and he will mentor you

The sun is setting.

‘On-again-off-again mentor’
Thank you for acknowledging Phoenix is a shitty mentor to Apollo, if barely one at that


The thing that you forgot? Turns out, whatever you know about medicine, ultimately, luck or fate or God or… who knows what is always gonna end up playing a much bigger role in the whole thing than you and I ever will. 

Energy [M]

 You were Jungkook’s sunbae and trusted mentor, you never intended to seduce him but when you turn him on after a performance, when he already has pent up sexual energy coursing through his system, it leads to something explosive. 

Rating: M

Warnings: None. It’s pretty vanilla just super explicit.

You were standing in the corridor when Bangtan came offstage, waiting with a cheerful smile for your favorite dongsaeng. Though there were a lot of newer artists who looked up to you, and you tried to look after them, Jeon JungKook was the only one that you made an effort to never forget.

You had taken him under your wing, so to speak, ever since he said on TV that he wanted you to be his mentor in singing. It was the sweetest thing you’d ever seen. You were really flattered, especially since he made a cute little video message to you saying that he really respected you as an artist and was your biggest fan.

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Dating Finnick Odair would include. . .

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Dating Finnick Odair would include…

—You also being a victor

• Him being your mentor for your games

• Before you leave he tells you how much you mean to him

• Promising to stay alive for him

•When you come back as a victor you run to him and you guys hug for a good ten minutes before finally taking a moment to talk.

—Fancy dates

• Probably taking you to a very fancy place in the Capitol.

• “I have to impress my girl.”

• “You impress me on a daily basis.”

• Going to a lot of events in the Capitol

—Being a power couple

• People congratulating you both left and right

• Holding hands constantly (that way you’ll never lose each other)

• Short but meaningful kisses in front of others

• Not being jealous of any of the women in the Capitol who swoon over Finnick

• Telling each other you love one another no matter who is around

—Sleeping very close to each other

•Since the both of you have nightmares that flashback to the games, you sleep very close to each other to make sure the other is still there.

•Finnick loves the idea that when sleeping he is protecting you, so he’s always holding you in his arms.

•Always huddled together like penguins

—Staying in bed all day, just talking

•Finnick likes to have you close, and he also loves to hear what you have to say

•Sometimes you let him do all the talking and add things onto what he’s saying. But other times he lets you lead the conversation because he knows sometimes everybody just needs to rant

•Little talks about the past and the future

—Not knowing what to do when he is chosen for the Quarter Quell

•Although you promised yourself you two would never step back into the arena, you volunteer as tribute when you hear Mags’ name called

•Making vows to protect each other no matter what in the games

•Finnick constantly telling you he loves you, more than usual, and you doing the same

—Getting married after the Quarter Quell

•You two finally get married, and you can’t contain your happiness.

•The power couple who ruled the Capitol finally rules each others hearts.

•Making your own vows for one another

•Crying as you hear Finnick’s because he tells such a beautiful story about you

•Finnick smiling so big, and even tearing up a bit when he hears yours

•Overall a great night.

—Having a child

•Having a daughter who Finnick wanted to name after you, but you disagreed.

•Your daughter being a spitting image of the both of you

•Since you are both stubborn, you hope that she isn’t as stubborn as you two.

—Having a real happy ever after life with Finnick.

What’s Next?, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Oak sets Reader up with Lin.

Words: 928

Author’s Note: It’s been awhile! I’ve been struggling writing recently, so maybe send in some prompts to get the ball rolling? Also, 555 followers?? Amazing. This is a not-so-subtle reference to the West Wing (which is why Lin reacts the way he does)

Warnings: None?

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“I still don’t feel right being back here…” You trailed, fingers grazing the ‘aged’ wood of the Hamilton set.

“You’re fine.” Oak insisted for what felt like the thousandth time.

You had known Oak before the rest of the world did - back when he was using theatre to avoid trouble during the football offseason. You happened to be employed at the theatre he would sometimes frequent and saw potential in him from his first audition.

You became fast friends and though you were rather close in age, he always called you a ‘mentor’. You were one of the first calls he made after he was offered Hamilton. He was frantic to get you a ticket, and you were now just a few hours away from seeing him take the stage again.

“Maybe don’t touch that.” He instructed, swatting your hand away from the props magnificently placed just out of sight of the audience, “I’ll show you the dressing rooms.”

