and he will smile and be proud when he's proven right

Terrible Charmer

Enjolras is incredibly charming. This is a thing Courfeyrac - who prides himself on being a debonair charmer - has accepted as fact. The sun is hot, moths can navigate using light or geomagnetic clues, Enjolras is terribly charming. These are all established and accepted facts in Courfeyrac’s life. What is sadly another one of those indisputable facts is that, however charming Enjolras can be when he’s talking about his causes, he’s a terrible flirt. Not in the ‘charming the pants of anybody in sight way’ (that’s Courfeyrac’s thing) but in the other, very horrible to watch way.

You’d think his flirting would be as elegant as his face, beauty in motion. It’s not. Instead, the man flirts with all the grace and elegance of a  brick wall. A badly constructed,  crumbling brick wall who thinks compliments don’t actually need to include signs of visible affection, or even the mention of positive characteristics of the recipient.

Courfeyrac considers himself to be an expert on all his friends’ courting methods, being both a proud self-described wingman and nosy over-involved gossip, but when it comes to Enjolras he’s more of an eternally baffled observer. It’s just so wrong. The math doesn’t add up. Here you have Enjolras, beautiful, eloquent, passionate. A person who sits down thinking about what makes a good man and then truly tries to fulfil that ideal. Anyone would get at least a little weak in the knees when getting all that earnest attention pointed their way.

Courfeyrac himself must admit he was rather awestruck when he first met Enjolras, with his beautiful hair shining in the sun, protesting the visit of an unsavoury dignitary. Meeting someone who looks like an angel, firmly believes they can make the world a better place and also likes you on sight would be enough for anyone to get a little crush, and Courfeyrac has always been a little weak for a pretty smile. Luckily that tingly, bubbly, exhilarating feeling settled into a more survivable and practical love soon after Enjolras grabbed his arm, looked him in the eye and told him they’d be brothers, and that they were going to try and change the world together.

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Beauty Marks

Prompto x Reader. 958 words. Fluff, SFW. Very cheesy. Contains the word “buttcheek.”

HEY, it’s been a while since I wrote an actual thing so I hope it’s not too bad! I am still very much a prime member of Prompto Hell but it’s warm and comfy. :)

“Huh, what is it? Something on my face?”

You had been staring at Prompto next to you on the couch, and not just for a short while. He looked at you now with those naive blue-violet eyes, cracking an innocently crooked grin; the usual features that had you enamored with your happy-go-lucky boyfriend.

Today your eyes were on the dozens of little brown flecks that lived on his cheeks, and how they were exaggerated by the sunkissed glow he’d accumulated so far this summer. Prompto’s face and even shoulders were flush with slight sunburn, somehow lifting all these fairer flecks on his skin you’d somehow managed to miss. You could largely thank Prompto’s most recent set of outdoor photoshoots for that… It was hard to explain why you loved these features so much, but they were hard not to give attention to.

You grinned.

“Just lots of cute freckles.”

Prompto chuckled and showed you his signature sheepish smile, having taken a break from scrolling through his photos. Was he blushing too? Probably, though not that you could tell with how pink his cheeks had become.

“You really think my freckles are cute?” He asked as innocently as ever, his voice amorous and playful as he always was with you. His shoulder bumped into yours.

“Of course I do. I love all of them.” You replied, receiving a another soft chuckle in response. By now Prompto was surely blushing, already switching his camera off and turning to you.

“You have some of those, too. The uhh… You know, the body spots?” He poked you softly in the tummy around where a few of them were sure to be.

“You mean ‘beauty marks’?”

Prompto blinked once, then nodded. “Oh. Yeah, yeah, those!” Afterwards, he took to looking at you up and down and across your hunched up frame, crossing his arms while he pondered something. “Hmm… You have some of those too.” As it turned out, Prompto was mentally mapping the marks on your body–or rather, where he believed those hidden by your clothes were placed.

You cocked an eyebrow, corners of your lips turning up with amusement. “Oh, you wanna try me? How well do you know my body, Prom? Tell me where they are, as many as you can~”

“Oh, you’re on, babe. I know you like the back of my hand.”

“Then less talk, more connecting the dots!” You mocked playfully, gesturing with your hands like the flapping of lips, generating a laugh before Prompto got to work on the challenge. Immediately, he made a dramatic show of smacking his lips, raising his arm to twirl his pointer finger in the air before landing on an area above your chest and towards your armpit; a place which was concealed by your t-shirt, unlike him.

“Yep, I have one there. Next?”

“There, and there … You’ve got like a couple… Right… Around heeere.” Your boyfriend leaned in and circled a small general area on your middle side, then looked you in the eyes for reassurance. “Right?”

“Somewhere around there! And…?”

“I guess this would technically be a freebie if your legs weren’t crossed, but you definitely have one–” Prompto reached for your bare leg and uncurled it into his lap then, lightly twisting your knee to reveal one of your less prominent beauty marks behind it. “–Right here! Oh, and of course there’s that cute tiny birthmark you have that sort of looks like a half-melted cactuar.”

It was already sufficient, but yet you quizzed once more for the fun of it. “Where is it?”

Prompto paused, curling one of his legs up on the couch as he rested his face in his hand, pursing his lips and looking at you impishly. “On your buttcheek… Another personal favorite of mine, if I may say so.”

You clapped your hands in defeat. He looked so proud of himself. You knew by now that your boyfriend was attentive to details about you, as he’d proven it now and then; which articles of clothing were your favorites, your preferences in food, your daily habits. Even still, you were surprised to find how much he’d paid attention to the minute details of you, of your own body. And although you’d challenged him for fun, it had proved to be a strangely endearing testament to just how much this adorkable man was into you.

“Oops. Hey, I almost forgot this one…”

You were lost in your infatuation when Prompto seemed to continue. You looked at him questioningly when he scooted nearer to you, tilting his head as he focused in on a single area of your body, pointing somewhere towards your shoulder.

“Huh? You mean this one? You already got that one–Aah!”

He had you, lips on your neck as you struggled in Prompto’s grasp, giggling at the ticklish sensation of nimble pecks you tried to shrug your way out of, and wisps of hair brushing the side of your face. He got you good with a sneak attack, fighting through your pokes at his sensitive sunburn. Eventually he switched to soft, open-mouthed kisses while you caught your breath. When Prompto leaned back, still holding you at arms length while you swore, you caught a glimpse of those flush, freckle-filled cheeks again. He returned his lips to rest in the crook of your neck, sighing into it and raising a few hairs while his arms properly curled themselves around your body.

“Well, what can I say? You’re my beauty and I have to make my mark!” You laughed again alongside him, lungs hurting now as you wiped a tear from the corner of your eye. He continued. “I don’t think it’s much of a secret, but… I love all your spots, too.”


Summary: In which Bucky falls in love with you, a writer.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,531

Originally posted by lovelynemesis

When Bucky first met you, he didn’t know you were a writer. All he knew was that your coffee was scorching hot when it toppled over and spilled all over the front of his shirt. Your words were rushed as you fumbled over an apology and dug around your canvas bag for something he couldn’t see.

Bucky would learn minutes later that you were on a quest for crumpled up napkins to clean up the mess you’d made. He didn’t have the gall to tell you that a napkin was pointless. There was no way to clean up the mess he was after seeing you. Because, as silly as it sounds, he knew from the moment that you collided with him that he’d willingly withstand the heat of a thousand freshly brewed cups of coffee for another second with you.

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I Think I’m In Love With You

Author: ceruleanbucky

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

WARNINGS: SMUT, cursing, oral (male and female receiving), UNPROTECTED SEX, fingering, sexual tension, fluff, and overall sin.

A/N: guy’s I’ve updated twice in like a week and a half what is happening?!?! I mean, it’s not necessarily bad. Also, this fic is hella long, and I;m not going to lie, I’m really proud of it. Hope you guys like it! Part two of “Seven Minutes In Heaven” is coming next week.

You wake up with a start, breathing heavily and covered in a thin sheen of sweat. You tried to recall what it was you were dreaming about, but to no avail. You eventually give up, thinking that it was another nightmare.

You glance at your alarm clock, wondering about the time. Seeing that you have two more hours to sleep, you gladly roll over and go back to sleep.

When your alarm goes off, you feel even more tired than you were earlier. You still manage to drag yourself out of bed, and start your day. It’s then when you smell the bacon, and the coffee. Perking up at the idea of a good breakfast, you put on some more decent pyjamas, and head to the kitchen. Most people are still asleep, seeing as the sun is only just rising, so you wonder who is in the kitchen. You step in, and find Bucky cooking up a storm.

“Sad, or mad?” You ask as you walk in, knowing it’s one of the two. He looks at you with confusion, so you rephrase.

“Are you cooking because you’re sad, or because you’re pissed off? Because I know you, Bucky, and it’s only one of those two.” You smirk at your friend, earning a smirk back.

“Neither actually.” He side-eyes, adding to your curiosity.

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      When it came to love, you never understood what all the fuss was about, truly, you didn’t. Not until you met Steve Harrington, that is, and the whole world just started making sense.


