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Prompt: Newt usually sleeps with a stuffed animal (any animal) and it’s fricken adorable but one day he falls asleep without it so the creatures try to replace it and get offended (sort of) when reader tries to bring him his stuffed animal and fluffy silliness. (I love your writing!!)

Aw This is hella adorable!

“Y/n!” Newt calls in a distressed tone. You run over to him thinking he was hurt or he was in danger. 

“What is it?” You half yell. 

“Have you seen Harold?” He asks anxiously. You breathe a sigh of relief and sit down in a chair next to him. 

“Merlin Newt you can’t do that to me, I thought you were hurt or something, and no I haven’t seen Harold” you say. 

Harold was Newts stuffed Hippogriff. He used to have one as a child but lost it over his years of traveling. You tracked it down and gave it to him for your anniversary. He always sleeps with and while other may find it childish you found it adorable. 

“Oh where could he be!” Newt exclaims. You rub his back and smile at his attachment to his stuffed animal. 

“He’ll turn up eventually love” you comfort. Newt sighs and pecks you on the cheek. 

“You’re right, I just. he means so much to me” Newt says. 

You give him a sympathetic look. Harold reminded him of home and he was there when other weren’t. 

“We’ll find him. I promise” you say. Newt smiles at you and stands up. 

“What would I do without you?” he asks. 

“Die probably” you joke. 

“I must get back to my case” Newt says. 

“I’m going to a meeting and then dinner with Tina and Queenie. 

It’s girls night. I’ll see you in a couple hours” you say grabbing your coat from the rack. 

“Love you!” you shout before closing the door. 

“Love you too!” Newt yells back. Newt frowns at the apartment before heading down into his case. 

“Thank you for a lovely evening but I must get back home” You explain to Queenie and Tina. 

“Can’t you stay for a little longer?” Tina asks. 

“I wish I could but I promised Newt I would help him find something” you explain. 

Queenie giggles and you look over at her. 

“I didn’t know Newt slept with a stuffed Hippogriff” Queenie says. 

“Does he really?” Tina laughs. 

“Yes and he’s lost him and needs to find him “ you say. 

“I knew that that hippogriff belonged to someone we knew” Tina says getting up. She disappears into her room and brings back a worn down Hippogriff. 

“Harold!” you shout. 

“Oh thank you, Newt’s been very upset over the loss of his hippogriff” you say. 

You apparate back to your apartment and rush through the door excitedly. 

“Newt! guess what I found!” you call. You receive no response. 

”Newt?” you call again. 

You walk into your bedroom and see Newt asleep on the bed with his niffler and a few Occamies. The sight makes your heart warm. You walk slowly and quietly over to Newt and attempt to place Harold next to the Niffler. 

Before you could, the Niffler wakes up and scurries up your arm. You drop Harold from surprise and let out a small shriek. 

Newt jolts awake, “Not the Niffler!” Newt shouts, still disoriented from just waking up. 

He looks around the room to see the Niffler hanging off your shoulder lightly hitting you with a coin and gesturing to get out. Newt stands up and grabs his Niffler. 

“What has gotten into you?” He asks the niffler. The niffler escapes Newts grasp and hops back to the bed. 

“I think he’s jealous” you tease. 

“Jealous of what? You?” Newt asks confused. 

“Nope, I think he’s jealous of Harold” you say pointing to the stuffed animal on the bed. 

Newt turns around and his face lights up. “You found Harold! Where was he?” He asks reaching down for his Hippogriff. 

The Niffler gets in between Newt and Harold and crosses his little paws. 

“It was at Tina and Queenies” you giggle. 

Newt was trying to get the niffller away from Harold but he wouldn’t budge. Sighing, Newt picks up both Harold and the Niffler. The niffler jumps on top of Newt’s head. 

“How did you convince your animals to sleep with you?” you ask. 

Plucking the niffler from Newt’s hair. 

“I’m not sure, the occamies hid in my pocket and slithered out when I laid down. I let them stay because they were so comfortable and It’s a rare occurrence for occamies to show affection for humans” Newt explains. 

“Or is because you missed Harold” you ask. 

“That may have had an influence” Newt replies. 

“And what about this little guy? How were you so sure he wouldn’t just run off in search of shiny things?” you ask holding up the Niffler. 

“I um, he’s so fluffy and cute. And I trust him” Newt states. 

“No you don’t” you say. 

“Okay okay, he’s just really fluffly” Newt admits. 

“Well I think it’s adorable,” You say handing the niffler back to Newt, 

“I’ll leave you to get some well-deserved rest”. 

Newt grabs your hand, “Care to join me? I’m sure my creatures wouldn’t mind one more person” Newt suggests. The niffler looks at you with puppy dog eyes, maybe the niffler did just want to cuddle. 

“Well how could I resist such an adorable face” you tease petting the niffler. 

You change into your pajamas and lay down next to Newt. An occamy slithers next to you and Newt snuggles up to you with Harold in his arms. You kiss his nose before turning out the light. 

“Goodnight love” you whisper. 

You look and see Newt already asleep. The niffler rests beside his head, you place your head next to the niffler and drift off to a peaceful sleep.

shitty ending i’m sorry but Its 1am and I still haven’t finished and essay due today lmao. 

