and he will eventually say yes

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Today's chapter was SO GOOD! I'm so in love with Ameliam! When they're dancing and making up stories and she's saying some "portly" guy is The Arrow .. does Amelia ever actually find out who the Arrow is? I feel like following this conversation that would be a pretty hilarious moment! (Also, I feel like I'm saying "the Arrow" as though I'm keeping his identity a secret - you don't know it's Oliver Queen)

Thank you!! (I love them a lot, too!). And, yes, she will definitely find out Oliver is the Arrow eventually. And she’ll actually meet him as the Arrow before that, which I’m very much looking forward to. I like Oliver and Amelia’s relationship. It’s interesting. He’s very aware of her politically and he respects her professionally and he knew from the get-go that she’d be good with Will, but he also doesn’t insert himself into the situation at all. I don’t know yet what her reaction will be to him being the Arrow… that’s fun to contemplate though and I’m definitely going to have to figure it out sooner or later! 

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Why won't anyone give archie a break? Betty stans did this too when he said he didn't want her in ep 1 :( archie hasnt done anything ppl need to lay off my boy

i kno?? archie being upfront and saying that he doesnt like betty romantically is wayyy better than if he just said yes and strung her along and kinda hoped he’d eventually feel the same way about her?? it’s the best thing for both their sakes???

“You’re in my spot,” Dean says, when he walks into the library and sees that Cas is sitting in his usual chair. He thunks two coffees down on the desk, disgruntled.

Cas blinks up at him for a moment, seeming to consider being stubborn - but eventually he shrugs, and moves to the next seat along.

“I used to have a spot,” he says.

“Oh, yeah?” Dean asks cursorily. He sits, and takes in the room from his usual vantage point. Good. All is right with the world. It’s strange, he thinks in passing, how the chair only really feels like his Spot, with a capital ‘S’, so long as Cas is in the chair beside him.

“Yes. Not too far from here… less than a light year away.” Cas takes a small sip of coffee, and winces. He doesn’t seem to notice Dean staring at him. “Mmm. Hot.”

“Less than a… right,” Dean says weakly. It’s so easy to forget, sometimes, that Cas is so other. “Well. I mean, each to their own, right? You, uh, you have your spot, and -”

“Had,” Cas corrects, looking down at his coffee cup with a focus that feels a little too hard to be real, as though he’s avoiding looking up at Dean. “Not anymore.”

Dean stares at him for a moment, not knowing what to say. He clears his throat.

“You got a different spot, now,” he says. Cas looks up at him, frowning slightly, and Dean smiles - trying to look reassuring, and not too worried about what he is about to say, too uncertain of how Cas will react.

“I do?” Cas says.

“Sure,” Dean replies easily. “Next to me.”

The look on Cas’ face melts all of Dean’s worries. They drink their coffee together, companionably - both of them in their spot. Together.

Can you even imagine what it would be like to be a rookie player and get drafted by the Aces?

Lil’ baby hockey player is going to play in the big leagues with Kent Fucking Parson whose career he’s followed for years. He can barely even believe his hero is also going to be his captain. 

He shows up the first day and one of the other players surreptitiously takes him aside and says, “Parse is going to eventually ask you a question. You’d better say yes if you know what’s good for you.”

“But what will he ask me?”

“You’ll know when he asks it.”

So, the poor newbie waits with breath held for The Question for a while. Kent Parson surprises him. The Aces captain has always come across as a bit cocky in interviews, but when there aren’t any cameras around, he’s different.

The new guy almost forgets that there’s a question coming up until one day, after practice, Parse leans over and asks almost too casually, “I should ask, do you like cats?”

Everyone freezes in the change room, their eyes are suddenly fixed on the kid. He can feel his skin prickling in cold sweat. Parse’s expression is unreadable as he stares down the newest team member.

“Uh, um, I–” he stutters. It’s several long and uncomfortable seconds before he squeaks out a, “Yes.”

