and he's captain of the boxing team

  • this is why you don’t let me binge watch reality cooking shows
  • so, eric bittle on masterchef
  • it all starts with the battle for the white apron
  • if u, unlike me, haven’t spent roughly twelve hours watching masterchef, this is the first episode or two of a season when the chefs have to cook their specialty dishes to see if they’re good enough to even get on
  • gordon ramsay roasts people before they even get in the competition..damn
  • anyway
  • bitty obv makes pie. 
  • he wins, obviously. it goes awesome.
  • bitty, talking to his competition before getting judged: good lock :)
  • bitty, talking to the camera: that pie looked fucking disgusting. i spent four years in changing rooms with college jocks, and i have literally never seen anything that absolutely awful
  • so the season starts. 

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team captain ashton sitting in the penalty box with a bruised jaw and a black eye and a bloody lip grinning as he sees the guy from the other team being helped by a ref into the locker room after ashton got into a brawl with him


The following project is called Shujaa Misuli which is Swahili for Muscle Warriors. It is an ingoing project showcasing outstanding sports personalities who have achieved a lot but are least recognised or are being recognised. It is self funded and personal to me.- Osborn Macharia

  1. David Kinjah: Top Kenyan cyclist and world renowned mountain bike rider. He’s responsible for training 2013 Tour De France winner Chris Froome.
  2. Humphrey Kayange: Kenya 7’s sports legend. He has been key in producing some of the best performances in the Kenya 7’s team.
  3. Andrew Amonde: Kenya 7’s rugby captain and captain of KCB ruby team. Guinness ambassador.
  4. Benson Gicharu: Kenya Lightweight boxing champion and Commonwealth Silver holder.
  5. Silalei Shani Owuor: Former Kenyan Women’s Basketball captain.

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Request: Could you do an imagine where the reader is part of team flash and is friends with Leonard Snart. And whenever Leonard goes to see the reader he’s always fighting with Harry from E-2 for her attention because they both like her

For: @troylerisbae7

Word Count: 794

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First it was three each.

If he got you three boxes of chocolate, the other got you three bigger boxes of chocolate.

If one got you three charms for your bracelet, the other got you three bracelets.

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As if by some wild twist of fate, George was sent back in time. Wendy was the most popular cheer leader in her high school. Peter was the captain of the football team and boxed. When Wendy noticed the new student, she ran up to George,“hey new kid!” She felt strange affection for him, not knowing that he would one day be her son.


The Duchess is known to be a fan of the sport and takes a seat in the Royal Box at Wimbledon every summer - but her husband revealed what happens when she watches tennis on television.

Leon Smith, captain of the Davis Cup team, was collecting an OBE for services to tennis, and said afterwards that William told him Kate has been “screaming at the TV” when he and his team-mates are playing matches.

—  x

captain hockey player ashton is so fucking good at what he does but sometimes his temper gets the best of him so when some goon on the other team rams into goalie calum ashton takes matters into his own hands as the helmets and gloves go flying and he pulverizes the guy as his jersey gets ripped and then he skates away to the penalty box escorted by a ref pushing his hair out of his eyes and cursing up a storm

Legends of Tomorrow Headcanon

During an outing, Jax finds a box of kittens abandoned outside of a supermarket and takes them back to the Waverider because the last time he saw a box of kittens all the kittens except for two were taken and the poor things eventually up and left, making him feel guilty. Insanity ensues. Rip cannot convince Jax to abandon the felines, so he delegates their care to the team. And of course the kittens look like their masters.

Rip’s own kitten, Roman, is brown and the fluffiest. He likes to be held at all times, especially during mission debriefings where he nibbles and swipes at his beard. Roman also learned his lesson of smacking things off any surface after spilling Rip’s soup on his tail.

Kendra names her kitty Arya, a brown and yellow striped one, and let’s her take out her feathers when she’s molting. When she misses Carter and Aldus or just plain normal civilian life she holds Arya and let’s her purr on her chest and they listen to 80s songs in the dark.

