and he's captain of the boxing team


Request: Could you do an imagine where the reader is part of team flash and is friends with Leonard Snart. And whenever Leonard goes to see the reader he’s always fighting with Harry from E-2 for her attention because they both like her

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Word Count: 794

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First it was three each.

If he got you three boxes of chocolate, the other got you three bigger boxes of chocolate.

If one got you three charms for your bracelet, the other got you three bracelets.

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  • this is why you don’t let me binge watch reality cooking shows
  • so, eric bittle on masterchef
  • it all starts with the battle for the white apron
  • if u, unlike me, haven’t spent roughly twelve hours watching masterchef, this is the first episode or two of a season when the chefs have to cook their specialty dishes to see if they’re good enough to even get on
  • gordon ramsay roasts people before they even get in the competition..damn
  • anyway
  • bitty obv makes pie. 
  • he wins, obviously. it goes awesome.
  • bitty, talking to his competition before getting judged: good lock :)
  • bitty, talking to the camera: that pie looked fucking disgusting. i spent four years in changing rooms with college jocks, and i have literally never seen anything that absolutely awful
  • so the season starts. 

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“So this is how the other half lives.” Mike remarked as he walked into the box reserved family, team managers, and VIPs. Evelyn rolled her eyes.

“Yes, this is the Hen House.”

Mike grimaced. The nickname was an invention of the younger teammates because of the large number of wives and girlfriends that made up the majority of the box’s occupants.

“About that.” He began, but Evelyn just tossed her hair over her shoulder and walked away. Mike glanced around the room. The other members of the luxury box pretended not to notice him, but he could feel their eyes on him; feel the questions they must be asking. ‘What was former Captain Mike Lawson doing here?’ There were rumors circulating around him and Ginny since he’d defended her on ESPN. Him being here wasn’t going to help things. He felt as though he was trapped under a microscope. Following Evelyn, he grabbed a champagne flute and muttered, “Blip tell you everything?”

“Mhmm.” She hummed, looking out onto the field. The game hadn’t started yet and the team wasn’t even on the field. He shifted, nervous. Evelyn rolled her eyes. “Relax Lawson.” She said. “They’ll do fine without you.”

Mike snorted. “No they won’t.”

Evelyn glared at him. “You saying there’s something wrong with the new captain?”

Mike grinned. He was sure Blip was going to kick ass, but it helped his ego to believe they were lost without him. It was also fun to wind Evelyn up. “Face it, Evie; they’re doomed.”

Evelyn arched an eyebrow, then smirked. “I’ll abandon you to them.” She motioned behind him to the crowd of curious people who were hoovering.

“For the love of god no.” He hissed. “I get enough shit from the media. I really don’t want to deal with them…” He should have bought a seat closer to the field. Hell, he should have gotten on right behind the dugout so he could yell at his team. Anywhere but in this box. “I don’t want to hear what they "know” about Ginny.“

Evelyn took a step sideways and Mike swore the crowd of onlookers got closer, like circling vultures.

"No.” He lurched towards Evelyn. “Blip is an amazing captain. The best captain the Padres ever had. He’s going to lead them to victory. Please don’t leave me.”

Evelyn seemed to consider it, but eventually took pity on him. “So the Cardinals, huh?”

Mike huffed, looking out on the field. “Don’t remind me.” The last time they’d faced off, he’d barely been able to hold Mount back from attacking her. Not that he didn’t trust Ginny to hold her own or Blip to have her back. He just would feel better if he was down there.

“Lawson.” Evelyn pulled a flask from her purse and handed it to him. “Drink,”

“Yes Ma'am.” Mike took the flask and swallowed, coughing as the taste hit the back of his throat. “What the hell?” He coughed. “What is this?”

“Vodka, Tequila, Rum, and Cognac.” Evelyn answered, matter of factly. Mike gaped at her.

“And you bring this to every game?” He took another sip, now that he was expecting it, the taste wasn’t as jarring. “If I had known, I would have retired earlier.”

