and he's done terrible things

Stiles May Be My Favorite but
  • That doesn't mean I hate Scott, in fact I love Scott and he is another favorite character of mine. I hate how hypocritical Scott stans are to Stiles stans, like they say how you shouldn't put down one character just to bring another character up yet that's exactly what they do. Now I'm not gonna sit here and say Stiles is a perfect person, cause he isn't, he has been an asshole at times but that doesn't make him this horrible person everyone makes him out to be. I think people overreact to the things Stiles has done and they also say about Stiles stans "you guys only talk about the good things he has done and not the terrible things" well you're literally doing the exact same thing; you refuse to see all the great things about Stiles just to make him seem like this monster who doesn't deserve love. Should Stiles have given Scott a water bowl in season one, no of course not, should Stiles have enjoyed throwing Lacrosse balls at Scott in season 1, no of course not, should Stiles have insulted Isaac in season 3a about his child abuse, of course not, I'm not disputing that but you also have to remember in season 1 he was a 16 year old boy who was upset with his best friend and in season 3a Isaac wasn't exactly being helpful or nice either. Now that is not an excuse but he has made mistakes and I know there are more but he is human, a human who internalize everything, and he covers up his feelings with sarcasm. But all the good he has done for his friends and even people he didn't particularly like, I feel are so much more significant. And you can say what you want about Stiles but don't you dare say he doesn't love Scott because he does everything to protect Scott and save Scott, and I hate when people say he is a bad friend to Scott. I can name times Scott hasn't been there for Stiles but I know those times doesn't define Scott as a friend or a person cause Scott is still an amazing person and friend but just cause he is a true alpha doesn't make him perfect either but that's what makes him human. Also I don't love Stiles cause he is white, it wouldn't matter if Stiles was white, black, Asian, Hispanic or whatever, I love him cause of the way Dylan O'Brien plays him and because he is an awesome character, not everything has to be about race. Also that dog bowl joke in season 1 wasn't a Mexican joke towards Scott, it was a werewolf joke. So if you made to the end you're awesome and thank you, I love BOTH Scott and Stiles and I will not feel bad for it.

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being someones beautiful and tragic wife is like 100% my priority goal fuck a college degree i want to sit around in soft gowns at rainy window panes and have a number of large dogs and no children

honestly like if i could live one day as some huge beefy man’s barefoot and pregnant wife would i do it? for one day? for only one day. and never have to actually care for the child

• yes

if i could tragically stare out of a huge window during a storm in 1914 wearing a soft gown surrounded by the large hunting dogs on our estate while my beautifully tragic & ruggedly handsome husband was off in the war fighting heroically and getting sexy facial scars only to return home to me, Wounded, and Starving for a Woman’s Touch, despite being sure that he was now disfigured! ugly! that he had done terrible things in the war and was no good for me and i could only soothe him with my impressive breasts! would i do it

• yes

am i sometimes disconcertingly hetero

• shut the fuck

i think the way to interpret the ‘i didnt say anything bc it didn’t matter to me’ ‘well it matters to me’ 

stiles is probably confused as to why it didnt matter to her bc he had been so cold to her about tracy while he had actually killed donovan and he feels like a hypocrite 

her unconditional love for him is confusing bc he’s done terrible things to other people and her yet she remains so loyal to him and he doesnt want her to be totally nonchalant about his behavior 

he doesnt feel like he deserves this kind and understanding treatment 

With regards to Vince’s trauma and resulting actions, I’ve never actually seen anyone try to excuse his character on the basis of tragedy/hotness? [I think most are well aware of the terrible things he’s done, and those who are fans of his simply appreciate the complexity of character – or for myself anyways, an avid reader, I find the writing and development of most “villains” in the series refreshing compared to most things nowadays. Please give Vince fans a bit more credit.]
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Here's the Thing...

Rumple is manipulative. Like, I’ve no clue how some people have concocted some convoluted headcanon in which he’s not. Manipulation is Rumple’s jam. He plays manipulation like a world renowned orchestra player plays a perfectly tuned violin:with absolute precision. He is the King of Manipulation Mountain. Don’t take his skills of people puppeteering away from him. He knows exactly what he is and enjoys the irony of it (he turned Geppeto’s parents into ACTUAL HUMAN PUPPETS; he keeps them on a shelf on full display of anyone who walks into his PAWN shop. Rumple knows what he is, don’t ever doubt that).