The first privilege came in arguably the most affectionate show of love – a kiss placed on your lips so early in the morning you never quite know whether you’re dreaming or awake. And it is the absolute sweetest because you are the first thing on Steve’s mind when he opens his eyes and the last one before he closes them.

Early birds chirp their cheery tunes at dawn and the sun slowly rises; bright rays peak through the closed curtains of your room and burn the side of your cheek in almost a loving way. Steve is the first to stir – naturally, he is much more sensitive to sudden changes in lighting and temperature – and once he pries one hazy sleep ridden eye open all he can make out is a blurry image of your white ceiling. He blinks a few times, inhales a few breaths that taste like your perfume before his senses finally flow back into him and he tilts his head to the side. His hair sticks to his face and he shoves it out his eyes; he sees you still deep in sleep and most likely dreaming. And he wastes no time to lay his hand on your waist, feel your hot skin burn his fingertips as a lazy smile blooms on his lips. This peace lasts a moment, or possibly much longer, after all it’s hard to tell time when most of the world is still sleeping. He leans in and captures your lips in a soft kiss – a kiss he gives you every morning because true to the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty, you can only be awoken by a true loves kiss. He tried other methods. Tickling. Calling your name. A dozen alarm clocks. Nothing got a reaction, except this one thing and he did not use it sparingly.

The vast skies of dreams cloud with reality as slowly you feel yourself sucked into a stuffy, hot room, with dewy sweat coating your skin and batches of hair tickling your cheeks. The senses alert  in one deep inhale and you grin immediately once you realize that Steve’s lips still rest on yours; a raspy giggle escapes you as you playfully smack his arm and he gradually, with one last peck on your cheek and a sweet and hoarse ‘Good morning…’ moves back to his pillow. Your hand finds his under the sheets, your fingers squeezing his as you hum.

Babe…” You whisper.


Not morning…”

“Morning. School.”



Hawkins Movie Theatre is your favorite spot to hang out and of course Steve knows this. After all, he took you here on your first date. So each time you stepped through those double doors felt like the first time holding his hand all over again.

Midnight séance. A horror movie with flashy imagery and more nudity than you expected plays on screen as teenagers that are legal and not sit in couples and whisper amongst themselves. You sink into the plush red seat and inhale the scent of popcorn, cola, and something frying. The sounds are loud and unpleasant and you have to refrain from cringing when the volume jumps just a bit too loud. Your eyes stay glued to the screen despite the urge to ogle your boyfriend – you know that once you glance at him you will be unable to look away.

His hand rests on your thigh. Naturally, shoulder hugs are only for starting lovebirds, but you still remember how he pulled the old ‘yawn-wrap-my-arm-around-your-shoulders-don’t-freak-out-please’ shtick on you and how you absolutely swooned. Suddenly memories appear more interesting than the movie and you drift away. Oh, what a rainy day it had been when he had asked you out, not all that smug and cool. Not like the rumors painted him to be at all. He caught you after school, after basketball practice, as you were leaving your club with a stack of books and flyers occupying the space in your hands. He had offered to carry some heavier books and you had smiled sweetly at him for it. Then, once you reached your locker, and as you put the clutter away he had asked you if you wanted to ‘Catch a movie sometime?’. Your first reaction was to raise a brow in confusion and mild amusement. When you saw that he was serious, and despite himself nervous, your cheeks bloomed red and a shaky ‘Yeah…I’d like that’ fell from your lips before you could even think about it.

Steve’s hand squeezes your thigh and you perk up. Meeting eyes with him you try to bite down the smile. Seems he got bored of the movie, too.


Your house had been turned upside down as you, in great anger, tried to explain what the hell had happened to one of your friends. And how no one was supposed to know about it.

Steve sat on your bed with a book in his hand – English literature, can’t say it’s his favorite – as you pace around the small space of your room with your hands up in the air repeating the same wild gestures as you fight to control the volume of your voice. With blushed cheeks and a permanent frown on your face, you suddenly halt and stare at him, “Can you believe it?!”

“No.” He says, turning a page, “How could she?” His voice tatters on the edge of genuine interest. Frankly, he doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, but if you want to vent he isn’t going to stop you.

“I know, right!?” You release a frustrated sigh and run a shaky hand through your hair; a moment of absolute silence passes and worried Steve glances up at you. Wide eyed, you state, “I don’t think I can be friends with her after this.”

You want his opinion. Dear God, you want his opinion. His advice is debatable in quality (Dustin, after all, didn’t get the girl despite Steve’s 100% proven technique) and to toss in his two cents in the beef that you have with your friend? This may potentially ruin your and hers friendship, or at the very least what’s left of it. Silently, he puts the book aside and motions for you to come closer. Sadly you walk over, and gently grasping your hand he pulls you into his lap. His head comes to rest on your shoulder as his arms wrap around your waist and you find a comfortable position to rest. A heavy sigh escapes your lips and he can’t help but frown. He doesn’t want to see you like this.

Hey…” He calls softly, his fingers hooking some loose strands of (color) hair over your ear, “Don’t be sad. I mean, I’m really not the best person to discuss girl troubles with, but like you said…She’s a bitch.”

You nod, “I know, but…But she’s my bitch, Steve.”

He thinks, “…Yeah. She’s your bitch.”

“I should call her.”

“Yep. You go do that.”


You love looking at pictures. Especially on rainy days when there is nothing better to do and the need for social interaction is on an all-time low. You suppose you like them so much because they are proof. Proof that something magical had happened.

Oh my God!” Your mother cries, her hands grasping the Polaroid camera as if her life depends on it, “Oh my God, (F/Name)! (F/Name) come here! Our little baby’s all grown up now!” Her voice cracks at the end and you can’t help but release an amused smile.

You share a look with Steve. He gives a shrug. The two of you stand together, his arm around your waist. Graduation. You wear your best dress, finest hairdo, and perfect smile. You are positive Steve put an extra hours’ worth of work into his hair today, and you have the sudden urge to run your finger through it, though the amount of self-control you have surprises even you.

Another flash lights up the room and flinch and squint your eyes to shield yourself from the sudden attack. This is possibly the sixteenth picture that had fallen to the floor with your mothers promise to ‘Pick it up later! Now pose!’. Not having the heart in you to refuse her, you straighten your back, smile to the camera, and pray that you don’t look half as uncomfortable as you feel. Steve leans in and you feel his breath brush your ear, “Do you think she’ll ever stop?”

“Smile and pretend like you’re having a good time, sweetie.”


The amount of records you have stocked up in your room makes Steve proud to call you his girl. The fact that the two of you share the same music taste is a huge plus, too.

…And your favorite song starts playing on the radio that goes in perfect tune with your laughing. Steve’s car suddenly turns into a dance floor – you squirm in your seat and do quick work to open the window to let the whole neighborhood hear your jam. The stars shape into fairy lights and street lamps flicker like at the disco on a Friday night. You close your eyes and inhale the scent of dewy grass as and wind and pollinated sleeping flowers. Summer is your favorite time of year, and no matter what hour you decide to sneak out the house you always find yourself in a permanent state of daze and awe. Last remnants of heat tickle your cheeks and you flash your eyes open, look at Steve and he shares your brilliant smile.

You hold your choice of beer up to his face, “Sippy!” You demand. He gives you a dismissive laugh, his hands firmly on the steering wheel as he continues to drive around.

“I can’t—“ But before he can finish you turn up the volume and demand again.


“I’ll have to park the car!” He warns. You shake your head, “We’ll have to walk a mile home!”

“Don’t care! Sippy!”

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or, lena tried to be a luthor but fell in love with supergirl instead

She learned of the plan sometime between Lex getting arrested and his trial. His eyes were crazed, the words spewing out of his mouth irrational and erratic. Of course Lillian agreed with him—of course they’d pull Lena aside and ask her to help. Of course Lena would fall into line as well. She was a Luthor, this was her family.

If her family asked for her help in ending the Supers…well, Lena would of course offer her assistance.

(It didn’t matter that she didn’t understand why Lex’s idea of revenge revolved around the Girl of Steel instead of her cousin—why he had decided to abandon his vendetta against Superman and focus on Supergirl. It certainly didn’t matter that Supergirl had done nothing to the Luthor family, that she had been miles upon miles away when Superman finally took Lex down, not even coming to her cousin’s aid. It didn’t matter that, by all accounts, Supergirl spent more time stopping other aliens than she did going after humans.

No, Lena didn’t understand Lex’s hatred of Supergirl, but she didn’t question it—didn’t ask for a clarification, didn’t ask for a reason. It just didn’t matter.

Lex was her brother, he’d asked her to do something, and so Lena had a job to do.)

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Sweet Tears Pt.3

Jungkook x Reader { Cat Hybrid/Dystopain Au! } (a)(f)(eventual smut) 

Warnings: Mature themes, Language, Abuse, Violence

Who could have known that taking home a hybrid would change ones whole life? How could y/n have guessed he would affect her so much? All she wants to do is help, but she doesn’t even know if he’ll let her.

Wordcount: 10k+

**Ah~ It’s finally here! Honestly, the next part will probably be up faster than this one was, so that’s good. Anyway, I hope you like this chapter, and you know i love feedback and hearing from you guys, so tell me how it was.



