and he's a great player

In the middle of battle:
  • Bard: I use Prestidigitation on a leaf and I eat it.
  • DM: uuhhhh.... what?
  • Bard: I'm concentrating on this Faerie Fire but I want to do something so I'm gonna eat a leaf.
  • DM: um. Okay. Roll for it.
  • *rolls a 3*
  • DM: it tastes like shit.
  • Bard: I eat it anyways.

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I love how everybody just listens to Michaels entrance and goes "gay and wonderful" and by two player game everybody loves him and would protect him

michael: *breathes*


things we found out about evak in todays clip:

  • they wear matching outfits,,,,,,,,who even-
  • even drew a drawing of his and isaks face “morphed together” and put it up on their wall,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,gross(which is originally drawn by pernille eleonora dieckmann!!!)
  • some other things that one can find on their wall: the “alt er love” quote, memes, drawings that were probably drawn while even was high and/or drunk, nas quotes, one of the pieces of papers that even gave to isak before they got together for real, a picture of a hamburger with a piercing(?????), the iconic pictures of a woman wearing a chador etcetc
  • there are clothes(and hats) everywhere meaning they’re both really messy(or they just felt like throwing their clothes off the second isak got home, whatever works)
  • they still have the duvets that isak would not change in season three, and i’m guessing he didn’t get better at changing them so
  • their wifi name is “yellow curtains”???? who even are they????
  • even does everything for isak bc isak is his baby, which has resulted in isak not knowing how to make tea(so when his friend asks for tea, he solves this with putting a tea bag in warm tap water,,,like,,,,)
  • they have a balcony, where they sit at night and have deep conversations and passionate make out sessions don’t even argue with me on this one
  • they have a big tv right by their bed, so even probably stays up a bit too late at night watching “friday” or some documentary about penguins or something weird while he holds isak close and slowly strokes his head
  • their curtains, drawers and chairs all match i-
  • they opened the door together like an old married couple and i dont even know what to say about that
  • they have fifa and there is not a single trace of doubt in my body that they’ve spent long hours playing that game, but since even somehow is a lot better than isak, isak always ends up getting mad and telling even how he wants to go to bed early(although this all changes when even cuddles him and tells him what a great fifa player he is)
  • even finally got himself a watch which he actually uses!!!!!
  • they’ve been together for a good few months but isak still gets all blushy as soon as even calls him 
  • they have “the chair” and i have never related to skam more in my life
  • they sure have a lot of shoes for only being two people 
  • even is so tall and i cannot cope like did you see his neck when he kissed isak wow im-
  • isak loves and trust even enough to be okay with the fact that there are some major things about even that he does not know and i think that’s is beautiful

✌🏼 sup. This is Morgan Rielly. He is a 6’ 1” 22-year old Canadian defenseman who wears #44 for the Toronto Maple Leafs. His most common nickname is Mo. He was drafted 5th overall in 2012 and his first year in the NHL was in the 2013-’14 season. He has represented Canada in 6 international competitions including IIHF World Junior Championship in 2013 (4th) and IIHF World Championship in 2014 and 2016 (5th & gold). He represented Canada as a part of Team North America during the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

Mo is kind of a big deal. He’s lowkey good because he’s not flashy but the management and coaches really love him because he’s such a great player, leader, and person overall. Last April, he signed a $30 million 6-year contract with the Leafs (so he gets around $5 mill a year). He currently has an A in Toronto (no one has a C), and a whole lot of people really want Mo to be the captain next year because he has shown amazing leadership qualities and just generally cares a lot about the team.

His main bond on the team is with fellow defenseman Jake Gardiner who is American. There’s videos of Mo from Jake’s instagram doing various things. Mainly all shopping - whether at the mall or at the grocery store. In one of them Jake is too busy filming Mo and teammate Nazem Kadri that he walks backwards straight into a trash can. In another one, Mo juggles random objects at the grocery store, and in another Mo gets a cake just for himself. These videos are very cute and bromancy. One time they were in a studio and (horribly, ohmygod it was so bad) sang Little Things by One Direction together.

