and he's a knight too oh be still my heart!

OC Screenshot meme

I was tagged by @semper-draca. Now, I did this like two weeks ago but hey, I’m always looking for an excuse to post more pics of my babes. Plus, I found a separate folder of shots I took from video captures. And it’s mostly Quinn spam! 

If you want to do this and haven’t been tagged and feel weird, just tag me back (put it in the #tags below too so I see it) and all is good.

I was FINALLY able to resume video recording and am recording the entire Quinn Experience™ on a Xhareen clone on Darth Malgus. Naturally, after meeting our efficient lieutenant liaison on Balmorra, Xhareen must check out his assets. 

Oh Malavai, you poor boy. She will leave an indelible impression on your everything.

From Iokath reunion. Not my official headcanon, but it was too fun not to record. This is also my wallpaper on my phone. I love that “almost relieved, still in disbelief” look on his face that you still love him. Again, not my headcanon but ffs he is so cute about it I can’t resist.

WTF with that grimace, pal, but the line “six years, eight months, twelve days” always tears at my heart. Even in my Knights of the Required Alternate Universe, they were apart about six years and Xhareen feels horrible that he had to go through that. They will live together for another 70 years and she will never get over it. 

Just his pretty face, talking to Acina on another toon that went for the Republic.

She sees him for the first time in six years, eight months and twelve days and isn’t already jumping on him and pushing him to the floor? Whatever, it’s a nice portrait of Xhareen anyway. 

Not Quinn … my Quinn!clone agent Retton Collyns. I screencapped a lot of him going through KOTFE in hopes of perfecting my mole-producing skills in MS Paint. He’s still in the later chapters of KOTFE, but he’s going to eventually side with the Empire so I can dual Quinn. 

Speaking of Quinn!clones, this is Nahquinn. Yeah, I amuse myself, too. Sith Juggernaut. Not a video cap, just admiring him in the Copero Chiss outfit, now required of all Quinn clones and companions. 

Anonymous said: A buffer, bulkier Mutsu?

do nOT let him, he’s already too boisterous and full of himself as it is! …… jk there can never be too much of that, LET MUTSU BULK. He’ll be rivaling Tonbokiri soon–

Anonymous said: An charming assassin with a heart of gold, who knows how to push his warden’s buttons

oh you mean my jam I’ll ride to hell with mhmyes//

Anonymous said: Knights having difficulties putting on their armour due to their bellies

LISTEN listen.. the only thing better than this is knights having trouble fitting in their armor, while growing those bellies. Nothing puts their resilience to the test like a suffering knight’s own gut

Anonymous said: A basketball player after a large meal, getting his belly compared to a basketball

HAHAH jeezz this is always great for like KnB with so many guys, with varying reactions depending on who it is. Or y'know if basketball is too SMALL a comparison//