Previously: “It does involve me because he’s my hybrid. He may not have a collar yet, but he’s definitely not filth or unwanted. And he doesn’t want, or need, your help. Don’t come near him or I again, or so help me, you won’t be having “fun” anytime soon.” You spat the words out, turning around hand in hand with the hybrid who silently followed behind you.

After taking a few steps, you spun around and spoke one last time, making your presence and voice as dominant and intimidating as you could.

“And that whole talk of bitches and who could get the most, I don’t even wanna hear about it. I mean honestly, you’ve never had anybody come to you except when they’ve been in heat, and even then I bet they still aren’t begging you.” Smirking as you spoke your last comment, you turned around for the last time, making your way back to your apartment, leaving Jaebum and Jackson frozen in the middle of the hall, confused on what just happened.

You went down the hall to your apartment, mumbling in anger to yourself on the way.

“How could they do that to anyone?” Your voice would come out hushed and fast, the thoughts of your mind slipping through your lips with every passing second.

The way that they acted was horrible, and you knew that what you saw was just the surface. If they could say all of that in the hallway, a place where people could publicly see and hear them, you could only imagine what they were like behind closed doors. The tone of their voices and the position they put the hybrid in replayed over and over in your head. Each time the memory passed through your mind, you would feel sick. A wave of anger and disgust washing over you, building and building, with no end in sight.

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Committed - Harry Hook x Reader(OC)

Originally posted by unchxxrted

Prompt : Aaliyah(reader), the daughter of Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen, is arranged a husband to maintain the legacy of Maldonia. What she didn’t expect was who she would be arranged with.

Rating : T

Warnings : Few curse words, but other than that, none.

A/N : Sooo, I watched  Descendants 2 yesterday, and I am in love with Harry Hook (and Uma), so I just spat this out last night. I haven’t seen the first movie, so i apologize if i got any characterization wrong. Send me feedback plz! I love off it! This will most likely become a miniseries. But click here to message me if you want a part 2!

A/N :I will be changing to a new url soon, so dont freak out!

Part 2 / Part 3

Commitment Day. The dream of any princess, except Aaliyah, of course.

Commitment day was a tradition for the children of royalty here in Auradon. To keep the royal legacy alive, the kingdom would have a huge ceremony where each royal would be paired with another. The mirror of Auradon would display the name of each royal’s true pair, and the two would be married off within the year.

And today, on Aaliyah’s 18th birthday, she would be paired with the person she would spend the rest of her life with. How exciting.

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don’t you go (l.h.)

warning: mild violence and smut

word count: 7k+

songfic based on all time low’s “don’t you go”

I didn’t really know why I felt the need to get so dressed up for this party, it wasn’t like I was even going to be there longer than what would please my friends. They had begged me to come for days on end, claiming it was going to be the best party of the year. Considering it was a New Year’s party on a Friday night, I had a feeling it would pretty packed. I for one would rather be at home with my boring boyfriend, in my boring apartment, watching the boring broadcasting of Times Square as the ball dropped tonight. Apparently my friends had other plans, not allowing me to do so another year in a row.

My shaky hands were doing a surprisingly good job at applying the thin eyeliner, bringing out my eyes just enough for my liking. My outfit was a bit more dressy than I would normally choose. My top was black, the solid material cut off just above my chest and transforming into an elegant lace that traveled up to my neck, sleeveless. The skirt which it was tucked into was a light mint green that reached just above my knees, and black strappy heels. My hair was in light waves, coming down center back. I felt like I was wasting such a nice outfit on such an insignificant night.

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A really really long night vale theory part 2

so a bit ago after episode 108 was released i finally put a theory that i had been juggling around in my mind for a while onto paper and i got a shocking amount of positive feedback on it now that episode 109 is out i would like to make a follow up and take a look at what i got right, what i got wrong, and how to proceed from there.

what i got right

1983 was destroyed by a cold war era nuclear bomb

  • my initial claim was based on how cecil spoke about the impending end of the world in episode 76 [Best Of?], that he spoke of it urgently, like there wasnt enough time to escape their inevitable future but enough time to speak to his listeners one last time. It was not an instantaneous apocalypse, as he was able to broadcast his goodbyes, and it wasnt a slow apocalypse as he spoke like he was already out of time.
  • In episode 109 huntokar says “I could see it as it was about to happen, i could see the flash and the tower of fire, the heat that transforms a body into only its shadow. The slow sickness and the dying of crops, I could see starvation and a winter thst would not end”.
  • Heres some technical stuff about the effects post bomb:
  • the flash and tower of fire refers to the moment of impact when the bomb goes off and the mushroom cloud left behind it.
  • a nuclear shadow refers to the imprint left in a persons shadow after being hit with a nuclear bomb. A nuclear bomb can vaporize a person nearly instantly, but the impact doesnt bend around them. Look at your shadow, its there because the sun cant pass through you. A nuclear bomb emits thermal radiation that bleaches anything it comes in contact with, since the human body absorbs those rays the shadow behind them is left completely untouched. The only remnants of the victim is the very shadow they left at the time of their demise. Terrible, isnt it?
  • the slow sickness and dying of crops is radiation poisoning. The symptoms cal showed in 108 were vomiting, spontaneous bleeding, hair loss, and severe fatigue. All of these symptoms are commonly associated with radiation poisoning.
  • post nuclear fallout there is something known as nuclear winter, which was a term coined in 1982 in fact. The fire inevitably left behind from a nuclear bomb would produce smoke that would rise into thr upper stratosphere and be heated by the sun and blanket the earth. This blocks out the sun causing the surface temperature of earth to drop drastically.
  • although huntokar never explicitly SAYS nuclear bomb… Its a nuclear bomb.

the relationship between the distant prince, the woman from italy, and huntokar

  • granted, i just said they ARE related, not how
  • but now we know that theyre all gods older than time
night vale is in a separate reality from the rest of the world
  • admittedly im super excited about this one, the rest of the theory had come up as a result of episode 108 but ive believed night vale to exist in a different reality since the strex arc so it feels super good to be proven right.
  • my previous theory stated mt belief that night vale isnt in the same reality as the rest of us foe a handful of reasons
  • most notably, night vale is just weird. But thats not news
  • after the events of a certain valentines day the people of night vale had reached out to the american government for help, but the government brushed it off as some kind of prank calling their distress cry “creative”. Additionally as its been shown many times before, although they exist, cecil doesnt know states. In episode 106 filings he sees a map of america that the new intern brought in. He said it was america but it was wrong somehow, the states were wrong. This displays a disconnect between night vale and the rest of the world, while they can communicate and acknowledge one another neither is fully aware of the other at any given time.
  • time is weird in night vale, starting with cecil broadcasting the actual founding of night vale on night vale community radio before the radio existed, broadcasting the story of his fling with marconi while he was still inventing the radio, the both slow and inconsistent rate at which cecil ages, carlos said it himself. Time just doesnt work in night vale. In episode 55 university of what it is a representative from the college comes to night vale looking for carlos saying hes been missing for decades. At that point carlos had only been in night vale for, what, three years? And yet hes been missing for forty to the rest of the world.
  • in this episode however im proven correct, in an attempt to save night vale huntokar removed in from the reality in which the world was about to end and put it somewhere else,in a different reality entirely. Not only do we know for certain that night vale isnt in our reality but we even know WHY its not! Thats so much more than i could have possibly hoped for

i couldnt be happier. Finally after four years my disconnected reality theory is confirmed. Im proud but im also terrified of the implications.

This theory is about the state of night vale and maybe, just maybe, somewhere else.

A misunderstanding during the cold war when a test bomb drop was mistaken for a real one leading to america and the ussr to launch their arsenal of nuclear weapons at one another. This is the bomb that approached night vale to obliterate it. Huntokar was a merciful god and decided to save her town from it on impulse, pulling night vale from reality a (our reality) and putting it into reality b (night vales reality). The consequence of this however was that the reality among all possible night vales cracked and merged. All of the realities merging together is likely the reason for all the weird stuff that happens in night vale, they arent blended together smoothly, chances are certain realities are more profound in certain places than others. For instance, the house that doesnt exist. The reality is mixed in that though visible its less prevalent than the reality in which it doesnt exist. (In my initial theory I had proposed that huntokar, the woman from italy, and the distant prince were trying to merge the realities, while im not wrong in the fact that theyre combining it seems that it wasn’t an intentional thing.)

While some realities assimilated entirely into others, SOME didnt mix in that way. Some are still defined travel between is possible but ill advised. While some night vales remained night vale i believe its possible that some, a certain one in particular, didnt.

The peace among the gods is a delicate treaty, other more malicious gods are fascinated by night vale, in order to protect her true night vale huntokar offered them certain versions of night vale for them to play out their sadistic fantasies. I want you to consider the following very carefully: desert bluffs.

Desert bluffs is obviously invariably linked to night vale, mirror roles, mirror events… Remember who ruled desert bluffs, who ruled strex.

A smiling god.

We havent heard from kevin or thought about desert bluffs in a while but remember him? The smiling god, regardless of his smile he was clearly malicious manipulating the residents into joining strex and enslaving themselves to its violence and it’s evil. He then tried to take night vale as well.