Mo is such a sweetheart and a giant nerd ass. He got all of his teammates thoughtful gifts for Christmas and he’s the self-proclaimed dad/father figure of the Leafs “at the ripe age of 22”. He also did a cooking thing because he lives by himself and he only knows how to cook chicken so he wanted to expand his cooking skills. Lord help him though. He’s also a horrible dancer but dances anyway even if it is super cringey. He spent his time this Christmas with sick children (it was his first Christmas in Toronto). He’s so soft and he really loves his mom and dog which he posts on insta often about them. He sticks up for his teammates especially when the media asks about scoring droughts and people not doing so well, and he credits them with their success and never talks himself up like ever. Everyone loves Mo

Ok like I said in my last post, today we’re talking about this cinnabon right here

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SPOILERS FOR CH261 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok but for real, the newest chapter has hit me in all my Ryuu-chan feels ok? So without further ado..

Tanakaaa! I swear Furudate-sensei sure took his sweet time giving us a Tanaka-arc showing us how much he’s grown as both a person and a player. In this chapter, however, we get to see the outsiders’ perspective of him. Sure, we know he’s a great player who is capable and reliable on the court, but the spectators/other teams don’t see him that way. In a way I can kinda understand this though. Just think about it; the other starting players are capable players in their own right: the geniuses Kageyama and Nishinoya, the reliable and strong Daichi and Asahi, the calm and collected Tsukishima who was able to block the freaking Ushijima Wakatoshi, and the wild card with endless stamina Hinata with his super freak quick. With this kind of lineup it is easy to overlook someone like Tanaka. Don’t get me wrong though, he’s not weak. 

He has shown himself to be great at both offense and defense, being an all-around player (like Daichi and Asahi - who aren’t switched out the whole game unless for extenuating circumstances), and his mental strength is top-tier. Here’s the thing though, the other teams are so busy trying to counter Hinata and Kageyama’s quicks, being pressured by Tsukishima’s blocks, trying to avoid both Nishinoya and Daichi’s receives and being on the lookout for Asahi’s spikes that the spectators are kind of driven to be on the lookout for these things as well. Here’s the thing about sports, if the players make it seem like something - either a skill or a play or a rule - is more important than another, the spectators will follow the flow of the game/players’ reactions so they also become too aware of these skills. 

My point being, since Tanaka is often overlooked by the opposing teams (not because he is weak - but because the rest of Karasuno are their priorities to stop/avoid) the spectators get the idea that  he is not a crucial part of the Karasuno lineup. As a player myself, I can assure you that this is often the case, no matter if all of your opponents are strong or above average individually, there is always that one or two players who you’re extremely aware of because they stand out amongst their teammates. Unfortunately, I believe that is the case for Tanaka. No matter how good of a player he is, his teammates capture their opponent’s attention and try to focus their plays around them, leaving Tanaka in a place where he is strong enough to be a starting player, but not enough to be considered a huge threat by Karasuno’s opponents.

Also, in the panels above, the spectators are saying that Tanaka hasn’t been doing much this game and that sometimes happens. Although Tanaka has been doing his fair share of plays, so has the rest of the team. And again, as a player, I can relate to the fact that you’re not on your top game 100% of your games, some days just aren’t your days if you get what I’m saying.

And here it is again. Tanaka being targeted by their opponents isn’t anything new. Oikawa did this during their match too. It isn’t rocket science, you always aim for the weak link of a team so they fall apart. In this case, Inarizaki is also trying to bring Karasuno down by aiming for Tanaka - the seemingly average player in the current lineup. It’s an awfully effective strategy and I can see where Inarizaki is coming from; during this match Tanaka hasn’t stood out, therefore he is the weak link, pull him down and he’ll drag the rest of Karasuno down with him.

I’m not saying this always works, but most often than not the player being targeted notices they are being targeted. This puts so much stress on a player, knowing the ball is coming towards you is one thing, but being able to react every single time the ball is being aimed at you is a different story. Also, knowing you are being targeted leads to the player realizing that their opponents think they are weak, talk about pressure am I right? But then..

This is honestly kind of a bittersweet panel for me. It shows Tanaka’s mental fortitude by him not backing down from the challenge, that he won’t back down from a fight and I love that side of his character. But this also shows that Tanaka knows. He knows he is constantly being targeted. He is aware that other players view him as the weak link. I can’t imagine what that would feel like for him, he isn’t being taken seriously by his opponents. But yet he smiles. He knows all of this, but he’s willing to prove them wrong. But then what happens? Nishinoya received the serve that was meant for him. Yet again putting his teammates in the spotlight while Tanaka is in the background..and how does he react to this?

