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DC CW tv show openings:

Arrow: I spent 5 years on an island… lol jk no i didnt

Flash: I am the fastest man alive… lol jk no im not

Legends of Tomorrow: They will become Legends… lol jk no they wont


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But well I’d like to dedicate this to clinteastwoocl because her art and blog inspire me to draw more Wells xD

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The Issue With Helicopters

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Rating: T

Summary: After their fight with Antibug, Adrien was left with one nagging thought. He knew that voice. So when he turned on the TV he hadn’t been expecting to see his failure captured on national news. Neither had he expected to see his Lady unmasked. Something she hadn’t wanted him to know. It was all because of those damn helicopters.

Author’s Note: Hi! So, this is a one shot that I had after watching Antibug. As I was watching, I couldn’t help thinking that Marinette would have had to interact with Chat Noir at least a little bit when she was saving him… Also that there were totally cameras filming the fight.
Hope you like!

Chat Noir gulped as he stared at the ground down below him. His stomach plunged as vertigo overtook him. He was no stranger to heights. He loved them… except when he was dangling over the edge of a tall building tied to his own staff!

He could retract it back, even tied up as he was, but it would shrink back towards him, and with his hands and feet tied, he had no way to swing to a window, let alone land safely.

He’d been sliding ever closer to the edge of the staff just moments before, what with Antibug leaning him down so much. But then something had drawn her away. Much to his relief, she had brought him back up, placed a chair to hold him in place, and ran off.

Okay, this was it. He had a moment to get himself out of this, just… how?

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No One is Safe

Request: Can I request something where Zoom captured the reader and basically tortured her in front of Barry to mess with him? So then Barry has to take care of the reader and help her recover.

Warning: Mention of violence and death.

This request comes from @moreignorablethanpeggy I hope you enjoy it!


Barry and the rest of the team were at S.T.A.R. Labs, somewhat patiently waiting for you to return. You had been sent to Jitters on a coffee-run about half an hour earlier, and you had yet to return.

“Are we sure she’s ok?” Barry asked to no one in particular.

Cisco was the one to respond. “Dude, I’m sure she’s fine. There was probably just a long line.”

Barry nodded in response, but he continued his nervous pacing.

Another ten minutes passed, and now Barry wasn’t the only one who was worried. He was just about to call your cell-phone when the TV in the Cortex turned on. Static filled the screen.

“I didn’t touch it!” Cisco defended with his hands in the air. Barry shushed him and focused on the screen. Before too long, Zoom’s face appeared, and to Barry’s horror, you were tied to a pole behind the evil speedster. Your hair was a mess, and your face was bruised. You looked angrily at the back of Zoom’s head.

“Cisco! Where are they?” Barry demanded without taking his eyes off the TV in front of him.

“On it!” Cisco called already on the computer tracking the signal.

“Good evening, Central City,” Zoom began speaking.

“He hijacked every television in the city. Everyone is seeing this,” Caitlin mentioned. “He’s forcing them all to watch.”

“I have a message for your hero, the Flash,” Zoom continued. “You know what I want, and I won’t leave until I get it. If you know what’s good for the people you love, you’ll hand it over.” Zoom approached you and grabbed your face in his right hand.

“Cisco!” Barry looked back at his friend.

“They’re somewhere outside of the city. The signal is weak and difficult to pinpoint. Give me another minute.” Cisco frantically moved his hands across the keyboard, trying to find a way to find where Zoom had taken you.

Back on the screen, Zoom continued his rant. He was looking at you, almost like he was talking to you instead of Barry. “You wouldn’t want your sweet little girlfriend to get hurt, would you?” The question held no meaning as it was obvious that Zoom had already given you a pretty severe beating. Barry clenched his fists. His mind was filled with the possible ways to get rid of Zoom as soon as he knew where his rival was.

“Here this, Flash,” Zoom let go of your face but stayed next to you as he finished his speech. “I always get what I want, and until you give up, no one is safe.” Zoom’s hand began to vibrate, and he brought it to your arms that were tied above your head. His hand made contact with your skin, and the burning sensation caused you to cry out in pain.

“Found them! They’re in a warehouse right outside the city!” Cisco called out triumphantly. Barry was gone before Cisco even had a chance to finish.