I think its possible, likely even, that desert bluffs was once another night vale, given to the smiling god to appease him and stop him from harming huntokars night vale. He used it as his canvas to play out the strex arc watching the residents futile resistance against an inevitable future.

Viktor's Pauses

Okay, this is a break from my usual tough love on Viktor. This time, I’d like to talk about something Viktor does that makes me really, really happy and proud of him.

We see how kind Viktor is to Yuuri. He is thoughtful and careful with him in a way that appears so soft and warm and everything that made us fall in love with them. Somehow, Viktor just seems to do and say the right things. Not all the time, of course, and he has had his slips like what we saw at the Cup of China, but this is because Viktor is still learning. Most of the time though, he seems to have the right words to say.

The best part for me though is HOW Viktor says these things - more specifically, how he comes up with them. It is not as if the responses come naturally, or are top of mind. He had to learn them, because Viktor definitely thought about other things before the things that he does say out loud. How do we know?

He pauses.

For example, in episode 3, Yuuri (and Yurio) struggle with their respective programs. Yuuri, at his wits end, suddenly comes up with the crazy, “That’s it! Katsudon!”

Now look at what happens next:

There must have been a dozen things that passed through dear Viktor’s mind. Remember, he didn’t know that Yuuri forgot everything that happened at the banquet. He didn’t know that Yuuri didn’t know about his own Eros potential. Viktor’s thoughts possibly ranged from “Excuse me?” to “What the actual fuck,” but he does not say these things. Instead, he pauses.

What do pauses even mean? A pause means a person is thinking. Viktor thinks about what he will say to Yuuri. Granted, Viktor does not have the record of being the most tactful person on Earth. We have seen him deliver brutal truths with that heart-shaped smile of his, but that only makes it even more precious that he makes these later considerations for Yuuri.

Viktor did not start off being this considerate. You know when this kindness started? When Yuuri first ran away to skate away his anxiety since Viktor came, and then more and more as Viktor learned that Yuuri was apparently shy and more delicate than Viktor initially thought him to be.

So back at the dinner table, of course we know that what Viktor says instead of, you know, Yurio’s more sensible, “Seriously?” is:

Viktor’s first careful step!

Fast forward to Hot Springs on Ice. Yuuri panics when it is his turn, but eventually, comes up with another gem:

Viktor pauses a bit.

He’s still not used to this type of lines from Yuuri. In the end though, his answer to Yuuri is:

The beauty of what Viktor does is that it’s a considerate way of acting neutral while he tries to understand how this beautifully confusing creature he sort of fell a little in love with at the Sochi banquet ticks. At the same time, whether he meant to or not, he says things that Yuuri seems to need, as proven by the way Yuuri blushes every time Viktor says something that tells him that Viktor is on his side. Viktor is very careful with Yuuri, and what I love about it is that it shows to us that Viktor still wants to stay and get to know this person even though he is not who Viktor thought he was.

Episode 4, as we know, is that wonderful, wonderful episode that spanned the months of Yuuri’s training, during which we are somehow told that Yuuri and Viktor grew closer and got to know one another better. The next Viktor-pause is not so much a consideration for Yuuri as much as it is proof that Viktor picked up the habit of thinking before he speaks around Yuuri, and somehow finding the right words to say within those brief pauses.

The beauty of the pause here is that it seems to be a tentative one. The theme is love? Why did it become love, now when I am working on him with this? Am I somehow making progress with this person? Viktor pauses for his own sake this time, because Yuuri’s theme caught him off-guard.

But after all this time, Viktor is better with Yuuri, and his response is:

He reacts positively to Yuuri and supports his decisions. He has learned to relate with Yuuri better, and continues to be kind to him. He knows how to say yes to Yuuri’s decisions in the best way possible.

Here is another of my favourite scenes, purely because of Viktor’s word choices.

“Perfect” and “the best theme” – Viktor’s words are encouraging and uplifting, and I can perfectly imagine how they can affect Yuuri and motivate him.

Episode 5 is yet another gift of an episode where, for the first time, we hear Viktor think. And boy, he thinks a lot, and now we know that he does think a lot before doing and saying things in regards to Yuuri. We know he does not always agree with his student:

Yet at the end of the day, still makes the conscious decision to accept and support him.

We can see how this endeared Viktor to Yuuri. I mean look at the boy’s face in that last frame. He’s so happy, he actually cried. Viktor’s constant affirmation helped Yuuri grow and be more confident in himself. While I do believe that Viktor is naturally warm and a very kind person deep down, and while providing Yuuri this kind of positive regard is not contradictory to his personality, it’s wonderful to think that he still had to learn and develop these things in himself as well.

Now, of course Viktor isn’t perfect. He slipped in episode 7 and said the wrong thing. But, as Yakov said, Viktor still had a lot to learn, but it’s heartening to see him keep at it, isn’t it?

Lol, he even does this silent pause thing during their engagement. There was a good pause there, but then again maybe it was just shock. He’s been quiet even during the time that they bought the rings, and pretty much just followed Yuuri in a daze (I assume) up to the last moment. He doesn’t even talk until Yuuri prompts him.

Viktor still says something good, though - probably the best that could be said given the circumstances and given what Yuuri said. He has also grown quite a lot. Somewhere along the way, he learned to speak Yuuri’s language, and it is just a beautiful thing to watch.


I can’t stop thinking about the interview with Louis this morning and one of the things that keeps striking me, is the kindness. The fact Nick clearly planned something which would make Louis feel at ease. If you look at the first pictures, that’s Nick’s smile when he knows he’s going to play the clip where Niall says how important Louis was to the band. Nick KNOWS it’s a lovely clip, and he’s smiling like he’s looking forward to playing it for Louis and hearing it again himself.

Then look at how it makes Louis react. An uncontrollable smile, sweeping his hair back, sitting back in his chair, trying (and failing) to hide how chuffed he is and how happy it makes him feel. Leaning forwards and over the mic to listen, looking up at Nick as if to acknowledge that yeah, it’s nice to hear that and the smile’s back again. What’s Nick doing this whole time? Look at the next picture where Nick’s clearly stretched up in his chair and then at the one above where Louis looks up and he’s clearly making eye contact. Nick’s watching Louis react to every moment. The final screen grabs are from Nick saying how good he thought the Observer piece was when Louis brings it up. Louis says he hopes it was okay and Nick confirms, yes, really good and there’s Louis - proud as punch, completely at ease. 

Nick makes some bad jokes sometimes and he has an odd sense of humour that can jar with people, but the more I watch this interview, the more I appreciate that he was fundamentally kind and encouraging towards someone who might seem mouthy but who has been proven to have much more self-doubt and complexity than some people gave him credit for. Nick is so, so good at what he does. I already knew it, but this interview definitely showed Nick’s talent for making people feel welcome and at ease, as well as Nick’s thoughtfulness and empathy which hits me right in the feels.

Becoming a Father Overnight Part Five

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

**Also I know the length of her break is not totally realistic, but I had to bend it a little to make it work. I couldn’t have her missing too many extra days and I also want her to be down there for more than just a few days. 

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist


It’s been about a week since Y/n reached out to Jared. While it wasn’t a long period of time Y/n felt like she’d gotten to know him a lot better, and she defiantly felt much more comfortable talking to him. Jared was very dedicated to forming a relationship with his daughter.

Y/n looked up from her history textbook as her phone buzzed on the desktop next to her. Jared.

Y/n laughed, of course it was. She got at least one call a day after school, sometimes more. Not that she was complaining, she enjoyed talking to him and she was glad that he’d stepped up and wanted the role so much.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Hey Y/n, how was your day at school?” Jared asking, sounding like his usually, happy, chipper self.

“Alright, got assigned a history paper and other unpleasant work. How was your day? You’re wrapping up filming for the year this week, right?”

“Today was the last day! Flying home in an hour and I’m very excited. Speaking of which,” Jared paused this was the part he was nervous about. “I’ve kind of been dropping hints about you coming to visit and I wanted to say I’m serious.”

Y/n bit her lip nervously, was this his way of officially asking? The idea was both nerve wracking and exciting. She was thrilled at the idea of meeting the man she’d been talking to and also the brothers she’d been hearing bits about, but she was also scared to finally meet them. What if it didn’t go well? What if they didn’t like her? What if Genevieve was annoyed Jared had invited her? After all it was his daughter with another woman. Jared had talked about his other kids some, but not his wife a whole lot, what if she hated the mere idea of Y/n?

“I was thinking maybe you could come down over your winter break? I don’t want your visit to take you out of too much school, but I also want to meet you in person as soon as possible. I’m thinking that’s the best choice. What do you think?”

It took Y/n a second to process that he was asking her a question. She was still caught up on the fact that he wanted her down there for break, and in less than a mere three weeks away.

“Y/n?” Jared’s anxious voice broke through the quiet and Y/n cursed herself for making him think that she hated the idea.

“Yea, sorry. You just caught me off guard,” she admitted honestly. “You kept making little comments, but nothing more, so I really wasn’t expecting you to invite me down so soon.”

