and he's done terrible things

  • Will Graham: Hannibal is the literal worst. he's absolute garbage and deserves the worst life has to offer.
  • someone that is not Will Graham: Yeah I can see your point, he's a really terrible person and has done awful things to you and so many others. He deserves to die alone in a prison cell.
  • Will Graham: Excuse me but how dare you??? He is the absolute light of my life? the other garbage half to my filthy soul?? He is my literal murder husband??? Only I am allowed to talk shit on him. I will literally stab you in the abdomen and feed your organs to him if you slander the name of the man I love ever again

Don’t think about a young Anders being taken from his home, knowing his father wanted him gone, knowing his mother wouldn’t cry until he couldn’t see her because she didn’t want that to be his last memory of her

Don’t think about young Anders, maybe 15 or 16, falling in love with his best friend Karl, trying to find happiness in between stone walls and overseers

Don’t think about young Anders and Karl being discovered and separated, being told that they are not only abominations for what they are, but they’re abominations for who they love

Don’t think about young Anders wondering why his friends show up to classes with bruises and cuts that they won’t or can’t explain, or why sometimes they just disappear for no reason at all

Don’t think about Anders feeling the weight of stone walls and stony silence bearing down on him day and night

Don’t think about Anders swimming through freezing water for miles in the dark in hopes of escape because he doesn’t know how else he’ll survive

Don’t think about Anders dragged back to the Circle in chains

Don’t think about Anders and the year he spent in solitary confinement, one of the most inhumane punishments that can be inflicted on a person

Don’t think about Anders fearing Tranquility more than he fears death

Don’t think about Anders slowly burying his anger and hurt and helplessness under a facade of witty banter and selfishness because he feels powerless to change anything, even for himself

Don’t think about Anders confused feelings when he realizes that one of his closest friends is a spirit from the fade, the one thing Mages are supposed to fear most

Don’t think about Anders trying to be kind, trying to save his friend by offering him a home in himself, and realizing with dawning horror that his own hatred is too overwhelming, too powerful

Don’t think about Anders being eaten by guilt and regret as he feels Justice turn into the thing he never wanted to become

Don’t think about Anders

Just don’t do it

Okay like

I usually agree with the crew’s decisions but…. I’m actually a leeetle unhappy with the way Steven been treating Jasper. It doesn’t make much sense. He hasn’t even TRIED to be nice to her. I at least expected him to try at some point. Considering lapis did a lot more damage to him and his family than she did. Like what makes lapis so different that he sides with her? They both have done terrible things. Is it cuz she blue and wearing a dress?

Also, I don’t think this is the last we’ll hear about these two.

it should be no surprise that Plagg chose Adrien as Chat Noir. leave it to him to find the cheesiest person in Paris to wield his Miraculous.

and it just makes a lot of sense, you know? as a model, Adrien’s got to have quite a bit of experience………………

on the catwalk

I find myself quite convinced that in the ages after Melkor’s defeat, Mairon was not trying to conquer Middle-earth simply for his own sake; he was trying to bring Melkor back.

“But Manwë put forth Morgoth and shut him beyond the World in the Void that is without; and he cannot himself return again into the World, present and visible, while the Lords of the West are still enthroned.”  - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion

“…while the Lords of the West are still enthroned.”  Middle-earth is only a stepping stone on the path to victory.  Once it falls to him, once he gains a firm hold upon it and readies his armies once more, he will march against the West to overthrow the Valar.  If he can overcome them, he can be reunited with his beloved Master.  He can bring Melkor back into the World that Is, and he can lay that World as a gift at Melkor’s feet.  This is Mairon’s endgame.  Of that I am convinced.


Daniel “Dannie/Dan” Hughes. A 1500 yr old huli jing (fox shapeshifter) and main protagonist turned antagonist from Insaneography.

Charismatic, intelligent, and manipulative. Dan’s a people person and can get along with nearly everyone, except a particular dragon.

He’s a fallen hero who helped maintain the world’s levels of chaos, swaying sides in major conflicts at the behest of a Muse. Trouble within their own ranks, his refusing to follow an order, and being denied the leadership position led to him killing their employer. The loss and feeling of betrayal spurred him on to create a group of his own, one to combat the former. 

Kicking OC October off with my favorite! :3

Quite ,subtle ..yet the thumping in Levi’s brain continues
‘Must sleep..have to sleep’

His thoughts and words running laps on his mind taunting him almost . All his fears flashing before his eyes like a alarm .

Each night he gos through this each night he remembers the terrible things that had been done to him before .

