But you have to trust me.”

You pulled up to what appeared to be a massive warehouse. Guards patrolled the outside like it were a prison. You got out, watching your Dad suspiciously as he had his hands round his back as he neared Christoph. He held up some handcuffs and locked him to the car, sitting him back down in the front seat. “What so you don’t trust me?”
No one spoke.
“You’re just gonna leave me here?” 
“Pretty much.” Uncle Dean nodded, taking out his gun.
Your Dad handed you a torch and stopped you going to the boot to get a gun. “You’re on guard duty. Make sure he doesn’t blow our cover.” He nodded to Christoph.
“Seriously?” You frown, pouting.
“It’s safer for you. I don’t want you getting hurt.” He sighed, turning around to show it wasn’t up for discussion.
“Don’t even think about following me, Missy.” Uncle Dean warned, pointing at you.

You sigh and get in the drivers seat. You didn’t bother lecturing the poor man, he wouldn’t blow your cover. He wasn’t that stupid.
“You’re not actually listening to them are you?” He laughed bitterly.
You ignored him.
“No offence, but it looks to me like they’re way too protective. You obviously know how to fight. You might as well follow on.” 
You sit there in silence, contemplating doing something incredibly stupid but potentially helpful to them. You sighed, unlocking the handcuff from the car and snapping it round his other wrist.

You grabbed a sniper rifle, looking forward to using something other than a pistol for once. You grinned at the firearm and loaded the ammo. “Okay, is there like a skylight or something?” You asked.
“Yeah, right ahead.” He nodded. You grabbed his arm and dragged him with you. 
Reaching the open window you climbed onto a ledge and peered inside. There, was Ellie strapped to some sort of Hospital-like bed. She was hooked up to a blood transfusion machine. Her face was like death. There was another bed next to her where her blood was being pumped into…well…Hitler.

“One wrong move and I’ll start aiming this thing elsewhere.” You hissed, unlocking Christoph from the cuffs. He smirked, taking the pistol.
You were about to shoot at him when he aimed it through the window directly at his father. You shot your hand out and lowered the gun. “Not yet. We need to be sure.”
You were worried if nothing else…dd he really hate his Dad so much he was willing to pull the trigger?
Just then a crash and shouts could be heard. You leaned in, lining up the scope so it was targeted at the man lying down.
“In came three armed men, their weapons forcing your Dad and Uncle to abide to them. No one had noticed you two.

You both watched in anticipation. Was this for real? Did Hitler really plan this far into a return?
It was impressive…if not sick.

Everyone was watching when the führer rose. He pulled the tubes away from his bare chest, not bothering to cover himself any more than he had already. He then laughed. It was an amused laugh, loud and full of relief. He slapped one of his comrades on the back, so amused by the situation for some bizarre reason.

“He’s a tad odd.” You whispered to his son, who laughed lightly.
“Sure is.”

You then noticed Ellie stirring in the bed. She dragged herself onto her feet, barely staying upright. Her shaking hands reached for a gun on the table. She then froze, her eyes fixed on yours. You nodded slowly. She nodded back.

You hold the trigger, your finger just applying enough pressure for it to not move. The cross was lined up perfectly on one of their heads. He wasn’t Hitler, but he was still a Nazi. You pressed down. The shot rang out and the man fell to the floor, the bullet having gone straight for his brain. All heads turned to the window you were at but you ducked beneath cover and dragged Christoph down with you. “That should be enough to kickstart something.” You noted aloud.

“We should help.” You decided, getting ready to stand but this time he dragged you back down. “No way.”
You frowned at him. 
“It’s too dangerous. Let’s just go back to the car.” He suggested instead.
You sighed. But what if they were in trouble?

Before you could resist he tugged you towards the Impala and, too your amazement, cuffed himself to the car. He then held out the gun for you to take. You did. Putting it back in the boot along with the sniper you frowned. “Why didn’t you run? You could have just left.”

“Something tells me your Dad doesn’t want me cuffed to the car for the rest of our lives. I figure you’ll let me go soon.”

You sat on the hood, your legs swinging off the side because they didn’t quite reach the ground. “Are you gonna go back to Germany?” You wondered aloud.
He laughed “No…are you gonna go back to England?”
You were taken by surprise. Not that you had a reason to be, after all you didn’t have an American accent. You thought about it before admitting defeat. “…No.”

You looked up to see your Dad and Uncle heading back tot he car. Safe and in one piece still. You smiled, relieved to know they were okay. “I said don’t move.” Your Dad scolded, his eyes squinting at you.
You grin “You said keep watch. I did.”
“And she didn’t let you go?” He turned to Christoph.
“Not once.” He winked at you when you Dad turned his back, making you blush.

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Did I mention I killed Hitler?” Uncle Dean poked his head round the door to say those same words for the billionth time.
You glared at him. It was no longer amusing. 
“Did I mention you were annoying?” You remarked.
“Once or twice.” 

Your Dad chuckled, grabbing his coffee and sitting down on the sofa next to you. “How are you doing?” He asked, looking at you with an expression that said ‘this is going to be a serious conversation whether you like it or not’.

