and he's 7 ugh

today my vice principal came in for an unannounced observation

it took 45 minutes to do a 10 minute lesson.

two of my kids would not shut up, no matter what i did

one kid decided to suck on an eraser


Cercie: Our child will rule Westeros.

Jamie’s internal thoughts: Our children HAVE ruled Westeros. It was terrible.

Recently, he had been looking forward to waking up, thought mostly because of whom he had been falling asleep with.

A small smile cracked his mouth as he nuzzled deeper into the side of Jack’s neck, the hand he had underneath the edge of Jack’s shirt thumbing at the wispy treasure trail that tantalizing disappeared underneath Jack’s pj bottoms. He bodily snuggled closer to the warm body and enjoyed the warmth of his boyfriend’s body, not ready to wake up for the day.

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another season, another round of bashing stannis. 

Sasuke has amnesia!

Requested by thesecretblogger!

Let’s pretend that after the war, Sasuke was injured so badly that he got amnesia. How to other characters react?

1. Naruto

Naruto: “You….have amnesia.”

Naruto: “You can’t be serious”



2. Kakashi

Kakashi: “Ehhhhhhhhh…”

Kakashi: “So you don’t remember anything? Not even me?”

Sasuke: “You kind of look like David Bowie I guess”

Kakashi: “….ehhhhh…”

3. Sakura

Sakura: “S-Sasuke? You don’t remember me? Please tell me it’s not true…”

Sasuke: “Sorry….but if it’s any consolation I guess you’re kind of pretty?”

Sakura: “Eh, I can work with that.”

4. Ghost Itachi

Ghost Itachi: “NO.”


Ghost Kisame: “Oh boy, guess he doesn’t remember you telling him you loved him either.”

Ghost Itachi: “Kisame, why must you be blunt about everything?”

5. Orochimaru

Orochimaru: “Wait, he’s forgotten everything?”

Orochimaru: “Soooo I guess that means he’s forgotten everything I put him through right?!”

Sasuke: “You look dodgy and I am NOT going near you”

Orochimaru: “Goddamit.”

6. Ghost Deidara

Ghost Deidara: “No….this can’t be…”

Ghost Deidara: “He was the ONLY one who witnessed my ultimate art! And now it was all for nothing!”

Ghost Sasori: “Wow if only there were some way for him to see it again.”

Ghost Deidara: “Oh shut up.”

7. Karin

Karin: “Ugh so now he doesn’t remember his team either”

Karin: “And even WORSE is he doesn’t remember my affections for him!”

Sakura: “Too bad I’ll be getting to him first”

Karin: “Oh it is ON.”

8. Suigetsu

Suigetsu: “Ahh this is so lame! Doesn’t even remember what we did for him”

Jugo: “Well I mean we can always make friends with him again?”

Suigetsu: “I dunno if we’d call him a friend….but…..I guess that could be nice.”

9. Sai

Sai: “No no I think this is good!”

Sai: “This way we can start from the beginning! Make better friends with Sasuke than before. No more conflict, no more arguments.”

Sai: “And I can actually be proper friends with him!!”

10. Ghost Kakuzu

Ghost Kakuzu: “He doesn’t remember?? Hidan! Get your ass out of the ground and go cash him in! He must be worth a fortune!”

Buried Hidan: “And how exactly do you propose I do that?!”

Ghost Kakuzu: “I don’t know! Just befriend him and then stab him in the back!”


anonymous asked:

Stefan did slut-shame Elena though. He told Damon that he raped Elena with the sirebond but was simultaneously shaming Elena for sleeping with Damon. His "tell her to calm down, Damon" comment was disgusting as is his rest behaviour in season 4. And that scene where he drinks and looks and thinks as if hes above Elena and that shes beneath him and yelling at her until she starts crying, ugh. Worst is its season 7 and he is the same character that he was in s1 : 0 character development. Damon ->>

Anon, you should seriously write fiction with the kind of mess you come up with! Like honestly, I’m so fascinated by this!