“Not that I’m complaining.” She tried to quickly reassure him. She wanted to go, she wanted to see him.

Jared’s face light up, even though she couldn’t see it. “Great. When does your break start?”

“December 21 and it goes till January 4.”

“Wow, that’s a nice break. Maybe we could even extend it a little and you could miss a few days of school.”

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I just read through your tags on that yin-yang ml thing you just reblogged, and have you noticed how devilish Chat's facial expressions can be (most prominent throughout the Copycat episode)? It's like, dark isn't inherently evil, but you can't ignore that it's still dark, y'know?

damn straight

(that one’s not from Copycat but I had to add it cause look at that expression, man, god damn)

Out of context, without Ladybug, it’s honestly pretty easy to mistake Chat Noir for a bad guy. Just looking at the above pictures I have to admit even I’d probably think he was a villain if I hadn’t seen the show.

That could be why practically all of Paris is quick to accept Chat as a serious thief in Copycat. Maybe they don’t hold Chat to the same regards as Ladybug. Maybe they aren’t sure he’s as much of a good guy as Ladybug is. I doubt the public would be so quick to judge Ladybug if it was Ladybug’s imposter caught stealing something.

But, where Copycat does have some great expressions, I definitely think Chat’s wicked side is even more prominent in Jackady, when his father has been threatened.

Chat Noir says, zip it!

like holy fuck is that a sadistic look. Adrien looks like he’s thinking about torturing Jackady for fun, before Jackady’s even reached Gabriel.

The most telling part of this episode is how serious Chat is the entire time though. Unlike usual, there’s no joking or playful banter coming from him. Gabriel is in danger, and suddenly Adrien is all business, becoming cold, focused, and incredibly controlled to keep the only parent he has left alive and safe.

He’s downright ruthless fighting his bodyguard, to the point where he lies about Ladybug being there so he can use Cataclysm to push the Gorilla down an elevator shaft. Granted, Chat had to get the Gorilla out of the way, but its still a pretty harsh way of going about it, especially when the Gorilla is someone Adrien knows firsthand.

Oh! Hey there, Ladybug.

(Yo Adrien, I know you’re proud of yourself and imma let ya finish, but I don’t think smiling is the proper response to sending your bodyguard down an elevator shaft you broke, mmkay my guy.)

I very much implore you to compare English Adrien’s shout of Cataclysm here to the one near the end of the episode btw. There’s a significant difference of tone. You can hear the raw


literally echoing in Adrien’s voice later when he destroys Jackady’s pack of cards.

At the mansion, Chat remains incredibly tense and serious, constructing a plan and giving orders to the others in a matter of seconds. And later, when Chat and Ladybug face Jackady together, Chat again doesn’t miss a beat. He’s right on target, deflecting attacks and holding his own when Ladybug’s yo-yo is temporarily made useless. He kicks some serious ass.

(even LB is like jfc who are you and where is my silly kitty partner)

Nobody really takes Chat all that seriously, but when it comes down to it he’s a darker character than Ladybug is. Adrien himself has the potential to be a terrifying villain.

He’s got the tragic backstory complete with his missing mother and emotionally abusive father. He’s rich and famous which means he has all kinds of connections and social control. His homeschooling and strict upbringing indicate he must be really intelligent and get excellent grades. Chat’s proven how sly and cunning he can be in and outside of battle. Adrien’s even the one that comes up with the idea to be in Nino’s ear during Animan–the exact same idea unbeknownst to both parties that Alya comes up with for Marinette. Hell, even Chat’s power, the ability to destroy anything (or anyone), is something a typical super-villain would have. (Not to mention, his daddy might be the show’s big bad, Hawk Moth.)

But I guess that’s what I think is so interesting and beautiful about Adrien/Chat’s character? That he has every reason to fight for the wrong side and use his powers for the wrong reasons, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t try to hurt the world for hurting him. Instead, he helps and protects others. He’s not happy and he’s not flawless, but he has a good heart in a life that’s trying constantly to blacken it, and that’s just so touching and inspiring. I digress.

Yes, nonnie, Chat Noir is a great embodiment of the idea that darkness isn’t inherently evil, but you can’t deny that darkness is still dark.

Preferences: Movie Night

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Rowan: You and Rowan switch off who gets to pick the movie every Saturday night. When Rowan picks the movie, he always goes for an action packed one about war or fighting. Then, throughout the night, he’ll point out how their strategy is faulty or how a maneuver is done wrong and should have gotten the protagonist killed. It always ends with you kissing him through the final battle just to get him to shut up.

Rhysand: He will deny it to his grave but Rhys loves chick-flicks. The two of you have watched the Notebook and 10 Things I Hate About You so many times, you both know it by heart. You always have to make sure that there is an ample supply of tissues available because, no matter what, Rhys always cries – whether they are real tears or manufactured to convince you to comfort him with cuddles and kisses, you have yet to decipher, and don’t really care either way.

Dorian: Always the bookworm, Dorian and you take movie nights as a chance to watch book-based movies. You’re not sure why, though, when every time you do, Dorian ends up grumpy because they left out his favorite part. It’s entertaining watching his expressions throughout the movie when he knows whats about to happen or when he realizes something that the director changed. Afterward, he’ll insist on staying up to read you the parts that you missed, and you fall asleep to the sound of his voice with a smile on your face.

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Growing Prodigy (Tony Stark X Teen!Reader)

Characters: Tony Stark X Teen!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mild swearing

Request: Tony Stark realising the reader is very smart but tries to hide it and is sarcastic defensive about it. This reminds Tony if himself as a teen so he takes them under his wing?

Tony was doing a few speeches at a Private School. The school was infamous for how it chose its students. Students were given a test as an enrolment. A paper with some extreme tasks that only the sharpest and best minds could figure out, and you’d only get accepted if you could answer more than 12 out of the 30, which was a challenge in itself. You had to be gifted or an extreme hard worker to get in.

Tony, surprisingly, was never enrolled into this school for the pure fact that when he was these kid’s age, he’d play dumb for the simple reason to get on his dad’s nerves and to rebel. Looking back now, he wishes he could have redone that test. He knew the answers to pass, and he wasted an opportunity. But that was in the past, and there was nothing he could do now.

His lectures were… interesting to say the least. Presenting extreme science and maths usually left students bored from not understand, but in the room, eyes never left the board or him, and hands repeatedly shot up excitedly. Because of the special selection the school had, the school only occupied up to 500 students, so the lecture rooms were small.

So that empty chair at the back stood out to Tony.

He caught the glances off the teacher who was staring at the chair in disappointment and then at the door, checking her watch and tapping her foot impatiently. He didn’t have to guess that the seat was supposed to be filled… but where was this person?

He got his answer near the end of the class. A student- you- walked into the room. You looked bored out your mind, and everyone turned to you, including your teacher. “What time do you call this, Y/N!? You’ve missed a once in a lifetime speech with Mr Stark!” The teacher snapped. You simply shrugged. Tony didn’t talk, he just stood and watched.

You glanced up at him, then at the board, where he was presenting his future plan for a project to help the Avengers. You let out a light snicker, before turning on your heel and walking out. Your teacher sent a nod to Tony, to start to talk again, while the teacher left to deal with you. She soon came back, but with you nowhere in sight.

After the lecture, he shook everyone’s hands, and everyone filed out to go back to lesson, leaving him with the teacher. “Thank you for coming in, Mr Stark. It’s an honour.” The teacher thanked.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s an honour to be here… I wished I’d took my test seriously back then…” He commented sadly. He peeked down the hallways as he spoke absentmindedly, and he saw you.

You just came out the principal’s office, and you looked honestly pissed. Tony gave a little point in your direction. “Who’s that?” He asked. Your teacher sighed at the comment.

“That’s Y/N L/N, one of my… students. I’m sorry about them, they’re like this a lot. They don’t show up to lessons, never mind lectures and barely cooperates. They’re honestly a pain in the ass.” The teacher explained. Tony never took his eyes off you as you got in your locker, grabbed your bag and stormed off.

“I thought this school was picky about students?” He commented.

“We are.” The teacher answered. “Y/N is a prodigy if I’ve ever seen one. Before they joined they were solving equations that rivalled my work before they could form proper sentences.” The teacher explained.

Now that peeked Tony’s interest. And we all know that barely anything stops Tony.

So, after the lecture, instead of going home and leaving the day behind him, he stuck around. Said he was observing how amazing the place was. However, he kept showing up wherever you were.

You kept to yourself. You ate alone, sat in the back of classes and never partook. It frustrated Tony, who wanted to see if you could live up to the title of prodigy.

He was about to give up. The school day was ending, and students were leaving. He stood near the exit and shook hands with a lot of students who looked up to him… however, then he noticed that he hadn’t seen you leave.

“Ready to go sir?” Happy asked.

“Yeah, give me a minute. I’ll be back in a bit.” Tony dismissed and wandered into the school alone.

He searched the entire school- the rooms, the closets, the yard, and lastly, the lecture theatre. That’s where he found you. You were staring at the board that still held the written notes and equations that Tony had made that morning. “Thought you weren’t bothered.” He commented, making you turn and roll your eyes at him.

