and he's done terrible things

In Mindful Education i love the symbolism of the butterflies.

Ruby has a tendency to fixate on one thing and can’t let it go

Sapphire has future vision and sees everything that can happen and can get overwhelmed by that knowledge

Connie has a lot of small anxieties that manifest in one situation that just blows it up out of proportion

Steven’s got some deeper issues that he’s got to deal with
but none of them were belittled in any way, it may look like sapphire has more to deal with (with future vision and all), but ruby has her problems, there’s no well she has it worse you should feel that bad over that one little thing
And Steven and Connie; even though Steven’s feels like he’s done terrible things and has the large things on his plate, Connie’s problem isn’t compared to Steven’s and there’s no competition of “who’s suffering more” and “you’re problems don’t matter cause they aren’t as big as someone else’s”

Fan Fic Appreciation Day

There is no adequate way for me to express my love of all the authors who write such beautiful works for me to consume.  Every story I click on, I attempt to comment on or, at the very least, kudos in payment but it just doesn’t seem like enough for all you superheros who spend their free time making awesome entertainment for me.

That being said, there are those special fics that mean a little extra.  They’re the ones that stick with you.  They’re the ones you can’t wait to rec to newbies in the fandom when they post a “Does anyone know any good fics?” question in the ship tag.

Here are a list of fics that I especially love from the Reylo fandom, which are in no particular order and with their fic summary from AO3:

The Conviction of Things Not Seen by airecrazy - She knows he is a war criminal. He’s done terrible things. But in the end, he turned his back on the Dark Side and helped to defeat his own Master. Now, a prisoner of the victorious Resistance, he sits in a cell and accepts his punishment. She really shouldn’t talk to him.She really shouldn’t. COMPLETED

In My BLoodstream by EllieCarina -  Rey knows Kylo by now. And she knows Ben and almost everything in between. But when Poe Dameron kisses her, she learns something she hadn’t known before. They are bound by the Force and this alone would be difficult enough - with love of all things added to the mix, the universe could as well come apart under the weight of their minds. COMPLETED

Forms by Trebia (@avenrue) -  They are children with matchsticks, him and her. COMPLETED

Never Tell Me The Odds by AquaWolfGirl (@stoptakingmyhandx) -  He was just the supply runner and information gatherer, really. He didn’t mean to get swept up in this Force mumbo-jumbo. Then again, his father hadn’t meant to either, and look where that got him.
An AU where Ben’s not Force sensitive, and instead has followed in his father’s footsteps to become a smuggler and gatherer for the Resistance. IN PROGRESS

In The Ashes by Teague -  In the end, it’s the two of them who bring down Snoke. When the smoke clears, Kylo Ren is dead and Rey meets Ben Solo for the first time. IN PROGRESS

Shatterpoint by diasterisms (@kylorenvevo) -  n. 1. fault; the weak place in an opponent. 2. fracture; where the unbreakable can be broken. COMPLETED

Like Young Gods by diasterisms - “What do you think?” Luke asks his nephew. “She has potential.”“She bit me, Master,” is Ben’s stiff response. “Any opinion I give would be biased.”Or: Everyone is connected, even if, sometimes, it’s just by the skin of our teeth. Even in the midst of darkness, still, luminous beings are we. COMPLETED PLUS THERE IS AN ONGOING SEQUEL

Falling by Tandy -  Being an expert in self-denial, Rey had never had any trouble keeping her panties on. Until now. Until Ren. COMPELTED

poe dameron’s quest for a true story by bam_cassiopeia (@and-then-bam-cassiopeia) - five true stories about kylo ren and a true story about ben solo poe hearsor, a story about stories COMPELTED

forgetting the words to your favorite song by TheJGatsby (@thejgatsbykid) -  She sits here with Ben Solo’s childhood set out before her, trying to do the same thing, trying to construct in her mind the boy he’d been, how he’d become the man he is.
Of course she’s sentimental. He turns the doll over in his hands again.
(Or, finding pieces of each other) COMPLETED

Isolation by TearoomSaloon (@saloontime) -  She had cut off the comfort of touch when she was small. It was preservation to hate the feeling, she told herself, a way to keep a weakness at bay. Then why did she feel hungry to graze his skin, to touch him the way a starving animal prepared for a feast? COMPLETED

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*slides a bullion into ask box* a sequel to the niles angst

im always a ho for the cash. ya got it anon~ First part is here!