Evelyn scoffed. “I brought it for you.” She gave him a side eyed glance. “Because you’re going to need it.”

Mike shook his head. “I’m going to be completely zen. Oh yeah.” He said in response to Evelyn’s laugh. “So zen, I could be a monk. I could start my own damn religion.”

“Well you’ve already got the beard.” Evelyn murmured.

An hour later Mike was grateful for her foresight, because he was about to break the box window and jump down onto the field like Batman to take out Falcone. Ginny was up at bat and Mike knew, he could feel it; Falcone was going to hurt her. He squeezed his fist, pressing his face against the glass, feeling the 98 degree heat from the outside, even with the air conditioning on full. A quick glance to his left told him that Evelyn was worried as well.

“He better not.” She growled.

There’s a silence in the entire stadium. It’s so overwhelming it makes him want to scream. All eyes are on Ginny and Falcone. Mike clenches his fists as Falcone pulls his arm back and lets a ball fly. Time slows as Mike watches the ball fly towards home plate. There’s a roar, that he dimly registers as his own voice, as the ball makes contact with Ginny’s hip. The force of the pitch was enough to send her stumbling back and Mike saw red. Evelyn grabbed his arm, trying to hold him back as he barreled to the door.

“Lawson.” She hissed.

“I’m going to kill him.” He growled as he walked out of the box.

“No.” Evelyn blocked his path, glaring up at him. Shutting the door to avoid prying eyes and curious ears, she glared up at him. “Besides me, Blip, and Amelia no one knows about you and Ginny. You charge down there, you won’t make it anywhere near the field, but you will be caught by the media and what do you think they’ll say? Right now the story is that Falcone is an aggressive jerk who attacked the first female player in MLB history. You go all caveman and the story changes. People ignore Falcone and focus on the fact that you and Ginny are together and speculation as to how long and whether she benefited from special treatment while you were captain.”

She was right. Mike slumped his shoulders, exhaling. He turned and walked back into the box. The screens are replaying Ginny’s exit from the field. She was walking, her head held high, her shoulders tense…and she was limping.

Evelyn sucked in an angry hiss. “I’m regretting holding you back.”

Ginny was behind curtains in her part of the clubhouse, pressing an icepack to her hip. Closing her eyes, she ignored the pain radiating through her.

“Unacceptable.” The curtain was opened and closed.

Chuckling, she didn’t even bother to open her eyes. She knew who was there.

“What is it, Lawson?”

He sat next to her with a huff. “I’m not even gone a game and you’re here, lazing around and only pitching in one inning.”

She opened an eye. His expression didn’t match his playful tone; he was worried, but he didn’t want to say anything because the rest of the team didn’t need to know how their relationship had changed.

“You might have missed it while you were flirting with models in the VIP booth, but Falcone beaned me in the ass.”

Mike groaned in disgust. “Never say that again.”

There was a slight uproar from outside. Blip stuck his head in. “Trevor’s here and wants to-”

“No.” Ginny said. She knew it wasn’t his fault, but she wasn’t interested in hearing what he had to say. Trevor was her past and she wasn’t looking back. Mike cleared his throat. Blip gave him a look that was disturbingly similar to Evelyn’s signature 'don’t test me’ look, but left.

“He and Evelyn are like…one person.” Mike’s face scrunched up. Ginny shook her head. Mike looked around, then leaned closer, his hand reaching for the hem of her sweat pants. “Can I see?”

She shook her head. “Not here.” She murmured. “Later.”

“Then let me knock Falcone’s teeth out.” He said.

“I highly doubt, you’d do that for anyone else on this team.”

“Bull.” Mike said.

“Oh really?” The chance of ribbing Mike for his stubbornness giving her something besides her pain to focus on. “So if this had happened to Blip-”

“Falcone would never have seen the dawn of another day.” Mike said solemnly. Ginny laughed. “Hey, what Blip and I have is special.”

And just like that, the humiliation and pain of her injury was gone.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Mike asked. Ginny nodded. He sighed. “Good. Because I have a vested interested in keeping other men away from that ass.”