“I’m not.” You snapped in response. Tony simply jogged down the stairs.

“Are you sure about that? Because you’re staring at that board like it’s the Mona Lisa.” He commented, walking up beside you, putting his arms behind him. “What’s got you hooked?” He asked.

Instead of an answer, you walked forward, grabbing a pen from the table, and rubbing out certain numbers and replacing them. Tony, at first, was offended almost… but then after looking over what you’d done… he realised.

“The equation is wrong.” You finally spoke when you finished your adjustment. “If you had followed your plan, you would have either had a meltdown, or nothing at all.” You explained, before chucking the pen at him, which he caught, and watched you walk out.

You went a few days of normal school days, which was honestly not doing much. So when the principle requested you, you weren’t surprised. What did they catch you doing this time? Not participating? Using your phone in lesson? You’d usually walk in, slump down in a chair and wait out the scolding… but when you saw Tony standing there, grinning like an idiot, you froze.

“Mr Stark has took an interest in you, and he’d like to take you on as an apprentice. Not only for him… but the Avengers and SHIELD.” The principle explained.

Did you get a say in this? No. Tony knew you’d say no and go back to lesson, but he made sure you didn’t have a choice but to go with him.

For the first few days you kept up your moody demeanor, refusing to work. Yes, it pissed of Tony, and got on the nerves of Bruce and the other Avengers, but Tony refused to send you back.

After another unsuccessful day, you were driven home. “Tony, why do you persist on trying to get them to help us?” Bruce asked finally. The others gave a questioning glance at him as well.

“I have several reasons.” He started. “Firstly, they’re in the school where only the brightest minds can make it in. Where they have a nearly impossible test as enrolment. The kid’s already been proven a genius by the fact that they got enrolled.” He explained.

“Why not one of the other kids?” Nat questioned.

“Well, Y/N is different from them. You need at least 12 answers right on the test to get in. No one ever has gotten perfect marks on the test, because it’s that hard, and there’s only 30 tasks. That is, until Y/N came along and aced it first go.” He answered, taking a sip of the drink in his hand. “Also, you know that new thing I’m working on? The entire equation was wrong, and the kid solved it just by glancing at the board earlier that day. They’re not just a prodigy at this point, they were born to be smart.” Tony explained, clearly getting excited.

“…But the kid doesn’t show any interest.” Steve pointed out.

“Exactly!” Tony exclaimed. “They’re this moody teenager- they can do amazing things but they don’t want to show it- they want to be but they also don’t want to! I’ve seen them do this, and after looking at their files, I can almost see why they’re derailing. Started off amazing, aced that test then everything just dropped.” Tony explained. He was practically bouncing off the walls at this point.

“Hormones?” Clint shrugged, unsure.

“No, it’s rebellion against those who have pushed them to reach this goal. Can you imagine your parents pushing and pushing you to become this very, very specific thing, and you know you can reach it but you also want to try different things? But your parents don’t want you to? They only want you to go in one direction, while you want to expand? The kid’s rebelling, and all Y/N needs is a little push and nurturing, and we’ll probably have the smartest person to live of our time!” He explained.

“You sure this will work?” Nat asked, and Tony just stood proud.

“I’m not giving up on them.” Was his answer. The Avengers, now understanding his reasoning, simply nodded and left him to it. That was, except for Bruce.

“There’s another reason… isn’t there?” He asked. Tony’s head lowered, a sad smile on his face. “You see you when you were their age when you see them, don’t you?” He asked. Tony, admittedly nodded.

“I could have gone to that school, but I played dumb- just like them- and I never made it. I don’t want this kid to throw away something amazing just because they feel petty.” Tony explained. Bruce smiled with understanding.

“I’m sure we’ll get through to them…” Bruce reassured, patting Tony on the shoulder, and leaving him to it.

Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in!

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hello!! i was wondering if you could do a single dad au for hyuk? thanks so much, your fics make me happy~

find others: taekwoon 

  • hyuk has a son whose name isn’t hyuk jr. but hyuk still calls him mini hyuk because,,,,,,,,look at him,,,,,he is literally a smaller version of him!!!!
  • same nose? same nose
  • even though he’s really young, only two, hyuk keeps telling everyone that he’s sure he’s a genius. that he’s going to go on to do grEAT thing. that this lil one is capable of anything, the presidency, pro athlete, next steve jobs
  • the rest of vixx was really worried about him becoming a father, but he’s proven that he’s taking it super seriously and would literally die for his kid,,,,,,
  • hakyeon is so proud of hyuk when he sees him being gentle and caring that he almost sheds a tear and hongbin is like jesus bro ur not his mom and hakyeon is like,,,my babY,,,,,,,raising another baby,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • taekwoon is like “can i play with you-” and hyuk is like “no, you might steal him and im not risking that.”
  • got matching baseball caps for him and his son dad hyuk is the cUTEST 
  • you’ve been hyuks neighbor since,,,,,,,,,well you can’t even remember and tbh you two are really close
  • the amount of late night video game parties you two had is ,,,, beyond count and everyone is always like “you’re dating” but you and hyuk were like LOVE? IN MY HOUSE? NO THANKS
  • but ever since hyuk became a dad, a single dad nonetheless, it’s been less video game parties and more “ill babysit if you’re busy bro or come over and watch this disney kids movie with me and my son”
  • and you and hyuk have always been friends, comfortable, trusting, really close friends
  • so it’s not surprising when he invites you to go furniture shopping with him and his son 
  • you push the cart with his son in the seat and make silly faces as hyuk tried to read the catalog and figure out where the nursury section is 
  • but then you hear it,,,,,,,,,,the voice of your aunt
  • and you barely ever see her because she doesn’t live in this part of town??? but you know it’s her voice and when she calls out to you,,, you stop dead in your tracks
  • and all you hear is a “oh my, has it been that long - you’re married and have kids now?!?!?!”
  • both you and hyuk turn around and you want to say “what- no it isn’t what it looks like-”
  • but hyuk loops a hand around your shoulder like it’s the most casual thing in the world and goes
  • “im their husband! nice to meet you!”
  • your aunt almost jumps for joy!!!! rushing over and going “a husband??? you got a husBAND,,,and such a handsome one too!!!!”
  • you look up at hyuk, completely confused at where he’s going with this, until he kisses the side of your face
  • “we meet a couple of months ago and they married me, even though i had a kid an all! they’re a blessing!”
  • your aunt looks between you and hyuk and you try to put on a smile and act like it’s all ok
  • but what???????is ?????? hyuk??????Saying
  • your aunt opens her mouth to say something but hyuk is like “oh! honey, we have dinner with ken later we better hurry up - sorry, i gotta steal them away again but bye!”
  • and with that, hyuk turns you around and hurries you away from your pestering aunt and down the next aisle
  • she doesn’t follow you,,,,,but you look up at him when you’re out of earshot and narrow your eyes, pinching his arm hard
  • “ow! what was that for?”
  • “for pretending we’re MARRIED?????”
  • hyuk grins, rubbing his arm and sending a kissey face to his son and you’re like hey hey dont ignore me
  • and he’s like “i mean, we’re basically married? you take care of my kid like he’s your own and are always at my place, babe we are SHOPPING together”
  • you wanna say something back, maybe about him calling you babe??? but at the same time,,,,,,,,he’s right
  • you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,are basically married,,,,,,,
  • and you can’t imagine your life without hyuk or his son for that matter and when you look down the little boy outstretching his arms to you
  • you can’t help but think,,,,,,,,what if - what if you and hyuk /did/ get married
  • hyuk leans down again, kissing your cheek and he’s like “wow, wanted to do that for a long time,,,,”
  • you playfully shove him, picking up his son in your arms as hyuk grins and watches you two
  • after a moment you look back at him and go
  • “han sanghyuk, i will marry you.”
  • “right here in this ikea?”
  • “yes”
  • slkdj you both break out into laughter but honestly,,,,,,you both know that this moment was destined to happen and even though it was in an ikea and not somewhere super romantic it’s fine
  • because you dont need the ring and the party - you just need hyuk and his son,,,,,,,,,,,,hyuk corrects you on your way home though because now it’s not his son,,,,,,is our son ^^ 
Kiss The Girl (Uma x fem!reader)

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Uma barely had enough time to get dressed before a grumpy Harry and half asleep Gil came barging into her dorm room. “Waking up at the bloody cracka dawn. This school is bonkers,” Harry growled, crossing his arms over his chest.

“You should have known it was going to happen before you accepted,” The sea witch muttered, applying her eyeliner with deadly precision.

“And leave my Captain and mates with these pansies? Not likely,” The brunet retorted, elbowing a sleeping Gil.

The Captain smirked, laying down her eye pencil before turning to face her comrades. “Well, boys. Let’s go show these pretty pink princesses and perfect princes what Villains are truly like.”

The two boys exchanged mischievous grins, “ Aye aye, Captain.”

“Here you go, little guy,” You whispered, gently untangling a Koi from Auradon’s “Serenity Garden”. Some bastard apparently decided to try fishing in the Koi Pong. Again.