Now Mick’s cat is the runt of the litter, the entirety of the little thing can fit in the palm of his hand, which is how he accepted the cat when Jax gave her to him. He calls her Chili and he refuses to lock her up in his room during jumps because she has panic attacks so he holds her. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE not even Len who could get away with it ever brings up how Mick was sitting on the floor and Chili clawed her way up his arms to his shoulders and pounced on his head to take a nap. For three hours.

Of fucking course Leonard’s kitten Jack Frost is the sassiest of the bunch. He swishes his tail at everyone. Every time he’s in someone’s way and they move him out of their way, he just goes right back where they didn’t want him. This leads to usually one person unable to sit at the dining table because Jack had spread himself on someone’s seat. One time Stein was trying to shower and Jack was sitting in the tub like he belonged there, so Stein opted to spray the cat with water… After multiple scratches and a harsh lecture from Len, Stein was able to shower. But Len and Jack held a grudge.

Ray’s sweet little companion loves to follow him around, both of them early to bed and early to rise. They seem to get along so swimmingly until that one time when Ray was stuck in his suit shrunk down and Maverick led his family as an army of furry danger to try to eat Ray. He sort of held him at arm’s length after that. Which then led to Maverick doing every asshole thing cats do. Swiping mugs off the counter, leaving fur all over his clothes, ripping his bedsheets. Fucking teenage rebellion.

Jax accepts two kittens and names them Wang and Roy after the characters in Shanghai Noon. He originally wanted to name them Lee and Carter but realized his mistake after Sara chucked a ball of yarn at him–which still managed to hurt. Jax paid Len and Mick to sneak one of those big ass cat scratch things into his room. When they went into heat, he felt so bad at the thought of neutering them that he put up with all the meowing and the exposed kitty genitalia (I just googled how to tell when a cat is in heat BC I don’t have one) until Kendra and Ray take all the kittens to the vet because they are sick and tired of all this horny cat rubbing against furniture and legs.

Sara isn’t actually a cat person, she’s not really an animal person to be honest. Especially birds, damn things chirping in the morning. And the one time they left the hatch open to air out the Waverider, a whole fucking colony of birds inhabited the ship, all those feathery bastards singing in unison at FIVE IN THE FUCKING MORNING. By the time Rip and Jax got ready to get rid of them with Kendra heavily protesting the harm of them, Sif had taken down ALL of them within five hours and fed her family the carcasses. Sara bought her a nice bed after that.

Stein is allergic, DOESN’T ANYONE UNDERSTAND THAT?!… well he’s not super allergic, but he breaks out in hives if he touches one!.. okay, so he’s built up a tolerance to the cats because of the proximity, so hives have just turned into dry skin and the occasional lonely tear from the corner of his eye. and fine, Gideon’s vacuuming abilities keep fur and dander from clinging to any and all surfaces. BUT THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS WHY IN GOD’S NAME DO ALL THE KITTENS FOLLOW HIM LIKE HE HAS A CATNIP BALLOON UP HIS ASS?!


It was late when their ship docked, which was always for the best as far as Seth was concerned. Security was always more lax later on in the night, even when cities swore it wasn’t. Plus the cover of darkness was always advantageous to his crew and the captain himself had better than average night vision (ah, dragon perks) to help him out.

They waited until the moon was high in the sky and then he unleashed his team upon the city, leaving his first mate and her most trusted men to guard the ship, while he headed into town to cause chaos. His target was the most opulent manor he could find, pretty things always caught the man’s eye. It was a quick find and he’d dispatched the guards and broken in in record time.

He was sifting through a jewelry box in the master bedroom when he heard someone enter the room behind him. He made no move to turn around and face them, continuing to pocket what caught his eye.

“I would strongly advise you to leave. It would be in your best interest as well as mine if you did. But even if you don’t, you won’t be stopping me.”

