and he's done terrible things


“We’d like to volunteer.” Cassian said.

She didn’t trust him. She didn’t trust anything the galaxy could throw at her. “Why?”

He smiled, and it died on his face. “Some of us-” He hesitated, waited until Jyn’s gaze had met his. “-most of us, we’ve done terrible things on behalf of the Rebellion.” He spoke matter-of-factly, as if it were the most obvious truth in the world. “We’re spies. Saboteurs. Assassins.”

Jyn spared another glance at the soldiers. They were looking at her, one and all, as if awaiting judgement.

Was it a confession?

“Everything I did,” Cassian said, “I did for the Rebellion. And every time I walked away from something I wanted to forget I told myself it was for a cause that I believed in. A cause that was worth it.”

He was almost stumbling over his sentences, forcing each out before he lost his nerve. Like a man wrenching a dislocated limb into place, one agonizing pull at a time.

He went on: “Without that -without a cause- we’re lost. Everything we’ve done would have been for nothing. I couldn’t face myself if I gave up now. None of us could.”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Alexander Freed

Also Jack Falahee (and Viola Davis but we already know Viola is the freaking Queen) was amazing in these two episodes
Like the first two minutes with Connor thinking of killing himself were more than enough to make me cry and then the whole episode just broke me.
Like I know Connor has done awful terrible things but at least he feels guilty about it. There are other characters in this show that have done the same and they don’t even care for example Asher who killed Sinclair and seems totally fine with it. Connor is still traumatized about Sam and he didn’t even kill him

Soo-Won's inner monologue (spoiler post)

I’ve already read the translation of the latest chapter. And there was one thing that really hit me in the heart (and still is). Don’t continue reading if you don’t wanna be spoiled!

The author finally managed to give us an insight to Soo-Won’s deepest thoughts (and also feelings). Although it’s something we could’ve already guessed, it’s still hard for me to get used to this thought…

He wants to die and believes he deserves nothing better than his own death after all the terrible things he has done. I really do not want him to die and I’ve explained myself already several times, but… There’s something that got mentioned in his inner monologue which I can’t stop thinking about:

“After doing something so terrible… I have no intention of living peacefully, and slowly wilt away towards a happy death.”


I thought about this theory a while ago and with the current sitution I came to think about it once again… What if he has some kind of illness which he inherited from his mother? After all, she’s been sick at least for a while. Min-Soo’s mom also used to be her personal doctor, but stopped working at their mansion. Which means Soo-Won’s mother has either

a) already died
b) doesn’t need medical attention anymore or
c) Min-Soo’s mom has died
d) Min-Soo’s mom left the mansion for unknown reasons

If Soo-Won’s mom is already deceased, there’s still the possibility left that he inherited the illness from her.

The problem is… There are absolutely no signs that he’s suffering from an incurable illness. He seems perfectly healthy to me. We also have to consider that our characters live in a time period where many people died from unknown reasons. Back then, no one knew about “modern” stuff like cancer, although it did exist. So, how is he able to hide his (potential) illness? 🤔 Will he pull an Itachi who was able to fight until the very end (despite his illness)? It would of course add some drama to the story, but I still don’t like the idea…

If he’s not suffering from an illness, it’s pretty clear that he’s planned to die a heroic death and get killed by Yona and/or Hak once he has reached his ultimate goal. If they refuse to do it (which is what most likely will happen), he needs to learn how to live with all that pain. He must be convinced that there’s still a reason for him to continue living. And that it’s also possible to find his own happiness. Even for him.

I hope the author decides to keep him alive! I’ve never felt such a strong bond to a fictional character before. It may sound silly, but I’m telling you the truth. I understand his pain and why he acted the way he did. And that’s one of the reasons why I love him so much. And he’s also the reason why I haven’t dropped the manga yet. So, please! Let him live, Kusanagi-sensei. 😢

it’s amazing to look back over robert’s story and the fundamental changes he’s made. I know we’ve all spoken at length about how much he’s grown. not just because he accepted his bisexuality, or that he came out - but also because he addressed the terrible things he’d done. he said, you know what, I have made terrible choices but now, at this time, and with aaron, I’ll work really hard to be better.

