and he wears just black

Inktober Day 15: Ace

Since its asexual awareness week I knew I had to draw Logan for it! I 100% headcanon that Logan is asexual and you can pry it out of my cold dead hands. And Logan in flannel shirt??? My heart can’t take it. 


“as he stared at her, he reached around his back and held his own hand…pretending he was holding hers. and at that very moment, she was pretending to be holding his.”

the sadly short-lived series pushing daisies is always always always going to be one of my very very favourites. it’s about a piemaker who can touch dead things and bring them back to life, but there are some limitations. it is one of the nicest love stories about people who can’t touch, ever. it had such wonderful scenery and set design and characters and dialogue, and i miss it terribly, and often.

here are ned and chuck.

So I’ve seen a lot of posts about Virgil and/or Logan being asexual, and while I love the ace inclusivity in the fandom, I had a thought:

Ace Patton.

I don’t really have any headcanons about this except the fact that he probably didn’t even realize it until he mentions he’s never really thought about it and that he’d always been more interested in cuddles and little kisses and holding hands than sex. Roman, who is the most knowledgeable about LGBTQA+ identities and the community (even Lo will admit that), is the one who tells him.

But just think about how that would destroy any misconceptions about “you can’t have love without sex” because Patton is just so full of love. Thomas even says it himself (”He’s just got a lot of love to give”)! 

So. Yeah. Ace Patton.

So I was drunk and I had this dream where when you turn 17 a tattoo that represents your soulmate appears on your skin in a random place and its colour is proportional to the love your soulmate has for you.

Jimin has two little wings on his fingers, and he knows it’s Jungkook. He just knows it’s the maknae of his group, he has always loved him. Sadly, the wings are just black, so he always wear a ring because he doesn’t want to be reminded that his soulmate -the love of his life- doesn’t love him.
When Jungkook turns 17, he and the other members are gathered in their living room waiting for the tattoo to appear, but nothing happens. Jin tries to calm Jungkook with a “maybe it takes some time, we’ll se tomorrow, yeah?” So Jungkook goes to take a shower and HOLY SHIT there’s a super colourful flower on his hip.
He’s excited but also annoyed because “wtf I’m A MAN with a flower tattooed”.
So he never let others see his tattoo ‘cause “it’s in a very private part”.
Jimin looks under the ring on his finger: his tattoo is still black. He swears he’s never going to look at it again.
Time passes, it’s 2015 and Jungkook starts to panic because the colours of his tattoo are gradually becoming less vibrant.
He spends a lot of time walking around, looking at people, hoping to meet a person that would make his heart flutter, but nothing.
The flower on his hip, once painted with beautiful colours, now it’s almost black. He just gives up.
One day he’s putting on a pair of underwear after a shower and Namjoon -who never knocks- walked in their shared room and sees the tattoo.
“Isn’t that an hibiscus?”
“S-Sorry but don’t you know that hibiscus are Jimin’s favourite flowers?”
“What the fuck are you saying hyung”
So Namjoon takes him to Jimin’s room -thankfully no one is there- and points to a picture of baby Jimin where he’s holding a bunch of hibiscus in his small hands.
“Listen hyung, it’s a coincidence, how many people have a picture with flowers, c'mon”
“Yeah, but how many people have a picture with hibiscus AND a collection of dried hibiscus?” And he takes this notebook from Jimin’s bedside table and it’s full of hibiscus, and Jungkook wants to disappear because, 1) his soulmate is a man and it’s his band mate 2) how in the hell he didn’t know about these stuff.
So Jungkook tries to make Jimin love him again, but he doesn’t tell him he’s his soulmate because he couldn’t handle the rejection. He hugs Jimin, compliments him and all those cheesy stuff that he tought would make himself cringe, but he actually loves showering Jimin with attentions.
He loves Jimin, but, apparently, Jimin doesn’t love him anymore.
Does he even know Jungkook is his soulmate?
Run comeback is near and Jungkook is so fucking tired of trying to make Jimin love him again. His tattoo is colourless. So he just gives up, again.

