and he's captain of the boxing team

Through the Wardrobe

The Uchiha mansion was over a century old, and contained many priceless artifacts; it wasn’t exactly the best place for a high school party to be thrown, but Sasuke was determined to get Haruno Sakura into his home by any means necessary.  Everyone in town knew that the pink-haired overachieving nationally rated boxing captain was itching for a good party to celebrate her hard won championship, so when the rumors began about Uchiha Fugaku and Mikoto going out of town for the weekend, and Itachi over-nighting at his lab partner’s house to study for an upcoming final at his university she was actually rather excited.  Sure she and Sasuke hadn’t really spoken to one another since he had transferred to Konoha High’s rival school Oto Academy to champion their Kendo team, but that was more due to Sasuke’s intense new training regime under Coach Orochimaru than Sakura actively avoiding him (although she had turned down several phone calls to visit with her former classmate – it wasn’t like she was afraid he’d realize how much his departure from their school had depressed her, she really missed seeing him every weekday in classes). Besides, Sakura figured that with a house full of partying teens it was very unlikely that she and Sasuke would come face to face with each other.  If the girl had known that the entire reason for the party was so that the young Uchiha could lure him to his home, and subsequently get her alone for a nice long chat, she might have reconsidered.

Sasuke knew Sakura had every right to be upset with him; he had after all abandoned her and his other friends from Konoha in favor of joining up with a school that had cheated (literally, several investigations were pending) them out of more than a few championship title.  The Uchiha however, needed the girl in his life; a startling realization had occurred to the boy upon her first declined phone call – she wasn’t just his friend, she was the girl he liked.  He missed her, and no matter how much he could get his best friend, Naruto, to keep him updated on Sakura’s activities, he wanted to bask in her presence once again.  It was for those reasons that Sasuke became determined to get her to his home so that they could have a heart-to-heart, even if his home was destroyed and his parents killed him upon their return.  When the night of the party arrived the boy ignored his guests (and the destruction they wrought) in favor of keeping his eyes peeled for shining pink hair and flashing emerald eyes.

When his target finally entered his sights Sasuke was quick to take firm hold of her hand and drag her into one of the unused upstairs bedrooms.  “What the hell Sasuke-kun!?”

“We need to talk.”

“You’re damn right we do, what are you thinking dragging me around!”  The pritty green eyes he liked so much were narrowed in anger.

Sasuke stood to his full height and met her gaze with his own dark orbs, “Stop avoiding me Sakura.”

“I’m not av-“

“Bullshit!  You aren’t returning my calls, and you’ve stopped coming over to hang out.”  He would have continued if the door to the room didn’t begin opening at that moment.  A reasonable rational boy would have simply asked that whoever was entering find another room to do whatever it was they wanted to do, but the strain of going so long without the pretty little woman at his side and the anger he felt over her avoidance of him shot his rationality to hell.  He was once more pulling Sakura behind him before the door was a quarter open – this time into the antique wardrobe.

“I’m not about to make out with you while Sai and Ino out there getting it on…”

“I didn’t pull you in here to make out Sakura.”

“Damn, and here I thought I was dreaming.”


“Errr…  Nothing?”

Sasuke blinked through the dark at the girl before shrugging, “You dream about making out with me?”

Her blush was so bright Sakura was certain that he could see it in the dark, “I plead the fifth…”

“Hn,” He had his lips pressed against hers before Sakura could roll her eyes at his single syllable reply.  After parting for air Sasuke smirked at her, “I never knew we had such similar dreams.”

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"Captain Yamato! Captain Ya---" he stops, catching his breath as he slows from his run. "Have you seen Naruto? Your team has a mission now, right? His lunch---he forgot his lunch, so---" Hastily shoving a perfectly-wrapped bento box at the poor man, Iruka gives him a pleading look. "Can you give this to him?"

Yamato blinked a few times before glancing at the item that was quickly shoved into his hands then smiling at the other man. This would put Naruto in a good mood and missions usually went smoother when he was happy.

Yeah, of course.

Need anything else, Iruka-sensei?

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Hello~ May i ask a match up from POT? :3 I'm 5'0 tall and a bit sensitive of my height since they are too many tall people in the world xD I'm the "mother hen" in my friendship circle since I worry about their well-being. I don't talk unless i'm being talked to, a bit reserved but would speak out if need to. OCD when it comes to my stuff. oh and I've been playing tennis since I was a kid :3 and now I'm the vice-captain of my school tennis team :D Thanks a lot in advance :*

Here’s your match up :)

I could see you with : Akutagawa Jiro

At first Jiro wouldn’t notice you, as he was usually asleep. Then one day just by chance (or miricle!) he would actually wake up at lunch time, just as you were slipping a box of pocky onto his desk, as it was your turn to give him a snack. He would startle you by loudly saying thank you, and although you just nodded curtley in reply he would be fixated on you for the rest of lunch absentmindley eating the pocky you had given him.

Jiro being Jiro would notice you tennis bag, and follow you towards the girl’s tennis courts, not really caring that he was missing his own practice, he never really did much there anyway. Once he saw your tennis skills and found out you were vice-captain he decided that watching you practice was fun enough to keep him from sleeping.

