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If you headcanon boyf riends as taking ages to get together, then why is that? What was holding them back?

slow burns kill me and i’ve always figured that jeremy takes some time to get over christine? he had some serious feelings for her and even though he respects the lack of romance between them and doesn’t really feel the same with her anymore (he does love her, but now as just a friend), it still takes him a while to come to terms with it all, and that’s added with the fact that he’s super ridiculously into his best friend

and sure it’s something he’s always been aware of to a degree but now the dynamic’s shifted between them. there’s time taken to rebuild trust and be more honest with one another after the squip events

it’s chockful of mutual pining as they slowly discover where they stand with one another and they sort of beat around the bush for a while because it’s all very new but eventually the wait pays off

give me jeremy being struck by a moment of complete awe at how michael looks when he laughs at his own stupid joke and michael’s heartstrings being tugged when jeremy’s eyes light up as he rambles excitedly about play rehearsal and how he thinks he’s getting better at his lines and have them have subtle flirtatious moments and overall complete comfort in one another’s presence before a move is finally made or give me Death

(the squip squad takes bets on how long it takes for them to get together. christine’s the most responsible of them all so you’d think she’d be horrified but it turns out she’s the one who started it in the first place and she rakes in the most cash)

“oh mi god, Spider-Man Homecoming is just Iron Man 4, I’m so-“

Shut up. Tony Stark is the one character who actually fits as a supporting character for a Spider-Man movie. And not because the other big Avenger is now a fugitive. Peter’s motivations have always been about guilt. And no other character in the MCU gets that more than Tony Stark. Peter and Tony work as a great teacher/student and father/son dynamic. It’s been set up in Civil War that Tony cares about Peter and he wants to help Peter in his life of crime fighting. And Peter clearly looks up to Tony and wants to impress him however he can. Tony is literally the only character in the MCU that would work as a supporting character for a Spider-Man movie at this point. It also has the added bonus of emphasizing Peter as a small guy in a big world that he isn’t quite ready for.

Shut. Up.

I Won’t Tell a Soul | Jungkook

Genre: Angst, little bit of smut

Summary: He wants to treat you right, he wants to love you right, and he wants to give you everything.

Word count: 1.6k

A/N: I’ve loved this song for so long and I always wondered what it would be if I fit a member into a fic inspired by the song. So here you go!

Oh darling I know you’re taken, something ‘bout this just don’t feel right.

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Notice me

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A/N: This was requested by jockarchie. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “a request where the reader’s older brother and archie are best friends and archie’s always seen the reader as a little sister but ever since she joined the vixens, he’s been seeing her differently?”

Archie and your older brother Michael were best friends. They spent practically every day together, which in all honesty you weren’t complaining. You’ve always had a crush on Archie even when you were little but Archie always looked at you like a little sister.

It annoyed you that he only thought of you as a little sister especially when you got older and filled out more and your more prominent features filled out more if you know what I mean.

One day, you were at school and you were hanging with your best girlfriends Veronica and Betty.

“Ugh, Archie still looks at me like I’m his little sister,” I groaned to them while Veronica chuckled.

“That’s because of your brother. He’s not going to look at you any differently unless you make him. It’s easy,” I looked at my best friend as if she was nuts.

“How am I supposed to do that? I’ve already changed my look about a hundred times and still nothing,” I said while Betty and Veronica shared a look.

“Well, you haven’t tried our newest look,” I looked between my two best friends with a confused and curious look.

Betty and Veronica smirked at each other but standing up and each taking a hold of my hand.

“Let’s go,”

“Go, where?” I questioned as I stood up.

“You’ll see,” And with that, they whisked me down the hall.

Time Skip:

I walked out of the locker room with a pair of black booty shorts on with one white stripe down the side. A white and yellow baseball shirt and white knee high socks on with two yellow stripes and white sneakers.

“Is this really going to make him notice me?” I questioned with confusion.