It only took Barry about a minute to find the right warehouse. He burst through the doors, and the first thing he felt was the ice cold air around him. He prepared himself to face Zoom, but the only thing he saw was you. Zoom was nowhere to be found. Barry ran over to you and vibrated his hands through the chains on your wrists. You immediately collapsed into his arms, your legs to cold and weak to hold yourself up.

“(Y/N)! Where’s Zoom?” Barry asked you.

“He’s n-not h-here,” you managed to say in between your shivers. “H-He left about an h-hour a-ago.”

Barry didn’t ask any further questions. Instead he ran you back to S.T.A.R. Labs. “Caitlin, she’s freezing, and I think she lost a lot of blood.” Barry set you down on a bed in the medical area, and Caitlin followed close behind with a blanket.

“I’ll run some tests and make sure she’s ok. You and Cisco should try to find Zoom.”

Barry shook his head. “I’m not leaving her.” You managed a small smile in Barry’s direction before you lost consciousness.

You opened your eyes a while later, and the room was dark. In fact, you weren’t even at S.T.A.R. Labs anymore. You were at the West’s house in a room you recognized as Barry’s. You turned your head to see Barry looking at with concern-filled eyes.

“You should get some more rest,” Barry said softly. You shook your head and pushed yourself into a sitting position. Your arms burned from being tied up for so long, but you ignored it. “(Y/N), you took quite the beating. Please, rest,” Barry begged. You could see tears beginning to form in his eyes.

“I’m fine, Barr.” You reached out to grab his hand, but a sharp pain seared up your arm. “I will be fine,” you corrected yourself. “Would you mind getting me some water?”

No sooner than the words had left your mouth than was Barry holding a glass of water out to you. The wind that blew your hair back was the only evidence that he had even been gone. “What happened?” Barry questioned.

You didn’t really want to talk about it, but you knew that Barry needed to know. “I was walking back to the lab from Jitters, and he just came out of nowhere. He ran me off to this warehouse, and it was freezing. He asked about you, and he got mad when I didn’t answer him. Every time I ignored his question, he kicked or punched or burned me.”

“Why didn’t you just answer the questions?” Barry interrupted. “You didn’t have to protect me.”

“I know,” you answered honestly. You gazed at Barry confidently, and he didn’t need any other answer. “He tied me up, filmed the message, and left. The message didn’t actually air on TV until he had been gone for about an hour.”

“I’m gonna kill him,” Barry muttered. He stood up, but you grabbed his arm to stop him. You ignored the pain that shot up your arm at the movement.

“Barry, don’t go.”

“He needs to be stopped, (Y/N)! You heard him! No one is safe. He has taken too much from me, and I will not sit back and watch him take you too!” Barry yelled, surprising you with the certainty in his voice. “I need to put an end to him.”

“You’re not a killer, Barr,” you tried to reason with him.

“I’ll do what I need to,” Barry answered, not looking at you.

“Can you just stay with me? We can figure out how to stop Zoom later. Right now, I just want you here, with me.” You and Barry made eye contact, and he sensed the determination in your voice. “Please,” you begged.

Barry sighed and climbed into the bed with you. He wrapped you in his arms, and you laid your head on his chest.

“He could’ve killed you,” Barry admitted quietly. “And I wouldn’t have been able to do anything.”

“You would’ve saved me, Barr. You always do.” You felt Barry kiss the top of your head before you drifted off into sleep again.


I usually don’t write about violence, so I hope it turned out okay! I will be out of town until Sunday night, so I won’t be posting until then. I hope you all enjoyed this in the meantime!

I seriously had to look up ‘varsity jacket’ on Google for this one, and TBH I don’t think I get the request at all. Nonetheless, here’s my attempt – enjoy. And yes, I do switch POV’s a lot, thanks. Pairings: Percy & Jason, Nico & Will, non-sexual. Words: 1,250.

Jason felt at home on the field. Born and raised in Texas, football was life for him. His room was decorated with posters of players, he was planning on attending college on a full sports scholarship, and he dreamed of playing in the Super Bowl.

Of course, his amazing boyfriend would be right next to him through it all to support him.

<> <> <>

Percy paced back and forth in the cramped announcer’s booth, waiting for the match to start. He could see the blonde head of hair he called Jason huddled with his team, the Athenians. He didn’t turn to look up at him, even though he promised he would. He could be so forgetful.