the thing that really struck me this week though, was the concept of aaron not having to worry about robert when he goes to jail. because the old robert protected himself from all that. he had wealth, stability, a fortress. he made choices based solely on how he could benefit from it. he hurt lawrence to win him over, he kept his family at arms length, he kept aaron quiet about katie. nothing could touch him because he wouldn’t let it.

only NOW, so much of what he does is for others. he always wants to whisk aaron away whenever things are getting too much. he makes grand romantic gestures on a total whim. he works extremely hard to just keep afloat. he helps buy and restore an old house to give a family a proper go at it. where he used to pretend to be leading a life he wanted, we know that this time around its true. because he’s so vulnerable. because none of this is about being safe, or being protected. it’s risky, it’s ‘messed up’, it can hurt him.

so robert’s life will go ‘on hold’. because robert’s become someone who understands life isn’t just about him. it’s about others, and love, and happiness. and aaron is at the core of that happiness. aaron was the catalyst of that change. and now he’s being taken away.

so robert’s preparing a wedding, and tying the knot, so aaron will know (not just that he’s loved, not just that he means it, but also that) he’ll be right there when he gets back.

Will Hook actually pay for his past ??

Hook is such a disgusting character. They show time and time again terrible things he has done but it always gets washed away.
He NEVER needs to suffer and consequences.

He is no hero. He expects others to give him a pass and by saying he is a hero makes it so. He doesn’t actually need to show he’s a hero in anyway.

This show’s hypocrisy is blatant.

friends dealing with unreciprocated love,

let me first by telling you my story- in a brief way- i love a boy who likes a girl who he will fall in love with or move on to another girl while blindly forgetting that i am here- always have been, and will as long as i can 

i want to share a few things 

-loving him is painful, but I’m a genuinely better person because i am humbled everyday and i always want to be the best version of myself when I’m around him

-hes one of my favorite people and that used to scare me but now i just enjoy every part of who he is

-ive done some terrible things on accident because loving him has its affect on me- and jealousy is a big part of that

-there will be another boy or girl who takes my heart but in this stage of who i am i can’t imagine it because i can’t imagine a life with anyone else 

i don’t have advice other than to focus on the person you are when you love someone because i bet they make you feel like the top of the world- and you are- so be the top of the world always and someday that brightness will catch someones eye and if your lucky they’ll catch yours too


a friend- hazel eyed lover 

laughing my ass off. one time when i was about 16 i was at a reception with my family who are good friends with jeff s*ssions (now you can understand why me and my family aren’t close) and he kept staring at me and commenting on my “natural beauty” and doing that weird back pat and rub thing that creepy adults do. now all the terrible things he’s done and said have come to light and he will be the attorney general of the u.s.. really great stuff. he’s the worst

Why are people forgetting all the terrible things Dagur the Deranged has done?

In season 3 of Race to the Edge Dagur gets a redemption arc, and this new version of him is shown even more in season 4. But because of this, and because it came to light that he didn’t kill his father, it seems that fans are looking back and considering him as good, or they’re ignoring all the terrible things he’s done.

There are many different things that define good and bad, and there’s a whole big gray area. Do I think Dagur is good now? I think he tries his best. Was he evil in the past? Most definitely.

Just because a character gets a redemption arc I don’t think they’re wrongdoings are something that should be forgotten. Those wrongdoings still happened, they’re still within the character, although they may be buried deep. I’m not saying Dagur’s going to turn bad again. I’m just saying that that past him is as much him as the present version of himself, and I wish more people would remember that.

I find myself quite convinced that in the ages after Melkor’s defeat, Mairon was not trying to conquer Middle-earth simply for his own sake; he was trying to bring Melkor back.

“But Manwë put forth Morgoth and shut him beyond the World in the Void that is without; and he cannot himself return again into the World, present and visible, while the Lords of the West are still enthroned.”  - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion

“…while the Lords of the West are still enthroned.”  Middle-earth is only a stepping stone on the path to victory.  Once it falls to him, once he gains a firm hold upon it and readies his armies once more, he will march against the West to overthrow the Valar.  If he can overcome them, he can be reunited with his beloved Master.  He can bring Melkor back into the World that Is, and he can lay that World as a gift at Melkor’s feet.  This is Mairon’s endgame.  Of that I am convinced.

Protect wolfy

Okay so I would just like to shine some light on Wolf here:

He’s so guilty, like a dog which knew it did something wrong

Even here you can see the guilt, he is acknowledging he did it and not hiding it down in his heart.

