and he'll use any means to do so

How he'd comfort you
  • Eren: Coming from someone who has experienced just as much hurt, he would be able to relate to whatever problem you're going through. You'd spend the whole day/night talking about and wondering these problems, why they happen, etc. It may be putting salt on the wound, but you'd feel strangely lighter after you guys are done talking.
  • Armin: Once he'd see you in such a broken state, he couldn't help but panic. He would run around like a headless chicken, bringing back pillows, sweets, tissue, and whatever he thinks you need. However, when you tell him you just need someone to listen to you, he'd calm down a little and just let you talk. In turn, he would assure you that he'll help you get along every step of the way.
  • Reiner: He may not really understand it, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't care and that he won't try to make things better. He'd be your butler for the day, wherein he'll be at your beck and call the whole day, just because he doesn't want you to stress yourself any further.
  • Bertholdt: He really wouldn't know what to do in situations like those, so he would just let you sob into his shoulder while he strokes your back. Once in a while, he'd whisper a little in an attempt to make things better, stuff like "it's going to be okay" or "it happens to all of us". Little words like these and his presence alone will be enough to make you feel better.
  • Jean: His first instinct would make him tell you to suck in it and that it can happen to anyone, but once he sees how upset you are about the matter, he'll take his words back and try to make things better. It'd be a little cheesy, but he'll take you to an open space, like a rooftop or a riverside, where you can shout out all your frustrations and whatever makes you sad. Once you're sated, he'll treat you to whatever you feel like eating to cap it off.
  • Marco: He'll listen to your concerns carefully with two ears, and after that, he'll tell you that it's best to move on from your problem, and he'll start spoiling you. He'll buy tons of DVDs, buckets of comedy movies, and your favorite take out meal. Once in a while, he would check on you just to see if you're faking your smiles or what, but how could you fake it after all he's done?
  • Connie: He would hate seeing you down in the dumps, so he'd try whatever he can to distract you and make you smile. For him, forcibly dragging you to an arcade or an amusement park would be much better than having you stuck at home, wallowing in your sadness. After he finally sees that bright smile of yours, he'd take you home and let you know that you can bug him for anything.
  • Levi: As a man of a few words, he will only have his presence to offer. He prefers body language over words, so instead of trying to come up with a philosophical piece of advice, or try to recall a quote, he would just hold your hand, or let you soak his shirt in tears, even if it would mean another round of laundry.
  • Erwin: You would have a long, long talk about your problem. It may be strange, but it would be him who would do most of the talking, but it would be sensible advice that would really be fit for your situation. Once you're okay, he'll take you into his arms, where it will be his turn to listen to everything that's on your mind.

anonymous asked:

how do you feel about the lyrics of The Other Girl? cause for me this song fucking screams ryden,,,,, like it's such an angry song?? like,,, "they will send him straight to jail, where he'll die and go to hell with the other girl",,,, i mean he even uses he pronouns????? but then i've never seen any posts about it???? also "he's not where he's supposed to be" and "i'm trying to figure out why he's with the other girl" like????? or am i completely wrong and this song is about something else????

Okay so I have a really twisted view of this song. Of course I am not saying this is the correct interpretation, but in the best interest of all that is Ryden, I think Ryan is having a play on pronouns here. I think this “he” is referring to is Brendon and the “you” is himself. Essentially, he is talking to himself. I wouldn’t put it past Ryan to do something like this either because it is a known fact Ryan liked to write like he was writing a diary entry. This idea fits if we take into context the fact that this was written after whatever happened in Cape Town AKA the break-up. Let us take a look.

Don’t wait around for love
You’re not what he’s thinking of
When he’s with the other girl

The other girl is whoever Brendon is with (presumably Sarah). Ryan is telling himself not to expect Brendon to wait for him or to come back. Ryan is telling himself Brendon has moved on.

Don’t bother waiting up ‘cause he
He’s not where he’s supposed to be
When he’s with the other girl
When he’s with the other girl

Again, Ryan is trying to convincing himself Brendon is not coming back, but he acknowledges the fact Brendon belongs here, with him, and not there with the other girl.  When he says “don’t bother waiting up” he is talking to himself. Maybe at first that was what Ry thought would happen. By leaving the band, Brendon would come and try and get him to come back. But he isn’t going to.

You, you were right
I was wrong
Like I always am
And you always are

Here is where I think it gets sad. You (Brendon) were right in the aspect that Brendon presumably wanted them to be a legitimate thing, whereas Ryan refused. Ryan probably said something stupid that he didn’t mean (Cape Town lyrics) and Brendon called him out on his feelings. Brendon was right, Ryan was wrong.

Don’t have much to say right now
‘Cause I’m trying to figure out
Why he’s with the other girl

I like to think of this as the explanation for Ryan’s silence- in the music scene- for so long. He doesn’t have the words to say because he hasn’t put everything together. He doesn’t get why Brendon chose the other over him.

Life is not a fairytale
They will send him straight to jail
Where he’ll die and go to hell
With the other girl, with the other girl

Here, Ryan is accepting it at last. It isn’t a fairy tale, he lost the boy. I see the anger here that anon is talking about. This is understandable though, hearts were broken and love is not a pretty thing. This “jail” I think is meant to be more metaphorical though. I like to think of it as Ryan saying that with the other girl, Brendon has chosen to life a false life- one where he has to lock up his true feelings, his truth as a person. Living a lie is bound to be hell but it is inevitable so long Brendon chooses the other girl.