He expertly lead you through the backstage hallways, up a flight of stairs, around corners, and finally settled in front of a door. The placard deemed it his.

“I share with Anthony and Daveed, but it’s still a while until call, so we shouldn’t expect them.” He pushed open the door and you were greeted by a finely decorated and quite empty dressing room.

He gave the ‘grand tour’, which consisted of pointing out a few things people had sent them over time. He had a little guest-book he made people sign whenever they visited, and he forced it into your hands before you could protest. Writing loving, sappy messages was never your specialty, but you could make an exception for Oak.

He began unpacking the lunch you had picked up. He, for some reason, insisted on eating at the theatre instead of the restaurant. When you asked why, he simply smirked, patted you on the head, and said nothing.

You didn’t even think to question the large amount of food for only two people.

“Knock, knock-” Sounded at the door. Lin popped his head in, “I smell food.” He squinted around the room before settling on the take-out boxes. He pushed his way in more, immediately serving himself. “You’re here early.” He said to Oak. “And with company?” His gaze shifted to you.

He stuck his hand out, and you hated that he happened to time this interaction in the middle of a large mouthful of chowmein.

You swallowed, shaking his hand while giving your name. His face lit up as he plopped himself on the sofa next to you.

“The famous Y/N!” He exclaimed, as if he was starstruck.

“I’m probably the least famous person in this room.” You murmured, pushing your food around on your plate, before settling on another bite.

“Oak has been non-stop about you ever since he found out you were seeing the show! He said you’ve moved to the city?” Lin shifted you he was sitting criss-crossed on the sofa, now facing you. His position completely excluded Oak from the conversation, and he seemed more than happy to be left out. He smirked before making a half-assed excuse about making a phone call and taking his leave.

You knew it was half-assed when he left his cellphone behind.

“I’ve been here for about a year now. Still getting used to it. Haven’t even seen the Statue of Liberty. I pass it, but I’ve never seen it, you know?”

“I get it, been to the Empire State Building?” You shook your head. “Madison Square Garden?” You shook your head. “Damn, I have to give you the Official New York Lin tour. Hits all the right spots with a few gems thrown in there.”

“Really? How much do you charge? I assume it’s your main source of income since this thing,” You gestured to the dressing room you were currently sitting in, “doesn’t seem to be paying the bills.”

“Free of charge,” He laughed, “You’re seeing the show tonight?”

“Yes but I took high school history and have the songs practically memorized, I know you die at the end.”

“Damn, spoilers! I don’t know what happens!” He pushed his plate of food away from him and you did the same, much too invested in the conversation to bother picking at it. You settled into a comfortable silence, finally taking the time to fully absorb your surroundings.

“So,” You broke the silence, eyes settling on Lin, “What’s next?”

You weren’t sure what compelled you to ask that particular question, but as you watched his face light up in a grin, you knew you had asked the right question.

“What are you doing after the show tonight?”

“Might have plans with Oak, though I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me rescheduling.”

Lin left you at the top of the hour to get into costume, parting with his number in your phone and a promise that he would make plans during intermission.

You let out a long, dreamy sigh as you closed your eyes, leaning back in the couch.

Two knocks sounded at the door, and Oak waltzed in, hands in his pockets with a smug look on his face.

“Was I right? Or was I right?” He pocketed the phone he had left on the counter and dangled your purse from two fingers, signalling it was time to make your way into the audience.

“He’s a good guy, right?” You asked, forcing yourself to stand from the couch, snatching your purse.

“He’s the best.” Oak guided you to the door.

“Then, like always, you were right.”

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A reaction/scenario of being put in charge/mentoring a 13 or 14 y/o trainee for the members Hoshi, Jun, Woozi, and Minghao. Basically just how they'd treat her and how they'd act, just stuff like that. I saw someone request something similar on another blog and thought I'd request it here! :)

I think this is somewhere between a reaction and a scenario - hope you like it 😘 ♥ I wasn’t sure what kind of things you wanted included exactly so here you go!!