“It’s a step in our plan, now just follow our lead,” Veronica said before she headed over to Cheryl Blossom. “Cheryl, you’re going to let (Y/N) into the Riverdale Vixens,” Cheryl glanced over at me before turning back to Veronica.

“Why would I do that? Plus, she must audition like everyone else,” Veronica rolled her eyes at Cheryl before speaking up.

“Because you owe us and fine, she’ll audition,” Veronica turned to me. “Won’t you?” I nodded my head. “Alright, let’s start,” I got in the middle of the gym and was about to start when I heard the gym doors open and close. I glanced back to see Archie, Michael, and Jughead walking into the gym with surprised looks on their faces.

I looked back at Veronica as she just smirked before nodding her head. “You ready?” I nodded my head while Veronica flicked on the music.

I moved my hips to the beat before starting to do my routine. I watched from the corner of my eye, I saw Archie watching me in awe. I finished my routine as Cheryl scowled at me.

“So?” Veronica questioned.

“Fine. She’s in,” Cheryl snapped at her before walking away.

“Yes!” Veronica and I said in unison as we began to jump and down in excitement.

“(Y/N)! You made the cheerleading team?! That’s amazing!” Michael said as he ran over to me and picked me up in a hug and spun me around. Archie and Jughead began to make their way over to us as Veronica leaned into me.

“Play hard to get,” I nodded my head towards her.

“Hey, (Y/N). You were amazing,” I smirked at him before responding.

“Thanks, Arch,” I said simply. Archie shared a look with Jug before going to speak again. “It was nice talking to you Arch but I have to go get fitted for my new uniform! Kisses!” I said before looping my arms with Veronica and Bettys as we headed for the girl’s locker room.

“Omg, (Y/N)! That was perfect!” Veronica said once we reached the locker room.

“Was it? I wasn’t too harsh, was I?” The girls giggled before shaking their heads.

“Of course not but we need to get you ready for tonight’s game, come on!”

Time Skip:

We were currently in the locker room waiting to be called out.

“Are you nervous?” Betty questioned as she came to stand by me.

“A little,” I said while I tried to cover up the nervous sound in my voice.

“Alright, Riverdale Vixens! Let’s move out!” We began to run out onto the field as I noticed Archie by the doors. I smiled at him before moving out.

We did our cheer and the Riverdale Bulldogs ran out onto the field pumped and ready to play. We moved to the bleachers while we watched the boys play the game.

Once the game was finished and the boys won, we went down to the field to congratulate them.

“Michael! You did great! Congratulations!” I yelled while running towards my brother.

“Thanks (Y/N)! Listen, I think someone wants to talk to you,” Michael said as he pointed behind me to reveal Archie.

“Hey,” Archie said while he approached me.

“Hey,” I replied.

“Listen, you were amazing out there,” Archie said clearly nervous.

“You were too,” I replied with the same amount of nervousness. We stood in awkward silence until Archie broke it.

“I was wondering if you like to go out sometime? Maybe to a movie or something?” I smiled before nodding my head.

“I’d like that. And here after all this time, I thought you just thought of me as a little sister or something,” I said with a giggle.

“Well, I did but seeing you in that uniform… It-” Before Archie could finish I heard a stern voice spoke from behind me.

“Watch what you say, Andrews.” It was Michael. Archie gulped while I giggled.

“Come on Andrews. I’ll buy you a soda at Pop’s,” I said walking out over and looping our arms together.  

Harry filming you as you suck him off.

Smiling up to the camera as sink your mouth down Harry’s shaft, looking over to him and seeing the way his lips are between his teeth and his curls are over his fluttering eyes. “Such a pretty cock. Always fills me up so nicely.”

Moaning as you suck his tip, tasting his precum, and licking up his veins to clean him up. You suckle his head, and with his other hand Harry takes a fist full of your hair and pushes you more down on him, making you gag slightly around him.

Working the base of his shaft quickly with your hand as you give gentle kisses to his balls, earning a whimper from his shaky lips.
“Ohh fuck.. yeh look so fuckin’ hot with yeh mouth full of my cock.”

