and he will smile and be proud when he's proven right

[M] Learning Curve.

Pairing: Jungkook / Reader

Summary: Submission doesn’t suit everyone and, as far as Jungkook is concerned, you wear it better than he does. 

Count: 8.4K 

Warning(s): Smut, Sub!kook but also Dom!kook (lmfao pls forgive me), dirty talk, spanking, and a pinch orgasm denial because who wouldn’t want to watch Jungkook squirm. 

A/N: Just leave me alone to die.

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If you had to guess Jungkook’s least favorite thing to do, you would say that renouncing his power was likely it. In bed, anyway.

He always made sure to remind you that he was in charge of your pleasure, no matter what the situation. He administered it as generously or as sparingly as he saw fit. It hadn’t always been so, but Jungkook settled into his role as the dominant one quite naturally. 

Evidently though, your leniency had taken its toll on his once obedient nature. You allowed him to grow confident in his ability to disarm you fully with just one brush of his hands over the right parts of your body, or dirty, whispered words against your neck, or the heat of his body pressing against yours. You had become forbearing, allowing him to push the limits of your control until he had effectively slipped it from your grasp entirely.

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or, lena tried to be a luthor but fell in love with supergirl instead

She learned of the plan sometime between Lex getting arrested and his trial. His eyes were crazed, the words spewing out of his mouth irrational and erratic. Of course Lillian agreed with him—of course they’d pull Lena aside and ask her to help. Of course Lena would fall into line as well. She was a Luthor, this was her family.

If her family asked for her help in ending the Supers…well, Lena would of course offer her assistance.

(It didn’t matter that she didn’t understand why Lex’s idea of revenge revolved around the Girl of Steel instead of her cousin—why he had decided to abandon his vendetta against Superman and focus on Supergirl. It certainly didn’t matter that Supergirl had done nothing to the Luthor family, that she had been miles upon miles away when Superman finally took Lex down, not even coming to her cousin’s aid. It didn’t matter that, by all accounts, Supergirl spent more time stopping other aliens than she did going after humans.

No, Lena didn’t understand Lex’s hatred of Supergirl, but she didn’t question it—didn’t ask for a clarification, didn’t ask for a reason. It just didn’t matter.

Lex was her brother, he’d asked her to do something, and so Lena had a job to do.)

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Viktor's Pauses

Okay, this is a break from my usual tough love on Viktor. This time, I’d like to talk about something Viktor does that makes me really, really happy and proud of him.

We see how kind Viktor is to Yuuri. He is thoughtful and careful with him in a way that appears so soft and warm and everything that made us fall in love with them. Somehow, Viktor just seems to do and say the right things. Not all the time, of course, and he has had his slips like what we saw at the Cup of China, but this is because Viktor is still learning. Most of the time though, he seems to have the right words to say.

The best part for me though is HOW Viktor says these things - more specifically, how he comes up with them. It is not as if the responses come naturally, or are top of mind. He had to learn them, because Viktor definitely thought about other things before the things that he does say out loud. How do we know?

He pauses.

For example, in episode 3, Yuuri (and Yurio) struggle with their respective programs. Yuuri, at his wits end, suddenly comes up with the crazy, “That’s it! Katsudon!”

Now look at what happens next:

There must have been a dozen things that passed through dear Viktor’s mind. Remember, he didn’t know that Yuuri forgot everything that happened at the banquet. He didn’t know that Yuuri didn’t know about his own Eros potential. Viktor’s thoughts possibly ranged from “Excuse me?” to “What the actual fuck,” but he does not say these things. Instead, he pauses.

What do pauses even mean? A pause means a person is thinking. Viktor thinks about what he will say to Yuuri. Granted, Viktor does not have the record of being the most tactful person on Earth. We have seen him deliver brutal truths with that heart-shaped smile of his, but that only makes it even more precious that he makes these later considerations for Yuuri.

Viktor did not start off being this considerate. You know when this kindness started? When Yuuri first ran away to skate away his anxiety since Viktor came, and then more and more as Viktor learned that Yuuri was apparently shy and more delicate than Viktor initially thought him to be.

So back at the dinner table, of course we know that what Viktor says instead of, you know, Yurio’s more sensible, “Seriously?” is:

Viktor’s first careful step!

Fast forward to Hot Springs on Ice. Yuuri panics when it is his turn, but eventually, comes up with another gem:

Viktor pauses a bit.

He’s still not used to this type of lines from Yuuri. In the end though, his answer to Yuuri is:

The beauty of what Viktor does is that it’s a considerate way of acting neutral while he tries to understand how this beautifully confusing creature he sort of fell a little in love with at the Sochi banquet ticks. At the same time, whether he meant to or not, he says things that Yuuri seems to need, as proven by the way Yuuri blushes every time Viktor says something that tells him that Viktor is on his side. Viktor is very careful with Yuuri, and what I love about it is that it shows to us that Viktor still wants to stay and get to know this person even though he is not who Viktor thought he was.

Episode 4, as we know, is that wonderful, wonderful episode that spanned the months of Yuuri’s training, during which we are somehow told that Yuuri and Viktor grew closer and got to know one another better. The next Viktor-pause is not so much a consideration for Yuuri as much as it is proof that Viktor picked up the habit of thinking before he speaks around Yuuri, and somehow finding the right words to say within those brief pauses.

The beauty of the pause here is that it seems to be a tentative one. The theme is love? Why did it become love, now when I am working on him with this? Am I somehow making progress with this person? Viktor pauses for his own sake this time, because Yuuri’s theme caught him off-guard.

But after all this time, Viktor is better with Yuuri, and his response is:

He reacts positively to Yuuri and supports his decisions. He has learned to relate with Yuuri better, and continues to be kind to him. He knows how to say yes to Yuuri’s decisions in the best way possible.

Here is another of my favourite scenes, purely because of Viktor’s word choices.

“Perfect” and “the best theme” – Viktor’s words are encouraging and uplifting, and I can perfectly imagine how they can affect Yuuri and motivate him.

Episode 5 is yet another gift of an episode where, for the first time, we hear Viktor think. And boy, he thinks a lot, and now we know that he does think a lot before doing and saying things in regards to Yuuri. We know he does not always agree with his student:

Yet at the end of the day, still makes the conscious decision to accept and support him.

We can see how this endeared Viktor to Yuuri. I mean look at the boy’s face in that last frame. He’s so happy, he actually cried. Viktor’s constant affirmation helped Yuuri grow and be more confident in himself. While I do believe that Viktor is naturally warm and a very kind person deep down, and while providing Yuuri this kind of positive regard is not contradictory to his personality, it’s wonderful to think that he still had to learn and develop these things in himself as well.

Now, of course Viktor isn’t perfect. He slipped in episode 7 and said the wrong thing. But, as Yakov said, Viktor still had a lot to learn, but it’s heartening to see him keep at it, isn’t it?

Lol, he even does this silent pause thing during their engagement. There was a good pause there, but then again maybe it was just shock. He’s been quiet even during the time that they bought the rings, and pretty much just followed Yuuri in a daze (I assume) up to the last moment. He doesn’t even talk until Yuuri prompts him.

Viktor still says something good, though - probably the best that could be said given the circumstances and given what Yuuri said. He has also grown quite a lot. Somewhere along the way, he learned to speak Yuuri’s language, and it is just a beautiful thing to watch.

A really really long night vale theory part 2

so a bit ago after episode 108 was released i finally put a theory that i had been juggling around in my mind for a while onto paper and i got a shocking amount of positive feedback on it now that episode 109 is out i would like to make a follow up and take a look at what i got right, what i got wrong, and how to proceed from there.

what i got right

1983 was destroyed by a cold war era nuclear bomb

  • my initial claim was based on how cecil spoke about the impending end of the world in episode 76 [Best Of?], that he spoke of it urgently, like there wasnt enough time to escape their inevitable future but enough time to speak to his listeners one last time. It was not an instantaneous apocalypse, as he was able to broadcast his goodbyes, and it wasnt a slow apocalypse as he spoke like he was already out of time.
  • In episode 109 huntokar says “I could see it as it was about to happen, i could see the flash and the tower of fire, the heat that transforms a body into only its shadow. The slow sickness and the dying of crops, I could see starvation and a winter thst would not end”.
  • Heres some technical stuff about the effects post bomb:
  • the flash and tower of fire refers to the moment of impact when the bomb goes off and the mushroom cloud left behind it.
  • a nuclear shadow refers to the imprint left in a persons shadow after being hit with a nuclear bomb. A nuclear bomb can vaporize a person nearly instantly, but the impact doesnt bend around them. Look at your shadow, its there because the sun cant pass through you. A nuclear bomb emits thermal radiation that bleaches anything it comes in contact with, since the human body absorbs those rays the shadow behind them is left completely untouched. The only remnants of the victim is the very shadow they left at the time of their demise. Terrible, isnt it?
  • the slow sickness and dying of crops is radiation poisoning. The symptoms cal showed in 108 were vomiting, spontaneous bleeding, hair loss, and severe fatigue. All of these symptoms are commonly associated with radiation poisoning.
  • post nuclear fallout there is something known as nuclear winter, which was a term coined in 1982 in fact. The fire inevitably left behind from a nuclear bomb would produce smoke that would rise into thr upper stratosphere and be heated by the sun and blanket the earth. This blocks out the sun causing the surface temperature of earth to drop drastically.
  • although huntokar never explicitly SAYS nuclear bomb… Its a nuclear bomb.

the relationship between the distant prince, the woman from italy, and huntokar

  • granted, i just said they ARE related, not how
  • but now we know that theyre all gods older than time
night vale is in a separate reality from the rest of the world
  • admittedly im super excited about this one, the rest of the theory had come up as a result of episode 108 but ive believed night vale to exist in a different reality since the strex arc so it feels super good to be proven right.
  • my previous theory stated mt belief that night vale isnt in the same reality as the rest of us foe a handful of reasons
  • most notably, night vale is just weird. But thats not news
  • after the events of a certain valentines day the people of night vale had reached out to the american government for help, but the government brushed it off as some kind of prank calling their distress cry “creative”. Additionally as its been shown many times before, although they exist, cecil doesnt know states. In episode 106 filings he sees a map of america that the new intern brought in. He said it was america but it was wrong somehow, the states were wrong. This displays a disconnect between night vale and the rest of the world, while they can communicate and acknowledge one another neither is fully aware of the other at any given time.
  • time is weird in night vale, starting with cecil broadcasting the actual founding of night vale on night vale community radio before the radio existed, broadcasting the story of his fling with marconi while he was still inventing the radio, the both slow and inconsistent rate at which cecil ages, carlos said it himself. Time just doesnt work in night vale. In episode 55 university of what it is a representative from the college comes to night vale looking for carlos saying hes been missing for decades. At that point carlos had only been in night vale for, what, three years? And yet hes been missing for forty to the rest of the world.
  • in this episode however im proven correct, in an attempt to save night vale huntokar removed in from the reality in which the world was about to end and put it somewhere else,in a different reality entirely. Not only do we know for certain that night vale isnt in our reality but we even know WHY its not! Thats so much more than i could have possibly hoped for

i couldnt be happier. Finally after four years my disconnected reality theory is confirmed. Im proud but im also terrified of the implications.