Ginny reached out and smacked his arm. He caught her arm, holding onto her hand. They sat there for a second, simply taking comfort in each other’s presence.

“When you get home.” He murmured. “I’m giving you the best massage you’ve ever had.”

Ginny rolled her eyes. “Are you sure you don’t want to give it to Blip?”

“He’s not as pretty as you.” Mike retorted. “But if DiCaprio shows up, you’re toast.”

“I’ll remember that the next time you beg me for a knee massage, gramps.”

“Oh.” Mike clutched at his chest. “My poor old heart can’t take such salty words.” He glanced back at the curtain and quickly brushed his lips against her cheek before standing. “I’ll see you at home, he whispered. Straightening up, he cleared his throat and declared loudly. "And make sure you tell Blip how great he’s doing as team captain. Usually it takes 3 games in a season for someone to get beaned.”

“Be nice.” Ginny chided.

“Uh no.” Mike said. “Because of this.” He motioned to the icepacks. “I have to be nice to Miller.” Tommy had retaliated, hitting Falcone in the shoulder when it was his turn to pitch. “I hate being nice to Miller.” Mike muttered, shaking his head and stepping behind the curtain.

Legends of Tomorrow Headcanon

During an outing, Jax finds a box of kittens abandoned outside of a supermarket and takes them back to the Waverider because the last time he saw a box of kittens all the kittens except for two were taken and the poor things eventually up and left, making him feel guilty. Insanity ensues. Rip cannot convince Jax to abandon the felines, so he delegates their care to the team. And of course the kittens look like their masters.

Rip’s own kitten, Roman, is brown and the fluffiest. He likes to be held at all times, especially during mission debriefings where he nibbles and swipes at his beard. Roman also learned his lesson of smacking things off any surface after spilling Rip’s soup on his tail.

Kendra names her kitty Arya, a brown and yellow striped one, and let’s her take out her feathers when she’s molting. When she misses Carter and Aldus or just plain normal civilian life she holds Arya and let’s her purr on her chest and they listen to 80s songs in the dark.

Now Mick’s cat is the runt of the litter, the entirety of the little thing can fit in the palm of his hand, which is how he accepted the cat when Jax gave her to him. He calls her Chili and he refuses to lock her up in his room during jumps because she has panic attacks so he holds her. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE not even Len who could get away with it ever brings up how Mick was sitting on the floor and Chili clawed her way up his arms to his shoulders and pounced on his head to take a nap. For three hours.

Of fucking course Leonard’s kitten Jack Frost is the sassiest of the bunch. He swishes his tail at everyone. Every time he’s in someone’s way and they move him out of their way, he just goes right back where they didn’t want him. This leads to usually one person unable to sit at the dining table because Jack had spread himself on someone’s seat. One time Stein was trying to shower and Jack was sitting in the tub like he belonged there, so Stein opted to spray the cat with water… After multiple scratches and a harsh lecture from Len, Stein was able to shower. But Len and Jack held a grudge.

Ray’s sweet little companion loves to follow him around, both of them early to bed and early to rise. They seem to get along so swimmingly until that one time when Ray was stuck in his suit shrunk down and Maverick led his family as an army of furry danger to try to eat Ray. He sort of held him at arm’s length after that. Which then led to Maverick doing every asshole thing cats do. Swiping mugs off the counter, leaving fur all over his clothes, ripping his bedsheets. Fucking teenage rebellion.

Jax accepts two kittens and names them Wang and Roy after the characters in Shanghai Noon. He originally wanted to name them Lee and Carter but realized his mistake after Sara chucked a ball of yarn at him–which still managed to hurt. Jax paid Len and Mick to sneak one of those big ass cat scratch things into his room. When they went into heat, he felt so bad at the thought of neutering them that he put up with all the meowing and the exposed kitty genitalia (I just googled how to tell when a cat is in heat BC I don’t have one) until Kendra and Ray take all the kittens to the vet because they are sick and tired of all this horny cat rubbing against furniture and legs.