Liverpool vs. Sunderland recapped

Mignolet passive aggressively posted on Facebook at halftime

Clyne ran so fast that he switched dimensions and broke time

Sakho just made animal noises at the opposition’s players and it was mostly effective

Lovren did everything and by that it means made a good pass and a terrible one and also nearly scored while nearly conceding

Moreno channeled the urge to do anything stupid into playing defense

Can made Coutinho his bottom

The Woodwork shit wrong team sheet

Henderson was a very effective laxative for many supporters when the captain was nearly injured in the first half

Lallana got on the scoresheet

Coutinho probably got into the triple digits for shots on goal

Firmino took the single worst touch in football history and then made up for it by not scoring a goal spectacularly

Benteke was a beautiful beautiful man

Lucas was fucking captain hell yes

Ibe held the ball in the opposition’s box hoping that everyone would disappear before he fired on goal

Toure was the nicest man in football for 45 seconds

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Hello there ! May I say that I love your blog ! My heart can't handle your drabbles ! If your ask box is still open I will take my chances to ask for one of your drabbles How will the captains ( Kuroo , Bokuto , Dachi , Oikawa ) react when they see others checking out their s/o from top to bottom? More like a scenario if you can thank you ! :3

asdfghjkl you’re so sweet ;A; 

SAWAMURA is sure that it was a mistake to take you along to the pool with the rest of the team. Sure, he had wanted to see you half naked and wet, but he had forgotten the fact that it meant his team would also see you half naked and wet. As soon as you were out of the changing rooms, Tanaka and Nishinoya ambushed you and started shooting compliments your way, even Hinata and Yamaguchi were blushing slightly at the sight of you in your bathing suit. Wordlessly, Daichi shrugs off the hoodie he’s wearing and hands it to you, earning him a curious gaze from you.

“You looked a bit cold,” he says, leading you away from the second-year duo and to the chairs. Smooth Daichi, smooth.

OIKAWA knows he has no right to be jealous and possessive whenever a guy comes to talk to you, but he just can’t help himself. Once he sees Takashi, captain of the school’s basketball team, make his way towards you and seating himself in front of you, he’s leaning against his desk and straining his ears to eavesdrop on your conversation. He only manages to catch the words ‘polar coordinates’ and ‘trigonometric identities’ before the lines forming on Oikawa’s forehead are gone and he sinks into his seat, that is, until he sees Takashi’s eyes trail from your face and down your figure. The scowl finds its way onto his face again, and Oikawa is already making his way towards you two.

“Hey _____, Takashi. Are you guys talking about the math homework? Is it okay if I join too?” Oikawa asks, giving Takashi a wry smile before sitting next to you, wrapping an arm around you as he leans in to give you his full attention and to intimidate Takashi.

KUROO himself likes to check you out a lot, but he isn’t bold enough to blatantly stare. Seeing other guys do it was another thing. The fact that they don’t even try to hide it is vexing and irritating, but Kuroo knows better than to say anything that could potentially ruin your date. It’s only when you receive a few whistles that Kuroo would glare at the offender and hold your hand, pulling you a little closer to him.

“_____, your hand is sweaty,” Kuroo would tease, lacing your fingers together. 

“Maybe if you weren’t holding it so tight it wouldn’t be,” You say, giving his hand a squeeze.

BOKUTO doesn’t like sharing, and he sure as hell doesn’t like sharing you. When he finds out that you’re filling in for one of the managers during the annual training camp in Tokyo, he’s a little moodier and much more prone to sulking than usual. He even starts getting a little more protective by making sure to walk by your side at all times, helping you with anything he can, and even holding your hand when you allow him. He knows it’s a little childish, but can you blame him? Having four different teams of guys staring at you is enough to irritate him.

“Koutarou stop, it’s embarrassing,” you say, trying at all costs to move his arms. He was currently using his body to shield you away from the others, even going as far as clinging onto you and glaring at any guy that came within a two meter radius. The only exception was Akaashi who came and dragged their captain away to practice.

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Prompt: Len and Sara always say they don’t like each other, to everyone who wants and doesn’t want to hear it. But they keep worrying about one another and protecting each other. Well, actions speak louder than words.