This theory is about the state of night vale and maybe, just maybe, somewhere else.

A misunderstanding during the cold war when a test bomb drop was mistaken for a real one leading to america and the ussr to launch their arsenal of nuclear weapons at one another. This is the bomb that approached night vale to obliterate it. Huntokar was a merciful god and decided to save her town from it on impulse, pulling night vale from reality a (our reality) and putting it into reality b (night vales reality). The consequence of this however was that the reality among all possible night vales cracked and merged. All of the realities merging together is likely the reason for all the weird stuff that happens in night vale, they arent blended together smoothly, chances are certain realities are more profound in certain places than others. For instance, the house that doesnt exist. The reality is mixed in that though visible its less prevalent than the reality in which it doesnt exist. (In my initial theory I had proposed that huntokar, the woman from italy, and the distant prince were trying to merge the realities, while im not wrong in the fact that theyre combining it seems that it wasn’t an intentional thing.)

While some realities assimilated entirely into others, SOME didnt mix in that way. Some are still defined travel between is possible but ill advised. While some night vales remained night vale i believe its possible that some, a certain one in particular, didnt.

The peace among the gods is a delicate treaty, other more malicious gods are fascinated by night vale, in order to protect her true night vale huntokar offered them certain versions of night vale for them to play out their sadistic fantasies. I want you to consider the following very carefully: desert bluffs.

Desert bluffs is obviously invariably linked to night vale, mirror roles, mirror events… Remember who ruled desert bluffs, who ruled strex.

A smiling god.

We havent heard from kevin or thought about desert bluffs in a while but remember him? The smiling god, regardless of his smile he was clearly malicious manipulating the residents into joining strex and enslaving themselves to its violence and it’s evil. He then tried to take night vale as well.

I think its possible, likely even, that desert bluffs was once another night vale, given to the smiling god to appease him and stop him from harming huntokars night vale. He used it as his canvas to play out the strex arc watching the residents futile resistance against an inevitable future.

Newcomers Pt 21

Oolana ran and embraced her husband who for all his reserved nature could not hide his shock and joy at her appearance in their doorway. Selan being there too was too much and she embraced them all or tried to with her short arms and wept, her family was alive and safe. She would morn the loss of her two older sons but not only had the two younger ones survived but her husband too. She prayed her thanks to Oril the mother god for bringing her family back.

“Well this is a step up for us” she remarked some hours later enjoying a drink the Humans called tea. It was part of the food distribution that was handed out.

“Yes the Humans have been rather generous, they also offered father a new arm” Creten stated.

“Where is it then?” she asked Malthos who did not answer and only grunted.

“Oh I see, there is no shame in accepting”

“It is surrender” he said harshly “I will not submit to these creatures”

“But you do eat the food they give us” Creten said and his father looked at him both angry and surprised he was standing up to him.

“Food is to survive, offering such things as to give father an arm is to try and turn us against our own kind” Selan said coming to her father’s defence.

“I think the High Chiefs are doing a better job of that than the Humans” Creten shot at his sister and the two glared at each other.

“So Creten” Oolana said trying to change the topic of discussion “I saw you talking to a crowed of people when I arrived, what were you saying?”

“Are you still preaching that bullshit!” Malthos screamed getting to his feet.

“It is not bullshit, you only call it that because you disagree with me” Creten shouted back getting to his own feet, his father still towered over him but Creten shoot his ground.

“What you are preaching is traitorous!” Selan shouted getting in on the argument “You are a traitor!”

“To whom?!” Creten asked.

“Your own kind!” she stated as if obvious.

“What I purpose is for the betterment of our kind so how is that traitorous?”

“The High Chiefs-” his father started.

“The High Chief’s are not the whole of the Benemar! When was the last time they even left that city of theirs? Do they even truly understand or even know what is going on? Have you ever met one of them? Has anyone?”

Malthos and Selan had no immediate answer to that and Creten pressed his point.

“Exactly they sit there in big home and in eat their large meals, they are the trait-” he never finished his sentence as his father had struck him, being small he was lifted off his feet and thrown into the wall.

“You really are living up to your names meaning” Malthos said advancing on him “Unwanted one”

“A name I now bare with pride, for who said I ever wanted you for a father” he said quickly getting to his feet and running out the door.

Oolana stood, she had been stunned to silence by this argument and it was one they had clearly had had multiple times as if this was rehearsed. She went to her husbands side and he looked at her as if she would approve but she kept her face stern.

“I have lost two children because of the lessons you taught them and forced them to accept. I will not loose a third because of you” she looked at her daughter to signify that meant her as well and then went out the door after her son.

Creten had disappeared into he crowd mumbling and cussing to himself, he cared for his father but he hated him to, he was always so dismissive of anything he had to say and that infuriated him.

“Creten?” he heard his name and looked to see a Human looking down at him.

“It is you, Creten” the human said hugging him but he said nothing as he did not recognise this one.

“Oh right, you wouldn’t recognise me” she laughed “It’s me, Karen”

“Karen” he shouted and leapt into her arms again “I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you”

“You are not alone, I’m sure my own mother wouldn’t recognise me now” Karen pushed him away to look at his face and saw the large bruise appearing on the side of his face.

“Your father?” she asked and he nodded and she embraced him again kissing his head. “Come, let’s find somewhere quieter”

She walked with him to a bar and although he may be an adult by Benemar standards to Humans he was still under age so could only have soft drinks. Not that he mind as the sugar content was like nectar to him.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

“Humans don’t stay at the front forever, we are rotated and it was my turn to have some time off as they say. But I want to talk about you, you have been making waves” she smiled.

“Sorry” he said looking down.

“Don’t be, keep doing what you’re doing, even Jenkins said that he thinks you will do great things”

“Captain Jenkins said that?” his eyes wide.

“Oh yeah, as Humans say, stir the pot once in a while, cause a bit of chaos, challenge everything” she grinned “Why do you think we all liked you so much?”

He lowered his gaze again “Humans are easier to talk to”

“How so?”

“You don’t…judge or jump to conclusions or interrupt anyone when they are talking even if you don’t agree with them”

Karen laughed “Firstly, everyone judges everyone else, it’s natural. When I first saw a Benemar I judged that your kind were idiots, a few I first met did nothing to sway that but over time I have been proven wrong. Secondly, jumping to conclusions is again natural we all do it, I have done so more than once in my life but the best you can do is not make it control your every encounter. As for interrupting…well that’s just rude don’t do it. I have met a lot of Benemar since coming to Bento Prime and I can honestly say although we may look different, especially now, we can be very much alike. You just need to show people that there are better ways to live than always being strong. Live lives that will make the world a better place than when you found it”

Creten looked up at her “See a lot of my kind don’t talk like that”

“Not a lot of Humans talk like that, I do because I read to the point of madness, you ever heard of tumblr?”


“Good stay away from it it’s the cesspool of humanity but it has a lot of good fiction stories I’ve spent sooooo much time reading it drives my wife mad”

“Your…your wife?” Creten asked confused thinking he had misheard.

“Yes my wife, I know I’m married shocking isn’t it. It had to be quick ceremony though as the invasion was about to start”

“You’re married…to a…female?”

“Yes?” Karen looked down confused then it clicked “Oh right, um…listen first of, when a mummy and a daddy who love each other very much–”

“No no I know about all that”

“Oh thank god” Karen said burying her head in her hands “Well in Human culture it is not unusual for those of the same gender to have relations and get married” Karen froze expecting the worst.

“Oh..okay….do you have any children yet?”

That caught her off guard “Wait” she said scrutinizing him “You accepted that awfully quickly”

“You explained it awfully quickly”

Karen smiled wide and placed her hand on his shoulder “You are a credit to your race you now that? I think Hopkins was right, after this war is over, this world will need you more than you know”

The reason for her surprise was that such actions were forbidden in the Alliance and actively scorned and even prosecuted by some. The Benemar as well had purge all those they thought were afflicted less they in their minds pollute the gene pool.

“Creten” his mother called from the entrance and ran inside to hug him.

She had found him by asking a Human guard and he had used the Link to ask if anyone in the city had seen him and Karen had responded. All this while they had been talking.

“Mother, this is my friend Karen, she looked after me before we came to Geeda”

Oolana knew what that meant, this Karen was part of the attack that saw her home town burned to the ground. “Nice to meet you” she gingerly greeted.

“Pleasure to meet you too” Karen said shaking her hand “You have a fine son here, you must no doubt be very proud”

“I am” she replied without pause.

“Well Creten, I shall no doubt see you again soon but for now I leave you in the care of your mother. If you would excuse me I am meeting someone very special and she is probably wondering where I am” Karen straightened herself and left with Creten and his mother watching her go.

“Wonder who she is going to meet” Oolana speculated.

“Her wife probably”

“Her what?”

Creten let short laugh and began explaining it to her as they made their way back home.