And look at that ^ Look at how genuinely relieved his face looks

Look at all that TLC ^

He cares very, very deeply for her. More than her mother ever did.

And here’s wounded and beat up Wolfram, still worrying about Sullivan’s wellbeing

Look how mad he gets upon realizing their little plan; look at that determination as he gets up even with a gaping wound in his torso

and finally, look how he WALKS away from his unit, he’s basically deserting them and his country to go and save her. If that’s not love then what is? 

He is somewhat selfish for not wanting her to leave and go experience the world but he has her best interests at heart, really.

Wolf needs love and protection. Even though he’s done terrible things he knows he has and is trying hard to atone for them. Protect Wolfram at all costs 2k15

Dear Jane the Virgin Writers

I would like to sincerely apologize to you guys on behalf of Rafael Solano. I cannot imagine what terrible thing he has done to you all that has caused you to play him so dirty in every damn episode. I’m constantly theorizing what he possibly could have done to you all to make you take away everything that’s near and dear to him: his father, his mother, his agency to pick how many children he has, the love of his life. Speaking of the love of his life, on top of losing her, you’ve managed to minimize every aspect that made their relationship special– all to give it to a stale cracker that you desperately and pathetically try to sell to your audience as a fantastic leading man. Rafael being the only one to encourage Jane’s writing aspirations, as said by Jane herself? Nah, that never happened. Michael was supportive, too! Rafael wasn’t the only one to call Jane a writer, right? Jane and Rafael discussing their common dream of living the classic stable home life in the suburbs? Nah, Michael deserves that more! And now, Mateo using his first words to call Michael “dada”. I mean I get it,  Rafael is CLEARLY so missing from his son’s life and never begging for time with his son, never going to mommy & me classes, or begging that they don’t take him a hour away from him… So I can totally see the confusion. Good job, Mateo, you’re showing your terrible father who’s boss.

Anyway, again, I apologize for whatever Rafael has done to you all. You’ve really shown that bastard! Good job! I do hope this letter will be received, but I’m not sure if the postal service can get that far up Michael Cordero’s asshole.

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Shidge 16,17,19, and 34

finally my otp with angst thank u anon

16 - Do they keep secrets? Lie? Cheat?

I think Shiro would keep a lot of secrets, mainly about his time with the Galra. I always imagined Shiro doing a lot of questionable things in the ring. He wouldn’t have gotten the title “Champion” just for kicks. He has done terrible things to have stayed in that position and it includes more than just defeating the Myzax, the previously reigned champion. The truth torments him all the time but he passes them off as ‘bad dreams’ whenever Pidge asks.

Pidge knows something is up but she waits patiently for Shiro to upon up on his own. She says she will always be there for him and she is.

17 - What would make them break up? Would it be permanent? 

I think it would take a lot for Shiro and Pidge to break up. It wouldn’t be something done in the spur of the moment, in the heat of a fight. If anything, them breaking up would be them falling out of love. Maybe, Shiro couldn’t bring himself to tell Pidge about anything and finally he was done with having to tell her and slowly the fear of having to tell her every time eats away the love he has for her. Or maybe Pidge grows tired of waiting for Shiro to say something. Maybe she starts feelings like she is talking to a wall and this isn’t going to go anywhere. Or maybe the passion just dies down and they are both insecure and they think about it until it hits them, it’s probably time to stop beating a dead horse. And they just end it.

They would have time to sort themselves out, Shiro with himself, Pidge with her family. And I think after some thinking and soul searching, they could give it another chance, try to get the sparks back but it won’t be the same.

19 - What do they fight about? What are their arguments like? How do they make up?

I think they would fight about battle strategies. Pidge would try to say something science-y but Shiro can’t exactly follow at the heat of battle and they end up breaking it bad right after.

”If only you listened to me, we could’ve beaten it earlier.”

“I can’t exactly listen attentively because we were almost thrown off a black hole.”

And the tension rises and they just go their way to blow off steam. When things cool down, one of them usually goes to the other and apologizes. And they cuddle in bed, sometimes something else.

