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Befriending Jughead Jones Would Include:

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• Your first time properly talking to each other being when you interrupted his writing at Pop’s 

• Despite this irritating him at first, he ends up enjoying your company, even if he wouldn’t admit it

• After that you guys would talk more often in and out of school, and eventually become inseparable

• On rare occasions, going to the drive in with Jughead

• When you guys do go to the drive in, Jughead seems happier than ever, always having his half-smirk and looking more relaxed

• Being the only person Jughead trusts after his fallout with Archie

• Constant pouting at each other, often ending in uncontrollable giggles from you, and stifled laughter from him

• Him letting you give him nicknames like ‘Juggie’ and ‘Velma’, even secretly enjoying it

• Him showing you his writing and on occasion letting you // asking you to help

• Trying to protect him from the jocks that pick on him despite him trying to convince you that it doesn’t bother him, even though it does at times

• Him constantly worrying about you being hurt when you weren’t together or when you didn’t text him back

• Your first fight happening when you ask to come to his house, when he began to get defensive and shout about how it was none of your business

• Both of you feeling extremely guilty and apologizing to each other profusely

• Promising yourself to never bring up Jughead’s home life to him again, unless he brings it up first and agreeing to talk about it

• Being there for Jughead when he found out that the drive in was going to be destroyed

• Helping him and Betty to try and find out who Jason Blossom’s murderer is

• Being the one who has to make sure Jughead gets enough sleep because he forgets that he has limits, often getting zoned into his research and writing

• Despite him not wanting to go to sleep, he would anyways ( most of the time ) because he didn’t want to worry you

• Him coming to your house on the verge of tears the night the drive in was destroyed

• “I have nowhere to go…” 

• Hugging him while he cried after explaining that he actually lived in the drive in

• “You’re staying here, I’m not gonna let you live alone on the streets..”

What Seungcheol Would Be Like Masturbating
  • seungcheol is totally a PRO at pleasuring himself
  • (and others lbr)
  • can come in under a minute if he needs to he’s that good
  • rough and fast and dirty
  • leaves his sheets filthy
  • touches his chest to tease himself and get himself all worked up
  • so much lip biting his lips are r a w
  • doesn’t always bother taking all his clothes off, just pulls his jeans to his knees and his shirt up his chest
  • gotta be able to see those abs u kno
  • the hand that isn’t tugging on his dick is always wandering
  • sometimes in the sheets, sometimes rubbing his chest or his neck
  • sometimes touching his balls, sometimes trying to hold down his own hips
  • totally owns a fleshlight
  • power hips: initiated
  • fucking up into it hard and wet and rough
  • uses so much lube so that it’s all noisy and slick
  • little grunting gasps and groans
  • head tilted forward watching himself bc he looks daMN GOOD
  • hips bucking up and stuttering into his fist/the fleshlight
  • groans get louder as he gets closer
  • when he comes he throws his head back and lets out this broken groan as he comes all over his hand
  • doesn’t come as much as seok does but still comes a lot
  • gets lots of lil aftershocks of pleasure that send his hips bucking again
  • basically i wanna die so i can be a ghost and haunt seungcheols dick
DAY 3251

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Feb 21,  2017                  Tue 11:50 pm

बाबूजी ने सिखाया किसी भी समारोह में जाओ तो last row में बैठना . …
क्योंकि वहां से उठाये गए, तो आगे की seat पे ही जाओगे ~

My Father always taught me that whenever you got to a function or an event, sit on the last row .. because if you are asked to be moved from there, you shall only go forward - a forward seat ..

This always happens on such occasions - you occupy a seat in the front row, at a function and then the organisers come and shift you back because someone more important than you has arrived and he or she needs to be seated ahead of you .. or there are occasions when, to accommodate the VIP, an extra row of chairs is put in front of where you are sitting .. so you start of being in the front row and end up being in the 2nd or 3rd row .. looked upon by some as a bit insulting, or being demeaned of your position or status  .. yes .. some guests and invitees, consider it to be of lesser importance to the host, if NOT placed or seated in the front row ..

The front row is that ego boosting self aggrandised totally unnecessary belief that being in the front row is like the General of the Armed Forces - in command … and one that is seated in pride of place .. protocol .. or whatever it be called .. formalities of the day or the event .. !!

And never overlook the folded hand ‘namaskaar’ .. servile, obedient, respectful and not too difficult to execute … the Western greeting of the hand shake, is more physical .. holding a hard hand shows strength of character, a message sent quite unobtrusively of one’s own power .. unbending and strong .. the soft hand shake defines weakness and uncertainty .. without any character of strength .. 