And when he’s looking back the footage, all alone in his hotel room, he can see the way your eyes sparkle when you look up to him, he can hear the way he moans and breathes heavily in the background, and see the way the screen shakes when he cums..

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this is about today's video when JM says jk looks manly or like a "man" today, like, i loved it and all but, isn't a sign that JM doesn't seem him as a man? That he is still a little kid for him? I know he probably meant It more as manly, but It bothered me a little bit when i started seeing the "like a man" translation, and i simply dont think they're the same, you know? Thank you for always answering!

Being born in 1997, technically, JJK is a boy. He may have tons of swag and daddy-mones and killer moves and hottie body and sexy expression and a celebrity status and a flourishing career that makes me ashamed of my sorry ass, but, he is still very young. So no problems if Jimin or anyone else considers him a kid. Also, he’s younger than Jimin – the maknae, the only one JM can pamper rotten due to their age gap (big thing in SK, apparently). And just look at the way he acts around Jimin:


He’s a living meme for his Jiminnie hyung and that’s a-ok ‘cause it lifts Jimin up, makes him laugh and helps us live another day.

Translations usually focus on the literal meanings and not the context or the emotions. (A general suggestion: don’t always take them at face value & practice caution.) Considering JK’s reaction when Jimin called him a man, you should be a thousand percent sure that he liked it and it was indeed meant to be taken as a praise and nothing else. Just look at this face!


Don’t worry, hon, JM considers JK “man” enough to ogle at him like this:


I get why you might be bothered with JM’s comment, but rest assured it has no significant meaning to the whole dynamics of Jikook’s relation. It’s just a compliment, only a moment out of gazillion moments Jikook have showered us with so far, and it is meant to be taken lightly. Smile and be happy for this lovable duo. ^^

You’re welcome, Anon! Thank you for coming here with your questions and trusting my responses. :)

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But like,,, what if Bing and chase eventually developed an emotional attachment? Because they have so much in common and stuff! (Sorry I'm just trash and I am always on the look out for more ships and this is cute as heckie)

aw, that’d be cute! i feel like it would be a little one sided at first, but it could go both ways!

like bing starting to have feelings for chase but knows that chase just came out of a divorce from his wife so he knows that he should wait.

or chase starting to have feelings for bing and knows that he should move on and find someone new, but just being nervous because he doesn’t know if bing feels/can feel the same.

they probably just bro it up until one of them is brave enough to pull a move. 💚

Amsterdam 4.0

Prompted by “Amsterdam by Gregory Alan Isakov”.   You live with Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, and Pete Dunne, nothing can go wrong there right?  Recently tensions have been running high. (Note: To access the other Amsterdam’s you have to click on “Source: bombomiver”) I do not give permission for anyone to repost these onto other sites.

Part One, Part two, Part three 

This chapter involves: Tyler x Reader x Trent

Word Count: 1,488

Warnings: Threesome, club dancing (?), unprotected sex

Tags: @hardcorewwetrash @fandomfreak202 @nickysmum1909 @welshwitch5 @ilovesamizaynn @bbmbabe @laigy2213 @littledeadrottinghood @shadow-of-wonder @iceninekiller-blog-blog @shieldgirl95 @laochbaineann @bettergetusedtoit @vexingfelon @bolieve-that @rollinsdar @wrestlingnoob

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It had been a couple of weeks since you and Pete had hooked up, you had to admit that you were feeling guilty for sleeping with all three of your room mates.  However, they never seemed to bring it up, and you didn’t want to add extra tension, so you never mentioned it.  You started to be careful on who you were sharing a bed with, often you would just sleep in the same bed as one of the guys instead of having sex, you were glad that they never questioned it and respected your choice.