How does one dismiss that and claim he is their favorite character? That’s the thing I love,love,love about him. Not the manipulation exactly; but his sense of self awareness. He knows he’s a monster. He knows he’s terrible. He never denies that he’s done some atrocious things AND he never makes excuses for them. His whole deal is “I do horrible things because I am horrible.” He might not like that he is what he is. We’ve seen him try to change what he is but we all know what he knows: he is what he is.

Hate him or love him: he is never anything but straightforward about what he is. He doesn’t hide it or try to dress it up. He doesn’t refer to himself as a hero or ever put on like he’s something he’s not. In fact he revels in the truth of what he is. After he lost Baelfire he cranked up his wardrobe to be as obnoxiously flashy as possible. He built (or stole most likely) a gigantic castle for himself. He bought into every single projection of what people expected him to be. It wasn’t who he actually was, but it worked for his purposes to match the perception people had of him as the Dark One.

One of the biggest things that make Rumple such a compelling character is his two-foldedness. There are two separate truths about him that seem to conflict each other. The first is that he is a simple man who only wants his family. At one point in time it was Baelfire. Now it’s Belle. He will fight tooth and nail for his family. For their love and acceptance. The other truth is that he wants to not ever feel vulnerable. He wants strength. He wants to feel protected. Unflappable. Unaffected. But you can’t have both. That’s Rumple’s storyline. It has been since to beginning. But whether it’s happy or sad, I want to see a resolution to the story the writer’s started with season 1. I want to see how Rumple reconciles his desire for love and his desire for lack of vulnerability. Because that is a daily thing that every human being struggles with. That’s a story worth telling.

With his drink in hand, a subtle smear of blood still clinging to his lower lip, Jacobi made his way through the party. There were plenty of booths set up in every corner of the gardens but, despite how entertaining they all appeared, the vampire couldn’t knock the almost bitter grimace from his face. He was looking to find answers– he was looking to find pleasure– yet he couldn’t even enjoy the essence of this gathering thanks to his mother’s voice haunting his mind.

He watched other vampire’s treat the slaves like they were livestock; like they were nothing more than a product to push. Jacobi was no angel, he’d done terrible things in his life that earned him the title of a monster, but that didn’t mean he’d lost everything about who he was. “Je me sens malade,” He mumbled aloud as he tried to let the bloody drink in his hand serve as a distraction from the confusion that was clearly waging a war inside his mind.

Jacobi’s attire

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UNPOPULAR OPINION: I hate Tate from AHS. Everyone says he's so perfect but he's actually a fucking awful person and he's done such terrible things. I don't care if he LOVES her. Absence of being an asshole doesn't make them less of an assHOLE GOD

I think the whole thing with Tate is that he is literally THE WORST but they wrote him in a way that made you sympathize with him. He is actually really fucking awful but the writers mess with your head by making you go “aw Tate is so cute”

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Personally I don't have anything against the sasusaku ship, but I feeling it basically giving wrong message like saying something like " if you love a criminal that tried to kill you, wait for him and happiness will come" that approach feels wrong

Ehhh, I wouldn’t say that. Sakura fell in love with Sasuke long before he started going down his path of darkness, and you can’t move on from feelings like that so easily (hence Kishi’s comments about her feelings a few months ago). I feel like this attitude is more rooted in the idea that Sasuke is irredeemable (the BS he pulled during the Kage Summit arc certainly doesn’t help), and while I am very hard on the guy, he isn’t, and never has been, this irredeemable monster that parts of the fandom make him out to be.

Sakura’s love for him is admirable because he loves him despite all of what he’s done. She believes that despite the terrible things he’s done, that there is still a part of him that is good, and in the end, she’s right.

In all honestly, remedialaction can answer this question much better than I can.

You know, Bakugo right now. He’s training with this new master. Master says Bakugo’s got a bit of hero and villain in him. Gonna turn Bakugo into a proper hero.