The tension is broken instantly. The guys sag in relief and and turn back to what they were doing before. Parse smiles brightly and punches the kid in the arm playfully before he pulls out his phone. “Okay, you have to see this picture of Kit from yesterday…”

As Parse continues to talk about his cat, the rookie is seized with a terrifying thought as the horror starts to sink in.

How is he going to tell his captain that he’s allergic to cats?

Late night cuddling (Joshua)

the Jeonghan first time + morning after scenario is coming up sometime soon, but in the meantime ~ ♥

S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | The 8

  • the chances that you and Joshua stay up doing something together are high
  • like you’d either stay up watching a movie or a tv show or just discussing something you both find interesting
  • and especially if it was the first option it’d eventually turn into you cuddling up to him under a blanket and trying to fight against sleep and him chuckling warmly as he holds you with one arm
  • “Do you always feel this cozy?”
  • he’d snort and give you a peck on your forehead
  • “By what I’ve gathered from you, I’d say yes.”
  • you’d have a bright, happy smile on your lips that only goes away when you yawn (which only makes Joshua’s smile softer because you’re just so cute)
  • “You should sleep, Y/N.”
  • cuddling even closer, you’d shake your head stubbornly and mumble something like “But I want to watch the show and talk with you.”
  • “Your eyes have been closed for like 10 minutes, though…”
  • you wouldn’t reply, and would just sigh and move a bit higher on the bed, so that your head would be more on Joshua’s shoulder than his chest
  • “I love you, Shua.”
  • Joshua would stroke your hair slowly, which would, indeed, eventually lull you to sleep
  • “I love you too, you sleepy little angel.”
  • (if you had spent the evening/early night just talking, it would’ve been mostly done while cuddling in a variety of positions after having some tea, and it’d be filled with quick, soft kisses and gentle laughs)

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Though he already lived smack dab in the frozen waste that is greater Canada, Bruce Beach still didn’t feel safely removed from the inevitable nuclear Armageddon that will end life as we know it. So, in 1980, he set out to build an underground shelter in which a lucky several humans could survive, thrive and – eventually – repopulate.

Starting such a project from scratch would be imposing to say the least, so he decided to repurpose some items – specifically, 42 school buses. He stuffed them in a big-ass hole, and buried them sumbitches in concrete.

Concrete dry, ginormous generators installed, and air filtration systems constructed of goddamned garbage bags at the ready, Bruce looked at what he had created and deemed it … a perpetual work in progress. He named it Ark Two, and yes, Bruce looks exactly how you’re picturing him.

5 Places In The World Where You Might Survive The Apocalypse

Kaz Brekker: Hogwarts AU
  • Hogwarts is synonymous with home for Kaz
  • one of his favourite places to be is the Slytherin common room when it’s mostly empty, everything bathed in an eerie green light, sitting on a comfortable armchair by the window, his bad leg propped up on a stool and watching the creatures swimming around in the murky lake
  • he’s excellent at Arithmancy and Transfiguration, not even bothering to study and somehow passing with flying colours
  • Kaz clearly remembers when he and Jesper first met; it was on their first ever train ride to Hogwarts, Kaz was sitting by himself in a compartment and hadn’t let anyone else through but when the door slid open and Jesper’s grinning face came into view, asking whether he could come in or not, Kaz found himself saying ‘yes’ 
    • he initially wanted to befriend Jesper so he might be invited to his house for the holidays instead of returning to the loathsome orphanage, but eventually they became real friends
  • he has a black leather-bound notebook in which he writes down new spells he creates; its pages are much thumbed through, with entire sections crossed out here and there, and Kaz’s slanted handwriting describing hand movements and incantations
  • whenever he’s at Hogsmeade he always heads straight to Zonko’s where he buys the necessary items for the next prank he wants to pull
  • on bad days and when he has nothing to keep him busy, his mind will drift to Jordie and how much he would’ve loved Hogwarts (he likes to think Jordie would have been a Slytherin)
  • students who don’t know Kaz well are just a teeny bit terrified of the boy with the crow cane and the murderous look on his face 
  • rumor has it Kaz’s cane is enchanted with various defense mechanisms, but little do people know it’s actually connected to the Wizarding Wireless Network (Kaz’s guilty pleasure is listening to The Weird Sisters)
  • since his parents left him virtually nothing, Kaz started thinking of ways to earn money in his first year and ended up starting a black market - which is basically Kaz and his crew selling banned items to Hogwarts students
    • the secret tunnels leading out of Hogwarts have proved to be excellent ways for Kaz to sneak in contraband 
  • when he first set eyes upon Inej his brain went into overdrive, because Merlin’s beard she’s so adorable and her melodius laugh was the best sound he’d ever heard
  • Kaz finally gets the courage to ask Inej on an official date in their fifth year, but come Saturday he still doesn’t know where they should go and they just end up chilling in the Astronomy tower, a blanket shielding their bodies from the cold stone floor, munching on Chocolate Cauldrons and enjoying the scenery below them
  • Hogwarts awakened in Kaz a new hope from the moment the letter arrived, and as he goes down for beakfast with his friends, holding hands with Inej, he starts thinking that maybe there is some good left in his messed-up world