Being the Granddaughter of King Triton made you the obvious candidate , along with the son of Rapunzel, Thomas, who had proven to have a green thumb, to tend to the Garden, seeing as it was mostly bridges and trails centered around a rather large system of ponds and rivers. With certain areas for beautiful plant life, of course. There was even a small area dedicated to growing fresh fruits and vegetables, tended to by some student volunteers.

“What is this place?” A girl’s voice cut through the silence, startling you enough to accidentally cut yourself on the surprisingly sharp fishing line tangled around your hand. You turned your head, surprised to find one of the newly attending Villain Kids standing behind you, arms crossed as she observed the garden.

“The Serenity Garden,” You answered, startling the girl. She looked at you with wide eyes, reaching for her belt as if attempting to grab a sword that wasn’t there. “When did you get there?””

“I could ask you the same question,” You replied with an amused smile. “You startled me as well.”

“Are you fishing? I\ figured that would against the…” She trailed off, as if not knowing the word she was looking for.

“Rules?” You offered, attempting to untangle your hand, only succeeding in tangling up your other hand as well.


“Oh it is, very much so. Some boy has been trying to fish for Koi. Poor Louis got tangled up in the fishing line. Elmer nearly drowned thanks to the leather coat he left behind holding him underwater,” You mumbled, nodding to a red leather jacket hanging on the railing of the bridge a few feet away. “I didn’t know fish could drown,” The girl muttered, a confused look on her face.

“Well, they can if they’re in water completely devoid of oxygen and aren’t able to surface. But Elmer is a toad,” You explained, cutting yourself again on the fishing line wrapped around your hands.

“Do you need some help?” She asked, motioning to your tangled hands. You gave a sheepish laugh, “Please.”

The girl crouched down beside you, working on getting your hands free. “I’m Uma.”

“I’m Y/N. It’s nice to meet you, Uma.”

“Why is it every time I come here you’re in some type of trouble?” Uma mumbled, as she pulled you out of the water of the Koi pond. You laughed, “It’s not like I meant to fall in the Koi Pond! Annabelle was trapped between a rock and the side of the pond and I slipped.” You explained, squeezing out your shirt.

“Why do you name your fish?” She asked, watching you with amusement as you pulled your soaked hair up into a ponytail. “I don’t name them. They name themselves. They just tell me their names and get offended when I don’t call them by them,” You muttered.

Her eyebrows shot up. “You can speak to fish?” She asked, looking a little weirded out by the fact you appeared to be hearing voices.

“My mother is Ariel, of course I can speak to fish, what did you expect?” You asked. She gave a nod, “I should have seen that coming.”

“So what brings you by?” You asked, sitting on the edge of the bridge, letting your feet dangle into the water. She sat beside you, crossing her legs so her boots wouldn’t get wet. “Well, Harry is trying to find Carlos and Gil is at Tourney practice,” She explained, laying back to stare up at the cloudy sky.

“Oh so I’m just your third option?” You teased, mimicking her actions and turning your head to face her.

“Never,” She replied, a small smile appearing on her face.

“Good,” You said, scooting closer to her slightly. “Because you’re my first choice,” you added softly.

“Am I now?” She teased softly, moving even closer to you so your faces were mere inches part. You nodded, smile mimicking hers.

“Good,” She whispered, leaning her face closer to yours.

You closed your eyes, leaning closer until you could feel her lips grazing yours when -

“Oh, sorry, am I interruptin’ somethin’ here?” Harry asked from where he stood at the end of the bridge. Uma sat up quickly, glaring at her first mate. “Yes, Harry, you are,” Uma gritted out through clenched teeth.

“Oopsies. Mal’s looking for you. Something about putting a cream depilatory in some princess’s shampoo bottle for looking at you?” Harry raised his eyebrows, clicking his tongue, “I must say, Cap… I’m so proud of you.”

“You should probably go take care of that,” You remarked, raising an eyebrow at the blue haired girl.

“Yeah,” She sighed. You gave her a smile before pressing your lips to her cheek. “See you tomorrow, Uma.”

“Why does the Isle have dark cloud over it?” You asked as you sat by the edge of Auradon staring across the ocean at the Island she called home. “My mom said it’s because Beast and Belle wanted to make the Isle as dreadful as humanely possible,” She replied, lips pressed into a tight line. You shook your head, lacing your fingers through hers.

“Do you ever miss it? The Isle, I mean,” You asked, gazing at the dreadful looking Island. She nodded, giving your hand a squeeze. “Sometimes. I miss my ship, my necklace, my freedom, hell, sometimes I even miss working at Ursula’s Fish and Chips with my crew. I definitely miss my swords, being able to rough someone up for disrespecting me. You definitely can’t do that here.”

“I’d love to see the look on Fairy Godmother’s face if you did that,” You laughed, leaning your head on her shoulder. “She’d probably Bibbidi bobbity boo me right back to the Isle,” She muttered, laughing slightly.

“Yeah don’t do that then,” You chuckled.

“Why? You’d miss me that much?” She teased.

“Yeah. I would,” You whispered softly. Uma’s face softened as you locked eyes.

“There you see her,”

“Did you hear that?” She asked, eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Sitting there across the way,”

“She don’t have a lot to say,

But there’s something about her”

“Who the hell is singing right now?” Uma called out, looking around.

“And you don’t know why,

But you’re dying to try,

You wanna Kiss The Girl.”

You wanted to die of embarrassment when a few other villain kids poked their heads out of the bushes. Are they seriously singing right now!?

Uma’s face heated, with embarrassment or fury you couldn’t tell, the more the song went on.

“I’m so sorry they did that,” Uma whispered to you after they finished and were now staring at you expectantly.

You glanced at the small group before getting a playful smile.


“Well what?” The sea witch asked.

“Are you gonna kiss the girl?”

A smile overtook her face as she nodded slightly.

“Yeah, I am.” And with that, she pressed her lips to yours.

“Hey, Lass - er, Lasses? I get yer all sexually frustrated and all, but can you not eat each other’s faces off right now? I’d like to keep my appetite in tact.”

The Joker x Reader - “25 Signs The Joker is Into You”


1.  The Joker burns down your house because he wants you to stay at the penthouse all the time.

“Baby, did you do this?!” you ask since he’s the prime suspect in your books.

“Nope,” the short answer doesn’t give him extra points.

“Are you sure???”

“Innocent until proven guilty, Doll.”

2.   J tells you he hates you all the time.

“What did I do?!” you pout, upset.

“Nothing, I just hate you.”

You frown and he kisses you, irritated:

“Tough it out, Princess! Life is cruel.”

3.   He tolerates your cat.

The fluffy thing can’t stand him. The feeling is mutual.

Every time kitty sees J, she hisses.

“Likewise!” he growls. But at night she cuddles by his side, purring and he purrs too. It’s a contest and J wins on a regular basis. He’s so proud of himself.

4.   He indirectly compliments you when you are insecure.

“My thighs are as big as tree trunks!” you complain, analyzing yourself the mirror.

“Who gave you that idea? Did somebody say something to you?”  your boyfriend gets pissed, thinking he’s gonna kill the asshole that insulted his Queen.

“No…Yuck, all the cellulite,” you pinch your skin, horrified.


“Can’t you see?”

“Who the hell cares, woman?! You look fine. Stop your drama, I’m not in the mood!”

“I’m so fat!” you sigh, ignoring him.

“Yes, you are FAT: Fiesty, Annoying and Terrible!”

You finally smile and The Joker sniffles, not wanting to admit he loves it when he’s the source of your happiness.

5.   He lets you mess up his perfectly styled hair, aware it calms you down when you’re stressed out. Usually, J is the main source of that stress so…his way of making it up to you.

6.   He engages in foreplay (which he normally never has patience for) knowing how much you enjoy it.

7.   The Joker likes to expose himself to you as often as possible.

Takes his clothes off really fast, waiting for you to pass by when you walk in the backyard. Opens the glass sliding door too, just in case.

“Oh my God!” J hears you squeal.

“That’s right, Pumpkin, feast your eyes!” he nonchalantly stretches, flexing his muscles in the process.

“Oh my God!” another enthusiastic squeal. He arrogantly smirks, pleased with his achievement.

8.   J rubs your feet when they hurt after wearing high heels all day.

9.    He blows up the new house you bought since there’s no way he wants you to stay away from the penthouse.

“Baby, did you do this?!” you have to inquire again, frustrated.


“Are you 100% sure?!”

“Innocent until proven guilty, Princess.”

10.   The Joker can’t sleep without you, that’s why you always have to get back by nightfall. If you don’t, the next day is his turn to keep you up all night… with sex. Gotta pay for those dark circles under his eyes.

11.   When you’re sick, he kidnaps the best doctors and brings them over to make sure you’re not dying or something.

12.   He makes your favorite tea, even if he thinks it’s too much work to boil the water.

13.   He actually takes into consideration what you like in bed and doesn’t give up until you scream his name like crazy.

14.   J turns one of the smaller bedrooms at the penthouse into your own ”girl room.”

Anything you might need is always there: tampons, make-up, perfume, favorite chocolate, body lotions, bubble bath, shower gels, pink champagne, condoms (although  unused, but he thinks they look cool).