He sucks it up. He realizes that his opponents are aiming directly at him because they think he is weak and has the perfect opportunity to prove them wrong. But then that chance is taken away from him. This is the first time we see Tanaka doubting himself if I’m not mistaken (if I’m wrong do tell me). He thinks he’s being lame during this game. And although Nishinoya took the chance for him to prove his worth to both Inarizaki and himself, he’s not resentful. He doesn’t sulk about it. He clenches his fists, sucks it up, and praises Noya’s receive. This says so much about his character and his sportsmanship and it’s pretty self-explanatory in my opinion.

And then the final panel! Call me a nerd (lol) but if this isn’t foreshadowing I don’t know what is. And as I said in my last post, I am willing to bet my heart and sould that Furudate-sensei has something planned for Tanaka in the next chapters. Whether it be development or angst I’m extremely looking forward to it! I absolutely love Tanaka’s character! He’s such a great person on and off the court and it has been shown throughout the series how much he cares for his teammates and everyone he knows in general.

In conclusion, Tanaka is about to have major development and I just hope Furudate-sensei goes easy on him. He deserves the best.

Lily + Sirius Friendship Headcanons

requested by @deerprongs (ily <3) wow this ended up being long af

  • Lily actually met Sirius in first year and they got on pretty well until she found out he was best friends with James
  • They didn’t interact much beyond pranks and arguments because Lily found it hard to be around the pair of them without getting homicidal urges 
  • That is, until the time she hexes him in front of all the other third years and Sirius isn’t sure whether to be angry or impressed as tentacles come out of his ears
  • He chooses to be impressed
  • They finally get close once James starts to clean up his act
  • Showing they care about each other through insults and name-calling to the point where people who don’t know that’s just how they are are slightly alarmed by the endless banter
  • The pair of them taking Astronomy together and going up to the tower to study the stars
  • “Hey Sirius, is that the star you’re named after?”
  • “Evans, I’m offended.  The star was named after me.”  
  • It’s during one of these night study sessions, on a cloudy night where it was nearly impossible to see anything anyway, when Sirius admits to Lily that he just as equally got kicked out of his home as he did run away from it, and although he puts on a brave face because he knows it’s what people expect from him, he’s not sure he’ll ever amount to anything but a disappointment
  • Sirius gets a Howler at breakfast the next morning and ignores it thinking it’s from his mum but then the envelope explodes and Lily’s voice shouts “SIRIUS BLACK, I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW YOU’RE A WONDERFUL PERSON AND I REALLY VALUE OUR FRIENDSHIP, YOU’RE GOING TO DO GREAT THINGS!”
  • It means more to him than she’ll ever know.
  • “You know you’ve got my support no matter what, right? I mean it, I’ve got your back.”
  • Sirius constantly talking James up to Lily with things like “he’s such a great Quidditch player” and “wow hasn’t he gotten so handsome this year?”
  • “Are you in love, Padfoot?” :P 
  • Always rating things the other does out of 10 
  • Lily tripping and spilling her books across the hall and Sirius shouts “8/10, excellent form!” from a few feet away
  • Sirius burping and Lily scoffing 
  • “3.2, that was so weak, Black.”
  • Lily admitting to him that she would say yes if James asked her out just one more time and Sirius leaps up so fast he makes her jump, then bolts to find James with a long call of “PROOOOOOONGS!” as he runs down the corridor
  • Huge groans whenever Lily mentions James after they start dating because bloody hell, he thought smitten James was bad but it never occurred to him that smitten Lily would be 10x worse
  • But let’s be real we all know Sirius is the Captain of the Jily ship
  • In fact he has just as many Lily stories to tell at the wedding as he has about James
  • Like the time Lily helped him bewitch the benches in the Great Hall to appear solid, only to have every student fall right through them onto the ground
  • Lily is the only one allowed to give Sirius a haircut 
  • She’s actually giving him a haircut in her and James’s living room when she casually drops the pregnancy and godfather bombs on him and James is in the background, just beaming.
  • Sirius leaps up causing Lily to snip wayyyyy too big a chunk of hair but he doesn’t even care, he breaks down crying because he’s just so happy and then oh god they’re all crying and laughing and sniffling as they hug
  • “Stop crying, you sap!” “I will when you do!”
  • Sirius’s blood runs cold when he hears that Voldemort found them.
  • It isn’t Snape who holds Lily’s body that night, it’s Sirius. 
  • Because as heartbroken as he is over James, his brother, the fact that anyone could actually want to kill kind-hearted, gentle, laughs-like-a-tinkling-bell Lily makes him lose all faith in humanity. 
  • So he sits there, legs bent at awkward angles because they simply collapsed from under him when he walked in that room, and he’s holding Harry in one arm and Lily’s limp hand in the other, rubbing his thumb on her skin and staring blankly ahead with tears pouring down his face for what feels like years
  • And it’s that memory that haunts him most in Azkaban.