Sara isn’t actually a cat person, she’s not really an animal person to be honest. Especially birds, damn things chirping in the morning. And the one time they left the hatch open to air out the Waverider, a whole fucking colony of birds inhabited the ship, all those feathery bastards singing in unison at FIVE IN THE FUCKING MORNING. By the time Rip and Jax got ready to get rid of them with Kendra heavily protesting the harm of them, Sif had taken down ALL of them within five hours and fed her family the carcasses. Sara bought her a nice bed after that.

Stein is allergic, DOESN’T ANYONE UNDERSTAND THAT?!… well he’s not super allergic, but he breaks out in hives if he touches one!.. okay, so he’s built up a tolerance to the cats because of the proximity, so hives have just turned into dry skin and the occasional lonely tear from the corner of his eye. and fine, Gideon’s vacuuming abilities keep fur and dander from clinging to any and all surfaces. BUT THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS WHY IN GOD’S NAME DO ALL THE KITTENS FOLLOW HIM LIKE HE HAS A CATNIP BALLOON UP HIS ASS?!

Olympics au thoughts

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS here are some ideas for the gang in an olympics au

Gansey: rowing!!!!! imagine his arms ok. He would have such an online following omg. He’d be team captain or whatever and would probably be very anxious before every event but would give tv coverage the ol’ razzle dazzle poor guy

Blue: FENCING. Calla, a former fencer herself, is her coach. blue’s nickname is “the switchblade” because she is small and dangerous.

Ronan: COMES FROM A BOXING LEGACY BUT IS THERE PLAYING TENNIS. He was the favorite to win the gold in boxing but then niall died and he quit and everyone thought he was done, but secretly he was like “I’m gonna do tennis instead haha lol #rebel” and he poured himself into it when he was grieving. Declan still boxes and the feud between them is much publicized. Niall boxed for Ireland and won a bunch of gold medals probably.

Henry: FIGURE SKATING but he comes to the summer games to do color commentary, interview athletes, provide gossip, etc. bc he’s popular and personable

Adam: tbh I have trouble imagining Adam pursuing something like this on purpose, even if he had the resources for it. but maybe a scout accidentally saw him sprinting to class one day when he was late and was like “what a gift that boy has!!” and recruited him and Adam went along with it because of the scholarship. and then eventually it turns out that running is rly good stress/anger relief for him so he keeps doing it and is good at it.

Noah: Was a snowboarder. Whelk was an alternate and murdered him so he could compete instead. Now Noah haunts every Olympics because he’s not picky, plus there are hot people there


It was late when their ship docked, which was always for the best as far as Seth was concerned. Security was always more lax later on in the night, even when cities swore it wasn’t. Plus the cover of darkness was always advantageous to his crew and the captain himself had better than average night vision (ah, dragon perks) to help him out.

They waited until the moon was high in the sky and then he unleashed his team upon the city, leaving his first mate and her most trusted men to guard the ship, while he headed into town to cause chaos. His target was the most opulent manor he could find, pretty things always caught the man’s eye. It was a quick find and he’d dispatched the guards and broken in in record time.

He was sifting through a jewelry box in the master bedroom when he heard someone enter the room behind him. He made no move to turn around and face them, continuing to pocket what caught his eye.

“I would strongly advise you to leave. It would be in your best interest as well as mine if you did. But even if you don’t, you won’t be stopping me.”

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Hello there ! May I say that I love your blog ! My heart can't handle your drabbles ! If your ask box is still open I will take my chances to ask for one of your drabbles How will the captains ( Kuroo , Bokuto , Dachi , Oikawa ) react when they see others checking out their s/o from top to bottom? More like a scenario if you can thank you ! :3

asdfghjkl you’re so sweet ;A; 

SAWAMURA is sure that it was a mistake to take you along to the pool with the rest of the team. Sure, he had wanted to see you half naked and wet, but he had forgotten the fact that it meant his team would also see you half naked and wet. As soon as you were out of the changing rooms, Tanaka and Nishinoya ambushed you and started shooting compliments your way, even Hinata and Yamaguchi were blushing slightly at the sight of you in your bathing suit. Wordlessly, Daichi shrugs off the hoodie he’s wearing and hands it to you, earning him a curious gaze from you.

