and he's captain of the boxing team

Olympics au thoughts

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS here are some ideas for the gang in an olympics au

Gansey: rowing!!!!! imagine his arms ok. He would have such an online following omg. He’d be team captain or whatever and would probably be very anxious before every event but would give tv coverage the ol’ razzle dazzle poor guy

Blue: FENCING. Calla, a former fencer herself, is her coach. blue’s nickname is “the switchblade” because she is small and dangerous.

Ronan: COMES FROM A BOXING LEGACY BUT IS THERE PLAYING TENNIS. He was the favorite to win the gold in boxing but then niall died and he quit and everyone thought he was done, but secretly he was like “I’m gonna do tennis instead haha lol #rebel” and he poured himself into it when he was grieving. Declan still boxes and the feud between them is much publicized. Niall boxed for Ireland and won a bunch of gold medals probably.

Henry: FIGURE SKATING but he comes to the summer games to do color commentary, interview athletes, provide gossip, etc. bc he’s popular and personable

Adam: tbh I have trouble imagining Adam pursuing something like this on purpose, even if he had the resources for it. but maybe a scout accidentally saw him sprinting to class one day when he was late and was like “what a gift that boy has!!” and recruited him and Adam went along with it because of the scholarship. and then eventually it turns out that running is rly good stress/anger relief for him so he keeps doing it and is good at it.

Noah: Was a snowboarder. Whelk was an alternate and murdered him so he could compete instead. Now Noah haunts every Olympics because he’s not picky, plus there are hot people there

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Bisexual pine message. OMG please tell me there's some evidence for this.

Well, it all started a long time ago when Chris appeared on Jay Leno. He was talking about how his high school didn’t have cliques, or place students into strict boxes. That, for example, the captain of the football team could also be a “bisexual slam poet.”

And from there the speculation grew. @itreallyisthelittlethings sent a number of links to for the last anon, and I’ll compile them here for folks to review:

It’s Always Springtime

“Is there an opening for Mrs. Chris Pine?” “Nooooooo… Probably not.”

No time for the ladies.

“What kind of woman am I attracted to? Really?

A lot of theories revolve around Chris’ tendency to use gender neutral pronouns, that his only public “relationships” are clear PR buzz campaigns, his general dislike of labels, and the fact that he flirts with dudes on the regular.


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31 with Steve Rodgers? Any prompt that involves Steve Rodgers? Also, I don't know if I should laugh or feel really sad that your ask box is titled "be nice"

Steve Rogers Blurb

Prompt: “My eyes! My virgin eyes!”

The one thing the team will never be thankful enough for is Thor getting Steve as his secret Santa last Christmas.

After discovering what secret Santa actually was, Thor struggled to think up the perfect gift for the Captain. He went on to ask every team member what they thought would be a good gift and everyone either said: “get him alcohol that can actually get him drunk” and “get him laid”.

Then, after thinking about this, the god realised that perhaps offering Steve sex wouldn’t be such a good idea – he wasn’t even sure if Steve liked boys or girl – so he decided to get him Asgardian alcohol. The Captain had drunk some before and hadn’t been affected by it like a human would (they had potentially deadly side effects for humans) but instead, it was like a normal beer to him. So Thor got a tonne of it for him.

Now, whenever Steve got home from a mission and began to be a pain in the ass to the team, someone would always whip out the Asgardian beverage.

“Really?” Steve would ask, rolling his eyes as Tony would begin filling his glass.

“Really,” the whole team would say together.

That was when the fun would begin.

No longer was Steve uptight and demanding – instead, he was very laidback and had a lot of questions for the world.

“Computers – computers for god’s sake! We can… we can see cat videos at any time we want but can we understand cats? What they’re saying?” Steve pointed a finger at Natasha, “no, we can’t. Why?”

You’d all discovered that he was a particularly good singer (he was very fond of karaoke) and you all had framed pictures that he’d drawn of each one of you on your bedside table. Steve didn’t like to showcase his drawing talent unless alcohol was involved.

“Where’s (Y/N)?” he asked, noticing your absence on the couches. He liked to have an audience.

“She needed some ‘alone time’.” Clint said using air quotes and Steve nodded slowly, not understanding what he was referring to.

“Does she know that I like her? Like, like her?” Steve went onto ask, putting his glass down as he began to stand up.

“Yes,” Natasha confirmed, “and she wants you to ask her out when you’re sober.”

“I’m sober! I’ll go ask her now!”

Steve launched himself towards the bedrooms, Natasha beginning to get up to go stop her friend but Tony put up a hand to gesture for her to stop.

“Don’t. We get very little entertainment in our lives – lets enjoy this.”

So Natasha sat back down, all of them eagerly waiting for you to come storming out of your room with Steve trailing excitedly around.

Surprisingly, that’s not what happened.

Steve stopped outside your door, hesitating for a moment as a bit of soberness washed over him. A part of him was yelling at him to stop and not make a fool out of himself but another part was telling him that he would never do it otherwise.

Inside the room, he could hear you making noises and he wondered if you were already aware of his presence – so he opened the door.

“Holy shit-,” you and Steve said in unison, you realising that someone had just walked in on you and Steve realising what he was seeing.

You had no pants on – a thin sheet covering your legs to keep you warm and Steve could clearly see the computer screen that you were quickly trying to close.

“My eyes! My virgin eyes!” Steve yelled, beginning to walk out the door but you were quicker than his drunk self and had already catapulted yourself out of your bed, awkwardly trying to keep the sheet around your waist as you pushed yourself against the door to keep it shut.

“Steve – I swear to fucking god, I hate Thor for this,” you hissed, Steve looking down at you with a wide eyed expression, “wait, you’re a virgin?”


