and he's a perfect man

He snuck out of bed glancing at the clock, 11:45 pm. Perfect. He walked lightly to ensure the man beside him stayed sleeping soundly, stopping to make sure he could hear the rise and fall of his sleepy breathing as he slipped through the door. 11:58 he climbed the creaky stairs and slid through the door carefully perching himself on the edge of the bed facing his love. He held his breath and as the clock changed to read 12:00 am he breathed out the word “Incendio” and the candle came to life with a small dancing flame. In his husky still sleepy voice he began to sing. “Happy Birthday to you” He ran his free hand through Sirius’ hair. “Happy birthday to you” The corner of Sirius’ mouth turned up. “Happy birthday my padfoot, happy birthday to you” Sirius propped himself on one elbow and took a moment to take in the magnificent man beside him, his fit only dimly lit by candlelight. He closed his eyes, wished that they would forever be together and blew out his candle. He sat up took the small cake from Remus and kissed him lovingly. Pulling himself into Rem’s lap. He laid his head onto the boys chest and Remus kissed the top of his head. “21, ya old man, and getting soft too” he smiled into Sirius’ hair. “Cuddles and cakes are totally punk” Sirius whispered pushing his head into Remus’ chest and closing his eyes. – HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY GRAY!!!!!!!

Brother, Mine (VI)

Perfect. Was it possible? Mycroft stared into Greg’s eyes, breaking apart inside.

If he’d been asked a month ago what he wanted, above everything, he’d have said peace and quiet. It was the most he could ever have asked for. It was the most he thought he could deserve - to be left alone, peacefully, safe in his solitude.

His fingertips trembled slightly on Greg’s jaw, cupping the other man’s face. He was gorgeous. He was perfection, he was everything, and he was looking at Mycroft like nobody else existed in the world.

Mycroft swallowed, hard; the muscles in his throat worked.

In the moment he started to believe it - to believe it was true, and this was happy ever after - he felt a strange shudder somewhere from his pocket.

He stiffened a little.

As he realised it was his mobile phone, his expression creased.

“Hell,” he whispered. “That’s - … damn it all, if this is work…” He fumbled inside his jacket, trying to find the phone. “Let the damn country burn,” he breathed, located the phone at last, and pulled it out.

An unfamiliar number.

He glanced at Greg, uneasy.

My fav HCs for Voltron Characters When They’re Not Being Shipped

Lance “The Wingman” McClain.

Keith “Aggressively Asexual” Kogane

Takashi “I’m So Tired Can You Not” Shirogane

Pidge “Aromantically Not Involved in Your Drama” Gunderson

Hunk “Literally Too Busy Giving Out Romance Advice Because He’d Be the Perfect Man” ???

i love my purple-haired star


  • Make sure to keep him outta the spotlight
  • He’s not a big social media person, so when he hears that his s/o is popular online, he sort of shrugs it off.
  • I mean, he’s proud of them, but he doesn’t really know what to say.
  • While he doesn’t want to appear in anything they post, he’s a willing behind-the-scenes guy. Need a camera man? Done. Need someone to hold a lamp to get that perfect lighting? Shinsou’s your man.
  • He’ll probably (secretly) start running a fanpage for them. Even as much as he dislikes social media, he gets popular very quickly, mostly for knowing fun facts about his s/o that nobody else knows.
  • Someone comments, jokingly, that he might as well be dating them.
  • Oh, if only they knew…
  • His s/o finds out about the fanpage and thinks it’s the cutest thing ever

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Okay so I love everything about Kendra she is perfect for this family and such a sweet soul. I love that she admitted to having an actual physical feature for her future spouse on her list! And I love when Joe saw her walking down the isle, he is so sweet to her and don't get me started on Mr. Caldwell he is such a sweet man, his speech to joe was perfect. This whole wedding and couple was perfect. A+

Aww that’s awesome :) I can’t wait to watch it :)


The Eleventh Hour so far has my favorite storytelling from Griffin! So here’s a pseudo-movie poster ehuehueue

Had to do another illustration for our Fantasy Illust class and our prof gave me the go signal to draw TAZ again as long as I found good face refs for them. B^) I based Magnus, Taako and Merle on John Spainhour, Paul Boche, and Brian Cox respectively! 

Okay but can we talk about all the different styles of music Ed used in this album? We got the rapping, the ballads, the fast paced fun pop songs, the soulful voice combined with deep beats,THE IRISH FOLK/POP, Spanish and Ghanan musical styles and actual words from the languages I mean what a JOURNEY.


He has a 99.99% chance of stealing yo girl