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Thanks so much to @dreadpiratedee for commissioning me to write this fic in my househusband!Steve verse! Get more info on commissioning me here. Enjoy the lovey fluff:)

“When I was little I asked my papa why he always held my daddy’s hand.” Sarah smiles, waving her arm in her parents direction. There Papa is, his hand intertwined with Dad’s. Papa’s hair is gray finally. Daddy went gray completely almost decade and a half ago. Sarah remembers them looking younger, but this is just as good.

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  • Minhyun: Hello, I am Pledis' trainee, Hwang Minhyun.
  • Jihoon: Wow, he's so good-looking.
  • Minhyun: I kept thinking I wish my high ranking would change, but to ultimately receive this ranking, it's... I do feel pressure, and going forward, I will be a trainee who puts in effort to show more of my good sides. Thank you.
  • BoA: Who is the trainee you most strongly want to debut together with?
  • Minhyun: He's a singer, so because he can sing and always works hard, I want to debut together with our individual trainee Jaehwan.

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Can I get a fluffy scenario where Shouto's s.o wakes up early in the morning and see his sleeping face and can't help but find it really cute and wants to take a picture of it. When they're taking the picture shouto wakes up and see his s.o with their handy in front of him and his s.o's face begins to blush. When they see his bed hair they begin to blush even more. How would Shouto react or what would he do. Maybe with a bit cuddle ♡

Todoroki Shouto:

Todoroki wasn’t almost always up before you, which is why you had to take advantage of this opportunity.

Your eyes sparkle as you look at his face, completely relaxed and still deeply asleep. It was nice to see him when he was in a truly peaceful state, where the worries of the world and his father couldn’t bother him. You’re tempted to stroke his face but don’t want to wake him up, at least, not before you can get a picture of this moment. Having such a cute picture of him…

You can’t get the idea out of your head and carefully reach over for your phone, carefully moving yourself to a better angle and snapping the picture. The flash going off surprises you, sending you nearly fumbling off the bed; Todoroki begins to stir, and within minutes, he’s awake, looking at you curiously. The phone had fallen onto the bed, the freshly taken picture of his face staring straight back at him.

“…Is that me?” He looks quite unique, so you’re sure he knows it’s him regardless of his sleepy brain, but you nod innocently, quickly grabbing your phone away.

“I just thought you looked cute, you know. I wanted to preserve the memory.”

He still looks confused but is in a dazed state, not seeming to care otherwise about the picture you’ve taken. He lays back down further rumpling his hair, another look that you would’ve loved to catch with a camera but know he would most likely protest now that he’s awake.

“Good morning, Shouto.” You smile and put your phone back on the bedside table, moving so that you could rest your head on his chest. His arm curves up and strokes your hair lazily, turning to look at you with half-lidded eyes.

“Good morning…”

Sleepy Todoroki was definitely one of the cutest kinds of Todoroki.

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34 Young McGenji

Not sure how young you mean but at least Genji’s in his meat suit

“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

McCree snapped out of his fifth-drink daze and glanced over at his neighbor at the bar. He hadn’t even noticed he sat down, which was a damn shame. The green hair was a noticeable feature but all too quick McCree was stuck on his eyes. Those wings even rivaled the ones Gabe had drawn from time to time.

He wished it wasn’t so damn dark in here all of a sudden.

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First Order family-planning policies encourage fertility. The Order needs children.


The little cafe had a shady patio with a fountain. It looked so refreshing and pleasant that they decided to have lunch there despite the lackluster menu.  As they were shown to their table, Kylo noticed a red-haired boy, around eight years old, sitting at a table on the other side of the fountain.  

Red hair was rare enough (and by him, cherished enough) that it always caught his attention.  As he looked more closely, he was startled to discover that that boy looked quite like Hux.  Some sixth sense alerted the boy to this scrutiny and he turned to see who was looking at him.  His eyes landed on Kylo for a moment before sliding past him to Hux, who was already seated and immersed in something on his datapad.  The boy sat up straighter as his expression shifted from casual curiosity to recognition.  The excited exclamation “Mama, look, it’s him!” was audible over the plash of the fountain.  