  • would honestly feel like such a big brother, and even you’d be able to feel it! 
  • upon hearing the news that he’d be put in charge to mentor you, the main thought in his mind would be “Am I cut out to do this?” but at the latest when he’s met you, he gains some confidence
  • you’d get along really well, at least after the initial ice has been broken
  • he’d take pride in mentoring you, and would make sure he gives you the best mentoring possible!
  • of course, he’d also be a bit strict in the sense that he wants you to get as good as you want to become and you have potential for
  • which is also why, at the beginning, he’d probably ask you about your goals and who you look up to, so that he’d have an idea of what he’s dealing with in that sense
  • answer “I look up to you” and he’s sold
  • he’d treat you like a friend, but he’d honestly always keep in mind that you’re quite young, so he’d in a way be more careful with his words than he’d be with someone older
  • not to mention that he’s even more caring towards you than others
  • and all in all he’d take really good care of you and always make sure you’re eating and sleeping enough (well, as “enough” as you can as a trainee)
  • so he regularly sends you messages like “Have you remembered to eat?” etc, and if you say you’ve been too busy practicing or something he’ll send you an angry sticker lmao
  • “Eat or I won’t mentor you tomorrow.”
  • it’d be followed with a laughing emoji tho, you know he’s rarely serious about that (but he is serious about eating)
  • Jun would also be quite honest in his feedback, at least after the very beginning where he’d probably still be a bit too reserved to be 100% honest about it
  • but it wouldn’t take him long to give you an honest evaluation and point out exactly where you still need to improve and focus on that
  • always makes sure you know when you’ve improved and that you also know just how proud he is of you
  • with some experience on getting feedback on it, he’d also teach you to focus on your expressions when you get good enough with a song


  • would be so excited to hear that he’d get to mentor you!
  • like literally as soon as he’s told about it, he’d be smiling really brightly and ask when he’ll start
  • upon meeting you, he’d want to get to know you, but he’d also want to see your level
  • so prepare to show your singing and dancing pretty much righ there and then
  • he’d watch carefully and take mental note of your strengths and weaknesses, after which he’d also ask you what you thought your strengths and weaknesses were
  • admits that he’s probably more help in dancing than in singing, and just laughs when you assure him that he’ll be able to help you with singing without a problem, too
  • Soonyoung would make practice as fun as he can while still making sure you get everything out of his lessons, and he’d feel so proud when he sees the progress you’re making
  • would ruffle your hair quite a lot, especially when you’ve been practicing for several hours straight and you’re sitting on the floor, panting while drinking your water
  • “You’re doing amazing, kiddo.”
  • would definitely help you find your own style if you didn’t have it already, and there’s no doubt that your confidence would grow a lot under his mentoring
  • much like Jun, he’d also be quite honest with his feedback - he wants you to know your flaws so that you can work on them and only get better
  • he’d get quite attached to you in the sense that he feels responsible for you, and does his best not to overwork you
  • shows his affection similarly like he does with Chan, and dotes on you a lot
  • ok I feel like they’d all make sure you’re good and healthy and taking care of yourself
  • like “Show me a proof that you’re eating well and I’ll teach you a cool move” and all that


  • would definitely be intrigued when he’s told that he’d be mentoring you
  • it’d be his first time mentoring anyone and he’d feel a bit confused about what he’s supposed to do, but when you start working together all pieces just fall to place
  • the age gap would be felt, though, but like most of them, he’d also more or less get that big brother feel to him
  • the beginning might be a bit awkward, with him not exactly all that open with new people and you finding him rather intimidating, but little by little you get closer and more comfortable with each other
  • with Woozi tho, you get the perfect 2 in 1 deal - singing and dancing are both included under his mentoring, among everything else
  • out of all 4 he’d be the most straightforward with his feedback, but he wouldn’t word it as sharply as he probably would with like, another Seventeen member
  • but that’s not to say he won’t be almost brutally honest
  • Jihoon would treat you kindly and always makes sure he’s not asking for too much from you, while still being the most demanding of the 4
  • for at least every other lesson, he’d ask you if there was something specific you wanted to learn, like a move, technique, song or that kind of things, and then you’d work on those
  • teaches you how to sing without straining your voice too much and is happy and proud when he hears the change (and when you excitedly tell him that your throat doesn’t get sore anymore)
  • treats you out to meals quite often
  • also wants to get feedback from you, too, so that he knows how to help you better
  • would also tell you some stories from his own trainee days, especially when he feels like you might need some kind of reassurance
  • “You’re still really young, Y/N, and I really hope you know just how bright of a future you have ahead of you. Just keep working hard and doing your best, okay?
  • and other inspirational words that always remind you of why you’re training in the first place
  • might not vocally tell you just how much he cares for you but it’s obvious in how he always makes sure you’re doing and feeling alright, even if he does that sorta discreetly
  • such a great mentor honestly :(


