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Summary: Just some Sam PWP!

Characters: Sam x Reader

Warnings: SMUT

Word Count: 1,537

A/N: So I just read Last On Earth by @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid. Amazing! And that somehow sparked this PWP. I don’t know, it just happened. But I am so damn grateful! Technically my first smut. So, as @winsister91 would say, put on your smut glasses!

Sam stood in the door to the room, watching as Y/N climbed into bed. She had lifts under the legs, making the bed sit higher. She said it made her feel smaller, which she loved. Sam loved watching her climb into bed, one knee up, her ass in the air as she crawled forward on hands and knees before settling down. She didn’t realize what it did to him, seeing her like that. She didn’t realize her actions were appealing and the way she moved was beyond sexy. To her, she was just crawling into bed. To Sam, it was a test of his resolve.

Y/N turned to see Sam standing a few feet from the bed, his eyes narrowed hungrily in her direction, his chest heaving visibly with every fast and deep breath he took.

“Sam, are you ok?” She inquired, her brow creased with worry. Her soft voice calling his name crawled into his ears and vibrated through his being. His hands clenched and unclenched at his sides as he grappled with maintaining control. He wanted her, with everything he had. “Sam?” she whispered more softly.

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I love how Seth hugged Dean prematurely before the match was even over. It really does feel like these two are reconnecting again and becoming a lot closer than they originally were when they first started out.

i swear, that’s already one of my favourite ambrollins moments ever. i just spewed some feelings in the tags of the last gifset i reblogged, but surprise, i have even more.

i love how desperate it feels, for both of them. like, they’ve literally just been through a goddamn war together. the two of them, all alone, for the most part. and it looks like the end is in sight now. and they’re both on their feet, somehow, miraculously, but they’re still in pain and fucking exhausted – probably about to collapse. and dean just blindly reaches out for seth with one hand, and stumbles into him, because seth’s his anchor – he always has been, and he still is, even after everything. and seth doesn’t hesitate for a moment before throwing his arms around dean. because dean’s all he has right now. because dean’s the only constant in his life, the most important thing in the world to him. and they’re just clinging on to each other for dear life, and the match isn’t over yet, but it probably feels like a tremendous relief. like they can breathe again. they’re leaning on each other and holding each other up, like they have the entire match – from jumping off ladders and garbage trucks in sync to going through tables to getting blasted with steel chairs from all sides and still struggling, crawling to get to each other. or just looking at each other and knowing they’re on the same wavelength and they’re thinking the exact same thing. that if they’re going down, they’re going down together and they’re taking as many of these assholes with them as they can.

that match was just a beautiful demonstration of teamwork between the two of them. their connection has never been stronger. and anyone who doubts their relationship in any way, just watch this match tbh. it’s clear as day for everyone to see. and you can…believe that. 


Gif source:  Frank

Imagine Frank Castle admiring your love for animals when he sees how many rescued pets you have at your place and it causing him to fall even more in love with you.

——— Request for anon ———

“It’s like a zoo in here,” Frank exaggerates just to get you to look back at him with that pout you’d always give him when he picked on you a bit.

“Oh? Is that what you think, Castle? Only with what you’ve just seen? Well, I’ve got news for you, there’s still two cats that are MIA thanks to you being here,” you shake your head, rubbing one of your dogs’ ears as you pass, hearing Frank shut the door behind himself as he enters your apartment. “Just so happens, they’re the shy ones. They’re recent rescues— what was left of a litter that had been abandoned on the side of the road before they got brought to the shelter, I heard.”

“Are they all rescues?” Frank asks as he moves past the dog you pet, who was now super intrigued with the newest visitor. He can’t help his smile as the dog pants and wags its tail excitedly.

“Yep,” you chirp, moving to the kitchen with another dog hot on your tail because it knew you were going to fill up their bowls as you always did when you got home. “Hey, bud,” you hum, voice changing to soften as you pet that pup, too, “ya’ hungry?”