A really big fight they had once though was about the Holts. Their location was close but it was too dangerous and a nearer planet was having distress call. Pidge wanted to bad to leave but she knew it is her duty as a Paladin. She looked at Shiro for support in going after them. She just needed to go by herself, the team could save the planet. But Shiro said nothing and agreed they should save the planet first. Pidge felt so betrayed by it that she did not talk to him for days. Things fell apart after this.

34 -  Do they have any pets?

They have had Gunther but by the time they get back to Earth, he’s become an old chap, so they lose him pretty early in their relationship. Shiro gets three little kittens later on. He saved them from the rain and they adopted them. Pidge never really wanted a dog after what happened, anyway.

-mod lance

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what do u think when elena chooses damon in 4x23? like legit they have a conversation abt how they are incompatible and then elena says she loves him like...?what?

Well the whole point of DE is that them being incompatible doesn’t matter, him being wrong for her doesn’t matter, the terrible things he’s done don’t matter because she loves him too much to stay away from him, that’s what DE is supposed to be.

The problem is, we did that with SE already in the sense that in season 1 Stefan was like I bring all this death, you were right to stay away from me, I should leave, I can’t hurt you and Elena was like yeah I kinda wish that I could forget meeting you and everything that’s happened since meeting you but I can’t do that because I can’t lose how I feel about you, my life was shitty before you got here and I know you think you made it shittier but you didn’t because I love you so stop walking away from me. In season 3 Stefan is at his lowest and Elena just can’t not love him, she’s just like I never stopped loving you, I never unfell for him, I’m not giving up on you. And of course Stefan isn’t actually bad for Elena and their relationship provides strength and solace and intimacy for the both of them but that whole it’s probably smart to stay away but I just can’t, I love them too much to walk away was done with SE and it was done better.

The other thing is DE don’t have the receipts for that kind of a relationship. There needs to be a reason why they can’t walk away, you can’t just say love and not back it up. In Sons of Anarchy Tara is like all that shit with Jax and the club and Charming is all behind me I’m not doing that again, I got out, but once she gets back that vibe with Jax, that chemistry, that intensity all comes rushing back, they just get each other and she can’t walk away, she’s calling herself an idiot the entire time but that pull is undeniable. DE don’t have a pull, they don’t have anything beyond the sex and that’s a problem because if the sex is it the sex has to be communicative, like some serious otherworldly, transcendental shit has got to happen between the sheets to make it all worth it but we don’t get that, we just get “hot” sex but anyone can have hot sex so then what’s unique about them? He makes her feel free? How? He makes her feel alive? In what way? He gets her to embrace her darkness? When and why is that a good thing? Like they do not earn the kind of relationship they’re supposed to be so Elena legit just looks dumb.

Or okay you know what else I think of sometimes, with the whole “If Harry had had a good home life” and why Dumbledore needed him to not have a loving home in order to craft him into a weapon/martyr, is this: Dumbledore not even trying to stick his neck out for Sirius and not even questioning for a second him betraying James suddenly makes a lot more sense.

Because think about it: Dumbledore knows Sirius, he taught him for seven years and knew him afterwards in the Order. He's seen the love Sirius had for James, saw Sirius leave his own family and basically become a part of the Potter family and yet, to our knowledge, he doesn’t even raise a hand to help Sirius when he’s arrested, just allows him to get sent to Azkaban without a trial. Whereas Snape, SNAPE, who is a KNOWN Death Eater (and we can assume he’s done some terrible things to become a Death Eater, especially one in the Inner Circle), Snape not only gets  trial but gets off with no jail time based on Dumbledore’s word alone.

Why?! Dumbledore sticking his neck out for Snape but not for Sirius doesn’t make sense unless you look at what Dumbledore needed. Dumbledore needed Snape as a spy, and really, his plans were far better suited if Sirius was locked up, guilty or not. Because you can bet that Sirius would never have taken Dumbledore’s ‘Harry needs to stay with the Dursley’s" nonsense, he would’ve fought tooth and nail to get rightful custody of Harry, and then what? Harry would’ve grown up in a loving environment, Harry would’ve had someone to fight for him–someone with REAL knowledge of the wizarding world and (presumably since he was raised as a Black) some type of political savvy, even. Think of that! Think of the fuss Sirius would’ve raised during the Chamber of Secrets debacle. Think of what Sirius would’ve done to Rita Skeeter for printing lies about his godson if he weren’t a wanted felon. And we all know that Sirius would’ve been loyal to Harry over Dumbledore, and that was a problem.

tl;dr: Dumbledore is a sketchy mofo and I hold him partially accountable for Sirius Black’s suffering, and like 95% accountable for Harry’s.