Honestly though, I’m hoping Bakugo doesn’t change in that way? Kind of want him to just keep being an awful human being who wants to save lives for a living because that’s a lucrative and well-respected career in his culture.

Like, he’s an ass but his harmful behavior is at a minimum these days anyway. He doesn’t bully anybody anymore. It’s been like a solid couple months since the last time he tried to go on a homicidal rampage. Mostly these days he just talks a lot of shit. He’ll walk into the sports festival all “None of y’all stand a chance here. Watch me win”. 

I just can really get behind that you know? Just this cocky asshole who’s totally not even sorry for all the terrible things he’s done who thankfully just so happens to have a more productive outlet for all that aggression these days. I don’t really need Bakugo to go on a whole arc of redemption where he learns humility and apologizes for his past and starts playing nice.

It’s not like the cast doesn’t already have a whole bunch of nice people anyway.

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There's a new Pete rumor going around and I think that it should stop. Fall Out Boy gives us music, halirious videos, music videos, merch, Cd's etc. And then some fans repay them by snooping into their personal lives from past/present. I think that it's wrong.

Thank you for that, I agree completely!! It honestly annoys me so much and kinda makes me upset even too that there’s been all these rumors about Pete lately. Like you said they all do a lot things for the fans. But then people will turn around and dig deep into his private life. He’s a regular person just like the rest of us and deserves that privacy and respect. He’s done a lot of better things since then. It’s terrible that only the negative things are constantly brought up it seems when there’s so much good there too

Does it concern anyone else...?

I’m rewatching series 3 of Torchwood (IANTO NO!) and it suddenly strikes me how much Peter Capaldi has changed in the few short years between Torchwood: Children of Earth and Doctor Who.

It was only six years but he’s so much thinner and greyer. Hope he’s ok!

Still handsome and compelling in a wiry, distinguished way though of course! And no one out acts Capaldi when he’s in a scene. You can’t take your eyes off him and he breaks your heart in COE (despite knowing his character has done terrible things. That’s how great he is!).

Sleepy rambling. Meh.

Side note: I miss Torchwood. This show was so great. Pre Miracle Day. Obviously. It was so fun at first, so quirky, so sexy, dark and of course, gay! Children Of Earth is more serious, gripping and at times, extremely tough to watch. Still great entertainment. Even if they did kill off my precious darling Welsh rarebit known as Ianto Jones. Sob sob.


I find it annoying that Stefan stans often rant about “hated” he is and how he’s such an amazing brother and sacrifices for Elena all the time overlooking all the terrible things he has done. Yet they called Caroline a brat for driving all the way to look for him and slut shamed her for hooking up with Klaus. It’s so nice they can feel sorry for a psychotic serial killer but not a college teen. 

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I did a bad thing.

Send “I did a bad thing.” For my character’s reaction to yours coming to them with blood on their hands.

That was Kasimir’s voice. Evelyn frowned, concerned, and turned around to face him and the first thing that met her eyes was all of that blood. She visibly swallowed, not having expected that at all. She expected he had broken something or anything else menial. Not this. 

Slowly Evelyn approached him, getting a better look at the blood that coated his hands, then she glanced at him. 

“What did you do, Kasimir…?” She asked softly, only so he could hear her. She was concerned for him, not judging what he had done. They had all done terrible things, after all. “We need to get you cleaned up…”

“I heard you were back,” Pi said coldly, walking towards Ovan. She stood a few feet away and crossed her arms. CC Corp may have dropped the false charges blaming Ovan for AIDA, but Pi still didn’t trust him. He had still done terrible things. Sending people into comas, nearly killing Haseo, causing another network crisis by activating the rebirth. None of that could be allowed to happen again. She wanted to ask him ‘aren’t you supposed to be dead’ but she knew how cruel she would sound. She wasn’t going to play nice, but she had some decency.