Once your practice was over he would bounce over to you and start talking loudly and happily, using his arms to gesture, telling you everything he liked and disliked and then all about tennis, and the male Hyotei tennis team, and then about Marui Bunta and Fuji Syuusuke. He definately was not put off by the fact you just nodded or hmmed in response to him.

After a few weeks of Jiro continuosly bugging you and coming to your afternoon tennis practice rather than his own, the one and only Atobe graced your female tennis team with his prescence, and he saw the effect you had on Jiro. Though he forced Jiro to attend his own afternoon practice, he also demanded mixed double tennis practice every Tuesday and Thursday, and you were teamed with Jiro every time.

After getting to know Jiro over two months, you did find yourself attracted to him, although he was your complete opposite in many ways. You noticed he was starting to shy away from you whenever you weren’t on the court together, this made you worry he didn’t really like you, I mean he was creating distance between you surely that meant he wasn’t interested.

Atobe decided (well more commanded) that both Hyotei tennis teams deserved a party, so he shipped you all out to his mansion on the beach in Chiba. You were honestly fed up of Atobe’s extravagence and if Oshitari tried to hit on any of your friends who had already told him they were not interested again, then you were seriously going to take matters in to your own hands and kick the boy out of Atobe’s mansion, no matter how much taller than you he was!

You had just decided to leave the party and go to your room when Kabaji stopped you, and indicated for you to follow him, the song Pink by Kimeru came on over the speakers as you followed Kabaji to a balcony over looking the beach where Jiro was waiting, he smiled brightly as he saw you and thanked Kabaji.

Jiro looked at you nervously as you approached him, he smiled brightly and asked you to dance, you were reluctant at first but his persistance and soft words finally convinced you. As you danced to the song he murmured in your ear, asking you out, at first you didn’t reply not believing what you had heard, but once he asked again, you nodded at him and smiled softly.

It turns out Atobe only had the party because Jiro asked asked him if he could create the perfect moment for Jiro to ask you out.

Jiro loves the way you always look out for your friends, and doesn’t mind the fact your a quiet person, and as for your height he really doesn’t care if anything he thinks it makes you cuter. He’s also really happy you play tennis, as he knows he can aways play a fun match with you.

Just to warn you though he has told Fuji Syuusuke and Marui Bunta all about you, so you are known at Seigaku and Rikkai.

Others : Kite Eishiro or Yanagi Renji

That turned out quite long … 

Hope you like xx

Safetrac works with Executive Help

Safetrac and Peter Bewsey push forward together. Peter Bewsey founder and Managing Director of Executive Help Limited has help push Safetrac Solutions Team to higher levels. His enthusiasm for encouraging others to improve their skills is a major factor in why Safetrac Solutions ltd worked with peter. His love of sports stems from his days as an international amateur boxing champion. He was the founder of Farnham Rugby club in 1975 (and coached for three years, whilst captaining the club), is a keen cricketer and still finds time for a mean round of golf. A competitive nature helped Peter become a top salesman for British Olivetti, Remington Rand and ADM Business Systems before joining National Car Parks Ltd as UK Operations Manager, in 1976. He went on to become their Chief Executive and later moved to Chelsea Village PLC, as Group Chief Executive. Getting the best from his people Having coached and mentored his senior staff for over 30 years to produce profitable business enterprises, Peter formed Executive Help. He recruited a team of fellow professionals and together they have coached and mentored Directors and Business Owners in Basingstoke and Southern England for over 7 years. A Non-Executive Director with 16 UK businesses and a further 3 in Europe, Peter maintains close links with the world of commerce across a range of business sectors. Latterly he has judged the National Business Awards since their inception and in recognition of his Vice-Chairmanship of the Sports Aid Foundation he was invited to become a Freeman of the City of London. At the opposite end of the scale Executive Help assist new start-up businesses in the UK, often speaking at events for organisations such as Business Link. Peter is particularly active in many IOD Regions, Business Clubs and Networking Groups across the South of England, where he shares his wisdom, humour and incisive management style with the next generation of entrepreneurs. In addition to business mentoring and coaching, Executive Help provide a specialist recruitment service for multi-site service industries; placing key personnel with major corporations across the globe. “Peter has an uncanny ability to move your business forward without you realising it. Then, a few months down the line, you look back and suddenly appreciate how quickly things have progressed, how much the company has improved and what is has done to increase the bottom line.” David Woodroofe, MD, Create Design Studio

Chelsea send u-21 captain out on loan

Young midfielder Jordan Houghton will get a taste of first-team life with Gillingham next season. The Gills and Chelsea have agreed a six-month loan to take Houghton, 19, to the League One club, where manager Justin Edinburgh seems reasonably excited to have him: I’m really pleased Jordan has chosen to join us until January. He chose us over a number of other clubs and I’m pleased to have secured the signing … He is a terrific addition to our squad and I look forward to working with him. Source: One of the most important elements of a loan deal is how enthusiastic the loanee and his new team are to get together. That Gillingham are so enthusiastic about bringing Houghton on board is a very good sign, as is the fact that he apparently had his pick of clubs and was able to choose his favourite. Hopefully the early excitement gets reflected in a successful loan spell — Houghton’s certainly proved himself at under-21 level, and now it’s time to see what he can do in the world of league football.

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