OR so they say .. ‘they’ say so much ..

Back from the sands and the sea and the palms, with not a moment spent in their proximity. A distant gaze, a few balcony moments as the setting sun disappears over the Arabian Sea, and back to the air cooled environ of the inner walls of the room ..

The devouring of the sharp green chillies has become almost a norm with the meals these days … and I remember those moments spent with Homeopathic Doctors, when some of the more frequent questions they put to you before administering those sweet balls of sugar, was : ‘do you like eating chilli spiced food , or without the spice and the chilli ..’

Apparently it is a form, a technical medical form in Homeopathy, to decipher the nature of the treatment to be meeted out to you ..

Many have sworn by this medical wonder .. many have carried no belief, and the allopathic doctors have sniggered and dismissed its very existence ..

OKAAY … !!! so did a bit of bravado/ antics and suffered .. hehe aha ..

Nothing to be of any alarm, but just one of those days ..

I have been used to opening bottle tops with my teeth, when they have refused to open with the hands .. and today quite surprisingly when I tried it .. a chip of the tooth broke off ..

Its all repaired and done to normal again .. but .. yaaa .. it happened ..

The Dentist and his entire staff, had laughed throughout my short stay on the chair .. sorry .. THE CHAIR .. !!! 

The body tells you when you are going wrong …

But damn it never told me all these 75 years .. !! 

Good night and love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Moana’s been chieftan for ten long summers before she starts to notice that she has no wrinkles. That her body never sags. That her body refuses to give her a child. She takes a wife and they raise a daughter to keep away the questions. The times are plentiful and the people are happy, they never ask why their chieftan spends her days out on the water, skirting the island, riding waves till long after the sun has set.

After thirty good summers Moana’s daughter places her stone on the mountain top and lifts the island higher. She’s never been more proud but her feet itch all day to have the water under her. She looks as ahe has always looked, the mother of her daughter has grey hair. She flees in the night, out onto the ocean, having waited far too long. She seeks answers from the only man she knows who might have them.

Maui hasn’t changed, apart from a few new tattoos. He’s living on the rock she found him on, a happy man, his hook by the shoreline for all to see. His face lights up when he sees her sails, but falls when he sees her. He never wanted this, she knows. He’s sorry, she knows.

Legend has taken her, he explains, and legend doesn’t like letting go. She’s a demigod now, of the wind and the water, and her feet will never be happy on dry land. They eat dinner ankle deep in the tide. That, at least, is bearable


he sits on the couch, my couch
tea in hand, iced, the atmosphere
clings, a mirage running down

she sits in his lap
and this makes him grin,
I’ve never seen that look, delicate
like roasted marshmallows edges
slipping off plopping to the ground
if not devoured right now

his lap, always flip-up seats, stored
brought for parties, filled with tequila
smiles squeezed from limes, tipsy things
back-throat sloshing, vertigo words

this lap is sober, drinking mint
well-worn tennis shoes, and socks
legs like wooly caterpillars,
when did he start wearing bike shorts?

his laugh tinkles off the glass
and hits my girl in the eye.
-bent with epileptic giggles,
-barely able to hold air,
I’m not jealous, but
I don’t know
where I fit in this moment
any more than I knew back then


Say You Love Me // a.i.

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Summary: She feels like they’re on two completely different planets and after a while, she gets tired of Ashton shrugging off any concerns she has about their relationship. They love each other, but the message gets lost in the days. 

Boy: Ashton Irwin

Warnings: swearing, fighting??

A/N: this is an angsty one my friends. please let me know what you think!! I’m getting back into writing with the help of my friend Jenn who motivates me. PLEASE SEND REQUESTS Its always more fun when people ask for them!! I’ll gladly write anything (although i havent written smut yet) and I enjoy it! 

Tears traced translucent black lines down her face. Her eyes were red-rimmed and bright, staring directly into his own while they stood. She was speaking low and firm; her words were deliberate. Ashton wanted to look away from her but he couldn’t. Her gaze commanded him to look at her. He desperately wished he wasn’t in this situation and started to reflect on how he even got there in the first place.

It was a few weeks prior, a Monday night, and they had just finished dinner when she stepped away to take a call.

“You’re engaged? That’s so exciting.” He could hear her voice from the kitchen. Despite her words, she didn’t sound very excited at all. In fact, she sounded tired.

“I really am happy for you Jen. That’s so great. He’s a great guy.” Her words were hollow sounding and when he glanced her way he could see her expression was tired and a little despondent.