  • he’s the closest to your age and would probably be the one to befriend you the most in the actual sense of friend
  • but there’d still be the whole aura of “they’re younger than me I must be a good role model” around lmao
  • would, similarly to Jun, consider if he’s actually able to mentor you, but he likes new challenges so he accepts it 
  • in a way the opposite of Jihoon’s, Minghao would be rather soft with his feedback
  • like naturally he’ll tell you what you still need to work on but he always explains it super gently 
  • he’s also very patient with his training, and will gladly show moves to you as many times as you need to get it
  • dotes on you like the others, and often hugs you as well
  • much like Soonyoung, he’d also do his best to make practice fun
  • each lesson he’ll probably learn about as much as you do, since he’s not the most experienced when it comes to teaching others
  • so while you get good at dancing and everything else important, he gets better and better at helping you out
  • doesn’t really scold you when you make mistakes and instead just laughs it off like “Oh no no Y/N this is how it goes.”
  • having felt a lot of homesickness during his days as a trainee and even after debut, naturally, he’d make sure you know that you could always talk to him if you ever felt upset or homesick
  • meaning you’d probably have long talks after practice at times, with the two of you sitting on the floor and you probably hugging your knees and Minghao hugging you comfortingly and telling you it’d all be okay
  • you’d get really close to him and he’d always make sure you feel comfortable around him (probably even gets you some treats every now and then)
  • but yeah he’d treat you really well honestly like he’d be your good friend but also your mentor and you’d enjoy every lesson with him
  • if you’re lucky you learn some Chinese on the side
  • he’d quite likely also teach you some b-boying if you had interest or former experience in it
  • “Perhaps we can show our skills off together someday.”

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For the first sentence thing "it all started because of a pink flamingo, guacamole, and a duck caller."

You smirk from behind your book as you listen to Damian and Jon try and explain exactly how the batmobile got so trashed.

Of course Bruce doesn’t miss the uptick of your lips. His eyes slide to you, and you bat your eyelashes. Clark just laughs, while Bruce’s hands go to his hips, “Aren’t you supposed to be the mother?”

You mimic is stance from you position on the couch, “Aren’t you supposed to be the father/ superhero mentor?”

He raises and eyebrow at you, and you wink at, “Just a reminder that you’re responsible for him,” you point to Damian, “And this.” You point to your protruding belly.

He says nothing as Clark swings and arm around his shoulders and says, “She’s got you there.”

Research Time: Why Was Catlad!Tim Created and is it Possible?

Disclaimer: I’m not bashing Catlad’s concept, I honestly think it’s great! The idea of Tim working with Selina and being acrobatic and sassy is awesome! I’m analyzing whether it could happen in the canon universe and if Catwoman would be able to take on a teenager for a sidekick.

In my previous post about Damian and animals, I jokingly said that Catlad wasn’t possible because Selina would never take him on as her partner after he threw cats.

But then I thought, is it actually possible?

Context of Catlad:

A fanmade character where Tim Drake is taken on by Catwoman as her sidekick. Also dubbed as Catboy, Kitten or Stray. And unlike Tim as Robin, he’s acrobatic, flirty, unbelievably sassy and quick like his mentor Selina.

Some images to show you what he looks like as Catlad (I love Daunt’s interpretation of Catlad):



Couldn’t find the source for this one but credit goes to the original artist (signature in corner).

So on the more NSFW side of the Catlad spectrum, people love to emphasize Tim’s flirty nature, skin tight suit and sassiness.

But underneath the stacks of fluff, lemon, reader insert, slashfic fanfiction, is this alternate universe plausible? Or is it even possible in the same universe?

Let’s get down to the bottom of this tight spandex suit wearing mystery.

Other than the fact that most people who would love to see Tim in a black spandex suit in the DC universe, Selina and Tim have partnered up a few times.

Not like Nightwing and Catwoman though. Good god they’re not like this.

She later told Nightwing that she wanted to make Bruce jealous and he laughed at her.