'Petra …Gunter …oluo -erd…there dead all dead it’s my fault my fault ’

His body shot up and he threw his pillow covering his face his black hair seeming to dip down covering his cold gray eyes that had nothing left in them .

He had given up to soon he could have save them ..he could have saved his eyes sight as well-

Levi was blind non the less it killed him . He knew what colors were he knew what he was missing out on and the was the worse part.a personal hell to know you could never possible see what you loved most .

He swung his feet over the side of his bed grabbing the wall as he stood his rough pale fingers grazing it with each step to be sure he knew were he was.

He stopped once he felt the window and reached for the phone he knew this was always the hardest part-calling for hanji when he needed some help getting over a nightmare .he feels weak having to have a women near by just because he can’t see the shit around him.

He counted the numbers out and waited only to hear a rather different nurse pick up the phone he knew it was not hanji the joyful energetic shit face this voice was much deeper -and had a seance of priority to it almost sounding …

He cut himself off of his thought when he noticed e had been in them to long and te silence was becoming unbearable

“I can’t see shit I need a nurse up here so I can find something ..I dropped it ”

He knew he was lying the company soothed him though even though he would have to crawl around on the filthy floor to search for a imaginary lost object .


Hook didn’t try to make amends with Ariel for Emma. He wanted to make things right with her because he knew he’d done a terrible thing and couldn’t live with the guilt anymore. It was a moment of genuine character growth, perhaps Hook’s finest moment on the show so far. He wasn’t trying to be a hero; he was just trying to be a better man—not for Emma but for himself. Being a pirate left him as empty as his quest for revenge, but he still knew one thing about himself—one good thing in a sea of self-loathing—he still believed in love.
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Stan didn’t know activating the portal would create a potential universe-destroying rift. He didn’t see Ford’s blacklight message in the journal. Dipper did. Dipper knew beyond a shadow of a doubt activating the portal would lead to something horrifically dangerous and life-threatening, if not immediately destroy the universe entirely. Dipper saw the message and he knew about the danger and he knew about all the terrible things Stan had done to get the portal working. He knew and he knew and he knew and he STILL forgave Stan immediately for EVERYTHING because Stan had done it all to save his sibling. Because, despite knowing what the blacklight message says, that the universe could and probably would be destroyed if he goes through with this, Dipper would do the exact same thing to save Mabel.


#okay let’s talk about michaela and asher #i think they can work together tbh #michaela had three boyfriends #aiden who lied to her about his past #levi who lied to her too #oh and [SPOILER] caleb who -again- lied to her and turned out to be a psychopath #now let’s talk about asher #he may not be the best guy in the world #he has done terrible things too #BUT #i think he’s a kind hearted guy who has suffered a lot in his life #and now bonnie broke up with him and he was left alone again when he just want to be loved by someone #michaela can barely stand him but now they both need somebody to love and asher can be the perfect guy for her #he was always so sweet with bonnie and i’m sure he’ll be with michaela too #so… i have hope for season 3 #my english sucks ik but i needed to say this #maybe i’m the only one but i’m rooting for you Prattstone!!

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Your Jaime commentary is so on point. I think many fans read into Jaime what they want to see, and project their desire for a 'redemption' story they have been conditioned to believe will eventually take place. The truth is that Jaime is all fucked up and struggling with WHO HE IS and what he values, and we are most likely not headed toward this 'oh he was good all along' cathartic moment of redemption so many in the fandom seem to envision.

To be clear, I’m not without empathy for Jaime Lannister. But I feel like a lot of the fandom flat-out dismisses the terrible things he’s done and taken part in, most of which he does not regret at all. As I’ve said before, the point and power of his storyline is that we can empathize with him anyway–such is the skill with which GRRM writes his character. We understand him better now; he’s not the one-dimensional villain he seemed to be in AGOT, but rather a fully fleshed-out human being. But I cannot buy into the notion that the man who tossed a child from a tower window, who willingly took part in the deception that destroyed his brother’s life (and never once spares a thought for the woman gang-raped in the process), who launched a coup that put an illegitimate tyrannical despot on the throne and led to a hideously costly war, and who is almost certainly going to murder his sister has a heart of gold beating underneath it all. Casting an antihero as a hero is simply a bridge too far for me. I can understand and appreciate nuanced, measured defenses of the man, but multiple people have argued to me that nothing he did before losing his hand matters when it comes to judging him, and that’s fucking appalling. As I’ve also said before: empathy is not moral approbation, and “I understand why you did that” is not “It is OK that you did that.”

I don’t think Peggy was scared when Jason had her at gunpoint. I think she was disappointed.