“Yeah I’ll talk to you soon. Congrats again!” She called once more into the phone before hanging up and sighing.

She collapsed next to him on the couch and leaned her head on her shoulder. “What’s up darling?” He asked.

“I’m just,” she paused, “I guess I’m just feeling a little troubled.” She chose her words carefully.

“About what?” He prodded with caution.

He turned to face her as she sat up. She turned her body so she could look at him directly. “I guess—“ Her face was scrunched up as she decided how to phrase what she was about to say. “Where—uh, where do you see us going?”

He started to grow nervous. “What do you mean?”

She started picking at her nails, suddenly feeling shy under his gaze. “I mean, where do you think we’ll be in the next six months or year?”

He thought for a moment before shrugging. “I’m not sure. I mean I haven’t really thought about it.”

Her face fell and she nodded, turned away from him and returned to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

In hindsight, he realized how bad that answer was.  

He could hear her bounding around in their shared bedroom. She was crying just loud enough for him to hear as she tossed anything she thought she’d need into some bag. He couldn’t believe how stupid he’d been. How had he been so absent minded?

She approached him about a week ago. Ashton was typing away on his laptop while she sat down next to him.

“Hey baby.” She greeted with a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey love. How’s it going?” He answered, setting aside his computer to give her his attention.

“I’m good. I just wanted to see my lovely boyfriend.” She beamed at him.

He chuckled. “What do you want?”

She bit her lip before grinning. “A dog?”

He shook his head before answering. “Very funny.”

“No really. What would you think about adopting a dog together?” She was giddy with excitement.

He sighed slightly. “I don’t know, love, they’re kind of a big responsibility.”

Her smile dropped a little bit it returned as soon as it left. “I know but I think we could do it. We’re responsible adults and we can make it work.”

He shook his head again. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea. Dogs are kind of a big step. I mean, I don’t think we’re ready.”

She felt her stomach plummet. “Really?”

“Yeah, it’s just people adopt dogs when they’re ready to settle down and stuff and I just don’t think that’s where we’re at.”

“You don’t?” She mumbled.

“You do?”

“We’ve been dating for nearly a year. Excuse me for thinking that we might be ready to settle down.” She shook her head while standing up, exiting the room without another word.

She was walking away. Her figure was moving towards the door of their apartment with a large bag throw over her shoulder that was overflowing with necessities. Ashton was panicking now. He didn’t want her to leave, but he wasn’t doing anything to stop it. Inside he was screaming. ‘Say something!’ He thought. ‘Do something!’ Soon she would be gone and if he didn’t stop her, he knew he’d lose her forever.

Things had been tense since last week. He was reading a book in their bedroom when she wandered in and leaned on the doorframe. He set down the novel when she cleared her throat. There was a long silence where they just stared at each other.

“Are we just wasting time?” She finally asked.

She’d caught him off guard. “What?” He responded a little confused.

“This. Us. Our relationship. Is it actually going somewhere or are we just filling the time? Because I really love you and I like the idea of marrying you someday but if this is just temporary for you then tell me, Ash.”

He was so shocked by her candidness that he couldn’t even think. “I, uh, I mean I just, uh—“

“Do you love me?” She cut him off.

“Why would you ask me that?” He answered immediately.

“Answer the question Ashton. Do you love me?” She repeated.

“Yeah,” He responded.

“Say it.”


“Say it. Out loud. Say you love me.”

He approached with open arms. “You know I do.”

She pushed him away. “No, I want to hear you say that you love me.”


“Because,” her voice was louder now, “I can hardly tell anymore! You don’t think about our future, you don’t want to settle down, I can’t even remember the last time you actually told me.” By the end, her voice was shaking.

“Where is all of this coming from?” He was raising his voice now.

“I don’t want to waste my time with someone who doesn’t love me back. I don’t want to keep falling in love with someone who doesn’t want to put effort into their relationship.” She was crying now. Her tears were big and heavy. Her voice started to turn hoarse and she was soaking her sleeves with the excess water dripping from her chin and cheeks.

“But even though you just keep showing that you really don’t want this, I can’t help but think that maybe you do. I want to feel burning flames and passion flow into my bones when you say my name. I want a life with you. Just tell me you love me and you actually want this and I will wait until forever for you.”

He didn’t move. He didn’t speak. He didn’t do anything. He just stood there and watched her fall apart in front of him. He wanted all of that too. He really did. He didn’t have an excuse for not answering. He knew exactly what to say to make this better. But for whatever reason, he couldn’t speak.