15.   The Joker cancels meetings when you send him naughty pics.

“Daddy, are you gonna make it home in time or should I start without you?”

16.    He pulls you in his lap when you pass by and just stares in your eyes without saying a word.

“Umm, you don’t like my outfit?” you try to guess, nervous.

No answer.

You become more anxious.

“You should have told me, I’ll go change.”

J keeps on staring.

“OK, I’ll be back shortly.”

You try to get up and he stops you.

“You’re pretty,” he sighs, softly kissing your lips.

17.    He counts the freckles on your shoulders when you sleep, hoping you’ll get more because he finds them cute.

18.   Your boyfriend lets you give him hickeys. It’s implied you’ll pay for it later but he likes it when you go crazy on him.

19.     The Joker floods the apartment you purchased yesterday.

Apparently, you won’t be able to live anywhere else but the penthouse.

“Baby, did you do this?!”


“Are you lying to me?!”

“Innocent until proven guilty, Pumpkin.”

20.   When you take naps, he kisses the tip of your nose and watches you smile in your sleep. He finds it adorable.

21.   J makes sure you can’t walk straight for 2 or 3 days if you tease him while he has important business to attend to. But he also makes sure you get to relax with him in the Jacuzzi.

22.    He buys you a new cat after yours dies.

J hates cats but you like them so…perfect present.

The new kitty adores The King of Gotham, always purrs in his lap. At night, he purrs when you caress his hair and the cat purrs because J pets it. It’s puurrrfect.

23.   He texts you love poems (thanks to Google, appreciated nevertheless)

“Roses are red

Foxes are clever        

I like your butt

Let me touch it forever.”

24.   The Joker reads to you when you have bad cramps, aware that’s the only way you will dose off.

His favorite is “Database Issues in Geographic Information Systems”. Boring as hell, puts you out in less than 5 minutes, this way J doesn’t have to deal with your crankiness. Affection Joker style, but it still counts.

25.   He doesn’t kill you when you tell him you’re pregnant

He’s not big on kids, not thrilled when hearing the news. 

“Did you get pregnant on purpose, Princess?!” J interrogates.


“Are you sure?!” your short reply makes him doubt.

“Innocent until proven guilty, baby.”


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Felicity hopped from one foot to the other, trying to get her socks on while she scanned the room for her sneakers. “You ready, hon?”

She glanced up at Oliver, standing in the doorway. “Yeah, I just need to find my shoes and then we can go.”

Oliver nodded once, opening the closet door and pulling out her favorite pair. “Here.”

She let out a breath, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Come on, we don’t want to be late.”

Felicity followed him through the apartment, putting her shoes on as he turned the lights off and grabbed the car keys. Then he kissed her forehead before leading her silently out of the apartment.

She climbed into the car and buckled, immediately bringing her fingers to her mouth to chew on her nails. Oliver glanced over at her and sighed. “Why do you look so nervous?”

She scoffed, “I’m not nervous, you’re nervous.” He leveled her with a look and she bit her lip. “Fine, I’m nervous,” she admitted with a sigh, “how are you not!?”

Oliver chuckled at the gentle jab she’d landed on his arm. “It’s just a baseball game.”

“It’s William’s baseball game.”

“He told me this morning that he’s excited you’re coming.”

“Really? Did he really, he really said that?”

Oliver lifted her hand with a small laugh, bringing her fingers to his mouth. “Yes. He really said it. Why are you nervous?” He asked again.

“I don’t know.” She breathed, “It’s you and me…William…baseball…you know?” She glanced up at him and he took his eyes off the road to look at her. His eyes softened, and her heart melted as it always did. 

Thanks to Curtis, she often wondered what he was thinking when he looked at her like that. That look that wouldn’t change. And she hoped it never would. “What?” She asked as he fought a smile.

“Nothing,” he mumbled, his mouth pulling upward. He looked back at the road. “That just…doesn’t sound like a bad Friday night at all.”

Felicity couldn’t help but smile too. It was contagious. “No, it doesn’t.”

As they pulled up to the field, Felicity spotted William warming up. He was throwing a ball back and forth with a teammate, one she recognized from the handful of times that she’d picked William up from school. 

She got out of the car and took Oliver’s hand, dragging him towards the fence. 

When he noticed them, William jogged over to where they stood. “Hey, buddy.” Oliver said, reaching over the fence to playfully tap the bill of his hat. “You ready?”

William shrugged, “Jack said they played Central City last year and won ten-nothing. We’re undefeated, so I don’t think anyone’s too worried about it.”

Felicity bit her lip to keep from smiling, and Oliver laughed. “all right, well have fun out there, okay?”

William nodded, “I will.”

As William jogged away, Oliver wrapped his arm around her. “He’s cocky.” Oliver said, smirking.

Felicity bumped her hip against his, “Wonder where he gets that from.”

Oliver laughed, kissing the top of her head as the teams got ready to play. “I don’t even know what position he plays.” Felicity mumbled.

Oliver pointed to the outfield, where William was stretching his arms. “left field.”

“Aww, this is going to be so fun. You can teach me all about baseball.”

“I’ve tried that before.” Oliver frowned.

Felicity squeezed his side, “I wasn’t listening. I didn’t care to learn about the stats of the Blue Jays.”

“But you care about the stats of Star City Middle School?”

“Well…yeah. At least I know a player on this team.” She answered with a shrug.

Felicity watched as Central City’s first batter hit the ball right towards William, and he ran backwards, looking up at the incoming ball. She squeaked, her hands flying to her mouth. William lifted his glove and the ball fell right into it, as if it was effortless. She jumped up and down, “Oh! Yay!” She yelled, knowing that it must have been harder than it looked. “Yay, go William!”

Oliver’s laughter quieted her excitement. “Don’t tease me,” she chided. 

He shook his head, “No teasing here.”

“You’re laughing at me.” She said, settling down and tucking herself back under his arm. She rested her arms against the fence, her hands folded in front of her mouth.

Oliver kissed her temple, “Nicely done!” He yelled, “Good job, William!” Felicity glanced up at him, giggling. “I’m not laughing at you,” he said, “I’m just happy.” 

William held the ball up, looking right at Oliver and Felicity, the biggest smile on his face. “Oh.” Felicity sighed, her heart feeling whole. She gave him a thumbs up, “Look at him.”

He was, and Felicity liked watching Oliver’s face as much as she liked watching William play. His expression was content. Proud. “He looks happier than I’ve seen him…” Oliver mumbled, and Felicity hugged him a little tighter.

By the end of the game, William’s prediction was proven right. Star City won eight to three, including an impressive home-run by their favorite player. “He’s so good.” Felicity gushed as they waited for him. 

Oliver nodded, “I know.”

“We should take him and his friend out for ice cream. You know, he mentioned the other night that he’s starting to feel like he fits in here and maybe before we drop Jack off, we could ask if they want to go to Big Belly for sundaes? Or milkshakes? Oh, I want a milkshake.”

Oliver smiled down at her, “I love you,” he mumbled, stepping closer and pulling her against him. He wound his arms around her waist, leaning down to kiss her.

Felicity smiled against his lips as he pulled away, “I love you, too.”

“Hey dad,” William called, coming up behind them, “can Jack sleep over? I told him about the new Call of Duty you got me, and he wants to play it.”

Oliver hesitated, glancing down at Felicity. She opened her mouth, then closed it, lifting her shoulders. 

Oliver cleared his throat, “Uh, sure. Just let me call Jack’s mom to make sure it’s okay.”

William nodded, “Thanks!” He yelled, running back towards his dugout.

Felicity spun around, “Was that…has he ever…did he just call you dad?”

Oliver nodded, “That was a first.”

“Oh, Oliver.” Felicity wrapped her arms around him, nestling her head on his chest. She wasn’t sure why it made her so emotional, but she quickly wiped away a tear before Oliver could see it. She loved that Oliver and William were finally connecting, and she loved that she got to be involved. William was adjusting, and she was glad to be part of it. To pick him up from school and have movie nights with him and go to his baseball games. She happily did all of it.

“Felicity, are you okay?” William’s voice asked. 

She pulled away from Oliver, looking behind her to see William and Jack waiting, duffel bags and baseball gloves in hand. “Yeah,” she smiled at them, “Of course. William, you were awesome out there! And you too, Jack. I’m so glad I got to watch.”

William smiled at her. “Thanks, Felicity. I’m really happy you could come.” He answered as they walked to the car. “Dad, did you see my grounder in the fifth inning? Coach says I’m a power hitter, so I figured they wouldn’t be expecting it.”

Oliver nodded, “It was a good play. You had an awesome game, William, I’m really proud of you.” He said, smiling down at his son. “And you too, Jack.” He added.

The boys laughed. “Thanks, dad. Maybe we can go to the park tomorrow and you can show Jack that curve-ball we were working on?”

“Anytime.” Oliver said, looking over at Felicity as he started the car.

She smiled, and he reached his hand over, lacing his fingers through hers. He couldn’t imagine a better way to spend a Friday night, or a Saturday afternoon.

“So,” Felicity said, turning around to look at the boys. “Ice cream?”