A cheer erupted from the crowd and he saw the teams moving to their starting positions. Jason slapped on his helmet as he ran, and Percy got shivers. He sat in his chair, nodded to his tech assistant, and spoke into the microphone.

<> <> <>

Gooooooooood morning, Athenians!”

The crowds exploded with sound as the speakers crackled with the announcer’s voice. Nico took a deep breath and ran forwards to join his peers, dressed in white and purple track suits. His mind guided his body as he got into place and the music started. He let it take away his fear as he began the routine.

<> <> <>

From his position in the drummer’s seat Will could see Nico jumping and moving to the beat of the band’s energetic song. He grinned as he saw the dark-haired boy becoming comfortable, moving fluidly between friends in a synchronized dance. He loved seeing him happy.

<> <> <>

Jason watched the ball as if he was a camera televising it to the world. Focus, zoom, focus again, pan, tilt, all the while running and grunting as he pushed the other team’s players aside. This was an important game for the team, and he wouldn’t let them down. He had a job to do, and he was going to do it spectacularly. His parents were counting on it, and more importantly so was Percy.

Instantly remembering the promise he made earlier, Jason looked up as he ran and waved to the shadow in the booth, hoping he could see him. A moment later static came from the speakers. “Number seven, keep your head in the game!”

<> <> <>

Percy’s heart raced with anticipation as the game began coming to an end. With only a few minutes left, the score was too close to call. It could be anyone’s win, and the Athenians needed it badly. His mind tried to come up with soothing things to say to Jason if they lost.

‘No,’ he thought. ‘Think positive.’

The other team scored.

<> <> <>

Nico struggled to maintain his cheerfulness. ‘Think positive,’ he told himself. Despite the latest touchdown, he had faith in his school’s team. They wouldn’t let everyone down.

Looking at the audience he could see the way people sat forward in their seats or stood nervously. The next minutes will be torture for the anxious friends and family as they waited for the result.

“Give me an A!” his friend called from his right. He automatically raised his pompoms and yelled in response. “A!”

She led them through the Athenians’ name, and then the game was back on. He glanced to the bleachers near the band, saw Will watching intently. He looked cute in a black shirt and his hair swept to the side.

<> <> <>

Will could hardly contain his joy when they won. The band jumped to their spots, breaking into an upbeat tune as the crowds roared with approval. His hands threw the drumsticks to the tight skins of the drums, his foot banging a tight rhythm on the pedal.

Grinning like a maniac, he caught the looking eyes of Nico as they jumped to the far right. He winked at him. He couldn’t wait to see him afterwards, to celebrate.

<> <> <>

Jason basked in the warm glow of Percy’s approval as they sat in the pickup. Percy kept going on about how Jason had played. “Grace, you were amazing!” He never got tired of hearing that.

He kept one hand on the stirring wheel, and one on Percy’s lap. Freshly showered, he felt the usual high of victory. One step closer to his scholarship, and not an easy one. For a while there he thought they were going to lose.

“You weren’t too bad, yourself.”

<> <> <>

Percy rolled his eyes but smiled. “I only do it because you’re on the team.”

He kept feeding Jason’s ego as they pulled up to the diner and he opened the door for him. Percy grabbed Jason’s purple varsity jacket from the truck bed before they headed inside and pulled it on, smirking at his boyfriend. “What? It’s cold.”

<> <> <>

Nico made an exception for his usual vegetarianism for Will. They were sitting in the local watering hole, an old-school diner with red leather seats and lots of chrome. Will had decided to treat them to a classic burger and milkshake dinner, and though he wouldn’t admit it, Nico thought it was cute. He smiled shyly as Will spoke, seeming so confident. His black varsity jacket was giving him the type of bad-boy look that spoke to him.

<> <> <>

It took all of Will to sit across from the dark-haired boy and not touch him. In the month that he’s been seeing him they’ve yet to get close, but he decided Nico was definitely worth waiting for. Soon enough he would start opening up, and it would be peaches and cream. He could envision a happy senior year with Nico by his side. He hoped Nico could see it, too.

He bit into the juicy burger and laughed at himself as ketchup oozed from the other side onto his hands. He licked it off, catching Nico smiling. He felt like a million dollars.

