and he were the only boy

All We Know

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The boy was buried under two duvets, only half asleep. He could hear Mike’s soft snores from the bed next to his, he couldn’t see anything but the dim light of the fireplace projecting under the door.


He frowned sleepily, propping himself up on his elbow and glancing at Mike’s sleeping figure. He could hear the wind blowing outside, the muffled clattering from the kitchens. Maybe the elves were already up cooking breakfast? He couldn’t tell what time it was. It could have been midnight or 4am.


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Tell us a story of one of your dates!

When we were younger we used to ditch the other boys to go talk and hold hands so one time when we were playing fantasy Tweek and I snuck off to behind the school. We talked about how stupid everyone else was for not noticing we were gone and still fighting over a stupid stick. We held hands the whole time and I remember only being conscious of it when he let go of it to cup my cheek and kiss the corner of my lips. It wasn’t really a date, but it was the first time that we had been that close and when I really realised that he meant more to me than I thought he did


- Where are ya, Marky-boy? I know you’re in here.
- My dad was a mad dog. I did what needed to be done.
- You tell yourself that. But your mom were long dead, and the door right there. You could’ve run. You could’ve gone for help. You chose to take that gun off the wall. That’s why it haunts you. Not because you regret it, but because you enjoyed it. It makes you wonder if that violence in your heart was always there, or if it gets passed from one generation to the next.

I love??? Sifki??? Sm??? Can you believe it’s 100% canon that the shy, sarcastic sorcerer fell in love with the loud, cocky warrior girl when they were children??? And they continue to date on and off throughout their teenage years, breaking up only to find themselves kissing in secluded corners of the library, or the deserted dueling yard again??? Can you believe that, as two social outcasts (a boy who practices magic and a girl who uses the sword) they found comfort and support in each other??? Can you believe Odin was always planning on Sif marrying Thor, so Sifki’s relationship only added to Odin’s poor treatment of Loki??? Can you believe that Sif never really gave up on Loki, even when he lost his way and was imprisoned??? Can you believe they are canonically in love???

There was one more thing on the list of things that could possibly go wrong: Adam’s parents were coming on Christmas Eve. That’s right. They only knew I existed, but they’d never met me or my parents. Adam didn’t get along with them for past few years, but he was ready to change it. And for some reason, we thought this could be the perfect occassion.

Oh boy, don’t we have a fun holiday coming our way?

Summary of Between Screens Reddie!Youtuber AU so far

(Chapter 1 to 3)

- Richie starts his YouTube channel on a whim aka he was dared to

- Most of his videos were him screaming while playing five nights at Freddie and people found it hilarious

- this boy is so talented

- he has covers of stuff on his channel to

- and his fans love him so much

- he probably has over three million followers

- Eddie started making videos because “GOD DAMNIT MY DOG IS ADORABLE”

- He also vlogs

- All his subscribers love him, but they don’t understand why he lets his dog (Ted) get away with everything

- “He’s only a puppy” “No, Eddie— your dog is like 2 years old”

- has a little over 500,000 followers

- Richie likes to watch dog videos

- He watches some of Eddie’s god videos and Eddie makes a cameo and Richie just


- And Richie subscribed and he’s just in love or something

- “BEV ITS TRUE LOOOVEEEE” “Richie you don’t even know where this guy lives” “I CANT HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF MY LOVE”

- Richie uploads himself watching one of Eddie’s videos

- Eddie is confused because his comments are getting flooded with all this stuff about a “Richie” guy

- Eddie ends up watching one of Richie’s videos and find him hilarious disgusting

- PSA: Eddie can’t cook

- Richie wants to collaborate with Eddie

- So he texts him

- Eddie replies

- Eddie freaks out because

- WHo UsEs MinGLE


- “lol okay Can you give me ur number I mean Skype”



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Wang Puppy 2.0

Genre: Fluff, sliiiiiight angst(??)

Pairing: Jackson Wang (GOT7) x Reader

Summary: You didn’t know what to expect when you received a random and oddly vague message from your boyfriend Jackson, but what you got definitely wasn’t it.

Requested By: @k-pop-writes

Originally posted by thekpopquartet

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I love how antis are posting the latest side by side of Freddie and Austin saying how it proves they are related. Duh - it proves he is a Clark. Austin is the spitting image of Brett as a boy so Freddie shouldn’t be identical to Austin. 😬 Whoops.

yeah i saw a bunch posting and being like “awn he looks like austin” or “this just proves they’re related” i don’t think they realize that 1. if they were uncle and nephew, there’s only 25% of shared dna between them so chances of the kid looking SO much like him would be minimum 2. austin /is/ mini brett. there’s no discussion there. he’s a copy of brett 3. b and austin don’t look alike at all so they can’t even say it’s because austin looks like her lol basically: antis are d*mb af and keep proving it to us