“He told Damon that he raped Elena wit the sirebond but was simultaneously shaming Elena for sleeping with Damon” like WHEN was this? What episode? Which scene? Moving away from the fact that the sire bond at best complicates the idea of consent because as Julie said, Elena had the illusion of free will — and just in case you don’t know what a receipt is, I will show you one:

So moving away from the fact that Elena basically slept with Damon under duress, Stefan never said that she did to either Damon or her. What he did do in 4x08 was snap at Damon about how a sire bond could be the only way Elena could be with Damon (which btw is literally true: “The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever,” she says. “But then her entire life turned upside down, and any feelings she originally had for Damon were still there, and of course magnified. There was always going to be a little bit of a confusion there for her — but not enough confusion for her to be over Stefan. It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural progression of that relationship.”  source) and he said it because he was hurt that he had to dump her because of her feelings for his brother, which is understandable! Like Jesus, you mean to say if you had a sibling and you were in love with someone, like deep in love, ride or die love, I will do anything you ask of me love and then you two break up because that person feels something for your sibling and your sibling has a long-ass history of disrespecting the boundaries of you and that person’s relationship, you’re not going to feel some type of way?? You’re just going to be completely OK with it, not have any feelings about the situation,not have a moment or two of anger and pettiness, you’re just going to be a perfect angel?

And Stefan immediately apologizes and later on in the episode tells Caroline he trusts Damon to do right by Elena because he knows Damon loves Elena just as much as he does. So like …

And anon, Stefan never slut-shamed Elena. Like I’m sorry to break it to you but that actually just never happened. The only person who slut-shamed anyone in season 4 was Elena to Caroline when Caroline made snide remarks against Damon, which is valid considering that Damon is her abuser, her attempted killer and her rapist, and Elena shames her for sleeping with him the minute she met him even though we all know that that night ended with Damon biting her and causing her pain. What Stefan did do in 4x11 is snarkily tell Damon to make Elena calm down because of what I just said above; this is two episodes after he found out the two people he loves most in the world screwed each other’s brains out the day after he broke up with one of them and it’s an episode after Rebekah made Elena go in detail about why she’s with Damon, so yeah, Stefan is feeling some type of way. When Damon feels some type of way, dude literally goes out KILLING people. I will take snark over homicide any damn day of the motherfucking week. Also, you have an uncanny ability to ignore context, I’m pretty sure Stefan tells Elena to calm down after Elena is about to be on some shit after Damon being Damon i.e. being a dick betrays Stefan’s privacy and tells everyone that Stefan slept with Rebekah, as if Elena had any right to say anything at all on the matter when my girl was with Stefan’s brother.

And the scene where Stefan drinks and side-eyes Elena was in 4x02 and again, this is the taking shit out of context thing you do … my man was mad at Elena because she blood-shared with Damon, which as we know is a very sexual and intimate act, and she did this when she was with Stefan. Granted, Elena didn’t actually know the full details about blood-sharing because your boy Damon took advantage of her newness and her hunger and conned her into doing something incredibly private, but you mean you can’t understand his frustration when all of season 3 was spent of Elena being like Stefan or Damon? Stefan or Damon? Stefan or Damon? And she chooses Stefan, talks about forever with Stefan, says picking him is the best choice she ever made and then she’s relying on Damon just as heavily as she’s relying on Stefan and there are no boundaries between the three of them? Like yeah, I would be upset too. Not to mention that scene freaking ends with Stefan comforting Elena through her emotional turmoil and coming up with the idea to memorialize the dead so she can get some peace of mind! Like your examples of Stefan being “shitty” are literally like things he does in one minute because he’s a dimensional character and then he gets over himself and helps Elena through whatever she’s going through. And it kills me because Damon drags out his pettiness over episodes and seasons and people die because of it, lives are destroyed because of it, families are ripped apart because of it but Stefan was kind of rude for that one minute so he’s the shitty person. OK. Makes sense.

I’m, like, for real sad that I didn’t get your second part because I was looking forward to reading more of this fascinating fiction, like we were getting to the good part about how Damon apparently grew as a character, as if he isn’t doing the same thing he’d been doing since season 1, pining for girl and killing everyone because of it while also being a terrible brother to Stefan. But I mean, we can’t have everything, I guess.

My one closest new mom friend always compares her baby to mine. And what bugs me is that she would lord it over me. And now that Z is doing things her boy isn’t, she’s catty and refuses to have playdates till “He can get his act together.” ?? He’s just 7 months!! UGH. 

Z is getting so close to pulling herself up! 

Food wise, she has tried sweet potatoes, green beans, banana and carrots!! 