Pi turned her head to the side and held up her glasses, letting her arm rest on her other still-crossed arm. “I need to know why you came back,” she tried to sound uncaring, but she was angry and suspicious. “Your Rebirth stunt may have eliminated AIDA for us but it also crashed the network. Don’t think that you can get away with causing more trouble,” she warned, “CC Corp is watching you very closely, and we will not hesitate to terminate your character if its deemed necessary.”  She wasn’t entirely sure they would be able to do that, not without having some way to transfer Ovan’s avatar to a trustable PC, but she said it anyway. Ovan may be the type to see through false words, but a warning was a warning, and they would not tolerate any more harm. That much was true.

This is sad, so I’m putting it down.

I really should be showering and getting ready for my day, but sometimes this shit just hits me out of nowhere and I have to cry it out, write it out, get it the fuck out. I’m really good at ignoring things I don’t want to face. It’s a definite fault of mine that rarely comes out, because I’m so goddamn confrontational.

But my grandpa is going to die very soon, probably within the next month, and it’s breaking my fucking heart. He may be his own version of fucked up and has definitely done a lot of terrible things, but he’s also been the best grandpa in the world nine times out of ten. He loves me so much, and I have never questioned how much he’s loved me throughout his infamous lows. It’s just always been known.

I used to ask my grandpa all the time why he wasn’t the president, since he knew so much. I loved going over to his house daily to play in their pool or watch shitty television or just hang out with Papaw in his garage. I lived for that shit. He taught me to read and tie my shoes and held me when I cried. I just can’t get over how I have never questioned how much he loves me. I have always known that he loves me in a way I cannot even begin to understand.

This is just really fucking hard for me, because I have to acknowledge the slow deterioation and ticking time bomb, and also acknowledge that there have been points that I thought it would be better if he wasn’t here.

And I feel so fucking guilty. I know I was justified for wanting him gone, but it’s so fucking different now. I don’t want to talk about what happened. I don’t want to talk about it with anyone. And only one friend and my family knows (perhaps my darkest kept secret), but why is this still eating my alive fifteen years later as he lays on his goddamn death bed?

Why is this all of a sudden about the shit I can’t get over with him? And the war those feelings are waging against my loyalty and love for a man who has brought a lot of joy, but an immense amount of heartache?

I long for black and white, but nothing is ever black and white. I wish this was right or wrong, but it’s just fucking not. 

I’m supposed to talk in front of the small room of people who will gather for the death of my grandpa. Last week he almost died. He had lost forty pounds in less than a month. He had given up, refusing to eat. I was up at Purdue, doing training, interacting with people and trying to forget that one of the most influential people in my life – for better or worse – is dying. 

He will not see my graduate from Purdue, and he was the first person I hugged, sobbing, when I didn’t get early admission. He will not see me meet someone I want to be with forever (well, if that ever happens) and he will not see me with that someone when he was the first person to tell me I was beautiful. He will not get to be on my left when we have family dinners anymore because he will be dead. And it’s fucking tearing me up.

I just don’t know if I can do another drive to Indy where I’m sobbing the whole fucking way home to the hospital. But I know it’s coming. I know it could very well be this month. I know that unless I get home soon, the last time I have seen my grandpa alive has already past and I won’t get to tell him that I forgive him. That it’s not okay, it wasn’t okay, but I still love him. 

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Does this make me the only one that still likes Ward? Like yes he's evil and he's done terrible things. But it's like any other villain. I still love his character! (I don't ship him with anyone or anything like that.) I'm just saying I still respect his character. -Sadie (please don't hate me for this Charlie)

I would never hate you, and I can see where you’re coming from. The actions of a villain can be explained but can’t be excused. But no I don’t like him. He makes me very uncomfortable.


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On Aisha Taylor's podcast, Stephen said he thought that woman from his LTR (aka first marriage, I assume) was cheating on him. He made that conclusion few months after they broke up. He said that he done some pretty terrible things when he found out (drinking, angry emails), and that he never want to be that person again. He also said that cheating begins way before sex, so now I started doubting if he's cheating emotionally w EBR because he was on receiving end before.

I can definitely see SA being that angry hurt guy.  He’s a very passionate person so that makes sense that he would go in a bad place especially after drinking.  Lawd.  That podcast was really good and his voice sounded really sexy, as an aside, lol.