Any requests??

Caity :) x

Lacrosse Practice

A/N: I didn’t proof read this, so I’m so, so sorry if there are any mistakes, if there are, please tell me and I will fix them right away and enjoy this imagine. I love you guys xxx

You were so nervous yet so excited, you were getting ready for the Lacrosse try outs and you were on the field watching all the guys clumsily put on their jersey’s. You picked up your stick and picked up a ball and flung it across the pitch and perfectly into the net. You heard someone cheering and applauding you in the background, shouting your name, you turned your head and saw your best friend, Y/B/F/N, standing on the bleachers.You waved and placed your focus back on the ball. You picked up another ball and threw the ball into the net again.

“Woah, who the hell is that?” Stiles asked Scott as he watched you throw every ball straight into the net. “That’s Y/N.” Scott replied. “What? Are you sure? I’ve loved her since the first time I saw her, I think I would recognise that goddess. Maybe your werewolf superpowers aren’t working properly today.” Stiles insisted. “Trust me, that’s Y/N. And when do my wolf senses not work?” Scott snapped as he narrowed his eyes at Stiles. “Like that time when we were in that gay club a couple years ago.” Stiles smirked. “Right, sure, ‘cos my powers are meant to be used to sense all gay people, real mature, Stiles.” Scott playfully rolled his eyes at Stiles. “Everybody get on the field! Come on, my grandma can run faster than you, and she’s dead!” Coach shouted and blew his whistle.

You dropped your ball on the ground and ran to the centre of the field where Finstock and all the other players were. “Oooo wow, a girl. Are you sure you’re in the right place, you could get seriously injured by us men.” teased another Lacrosse player. “I can take care of myself, and as for you, get ready for any humiliation and broken bones. I heard for a guy, it’s kinda embarrassing to get beaten up by a girl.” you insulted back. Seriously, a girl can do whatever she freaking wants, don’t be a sexist pig and get a life. “This is the most important time of your lives, these are Lacrosse try outs! Now go! Move it!” yelled Coach. You grabbed your stick again and got into one of the lines, next to Greenberg.

“Come on Greenberg, get the hell up and get to the back of the line. Greenberg, you suck,” your eyes widened. “God, I hate that kid.” Finstock whispered the last sentence but it was loud enough that you heard it. “Careful, Stilinski and McCall are dangerous animals, take it easy, Y/L/N.” you rolled your eyes at him and put the ball in the net of your Lacrosse stick. Stiles and Scott got in position and glanced at each other, both of them tightening their grip to their Lacrosse sticks. You charge at the two boys and they did the same. You pushed your shoulder into Scott and pressed your stick against his back hard and he fell to the ground. That was pretty easy, not gonna lie. Stiles ran towards you and you quickly dodged him while hitting his shins with your stick, causing him to trip up and fall to the grass, immediately joining Scott. You threw the ball towards the net and the guy in goal missed the ball, letting the ball hit the back of the net.

You turned round and everyone’s jaws had dropped, even Coach’s. “There’s no point looking at you losers now, Stilinski, McCall, you disgust me. What the hell was that?!” Finstock yelled and you snorted and tried to cover your mouth. “I guess, you should congratulate your new Lacrosse captain…?” Coach continued. “Applaud her, you lazy slugs!” A roar of cheering and whistling deafened you and you smiled. You turned your head and you saw Stiles still on the floor as he watched Scott lift himself up. You barged through your disgusting classmates and made your way to Stiles.You offered your hand to him and he gladly took it, you lifted him up and he brushed off all the grass off his uniform.