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It looks like the truth will come out next week about Killian killing papa Charming. How do you think Emma will take it? Will she just be upset that he kept it from her? I can't imagine her being mad about what he did in his past but maybe upset that he didn't tell her and maybe that he thought she would care about something like that after she told him that she does not care about his past.

I think you’re exactly right in the way you think Emma will respond.  She’s already made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t care about his past.  She knows he’s done some terrible, terrible things, but she also knows that he’s changed.  He’s not that man anymore.  Granted, killing her grandfather some 60 years or so ago does hit closer to home for her, but she never knew the man, and I don’t think the family connection will make that terribly much of a difference with regard to her reaction to Killian’s actions.

I think it’s definitely possible that she gets initially upset that he didn’t tell her about it before the proposal, but after she takes a moment to calm down and think things through, she’ll realize he came to her that night trying to confess, but she kind of forced his hand with her revelation about finding the ring (not that I’m at all blaming Emma, by the way.  Killian really should have told her before proposing, but I have to believe Emma’s reaction and the fact that absolute heaven was there waiting for him made it almost impossible for him to do something he firmly believed might lose him his happy ending forever).

My prediction about how it all goes down in 6x14?  Killian is even more wracked with guilt about the whole situation, and Emma notices.  (Clearly something’s up.  If he’s being all broody and angsty just after they got engaged, that’s got to be a HUGE red flag!)  She confronts him about it, maybe even hesitantly asking if she misread him; if he didn’t want to marry her after all and she forced him into it by asking him to ask her.  He’ll assure her that that isn’t the case at all; that he wants nothing in the world more than to marry her, and then he’ll confess the whole sordid situation.

I suspect Emma will get upset and storm out (or there’ll be some sort of Savior crisis before she can respond) and Killian is crushed, believing he’s lost her, but then once the crisis of the day (Obviously dealing with the little EQ problem Regina has on her hands) is resolved, she’ll seek him out, let him know that she was upset that he kept it from her, and even more upset that he still can’t see that he’s changed and believed this revelation would make her leave him.  Then she’s going to tell him that what he did to Robert doesn’t matter and won’t change things between them, and to prove the point, she’s going to take the ring off and then propose to him.  He’ll be floored by her belief in him.  There will probably be tears (both his and hers…and let’s be real, ours as well!), and then he’ll accept her proposal, sweep her into the most romantic kiss in the history of kisses, (and who knows?  Maybe we’ll even get the first official CS sexy times scene, as much as they can show on this show) and the episode will end very very happily.

So with regard to CS next episode?  I expect angst, but it will be the good kind of angst!

things i like: illidan as a character

things i dislike: legion’s blatant attempts to make me sympathize with illidan while simultaneously ignoring the pretty terrible things he’s done


Imagine: Being pregnant with Kai’s kids and he’s protective of you…

Saying Kai was protective, would be the understatement of the century. The warlock had always liked you, ever since you stepped foot in his life; but being the sociopath that he used to be, those feelings were never expressed – he didn’t want to appear weak.

But after one alcohol-induced one night stand, all that changed dramatically; you fell pregnant with his child.

 It was as if a switch flicked on in his head. He became borderline possessive, and threatened more people that you could count, all because “they looked at you funny!"  Despite his reputation, he actually cared a lot more than you’d previously expected. If you needed anything, he would get it, with no fuss. Magic siphoning was completely off the table, as he’d told you plenty of times that he didn’t want to hurt neither you or "the spawn” – ever.

After the merge with Luke, this attitude seemed to be amplified massively, to the point where he would practically shield you from the world whenever he felt like danger was near - most of the time it wasn’t.

“How’s the spawn today, Babe?” Kai quizzed, flopping down beside you on the couch. You smiled, hand smoothing over your growing baby-bump subconsciously.

“Good, actually - they’ve been moving around all day,” You replied; Kai stooped down onto his knees, face level with your stomach. He pressed a soft kiss on either side of your belly button – before getting kicked on the nose as a response.

“Damn - we’ve got some feisty kids in there!”