and he'll push away people's concerns for his feelings or well-being

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Hi! I was thinking about alpha Bucky being nervous because he's finally with omega Steve and they've been dating for a while and now they're about to have their first time together. Bucky is a nervous virgin because Steve isn't a virgin by a long shot and he's afraid that he won't live up to the other people Steve has been with but Steve reassures him that he'll be the best he's ever had because he actually loves Bucky.

Bucky was a virgin; Steve was not, and didn’t know that Bucky was. It hadn’t been something that Bucky was purposefully keeping to himself, but now that sex, particularly sex with Steve, was on the table, it was bringing out all of Bucky’s insecurity.

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Okay, okay, okay. So everything happening right now is the best thing that's ever happened to 1D, and I am thrilled, I really honestly am (ffff- I hate it when you sound sarcastic over text when you're not)... But what about what happens after. Azloffs out for blood and he's not going to stop until he's crushed Modest! Not until they're under his heels begging for mercy and then maybe, just maybe, he'll upgrade them to a footrest. That being said, they're in a tug of war right now and the world1

Is watching. Modest ain’t gonna win shit. They maybe trying their best to make their smear campaign last- but who are we kidding? So far the boys have been looking better than great, and for those outside the fandom they’re noticing the change. That being said, Modest is full of typical middle school yard bullies. You know, that age when they know they’re taking things too far and yet still won’t stop? Yeah. So honestly, what are the chances they’re not going to try shit when they loose them 2 Completely and they have no ties to them? I’m seeing them really pushing Perrie, especially, to knock down the boys images. Especially Zayns. Under the guise of ‘heartbreak’ and being 'close to the band’ of course. Them not being all that they seem and what not. Other artists saying shady shit as well. Modest! Not only losing the boys but going up against one of the biggest players in the game is a huge ass blow to them. It’s not pretty, it hasn’t been pretty, how bad do you think it’s going to3 Get. I mean, you’ve got people side eyeing them left right and centre long before the 1D fandom, but now others are noticing as well. Especially of they’re reading into it. I’m pretty sure the new teams going to be throwing shade about the other artists who were sued and how they were overworked before. Hell, we’re seeing it right now. Soon enough everyone’s going to start noticing the shoddiness of it all. I’m half excited half a little concerned. I mean, I’ve got some faith when it comes to 4 The new guys but, there’s only so much I can give. The boys have also been with Modest! for years they could be, and probably are, sitting on some super shady shit we don’t know about that they can later spin to their favour. The fandom keeps thinking it’s all going to be cut and dry but it’s not. This is going to be rearing it’s ugly head in the future I’m 99% positive. Maybe I’m cynical, but modest had never had an act like One Direction and they never will. Sure it’s their own fucking fault 5


Well, it’s hard to even try to predict how much messier this could get because Modest is really vindictive. And if the theories about Irving Azoff heading up 1D’s new team are true (and that seems to be as solid a theory as any), he’s pretty vengeful on behalf of his clients. 

But 1D having a powerful name behind them in the world’s biggest entertainment market is a really good thing. The balance of power is shifting and will soon be 100% in their favor. Modest just can’t compete with that. I think if the bts war continues, the new team will continue to suppress Modest floated narratives and counter with their own. That seems to be working pretty well atm. 

As for Perrie, running afoul of the incoming team isn’t gonna do her any favors in the long run. So her relevance will probably continue to be limited to a niche in the UK, if that. And as for Modest dropping any bombs in the future out of spite, I think 1D’s new team could probably keep any really damaging stuff out of the press completely. Lots of celebs have lots of scandalous secrets we don’t know anything about because they have A+ teams to take care of that. That’s when you call in the “fixers”: lawyers, private detectives, crisis managers, etc. They make shit go away. I have a feeling Irving Azoff knows all about that. 

So I think once 1D gets through this painful transition and slowly gets Modest’s claws out of them, things are gonna be a whole lot better.