“Do you have anything to say?”

His thoughts screamed at him. ‘Yes! Yes!’ they shouted.

She sighed, defeated and marched past him to their bedroom.

Now they’re here. This could very well be the last time he sees her if he doesn’t act now. She gripped the doorknob in her hand. She turned around, about to say one last thing to him but he spoke up first.

“I love you.”

The room was dead silent for a moment.

“I love you so much.” He starts again. “I love the way you dance in the kitchen to really bad music and I love how motivated you are and I love how you love me.” He took a few large strides towards her and grasped her hand.

“I want to get married and I want to get a dog and have a couple kids and buy a house and give you all of the things you deserve but I can’t because you deserve the world. I honestly can’t believe you even put up with me for so long. You are far too good for me and if you walk out that door right now I will understand but I plan to love you until the end of time because you are so perfect that I could never find anyone quite like you ever again.” He was in tears now.

She was crying too. The bag dropped to the ground and she threw her arms around his neck in a tight hug. He nestled his face into her neck, smelling her hair and relishing in the feeling of her arms. He was home with her. He was home when she was around. Wherever she was, he wanted to be.

She pulled away just enough to look at him. “I love you too.”

Ashton smiled and kissed her gently.

When they pulled away, she looked at him again with a grin. “Can we get a dog now?”

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Viktor and Yurio's reactions to Yuuri having a twin(twin au)

((You didn’t state what ‘kind’ of twin, so I’m going with twin sister who looks similar to him and I’m calling her Yuuki (courage!)))

-When they first see her, they’re like ‘wtf did Yuuri turn into a girl’

-But when she says ‘nah, I’m just his twin sis’

-It’s even more of a ‘wHOAH’

-They definitely both adore her

-And Yuri always goes to her for advice

-Since she’s like a big sis he never had

-Meanwhile, Viktor is slowly starting to fall for her

-When he realises it, he’s like ‘oh shit’

-Not exactly what he had planned when he came to Japan, but it’s not bad either

-Like her brother, Yuuki wears glasses and has bangs

-And it’s the most adorable thing ever

-But when she accompanies Yuuri to the banquet, she takes them off

-And pushes her bangs back

-And hot damn does she look good

-All the men there are smitten

-And she gets drunk

-Thankfully, she’s not as bad as her bro when she’s drunk

-She just becomes slightly more daring

-And Viktor’s her next victim!

-Poor Vitya

Friendship Is Constant

Written for @whispersandwhiskerburn Much Ado About SPN Challenge for her 1.5K Milestone. Angel, I am so sorry, I am not a big Shakespeare fan, so I hope you like this!

Word Count: 1042

Warnings: Language, talk of Hell, death, nothing graphic, not too much really

A/N: Not beta’d so any and all mistakes are mine and mine alone.  This is set in S12 before 12x12

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Sure, Dean had friends when he was a child, but Dean hasn’t been a child since November 2, 1983. Dean hasn’t been a child since the night his mother died and his father lead them haphazardly through a life on the road. Sam is, and always will be his best friend.

Yes, they had “hunter friends” but they weren’t really friends, they were allies at best. With the exception of Bobby, who was more of a dad to them than John ever was, they had Ellen, Jo, Charlie and Kevin, but look how that all turned out. They all died bloody, at the hands of evil.

It wasn’t until Castiel came along and even then, it took some time for the brothers to really be able to trust him. After all the business with the souls and the Leviathans, Dean spent a year in Purgatory with Cas, mostly looking for him, praying for him. It wasn’t until later; after Dean had returned with Benny’s soul, reunited with Sam that Cas returned to them. Still, it would take more time for the brothers to allow Cas back into their fold.

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it seems like jungkook frequently refers to jimin as jiminie or jiminie hyung though, right? and jimin used the 'ie' with all the members in his thanks to post (post/157287401327). do you think that's just because they speak more informally when they're close? sorry if this question is annoying! I love your language posts about the languages you've learned or rules you see people mistake a lot, but just was curious about that part!

jungkook always, like ALWAYS use hyung when referring to someone older than him, even with bts (i’m really frustrated when ppl look at the way kook speaks and say he disrespects his olders, don’t talk like that about my son :/). adding “ie” to a name and then following by a “hyung” is kind of a habit for koreans to make it sound more natural (only apply when the name ends with a consonant, names ending with vowels = straight up add “hyung”). eg, jiminie-hyung, hobeomie-hyung ✔/ yoongi-hyung, yoonjae-hyung ✔

side note: bts definitely speak with a lower formality level than how you see them on shows. it depends on each one’s personality thoough, like for jimin, i’d say the way he speaks in ‘bts live: eat jin + chimchim + kook’ and in ‘bts gayo - track 11’ are the closest to his way of talking to bts in real life. actually, you can see part of it for all of them in ‘bon voyage’, it’s the most recent one i can think of. there’re some shows where they’ll be so comfortable that they sometimes forget to use the formality tone for the show and slip in the way they talk to e/o in real life.