Honestly, I know heronchild is an impossible ship and I completely appreciate them just as much as very close platonic friends because showing that boys can have close, affectionate relationships without it being romantic is important, but you can’t deny that “he ended up writing letters that were full of Matthew” and “his voice was the only steady thing in a world turning upside down” are some of the gayest sentences ever written in The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

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Hi princess! Don’t know if you knew but Steve Aoki played at Cove Manila last night and he played jho. Wasn’t there but saw a couple of people i know were at the venue and they posted on their IG stories when he played it. It was surreal seeing it even just on my phone screen. It’s been a year and he still plays the song and so many people from here (AT A NIGHT CLUB) were singing along to it. So surreal to see it even from just my phone screen

awww, that is amazing, babe! i didn’t know that. yes, it’s still so surreal hearing jho and any of the boys songs played at so many places. i remember when i went to steve’s concert just a couple of days/weeks (??)after the release of jho where i was the only one who knew all the lyrics and now it’s so great to see so many people sing along

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I’m here to add more to doctor!tom. They told him to Spider-Man scrubs well tom does he wants. Spider-Man pin on his white coat. He would so have like a small stuffed animal in his pocket to give to a little kid if they were scared. Nurses so had crushes on him. HIS BLOOD IS NOW COFFEE. boi would know the textbooks my heart and would love working ER and doing surgery. Only one in his class not there for the money or cause of a tv show.

Omg you have me in l o v e with doctor!tom!!!

The Unexpected Present

SPN Rare Ship CC: Round 15 | @vampamber vs. @deadlyangelkay

Prompt: funny present

Ship: Sam/Gabriel

Word Count: 873

Tags/Warnings: implied sexual content, dildos, top!Gabriel/bottom!Sam

Summary:  Gabe gives Sam a present he wasn’t expecting. But then again, who would ever expect to be given that?

AO3 Link:

The giftbox Sam’s boyfriend Gabriel shoved under his nose was incredibly unexpected, seeing as how they’d just exchanged gifts with the rest of their families only a few hours ago.

The Winchesters and the Shurleys got together every year on Christmas eve for dinner and the exchanging of gifts, seeing as how both Winchester boys were dating two of the Shurley sons. Gabe’s dad, Chuck, also felt kind of sorry for Sam and Dean, only having themselves and their mom to spend the holidays with, what with John Winchester having passed away about a decade ago from a collision with a semi-truck. But since Dean and Castiel were already engaged and Sam and Gabe had been together for quite a few years now, Chuck had basically declared they were already family.

The box was wrapped in paper covered with cartoon snowmen, and even though he was confused, Sam accepted it. “Did you forget one?” He asked Gabe.

“Yep, and on purpose too, Sammich. This isn’t what you’d call a ‘family friendly’ gift, if you get my meaning,” Gabe said with an exaggerated wink.

Sam groaned. “Gabe, I swear, if you got me anal beads or the Casa Erotica box set…”

“Well, it’s not anal beads, that I can promise,” Gabe said evasively.

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there were a lot of incredible scenes of the raven cycle, but by far the most beautiful was how almost immediately after comprehending Noah’s deadness Ronan actually went for picking him up and throwing him out of a three story building window while Gansey was having a melodramatic think session right outside the door at like 2 in the morning

You know what? I really love this and here’s why.

You have Draco, who has never been much of a (physically) touchy person, even more so after the war.

Draco, who feels as though he has no other option than to isolate himself from the students at school because of this web of guilt gripping his insides.

Harry, who is crushed under the weight of being treated like a celebrity; of constant inquiries of whether or not he was okay; of everyone treating him like one of Aunt Petunia’s antique China cups.

Was there reluctancy behind the friendship Draco and Harry found in each other? Perhaps. But that didn’t mean they didn’t immediately gravitate towards each other.

Befriending Draco, Harry thought, felt like a small act of rebellion. Like dunking your head underwater but emerging feeling new, feeling clean.

And befriending Harry, Draco thought, was everything he never said he’d wanted from the first time he saw his picture in the papers. Like coming home for the holidays to a fire burning and soup on the stove. Like sharing secrets on the playground as a kid.

Like a giant crush he would never admit to anyone.

They really did mesh well together in an unconventional way, much like mixing hot and cold water to create something mild. Maybe with a few added drops of hot sauce.

The hair, though. That was going to have to change.

Here’s the thing. Draco liked control. Adored control. He needed control in order to breathe.

But Harry? He made Draco lose his grasp on the reins of reality. His palms got clammy. The urge to constantly lick his lips increased by a factor of twenty. His clothes felt entirely too tight to fit him anymore. All because of that damn hair.

Harry let it grow out, and now it fell lazily over his shoulders in a way Draco thought should be illegal (no one should be allowed to look that good with hair that atrocious). Hairbrushes and combs and products seemed nonexistent to Harry. His hair draped itself across his eyes when he wasn’t paying attention during one of his dazed-out moments. It probably smelled like Irish Spring.

Draco wanted to roll around in it forever.