“You looked a bit cold,” he says, leading you away from the second-year duo and to the chairs. Smooth Daichi, smooth.

OIKAWA knows he has no right to be jealous and possessive whenever a guy comes to talk to you, but he just can’t help himself. Once he sees Takashi, captain of the school’s basketball team, make his way towards you and seating himself in front of you, he’s leaning against his desk and straining his ears to eavesdrop on your conversation. He only manages to catch the words ‘polar coordinates’ and ‘trigonometric identities’ before the lines forming on Oikawa’s forehead are gone and he sinks into his seat, that is, until he sees Takashi’s eyes trail from your face and down your figure. The scowl finds its way onto his face again, and Oikawa is already making his way towards you two.

“Hey _____, Takashi. Are you guys talking about the math homework? Is it okay if I join too?” Oikawa asks, giving Takashi a wry smile before sitting next to you, wrapping an arm around you as he leans in to give you his full attention and to intimidate Takashi.

KUROO himself likes to check you out a lot, but he isn’t bold enough to blatantly stare. Seeing other guys do it was another thing. The fact that they don’t even try to hide it is vexing and irritating, but Kuroo knows better than to say anything that could potentially ruin your date. It’s only when you receive a few whistles that Kuroo would glare at the offender and hold your hand, pulling you a little closer to him.

“_____, your hand is sweaty,” Kuroo would tease, lacing your fingers together. 

“Maybe if you weren’t holding it so tight it wouldn’t be,” You say, giving his hand a squeeze.

BOKUTO doesn’t like sharing, and he sure as hell doesn’t like sharing you. When he finds out that you’re filling in for one of the managers during the annual training camp in Tokyo, he’s a little moodier and much more prone to sulking than usual. He even starts getting a little more protective by making sure to walk by your side at all times, helping you with anything he can, and even holding your hand when you allow him. He knows it’s a little childish, but can you blame him? Having four different teams of guys staring at you is enough to irritate him.

“Koutarou stop, it’s embarrassing,” you say, trying at all costs to move his arms. He was currently using his body to shield you away from the others, even going as far as clinging onto you and glaring at any guy that came within a two meter radius. The only exception was Akaashi who came and dragged their captain away to practice.

Dear @kleine-asbar,

Most impressed… Well, I think all of them are pretty amazing people, so it would be hard to choose. But I find their leader to be quite impressive. He stays calm even in dire situations and is versatile, as a good leader should be… I like his sense humor too.

Yeah… That Makoto is sure something. It’s pretty awesome with how much ease he handles his Persona… 

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Sooooo.... like....

Since we know that Peggy is a fan of boxing/destroying punching bags AND we know that Bucky was an amateur boxer AND that he taught Steve when he was trying to enlist WHERE are my fics about Peggy and Bucky challenging each other, or arguing over the best way to teach Steve…


@chaneladdict I thought of this and then thought of you.

Liverpool vs. Sunderland recapped

Mignolet passive aggressively posted on Facebook at halftime

Clyne ran so fast that he switched dimensions and broke time

Sakho just made animal noises at the opposition’s players and it was mostly effective

Lovren did everything and by that it means made a good pass and a terrible one and also nearly scored while nearly conceding

Moreno channeled the urge to do anything stupid into playing defense

Can made Coutinho his bottom

The Woodwork shit wrong team sheet

Henderson was a very effective laxative for many supporters when the captain was nearly injured in the first half

Lallana got on the scoresheet

Coutinho probably got into the triple digits for shots on goal

Firmino took the single worst touch in football history and then made up for it by not scoring a goal spectacularly

Benteke was a beautiful beautiful man

Lucas was fucking captain hell yes

Ibe held the ball in the opposition’s box hoping that everyone would disappear before he fired on goal

Toure was the nicest man in football for 45 seconds

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Hiii!!! For a valentines day hc, can I have a platonic BokuAka? Thanks!