“I’m starving,” Frank grumbles with a smirk, catching the roll of your eyes when he glances towards you. His chest warms at the sight of you disappearing into the kitchen with the dog trailing after you as he makes his way to your couch to take a seat. He catches sight of a tuft of fur under a nearby table that scurries away as he approaches, figuring it must be one of the MIA cats you’d mentioned before. The dog follows him, still wanting attention and Frank gives it to him, humming lowly as he hears you carrying on talking gently to the other dog who had followed you into the kitchen, “She’s got a big heart, doesn’t she?”


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Request: Mayor Damien confesses his love for the reader under stress from Mark’s murder. @line-viper

Genre: fluff

You started off as Damien’s secretary, showing up at City Hall to schedule meetings for the mayor and assist on brunches with politicians, all while doing so in a pencil skirt and balancing twenty files in your hands. There was always the threat of an office romance, and you brushed every single one of them off before falling into the arms of your employer.

Damien’s good looks weren’t the only reason you slept with him, but months of late night dinners over work, inside jokes and awkward flirting, and he was as charming and kind as any gentleman was expected to be. Your secret fling went undiscovered, and you and Damien pretended like that office Christmas party never even happened.

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Let’s talk about the scenes of the following episode:

More trouble, of course…..

Let’s not look at Ian’s wig!!!!!

Let’s focus better on the fact that Ian finally sees Claire ❤️:

We will see more of these two gorgeous fellas: 

I’m all for Claire working and I’m all for Jamie sexy back leaving the room:



I think this is the guy Jamie pays on Episode Six, isn’t him? Honestly, I don’t know because I fast forwarded that scene. I was not interested lol

#22 - Masks


Hux hadn’t seen Kylo without the mask. He didn’t know what kind of disfigured nightmare lurked behind it. He only knew that Ren was violent, angry, and extremely powerful, all which made him more intriguing to Hux. He was drawn to that kind of raw power. He craved being the one to control it. 

The first time Hux saw Kylo without the mask he was stunned. This soft, youthful face was something he hadn’t expected. No wonder Kylo kept it covered. How was anyone supposed to fear him when he looked like that. Hux found himself attracted to Ren. He liked the softness of his jaw, the long aquiline nose, the warm eyes he tried so hard to keep cold and hard. Hux found himself thinking about that particular set of features more than he’d like to admit. He was beautiful.

And then Starkiller had happened. The mask was gone as Hux had always wanted, but in it’s place, a scar that tore across Ren’s smooth skin. Hux found this oddly beautiful too. Such a complex set of features, marred by such a violent marking. When Ren lay in the medbay, Hux sat by his bacta tank, then by his bed. He stared openly at that face he’d come to love, occasionally brush an errant strand of hair away when no one was around. He let his fingers trace the edge of that scar, vowing to destroy the ones who had made Kylo feel he’d ever needed that mask in the first place. For look how fierce he’d become without it. People would see the scar and know he was a weapon. Hux would see the scar and think him all the more beautiful for having it.

Bts gif reaction to having to buy period products for you.

Thanks for requesting anon, hope you enjoy it.

(Credits to gif owners)

Request: Could you do a reaction of BTS having to buy period products for you? Thanks❤️


Rapmon always asked you if you needed anything whenever he went to the store, so you asking him to buy pads was a normal thing.

“It’s the usual ones right? Just checking, see you in a bit”

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Jin always checked up on you, he always checked if you ran out of products, so he could get it even before you asked.

“Aww oppa your so sweet, you bought me pads?”

“Yeah, you were running low so I thought you wanted more”

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Suga hated the fact of buying products for you, to him it was very embarrassing and he didn’t like the look that the women at the counter would give him.

“Hey, do you think this is good for my girlfriend?”

“Yeah it should be fine”

“Oh okay thanks”

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Jhope was very experienced with this, he has a sister so he knew exactly what to buy and when to buy, he would keep his own calendar that would mark your important days, so he could get prepared for your painful cramps that you experienced.

“Y/N come here, I’ll help you get better”

He would cuddle and stroke your stomach until you fell asleep.

“My princess looks beautiful when she’s asleep”

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Your periods were genuinely shorter, so you didn’t really have to ask him to buy anything, but when you started unexpectedly and you had run out of pads, you would call him and ask him to buy some while he was out shopping.

“Ok sweaty don’t worry, oppa got this”

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V always got really scared when you were on your period, you had really bad mood swings so he would try everything to calm you down.