“That was pretty amazing, you even beat poor McCall here.” Stiles pointed at Scott. “You probably scarred him for life, poor Scottie boy.” Stiles continued sarcastically and you laughed at his humour. Scott placed his hand on your shoulder and you looked over at him. “That was incredible, congrats on being Captain, you deserve it and it’s about time a girl proves everyone wrong. Well done. Stiles, I’ll meet you in the changing rooms, bye Y/N.” Stiles winked at Scott. “Thanks Scott, trust me, you did great with the other players.” you finished and he left, leaving you and Stiles alone again. “Sorry if I really hurt you, Stiles.” Stiles shook his head, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. It would be kinda funny if you left a mark, then I could be reminded everyday that I got my ass kicked by a beautiful and talented girl.” Stiles immediately stopped when he realised what you said and his a soft red coated his cheeks.

“Oh god, I just meant that…” Stiles paused and froze for a second. “There’s literally no way of me saving myself here, is there?” you shook your head and smiled. “Sorry Stiles, now, what were you saying?” you taunted. “Oh fuck it. Y/F/N, you are the most prettiest girl I ever laid my eyes on and I’ve liked you for so long, so, so long, trust me, it’s been long and Scott thinks it’s pathetic since I never confessed my love to you and I talk about you literally everyday and it’s been long, you can even ask him. Actually, don’t, that would be pretty embarrassing for me when you find out how long I’ve liked you, and I’m rambling, oh shit, this is hard. Okay, how would you like to go on a date with me, this Friday at 6?” You pretended to think even though you knew what your answer was gonna be but you just wanted to taunt Stiles just a tiny bit longer. “Look, Stiles, you’re a great guy and i’m sure any girl would be lucky enough to have you but i’m not one of them…” Stiles looked down and grabbed his Lacrosse stick and was about to say something until you quickly continued. “Of course I will, I’ve liked you for so long too but maybe not as long as you, the way you described it, it was liked you’ve liked me since I was literally born.”

Stiles wrapped his arms around your waist and picked you up, twirling you around. He stopped after a few seconds of you both laughing and you squealing. “Don’t do that to me ever again. A guy like me can only handle a lot of rejection and I swear I could hear my heart breaking, I don’t think I could ever love anyone again if you carried on.” you laughed and smiled at him since he really did love you and you could feel yourself falling deeper and deeper for him. “We should probably go. You know, before Finstock screams at us and makes you cry.” you playfully insulted Stiles. “Yeah, I cry really easily, you know I cried when I first watched the ending of the last Star Wars movie, that shit hit me hard.” you laughed so much, you could feel yourself tearing up. You knew you were going to fall hard for Stiles and you had no idea how you were going to pick yourself up if anything bad happened. It was going to be impossible.

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We couldn’t want it any more

NurseyDex, 8000 words, rated Mature, NHL AU, Fluff/Pining/Getting Together, here on AO3

That feeling when someone gets unexpectedly traded to your team, someone with whom you have a very complicated history.

Or: one long, stressful day in the life of poor Will Poindexter.

On Wednesday morning, Dex’s alarm goes off at the usual time. He has different times for different scenarios—travel day, off day, offseason—but today’s a game day. He goes for a short little run, along the same route through the Common and by the Charles, and drinks the same smoothie on his walk over to TD Garden. He’s not superstitious or anything, not really, he just likes routine, okay? He likes knowing what to expect.

Which is precisely why he freezes in place when he nears the locker room and sees a very certain someone at the end of the hall, talking to their coach. As his world crashes down around his ears, Dex fumbles for the wall for balance. Holy fucking shit, why is he here?

To avoid being seen, and in an embarrassing bout of cowardice, Dex ducks in to the little alcove where they keep extra towels. He generously allows himself about 60 seconds of a truly epic mental freak-out, then checks to make sure the coast is clear and races across the hallway, into the locker room. He makes a beeline for Bitty, who’s thankfully already there and talking with Chowder in the corner.

“Dex! Hi.”

“What the fuck is Derek Nurse doing here?” he hisses, ignoring any and all customary greetings, and Bitty gives him a weird look.

“Seriously? Did you not look at the news this morning? He got traded overnight.”