In The Dark

Been a rough 48hrs, but I kept thinking about these pieces by @yuutayo and decided to write something inspired by his art once more :)

- - - - 

Jesse can’t tell which voice belongs to who anymore. There’s taunting, cheering and a few requests to ‘knock it off’. He tastes blood on his tongue and his jaw feels loose. His shirt is even slipping off one of his shoulders from being stretched. There’s a grip on his arm and then another fist clashes with his jaw. He grins and gazes at his opponent through his bangs. Jesse attacks and lands his punch. More cheers erupt around them when they tackle the other to the floor. Jesse lands on top, settled on the other guy’s hips and pulls his fist back for another assault.

A familiar, strong hand grabs Jesse by the wrist and pulls him up as if he weighted nothing. He’s pushed against the wall and suddenly everyone falls silent and steps back.

“What the hell is going on here?!” Gabriel barks to his agents and some lower their heads. He looks at the man still laying on the floor before looking at McCree. “I asked a question, soldiers!”

“Milton got handsy.” Jesse smirks down at the agent while blood drips from his nose.

“Fuck off, McCree!” Milton barks and Gabriel notices his swollen lip as he scrambles to his feet.

“Who threw the first punch?!” Reyes asks, causing both agents to startle.

“McCree,” Milton quickly says.

Reyes inspects his surroundings. The other agents still stand near, bowing their heads. A few nod when their commander looks over to them, but no one gives explanation. Gabriel knows his men and women don’t rat each other out that easily, but seems the options here are limited.

“Everyone dismissed. Milton and McCree stay.” Gabriel’s tone lowers, yet they still spread through the hallway until everyone is gone. “One of you is going to tell me what the hell happened, before I ask.”

They hesitate. Milton rubs the back of his neck and Gabriel narrows his eyes on him, knowing he is starting to feel guilty about his actions.

“He bitched about me taking his place in the Dorado mission.”

“Language.” Gabriel looks at Jesse, then at Milton.

“With all due respect, sir. I’ve been working hard for this mission. It’s going to take us maybe a week of stakeout and I thought I was the right one for this.”

“You were.”

Milton seems like he’s going to say something in return, but stops himself.

“As much as I hate to admit it, McCree has proven good at hiding in plain sight. He will know how to get lost in the crowd for days. We could use that kind for this mission.”

“Ha, told ya,” Jesse elbows Milton who stiffens.

“McCree,” Gabriel says sharply. “But you won’t be bored, Milton, there’s an upcoming mission in Illios I assigned you for. Not only will you be perfect for it, it can help you improve in other areas. This concern of yours should have been directed to me, not your teammate. Much less in this matter.”

Milton swallows, “Understood, sir. I apologize.”

“Dismissed, agent.”

“Yes, sir.” Milton walks away without another word and Jesse watches him with a proud smile.

“Wipe that smile off your face.” Gabriel steps closer. “You started a fight because of that?”

Jesse’s grin fades. “He asked if my legs hurt after spending so much time on my knees in front of ya.”

Gabriel’s nostrils flare. “You know that’s not true. You could have told him to take it with me or talked about it yourselves.”

Jesse scuffs, “like he wasn’t right.”

“He isn’t. You know I’ve stayed fair, McCree. It’s you who makes me think has taken advantage of this.”

“Yeah, like people will believe I have taken advantage of the super soldier.” Jesse rolls his eyes as he leans against the wall and laughs.

Gabriel’s brow twitches before he grabs Jesse by the dog tags around his neck and pulls him closer. The action makes Jesse grin in victory when he should be squirming. The trail of blood has marked his lips and Gabriel is tempted to kiss it away, along with this cocky smile. “You always have the option to back out. You’ve even said it yourself, I’m still the same hardass you met in Rout 66. It’s you who believes no one can touch you because you get on your knees for me, that’s why you throw these tantrums.” He lets go of the dog tags and Jesse falls back against the wall again. “This is something I would have expected from you when you joined, not now. You’re proving to be what everyone else thought then. If you are not going to change at all, let me know, pendejo.”

Jesse stops smiling, but his eyes turn wicked. Gabriel grimaces to the gaze and stomps away. He can feel young eyes on him, trailing his curves and counting the steps he takes. He also knows Jesse’s guessing how many steps it will take Gabriel to return.

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utterly irrational

olicity | prompt: mayor oliver queen doing an obstacle course for charity, (much to felicity’s enjoyment)
set in a happy time nearing the end of season 5, with olicity reconnected
inspired by this post. dedicated to @imusuallyobsessed :)

tagging: @scu11y22 @misaralullaby @ddiamondeyes @maryhn @ladyimara @felicityschattycathy @lovethishealthylife @tjmartinez98 @felicityollies @theirhappystory @lucyyh @muslimsmoak @almondblossomme (if you wanna be tagged/untagged, let me know :)

It’s irrational.

She has like five years of watching Oliver Queen be a physical wonder under her belt.

Five years of him working out, muscles flexing, sweat-drenched skin, steel-focused gaze. Of plain t-shirts that cling tighter and tighter to his defined physique the more he pushes himself. And let’s not forget the bulging biceps that strain sleeves to a breaking point as he hammers that damn tire right in front of her work station.

And then there’s the whole new level of bittersweet torture that is shirtless Oliver Queen working out to her. For her. (Because why else would he ever need to do push ups from the damn pipes on the ceiling right over her chair?)

So yes, considering all the completely unfair, and borderline rude, exposure she’s had to Oliver’s everything –especially taking into account the vast amount of time that she hadn’t been privy to the touch–, her body’s reaction right now is utterly irrational.

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Snog Me Senseless 2

A/N:  Snog Me Senseless was supposed to be a one shot, but then I got more requests for a part 2.  So I combined SMS part 2 with this request.  I can picture parts 3 and 4 already, but only if people really want them.  Let me know what you think please!  I’m not going to mark this as NSFW, but it is sweetly smutty in its own way.  

As always, a HUGE thank you to my betas, @little-black-dress-24,  @niallandharrymakemestrong and @emulateharry.  I consider myself blessed every day to have landed in this supportive community of writers. Next time for sure, @melissas173!!!

You sigh as Harry’s lips gently part yours, and your hands reach to wrap around his neck, pulling his mouth closer to yours as you slide your tongue along his. He’s wrapped his left arm around your waist, and he’s leaning into you, using his slight height advantage to bend your head back as he deepens the kiss. Your emotions are swirling.  

It had only been a week since the frat party where you first learned to snog, and you had been practicing every day since with Harry.  Whereas his tongue had felt foreign inside your mouth the first time, you now relished the times when he kissed you like this, breathing through your respective noses to prolong the amount of time you could stay attached to each other.  It was nearly lunchtime, and Harry’s stomach was growling.  You hear the rumble and giggle a bit as you manage to move the gum he’s been chewing into your mouth as you end the kiss.  

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Father’s Daughter.

Titled: ‘Father’s Daughter’ 

Pairing: Gaston x reader

Word Count: 1709 

Summary: Your daughter, Cecile is being pushed around by one of the village boys and Gaston suggests sending Sebastien after him but then quickly realizes that won’t be necessary. 

A/N: Thought this would be such a cute fic idea! So here you go!! 

Warnings: Daddy!Gaston feels, Gaston/Luke Evans feels, FLUFF, slight angst,  etc. 

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Gaston has never been one to be ashamed to admit anything, and he especially liked to brag about having a family of his own someday. Alongside the woman he held dearest to his heart. So far you and him have just done that. Your first born son name’s was Sebastien, he was twelve years old. Christopher, not too far behind, your second born son, was nine years old. Cecile, she was your first born daughter, and she had just celebrated her seventh birthday. A year after Cecile was born, you welcome your third son, who you named Henri, and he was six. And your youngest, was your second born daughter, Felicite who was only one years old. So you already had your hands full. 

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The Donor Story - Part 4

*Alphys asks Faris to remove his trench coat and boots, then go lie down on the hospital bed as she leaves to arrange the equipment needed for the transplant. Faris does as he’s told and rests on the bed. Yousra stands beside him, taking his hand to assure him that she’d be there with him throughout the operation. Faris looks at her and forces a smile. He couldn’t help but still be nervous. His attention shifts when he hears Alphys return, rolling a machine into the room. She places it between the two beds, careful not to hit the other existing devices that were monitoring Andrew*

Yousra: *glances at her* What is that?

Alphys: *steps back* Th-This? *pats the machine* This is a transfusion device. It was used primarily for blood transfers, but I modified this one specifically for soul transplants. A little something I prepared just for your friend. It’s concealed with magic, so it can be used like an incubator to avoid soul degeneration. A-After what happened to part of his soul fragment, I had to craft something that would keep the rest of his fragment intact during the transplant, s-so I thought a blood transfusion device would suffice~ I made sure to have it sterilized before we use it *she then comes close to Faris’ side* Now Faris, when we do the transplant, you will be put under sedation. I-It’ll help you relax, and you won’t be awake while your fragment’s being transported. But before we can proceed, I-I want to be sure that you are absolutely okay with this.

Faris: *looks across the room toward Andrew* Do you think that the magic I have stored in my fragment will be enough to heal him..?

Alphys: Magic does wonders, e-even in small doses. I-It’s been proven to cure human ailments, including cancer. I’m positive your magic alone will heal his body *her brows crease as she looks over Faris’ doubtful expression* Are you that concerned about your magic?

Faris: It’s just… In my past life, our former human ruler fell gravely ill, and none of our magic could heal him.. I’m worried that I won’t be able to heal the donor..

*Alphys frowns over the mentioning of the former ruler, and she bows her head, her eyes downcast*

Papyrus: *barges into the conversation* Faris, haven’t you heard??

Faris: *looks over at Papyrus* About what?

Papyrus: The latest update on human *he quiets down when he sees Alphys wave her arms at him, signaling him to not talk about it right now* Ah.. Err.. Nevermind..?

Faris: Okay, what’s going on? What is it you two aren’t telling me?

Alphys: *flinches, and she turns around with a broken smile* Ah… I-It’s nothing. Now’s not the time to really be bringing it up. W-We’ll talk about it after the transplant.

*Faris squints at her. What was Papyrus about to say? Maybe it really wasn’t the best time to talk about it.. so he let it slide for now*

Faris: ..Fine..