Anon asked: Can I request a bts reaction to their s/o never talking about their feelings and insecurities and whenever it’s brought up always makes jokes about it?

a/n: first ask here! i already feel accomplished. this is probably gonna be shit tho when i look back on it.

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does this make sense | drabble 06

• pairing: min yoongi x reader
• original series/chapter: dtms 05
warnings: smut, angst
• words: 2,143
→ request: Yoongi’s pov for the smut scene in the car.

He probably shouldn’t have come tonight, just cancelled and have time to cool off on his own, but once again his mind was fighting with itself, like it always did. He needed to think, but he didn’t like that, so the only thing left was to see you. If he saw you he could just push what had just happened from his head and just concentrate on you, but sometimes it didn’t work like that, sometimes it made things worse.

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humanized brambleclaw x reader

Bryan Lyons x Reader 
I was waiting at the school, waiting for waiting for my mom to pick me up who was making me waiting. She told me she was going to be more than three hours late. God what a bitch. I thoughtfully thought meaningly. Gray clouds approached the sky like a boat caressing the sea. Before I knew it; it had started to rain. The water made me wet. This was the worst day of my life probably.

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1 and 50 please for Happy and Toby..☺☺☺

Here is #1, and I’ve already done #50 HERE. Also this is total mindless fluff, and it came out a little longer than just a drabble #oops. Thanks for the prompt :)

“You look pretty.” He said, instead of hello.

“You can’t see me, idiot.” She paused the TV, knowing this conversation was going to be much more entertaining.

“Oh yeah. I forgot. But I don’t have to see you to know that you look pretty. You always look pretty.”

“Are you drunk?” Happy knew the answer to that question. She knew as soon as he called that he was drunk, she should have just asked how drunk.

“Maybe a little.” His words were slurred and she heard him burp.

“Where are you?” She jumped when she heard a clattering sound.

“What was that?” She asked as soon as she heard Toby again.

“I dropped my phone.” He burped again and started muttering what may or may not be a song, she couldn’t tell. 

“Where are you?” The muttering got louder and started to sound more like actual singing.

“I’m on my way home.”

Happy sat straight up in bed as she heard squealing tires.

“Toby, you better not be driving.”

“I’m in an Uber and Jim is driving very carefully. Jim is a lovely driver. Jim is getting all five stars. Say hi, Jim.” Happy heard rustling as he moved the phone, then silence.

“Jim is the silent type.”

“How far are you from home? If I have to carry you up the stairs I’m going to be pissed.” Toby laughed so loud that she jumped and her phone spilled out of her hands, then she heard a car door shut.

“You’re pissed a lot. Why are you so angry? If you’re name is Happy shouldn’t you be happy? I wish you were happy, Happy.”

“I’ll be happy if I don’t have to carry you up the stairs.”

“Well prepare to be happy, Hap. I’m already two steps away from the door.”

She heard the front door open, and tried not to laugh as Toby stumbled his way toward their bedroom.

He flopped down on the bed, throwing himself over her legs.

Eventually, he curled up and turned to face her.

“You smell good.” He poked her nose and looked at her like he’d never seen her before.

“You don’t. What the hell did you drink?”

“I don’t even know. So many shots, so little time.”

“I thought I told Cabe to keep you guys out of trouble?” Toby rolled his eyes.

“It was Cabe’s idea. After Ralph went to bed we got crazy. We turned chess into a drinking game. Take a shot every time Sly makes a bird noise, take a shot every time Walter says something insulting that doesn’t make sense, drain your glass every time someone throws something. You get the point.”

She didn’t even want to know how many things got thrown and how much of a mess the garage could be.

“I guess there have been wilder bachelor parties.” She felt Toby nod his head against her shoulder.

“What did you and Paige do?” His voice had gotten much quieter, and she knew he would be out like a light in a minute.

“We watched movies like normal people.” She neglected to tell them that they might have also had a drink or two. 

Happy pushed him off of her and reached across to the nightstand where she’d already set out Tylenol and a bottle of water for him.