Regret is a word that Niles refused to use. Regrets, regrets. They would bring nothing but unneeded heartache, an emotion he really doesn’t want to make time for. Survival, that was what was important. Was.

Ever since you’ve snuck into his shriveled heart (as so he likes to call it) nothing’s been the same. Feelings, emotions, wants, desires, all of that have been appearing more.

Breaking your heart was the worst thing he’s had to do…and he need not list all the terrible things he’s done.

He prowls about the night again, always keeping an eye out for you. While he ended your relationship, by no means has his feeling ceased for you at all. And he’s been learning the meaning of, absence makes the heart grow fonder…a painful lesson, he admits.

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I ! love ! Severus ! Snape ! You can go on about his flaws, mention terrible things he should’ve done differently, whatever. I don’t care, I love him as a character and, honestly, part of me doesn’t even know why. I do, though, so don’t expect me to put up with all the crap he gets or not to stick up for one of my favourite characters. Everyone has their right not to like him, but I have a right to defend him. And I will.

Blood Texts (Closed)


There had been someone dying every week in a large city. The news telling people of this serial killer. He was killing people that had done terrible things to other people. Ceos that did insider trading or keeping money from their employees. Rapists and child molesters too. Someone was weeding the scum from the earth. Yet there was still so many of them out there. 

Another body was tossed into an alleyway. A drug dealer selling drugs to children. His throat cut with blood still pooling from it. The person that did it fleeing the scene once again. 

Loki sat at a cafe drinking a cup of tea while reading the paper the following morning. A small grin as he read the headline of his most recent kill. He started looking for his next mark through the other pages of the paper. He took another sip as he read the articles. Two people were jumping out at him. A racist man that was denying customers into his deli because of their race. Also a woman who was forcing sex on her underage students. He stuck out his tongue in disgust. How was he going to figure out who to kill? They both deserved it. Maybe he would just kidnap and kill them both. He shrugged as he set down his tip and got up to head to his day job. 

He got to the shop and started opening it up for that day’s worth of customers. The clothes all laid out in perfect piles and lining the racks elegantly. He managed the local professional wear shop. Other employees coming in as well. 

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If Maitho deserves a happy ending then so does Joe because I'm pretty sure Joe just drives people around he's done less than Maitho

Joe’s done his share of terrible things, he’s just drawn back to being a driver since he got full custody of his daughter

Okay this has been bothering me for a long time.

Damien. Good ol’ Damien. Good ol’ traitorous Damien that the fandom hates with a passion. He’s done a lot of terrible things! Do you want to count them? He’s forced Dr. Bright to break doctor-patient confidentiality, has probably coaxed her into doing a lot of things that she doesn’t like, has kind of harassed her, has intimidated many people like Chloe and Caleb, and, oh yeah, kidnapped Mark.

He’s a pretty terrible guy, no doubt about it. But that just makes me wonder:

Why did he do all of this?

Damien seems like a pretty terrible guy all around but he’s revealed some softer stuff about himself. Firstly, we know that he has no friends besides Dr. Bright, and she doesn’t really consider him a friend. What does that say about him, do you think? We also know that he struggles being able to hold onto relationships because he feels like they only stay because he wants them to stay, and thus his power holds them there. He tells Chloe how he feels like he’s stuck and unable to break away from his powers because he’s just seen as inherently bad because of them. Damien desperately wants to be around someone that is like him which is why he was so interested in Chloe and why he jumped at the chance to be with Mark. Mark is a clean slate to him, and someone who could potentially understand him by replicating his powers. In that way, he also could resist Damien’s powers and become a real friend to Damien. Who wouldn’t want an opportunity like that?

But then it makes me think: What made Damien like this? What made him become so manipulative, so egotistical, and so desperate for a relationship that he would kidnap a man who just woke up from a coma?

Now I have a theory, and it boils down to Damien’s powers and his parents.

