and he's 19 yay

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It's Waverly Earps birthday. May everyone remember ! Also it's my best friends birthday and he just turned 19!

YAY! happy birthday to him and happy birthday waves!!! 


1. How he says “hi/hey guys”
2. His weird “eh eh” noises
3. His constant tolerance of dans violence
4. When Phil tries to be violent back to Dan
5. His logic
6. His puppy dog eyes/face
7. His bromance with Dan
8. His ability to not blink
9. His love for Christmas
10. The things he does with his tongue (in a non-sexual way)
11. His animal noises
12. How he puts his hands over his mouth when he laughs
13. How he puts his hands over his mouth when hers shocked/horrified
14. He is unbelievably adorable
15. His “aaahs/little screams”
16. When he performs duets with Dan
17. His renditions of songs
18. His smile is flawless
19. His “yays”
20. How he looks at the camera
21. How he attacks Dan with stuffed animals
22. His nose kisses
23. His blue eyes
24. His little hand dances
25. How he juggles
26. His innocent “rawrs”
27. His gymnastics skills?
28. How he says “oh yeah”
29. He’s ridiculously attractive
30. His socks
31. The way he says he hates Dan
32. His crotch dances (I blame Dan)
33. His impressions of his grandmum
34. His Kirby face
35. How he says “here we go”
36. His obsession with Sarah Michelle Gellar
37. His innocence
38. His awesome diving skills
39. How he looks in his glasses
40. How he gives us random snippets of knowledge
41. He is secretly Rihanna
42. His love of iPhone games
43. He’s one of the sweetest people in the universe
44. His laugh is so cute
45. His love for waffles
46. His hilariously awkward real life stories
47. His construction skills
48. His plaid/checkered flannel shirts
49. He’s also a fanboy
50. His dead child Simon
51. His clumsiness
52. His Bella face
53. He was one of the people who encouraged Dan to start YouTube
54. His expert pancake flipping skills
55. How he’s disgusted at placenta
56. His lion
57. His hair
58. His space coat
59. How he wears Seasonal jumpers/shirts/socks to match the season/holiday
60. He’s just Phil! And that’s why we love him


hey look everyone i finally made a boy inkling


age: 16

weapon: custom splattershot jr.

favorite color: purple, grey, dusty blue, soft, dull colors that arent too harsh to look at

rank: C-

likes: peace and quiet, sleeping, being alone, art, beautiful scenery

dislikes: people, social interactions, anxiety, his landlord, having to interact with people, turf wars

about: He has very bad social anxiety and prefers to stay away from people. The only reason he participates in turf wars is to pay for rent. he doesnt like splatting people, he doesnt want to cause harm to anyone else. but if someone splats him or splats a teammate of his in front of him, we will get vengeance. His only concern is inking the turf. He’s never played ranked before, because its very stressful to him and it involves being very close with 7 other people, so he sticks with turf wars. He’s very quiet and “mysterious”. (he’s not really a mystery, he just never talks about himself because no one ever asks.) He doesnt make friends, but izumi befriended him (against his will, more or less) and so now he has many people who consider him a friend. He doesnt like going in public places where he can be seen. He’s always tired because he never sleeps well and always wants to go home. However, once he opens up to someone and trusts them, he’s a very sweet person who cares about people deeply. He also gives very good advice.

random useless trivia: He is afraid of being involved in any accidents in public that could cause him to have a near-death experience. (“i hope i never have a near death experience, i dont want people to look at me or pay attention to me. it better kill me or not happen at all”)

also here he is without the medical mask