Other Hogwarts AUs: Wylan / Inej / Nina / Jesper / Kuwei


But for something that made me feel really good to see

In watching the He Will Not Divide Us stream, yes, the man on the left kept up the chant “he will not divide us” and that was all he said, despite the taunts and the awful shit the white supremists were saying.

Eventually though, the woman joined him, telling him that she had specifically gone all the way out there because she had seen him on the stream, while laying in bed, dealing with those assholes and wanted to stand with him.

During the two hours, others joined them from off the street and chanted too in solidarity before leaving.

The third man in the third set showed up off the street, no one told him to go, he just walked up, saw what they were doing, and joined in.

Finally, a man riding a bicycle showed up with food for them because someone else watching the stream had ordered them dinner.

I just. It makes me happy to see people standing together. Despite the fact that the jackasses were doing their best trying to get a reaction out of them and being absolutely hateful, they ignored them and continued to chant for the two hours I watched. Even if it’s just a small group in the middle of the night in the cold, people are watching and I feel it does make a difference, however small.

We’ll get through this, I believe that, as long as we continue to stand together and protect one another.

Memer Shiro is my favorite thing ever, so please consider Shiro sharing memes with the other prisoners while he was captured, and learning all their inside jokes.

  • Every time he utterly wastes an opponent in the ring, a chorus of “Mmm Whatcha Say” can be heard from the prisoners down by the ring. Eventually it spreads to the spectators, and it comes to a head when Shiro stabs an enemy and backflips off them and the stands burst into “Mmm Whatcha Say.” You have not lived until you’ve heard an entire stadium filled with Galrans singing “Mmm Watcha Say” with bloodthirsty fervor.
  • Shiro dabs after every win. It’s become his calling sign. Whenever he enters the ring hordes of people in the stands dab for his victory. After he escaped speaking his name was forbidden, so they dabbed instead to refer to him. The first time the gang learns about this is from some prisoners they freed; upon seeing Shiro all of them dabbed. Everyone lost it. Lance still hasn’t stopped screaming.
  • Every time a guard passes through there’s a chorus of “Oh shit it’s dat boi!” “Oh shit waddup!”
  • Shiro is basically Space Chuck Norris.
    • “I heard he swung his fist and 50 ships exploded!”
    • “I heard he had a staring contest with Zarkon and Zarkon blinked first.”
    • “He can bench press 1,000 Galra soldiers!”
  • Every time someone asks for Shiro:
    • Guard: “Where is the Champion?”
    • Some random prisoner: “Do you mean the ChamPPTHSHTHSTTHHHION!?”
    • Like 50 other prisoners: “The ChamPTHHTHTHSIHTSPPHION!!”
    • Guard: “Oh my god I am not paid enough for this.”
  • Referring to other prisoners with increasingly long, fake prisoner call signs. “Have you seen prisoner 02349712935123401238401273591231481023 today?”
  • Trying to bribe the guards with ridiculous items:
    • Prisoner: “If you let me go I’ll give you this pretty rock I found.”
    • Guard: “Ma’am, that’s an eyeball.”
    • Prisoner: “An eyeball then.”
    • Guard: “No.”