<> <> <>

Jason hated to leave, but he knew his parents would be worried. He walked Percy to the front door, holding his hand. He would give anything to stay the night, but he knew that would have to wait. His endorphins still rushed in his veins, rearing with the excitement of the night. First, a brilliant win. Then, an ideal date. He couldn’t be happier.

He wrapped his arms around Percy, bare skin on his own jacket. He grinned when he let go. “You look good with it on.”

<> <> <>

“You’ll get it back,” Percy smiled. “Eventually.”

<> <> <>

Nico shivered in the backseat, his lips pressed against Will’s. He could hardly believe what he was doing, but that made it so much more exciting.

As they deepened the kiss, he shuttered from nerves and the night’s cold air. Will pulled back, and grinned as he stripped his black jacket. He held it forward, offering it to him. Nico smiled a little as he took it, pulling his arms through. “Thanks.”

<> <> <>

“Don’t mention it,” Will said, closing the space between them with another chocolate milkshake flavored kiss. Now this was more like it.

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Peter Fluff! Peter offers you food all the time, like you're just sitting watching tv or reading comics or something and he zooms in and is like "Twinkie?" and you don't think anything of it, you just figure that Peter is a nice dude but someone else in the mansion sees this one day and the next day everyone is congratulating you on your engagement to Peter and they throw you an actual party because obviously the man plans on marrying you there's no other explanation for him giving you his food.


Exo Reactions To Their Kid Finding My Lady Videos

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/



“Appa, what is this?” His daughter asks, pointing at her computer screen having recognized the members of Exo doing very suggestive choreography. He bends down to look & a smile appears as he tries to look innocent.

“Don’t ask me, I was always backstage for that part.” He smirks, knowing he’d memorized the choreography too even if he’d never performed it himself.


“Hey, look at what I found.” His son looks up over the cover of his laptop, waving a hand. Chanyeol walks over, curious about the questioning look on his son’s face as his eyes are glued to the computer. Chanyeol bends over to peak at the screen, confused as he watches the familiar dance. 

“Oh…” Chanyeol laughs, covering his mouth but not saying anything else as he tries to think of a way out of talking about it. He swiftly walks away, leaving his son still confused.


“What are you doing?” His daughter asks, showing him her computer with a very puzzled look on her face. She tilts her head, her young naivete swirling in her eyes. He glances to the screen for barely a second before nodding to himself.

“I was doing what I do best.” He says, gesturing to himself.


His son walks up to him quietly, tapping on his shoulder & pulling him into the office. They sit at the computer & his son opens a tab that held a Youtube video which was paused in a very precise place. His son hits play, watching as Kyungsoo’s face falls from his bright smile to a more mortified expression, shifting his eyes from his son to the screen every so often. Neither of them speak as Kyungsoo raises his hands to his face, rubbing it in defeat.


“Is this you?” His daughter asks, pointing to the TV where she’d been watching videos. As his eyes met the screen, he saw himself thrusting into the air towards a large mirror, instantly recognizing the action. A blush spread onto his face & he fell forward, letting his hands catch his head in embarrassment while nodding. He laughed to himself, nodding with his face covered still.


“What is going on?” His son asks in awe, his eyes fixed to the image of his dad’s friends doing extremely intense movements on stage. 

“Don’t ask me, I never did it.” Kris says confidently, returning to his book on modern art.


“Papa, it’s you.” His daughter says loudly, hitting him as he sat next to her on the couch. He peaked up, seeing himself violently pushing his crotch into the air. He covered his hand with his face as a blush took him over completely. 

“Turn it off, please.” He whispers in shame, knowing his young daughter didn’t need to see that kind of thing.


He walks into the living room, seeing you & his son on the couch watching videos together. Your eyes meet him & you suck your lips into your mouth, trying not to laugh. He looks at you in suspicion & his heart sinks when he notices the zoomed in footage of him playing across the TV. 

“Why? Why would you show him?” He moans, noticing  his son’s mouth wide open in reaction to seeing the camera zoom in more.


“This is eomma’s favorite song,” He hears his daughter say as she opens a video. The sound of a familiar song starts filling the room & he just nods along. You walk in, hearing it & your eyes immediately find the screen of the computer, seeing the video your daughter is carefully watching.