Mick is the first to pick up on it, given he’s the closest to them. He brings the subject up casually to Leonard as Jax pilots the jumpship to Central City 1975. He asks if the real reason they’re staying on the Waverider is because of Sara. It’s pretty obvious to him that there’s something happening there between his partner and the assassin. For the question, Mick gets a scowl and a denial.

He would be more convinced if Leonard didn’t get Jax to run the jumpship directly to the event Rip and Sara were at when he heard when they were in trouble.

Rip is the second to suspect something. To be completely honest, he has been suspicious for a while, given their interactions he’s witnessed. Before Sara goes on the mission, he asks her privately if she’s able to go on a mission with someone she’s close too and still carry it out if Leonard gets taken out. Sara snorts and rolls her eyes.

During the mission, he listens to the comms and hears Leonard stop Sara from killing Stein. Post-mission, Rip sees Sara smile at Leonard when she says she had a little help. It takes him back to when he used to deny his feelings for Miranda.

Mick ponders again if Leonard has feelings for Sara after Deathstroke Jr. announces that he’s hunting down two people whose descriptions match those of Rip and Sara. Leonard immediately wants to go help “their friends”, even though Rip is anything but that for either of them. This time, he’s more convinced.

Kendra’s brought it up to Sara before only to be told ‘she doesn’t feel that way’. But four thousand years have shown her a lot, and Kendra knows the first blossoms of love when she see them. After the crook and the assassin are trapped in the engine room together, Kendra keeps an eye on the cameras in there. She smiles when she sees Leonard offer Sara his jacket, and when they huddle closer together.

When they’re trapped in the fifites, Ray casually brings up how it’d be nice if there was someone else here with them when he senses Sara’s feeling particularly like a third wheel. Sara snaps that she doesn’t miss Leonard. He never even mentioned the man, but Ray feels more confirmed that Kendra is right about those two having feelings for each other.

Jax and Stein both aren’t blind to how Leonard stops when he sees Savage holding a knife to Sara’s throat. Stein tries to ask Leonard when he’s getting ice for his face about the incident, only to be told he’d do it for anyone else. But Stein knows there’s a difference between being loyal to a team, and wanting to protect someone you care deeply about. Leonard was proof of the latter.

There are more incidents, more interactions that give the team pause to question if Sara and Leonard can see how they feel about each other. When they’re all in the Time Master’s jail, thoughts are cast back to them. Sara and Leonard are still known to be on the Waverider. They all hope for a rescue, but also that maybe working to save the rest of the team will bring them closer together.

The rest of the team is not wrong, but as the events at the Vanishing Point play out, everyone realizes that the two saw their feelings too late. Their high walls came down as fast as they could, but it wasn’t fast enough. The clock ran out for them. It was just how it was meant to be.

After all, how many love stories don’t end in tragedy?

Dear @kleine-asbar,

Most impressed… Well, I think all of them are pretty amazing people, so it would be hard to choose. But I find their leader to be quite impressive. He stays calm even in dire situations and is versatile, as a good leader should be… I like his sense humor too.

Yeah… That Makoto is sure something. It’s pretty awesome with how much ease he handles his Persona… 

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Sooooo.... like....

Since we know that Peggy is a fan of boxing/destroying punching bags AND we know that Bucky was an amateur boxer AND that he taught Steve when he was trying to enlist WHERE are my fics about Peggy and Bucky challenging each other, or arguing over the best way to teach Steve…


@chaneladdict I thought of this and then thought of you.

Prefect Secrets

This new chapter is sort of…eventful? Slight smut in the end, no explicit sex or anything like that though! 

Also I’m thinking of taking prompts as well, so if anyone want’s me to write something, you can tell me in my ask box.

Hope you like it! 

Chapter 9 - Assignation

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sleepy hollow.

So, did this episode have anyone else trippin or was it just me? The SHADE of it all was on point. I loved this one better than the than the premiere, there was so much going on so let me review.