The other prisoners wonder how he can be so bright, and its because if Shiro laughs harder, if he laughs louder, maybe he can drown out the screaming.

The Things She Carries, Part 6

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Only the pillar behind her keeps her upright — she is undone. This can’t be happening, but it is, it is, and yes he’s going to — and she wants, oh yes she does —

“Take —” she rasps. 

He leans back; she misses him fiercely. Forces herself with what little strength she has left to meet his eyes, to say, “Take what’s yours.”

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acotar sorting hat
  • Feyre: Gryffindor, is made Prefect and eventually Head Girl, says yes to a date w/Rhysand in her 6th year and never looks back
  • Nesta: Slytherin, is also a prefect, scolds first years for 'looking too cheerful.' Looks forward to a certain Hufflepuff male complimenting her, but won't admit it.
  • Elain: Hufflepuff, her favorite class is Herbology, and Prof. Sprout LOVES her. Has her eye on that shy redhead from Ravenclaw.
  • Rhysand: Gryffindor (this was hard, but I feel like his gryf. characteristics outway his slyth. ones), constantly pesters Feyre for a date, they become the new power couple when he is made Head Boy
  • Cassian: Hufflepuff (DON'T KILL ME, HE'S SO LOYAL, OKAY?), is a beater on the Qudditch team, and his snarky nature leads many a professor to question the sorting hat's choices. Won't leave Nesta alone, but she secretly likes it
  • Azriel: Slytherin, has more friends outside of his house than in it, and is a shining example of all of the good traits Slytherin celebrates. His two older brothers hate him for dating a Gryffindor
  • Amren: SLYTHERIN. Scares the shit out of first years for fun. Sometimes the professors, too.
  • Mor: Gryffindor, chaser on the qudditch team, essentially channeling the essence of Luna Lovegood. Nothing can bring her down. Dating Azriel, who quietly cheers her on at qudditch matches
  • Tamlin: Slytherin, is a prefect but always upped by Rhysand, trails after him muttering "my father will hear about this"
  • Lucien: Ravenclaw, in love with a certain Hufflepuff but too shy to tell her, has been bffs w/Feyre since first year, who can't for the life of her understand why he's friends w/Tamlin too
Harley Keiner aka Danny McNulty (@dannymcnulty13) - the Leader of #SaveGMW

Can I just say this man is doing any and everything to get @disneychannel to notice that we need more #GirlMeetsWorld? At this point, he’s even tagging @freeform!  He even went as far as posting his paycheck (which he took down eventually) that showed he was only getting $27-$50 PER EPISODE.  But yet he doesn’t care about the money.  He cares that this is the one of the RARE shows ON DISNEY CHANNEL that teaches life lessons.  Our younger generation needs more shows like Girl Meets World.  Yes the fandom is pretty brutal once you get far into it, but as far as the show itself, there are more lessons to be taught and more lessons to learn and share.

As much as I love the entire cast, they’re not fighting for a renewal as much as Danny McNulty is and that’s ok.  They’re busy and I’m sure they care just as much as Danny.

If you agree, reblog or even post your own opinion to get your voice heard by Disney Channel or even other networks (*cough* Netflix or Hulu *cough*) to let them know they have a real winner that they can either keep or pick up!

Yea, it may be just a post or a tweet, but you never know.. Our voices can make a difference, even if it is for just a show <3.

I’m out -@jenn0bi

Can next episode end like this please:

Emma and Killian in their house at night talking about the day and how they helped Belle with her birth.

Emma asks vulnerably if he’s ever thought about having kids.

Killian is alarmed but eventually says that yes, he would, if she were their mother, plus some beautifully worded compliment.