“Sehun! Don’t let her watch that.” You hiss, smacking the back of the couch to get his attention. He just shrugs & pushes his sunglasses up his nose even though he’s indoors.

“She’s fine.”


“Appa! I found this, you’re in it.” His son smiles, handing over the computer. Suho takes it, a smile on his face too, expecting something cute. “I’ve seen you & eomma do this dance together.”

His smile fades slowly as his eyes focus on the screen finally. His own crotch comes flying at his face & he stares at it blankly before setting the computer down then looking off into the distance.


“Papa, you’re such a good dancer.” His daughter giggles, her eyes glued to her laptop. He leans over her shoulder, curious about what she’s so amused by & he smiles. His confidence increases as he nods to himself, pleased & not at all considering the fact that his daughter is watching him hump the air.


“Was this a long time ago?” His son approaches him, holding out his computer to show off a video he’d found. His son’s eyes is curious as he watches it play.

Xiumin does his best to hide his smile from his son but can’t help himself as he feels something similar to fondness growing inside of him when he remembers the moves. He rests a hand on his son’s shoulder, taking the computer away. 

“Go to your room, I need to talk to eomma… alone.”

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Pairing: Gray/Juvia
Title: Was it Something I said
Rating: K+
Prompt: “I planned out this super romantic proposal and you just ruined it by beating me to the whole proposing thing.”
Requested by: Anonymous

Juvia had the unfortunate habit of saying the wrong things at the wrong time so she had, on several occasions, ruined many of Gray’s attempts at being romantic.

Like take for example, that time he bought her a dog. The two of them had just hit the one-year mark and she had been not-so-subtly pestering him about doing something to “advance their relationship.” Giving her a key to his apartment was out of the question (because he lived with Natsu and he and Juvia were far too chummy for Gray’s liking) and so was bringing up the possibility of living together (it was way too soon). In the end, he settled with buying a dog for the two of them. As far as he knew, Juvia was the kind of girl who loved surprises and cute, cuddly things. He didn’t care much for pets himself but Juvia was important to him and he wanted to show her that he was willing to commit to something as big as taking care of a living thing with her.

He bought her a tiny, brown dachshund and carefully placed it in a baby-blue carrier that had a bright bow pinned at the top. He planned on surprising her when he went to pick her up at work. He would place it at the backseat of his car and as she entered, the dog would bark and she would turn around and squeal before reaching out to tackle Gray in a hug, all the while praising him for being so thoughtful and romantic.

But when she got in the car, she barely even noticed the dog. Instead, she was too focused with rambling about Gajeel and his latest drama with his cat.

“Pantherlily scratched Gajeel-kun’s couch again and nearly ruined his guitar and now, Gajeel-kun has no idea what to do with him. Honestly, pets are such a hassle,” Juvia said.

Gray grimaced and for a moment, had the mad urge to usher Juvia out of the car so he could hide the dog somewhere. But before he could, it gave a little yip. Juvia turned around, eyes widening. Then, she turned back to give him an embarrassed, guilty smile before going on and on about how she actually really loved dogs and how they were completely different from cats and how she was confident that the “great love they had for each other” would surely survive anything—even temperamental pets.

Gray just weakly smiled at her and mumbled something about how the dog was for him and Natsu.

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Double Trouble

Summary: The twins are getting used to their powers, but are their parents?

“Dawn please sit down!” Barry shouts as he tries to catch up with her brother Donald.

Dawn was currently running back and forth throughout the house trying to dodge the things her brother was throwing at her as he chased her.

“You guys need to understand what having speed means. Come to the living room right now you two!” Barry yells again.

Cisco walks into the WestAllen residence and is shocked by what he is seeing.

“Woah. Three speedsters and one angry mama bear,” he says as he closes the door.

“Cisco… since when did we make you a key to our house?” Iris asked while trying to keep up with the kids.

Cisco plopped himself on the couch.

“Oh y'all didn’t… I did,” Cisco replied non chalanty.

“Iris heads up!” Barry shouts as he speeds by dropping Dawn into her arms.

“Dawn I’m going to need you to be still,” Iris commands.

“Is that my favorite niece?” Asks Cisco.

“Uncle Cisco! Don Cisco’s here and he has a gift for us!” Shouted Dawn.

“I never said that,” said Cisco while he turned the channels on the TV.

The twins zoomed into the living room plopping themselves on each side of Cisco.