“Tae I think I ran out of pads, what do I do?”

You were in tears fully annoyed.

“Baby, don’t cry I’ll get you some, don’t worry, come here”

He would hug you until you fell asleep, he would then go down to the supermarket and get you some pads.

“I bought you pads, don’t cry anymore, it makes me sad too”

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Jungkook usually feared nothing, but there was one thing he feared, it was you on your period, you pmsed really hard, your moods were always angry,

“Kookie, I’m out of tampons, why am I out already, did like someone else use it or something?”

“Ummm why would anyone else need it, we’re all guys Your the only girl here”


To him you looked like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

“How about I get you some and you drink up the tea and calm down.”

He kissed your forehead and walked to get some.

“Here you go my angel, don’t be angry, you scare me, I don’t like seeing you that upset”

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So hope you enjoyed this one, and request away~


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4 "Please never stop smiling." For the short sentence prompt

Thank you, @avrilsky ! This was fun. Hope you enjoy! :)

Feel free to send me a prompt from this list!

(headcanon Waverly is pretty damn ridiculous when she gets a day to do whatever the hell she wants)

Sometimes – sometimes work is a bitch.

A real bitch.

Especially when it involves looking for birds all day long.

Every single bird owner in Purgatory had called in a missing pet report.

Purgatory – well, it isn’t very big. But the amount of Purgatory citizens who happen to be bird owners might surprise you.

Nearly all the way through her list of bird owners to talk to and files to write, Nedley walked out of his office.

“Haught. You seen those damn pigeons?”

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5.6 Drabble - 300 words

Lucien made his way to the surgery pulling his tie off, filled with a fear that he would lose her. The next stunt he pulled, the next blow from the church, the next whispers… his head was swimming in a pool of fear. When she looked at him with those expressive eyes, he always knew she loved him. But…

 “Promise me you won’t do anything rash.” And he had promised her.

 “Just don’t lie to me.” Her words rang in his ears. His final lie looming somewhere between a letterbox and the magistrate.

 But then, he couldn’t think straight. The fear of losing her had become greater than any risk to keep her, forever. He feared who he would become again without her, and panic filled his heart. Darkness sitting on the edge of his world, threatening to take him once more. Blind fear.

 Snapping out of the dark thoughts, he realized he had tears in his eyes and Jean was watching him as he leaned on the exam table. “Lucien, let me do that. You’re in pain.” 

 He opened his mouth to explain, but then closed it because he couldn’t. Not without hurting her again.

 “I’m sorry Jean, you keep having to put me back together.” He gave a weak smile. “It’s just been so long since I’ve had to think of the consequences of my actions touching anyone else. But I’m trying.” His gaze dropped to the floor. 

 “I know you are. We both have to get used to putting someone else first.” She moved his face to look at her. “I’m not handling this any better than you are. I’m just not bleeding, so you don’t notice.”

 Her hands moved to his shirt buttons and then, as if reading his mind, “I’m not going anywhere Lucien. Ever.”

Song Ficlet - Number 10

You by 11:11. Requested by anon.

“Come home Amelia” Owen’s voice resonated through me the entire car ride home. Everything was blurry, surreal, I couldn’t focus. I wanted to be with Owen, I love Owen but I was terrified that he would never be able to forgive me for walking out on him. 

Home looked like home as we walked through the front door, it was as though I had never left. Owen had preserved everything so well, almost as though if he didn’t move anything he could fool himself into believing I had never left. 

“Do you want anything?” he asked standing behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders and gently massaging them. “We have more than enough food, the bed is made, or I can put on a film for you; whatever you want” his ability to always care for me amazed me, I didn’t deserve him, he should be free – free of me, but he chose me. 