(be prepared, I am not a fan of one Daniel Sousa under the cut)

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Imagine: Being pregnant with Kai’s kids and he’s protective of you…

Saying Kai was protective, would be the understatement of the century. You knew that he was a volatile sociopath and he’d done some terrible things - but it didn’t mean he was incapable of love or that he didn’t deserve it. 

Ever since you two met at Jo’s, you knew there was a connection, a spark. His obsession with Bonnie abruptly stopped dead, and it turned into the same hate that he felt for everyone in the ‘Scooby Doo Gang’ -  everyone except you that is. He felt something for you, it was more than a crush but his confusion with the whole emotion thing, scared him and made him nervous whenever he was around you.

One night, you two bumped into each other in the Grille. It was a casual thing, you were there to see Matt, but he had to leave early, so you were stuck there all by yourself. Kai had to try to keep his cool and not slip up, which was actually quite cute with the puppy eyes and everything. After a lot of drinking, one thing led to another and well, you ended up binded by magic - which was basically marriage!  You couldn’t say you were unhappy about it, you were actually kinda happy - and Kai well, he was fucking ecstatic!

Fast forward to now, yeah you guessed it, you were pregnant. Twins, as your ultrasound revealed. You had quite a big baby bump now, and magic practically emanated off you, as you now had the joined power of three. After Kai became the Gemini coven leader, he was nearly always by your side. Before you got pregnant, he was protective - but now, if someone so much as gave you a weird look, he would turn their blood to acid!

You two were laying on the couch, you in between his legs, cuddled into his chest. He peppered kisses on your forehead, one hand drawing circles on your lower back soothingly, while the other rested on your bump.

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“I love you, (Y/N),” You smiled, looking into his blue-green eyes. Just as you were about to kiss him, you felt a kick coming from belly - your babies must have been feeling left out. Kai placed a kiss on either side of your bump,“ And you, I love you and your twin too,” He told them, giving you a hug, but being very careful not to squish the twins.

When he wasn’t being a sociopath, Kai was actually a very sweet guy - but only to you, he loved you and his kids more than anything. You buried your face in the crook of his neck, breathing in his cologne and leaving a kiss on his collar bone.

“I love you too, Malachai Parker.”

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okay just gonna throw my deux centimes in the pot real quick

The fact that that barmaid looked so much like Milah is a BFD. She was visually and physically offering Killian the chance to return to his past: both Milah (playboy pirate) and post-Milah (vengeful loner who cared about nobody’s happiness but his own). He rejected both chances. He paid her to leave, and then gets attacked by Ariel, where as we know, he will end up going on a journey with her to help rescue her true love. In neither case did this have ANYTHING to do with Emma. At this point, Killian has no reason to think he’s going to see her again. He’s not doing it in order for him to tell her about it later (which he wouldn’t, because he hates praise and having his good deeds called attention to). The thing about Killian this season is that he has consistently done the right thing in terrible circumstances, even and especially when nobody is looking and when he has nothing to gain from it, and that’s what makes him a hero. If he was talking to Emma about how much he’d done for her and sacrificed for her (which he’s not) and then was banging the barmaid and plundering villages on the side (which he didn’t) then he wouldn’t be a hero and he wouldn’t really have developed. But neither of these things are true, because he has.

In my view, sleeping with the wench WOULD have been OOC for him at this point in the story. Nothing to do with CS or Emma or any of that, but just for him personally. The last time he had to be separated from Emma for a day (3x10) he got drunk and miserable and hit on Tink (even if clearly never intending to follow through). He could just as easily done the same thing this time. Except he doesn’t. And he’s been separated from Emma for far MORE than a day and for all he knows, again, forever. Because he’s being honest with himself and knows that even if he never sees her again, he has to be true to the man she helped him realize. Plus, Colin has said that Killian was loyal to Milah’s memory for 300 years. While that does not necessarily imply absolute celibacy, it certainly DOES imply that he wasn’t out trying to drown his pain in the arms of every woman he met, and since he thinks Emma is his true love, that’s the minimum standard of devotion she would get. That’s how he is when he’s in love: he doesn’t want to even try to move on, he will stay absolutely fiercely loyal to the woman’s memory no matter the costs to himself. If he bedded the wench just because, he’d have gone back not just to pre-Emma Killian, but pre-Milah Killian, and I do think he respects himself – and loves/loved both women enough – not to do that. Because both the revenge and the love have made him into who he is, for better or worse, and now he’s trying to find some way to live with it even when his heart is completely broken. Instead of going back down the rabbit hole of hatred and vengeance and selfishness.

Basically, Killian Jones is better than you.