We know that atypicals usually show signs of their powers early on, as Agent Green mentioned how it was strange that Chloe only started showing signs of her powers when she was in college. Therefore we can assume that Damien was showing signs of his powers when he was a younger child. And as we know, children often want things, and they throw fits if it isn’t given to them. But Damien could convince his parents into doing what he wants without them being able to do anything about it. This could probably damage their relationship with their son and how they view him.

But what does that matter, right? If Damien was this evil as a kid, then yeah, his parents should be distant! Except that he was just a kid. He wouldn’t know good from bad, and since he still has no issues in using his powers as an adult, we can guess that his parents didn’t teach that it was bad. Thus he has a very weak concept (or least he’s able to overlook this concept) of right and wrong.

One’s relationship with their mother can usually determine how one views other females later in life and it also affects one ability to experience empathy and strong emotions. Damien has a strong attachment to Dr. Bright, although that might simply be because she’s the only one that he can still see without it being too obviously clingy…But Dr. Bright shows power against Damien and has a certain hold over him, at least until the last episode, thus we can guess that it’s a relationship that is at least more balanced than one would assume with Damien’s powers. Damien respects Dr. Bright and he hopes that she respects him back. However Damien doesn’t have a very good grasp on others’ emotions because he has no problem with manipulating them, even if they’re clearly upset by it. This makes me believe that his mother was authoritative when she needed to be but was ultimately distant from her son. This can lead to Damien feeling as though he cannot be truly loved, which goes hand in hand with his conversation with Chloe about how nobody ever tells him the truth unless he makes them, and if they do tell the truth, it’s only because of him, thus making him feel as though no relationship is ever worth exploring.

One’s relationship with their father has the opposite effect in how it changes how one views other males later in life, and it also crafts the child’s response to authority. We don’t see Damien interact with any other boys aside from Caleb and Adam (and Mark for a brief period of time, but I’ll disregard that because of the situation), both of whom are younger than Damien, so he has the upper hand anyway. Therefore it’s hard to gauge his view on other males in general. But he clearly does have an issue with authority. He does not like to be told when he’s doing something wrong, he doesn’t listen to those that supposedly have more power (ie Dr. Bright and Agent Green), and it’s clear that he operates outside what is legal, such as how Dr. Bright mentions that he will steal things from shops by using his powers. This shows that Damien did not have a strong relationship with his father, suggesting that he either wasn’t present in his life or he was just as distant as his mother was.

My conclusion? Damien grew up in an emotionally distant household and thus was unable to truly develop a strong moral compass or learn to control his ability until he was older and began seeing Dr. Bright, but by then the damage was done. He does not want to be associated with his family any longer by not holding a last name and he only seeks pleasure in the manipulation of other people because that’s the only way he has ever been able to interact socially with others.

But like I said, this is just a theory. Please @thelaurenshippen I need answers.

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How do Valon and Serenity's kids find out about Valon's past in DOMA?

The twins actually knew a version of the story long before Rowen found out. Valon’s always struck me as a “what’s done is done, no use crying about it” kinda character, and it shows; even though he never directly told the twins, Sora and Claire both knew that their dad had done some things he wasn’t terribly proud of by the time they were four. They knew he was in jail once, and they suspect that those guys he “throttled” for burning down the church are likely dead.

And of course, it doesn’t help they overheard Valon talking to Serenity about the Orichalcos one night.

The thing is, they aren’t sure what the Orichalcos is. They know it’s bad, since there’s real anger in Valon’s voice whenever that and something about “darts” comes up. They understand it’s something mysterious, something powerful, and a tool their father used once - but they don’t understand the significance behind it.

They do find out eventually, though. Like Raphael, Valon waits until he’s asked to tell them, and when they do find out…they can’t say they’re fully surprised.They’re initially floored by the knowledge, but deep down they feel like they already had the pieces of the puzzle. Their dad had nowhere else to go, right? Jail or freedom, of course he’d pick freedom. Life goes on, right?


Thing is, they still don’t get the full story when Valon finally tells them. Because that part of it involves Aunt Mai and Uncle Joey. And the twins completely adore them.

When they do find out about it much much later…I can promise you that’s when they’re more than angry, and they don’t know who to be mad at. Rowen took almost two weeks to figure out how to feel about his dad’s past, even when he already had roughly the same hints the twins did about his own father.

With the twins…they make that number look downright adorable.