Platonic BokuAka is one of my faves tbh


  • It’s no lie that Akaashi has a lot of admirers, and it shows in the heaps of Valentines that he receives on February 14. After practice, Bokuto is the one helping Akaashi carry them home, despite living in the opposite direction.
  • Bokuto has a knack for baking despite being horrid at cooking. On Valentine’s Day, he makes a bunch of cookies to share with the team, making sure to give extra to his favorite setter for dealing with him every day.
  • He may not look like it, but Akaashi likes to tease people, especially if it’s Bokuto. He knows all of Bokuto’s secrets including his crush, and when he catches Bokuto’s crush talking to the team’s captain, he has a smirk and immediately asks how it was when he comes back.
  • Bokuto’s blushing but is animatedly relaying the events back to Akaashi, excitedly holding onto the box of chocolates that his crush has given him.
  • When Akaashi’s own crush happens to talk to him, it’s Bokuto’s turn to tease him. Though, the teasing turns into more of a “WAY TO GO!” session.
  • If they both have a partner on Valentine’s Day, the two would go shopping together, finding the right presents for their s/o and asking each other’s opinions on it.
  • Maybe even have a double date if they’re up for it.

As if by some wild twist of fate, George was sent back in time. Wendy was the most popular cheer leader in her high school. Peter was the captain of the football team and boxed. When Wendy noticed the new student, she ran up to George,“hey new kid!” She felt strange affection for him, not knowing that he would one day be her son.


The last time Noel saw Liam was at the Etihad Stadium on May 11 last year, the day Manchester City won the Premier League.

“I was in the directors box, obviously, and he was outside selling burgers, and one of the directors asked if I wanted to go on the pitch with the team, and I was like, ‘Fucking yeah’ so I went on the pitch and in the tunnel before I said to [club captain] Vincent Kompany 'Give us your armband’ and he gave me it, so I was wearing it in the bar afterwards, and I was sitting there talking to somebody, and someone came up behind me and tried to take the armband off and I was like, 'Fucking get off of it’ and it was Liam. And he was like, 'Fucking hell man you knobhead, you shouldn’t have that, I should fucking have that’. And that’s how it started. And I was like, 'Oh yeah, alright, and how are you?’ Every time I see him he is still being a bit of a fucking cheeky cunt. And he’s still putting out the persona of the angry barking dog.”

I am 3000% sure that all of the merch everyone was wearing to the Falconers’ home opener was a gift from Jack to his old team mates. He didn’t want them to have to pay for all of it (even though they would have, and all wanted to anyway) but before they had a chance to order it themselves this box of jerseys and sweatshirts just shows up at the Haus with everyone’s proper sizes (Bitty helped). Jack has more cash than he knows what to do with anyway, and the college kids have better things to spend money on. I am just so here for Jack still being Grandad Captain for his Samwell team… ❤️

Prefect Secrets

This new chapter is sort of…eventful? Slight smut in the end, no explicit sex or anything like that though! 

Also I’m thinking of taking prompts as well, so if anyone want’s me to write something, you can tell me in my ask box.

Hope you like it! 

Chapter 9 - Assignation

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New Broom // 1967 // OPEN

Ludo’s father sent him a surprise package after he was named captain of the Hufflepuff house’s quidditch team. Ludo quickly unwrapped the box in front of everyone at the Hufflepuff table. A group of people gathered to see what he had been given. Ludo quickly opened the package to see what was his father had sent. Ludo was thrilled to see that he had brought him the brand new Nimbus 1000. It was a brand new broom just released and was quickly becoming the broom of choice for most professional quidditch teams. Ludo made a mental note to send his father a letter to thank him. He admired the broom up and down, he loved it already. He could hardly keep the grin of his face.

“It’s fantastic isn’t it?” He said to the person in front of him who was staring at it “I hope it’s as good as they say it is”