“There have definitely been wilder bachelorette parties.” She rolled her eyes as he rolled over and spread out his arms like a starfish.

“Drink.” She handed him the water.

“Nope. I drank too much already.”

“I’m glad you realize that, but if you don’t drink this now you’re going to be too hungover to get married tomorrow.” 

Toby propped himself up on his elbows.

“Oh yeah, we’re getting married tomorrow.”

She laughed.

“We’re supposed to sleep separately tonight. If we don’t it’s bad luck.”

He was silent as he took the medicine and downed the water bottle.

“Luck is a social construct.” He was playing with her hand and mumbling about how shiny her engagement ring is.

“Now is probably not the time for this conversation.”

He turned on his side to look at her, suddenly dead serious.

“I need my beauty sleep, Hap. I have to look pretty in our wedding pictures.”

In the next second, he was asleep.

Happy gently took his hat off of his head and settled in beside him.

“Goodnight, Doc.”

He lazily kissed her hair. 

“Goodnight, princess.” 

The group setting you up with Father Gabriel would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Awwww the whole group XD and Gabe :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original) 

 -The group, one evening gossiping about who would go well with who, only to end up talking about how cute it would be for you and Gabriel to be together, especially since you are always so friendly to each other and completely looking over the fact that he is a priest

-Rick tasking you to go help Father Gabriel with whatever he needs to be done at the church all while being sure you are both alone, making you spend entire days just with him

-Rosita always walking by just to push you closer to him by “accident” whenever you and him walk together, making him catch you and her to act like she didn’t notice

-Michonne asking you to be on night guard duty and you accepting, only to find Gabriel on guard as well and having no choice but to help him out

-All of them purposely making you sit next to Gabriel in the car whenever you are all out on a run, and even going as far as driving in a way that makes you pushed up against him or just plain up you having to sit in his lap

-Tara taking the opportunity to tell Gabriel to take her place to go on runs with you, lying about herself being sick, since she’s usually your partner on runs

-Maggie having you work in the pantry all alone for the day despite it being a buttload of work but making sure that Gabriel will walk by and see you to offer help

-Daryl being rather blunt and just making comments about the way you would both look at each other as if you love one another and that you should just be together whenever he sees you both alone

-Carl asking for your help when he has to show Gabriel how to fight, only to make it end up into a rather private lesson between you two as he never shows up, saying he “forgot”

-Carol asking you to watch after Judith for the day, only for Rick to do the same to Gabriel and the two of you ending up doing so together, thinking it’s a rather funny mix up from the both of them

-The two of you still being oblivious to all of it, until all of you are in church together and Rick reports about all of your coincidences, making you both realize their plans and laugh about it before looking at each other with a smile

How Kino would look at you

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Before you’re together:

  • at first you wouldn’t really notice that he looks at you differently
  • but as you spend more time with him
  • you’d notice that whenever he sees you
  • his smile gets a little bigger
  • his eyes sparkle a little more
  • he laughs louder
  • and all his friends start looking at him like he’s grown a third head
  • but he doesn’t care
  • because you’re there and that’s what matter

After you’re together:

  • he stills looks at you like before
  • but now he doesn’t have to hide anything
  • and you can always tell what he’s thinking from his gaze
  • he looks at you with awe in the morning
  • like he can’t believe you’re there next to him
  • in the afternoon sun his eyes shine with adoration
  • pools of golden brown you could get lost in if you’re not careful enough
  • and when darkness falls
  • the glint in his eyes tells you
  • if it’s going to be a slow or fast night
  • but at all times
  • it’s clear how much he feels for you

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not to get political or anything, but taeil looks so?? good?? in shirts that actually fit him??? also his tattoos show more that way which is Good

no ur totally right!!! he looks cute in large sweaters but when his shirts fit him he looks so good and im always down to see his tattoss, they’re beautiful

Better Man - Seth Rollins

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AN- Alright my loves! New series! Yayyy! Hope you enjoy it!!

Triggers- Y/n current boyfriend is abusive. Dark subject I know and if anyone needs to talk im always free for a chat.. I love ya all.

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I couldn’t get this idea out of my head of what if the “us” Alec meant when he asked Maryse to stay was him and Magnus and how it might have gone down if she actually did stay so the following drabble was written…

“Come stay with us.  You and Max don’t have to go back to Idris, or dad,” Alec offered when he saw the hurt look in his mother’s eyes.  He might not be on the best terms with her, he might not even like her most of the time, but she’s still his mother and he loves her and Alec will always care for and protect those he loves.

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