Alphys: N-Now don’t worry about your magic. As I said before, magic has helped m-many patients before Andrew. Trust me, I doubt you’ll have any complications.

Faris: ..Okay.. If you say so.

Alphys: So.. are you ready for this?

*Faris doesn’t speak up. He just gives a little nod*

Alphys: Okay.. *she shifts over to gather an oxygen mask* I’m going to secure this over your mouth. It will help you fall asleep *she fastens the mask over Faris’ face*

Faris: *voice muffled by the mask* Will this hurt?

Alphys: You shouldn’t feel any pain. O-Of course, I don’t know how it’ll be for you once your fragment is completely separated from Sans’ soul.

Faris: How comforting…

Alphys: W-We’ll try to make your passage quick and safe for you.

Faris: Mm..

*his eye sockets begin to droop. The sedative is starting to take effect on his consciousness. His grip on Yousra’s hand loosens. Yousra strokes his head with her free hand to help soothe him. Alphys steps away to meet with Andrew on the other side of the room. She has the sedative travel from the ventilator straight into his airway through the nasal cannulas. Andrew gazes up at her*

Andrew: You’ve been a good doctor and a wonderful friend, Dr. Alphys.. Thank you for taking care of me..

Alphys: *she smiles and wipes behind her glasses when she feels a bit of water well up in her eye* You stayed strong, Andrew. I’m very proud of you..

*Andrew smiles, then shuts his eyes. He sinks back into his pillow, falling into a deep sleep*

Alphys: Goodbye, Andrew.. *she runs her hand over his scalp, then checks on the monitor, making sure that he is stable. She remains silent as she prepares the transplant. She places her hand close to Andrew’s chest, and in time Andrew’s soul emerges from within. It displays a triad of colors: orange, green, and blue. Alphys takes a thin tube from the transfusion device, tipped with a needle, and she carefully sticks the needle into his soul. She then goes over to Faris and repeats, sticking another needle into the dark spot of the soul. She stands by her machine and has her hand hovered over the switch*

Alphys: …Here we go… *she activates the machine*

*The machine warms up before it starts extracting the darkness from V(Sans)’s soul. As the dark spot shrinks, it is replaced by a faint grey color, as if the fragment was leaving behind a bruise mark. Once the soul is completely filtered of the darkness, the smoke stops flowing from underneath Faris’ eyelids. Faris’ fragment now resides in the machine as it is being transported straight into Andrew’s soul*


*Faris’ eyes open. He wakes up in a vast, empty space. He looks around him*

Faris: Where.. am I..?

???: So.. this is what you really look like.

*Faris turns toward the source of the voice and finds a young man standing before him. Wavy blonde locks cover over his forehead, and his eyes shine like emeralds. His jawline is masked by thin hairs. He’s wearing a vertically striped long sleeve and tight pants. Faris cocks his head, then looks down at his own hands. They are clawed and seeping smoke, just like his original form.. He has entered into Andrew’s preconscious, taking on the appearance of his original body. Who he saw before him must have been how Andrew looked before the sickness overtook him*

Andrew: That’s pretty cool.. You hold a close resemblance to the Chiroptera. You know, bats?

*Faris swipes his hand over the smoked fluff around his neck*

Faris: I’m very familiar with that comparison.. *he scans Andrew from head to toe* So.. you are the donor.

Andrew: *outspreads his arms* Surprise, heheh.. Yeah… It’s amazing what the treatments can do to you when you’re fighting cancer.

Faris: Sorry..

Andrew: Come on, don’t give me that guilt. It isn’t your fault.. These things.. they just happen when you least expect it.. and.. it sucks.. So that’s why you gotta live life to the fullest, ‘cause you never know what could happen down the road.

Faris: ..Yeah..

*Andrew approaches him, extending a hand out*

Andrew: I want you to take good care of this shell.. and take good care of yourself. You’ve got family out there waiting for you.

Faris: *looks down at Andrew’s hand, then up at his face* Thank you–

Andrew: *smiles* Andrew *calls himself*

Faris: ..Faris..

Andrew: *bobs his head* Good seeing you, Faris.

Faris: … *his face loosens into a smile* Same to you.. *he reaches out to take Andrew’s hand, but before he could grasp it, Andrew suddenly vanishes* ..! Andrew? *he looks around* ..Andrew..?! *he notices his surroundings start to waver and misshapen. Even his own appearance was fading in and out* What’s happening..?


*Andrew’s monitor starts blaring. Alphys whips her head over to the noise*

Alphys: Oh no… *she rushes over to his side in a panic* No no no no no!

Yousra: *hurries away from V’s body over to Andrew’s* What’s going on??

*A group of hospital employees come crowding into the room. Papyrus’ jaw is agape as he watches the employees scramble. He backs away, giving them space to work. One of the employees pulls the needle out of Andrew’s soul and begins applying pressure to Andrew’s chest in a rhythmic motion using their palms. Another person removes the nasal cannulas and holds a resuscitation bag over Andrew’s mouth, occasionally pumping air into him*

Yousra: What’s happening?!

*a rabbit monster gently pushes Yousra away from the activity*

Rabbit Monster: Miss, I’m gonna have to ask you to stand out in the hall please.

Yousra: Tell me what’s happening! Is Faris okay??

Rabbit Monster: *tries to keep their voice steady* Please do as I say and leave this room now or I will be forced to call security *attempts to guide Yousra out, but she slaps them away with her scarf*

Yousra: No! I told Faris that I would be with him!

Papyrus: *puts his hand on her shoulder* Yousra…

*Yousra glances up at Papyrus, her eyes glazed over. Her body trembles, trying to keep her composure. Papyrus looks back at her with sympathetic eye sockets. Another hospital worker, this time a human male, forces the two out of the room*

Human male: We’ll do what we can for your friend. Please wait out here *he hurries back inside, sliding the door shut and pulling the curtain so Yousra and Papyrus can’t see*

*Yousra stares at her own reflection on the glass. She looks terrified. She had no idea what was going on, but she hoped that Faris would pull through okay. Being separated from him like this made her feel sick. She gets down on her knees and bundles herself in her scarf*

*back inside the room, the hospital workers strip Andrew’s body of his patient gown, exposing primarily his chest area. The human male charges up a defibrillator and asks everyone to back away as he places the electrode pads over the chest and sends a shock into Andrew’s body*


*Faris is frantically looking around as the empty world around him is collapsing. For a brief second, he spots Andrew before him. His figure flickers a few times before it takes on a solid form again*

Faris: Andrew? What happened??

Andrew: Th-There’s no time.. please.. you must claim my body now.. or we’ll both die *his hand is shaking as he reaches for Faris’*

*Faris watches him, then firmly grasps his hand. Just as they make contact, they are both swallowed by a bright light*

Sweet Tears Pt.3

Jungkook x Reader { Cat Hybrid Au! } (a)(f)(eventual smut) 

Warnings: Mature themes, Language, Abuse, Violence

Who could have known that taking home a hybrid would change ones whole life? How could y/n have guessed he would affect her so much? All she wants to do is help, but she doesn’t even know if he’ll let her.

Wordcount: 10k+

**Ah~ It’s finally here! Honestly, the next part will probably be up faster than this one was, so that’s good. Anyway, I hope you like this chapter, and you know i love feedback and hearing from you guys, so tell me how it was.



Previously: “It does involve me because he’s my hybrid. He may not have a collar yet, but he’s definitely not filth or unwanted. And he doesn’t want, or need, your help. Don’t come near him or I again, or so help me, you won’t be having “fun” anytime soon.” You spat the words out, turning around hand in hand with the hybrid who silently followed behind you.

After taking a few steps, you spun around and spoke one last time, making your presence and voice as dominant and intimidating as you could.

“And that whole talk of bitches and who could get the most, I don’t even wanna hear about it. I mean honestly, you’ve never had anybody come to you except when they’ve been in heat, and even then I bet they still aren’t begging you.” Smirking as you spoke your last comment, you turned around for the last time, making your way back to your apartment, leaving Jaebum and Jackson frozen in the middle of the hall, confused on what just happened.

You went down the hall to your apartment, mumbling in anger to yourself on the way.

“How could they do that to anyone?” Your voice would come out hushed and fast, the thoughts of your mind slipping past your lips every second.

The way that they acted was horrible, and you knew what you saw was just the surface. If they could say all of that in the hallway, a place where people could publicly see and hear them, you could only imagine what they were like behind closed doors. The tone of their voices and the position they put the hybrid in replayed over and over in your head. Each time the memory passed through your mind, you would feel sick. A wave of anger and disgust washing over you, building and building, with no end in sight.

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Brown Cardboard Box

Characters: Dean x sister!reader, Sam [mentioned], Lisa + Ben.

Words: 2400-ish.

[Previous character death.] - That’s the only warning I can think of really.

A/N: Hey guys! Guess who wrote a fic instead of studying for a Spanish test? Anyways, I started re-watching season 6, because I wanted watch a few souless!Sam episodes, and after 6x01 I got this idea. So the fic takes place in between season 5 and 6. 

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Your name: submit What is this?

Sometimes you imagined what it would be like if you didn’t live the life. Wondering. Making up your own little scenarios and such. How you would live in Lawrence, and how you would have actually grown up there, how you would maybe have a pet (probably a dog, satisfying Sam’s everlasting love for them), how you would have childhood friends, how you would do sports in school. How you would all graduate and then how you would go to college. Grow up. Meet a partner (hopefully). Maybe have a family of your own someday.

Now, in this very moment, you were standing here with a brown cardboard box in your embrace. A single brown cardboard box containing whatever sad excuse of a wardrobe you had, as well as the few things that actually were yours. Photos, diaries, a gun and so on. You were moving into your own place. You never thought the day would come.

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Totally radical thought here, but has anyone ever considered supportive Keith encouraging Shiro to pursue Lance after learning he likes him? Like, sure, he and Lance had a bit of a rough start, but being in constant contact with one another has opened his eyes to how genuinely good of a person Lance is–how he cares so much about people, putting so much effort into making sure they’re okay and healthy, often at the expense of his own well-being–and he’s noticed how dramatically Shiro’s improved mentally after spending time with him. He’s good for Shiro. And anyone who makes his pseudo-brother smile like /that/ is A-ok in his book.