And in the same universe this conversation happened:

So that’s a bit weird. But I didn’t blink when I saw google suggest: Nightwing and Catwoman lemon fanfic.


Tim Drake and Catwoman have had moments where it felt like they could have a partnership (and Tim has been told by Bruce before to stay away from Catwoman so there’s that sort of forbidden aspect).

The shining example of why people see them as potential partners lies in the story arc of Contagion where Gotham had a plague and Tim was infected.

She sees why Batman would take on a partner. She saw his bravery. She saw his determination. She admired that.

But there are major reasons why she wouldn’t take on a sidekick.

Like Bruce, before Dick Grayson, she likes to work alone. But she also wouldn’t put her own daughter in danger.

Granted, Damian was trained by the League of Assassins and Bruce tried to keep him out of harm’s way as much as possible.

But Selina didn’t understand why he would have adolescent partners at all.

This is shown when she’s with Tim and Bruce discussing what to do with Helena (her own daughter and it’s implied strongly that Bruce is the father).

Face it, Bruce… The world you and I live in? It’s not a safe place for kids.”

This one line shows her feelings about his past partners and thinks that children deserve to have a normal healthy life. Which is what she strives for with Helena.

But Helena gets repeatedly kidnapped and put into danger because she’s Catwoman.

Before this discussion, she and Bruce had staged an incident where Bruce pretended to be a terrorist that staged Selina’s and Helena’s deaths so that her daughter would be finally safe to live with Selina:

But she’s still scared for Helena’s safety.

 Despite faking their deaths, she knows it won’t be enough. She didn’t want to deal with the loss that Bruce felt when he lost Jason.

She arranges a new plan with Bruce to make her safe once and for all and in the end gives her up.

In the end, she was broken by this  after the long struggle to keep her by her side despite the fact that she’s Catwoman.

I think that other than the fact that she finds sidekicks to be a hindrance (since she wouldn’t want anything to go wrong on a heist) that she wouldn’t want a child’s death on her hands (Tim was only 9 when he was recruited by Bruce in the first storyline) which is why she gave Helena up for adoption.

She felt like she couldn’t protect Helena, so how could she feel like she could protect a young sidekick that is constantly in the line of fire?

She would care so much about Tim and would eventually make him go away (like Bruce had initially done with Tim because of the death of Jason and turned Tim away).

TLDR Version: Catwoman had given up her child because she didn’t want her to be in danger. So it’s not plausible for Tim to be taken on except as a partner sometimes because she cares so much and believes that children’s lives should be healthy and safe from harm.

Marvel makes the masked wall-crawler feel fresh again by introducing him into a more colorful universe where he is no longer required to grieve for his uncle. Here are takeaways from the first look at Homecoming. Peter is a high schooler. Unlike his predecessors, Tom Holland is 20 and actually looks the teen part. Continuing to get tactical support from Iron Man, our hero sports a winged suit, which will come in handy when he takes on the foe; never thought I’d say this, but Vulture looks menacing. Marvel’s ability to show the transition of Tony from arrogant overreacher to chastened stick-in-the-mud over the course of a half dozen movies may just be one of the most impressive aspects; during his run, Stark saved the world from aliens, created an AI that nearly rekt the planet, and even fought Captain America, so it should come as no surprise that he makes a rather hesitant mentor to Parker. Where is Nick Fury when you need him??? Stark also seems unsure whether Parker is ready, which seems a bit rich since he did call him to take on the likes of the Avengers. A bad villain always kills Spidey movies *cough* Venom *cough* and is not Vulture, looking like a hellish mechanical insectoid; he may not be the most famous, but MICHAEL KEATON. Queens boasts a white population of just 26.2%; the trailer looks very realistic, as Ned is played by an Asian while rumored love interest Liz is portrayed by an African American and Flash will be played by a Guatemalan. Diversityyyyyyyy. Fans wonder if Stark might keep his armors locked away for a while, but given the cost of hiring Robert Downey, Jr.? it is inevitable that Iron Man would swoop through the Manhattan skyline. Is Vulture simply too powerful for puny Parker to take down alone? Find out when Homecoming comes out next summer.

Things Learned from the Homecoming Trailer, by Ben Child.