Me on a date
  • me: so what did you think of the suicide squad trailer?
  • them: i thought it was good but the joker was so dumb! Nobody will beat heath ledger they should just stop trying he'll never be as good as him THE TATOOS??? WHAT ARE-
  • me, hitting them with breadsticks: LET. JARED. LIVE.
A Surprise Package

Abraham flipped through the newspaper at the kitchen table. It was Sunday and he didn’t know when he became a man who read the Sunday paper at breakfast, but here he was. He would put it away soon. He knew Alexis was going to require his help getting their kids up and downstairs for breakfast. But for the moment, he would enjoy just a little bit of quiet. 

He finished up his article, sighed and set the paper down. He wiped his mouth before standing up and going to stand behind his wife who was busy at the stove putting the last touches on family breakfast. It was a tradition they had fallen into that he was very excited about. 

“Almost done beautiful?” he asked, his hands on her rather shapely hips. Alexis had definitely filled out in some places thanks to the children, and Abraham still couldn’t keep his hands off her. His lips went to her neck and he kissed her soft skin. Wondering how he was still so lucky to have her love after all these years.  

“When you finish I can go wake up the clan…or I can stay down here and kiss on your neck some more” he mumbled. 

Save Us- Isaac imagine


  • reader is pregnant to Isaac’s baby , she goes missing and he goes nuts
  • reader is pregnant and Isaac wants to save her from threat
  • reader goes missing while pregnant and Isaac is on the phone with her

A/N : combined a few, for obvious reasons. :) sorry if it isn’t what you wanted 

You and the pack were on the run from a group of vile hunters.

Your lack of werewolf skills or any supernatural qualities as a matter of fact made you an easier target. Scott, Derek, Stiles, Peter, Lydia, Liam Isaac and you were stopping by this sort of storage room, as Chris had advised you to do. You were tired from running and you needed a place to rest for a while. Especially you.

You leaned against a counter and tried to control your breathing. Isaac heard and approached you.

‘’y/n..?’’ he asked.

‘’no it’s’s fine , just ..a bit nauseous’’ you lowered your hand to your stomach.

Isaac had gotten you pregnant, but none of the others knew yet. It had barely been two months, so nobody would notice and you decided to keep it to yourself.


‘’ It’s going to be okay, I’ll keep you safe okay ?’’ Isaac said holding your cheeks as he kissed you.

‘’yes, i..i just need some air. ‘’ You whispered heading outside. Isaac did not take his eyes off of you as you walked outside. He hated how you were in this situation in your condition. You should not have to run around or fear for your life. Not when you’re carrying another one.

‘’We can’t run forever !’’ Lydia said.

‘’we’re going to have to fight them…’’ Styles agreed.

‘’there are twenty of them, and only 7 of us, out of which three are human…’’ Peter said.

‘’hey ! I’m a banshee ?’’ Lydia raised an eyebrow and Peter smiled at her.

‘’right you can scream and deafen then to death. Good plan’’ He blinked at her and returned to his usual poker face.

‘’if we attack them , we’ll have the element of surprise.’’ Derek said.

‘’exactly. They’ll be surprised at out stupidity..’’ Liam mumbled.

‘’Look, Chris is trying to make amends with them, meanwhile , we should just stay together. Alright ?’’ Scott said looking around.

‘’all 7 of us’’ he added and Peter raised his hand.

‘’ugh what ?’’ Scott asked annoyed.

‘’there’s 6 of us here…’’ Peter said and Isaac’s eyes widened. How long had you been out.


‘’y/n…’’ he whispered and everyone became alert. Isaac rushed outside looking around but you were nowhere to be found.

‘’Y/N !!!!’’ he yelled spinning, scanning the forest/ The others approached and started looking as well. Isaac’s breath got heavier. This was not happening.

‘’um..guys..,GUYS ?’’ Stiles said and everyone expect Isaac turned to look at him. Stiles was holding up your scarf. The one Isaac had given you. Isaac’s eyes shut as his fists clenched.

‘’they took her ? How did they ? They were here ? This means they know..’’ Lydia started umbling. Scott was running his fingers through his hair and Peter was rolling his eyes.

‘’we’re going after them…’’ Isaac whispered looking straight ahead.

‘’I’ not sure that’s advisable…’’ Peter said behind Isaac and suddenly Isaac turned to grab him by the v-neck and lift him up.

‘’next time you speak, you’ll do it with no teeth..’’ he threatened him and let go.