He hated it.

He couldn’t stop thinking about it. The hair. He couldn’t stop thinking about the boy on which it dwelled. Maybe if it didn’t look so damn good all the time Draco wouldn’t have to deal with the unwanted feelings cropping up every time they were in the room together, lingering somewhere between his stomach and his rib cage. He couldn’t handle it.

He finally caved one day, barging into the eighth year common room armed with his combs and products and a slew of other hair-related items, and announced to an amused but compliant Harry that he was going to “fix” his hair. It was only for the good of humanity as a whole (so Draco said).

Yes, yes, this was exactly what he needed. Get the hair out of Harry’s face. Out of sight, out of mind. If only he could do that with Harry himself… God, his hair was softer than he had imagined it.

No, fuck, no! He looked damn wonderful with a French braid in!

Harry kept the braid in all day, twiddling the end with his thumb and forefinger while he slouched in an overstuffed chair and read a book. He was just trying to taunt him with his devastatingly good looks, Draco thought. He’d have to have another go the next day. He was determined.

A goddamn ponytail was no better. Hell, Harry looked bloody fuckable in space buns, for heavens sake! Draco was running out of hairstyles to try out, and out of excuses as to why he was so desperate to “fix” Harry’s hair. “It’s bloody atrocious” was not going to be a suitable excuse for much longer.

It became routine, however, somehow: Draco shoving his feelings down his throat each morning, approaching Harry in the common room armed with a wide variety of products, sculpting his hair into some style Harry would somehow use to unknowingly taunt Draco from across the room for the entirety of the day… a routine they both secretly enjoyed immensely but would never say anything about.

The hints of reluctancy loitering uninvited behind their newfound friendship were gone.

Harry told Draco everything now. Not just the hard stuff. His favorite color. His favorite quidditch moment. Why he thought the sky was blue. Things he never talked about with Ron and Mione.

All while Draco did his hair in the mornings and tried with every fiber of his being not to blurt out how he really felt.

Until the time everyone was gone for the holidays, and they were the only ones in the common room, and they had both had far too much firewhiskey to drink. The few embers remaining in the fireplace cast a warm orange glow across the room and Draco didn’t think twice before absently reaching up to wind a lock of Harry’s hair around his finger. It was the softest thing he’d ever ever felt.

Harry smelled like Irish Spring.

He wasn’t sure why he’d felt prompted to touch it. He just thought Harry looked like what might happen if Draco took all the magic out of his body and made a person out of it and forgot about everything else.

They were sitting limply against the front of one of the couches, forced to the ground with drunkenness and sleep. The clock said it was past midnight. Midnight was dangerous. Midnight was full of lowered inhibitions and regrettable conversations.

Draco didn’t see it happen. He didn’t know it was happening, even after it was over. They just were. They were drunk. They were content. They were Harry. They were Draco. They were… kissing.

Harry was kissing him.

Kissing, with more meaning (and tongue) than Draco had ever been kissed with before. And there was so much hair everywhere, hair to roll around in, to smell, to touch, to feel, to love, and they were kissing

“Why fix my hair? What was wrong with it to begin with?”

Draco scowled, internally scolding his feelings for not forcing him to regurgitate them before Harry made the first move. “Nothing at all, you idiot. That was the problem.”

Escape Room: Day Five

-A man relentlessly piloted a remote control monster truck around our storefront as we worked to open. I believe him to be a protective spirit, ensuring not a soul crosses his path and enters our store before he is ready. I also believe that our deadbolt and security system would have done the job, but I appreciate such a direct approach.

-As much as I have enjoyed my past jobs, none have ever given me busywork I have been so enthusiastic about completing. This is what I reflect on as I spend my afternoon Febrezing corpses hanging from the ceiling.

-A group of boys were thrilled to discover that they could harness their Cub Scout training to assist in their escape. My Eagle Scout heart could only have been more proud if they had been able to actually find north on their compass. 

-I sprinted to a room in response to an intercom buzz. A pair of women were upset, having lost their dry erase marker and decided that one of us had taken it. I sprinted to the storage room to get a spare, then sprinted back to their room to deliver it, only to be told that one of them had been holding it the entire time. I appreciate anyone who comes into an escape room and proves that they themselves are a more difficult puzzle than anything we have to offer.

-A crew of twelve year-olds worked together to solve a puzzle to open a door. They solved the puzzle. The door opened. They reacted as any successful escapists would, and immediately ran away screaming. 

-After having completed ten percent of the game in eighty percent of the time, a father-son team paged me in to give a hint. When I entered, the father simply hugged his son and told me with a smile, “I know we’re wasting time, but we’re having fun, so it’s okay.” Aside from news of an impending impeachment, there is nothing this man could have told me to bring such joyful tears to my eyes.

nathaniel’s akuma didnt even want to get revenge on anyone. he literally just. wanted to ask out the girl he liked?? he didnt deserve this. let the boy go on his date