Give Me A Chance (Eggsy Unwin X Reader)

Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Pairing: Eggsy Unwin X Reader
Word Count: 904
Prompt: The reader is a newcomer to the Kingsman Secret Service. Eggsy could be the readers mentor and he has feelings for the reader but she is a bit apprehensive because he is her mentor.
I changed it a bit, hope you like it, nonnie!!!  <333

“You want me to what?” You asked in disbelief. Your eyes flicked from Eggs-Galahad, you mentally corrected, to your beagle puppy, BB.

“Shoot it.” Eggsy repeated, and you looked at him, a deep frown etched onto your lips.

You turned the gun over in your hand, before shaking your head. “I can’t. I’m not going to shoot my dog just to join the Kingsman. I’m sorry, but it’s not worth it.”

You’re not worth it. Was what Eggsy heard, and ouch, okay, that hurt a little bit. Sure, you weren’t actually dating, but Eggsy liked you and he had flirted with you constantly during your Kingsman training. You insisted, however, that you couldn’t even give him a chance until after you became a Kingsman. Now, it looked as though Eggsy would never even get a shot with you.

Eggsy looked at you for a moment, before stepping closer to you and pressing the gun more firmly into your hand. “It’s a blank.” Eggsy murmured, so softly that you barely caught it, but when you did, you snapped your gaze up to his.

He wasn’t supposed to tell you that. He wasn’t supposed to help you pass training in any way.

For half a second, you thought that maybe Eggsy was lying, but his eyes were pleading with you to just pull the goddamn trigger, the dog’ll be fine, and you believed him. You slowly lined your gun up with BB’s forehead, unable to stop your hand from shaking because even if it was a blank, that was still the dog you had raised, and reluctantly pulled the trigger.

BB barked at the sudden noise, but she was unhurt, and you grinned widely, scooping her into your arms and handing the gun back to Eggsy.

“Thank you,” You mouthed to Eggsy just as the door swung open and Merlin and Lancelot stepped in. Lancelot was grinning at you and Merlin was congratulating you, but you were too distracted by the surprisingly soft smile on Eggsy's face to respond right away.

When you did respond at last, it was with a soft blush that you desperately hoped Lancelot and Merlin wouldn’t notice.

They didn’t, but Eggsy definitely did.


“Why did you help me?” You asked curiously, walking next to Eggsy as BB chased her tail a couple yards ahead of you.

“Because if you didn’t shoot the dog, you wouldn’t have made it into the Kingsman.” Eggsy said with a shrug. “And then I would’ve never had a chance with you.” Eggsy said quietly, and you stopped walking and turned to look at him fully.

“I appreciate it, Eggsy, I really do, but now I just feel guilty.” You said, frowning. “I don’t deserve to be a Kingsman, I couldn’t follow a simple instruction and-”

Eggsy rolled his eyes and cut your sentence short by kissing you swiftly. “Don’t feel guilty, yeah? I was the one that told you the answer; you didn’t ask for it, I gave it to you.” You were in too much of a daze to come up with a response. You knew that he had flirted with you, but you hadn't believed that he actually liked you. “Besides, I couldn’t shoot my dog either, and I’m still a Kingsman.”

“How’d that happen?” You questioned, knitting your eyebrows together as you tried to figure out the possible scenario that allowed him to still join the Kingsman when he failed the last test.

“It’s a long story,” Eggsy started, and you didn’t trust the sly grin that appeared on his face. “Let’s say I’ll tell you all about it over dinner?”

“I’m a Kingsman for, what, two hours?, and you’re already asking me out?” You weren’t complaining, but it was fun to tease him.

“I’m nothing if not persistent.” Eggsy pointed out, and took a step closer to you, one hand tilting your chin up so that your eyes were locked with his own. You noticed the mischievous glint in his eye and you were going to comment on it, but Eggsy spoke again before you could. “Besides, I do seem to recall you promising you’d give me a shot once you officially joined the Kingsman.”

Your sudden smile surprised him, as did your lips pressing gently against his. Eggsy barely had time to start kissing you back before you were pulling away, bright grin still firmly in place.

“Dinner it is then, Galahad.” You said, and Eggsy couldn’t stop the wide smile that stretched across his lips. “Pick me up at six!” You called out over your shoulder, BB held tight in your arms as you walked away from him.

“Where are you going?” Eggsy called back, and you paused, turning around just far enough to wink at him.

“Gotta get myself ready, don’t I? Wouldn’t want to disappoint for our first date.”