So when he decides to bring up Shiro’s, quite frankly, embarrassing pining–'Seriously, Shiro, do yourself a favor and stop feeling sorry for yourself. He /likes/ you; go get him.‘–he sets about planning ways for them to be alone. Much to Shiro’s mild horror. But honestly Keith is so done, it’s time for action.

He conspires with Allura to set them up for joint missions, often requiring the two of them to work closely and for long periods of time. The latest mission, a recovery stint to some asteroid for a mineral Keith doesn’t actually believe exists, has proven successful: Upon their return to the Castle, both Shiro and Lance were smiling, their laughter echoing down the halls.

Keith was satisfied to note they looked relatively unscathed, if a little dirty, but most importantly, happy. He nodded to himself, and commenced with the next step.

At dinner (or breakfast/lunch/scheduled snack times), he makes sure the only available seat is right next to Lance; the chairs placed snug together so that Shiro has little chance of putting space between them. Lance doesn’t seem to mind, leaning into Shiro, sparing nothing for personal space, and softly digging his elbow into his side when he tries to draw the older man’s attention. Shiro, for all his initial, uncharacteristic shyness, doesn’t seem to mind either. In fact, he even manages to let himself go enough to crack jokes back at Lance when he sees the opportunity. (The look on Lance’s face is priceless: Eyes wide and shining with glee, mouth agape and slightly trembling. He’s dumbstruck and unable to form words, glancing frantically around the table to make sure everyone had paid attention.) Shiro is flustered but smug. Mouth stretched wide in a smile that showed all his sparkly white teeth.

It is the first of many nights where Shiro and Lance bond over shared humor. (Keith tallies another win.)

Hunk, Pidge, and Coran are eventually brought into the fold, offering their help and providing tips for the ongoing success of Operation Shance. (Read: Vacating rooms when both targets were present; causing mild mishaps that left them stuck together, often times literally; and in Pidge’s case, sly remarks of blatant innuendo.) Combined they’ve increased the odds of a confession exponentially. Everyone is proud.

When Shiro’s finally ready to confess–having endured weeks of well-meant torture–Keith makes himself scarce. The last he sees before he heads back to his room, is Shiro gently grabbing Lance by the elbow, head tilted down to whisper in his ear, and Lance’s eyes staring hopefully up at him.

He returns some hours later to find them both curled up on the couch, fast asleep and limbs tangled together.

He smiles and heads back to bed.


I had more towards the end there, but when I was copying it over, somehow a chunk of it went missing? Anyway, I might edit this a bit later–I’m on mobile right now, so I don’t know if there are any mistakes or whatever. Who knows, maybe I’ll remember how I originally wanted this to end ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for reading! ✌️

Be Strong (Amity!F!Reader X Eric Coulter)

Originally posted by effindivergenteric

It was rare to be unhappy in a place like Amity, especially if you were born there. Nobody really left the bright Faction because of it.
But somehow, unknown to nobody but yourself, you were sick of it all.
The fake smiles, the constant tranquility and the sickening amount of pure kindness that everyone seemed to love. You hated it all, because none of it was real. Nothing felt truthful, everything in Amity was like a cage- and you needed to be set free.
So the moment you turned 17, you took your chance at freedom without even the slightest hesitation. Your family felt betrayed, but all you felt was pure relief and joy.
Dauntless. Home of the brave and the free. Perfect for your future…
Or so you thought.

“Get up, Initiate! Unless you want to be Factionless, I suggest that you grow a pair of fucking balls!”
Eric. He was attractive, powerful, prideful and an absolute asshole. But he was your superior, and no matter how irritating he was, all you could do was nod and deal with it.
Another punch was sent straight to your jaw, and the flare of pain that followed it was no joke. A chorus of cheers followed your less than graceful fall onto the mat, but your ego was too damaged for you to care. Everyone hated you here- the pathetic little Amity who never speaks to anyone no matter how much they taunt and abuse her. You hated it, but knew that it was true. You tried to change, to be braver, stronger, less…Amity; but old habits die hard, and all you did was make a fool of yourself.

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Don't Forget (Poe Dameron x reader)

I finally finished my first star wars imagine, a Poe x reader! I’m really proud of this one 😊 keep sending me star wars request pls.
Aaanyway I never had a personal instagram, just a fan account one, so I wanted to start a personal one (Yay!) follow @hesragnorssoulmate on insta and I’ll follow you back! 🤗


(Y/n) and Ben Solo were both strong with the force, but unlike Ben, she wasn’t obsessed with it.
Her parents had sent Ben away with their uncle Luke when he said he wanted to train as a jedi. They offered her the training as well, but she refused. She’d rather train with her father and became a pilot. She spent years and years of her life inside the millennium falcon. When the falcon was stolen, she was devastated, but she eventually moved on and chose an X-wing.
The time Ben turned to the dark side, it was the worst time in her life. Han Solo left her and Leia, blaming himself for what happened. Luke went missing.
(Y/n) had lost her brother, uncle, and father in a matter of days.
Soon after that, The First Order started attacking the new republic, and that’s why (Y/n) and Leia started recruiting resistance pilots.
(Y/n) was the best pilot into the resistance. Until he came.
She was recruiting pilots from Yavin 4 when she met him.
“What’s you’re name?” (Y/n) had asked him the first time he met. He was cute, she thought.
“Dameron,” he answered with a wide grin, like a kid on his first day of school, “Poe Dameron.”
“All right, Poe, let’s see what you’ve got,” she had answered.
He climbed in the X-wing and lifted off.
He was good, (Y/n) thought.
But she was proven wrong as soon as Poe flew through his first obstacle.
He was really good.
He went through the track with ease. He didn’t even come close to hitting anything, something (Y/n) could never do on this godawful obstacle.
He came out of the fighter plane, his hair ruffled with a confident smile that said ‘I know I impressed you.’
It was the only thing she said that day.
Soon after Poe was recruited, he became the best pilot in the resistance, making (Y/n) fall for the second spot. She tried to hate him, she really did, but she just can’t.
She even became Poe’s best friend.
Her feelings grew for him over the years but she kept it hidden in fear that he did not return them.
She joined the fight against the first order that day.
No matter how many attacks they triggered on the x-wing, none of them hit her, because she knew the fighter plane in the back of her hand. She maneuvered sideways, making the blast that came from the first order fighter hit one of its own.
“Well done, (Y/n),” praised Poe through the headpiece. “Thanks,” she said confidently, the color red creeping into her cheeks. She can’t help but notice that Poe ever only congratulated her on a perfect maneuver, never anyone else.
She shook herself out of her thoughts. Get your head back in the game, (Y/n), she thought to herself.
And suddenly she felt it. A sudden pang in her chest like a rope was snapped and all the connections were lost. Something empty; something wrong with the force. She didn’t exactly know what it was but her mind went blank. She lost something, she knew, but she couldn’t tell what she lost.
“(Y/n)?(Y/n)!” someone shouted in her head. Who was it? Why does the voice sounded so familiar.
She snapped back into her self to find out that she was plummeting down. She frantically pulled the controller and lifted herself back up. She heard a sigh on the other end of the line.
“I-I’m sorry I was… distracted,” (Y/n) said, trying to explain the accident that nearly took her life.
That connection, that goddamn snapped connection was Han Solo.
How could she not have known?
When Rey told her what happened, she felt a hollowness in her heart, that she could finally understand what, or rather who, she was missing, along with the realization that she’ll never get him back.
Han was just never her father, he was also a mentor, a teacher, and someone to look up to.
Her father’s death really shook her.
The feeling strongest in her was guilt; guilt that she never went after her father, guilt that she was celebrating her victory over the starkiller base when her father was killed.
By her own brother.
She sworn that day that whoever he is now, he is not her brother, and she will bring Ben back from the ashes of Kylo Ren.
“General Organa,” saluted Poe. “Have you seen (Y/n)?”
“She’s in her room,” Leia said blankly. She could see that the general was scared. She was scared of losing (Y/n) after everyone else she lost. (Y/n) was her anchor in the world. All hope that’s left of in her. “Don’t bother. She won’t talk to anybody. Not Rey, not beebee-ate, not threepio. Not even me.” she said that last part with pain, like a thousand needles prickling her voice.
“I’ll have to try, general.”
A knock sounded on her door.
(Y/n) decided to ignore it. Must’ve been Rey again, or the annoying threepio who couldn’t help her grief, or beebee-ate trying to roll through her door. Or maybe it was Leia.
The knock sounded again. Man, whoever was behind the door was stubborn.
“Go away, mom,” she stiffled a cry from under her breath.
“It’s me, (Y/n),” said a familiar, soothing voice. “Poe,” she whispered under her breath. “Go away,” she urged him.
“No,” he said stubbornly from behind the door, “even if you don’t let me in, I’ll stay out here all day to annoy you.”
A soft click after a fair amount of silence was heard from the door as it slid open. “What do you want?” asked (Y/n). Her hair was messy, and her eyes were red from crying. She had a frown on her face.
But yet, he still thought she looked beautiful.
“I just want to talk,” said Poe. (Y/n) sighed and stepped away to let him in. When he got in, he did something unexpected.
He hugged her.
It was one of those hugs where they seem to melt into each other. His arms gripped her, leaving her breathless as he held onto her. (Y/n) lost track of where her body stops and Poe’s begin. With one last choking squeeze, Poe let her go, looking at fresh tears that stained her face.
But she didn’t want to let go.
This time, it was (Y/n) who embraced Poe, wrapping her arms around his neck as she engulfed herself into his shoulders, silently sobbing. Poe returned her gesture almost immediately, and it was clear neither of them would ever want to let go.
They stood there in each others’ arm, not saying a word, but Poe knows what she wants.
“Don’t let go,” begged (Y/n) urgently, softly digging her nails into his back. “I won’t,” He reassured.
“Stay with me,” sobbed (Y/n). Her voice was raspy, it almost sounded like a low growl, “Stay with me and make me forget about my father. Make me forget about my brother. Make me forget about my uncle. Make me forget about everyone. Everyone.”
Poe ran his fingers through her hair. They were not the softest hair Poe ever felt. Her hair was rough, worn out by battle and the helmets she put on her head and the radiation and smoke she worked with, but Poe did not care. It was hers, and everything about her makes him fall in love deeper every time. “Even me?” Asked Poe gently, “Do you want to forget about me, too?” There was a sharp edge in his voice, the kind of edge that can cut through glass.
“No,” she whispered quietly, “Not you.”
Poe smiled and kissed her forehead and breathed, “You don’t have to forget.” Poe pulled his head back to look at her tear-stained face, but his arms were still around her. “Do you who I see in your eyes?” Poe asked her.
“My father,” she guessed, a little choking sound at the edge, “Everyone always tells me that I have his eyes.”
To her surprise, Poe shook his head. “I see you, (Y/n),” said Poe, caressing her cheeks. “Han had the eyes of someone who regretted that he had forgotten so much. You have the eyes of someone who wants to forget,” Poe trailed her jaw gently, “Don’t forget, (Y/n). Don’t make the mistakes your father made. Make him-.”
Poe trailed off, afraid of what effect the word he was about to say brings to (Y/n).
That word echoed in her head endlessly, drowning in her thoughts. That was all she ever wanted to do. Make her father proud. “I want to,” (Y/n) gulped, lowering her head in the process,“Make him proud.”
“He already is,” Poe assured, tilting her head back into its original position, “I saw it in his eyes.”
For the first time that day, (Y/n)’s eyes twinkled. “You think so?”
Poe nodded and lifted his other hand to her cheek, so both of them were caressing her face. (Y/n)’s hand moved to his waist.
And hey stood there, not talking to each other, a cloak of silence separating them from everything else in the universe.
I love you, Poe wanted to say.
But he was going to save it for another moment.