“Shit,” Dex says under his breath. He slumps against the wall, scrubbing both hands over his face. How could this be happening? He knows that the trade deadline is today, obviously, but since he has a no-trade clause and also hadn’t heard any rumblings about the Bruins making any moves, he’s barely spared it a second thought. Clearly, that was a mistake.

“I’m so excited,” Chowder says, practically bouncing in place. “He’s so good, it’s gonna be so nice not to play against him anymore. And he’ll probably be your partner, Dex!”

“Probably,” he says weakly, still in a bit of a daze. He’s got to pull it together, though, because it’s not like he can explain to anyone why he’s so upset that their team just got better.

“Jack must be sad,” Chowder whispers, and Dex lets himself crack a smile at that, especially when Bitty blushes. Only a very, very small number of people know that the Bruins’ star forward has been in a relationship for the past three years with the captain of the Habs, and ergo, chirping opportunities are slim.

“Yeah,” Dex adds, elbowing Bitty in the arm. “How ever will you manage to cheer him up?”

“Oh, hush, you two,” Bitty says. He covers his face for a second with a towel, clearly hiding a smile, then shakes his head. “Anyway. Derek is a great player. The Habs’ loss is our gain.”

“He seems nice, too, but I’ve never talked to him. Have you, Dex?”

“Yeah.” He sighs, pushing off the wall and squeezing past Chowder to reach his own locker. “I’ve met him.”

Read the rest on AO3!

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Give me reasons to love the smol jelly bean aka Azusa. :') Love u.

list of reasons

-is small
-lovely singing voice
-the heart-shaped carrot scene
-does a great shin impression
-is a goddamn player like he threw teddy in a fire holy shit
-took an actual bullet for yui like an actual real bullet
-has more love in his 1 arm than the rest of humanity has in their entire bodies
-once on april fools day he tried to say that he hates his brothers as a joke but he couldnt do it he just couldnt do it HE COULDNT EVEN SAY IT AS A LIE
-look at this pic

Some Juggie Headcanons

~He’s a writer, but he’s an avid reader too. He reads all genres, no matter if it’s trashy romances or long autobiographies- he loves immersing himself in a whole other universe, and it helps him deal with all the crap in his life.

~He’s amazing at photography, too. He has a second edition Canon from the 90’s, given to him by his grandfather, which is pure gold to him.

~Surprisingly, he and his sister, Jellybean, were actually very close. He was the only one allowed to braid her ebony hair before kindergarten everyday, and he put a lot of effort in learning new hairstyles for her.

~Jughead seldom cried, but on the day when Jellybean was forced to leave with his mother, he cried his heart out, and didn’t show up at school the next day.

~The reason he wears his beanie during most of his waking hours is because his mom knit it for him, and it was the one material item he had left to remind himself of her.

~He removes his beanie when he’s upset. Because then, it feels like the most suffocating thing on earth to him.

~Jughead’s actually really intelligent, taking the gang by surprise when he was the only one able to solve a differentiation equation that Dilton Doiley couldn’t.

~He infuriates all his friends after that, by never studying for tests, but still passing with an A. They’re all jealous.

~But English will always be his favourite subject- as a result of his passion for writing. He loves how any combination of a few words can bring about whole new meanings.

~Jughead’s not as bad as athletics as everyone assumes. Despite all the time he spends in front of his macbook, he’s a great sprinter and tennis player as well. This baffles everyone because ‘Where and when did he learn how to hold a racquet?’

~Similarly, while he’s not as muscular and wide-shouldered as Archie is, he’s got that lean build, only enunciated by his height. This also raises questions- ‘When does he even work out?’ He doesn’t. It’s a gift from God. But Betty certainly doesn’t question it, no, not when they’re making out in her room.

~Jughead can’t sing to save a life. If anyone needs him to shoo away a giant flock of birds, then his services would be useful, but not otherwise.

~That’s why he tries out the drums when Archie wants the gang to try out a song together. He can drum out a decent beat, he’s realised, but wouldn’t ever perform.

~While his vocal chords may ruin people’s hearing, he does love listening to music- he avoids pop as far as he can, and listens to Radiohead, the Beatles, Queen, etcetera.

~When he gets angry, he shuts himself away from the world. He starts writing, even if it’s not his book. He doesn’t listen to anyone but Betty, who always has the right trick up her sleeve to coerce him out of his cocoon.