You sighed. “I’m okay.” 
“You getting used to life like this, huh?” 
“Yeah I guess. It’s just so different.”
“I know it’s been a huge change for you. You’re taking it really well.” The way he spoke wasn’t patronising like you were expecting, he actually respected the sacrifices you’d made. He understood.
“I understand if you don’t want to talk about it, but…how did your Mom die?” He asked gently, as if aware you could snap.
“They shot her.”
“Why?” You knew he wasn’t asking rudely.
“She didn’t agree with their way of hunting. England used to be like this- everyone who hunted did it their way. Then the rich and posh lot met the Men Of Letters and decided Hunting needed a change. They’re typical snobs…they don’t care about how it affects you.” 
“And so they shot her?” He sounded so amazed.
“She had close connections with the US and their Hunting customs. She just refused to allow communication. So they tried to get her to give in through me, only I wasn’t fully trained at the time. So they got to me through her….at least they tried to…”
“How did they do it?”
“They just shot her, right in front of me. I got home from school and…” You sucked in a deep breath “I still didn’t tell them anything.”
“I’m so sorry.” He looked down respectfully, as though it were a funeral. A funeral of thoughts.

“Me too.”

Part Six: Reaper

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White Rabbit - Nine

Reid had taken part in a similar conversation the previous night after Agent Hotchner had left. Alice had taken herself off for a bath, but not before making Spencer promise that he would retrieve his gun from his bag and wear it.

Ellen Manchester had looked horrified at the thought having a gun in the house, she obviously hadn’t clocked Aaron’s. Alice had laughed at her sister’s expression.

“All these years I wanted one and you wouldn’t let me. Now, you don’t got a choice but to have one in the house.”

“I just didn’t think that anything could be that bad that you’d need one. You wouldn’t tell me why you wanted one so badly.”

Alice sighed and shook her head, tired of this conversation already. She’d had the argument a gazillion times. She wanted a gun for protection but she couldn’t tell them why she needed protection. But the FBI Agent had one, so now her sister had no choice. She could tell that Ellen was still disbelieving that she could be involved in something so bad that the FBI had now taken an interest. Alice could barely believe it herself. Those four and a half years seemed like a dream, a nightmare. A nightmare she’d woken up from but could feel it creeping into her day to day life. She’d left the other three adults to it and had gone for a bath, staying in the main house rather than going back to her own apartment.

Part of her knew her worries about THEM finding her were for nothing. If they’d really wanted to, she was sure they could have done it by now. But…. But maybe they were waiting for the right moment. He had told her over and over again that she was the chosen one , the special one. She was going to lead when he could no longer. He’d seen something in her, a spark that he recognised, he wanted to nurture her and show her the way.

She shuddered in the tub, shaking the images from her head and sinking down under the water.

“So what you’re saying is that my sister in law was part of some kind of doomsday cult?” Robert said to Spencer.

Spencer sipped his coffee which he’d finally been given. “We’re not sure. And I’m not sure we’d use the term Doomsday either.”

He’d been unsure how much to reveal to Robert and Ellen, as soon as Alice had left the room they’d started to ask questions. When it came down to it, he didn’t want to press his own speculations onto them. Whatever story it was, it was Alice’s to tell. He’d simply given them the same information about Lewis and Marnie Goldstein that would be available online in the public domain. Enough newspaper articles had been written about their disappearance, Marnie’s parents had made sure of that. Even though she was the elder of the pair and both were no longer minors, her parents had insisted that there was something suspicious about their disappearance, rueing the day that they ever let Lewis into their home and blaming him for leading their daughter astray.

“What term would you use then? From what I’m piecing together here, Alice seems to have been part of a cult, led by a leader that claims to be from the future and is predicting an apocalypse of sorts. Oh, and they appear to be been killing off their members. My baby sister, part of a cult!” Ellen had summed everything up quite aptly and was pacing the kitchen.

“Stop talking about me please,“ Alice appeared at the kitchen door, wrapped only in a towel, her hair dripping wet.

“Ally, we’re talking about the situation,” Robert said soothingly.

“And the situation involves me. So stop, please. I’ll tell the Agents everything tomorrow so I’m sure you’ll both have your curiosity sated then. I’m going back to my apartment. Dr Reid, I have a pull out couch in my room. I’d feel a lot more comfortable if the man with gun was sleeping in there.”

“Alright. There’s a car picking us up at eight am.” Spencer stood and followed Alice through a door to the side of the back entrance. It led to a ulitility area with a staircase leading up from it and another exit. He averted his eyes as he followed her up the stairs, wishing she was wearing something other than a towel.

When she got to another door at the top of the stairs, she pushed it open. Reid could see that it had an outer lock on it which hadn’t been shut. She led him into a open plan apartment, a kitchenette across one side with what he assumed was a bathroom leading off from it. There was a living area, with a large couch and TV as well as a desktop computer, scanner and printer, and a laptop bag. Two huge strategically placed bookcases separated a large bed from the rest of the room and Spencer watched as his companion walked between the cases and dropped her towel as if he wasn’t even there. Spencer spun around, facing the other way and waited until he heard her voice again before turning.