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Ha Sungwoon || Mafia

I’m semi proud of this but I feeel like I could have done more but I got lazy cause I still had to proof read lolz

•You were the daughter of one of the famous detectives so it was only naturally you were put on this case

•I mean you literally were trained to be a detective since you were a wee little lad because you got curious about the papers he would always bring home

•One time you left your dad shocked when you solved one of the bigger cases when you were like 10

•So yeah you were a pretty big deal at your dad’s work, and with that came pressures especially since you were put on one of the biggest cases

•You were looking for the most wanted mafia group wanna one, or more specifically the mastermind behind most if not all their heist, Ha Sungwoon

•He was around your age at least that’s what you could only assume based off reading his profile file

•Apparently they had notified your unit that they were going to have a heist at one of the famous art museums

•So here you were at the museum late at night with your whole unit hidden, watching over the building

•You were heading to your position where you had assumed Sungwoon would be and you were right

•The door opened quietly the sound of his shoes hitting the floor being the only thing to be heard

• You waited watching him as he admire the painting before swiftly grabbing it

•You stood up quickly and before you could say anything his voice cut through your thoughts

•”Well well looks like I’ve been caught.”

•His acknowledgment of your being kind of shook you up because you swore he never looked in your direction or could even have a chance to hear you

•You reach for your gun in your leg holster but it’s already gone and Sungwoon was in front of you a sly smirk on his face

•”Tell you what doll, do yourself a favor and pretend you didn’t see me, wouldn’t the most famous detective’s daughter to get hurt now would we?”

•His voice was almost hypnotizing, dripping with honey, velvety yet mocking

•”why the hell would I do that?” You bark back your pride slightly hurt

•He did not show the slightest amount of fear or nervousness and it pissed you off

•”I don’t wanna hurt sucha pretty face so I suggest you move.”

•He pulled you close making all the oxygen leave your lungs and your mind go blank

•In one swift spin he backed away lazily before tossing your gun on the ground and making his exist

•You stood there still in a state of shocked before you grabbed your gun and rushed out the door

•You felt defeated when Sungwoon was nowhere to be found but proceeded to communicate with the guards you were with

•The whole group was gone with one painting

•You remembered Sungwoon had dropped the painting he was holding when he came towards you

•You guessed they had made Sungwoon as a distraction assuming he would successfully make it out

•Once you were at home you took a warm bath your eyes trained on the remaining bath bomb that still bubbled slightly

•your nose and up being the only parts not submerged into the water

•You couldn’t stop thinking of him

•He was cunning, flirtatious, bold yet clever

•He interested you in ways he shouldn’t have and you hated this feeling

•He made you weak

•closing your eyes you fully submerged into the tub trying to clear your mind

•no way were you, one of the most highly respected detectives seriously interested in one of world’s feared thief

•It wasn’t long till the next heist

•they had planned to rob the family during the dance since everyone would be to busy talking or slow dancing considering it was a masquerade themed ball

•You informed the family and they instantly allowed you and your unit into the ball in fear of losing their valuables

•So on the day of the heist you worse a mask that hid most of your face and a dress with a detachable skirt

•the slit in our skirt barely hiding the holster on your thigh

•you had a sharp eye so you were trusted to find Ha Sungwoon

•And it didn’t take you too long to find him despite him wearing a mask

•The wearily eyes that lazily scanned the room and the slight smirk that always seemed to play on his lips were undeniably his

•and he noticed you too

•”My I have this dance my lady?”

•You nodded simply taking his hand

•His hand laid on the small of your back the other holding your other hand

•Your mind was drawn to a blank once more

•His touch burned your skin his dark brown eyes enticing you more

•If he ever dare speak you were rendered useless

•Oh and he knew he made you weak he could tell just by taking one glance at your eyes

•You mentally cursed yourself in putting yourself in such a position but it was part of the plan and you weren’t about to fail your team just because some guy you barely knew had an effect on you

•Your thoughts were stopped when the dance came to an abrupt stop

•Sungwoon had yet again managed to slither away from your sight

•But no way were you giving up that easily you had a title to live up to

•A promise you kept to your dad when he was on the hospital bed

•Your frantic eyes searched the room and easily spotted him casually walking up the stairs as if he was allowed up there

•Without hesitation you followed ripping off the skirt once you were up the stairs knowing it would only slow you down

•You opened almost every room before you finally found him snapping a watch that wasn’t his around his wrist

•He was whistling with ease knowing of your presence since it wasn’t exactly the stealthiest

•”fancy see you up here so quickly darling, miss me?”