“Please, love, you could wear a paper bag and I’d still want to tear it off you.”

You turned back around, trying to hide the blush that was rapidly staining your cheeks, but Eggsy had already seen it and was grinning to himself.

“I’ll see you at six, Eggsy.” You said, now thoroughly flustered, and started to walk away again.

“See you then, __y/n__.” Eggsy murmured, fist pumping the air the moment you were out of sight.

He was going to make sure this was the best first date you ever had, or his name wasn’t Eggsy Unwin.

End.  <3


Requested by anonymous

“We’re not going to die are we?” You asked your mentor Newt Scamander nervously. He didn’t respond right away, that alone made you want to vomit.

“Probably not” he finally said. Very reassuring…

“Is this creature really worth it? I mean it’s not that rare is it? We can find it in safer place right?”.

“Afraid not. This creature will be an amazing addition to my book” Newt said making you sigh. You should have expected that answer. Heck you could just not go with him but who were you kidding? You’d follow this crazy yet brilliant man anywhere.

TFW your amatus is being eaten away by debilitating pain as the fire of the Fade begins to consume him, and you start researching a way to stop this, terrified that you might lose him, ready to do anything, anything to keep him alive - and then you bump into your former mentor, and he has this look of recognition when he looks into your eyes…

Okay but consider this...

- Genji going to Lucio dating advice
- Lucio laughing at him for a while but then realising ‘oh you’re serious?’
- He then becomes Genji’s mentor on how to talk to girls
- Genji making it super obvious that he has a thing for her but she doesn’t notice
- tries to help but becomes more a nuisance than any else as all she can seem to recommend is arcade dates

On the other hand

- Mercy is pleasantly surprised with Genji’s visits, it’s always good to have some help with her work
- Going out for lunch with Zarya and not understanding why she laughs every time Genji walks past
-Everyone starts giving her and Genji looks and Mercy still doesn’t understand why
- Until eventually Tracer tells her why everyones laughing
- 'He couldn’t possibly feel that way, could he?’
- She’s very confused as to what to do next so she asks for help
- 'Lucio I need help, so there’s this guy I like…’
- Lucio needs to be carried out because he’s laughing so hard

Coffee Stains

Edward x Reader

Reader and Ed have a fluffy/funny coffee mishap at the office

You had been working in the GCPD as an intern to the wonderfully awkward, Edward Nygma. You didn’t see him as a mentor since he would always tell you to go do something else while he worked, but when you were filing away his findings, you enjoyed his riddles and brain teasers.

“Um..Ms. y/l/n, would you mind getting me a cup of coffee? I have to finish you with the report and you seem to be done with the paperwork.” He said, nudging his glasses up with his knuckle.

“Sure, how do you take it?” You answer with a smile, standing up from your small desk.

“Black with one pack of sugar. Thank you.” He said, returning back to his work.

You nod and go to the break room, taking Ed’s question mark mug out of the cabinet, you groan as you walk over the empty pot of coffee and put the cup down. You make a fresh pot, sitting at one the uncomfortably small table and watch the clock as the coffee brews loudly next to you. You get up once the machine starts to sputter and forces coffee-scented stream out.

You make the coffee just the way Ed liked, filled 2/3 with a single pack of sugar. He always asked you to make him a cup once you finished the work he had given you, most likely because your presence ‘interrupted his process’ as he would say. It was most likely due to the fact that whenever you would sit at your small desk next to his, making small notes of the day’s work in your work log, he would constantly look at you and stop his work to ask you a riddle. It seemed that he had a never ending supply of the brain teasers saved up, which make him some kind of genius consider how difficult they were and how he asked them with such ease and confidence. You picked up the cup once it cooled down enough and started for the door.

You gasp as you feel the still hot contents spill against your body and heard the loud crash as Ed’s mug shatters on the ground. You look up, about to scold whatever cop had just ruined your clothes and Ed’s mug, when you come face to face with the owner of the broken mug himself. Ed’s eyes widened as he rushed to grab napkins, pressing them against your coffee marked button down.

“I’m so sorry, you were just gone for a while and I wanted to make sure you were okay. I was worried and not paying attention.” Ed said, making you blush.

“Ed, it’s fine. I’m sorry I broke your mug.”