Strictly Business (Part 9)

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

Reader/ Lay (Angst-Fluff)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Two days later you were getting ready for your graduation. 

Your mind kept traveling back to nights ago when Lay told you how he felt. You tried to tell yourself that it was just him talking out of his mind because he was tired. But you were proven wrong when he woke you up the next morning with a “Hello Beautiful.” He continued to bring up conversations about marriage, about staying together. You loved Lay, but you didn’t know if it was a love for you, or a love for his father’s business that prompted his affection. 

You finished your hair and went into your room to change into your dress. A simple white cocktail dress with nude heels to match. You grabbed your graduation gown and cap before leaving the room. Lay stood outside waiting for you.

“(Y/N), you look absolutely stunning.” He says before hugging you tightly. “Now we have a graduation to get to.”


You stood at the edge of the stage in your college’s auditorium, waiting for your name to be called. You felt like a nervous wreck, parading in front of hundreds of people wasn’t exactly your specialty. 

“(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N)”

With that, you walked across the stage, accepting your degree with a smile. You went back to your seat, patiently waiting for the other graduates’ names to be called. When you all received your degrees, you stood, throwing your graduation caps into the air. 

After this, you quickly went to find Lay and your family outside of the auditorium.

“I’m so proud of you.” Lay whispers as he hugs you. 

Your parents look at you with wide eyes before your mother asks who Lay is. 

“You remember Lay,” You say, “the boy from next door when I was younger.”

“Oh my goodness, Lay! Of course!” Your mother says, “I hear that you’re very successful now with your father’s business. How have you been?”

“I’ve been fantastic.” Lay says with a smile. 

“Have you already told Lay about your graduation party, (Y/N)?” She continues. “Lay, please come celebrate with us.” 

You were speechless. Your entire family would be there, even your extended family. That seemed like too much for Lay to handle.

“I would love to.” He says, smiling down at you. 

Your mother and father smiled, agreeing to meet the two of you at their house, where the party would be held.

Upon arriving with Lay, you were greeted by a large portion of your family, all of whom appeared to be shocked. It was a rightful expression, you too would be shocked if any of them walked into this event with the most successful bachelor in the country. 

The two of you walked around for a while, greeting your relatives, you thanking them for coming. Eventually, you saw Lay getting overwhelmed, and you excused the two of you to the kitchen. 

“I am so sorry.” You say. “You didn’t sign up for this.”

“Yes I did.” He says. “I mean I am your boyfriend aren’t I?”

Was he being serious, or was this part of the fake relationship facade? You couldn’t tell.

“If you’re okay with this being real that is.” He continues, smiling softly. 

You couldn’t hide the smile on your face as he spoke. 

“Yixing, of course.” 

He hugged you tightly, kissing your forehead. You suddenly heard squeals behind you. You turn around to find your aunt and cousin behind you. Lay began to blush. 

“I’ll let you catch up,” he says, “I’ll be right back.” 

You didn’t want him to leave you alone. Everyone has the relatives who cross too many boundaries, and these two were yours. 

“So, Zhang Yixing.” Your aunt says as Lay leaves the kitchen. 

You nod, scared to speak. 

“I knew that you would do great things,” Your cousin adds, “you always had to one up everyone else after all. But I never expected you to get someone so rich, and attractive.”

You could feel the blush rising on your cheeks. Your heart was pounding. 

“Exactly how many times did you have to sleep with him to get so close to him?” Your cousin continues. “I know you didn’t just charm him, especially not for a relationship, not when he’s that rich.”

You could feel the tears welling up in your eyes out of anger. You were unable to say anything without your voice cracking. Your cousin and aunt begin to laugh. 

“Actually, she didn’t have to sleep with me.”

The voice of your boyfriend rang out behind you, causing your aunt and cousin to lose all expression in their face.

“Her beauty and her kindness,” Lay says, wrapping an arm around your waist, “her intellect, and her love for me were enough to make me fall in love with her. And you and I both know that she doesn’t need my money.” 

With that, Lay escorted you out of the house and to his car. 

“If your parents ask, I got sick, and you took me home.” Lay says, opening the car door for you. 

When he gets in the car, he looks angry. You were still shaken up about what had happened, so you didn’t ask questions. 

When you got to his apartment, you immediately changed into your sleep clothes, then going to Lay’s room. You knock before going in. 


He was lying in his bed, facing away from the door. You laid down next to him, tracing shapes with your finger on his bare back.

“Lay?” You ask once again, causing him to roll over to face you. 

“I told you I wouldn’t let someone talk to you like you were a gold digger again.” He says quietly, brushing your hair behind your ear. 

“What did I do to deserve someone like you?”

“You showed up when I needed you most.” He says. “You made me fall completely in love with you. I could go on.” 

You smiled and buried your face into his chest. 

“Just promise one thing,” he adds, “don’t leave me when things get tough.” 

“I promise.” You say, cuddling closer to him.

Part 10? 

All I Wanted (Corey Graves x Reader)

**Author’s note: This idea had randomly been put together solely because THIS song reminded me of Corey for some reason. Hope you enjoy!

      Tonight was a huge night for me. After a year and a half as a “behind the scenes” assistant for Stephanie, I’d finally proven myself enough to my boss and co-workers. Tonight, I’d be making my debut on “Monday Night RAW’s” interview team alongside Charly Caruso.

    No thanks to my friend, Renee Young, I would have never been able to get my foot in the door. Although my Degrees in communications and journalism was certainly a plus. Throughout my time here I’d made friends with much of the talent, but one person in particular had a larger impact on me over the others.

     I sat in the makeup chair, staring at my reflection in disbelief. I was hardly ever the “glamorous” or “dressy” type. More of the “cozy jeans and hoodie” kinda girl. I would take my old beat up pair of converse over the height advantage of murderous high heels.

   My almost porcelain skin looked delicate in the burgundy dress, my hazel eyes popped with the flawless smokey eyes and my lips a bright shade of pink in contrast.

   I took a deep breath, running a hand through my tousled brown and blonde curls before hopping from the chair, figuring that I should probably find Charly so we could run over a few last minute things.

  As I walked out around the curtain, I couldn’t help but grin with the sight I was met with. My best friend, Corey was nonchalantly sat on the bench attached to the wall, lost in whatever was on his phone.

“Stalking me again, Graves?” I gave a playful glance of suspicion as I crossed my arms at him.

“Aren’t I allowed to-?” As he looked up at me with those striking blue eyes and signature smirk, he paused mid sentence as his eyes scanned over my 5”2 frame. “Can’t take the punk out of the girl, huh?”

     A dimpled grin lit up his face, along with an amused chuckle as he pointed to my barely heeled,studded combat boots.

“There was no way I was giving them the option to shove me into a pair of heels.” I shook my head with a slight blush when I noticed he hadn’t looked away.

“Well, you look absolutely incredible, the girls did a fantastic job.” He stood from the bench, 6”1 frame practically towering over me, hands shoved into the pockets of his cuffed charcoal grey dress slacks.

“I uh, thanks. I think?” I gave a small grin and ran my hands over the pleated burgundy skirt.

“I mean, not like they had to do too much work, yeah?” He smiled, showing his pearly whites.

    I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t developed some feelings for him over time. I’d also be stupid to risk the amazing friendship we’d made, which convinced me even more that his words were nothing more than a friendly compliment.

       We shared similar roots. He’d grown up in Pittsburgh and I had studied at Penn State. We had similar taste in music, style, and culture.

      We had spent many of three hour car rides between cities talking about anything and everything, singing along with our favorite songs, and not to mention the occasional coffee hunt.

  He had my back since day one, always looking out for me. Always checking up on me for the silliest reasons. Honestly? It was nice having someone like that on my side, someone who cared.

“You know, I’m really proud of you, right?” His voice was warm and caring as he walked alongside me down the winding hallway, “You’ve worked your ass off, and that’s a rare thing to come by.” He added.

I gave a bashful shrug and half smile at his compliment.

“Couldn’t have done it without you though, Graves.” I admitted.

     He’d been there when I had doubt and fear, when I had those days where I didn’t feel good enough to be a part of the company.

“Does that make me your Jiminy Cricket?” A cheshire grin lit up his face, tone lighthearted.

     I couldn’t help but smile like an idiot at his reference, turning on my heel in the middle of the empty hallway. Giving him a mock contemplative look, I tapped my foot against the concrete floor.