•”You fucking wish put the watch back and everything you have in that damn sack I’m not blind.”

•You carefully watched as his eyes trailed down to the bag that had been stuffed with valuables and money

•”and why would I do that doll?”

•”we have you surrounded dumbass just surrender. You should be thankful I’m even keep you alive.”

•He chuckled almost mockingly at you the smirk on his face even wider than before

•Your anger boiled as he took one swift step towards you, his figure towering over you

•”Such a precious thing.”

•One of his hand cup your cheek as he looked down at you

•”You think I didn’t know dear? Have you seen any of my other men around?”

•He paused for a moment taking a look at the gun still tucked in your holster

•”Surrender to me.”

•You didn’t know if it was because how velvety and tempting his voice was or if it was because you were so done with having so much pressure and expectations on your shoulders but his words turned you into putty and he knew that

•before you can ever register anything your head nods on its own and Sungwoon’s smirks wider pulling you closer if even possible

•”atta girl” his voice come out almost as a low whisper

•He takes your lips in a long kiss his teeth lightly grazing your bottom lip before pulling away

•He didn’t care about the junk in the bag knowing fully well that Jihoon had taken all the real valuables when he had you busy dancing with him

•his hand found your waist as he walked out of the room completely satisfied with his doings

•Not only had the heist been a complete success but he had the girl that interested him the most warp around his finger

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Hi, I was wondering if you could help me? I've been looking for a fic but cant' find it. Basically, Derek and Stiles are dating. Stiles bottoms for Derek and he hates it, but he does bc it's the only time Derek is affectionate and sweet with him. Derek doesn't know that Stiles hates it until Danny mentioned Stiles always topped him, and then Derek focuses on Stiles the next time they have sex and realizes he's not enjoying it. Then they talk their feeling out and all is right once more. Pls help

another anon found this for you!  -Emmy

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Tell Me What You Want (Tell Me, Please) by LiviKate 

(6,220 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek

“Twice in two days?” Stiles’ voice quivered. “You’re getting greedy.” Derek hummed against the shell of his ear before stroking his tongue over the lobe.

“I can’t get enough of you,” he admitted, eyed closed, fingers sneaking under the hem of his shirt. “So perfect for me,” Derek whispered into the space behind his ear. “All mine.” Stiles groaned underneath him, thighs falling wide on either side of his hips.

“Alright, you sweet talker, you.”

Creepypasta Headcanon

《Creepypasta x male demon teenager》 Getting hurt on a mission

•You dread the day when you get badly injured and EJ finds out

•He’s the definition of over protective, out the way EJ hawk looking after baby bird

•Whenever you get really hurt which is luckily barley ever you first try to sneak into the mansion trying to avoid EJ at all costs

•Walking down the corridor? Dive bomb into the nearest room

•However when you dive bomb into the nearest room it only hurts you more and EJ always hears you

•Your just laying there in pain when EJ goes in ‘over protective mode’ and scoops you up

•Then you try to make out that it’s not that bad which never fools EJ

•However if you do manage to make it to your room you try and treat your injuries yourself, you end up stabbing your self with the needle repeatedly until you have to ask jack for help

•Once he’s finished treating your injuries he feels the need to protect you, want to stand up? EJ’s by your side instantly

•You secretly appreciate it and have learnt not to anger jack, that much

•When your injuries have healed he’s still an ass

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The Good Doctor

A re-write of the first fic I posted that’s now been deleted because it was bad. Still bad, but hopefully a little better. I may do more parts, I’m still debating on that.

Time passed quickly for the doctor some days, and other days he felt as though time dragged on as slowly as possible just to spite him. Many days he remained lost in his own thought, but there were always days he had to be completely in the present without being distracted in any kind of way.

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There Must Be Some Kind of Way Out of Here - pre-13x03, 2K, G. Cas in the Empty. 

Castiel comes to in a place neither hot nor cold, neither beautiful nor ugly. The sky stretches above his head, constellations sparkling in the sky, but the ground he’s lying on is plain dirt with a few withering sprouts of grass poking up here and there.

Someone grips his shoulders and hoists him up. “You’re here, I see,” he says. Castiel recognizes the voice – because it’s his own.

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