~If something pisses him off when he’s with a group of friends, he does the same thing- he shuts up, and storms silently.

~His real anger is quiet, calm, non-explosive.

~He gets headaches quite often, probably due to the amount of time he spends looking at a bright screen- he doesn’t need spectacles, though.

~His favourite place to think is on the roof of Pop’s- sitting above a diner with close proximity to food- that gives him clarity.

~He wants to pursue writing, obviously, but his deepest desire is to work for National Geographic someday in the future.

~He’s self sufficient, but sometimes living without a home becomes too much to handle and all he wants is to move back in with his Dad.

~But then, he reminds himself that his Dad chucked him out in the first place.

~On some occasions, he feels guilty, because he knows that someone out there had it worse than he does.

~On other occasions, though, he lets himself feel miserable.

~In the end, however, he always figures it out and that’s what gives him hope.

The Title "Battle for Mewni" is Intentionally Misleading

TLDR: we were expecting a clash of warriors. What we got was more like a game of Chess. Strategy, not tactics!

It struck me that, while watching “The Battle for Mewni”, we never once actually see anything resembling a battle.

There is conflict all right, but no actual “battle” - as in, a bunch of warriors fighting for supremacy on the battlefield.

There is violence (Marco punches a hole through Toffee’s chest). However, all the conflict is totally one-sided:

  • Moon blasts Toffee’s finger, and his army runs away;

  • King River confronts a giant monster, and it turns out to be a misunderstanding;

  • Ludo’s rats instantly overrun the kingdom;

  • Spider wraps Star in webbing, and then Ludo Leva-ta-Toe-potatoes her;

  • Toffee demands his finger back by holding Star hostage;

  • Toffee is blasted execution-style by God mode Star, and then crushed by Ludo.

There in no “battle”. What we have instead is the unfolding of a bunch of different plans, going back literally decades.

  • Moon plans to rid the kingdom of Toffee’s army, while carefully avoiding paying the price - setting Eclipsa free;

  • Toffee’s plans to destroy magic, then gain both his revenge on Moon and his body back (then presumably take over the kingdom);

  • Glossaryck’s plans to develop Star into her ultimate potential - defeating Toffee in the process (and we still don’t know what his ultimate goals are!).

In summary - the title of the movie lead us in the audience to expect to see a bunch of tactics - basically, a lot of heroic fighting. Many fans were disappointed they didn’t get that.

Instead, what we saw was the results of a bunch of long term strategy. It was a “battle”, but one that took place over decades.

We expected a clash of warriors; what we got was more like a three-sided game of chess.

This is even alluded to in the movie (Marco and the King play chess in the dungeon, and Eclipsa’s call of “B4” is both a vending machine code, and a move in chess - the “Sokolsky Opening”).

In chess, there are no “battles”, as each piece simply takes their opponent under the right conditions. This is exactly what happened in the Movie. Toffee was invincible as against Moon and Marco - but died instantly against Star and Ludo.

And Ludo? His great revelation was that he wasn’t a player at all - he was just a pawn. But in the end game, even a pawn in the right place can be dangerous!

As for Star - her journey is to attempt to transcend the game, to become a player through sheer force of her unpredictable will.

Much is made in the Movie about her lack of planning. But as is so often the case in this show, nothing is straightforward. Faced with three intersecting ‘games’ lasting literally decades, where she doesn’t know the facts, what 'plans’ could she have realistically made? Doing nothing wasn’t a good option. Plans don’t always work out, in the face of unpredictable facts, and life is not as predictable in terms of following set rules as a chessboard (that’s the exact point of Toffee’s dying speech! He “makes the plans”, they were good plans, but too bad for him).

Star doesn’t play by the rules: as Tom said back in Mr. Candle, “She just makes up the rules, and then changes them in the middle of the game” (to which Marco replied, “she’s awesome”). In fact, what he does in the Movie is something like simply tossing the game board over and scattering the pieces - which, interestingly enough, actually happens in the movie! (Buff Frog throws “Puddle Defender” against the wall).  

Last, we ought to have been primed to see that the Movie would not be what we thought it was. We were already shown this: Moon’s tapestry depicts a massive heroic "battle", but that’s not what actually happened!