  • I feel like every time Ichabod brings up Katrina, Abbie gets this look on her face like “why you bringing her ass up?”, he’s not always in the right when it comes to her especially since last time it got Abbie a stay in purgatory, him in a pine box, and jenny almost killed so i understand abbie being wary of her.
  • I don’t like this new Captain Reyes, she’s suspicious to me because why did she follow Jenny to the archives? I know she knows Abbie’s mother, but it just seems like she was so focused on her and i think she knows more than she’s letting on.
  • THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN IS TEAM ICHABBIE!!!! Was i not the only one rolling when he told Katrina basically “bitch Ichabod could’ve saved you but guess who he decided to save, yeah that’s right ABBIE”, and then she remembers how close they were in purgatory lol i knew she was watching that hug too close. She ain’t blind she knows something is between Ichabod and abbie and i loved the show for acknowleding that.
  • Speaking of, Ichabod bringing up how “powerful” Katrina is just plays on my nerves because if she’s so great why hasn’t she did something to get away from the horseman? She couldn’t even float a twig, but we’re suppose to believe she can get out of ropes? Nope, try again.
  • The Mills Sisters were NOT here for another rescue katrina mission especially Jenny when she said “every time we go save her nothing ever goes right” and i agreed. Ichabod got checked by Abbie in the car about keeping his mind on the mission because when he gets sidetracked something bad always happens so i was with them.
  • Glad to see Irving back, he looks rough but hopefully won’t be in jail or the crazy house for long.
  • Moloch is still scary as hell.
  • I wasn’t here for Jenny getting arrested.
  • Ichabod with the credit card was hilarious.
  • The Ichabbie feels were on point this episode, when she told him that “her faith in him was her greatest weakness” and that seeing him in purgatory even if he wasn’t the real one brought her happiness my god i just loved it!!! I really believe she’s caught feelings for him but then he had to ruin it with bringing up Katrina i just rolled my damn eyes with that one..
  • “The Kindred” or whatever was scary as hell too and the fact that they did that all for nothing since Katrina decided she wasn’t gon go just made it worse. Abbie’s face when she realized she nearly got killed for nothing had laughing too hard she looked pissed like “so i know i didn’t just risk my life for her again only for her to stay here next time i’m leaving her ass here”, but girl handled that gun shooting though too badass!
  • I’m not here for seeing Ichatrina, i know the writers are trying to make it work but they’re dull as dishwater just leave it alone.
  • Always here for Abbie and Jenny bonding.
  • There’s nothing but bad that can come from Henry getting that blood from Irving. I thought Abbie would’ve filled him in on Henry being evil but i guess not so i’m anxious to see what happens there.

So next week we meet Abbie’s potential boo thang? I can see ichabod not liking that so i wanna see where that goes. We all know Ichabbie is going to happen at some point this is just a catalyst for it to happen. I don’t like seeing Abbie and Jenny fighting i hope its just an illusion because seeing her pointing a gun at her sister ain’t cool at all. See y'all next week!

New Broom // 1967 // OPEN

Ludo’s father sent him a surprise package after he was named captain of the Hufflepuff house’s quidditch team. Ludo quickly unwrapped the box in front of everyone at the Hufflepuff table. A group of people gathered to see what he had been given. Ludo quickly opened the package to see what was his father had sent. Ludo was thrilled to see that he had brought him the brand new Nimbus 1000. It was a brand new broom just released and was quickly becoming the broom of choice for most professional quidditch teams. Ludo made a mental note to send his father a letter to thank him. He admired the broom up and down, he loved it already. He could hardly keep the grin of his face.

“It’s fantastic isn’t it?” He said to the person in front of him who was staring at it “I hope it’s as good as they say it is”

The lads were all going out; Jordan stayed in and watched X Factor

Jordan Henderson had been rather ambling up to a restaurant in Liverpool city centre but his eyes lit up when he glimpsed the blast from his past sitting in the window. He offered Kevin Ball a thumbs up and, once inside, a bear-hugged embrace. From then on, the stories never stopped flowing.

Such as the time Henderson had to pull on the boxing gloves and square up to one of his team-mates as Ball, his former youth coach at Sunderland, jokingly sought to settle a training ground spat.