“Hmm.. I was thinking more,” I paused, my eyes scanning over his slicked back brown hair, and his bearded jawline that could kill.

He quirked a sassy eyebrow down at me, amused glint in his eyes as he waited for me to speak.

“Well?” He smiled, holding his arms out.

“I was thinking more of the,” I clicked my fingers as I spoke. “Devil on my shoulder.” I grinned, watching the way his baby blues lit up proudly.

“Y’know, I think I should be offended. But I’ll take it as a compliment.” He winked and we continued walking.

“Are you carpooling with Rollins again?” He asked as we finally made it to the backstage area, and if I was mistaken I’d swear there was a tinge of jealousy in his voice.

“He’s actually going with Cesaro tonight I think.” I chuckled, hoping up to sit on one of the wheeled storage boxes, legs dangling over the side. “Plus I was actually hoping we could go on one of our nightly adventures, it’s been awhile since we had a day off after getting into the next city.”

I heard an almost relieved sigh escape his lips, immediately replaced with a nonchalant smile as his hands fussed in his pockets.

“You need to quit reading my mind Y/n. I’ve corrupted you enough.” He warmly laughed, eyes scanning over me once again but this time his tongue darted over his bottom lip.

“Is that a yes then, cause I mean if not-” I lightly teased with a shrug.

“No. I mean- it’s definitely a yes.” He stepped forward to stand right in front of me, catching me off guard as he took my hands in his warmer, larger tattooed ones.

“Count me in, okay? I’ll swing past your dressing room later after wrap up with Saxton.” His voice was almost softer, a light tinge of red on his cheeks? His thumb lightly tracing over the back of my hand.

It took my brain a minute to form actual words, as I searched his gentle gaze.

“I- that definitely sounds good.” I felt my face grow warm as I gave him a soft smile, subconsciously giving his hands a light squeeze.

“Go get some hard hitting interviews tonight, got it?” His tone was playfully stern, dimples peeking through his beard.

“I can’t disappoint now, can I?” I grinned, looking down at our hands for a second.

“You got this, shortstack.” He teased, hesitating for a moment before pulling his hands away from mine.

      I couldn’t shake the way he’d looked at me tonight, and I definitely couldn’t stop thinking about the way his tattooed hands fit perfectly over mine. Maybe I was looking way too into it, maybe I hoped that deep down he felt the same way that I did.

“Y/N?” Charlotte’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts, followed by the snap of her fingers in my face. “You there?” She chuckled as I slightly jumped in shock.

“Yeah?” I blinked a few times, hoping to clear some of the fog away and get myself together.

“You ready for the best interview of the night?” She boasted with a smile, nudging my side as we stood in front of the backstage curtain.

“Save the best for last right?” I smiled up at her as the cameraman counted down.

     “What’s gotten into you tonight?” She asked as we walked back to the dressing room areas, despite her character she was one of the most caring people and one of my other best friends here.

    Not to mention, she was also close to Corey but I could rely on and talk to her when something was on my mind. She knew about my feelings for him, which was partially a huge weight off my shoulders that someone knew my secret.

“Just nerves, I guess.” I blatantly lied, my voice kind of quiet as I walked alongside the 5”10 blonde.

“You really expect me to believe that, y/n?” She sighed and grabbed my arm, yanking me over to the side having an obvious advantage of strength over me.

     I stumbled a bit as she pulled me over, sitting beside her on the bench outside the makeup area, not a soul to be found.

“I, I guess not.” I sighed, leaning my head back against the cool wall.

“Well, start talking.” She encouraged softly.

“Something-” I paused, glancing up at her for a moment. “Seemed off with Corey tonight. I, I can’t place it. Like, you know how you can almost tell when someone looks at you differently? O-or their voice almost changes?” I babbled, bad habit of talking with my hands as I spoke.

     She was quiet for a minute, making me feel a nervous pit in my stomach. When I looked up, her green eyes were filled with an almost sisterly demeanor, small smile dancing over her face.

“Did you ever maybe take in account that- I don’t know, maybe he feels the same way about you?” Her voice was almost a whisper.

    I couldn’t help but sarcastically chuckle and shake my head, making her give me a completely serious look that caught me off guard.

“Char. You really think that-” Before I could even finish she spoke up.

“Seems to me that you already know the answer, Y/N. Stop second guessing yourself, take things as you see them. Especially when it comes to Corey, you’re lucky to see what he lets you. Just trust me on this.” She smiled as she stood, flipping her blonde hair to the side.

“Charlotte, what are you-?” I sat up, feeling my gut flip at her words.

“You got this, girl.” She shot me a playful wink before walking away.

  After checking in with Stephanie, I headed to my dressing room to get changed for the night. Nothing could ever beat a cozy pair of sweats and my beat up converse, not to mention it felt like my skin could breathe once I washed all the layers of makeup off of my face.

   I threw my hair into a messy bun, not caring about my appearance at this point. Comfort was my only goal. Oversized shirt, slightly baggy sweats and my favorite hoodie. 

     In the back of my mind I thought about what Charlotte had said. She was right, I was lucky that he trusted me with his stories and late night conversations.

     After about two and a half hours of driving, we found ourselves at an almost beautiful rest stop a little ways from the Sonic’s we’d gotten our food at.

“Not too shabby, huh?” He spun around on his feet, arms spread wide as he deeply inhaled the crisp night air.

“You really think I’ll admit that you were right?” I chuckled, paper takeout bag in hand as I took a seat at one of the faded wooden picnic tables, stomach growling as the smell of fresh and greasy food filled my nose.

“You kind of already did, but I won’t gloat.” He smiled, dimples lightning up as he sat across from me and took a sip of my strawberry milkshake.

“Hey!” I pouted, swiping the styrofoam cup away from him. “Get your own!” I childishly stuck my tongue out, grinning as he gave me his signature “pouty lips.”

“What?!” He gave an innocent look as he held his hands up. “I was just making sure it wasn’t my Diet Coke!” His feigned innocence broke with a laugh.

“Even I can smell your bullshit.” I rolled my eyes, taking out my wrapped double cheeseburger and large order of fries.

“Haven’t you heard that sharing is caring?” He scoffed, swiping one of my fries and popped it into his mouth.

“Haven’t you heard the saying-” I paused dramatically, quirking an eyebrow. “Get your own damn fries?” I laughed, cheeks turning pink at our banter.

“Fine.” He dramatically sighed as he opened the Styrofoam container with his loaded breakfast burrito and French toast sticks. “Here.” He smiled, dipping one of the sticks into the small cup of syrup, reaching across the table to hold it to my mouth.

I licked my lips, curiously tilting my head at the gesture.

“Really, Corey?” I chuckled, looking between his amused baby blue eyes and the syrup dripping piece of toast before taking a bite into my mouth with a content hum. “Mhm.” I smiled across the table at him as I chewed the bite that made my cheek puff out slightly.

He popped the other half into his mouth, warm smile in my direction.

I blinked confusedly, furrowing my eyebrows at him. “Huh?” I spoke as I chewed the last bit in my mouth.

“You missed some.” His voice was soft as he reached out with a napkin, but at the last minute set it down before gently thumbing away the slight mess of syrup from the corner of my mouth. “You’re wasting my syrup. Shame on you.” His chuckle low and smooth.

    After finishing our late night dinner, Corey had disappeared off back to the rental car in search of something that apparently wasn’t a secret. Not to mention, his proud half smirk gave it away.

   He insisted that I find a different spot for us that was more comfortable than “Risking a splinter in your ass.” Which led me to a surprisingly comfortable spot on the grass beneath a large oak tree.

“Any cereal killers, yet?!” He sarcastically called out from a few feet out of view.

“No, but if you take any longer I’ll have to take matters into my own hands!” I tried to sound scornful but I couldn’t help but giggle to myself.

   Chirping crickets, crisp air, and a stunning night sky. Granted, we were a ways away from anything that could ruin the peace.

“Ah, ah. No peeking. I can’t let you ruin my work of art.” He tsked.

He’d returned from the car with a backpack, but before I could ask any questions he immediately insisted that I cover my eyes.

What was he up to?

    I had vaguely heard him mumble to himself, followed by a “Perfect.”

“To be fair, I had limited time, but I think it’s pretty great…. if I say so myself.” His voice was almost softer, and- was there a slight tinge of nervousness?

   Slowly I had uncovered my eyes, and I swore my jaw had hit the ground. Immediately, Charlotte’s words from earlier rang in my ears.

  Before my eyes was a worn plaid blanket and beside it, Corey with an almost hopeful glint in his blue eyes.

   Deep down, I had hoped it was something more to his gesture. My mouth slightly hung open as my brain tried to figure things out.

“You just gonna stand there or-?” He gave a half grin, sweeping a hand over his “work.” “Ladies first, right?” He chuckled.

“I-yeah, I guess so.” I slightly babbled, and shyly sat down onto the worn blanket, him quickly following suit to plop beside me with a silly exasperated sigh.

  I don’t know if I was the only one who felt it, but I couldn’t shake the butterflies in my gut.

               “Think of me when you’re out, when you’re out there..”

   Somewhere between the content silence and admiration of the stars, he had decided to finally speak up.

“It’s nice.” He spoke simply in a quiet voice.

   Figuring he was talking about the peace, I gave a small nod and a smile.

“Yeah. The craziness almost makes you forget about the simple stuff.” I softly replied.

From the corner of my eye, I saw him glance down at me before letting out a sigh.

  It was quiet for another moment, and without saying a word I felt his arm gently move around my waist. Immediately feeling his almost radiating warmth and the smell of his cologne drifting into my nose.

   Okay, maybe some of the warmth was from how hot my cheeks were burning.

   My body tensed against his, before giving a small shiver as I allowed myself to settle in his hold.

“I-” he paused, tilting his gaze down to me my shy one casted down at my feet. “I wasn’t talking about that. I, I meant that it’s nice. Just..” When he paused again, I took my own deep breath and looked up at him with a slightly confused glance.

 The light through the shade of the tree made his eyes shimmer just the right way, and it felt like I’d been hit in the gut with Negan’s baseball bat.