‘’Isaac, we have to think rationally..’’ Derek placed his hand on Isaac’s shoulder.

‘’no , you don’t understand!’ Isaac said pissed, bringing his fists to his forehead.


‘’I have to get her back. I have to ! she’s-‘’

‘’pregnant…’’ Lydia mumbled.

Isaac’s eyes widened and he turned to look at her.

‘’WHAT ?’’ Scott asked and everyone’s jaw dropped to the ground.

‘’come on. Her jeans were a solid 38 and she’s been buying 40…’’ Lydia defended herself.

‘’SHE’S WHAT ?’’ Derek repeated and Held Isaac by the throat, lifting him up.

‘’do you have any idea what you did ? that baby will be a hybrid.’’ Derek continued. And Isaac grew his claws sinking them into Derek’s hands causing him to let go. Isaac fell to the ground and looked up at Derek.

‘’ your sister said that losing a member of your pack isn’t like losing family, it’s like you lose a limb. She is part of my pack..’’ Isaac slowly got up. ‘’ she is the only person I’ve ever felt anything remotely real for…’’ he walked closer to Derek , eyes lit up in flames ‘’and she is carrying my baby’’ he spoke clearly and slowly.

‘’if I lose her, it won’t be just a limb I’ll be missing…’’ he said through greeted teeth, and there was a moment of silence when his ringtone was heard. He immediately shifted and picked it up after seeing the name at the screen.

‘’Y/N ?!??’ he asked unable to hold back the tears that were forming.


‘’no, but she’s here. Well, for the moment. ‘’ the voice on the other line said.


‘’yeah yeah, bravery and stuff. Tell your alpha to meet us by the nemeton. If he willingly surrenders, you can have her back…’’ The voice said and Isaac felt his heartbeat rising. The thought of the hurting you.

‘’let me speak to her’’ he demanded.

‘’ you have 1 minute’’ the voice said.

‘’Babe ?’’ you asked and he felt his voice caught in his throat, his eyes getting watery as he let out a raspy sound.

‘’y..y/n..’’ he managed to say with an unstable voice.

‘’I’m fine’’ you said through the phone and he shut his eyes shaking his head.

‘’I’m gonna get you out of there. I promise y/n..’’

‘’I know ‘’ you whispered.

‘’I’m sorry. I am so sorry . I promise.’’

‘’I know, baby , I know..’’ you said as one of the hunters approached you.

‘’I know you’ll save me….us…’’ you said and Isaac felt his knees going weak. He had nevr felt such responsibility in his life. He had no family left, and this was the first time in his life he felt responsible of someone else’s life.


‘’I won’t lose you. ‘’ he spoke strictly and then the phone was ripped from you.

‘’minute’s up. ‘’ the voice said and hanged up. The rest who had heard the conversation waited for Isaac’s reaction, but Scott started walking away.

‘’what are you doing ?’’ Stiles asked.

‘’getting y/n back !’’ Scott explained. \

‘’on your own? With no plan ?’’ Liam added as Isaac tried to regain his breath.

‘’sorry Scott…’’ Isaac said locking eyes on the boxes of wolfsbane that were next to the door,In a vast move he had them in his hands and using the against the pack. Everyone expect Stiles felt weak and fell to the floor.

Stiles walked closer as the rest started coughing.

‘’ if you make one more step , I’m gonna have to hurt you…’’ Isaac warned and Stiles stopped.


He asked but Isaac was already walking away.

‘’THEY WANT SCOTT. ISAAC WE CAN FIGURE THIS OUT. WE’LL FIND A WAY…’’’ he tried to change his mind.


‘’of all the people you should know. I’ve been alone for so- and she. She is all I have left alright ? ‘’

‘’I know…’’

‘’and she has our baby.. Stiles, a baby.. he’s done nothing wrong…please, of all the people I expect you to understand…’’ Isaac said his voice cracking.

‘’I do. Lahey. I understand what it’s like to grow up with one parent. It messes with you, and I’ve seen what it did to my dad. I see it in his eyes, he thinks he is not enough, he is not doing it right. If you go now , on your own, you are risking more than you realize. Don’t let y/n become my dad Isaac. You a father now and you have to act like one !’’ Stiles said and Isaac turned with his forehead vein popping and watery eyes.

‘’I’m trying…’’ he said and walked away leaving Stiles voice that was yelling his name , fade to the background., with your words on repeat in his head.

‘’save us’’