Skelechildren OCs: Underswap and Swapfell

Monster parent: Blueberry

Universe: Underswap

Age: 11

Nicknames: Nim

Gender: Male

Pronouns: His/Him

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Chubs. So fricken chubby, he’s adorable. His eyelights are blue and in the shape of a treble clef and often sports a blue dress shirt, a red bow, and suspenders. His shoes are untied most of the time and he has bruises on his face because he keeps tripping over them, but you will never see him without a smile. He never leaves home without his violin. 

Personality: If his appearance didn’t already show, Nim is a musically talented and revolves his life around it. He will spend hours practicing to become better so he can one day perform at a world famous music hall. He owns a variety of instruments, from the piano to an Otamatone, but his favorite will always be his violin. He loves playing for people, and is addicted to the praise they give him for his talents. When not playing an instrument, Nim is a very happy go lucky guy who can brighten anyone’s day, but he can be insensitive at times. He can easily be frustrated and has trouble controlling his anger, especially when something doesn’t go his way, but give him something to play, and he will calm down. 

Monster parent: Stretch

Universe: Underswap

Age: 16

Nicknames: Del, Delly 

Gender: Trans female 

Pronouns: she/her

Sexuality: Unknown

Appearance: Average height, with a head structure like Gaster’s with wide eye sockets and lavender eyelights.Big, black oversized jacket with a video game logo on the back, red, circular harry potter glasses with a jagged scar under her left eye. Often has her hood up and under her jacket is a t shirt with her favorite anime on it. Has a nice smile, but will only smile around people she’s really comfortable with. 

Personality:  Del is very shy and nervous around others due to past trauma. Before her transition, she was bullied by the kids in her school for being trans and one of them threw a jagged rock at her face hence the scar. Despite that, she tried her best to move on with the support of her loving family. If a stranger approaches her, it triggers her flight reflex, but she tries to stay strong and greet them with a smile. She’s extremely close to Aunt Alphys and Undyne. Undyne understands what Del is going through, plus they bond over their mutual love for anime, while Alphys and Uncle Blue help her overcome her social anxiety to become a stronger person. Has a crush on Aspen. 

Monster parent: Black

Universe: Swapfell

Age: 14

Nicknames: Ruth

Gender: Non-binary 

Pronouns: Them/They

Sexuality: Asexual Aromantic

Appearance:  Tiny and short. Same height as Black. Their facial structure is smooth like Gaster’s, with more slanted oval, blank eye sockets and sharp teeth. Wears a long black leather trenchcoat at goes swish with gold spikes on the shoulder blades. Keeps a machete on their person at all times, and even goes to sleep with it and wears gloves to never leave fingerprints. Has a thick metal collar around their neck that sends echo location signals back to them. 

Personality: Ruthie is often mistaken for a doll or a statue because of how still they are. They’re blind, but the echo location collar helps them “see” and is a select mute. They absolutely hate and loathe anything to do with a romantic or sexual relationships and anyone that tries to hit on them will get a face full of their machete. Enjoys silence and their dad. Which is contradictory since Black is always so loud, but he taught them everything they knew and is grateful for him. They’re emotionless 80% of the time, and only expresses joy and happiness around their dad and their uncle. 

Monster parent: Rus

Universe: Swapfell

Age: 17

Nicknames: Sully, Ace

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/Him

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: He’s the bad boy that fathers tell their daughters to stay away from. Looks just like Rus, but younger and more vibrant and suave. He dresses like a 1950s greaser, and carries around a comb, even when he doesn’t have hair. His smirk can make anyone swoon, he holds himself up with confidence and arrogance. 

Personality: He’s cool, calm, arrogant, and confident, not to mention reckless and immature.  He’s the exact opposite of his father and because of that, those two clash often and their relationship isn’t as strong as it can be. Rus still loves the little shit and knows that Ace will come around sometime, but for now he leaves him be. Think of every douchey one night stand and put them all in one character. Yep, that’s Sully. But underneath all that, he’s craves real love and affection. If anyone actually breaks down enough of his walls to become his S/O, he’d drop the flirty bad boy act and be genuine. He’s actually really sweet and caring, much like Rus, but he’s terrified of someone getting close to him and hurting him, so he pushes them away before they can. 

“when have you ever said anything good about Whistler?”

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#ive never drawn whistler before and its just a doodle but i think it looks cute!!!!

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Reasons Aleheather is a great ship
  • They are both manipulative and evil
  • “you are the worst,why must you torment me? it’s all a game to you,but not to me!" heatherrrr
  • they are THE hottest TD ship
  • Spanish dork Alejandro
  • Their connection goes deeper then any game,and together they can rule the world
  • "i don’t love you! i lov- i mean,HATE! i HATE you!!”
  • The Fanart and Fan Fics for this ship are freaking amazing
  • They are fricken hella adorable

no one can convince me they are not the best ship,fight me on this i dare you.
I’ll probably add more to this later
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Happy Birthday to my angel who means the world to me.

sonya-rostova  asked:

So I'm at a party and earlier there was this rlly cute boy in a Hufflepuff sweater so I was mentally all "oh no he's good looking and into my fandom how do I go about this" and I just went up to him and I was like "can you hold this for me" and i just put my hand in his hand and he was so fricken flustered it was so adorable and tl;dr that's how a snake just got a badger's number

Impressive! Much more graceful than me and my ‘pufflefriend.