Emma clarifies that it’s too soon now, but…someday.

Killian smirks and raises one eyebrow like he did before the Neverland kiss and says “Well, no harm in practicing, love, is there?”

Emma chuckles, shakes her head and kisses him, he carries her to bed and BLACKOUT.


Reaction to: Their s/o likes to put their hands up their sleeves to feel their skin. Unconsciously

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Dawon: Is never ready. Screams almost every time, but doesn’t want you to stop

Originally posted by imekova

Rowoon: Doesn’t mind. Softly rubs your back in return

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Youngbin: Loves it. He thinks it’s cute how you don’t know you’re doing it

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(i’m sorry Youngbin, but this gif is creepy af)

Zuho: Jumps every time you do it but doesn’t stop you. Smiles after he jumps

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JAeyoon: Lifts up his shirt and hugs you before it falls

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Hwiyoung: Laughs happily. Wants you to do it more than you do

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Chani: Won’t say anything. At first he is uncomfortable but eventually loves it

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Taeyang: Hugs you almost every time you do it. It makes him extremely happy

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Inseong: Does the same to you

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-Ye Jin

Can we just talk about how GOOD this is?

People get fixated on how “useless” HR is because he’s not the quantum physicist the team thought he was… but he is clearly amazing at marketing.

I mean, look, you’ve got a logo, slogan, mockups… all of which is very impressive for a guy who as of 3x05 could barely switch on a computer. I’m not saying it’s the most incredible pitch ever, but he knows what he’s doing where this stuff is concerned.

“Yes, Pang,” you say, “but Team Flash doesn’t need an ad man.”

Let’s get back to why HR did this in the first place - he read news reports and came to the conclusion people will eventually figure out they’re working with the Flash… which honestly everyone should’ve figured out years ago. Sure he’s actively seeking for a way to be useful, but it’s nice someone is actually planning ahead for once.

I just thought of a way to spread complete Depression™ and the idea is,,,, what if one time Sportacus goes to save Robbie (like usual) but this time, because he is late or some other inconvenience gets in the way, he doesn’t save him in time. This creates major problems for Robbie, his anxiety levels go through the roof and he has physical issues too (from Sport not saving him in time.)
Because Sportacus had never really experienced failure that bad before, he constantly blamed himself for it and cried when Robbie was in a bad state in the hospital. Robbie eventually finds out about Sportacus’ hidden grief over the incident, and tries to comfort him. The first time Robbie ever ignored his hatred for Sport and they get used to each other and interact without any ‘i’ll make you move out of town!!’ business. They become more open and then Robbie makes the very awkward move to become boyfriends and Sport says yes. Robbo is very happy about that and he’s a little bit more cheerful and less miserable around everyone.

I didn’t say it was all going to be Depression™ did I? ;)

Marry Me, Negan - Chapter 1

I honestly didn’t expect a lot of encouraging words from awesome people when I posted about my Negan fic. I am so overwhelmed!!! Thank you so much to the amazing people who sent super kind words and I hope you guys enjoy reading the first chapter!!!

@ladylorelitany @may85 @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @my-achilles–heel @kijilinn @thesummerthatibecomeanerd @ali-pennell

Also, this isn’t really the first fic I wrote but this’ll be my first time posting one for everyone to read!

Title: Marry Me, Negan

Synopsis: Being tired of constantly having to fight for your life, you decided to offer Negan a proposal. A marriage proposal.

Characters: Negan x You/OC

Warnings: SFW, swearing, eventual smut


Chapter 1 - Say Yes?

“Be my husband.”