“My mug can be replaced, but your shirt, it might be ruined and your body, oh dear, I spilled hot coffee on the one girl who talks to me. Idiot!” Ed muttered, slapping his hand against his head as he scolded himself.

“Ed, it’s okay. I can just buy a new shirt, and the coffee wasn’t that hot. I’m fine.”

He smiled and nudged his glasses up with his knuckle, a little action that never failed to make you smile. He pulled away from you, stepping over the broken ceramic and sweeping it up as you wipe up what was left.

“Um…Miss Y/N, I’m normally not this bold, but would you like… to join me for dinner this evening?” Ed stuttered, smiling at you nervously.

“I would love to Mr. Nygma.” You say with a smile, walking out of the break room with a smile.

Hope you guys enjoyed my comeback piece.

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They Don’t Know

Prompt ~ “It’s our mutual friends wedding and they keep shoving us in to each other because we’re the only ones at the ceremony single.”

Extra ~ Jason Todd x Reader

Note ~ Changed up the prompt, added a special twist

 You smiled as you watched Barry and Iris tell each other their vows, your mentor was shedding tears due to the joy he was feeling. You glanced around the room spotting many familiar faces, espically some from your nightly activities. You spotted Hal pointing his finger to a certain grumpy guy. It seemed everyone was desperately trying to get you to notice him, you gave him a questioning glance and turned your head back to the ceremony.  

 You sat down in your reserved seat, the newly wed couple swaying to the soft classical music. You stood up to get a drink from the bar when you were shoved, falling into someone’s arms. You looked behind you spotting Diana with a devious smirk as she walked away to her significant other. You turned your direction towards the person holding you.

“Jason Todd is that you?” You escaped his grasp a grin stretched out on your face.

“No way, Y/N Allen?” A similar smile gracing his face, voice also laced with mock surprise, “Its been so long, how are you Kid Flash?”

“Well its been long enough, so long that I’m not even Kid Flash anymore, tonight you can call me Flash.” You smirked at the shock written on his face, Barry wanted to give up the mantle for a while and you gladly accepted it, making Impulse the next Kid Flash, boy was he glad for that.

“Guess things change when you die, huh?” He joked, running a hand through his disheveled hair.

“They do, you’re aren’t still in the hero business, are you?” You asked, slightly joking as you already new about his new vigilante name.

“Very funny, we should go somewhere more private, it seems everyone is looking at our direction.” You looked behind your back the stares of people unsettling you.

“Come on, follow me.” You grasped his wrist and pulled him through the crowd of dancers, many giving you sly looks.

 You both made it on the roof of the complex, the music booming now underneath you. “So how about a proper hello?” You ran into his opened arms, burrowing your head into the crook of his neck.

“I missed you Jaybird.” He placed his chin on your head, inhaling your scent.

“I missed you too Speedster.” Jason mumbled into your hair, getting lost in the feel of your hands wrapped around him.


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Part 2 of x

You could barely believe you made it out of the arena. Sure you talked tough, but you knew the odds, and you defied every one of them.

And the first one to greet you as you stepped out of the arena was your mentor, Cato. He smiled and clapped once he saw you.

“I knew you had a chance. It was a slim chance, but I knew you had one,” he stated.

“Missed you too,” you said flatly, though once you got to him, you gave him a hug. “Thanks for everything you did to help me out there.”

Cato returned the hug. “That was all you,” he said. “Now you have your after-game interview to do.”

“I just want to sleep,” you said, leaning on Cato a bit more to show your sleepiness.

“Alright, enough of that!” Cato said, pushing you off of him before you ended up falling over.

You laughed as you stepped out of the hug. “I really did miss you, though.”

“I could tell. Half the time when the cameras switched to you, you were muttering my name,” Cato pointed out.

You blushed. “Whoops. Uh, I forgot a lot that I was being filmed,” you admitted. “I just wanted to get out of there.”

“And back to me,” Cato finished. You nodded. “You got a lot of the Capitol talking about our love story.

“Sorry,” you said, blushing even more.

“No, it was perfect,” Cato said. “Remember the thing about sponsors? The idea of reuniting us got you a lot of fans. That was probably the edge you needed to be the victor.”

You smiled. “Well, now I guess you know that was all genuine and not an act,” you said, still a bit shy.

“Yep,” Cato replied with a nod. “Which is good, because now I know I can do this.” He leaned in, kissing you deeply.