Great, more devotees for the Cult of Hux, Kylo thought disgustedly (also fondly); perhaps Hux was paying less attention to his datapad than he let on, because he looked up, as if ready to bask in any adulation that might be on offer.  But Hux’s reaction when his gaze lit upon the little family was not the dignified and condescending preen Kylo had expected - instead, he was treated to the sight of a fascinating mix of pleased surprise and embarrassment on that pale face.  A shallow dip into Hux’s uppermost thoughts: …he must be one of mine!…Ren can’t…

 Kylo gripped the edge of the table tightly with the sudden understanding of what that boy was.  He could not keep the incredulity, or the hurt, out of his voice.  “Hux. Is that boy…your child?”

Hux’s eyes snapped to Kylo’s.  “Ren,” he said, low and teasing, “do you seriously think my cock has ever been up in anything other than an ass?  But you’re not entirely wrong.  I suspect he is my child, technically.”  

He paused, eyes casting upward to access a memory.  “The posters used to be everywhere - The First Order Needs Children, and even some older ones left over from the days of the Empire with the same basic message.  There was a great deal of pressure upon all of us, especially my generation…the expectation was that everyone would do their duty. Everyone.”

Kylo leaned forward.  “But, Hux.  You wouldn’t…couldn’t have…”

“Of course not!  Rank did have its privileges.” Hux said, with satisfaction.  “In lieu of marrying and starting my own family, I  was permitted to give, er, a genetic sample, for the benefit of infertile couples.”

“You were a sperm donor, you mean,” Kylo scoffed.  

“Yes, and are you suggesting there is something shameful in it?”

“No, it’s just.  Well, it’s strange to think that you have a child…children…how many children do you have?”

“Ren.  I don’t have any children.  I haven’t inquired into this for some time, but to my knowledge there are perhaps twenty children who have my genetic material.  That boy must be among the oldest.”

Just then, the server came to take their order and the conversation turned to other topics.


His awareness floats among the crowd of beings all passing, as he is, through the large spaceport.  A familiar thought-signature catches and pulls at him.  So familiar.  

His eyes find the person whose mental architecture this is…blue-green eyes meet his for a second, their exact shade giving him a jolt.  But the woman, in her thirties, has disappointingly brown hair.  They each continue on their way, although he yearns to follow her just to be near her mind for a while.  It has been so long, so long without that solace.

Ben has encountered a handful, maybe a dozen, of these children of Hux’s since the end of the war.  Only two with red-gold hair.  Four with green eyes.  Most with his height and build.  One that he saw on Kuat a few years ago looked even more like Hux than the boy in cafe had, and was an engineer as well.  Some have had Hux’s nose, or cheeks, or voice.  

These few echoes and scattered reflections, spread across the galaxy and only experienced in fleeting moments at random - these are all that is left, because the First Order needed children.


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Headcanons for reaper, genji, and lucio with a male s/o who has really big hips ;3


  • He adores them, his clawed hands grasping them whenever he can. He’s grateful for his mask as he always has his eyes on them but you can always tell.
  • You tease him sometimes, wiggling your hips, and you can hear his fuses short out.
  • He often drags you to somewhere private then so he can show you how much he appreciates your hips.


  • He does his best to not be distracted by them, sometimes directly looking away from you as he grows flustered by the second.
  • He apologies if it hurts you a little, telling you that you’re just too irresistible for him. You smirk at that, suggesting that maybe he wants to take this somewhere a little bit more private.
  • He’s even more flustered at the sight of you, though now it makes you smile as he hides his head in his hand.


  • He’s affectionate regardless, pulling you close whenever he feels like it. Except he slides a hand down, rubbing your hips while he nuzzles his nose into your neck.
  • You sometimes have bruises on your hips, about the size of his fingertips. You radiating happiness when you see Lucio again.
  • Your more affectionate when this happens, the two of you being sickeningly sweet to each other.

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how do you think the boys would react if a friend/teammate came out as gay to them?