“Training was always 100 per cent all out,” recalls the Liverpool captain. “Me and a lad called Robbie Weir [now of Leyton Orient], who was one of the older lads, were going at it — he has kicked me, I have chased him and kicked him back and we’ve ended up having a scuffle on the pitch.

“Bally sent us in because our heads have gone, but later he’s called me into his office and said: ‘We’re going to get everyone in the dressing room, we’re going to get the boxing gloves and we’re going to settle it like men.’

“Then he said: ‘I am not going to let the fight happen, but I want you to be confident and say, ‘Let’s have it out’.’ I was like, ‘Bally, I don’t know if I have got that in my locker!’

“Anyway the rest of the lads were like what the … I took my jacket off, grabbed the gloves, pointed at him [Weir] and said, ‘You get up here, I’m sick of you.’

“I was giving it the big one. Everyone was looking, thinking: ‘Is he going to hit him?’ and then I burst out laughing. I couldn’t go through with it anymore.

“But the great thing was it was dealt with. Robbie was smiling and just laughing. Bally had drawn a line through it using a bit of humour.”

Laughter rings out as they reminisce over Henderson’s upbringing and Ball’s guiding hand in helping him through an apprenticeship that the midfielder constantly refers to during his rise with club and country.

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Tyler Seguin - Baby stuff everywhere!

Can you do a Tyler seguin imagine where he wants to have a baby but don’t know if the reader wants to so he been dropping hints here and there end up finding out that the reader wants one to? An imagine I did for @the-penalty-box-imagines


Tyler and you have been married for five years now and you honestly you were ready for the next step; a baby. You worried that maybe Tyler wasn’t ready. With his new position as Captain for the Stars you we were worried that maybe it wasn’t the right time for a baby. So you never talked to him about it, worried that he would get mad or say not now.

Tyler’s POV:

Being the new team Captain for the Dallas Stars made me think how much I wanted to have a baby with my beautiful wife. The only problem was I don’t think Y/N wanted a baby, I mean we’ve never really talked about it. Seeing  Jamie with his three kids when he was the team captain made me always wish to have kids if I were to ever become one. I wanted to show a little Y/N or a little me what his or her daddy did. I wanted to bring my kids on the ice when we won the cup and teach them how to skate like their daddy.

I just wanted a little us running around, but the only issues was how do I tell my wife?

You would think it would be easy to tell your wife that you are ready to have kids, but what if she got mad or says not now.

When I got back from warm-ups I looked at my phone to see I had a text from Y/N.

Hey Ty what do you feel like for dinner tonight?

Hey Puck! How about BABY back ribs ;)

Okay baby back ribs it is! Oh can you stop by the store and get carrots and more bbq sauce. Please. Love you! Have a good game! <3

Of course! Love you too Puck see you after the game! <3


As I got the dinner ready I kept thinking why Tyler put baby in all caps. Does this mean he wants one or did his phone just autocorrected it to all caps. For some reason this bothered me more then it should.

Tyler POV:

After the game I went to the team’s store and bought a baby jersey with my name on it. After that I went to the store and got a Baby Ruth, baby carrots and a baby sized bbq sauce.

Once I got home I gave Y/N the carrots, bbq sauce and the candy bar. I kissed her on the lips and went to go change.


Tyler kisses me and goes upstairs to change. Then I look on the table, I see a baby bottle of bbq sauce, a bag of baby carrots and a Baby Ruth. Just before I could say anything Tyler came back in the kitchen “Hey Puck look what I got today. It was just too cute to not get”  Tyler say smiling. I turned around to see Tyler holding a baby Seguin jersey. “Tyler” I said nervous.

Tyler POV:

Tyler she said nervously. Oh no. “I want to have a baby” She said. At that moment all the fear I had washed away. My faces soften. I grabbed Y/N by her cheeks and pulled in for a sweet loving kiss. After a moment I pulled away and said “I do to. That’s why I got all the baby stuff. I was worried that you didn’t want one.”


Hearing Tyler say that he wanted to have a baby made me so happy. I grabbed his hand pulling him towards our bedroom “Well let’s get started making a baby Seguin!” I said smirking.