  I watched as he chewed his pale, plump bottom lip, with those eyes searching mine.

“Just nice, getting away with you. You get it, /me./ You see past the tattoos and cocky attitude I put on. You’re not afraid of some loud music or even to speak your mind.” The words flowed nervously from his mouth, leaving me speechless.

Was he-?

“I probably sound like a moron, but…”

  That’s when I had to stop him, a wave of confidence shot through me as I gently reached up to place a nervous finger over his lips.

“You don’t sound like a moron.” I softly chuckled in reassurance, as he blinked down at me.

   It stayed silent for another moment as I searched his features. Dark stubbled jaw taut, bottom lip tucked between his teeth and his blue eyes full of curiosity with my finger placed over his lips.

“And despite you being a pain in my ass sometimes,” I paused with a smile to lighten the moment. “I meant what I said before. You’ve helped me get through a lot here, you actually cared about me. How many times have you stuck your neck out, or saved my ass?” I continued, my gaze gentle and serious.

   His free, tattooed hand came up to cup my cheek with an almost feather like touch, and I couldn’t stop from letting out a breath that I hadn’t realized I was holding in.

“But I’m a pretty great pain in the ass, right?” He gave a low, warm chuckle, thumbing over my bright pink cheek. “I stuck up for you because I knew how badly you wanted to prove yourself.” He paused again. “But it became more than that for me.”

  I tilted my head slightly, reaching with my own hand to cup his scruffy face, gaze never leaving his. I knew exactly what he meant, because I felt the same way about him.

“You have no idea..” I quietly admitted, feeling his warm breath just inches away from my lips.

“You’re all I ever wanted, y/n. And then some.” With his words, his plump lips gently pressed to mine without any hesitation, making me give a small moan in relief.

 Our lips molded perfectly, and his stubble gently tickled my face. After what seemed like hours, I felt him give a smirk against our barely parted lips with his baby blues full of love.

“I love you, Corey.” I softly whispered, eyes fluttering as his hand caressed my skin.

“I know.” He gave a dorky, confident smile making me blush even more and playfully roll my eyes.

“What? It’s a brilliant line!” He feigned offence, and before I could speak again, his lips captured mine again.

                                               “All I wanted was you.”

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Last In Line For The Tub

A fic that I write about Buttons because why not.

Enjoy and please tell me if you want more stories like this or if I should just stick to JackCrutchie.

“Heya, pop.” Buttons scratched behind his ear. “Did ya see the paper today? The strike made front page news!”

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The Stromes and McDavids - Part IV

(1) (2) (3)

Word Count: 1603

Player: Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers/Erie Otters)

Warning/s: mild swearing

A/n: I’m so sorry for everyone that had to wait but I’m proud to finally finish this!

Originally posted by nugent-hopkinks

“I can’t believe this is happening.”, you giggled, trying not to burst out into laughter. 

You had never seen your twin brother likes this. He was a wreck! His hands were shaking as he was gripping onto the armrest tightly. Like the seat was his last lifeline. 

“Don’t laugh at him, Y/n. You don’t know how nervous he is right now.”, Ryan scolded you from your other side.

“Your hands weren’t shaking though.”, you smirked before you turned back around to Dylan.

“Calm down, Dyl. It’s going to be fine, okay? You already know you’re getting drafted.”, you said, putting your hand on his arm. 

If looks could kill, Dylan wouldn’t be drafted but put into jail. He knew you were just mocking him, but the nervousness was too much for him. He was more nervous than ever before. He would trip on the way to the stage. He wouldn’t be able to put the jersey on or accidentally punch someone in the face. What if there was a mistake and he wouldn’t be drafted?

“Dyl? Oh my gosh, look at Mom.”, you grinned. 

Dylan followed your gaze to your Mom. She was waving with both of her hands, and on the other end of the arena, you could see someone do the same. That someone, turned out to be Connor’s Mom.

“Looks like she found the McDavids.”, Matt chuckled. 

Dylan and Connor made eye contact through the room and started to do the same wave making you laugh even harder. But it was distracting Dylan, so why not? That moment of quiet was good for him, although it didn’t take long. Soon the lights were out and Gary Bettman (damn you hated that guy) made his usual speech. You were basically counting the seconds until it was over, just wanting everything to start already. And it did. 

The first pick, made by the Edmonton Oilers.

You were aware that Jack Eichel was a great player. But you just hoped that Connor would be drafted as first overall. You had known him for years, watched him give his best countless times. That guy that had a Justin Bieber haircut when he was 15? You weren’t sure of many things, but you were sure that he deserved to be drafted first. 

And he did, setting everything in motion.

The Draft day had been exhausting for everyone involved. After photos that were taken, numerous hugs for people that you knew, and having to calm Dylan down multiple times while simultaneously handling all three of your brothers at the same time - it was fair to say you were tired. 

You needed sleep. Everyone would’ve agreed on that.

Everyone but the person denting your door with their continuous knocks.

“What the fuck.”, you muttered to yourself as you turned on the light on the nightstand. 

The clock next to your bed made you groan in frustration. 2 AM. Who would do this to you?
Was it one of your brothers trying to mess with you? Maybe an emergency occurred or someone mixed up room numbers. Actually, you didn’t care about that, you just wanted to slip back into your dreams. But the knocking wouldn’t stop.

“Just a second.”, you groaned, wiping your eyes. 

You pulled your shorts and Dylan’s T-Shirt back into their rightful place, trying to fix your hair a little. You didn’t want to move, but you dragged yourself to the door.

But it wasn’t one of your brothers. Instead, it was Connor. He was wearing comfortable clothes that looked like he had hastily thrown them on and his hair was a fluffy mess on top of his head. He was nervously bouncing on his feet while he was waiting, his eyes snapping to yours the second you opened.
You hadn’t seen him since you congratulated him. You’d shared a tight hug, but all you managed to say was how proud you were until both of you were ushered into different directions.

“I forgot.”, he said hurriedly.

“The time?”, you questioned in confusion.

“I forgot Edmonton. Oh, my goodness- I don’t know how I forgot but I forgot that I was drafted by the Oilers.”


“I’m going to Edmonton. You’re going to Edmonton.”, he explained hurriedly, the words he was blurting out lifting your confusion a little. 

What did he mean? You were going to Edmonton because of UAlberta and Connor would play hockey in… Edmonton. 

The realization hit you like a truck. How did you not notice this?

“We’re both going to Edmonton!”, you blurted out, eyes going wide. 

Connor chuckled, taking a big step towards you. You didn’t even have time to say anything else. He wrapped his arms around your waist and crashed his lips to yours.
After that first kiss at the party, you thought you would never get to kiss him again. But here you were, kissing Connor McDavid. Your childhood friend, best friend of your twin brother, your continuous crush since you were even interested in boys. Connor’s own mind was whirling as much as yours. He didn’t even process the draft yet, the start of his career. But there was no one he would want to know at his side more than you. 

Both of you didn’t want to end the kiss, but you were surely running out of air. Gasping when you pulled away, you rested your heads against each other, trying to catch your breath.

“I love you. Damn, I’m so in love with you.”, Connor admitted. Words, that he never thought he would tell you.

“I love you too, Con. I really do.”, you replied, putting your lips back to his.

“Y/n, where have you been? Mom is driving everyone insane looking for you.”, Matt groaned, obviously still tired. 

You would bet your ass he got more sleep than you last night, but that boy could sleep a solid 9 hours a night and be tired. Maybe he would end up like Dylan, looking dead inside all the time. 

“I just got up, relax. I’m here now.”, you grinned with a roll of your eyes.

“Where’s that smile coming from?”, Matt asked, thinking it was a little suspicious.  

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”, you lied, trying to stop smiling like an idiot.

“Uh whatever, come over to the table so Mom stops bugging everyone.”, he muttered, basically dragging you over to the table. 

You were squeezed in between him and Ryan, with Dylan giving you curious looks the whole time, as he was seated on Ryan’s other side.

“What?”, you muttered under your breath.


“Then quit staring.”

Dylan opened his mouth but he closed it again, your whole family falling into the usual breakfast chat. You were nervous the whole time, waiting to be released into your room so you could pack up your suitcase. What if someone knew that you didn’t stay alone in your room? That you had a visitor that snuck back into his own room at 4 in the morning to get some sleep?

You hoped that Connor did manage to sleep a little, but you couldn’t see the McDavids anywhere in the breakfast area. And if they were, your mother probably already invited them to the table next to you, so you couldn’t miss them either. Maybe they were done already? You were longing to see Connor again, the smile on your face still there since when you had first woken up.

“Ok, so you three got time to pack your suitcases. You, Dylan, have some interviews to finish up. We meet in the lobby at 5 PM to catch our fight, alright?”

All of your siblings nodded, seeing it as the sign that you could get up. All four of you used that chance, Dylan, right next to you.

“Ok, so did anything else happen yesterday?”, he asked, trying to sound casual.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… with Connor.”, Dylan clarified. 

He knew that there was something you didn’t tell him, but you just loved to tease him. He was really annoying sometimes. To frustrate him was one of the things you did best.

“Dylan, you left your phone.”, your Mom said, cutting off every potential answer you could’ve given.

“Wait here.”, Dylan ordered. 

You stopped in the large doorway and watched Matt and Ryan file out into the general direction of the elevators. Dylan went back to the table, snatching his phone, right as the elevator dinged and a very familiar group of people came out, making their way through the doorway. 

The McDavid’s all greeted you as they passed, Connor’s Mom immediately locking eyes with yours. But they stopped when they realized that their youngest one wasn’t there anymore. Maybe it wasn’t the ideal moment because both your families were looking the two of you, but Connor stopped next to you, a smile similar to your’s on his face.

“Morning.”, he greeted.

“Morning. You sleep well?”, you teased.

Connor nodded.

“Very.”, he murmured, before slowly leaning in to peck your lips. 

You could basically feel everyone’s jaw dropping, and Dylan’s shit eating grin in your back. But you didn’t give a damn.
You would go to Edmonton. With him. So your thought of you might never being his girlfriend was proven wrong, but the circumstances never changed.

Where a Strome is, a McDavid is not far away.