His first thought is worry. Though happy to be trusted with this information, but he’s well aware that others won’t take this in the same way that Ushijima will. He’s bad at expressing that he’s there for his friend, but from his paranoia, he’s constantly asking if they’re okay soon after they tell him. Ushijima isn’t someone to baby a friend, but he’ll always be looking out for them.


He’s surprised. Why would you tell him of all people? Not that he’s a bad choice, but that he doesn’t think that he’s someone that people can open up to. Despite this, he’s thankful that his friend trusts him enough to tell him this. He’s very aware of any jokes or comments that can even link in the slightest ways to his friend’s sexuality but somehow he manages to be the person that gets more offended when people talk shit than actual gay people do.


His first reaction would probably be a very tight hug. People just… tend to come out to him first before anyone else, since he’s such a warm-hearted guy. He’s dependable if his friend wants it kept a secret but he’s always looking out for them as well. Maybe he’s seeing if he can set them up with someone but he literally does this for everyone so it’s nothing different.


Want to talk to him about any LGBT matters? Your best bet is to talk to Tendou since he’s just so open to everything and honestly doesn’t care about what anyone else says about those who are different. He’ll always defend them no matter what; keeping a close eye on them and making sure that they’re feeling safe is what he mainly does but he doesn’t do much from there so as not to make them feel uncomfortable.


He’s supportive, to say the least. But he’s overhyping the whole situation with cheering. He’s someone who means well but ends up being the friend that calls the guy up to set them up with someone whenever he finds someone who’s gay as well. It’ll take some time for him to actually just chill out about it but he’s happy that his friend trusts him enough to tell him.


There was honestly no need to tell him. Not that he would have figured it out but that he legitimately doesn’t care. That’s his friend’s business, not something that’s a revolutionary concept or whatnot. He’s totally normal about it and telling him literally won’t make a difference to how he treats his friend.


This was something you needed to tell him? He’s very chill about it and honestly won’t change in any way after you’ve told him. Though, he’s always looking out for his friend, because he’s aware of the massive stigma against it since he knows that others may admonish his friend for it.


“Good for you.” Wait, did that come out harsh? What he really means is that he’s happy that his friend feels safe enough to come out and all that, but it doesn’t mean that he sees it as a big deal. Love is love, as they say and Yamagata is perfectly accepting of it.

"why can't I cry?"

Steven’s feelings for Rose have always been complicated (he says as much in Steven Floats). But most of the complexity is not in how he feels about Rose. That’s been fairly clear. He looked up to her, not as a role model, but as an ideal to aspire to. And then that ideal shattered.

The complexity comes with the dissonance between how Steven actually feels, and how he wants to feel. Or, perhaps more precisely, how he thinks he should feel.

Because Rose Quartz was his mom. Everyone else loved her. He was supposed to love her too, he thought. But he never could.

(It’s hard to love someone you’ve never met, after all)

Steven wanted to love Rose, and trust her, and earn her affection and praise. He wanted to be and do whatever she had planned for him. But he didn’t want those things for himself. He only wanted it because that’s what he felt he was supposed to do, since he was her son, and she was his mother.

Nevermind that he has three wonderful moms and a great dad, whom he loved and who loved him. He needed to love Rose, too, and he couldn’t. That’s why his feelings are complicated, and that’s why he soured so quickly and thoroughly on her memory. If he couldn’t love her, then maybe he was supposed to hate her.

That won’t last either. But his confusion will.

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your art is so nice and fluffy and i love your yamaguchis :D yams is so smol and precious. hes my son and hes the hardest for me to draw so i was wondering if you could share how you draw his hair...? you dont have to but it would be really helpful :|

Thank you so much! 
And when it comes to Yams’ hair, I’ve always drawn it a bit different then his canon look, my version of him has a bit of longer hair with the strands at the end a little more curled

Adding your own twist to canon character designs can make things a bit easier for you, I tend to do that with different characters because I have a lot of trouble drawing them like in the show/manga