Barry slowed down and stopped himself as he  leaning against the wall trying to catch his breath. Iris ran up to him to make sure he was alright.

“Wow Barry. Getting a bit slow there or are my lil speedsters getting faster?” Cisco says.

Barry sighs and rolled his eyes.

“Oh sure Cisco you can come over to visit,” said Barry sarcastically.

“Donald and Dawn what were you two thinking? When we call your name you need to listen to us, do you understand?” Asked Iris gravely.

Don and Dawn knew when they were in the wrong whenever their mom gave them the look.

“I’m sorry mom,” said Don.

“So am I,” responded Dawn.

Iris hated having to get onto the kids, but they need to learn something out of their mistakes.

“You need to come apologize to someone else,” Iris demanded.

As they were about to get up Iris stopped them in their tracks.

“And don’t you even dare use your powers. Walk over here and apologize,” she says.

The two walk over to their dad who tried to maintain a strict face while he folded his arms. Deep inside Barry was actually really impressed at how fast the two were getting. However, they needed to know when and when not to use them.

“We’re sorry daddy,” said Dawn.

Barry kneeled down in front of the two who looked very guilty.

“It’s okay, but listen to your parents. Your powers are a gift and I’m going to help you learn how to correctly use them. If you don’t listen to me you could hurt yourself or others,” Barry says.

He gave Dawn a peck on the cheek and petted Don’s hair before standing back up.

“The atmosphere is way too serious right now. Now who wants five dollars?” Cisco asks.

“We do! We do!” The two of them shouted as they power walked to the couch grabbing each five dollars.

Iris giggled and shook her head.

“What are we going to do with them Bear,” she says.

Barry put his arm around Iris.

“I have no idea, but whatever we do… we do it together,” he says looking at Iris.

 Iris gave Barry a soft peck on the lips.

“Eeew!” Shouts Cisco and Don.

“Mom says to keep your hands to yourself dad!” Shouts Dawn.

Barry laughs.

“Only I can kiss mommy sweetheart,” Barry responds. 

“What about me who can I kiss?” Asked Dawn.

“No one!” Barry and Iris both say immediately turning into parent mode.

Dawn laughs.

“Duh I was just quizzing you!” She says as she turns around to continue watching T.V. with Cisco and Don.

Barry and Iris laugh.

“She totally gets her intelligence from me,” said Barry.

Iris playfully pushed him.

“Alright Mr. Intelligence how about you whip us up something to eat then,” said Iris as she went upstairs.

“Kind of had something else in mind,” he says slyly as he followed Iris.

Iris began to giggle as the two ran upstairs.

“Cisco go take them out for pizza on me!” Shouts Barry.

“Again ew!” Shouted Cisco.

“What?” Asked Don.

“Nothing. How about we go get some pizza,” said Cisco turning the T.V. off.

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First request post! Not gonna lie this took a lot of energy, found out I’m not that great at including music, it takes to much time, and I’m not a 100% on this but i do like it, its just sweet and funny.

Title: Karaoke

Couple: Pietro x Reader

Summary: Reader believes she’s alone in the tower till proven wrong by Pietro walking in on her partying it up, Pietro’s teasing leads to a bet.

Triggers: None

“Tony! I wanted to go! Why’d you guys leave without me!” You yelled into your phone at your best friend, whose excuse for not telling you about the mission was that ‘he had better things to do’, though in all reality he was just being overprotective of his little doll.

“Stop your complaining, you just said the other day that you were annoyed when everyone’s there, so just enjoy the fact you have the tower to yourself” He barked back with a hint of mocking.

“Fine Tony, don’t include me in on the mission, but don’t be expected to be invited to my dance party” He just laughed.

“Oh how will I ever live?!” He wailed, causing Clint to mention putting one of his arrows through his head. “Come at me arrow boy and I swear I’ll break every single one of those arrow and stuff them down your pants” They continued on with the pointless banter for hell only knows how long, you hung up after Clint said something about making Tony into Hulks throwing toy.

Tossing your phone on your bed you decided to get up and put on some clothes, nothing too crazy for your day in though, especially considering you didn’t wake up from your nap till 6 in the afternoon. Happy with your decision of black shorts and a top you had made for the last April fool’s day saying ‘property of’ with a large captain America shield in the middle of the chest; you and the other girls all did this and followed him around town, needless to say he felt extremely awkward.