You bit back a laugh, “okay, let’s cut a deal. I’ll go out on a date with you and I’ll have sex with you if we never speak about we just saw – to anyone.”

“You think you can just bribe me like that? That… that you can just give me what I want because I know that you sin sometimes…” Steve looked rather appalled.

“If you still remember this tomorrow morning then remember that I want it too. Just ask Natasha. I’ve heard you sinning at night when you think no one can listen.”

Steve paused.

“Okay,” as you pushed yourself off the door, letting Steve exit back out, you heard him yell, “guys! I’m gonna have sex with (Y/N)!”


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In retrospect it wasn’t the poor guys fault. He didn’t know that you were serious when you wrote you would kill whoever ate the food in this box. He also didn’t know that you would get the whole team to rat him out when you found out someone had eaten your food.

You and Nat had just gone out to lunch for a girl’s lunch. Since Wanda couldn’t come just the two of you had gone. You had gotten more than you could eat so you packed it up to eat for dinner that night.

It wasn’t uncommon for you to bring home your food so everyone knew not to touch it. One time Bucky had eaten a slice of pie you had saved, and even though he towered over you and tripled your body mass, you had him pinned to the ground in a minute tops.
Ever since then no one has risked it and stayed away. However, you knew that there were other people who came to the tower and raided the fridge so you made sure to write on the box that it was your and you would kill anyone who touches it.

However, after a long training session with Nat, Peter went to the fridge to find a snack. He didn’t expect to see a box from Y/F/R, which he hadn’t been in forever. Taking the box out of the fridge he set it on the counter and read the note and who signed it.
He had never met you but he had seen pictures and heard about you. Everyone said you were sweet and kind, also you weren’t that huge either. Finally, he figured you couldn’t do anything that bad and ate the food.

Throwing the box away he went to his unofficial room and got in the shower washing away the grime from sparing with Nat.

You had just gotten back from a run with Steve and you were starving. Grabbing a cup of water, you chugged it down quickly. Setting your cup in the sink you walked to the fridge and opened the door. You automatically notice your food was no longer in the fridge.

You looked around and saw an empty box in the trash bin. Frustration settling in your gut you walked to the bin and pulled out the box. Your Box.

You looked at Steve who had stopped when he saw what had happened. “Don’t look at me! I was with you the whole time!” He said raising his hands.

Nodding your head, you sat the box down. You knew it wasn’t Steve. The box was there when you left. You knew it wasn’t Nat because she had her own leftovers. You knew it wasn’t Bucky or Bruce or Tony because they were in the lab working on Buck’s arm and wouldn’t be done for hours.

Wanda and Pietro were at the movies trying to spend some time together and wouldn’t be home till dinner so that ruled everyone out.

Storming to the lap you walked in “DO YOU KNOW WHO ATE MY FOOD?!?” you asked them.

You heard F.R.I.D.A.Y.S. voice above you “I believe Mister Parker did Miss Y/N”
Looking around you see everyone shrug. You hadn’t known that the spider kid was here. You had heard of him but never met him. “I think it’s time I introduce myself” you said running to the room you knew he occupied.

Peter had just gotten out of the shower just a towel hanging around his hips when you barged into his room. Making a sound of surprise he stared at you wide eyed.  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?!?” he asked you backing up slightly a tight hold on the towel

You sat on his bed a smile gracing your face. You looked at him “You see Peter, we haven’t met yet. So I’m going to go easy on you.” You said to him your face relaxed but your eyes showing your anger.

Hopping off the bed you walked over to him and pushed him against the wall. Standing on your toes you leaned up to his ear. “If you ever want children so help me God, don’t EVER touch my food again.” You said.

Taking a step back you grinned at him walking away. As you opened reached the door you were met with several pairs of eyes.

“Last time I ate your food you made me carry you for the rest of the month!!! Why does he get special treatment?!?” Clint asked you, staring in disbelief.

Grinning you turned around and look at a still shocked Peter who was now talking to Tony. “He’s new. Besides it’s fun to mess with him.” You said looking back at Clint
As you walked down the hallway you turned and faced Clint one last time “Besides he’s kinda cute!” you told him laughing at the change in his stance and the look on his face.

Somehow you knew this was going to be really fun.

Moving Day. Steve x Reader

Hi lovely human. Could you do a one shot with the reader being moved into a new apartment by the whole team and Steve gets jealous? Or something to that effect?

word count: 1,917

“Are you really that incompetent, Barton? Lift the damn box!” Bucky scowled across the nearly empty living room of my apartment.
“I’m sorry that I’m not genetically enhanced, Barnes. I only work with what the good Lord gave me.” Clint gave a light grunt when he lifted the box of part of my movie collection. There were another three boxes to go with it. Natasha just shook her head and smirked at Bruce before throwing a bag over her shoulder, carrying it out of the apartment.

I ignored the small banter that was starting amongst my peers. I was only supposed to be delegating in this moving process. Even though it was my own apartment, I was only allowed to carry my clipboard with my packing lists and a few markers to label boxes. I was under strict orders from my protective Captain. He wasn’t so bad about it when we were first together, but then Stark caught wind that Nat had another spy friend and he made a very convincing offer. Steve wasn’t too thrilled about me going back into field work, so he kept a close eye on me when he could, and today was no different. As I drifted through the rooms, making sure the rest of the team was good and tried to keep things organized, I could feel his stare. He started off okay, but when both Bucky and Tony started there fun flirting, as per usual, Steve stopped moving boxes from the apartment to the truck parked outside. He handed off his heavy loads to Bucky, heaving them a little harder into Buck’s chest than necessary. Bucky’s lack of remorse certainly had to be getting under Steve’s skin.

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