It was the first thing you said upon barging into Negan’s bedroom, catching him off guard as he was just about to remove his scarf from his neck. You were well-aware of the fact that his bedroom was the most forbidden place to enter in the entire compound. It was actually one Negan’s rules, to not enter his bedroom no matter how urgent the situation was. Not even his right-hand man was allowed in the room, not unless he was summoned by the man himself. The fact that not even his wives were given access to his room speaks volumes. Negan was a cautious man

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Do you think Jamie would ever have told Claire how be felt about her if they hadn't been forced to marry? And why do you think he didn't try anything with her? He says himself that he'd kissed and courted other women before, so why do you think he was so reserved with Claire? :)

1. Yes, Jamie would have eventually told Claire even if they hadn’t been forced to marry. Jamie would have still looked for any opportunity to keep Claire safe. And I think he would have come up with the idea to marry Claire on his own - though he wouldn’t have told her his feelings right away, because he never would have wanted to pressure her into feeling the same way.

2. Jamie didn’t try anything with Claire because he profoundly respects her. Sees her as a whole person. Is very sensitive to who she is, and what she wants (and doesn’t want). He knew he would have to court her, to gain her trust, because nothing would easily sway her. Unlike just about every other woman of his acquaintance, Claire could take care of herself and wasn’t afraid of men. Therefore, Jamie’s approach with her had to be very, very different than with other women. So he’s a bit shy and tongue-tied around her – not the brash, confident young man Annalise de Marillac says he was.

Also - he knows that had he made an advance at her, and she didn’t want it - she’d probably geld him.

100 Ways to Say “I Love You” No. 71

“No reason.”

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[AO3]  Deaf!Cas, Human!AU, Domestic AU, Daddy!Destiel, fluff, teensy bit of angst ish kinda

Something was up with Castiel. Dean had noticed it ever since they put their kids to bed. He was quiet and forlorn looking and it was frankly troubling. Castiel was a thoughtful man, he knew that, they’d been together for over eight years now.

Once Castiel sat on the couch, seemingly as far from Dean as possible Dean thought maybe he’d done something wrong. It was confusing to say the least.

Dean poked Cas with his toe before starting. “Hey, Cas?” Dean signed. He flipped the remote in his hand slowly as he awaited Castiel’s answer.

Castiel didn’t answer for a while, as if he were lost in space. Eventually, he turned his head again, still partly looking lost. “Yes, Dean?” his features softened slightly, making him look more relax, less tense and lost in thought.

Are you okay?” Dean reached out his hand and laced it over Castiel’s. It was warm, and after a moment, curled around his own.

“I’m okay.” He replied, using his voice. Just okay, not good or great or anything, just okay. “Why do you ask?

The question was odd, Dean frequently asked how Cas was feeling and how his day at work had been and Castiel never questioned his motives.

No reason,” Dean decided. He hated being pushed for his own thoughts, he wasn’t about to force them out of Cas. Instead, Dean pulled Castiel closer and let him lie against his chest, the TV was on mute with just the subtitles, though neither of them were watching it.

Cas picked up Dean’s hand and traced patterns over the tanned skin, prodding each freckle with a tender gentleness that made Dean smile sadly. This was the sort of thing Cas did when he was worried about something. He pressed a kiss to Cas’ temple as they relaxed and they slowly tuned into the nature program that was showing. They were Cas’ favourite, he doesn’t really need to hear what was being said and he could focus on the beautiful sceneries and animals darting across the screen.

At some point, Cas released Dean’s hands with a sigh and sat up before facing Dean. The way he looked at Dean like he was going to say something groundbreakingly important set Dean on edge a little.

I want to get the cochlear implant.” He signed, hands moving fast as if he was hoping Dean wouldn’t catch on.

Dean nodded in agreement, it would be Cas’ decision either way and he told him that.

I want to hear our children tell stories and learn to read and laugh. God, I want to hear you laugh too.” Cas was smiling now, his previous anxiety dissipating once he knew Dean was on board with his idea.

That’s great, Cas. That…” Dean’s hands fumbled a little as he struggled to show the right word. Instead of that he pulls Cas in hard towards him, crushing him in an all-encompassing hug.

Eventually, Cas pulls away gently, eyes wet and Dean thumbs away the tears. “I don’t know if I qualify yet, but research suggests that I can.

You do what you want to do, Cas; whatever makes you happy, okay?” Dean smiled brightly.


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