Luckily for you with everyone gone you didn’t have to worry about them complaining about have your music blaring in every room of the house. “FRIDAY, can you connect my Pandora throughout the house?” you asked, leaving your room and heading off to the common room, which laid right across from the kitchen.

“Of course miss y/n, is there any station you prefer?”

Just as you stepped into the common room you realized how hungry you were and did a U-Turn to the kitchen, which surprise surprise was empty. “No, just randomize”, after that Raise Your Glass by Pink came on. It wasn’t your favorite but you loved the beat and couldn’t help but dance with it. During the process of grabbing a bowl from the cabinet, a box of y/f/c cereal, a spoon, and milk, you broken out into hard core swaying and lip syncing. Though it was nothing compared to when you put away all the stuff while ‘All the single ladies’ by Beyoncé came on.

You picked up your bowl, while singing into the spoon, and swaying your whole body along with Beyoncé’s voice. “If you liked it you should have put a ring on it” you sang while putting a spoonful of cereal in your mouth before swinging that hand in the air and acted like you were Beyoncé herself. “Should have put a ring on it!”

“Whoa, whoa, how about dinner first Miss Popstar” Pietro said leaning against the door way trying to hold in a laugh, seeing the speedster sent your heart into over mode and shockwaves through your body. You slipped while trying to regain composer, cereal and milk spilled all over the floor. Pietro couldn’t hold it in any more roaring out his deep laugh rumble through the room, causing you to blush a thousand different shades.

“Don’t be jealous that your pop career would be shadowed by mine” You said putting the bowl and spoon in the sink. “FRIDAY, could you send in one of the bots” you couldn’t be happier that Tony made a bots to do the cleaning towers. Pietro watched as you walked past him into the common room. “Plus you couldn’t do any better”

He zoomed past you, turning on the tv and pulling up YouTube. “Wanna bet!” You just nodded as you plopped down on the couch and watched him plug in the mic. “Okay, after though, when I win, we have to get you a new shirt with ‘property of quicksilver’ on it” He said looking back to you and winking with a devilish grin.

You started to laugh, “Yeah, okay Maximoff! Get to singing, and don’t forget to dance!” He laughed and pulled up ‘What is love’. Tears started to brim your eyes from laughing so hard halfway through the song when he started to bob his head like in the movie, night at the Roxbury.

Pietro did a spin, stopped and pointed at you singing the last part “What is love!”, it was the end to you, you feel to the floor laughing so hard you couldn’t breathe, it was obvious he had practiced that song many times before. “Can’t compete with that now can you” He plugged in the second mic and handed it to you. “Now that I’ve won, let’s kick off this party”

You stood up and picked a song you knew you’d have a ball with, “I Really like you”; and you were right, Pietro got into it dancing and singing, at one point he picked you up spinning around and placed the both of you on top of the coffee table.

Screaming the words and dancing like a bunch of drunk idiots, you both somehow managed to miss the doors opening to the rest of the team. Tony while holding back all his snarky remarks walked in front of the two of you, shocking the crap out of you, and gave you both a glare.

“Really! You ignore me for some half ass Karaoke party, y/n!” You and your team mates all started to laugh. You nodded your head, and Tony let a grin slipped “Give me that” he grabbed the mic from Pietro. “I’m next” Pietro wrapped his arm around you with his newly freed hand.

“Fine, but you can’t beat us”

❮And we do not know…❯ I paused for a long moment, the way I had seen Victor Newman do. Whenever he does this, the TV camera zooms in on his face. ❮…what kind of animals are being tested in there.❯

Five bird-of-prey heads turned to look at me. They stared at me the way Marco and Erek had earlier.

❮As? You okay?❯

❮Yes, but I must maintain silence till we go to These Messages.❯

❮He’s been watching soaps,❯ Marco explained.

❮Ohhhh. He’s doing a soap-take!❯ Rachel said.

❮A what?❯

❮A soap-take. At least that’s what I call it. At the end of a scene. You know how the actors all just freeze and stare and wait for…well, for ‘these messages’?❯

❮Those are my favorites,❯ I said. ❮These Messages.❯

—  Book #28: The Experiment, pg. 23 (by K.A. Applegate)