When her looked at her again she was dressed in an oversized t-shirt.

“Sorry. I’m not used to having company,” was all she said to him before walking over to a closet and pulling out some blankets and a pillow.

“The couch pulls out into a bed. Can I see your gun please?”

Spencer took it out and held it out to her. She eyed it carefully.

“Smith and Wesson Model 65?” she asked him and he nodded in surprise.

“That’s not an FBI approved gun.”

“I have a waiver for it. I find it easier to operate than others.”

“But you CAN operate others right?”

He nodded and allowed her to take his gun out of his hands, watching her handle it.

“I prefer Desert Eagles or Glocks.”

“Alice, you know guns?”

She checked the chambers making sure it was loaded and handed it back to him.

“I know guns. I know how to fire them, how to assemble them and how to clean them. We were taught how to defend ourselves at the compound.”

“Defend yourselves from what?”

“Everything and anything else.”

“Alice, what hap…..”

“I’m going to sleep now Dr Reid. I’m tired. Feel free to use my shower or to watch TV. Make yourself at home. I have a feeling you’ll be assigned to me until you’ve got the information that you need.”

So did he.

When he awoke the next day Alice was fully dressed and sitting on the floor by her bed, sorting items out from a box. There were Polaroids, which she had piled up along with a small box. When she felt his eyes on her, she glanced up.

“Sleep well Dr Reid?” she asked, much calmer than he’d heard her so far. It was then that he realised that his gun as no longer its holster and was by her bed.

“Please, call me Spencer. I keep telling you that. How did you sleep?” his eyes flickered to the weapon, wondering at what point she’d taken it.

“Better than I have in a while. Knowing that there’s an armed federal agent in my room definitely helped.”

“I’m not sure what good I’d have been though if anything did happen, considering my weapon is all the way over there.”

She gave him a very childish grin. “Sorry. You can have it back.” She slid it across the wooden floor to him.

Spencer tossed the blankets back and pulled on his courdroys which he’d discarded last night to sleep before padding across to her, picking up his gun as he went.

“What are you looking at, Alice?” He settled onto the floor across from her, crossing his long legs under him.

“You can call me Ally, you know. Ellen and Rob always do.” She handed him some Polaroids and he leafed through them.

“Which do you prefer?”

She shrugged and slid the small box over to him as well.

“Alright, I’ll call you Ally if you start calling me Spencer rather than Dr Reid.”

He opened up the small box, seeing that it contained leather bracelets. The same ones he’d seen in the photo she’d given him before.

“You all wore these?”

She nodded. “The tattoos are too low down our necks to be easily seen. We wore these on our wrists so we could easily spot our family…. I mean, the other members.”

“Children wore only one though.” Spencer remember the original photo and continued to sort through the other photos, seeing pictures of happy looking people going about their day to day life. From what he could tell in the images, the compound looked self sufficient. There. were shots of people tending to chickens, grooming horses, photos of what appeared to be a school lesson in progress.

“Yes. The children wore only one until they came of age and were matched.”


She looked at him, focusing her eyes on his.

“Yes. Matched. See Meg here?” she tapped a face on a photo. “Meg was nineteen before they decided on a suitable match for her, one she was happy with. A band on your right arm signified you were underage and therefore off limits. When you turned 16, it was moved to the left arm to show that you had come of age. When you were matched, you wore a band on both arms.”

Spencer assumed that being ‘matched’ was their version of being wed.

“Was everyone matched then?”

“Not everyone. There were a few people who chose to remain loners, and a lot of the younger people didn’t want to be matched straight away. They wanted to have fun. They didn’t force you into a match if you didn’t want to be. That was the good thing.”

Spencer recalled the photo of Alice, bands on both arms.

“Ally, how old were you when you were matched?”

“The ceremony took place on my 17th birthday.” She locked eyes with him again.

“Who were you matched to?” He knew the answer to the question before he’d even asked it.


Faking It (Part Six)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: language as usual. 

Series Summary: When a young billionaire who’s a former friend of yours becomes the target for the Avengers, you’re sent on an undercover mission. The mission should be easy; one week on the Upper East Side with Bucky as your “boyfriend.” The only problem? The two of you can’t stand each other. 

Note: I might have time to write and post part seven today as well. Can’t make any promises, but let me know if a double update is something y'all would be into.

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Bucky truly didn’t understand. How could he? You knew all about the horrible things in his past, everyone did. He racked his brain for something that could possibly be worse than any of his crimes, but he comes up blank. The only explanation is that you really are just overly dramatic. 

He continues to try to convince himself of this while he halfheartedly finished trying on the clothes you picked out for him, but for some reason, he can’t bring himself to fully believe his own conclusion. Something about the look in your eyes when he asked the question made him doubt himself. He even felt bad for his cruel words to you, something he’s never experienced before. 

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