Jimin Is on his bed, reading a really cheesy book, when he cuts his finger with the paper. He then goes to the bathroom to disinfect it, but a little bit of blood went under the ring, the one he never -never- takes off.
He takes a deep breath, preparing himself to the sting at his heart, and slides the ring off of his finger.
His heart stops.
The wings are painted in a beautiful golden colour.
He run towards Jungkook’s room.

Jungkook is working out in his boxer, when the door slams open.
Why doesn’t anyone fuckin knock?
He sees Jimin -so beautiful- and his eyes are glossy, his cheeks flushed and wet from the tears he’s shedding and he sticks his hand towards him, showing him the golden wings tattooed on his finger and Jungkook fucking loses it.
He runs and hugs Jimin so tight that he starts coughing, but he’s hugging him back so tightly, sobbing into his naked chest, tears flowing from the older’s eyes to Jungkook’s abdomen and even if they’re are basically squeezing each other, they feel like they’re breathing for the first time.
The younger cries too, one hand on Jimin’s back and the other in the orange hair and he’s so fucking happy.

They stare at each other, tears still rolling down from their eyes, the distance between their lips reducing, and they’re kissing, feeling the salt from their tears.

Jungkook -with Jimin surprise- pulls his boxers slightly down and looks at the tattoo : the hibiscus has never been more colourful.

1) Jikook is real
2) my English sucks
3) drunk me is a genius

1st years always knew 7th year Sirius Black as the king of punk rock. His friends knew him as the man who cried over a puppy being too cute once.

On The Edge

Warnings: Smut smut smut (Dom!Shawn and lots of kinky shit)

Word Count: 7.3k (we getting it bitches)

a/n: I literally slammed this entire things out in 10 hours straight

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Sunday was the day you had arrived with Shawn in sunny Amsterdam. It was the first day of his birthday week, and the very first night of celebrations. The day had been hogged up for the most part by your flight from Toronto to Amsterdam, however you had managed to squeeze in dinner with friends sometime after the flight. When you had gotten to your room that night you noticed something was off about Shawn. He hopped right into the shower and then right into bed. This was very unlike him, seeing as most nights the two fo you would roll around beneath the sheets together before falling asleep. However, your sleeping boy left you to attend the ache between your legs solo.

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Erik letting T’Challa borrow some of his clothes because they have to go to a club in America and “Um, wtf are you wearing? It’s a club, not a funeral” and T’Challa eyeing his fuckboy attire in mild displeasure but begrudgingly accepting because Erik is more knowledgeable on the matter


Jon Bernthal @ SLCC 2017

under the spell of a demon’s touch (m)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: incubus!AU, angst, smut, fluff the holy trio

Summary: You had believed, for your entire life, that creatures of the underworld were only a myth but you were proven wrong by the existence of Jimin. He is, according to his definition, a smaller type of Fae called Incubus. A creature of sex. Someone that can only live and strive as long as his sexual appetite is satiated every day. And Incubi are known in all of their myths to be insatiable and ravenous creatures.
↳ alternatively: sending all our souls to rot in hell.

Word Count: 14.872 words

WARNINGS: graphic depictions of sexual intercourse, cheating, cuss words, dirty talk, blindfolds, handcuffs, oral sex, name calling, choking, hair pulling, butt plugs, spanking, rough sex, window sex, squirting, anal, vibrators.

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The building stands tall in front of your eyes, rows upon rows of seemingly endless windows all uniform in their anonymous simplicity.

Your heels tap on the white linoleum floor of the hall full of people walking haphazardly to finish the assignments of the morning before their lunch break starts.

You walk through them with calmness in your steps, chin held up high as you reach the elevator, a bag full of food in your free hand.

There is a smile stretched on your lips and it is due to the thought of the pleasant lunch you are about to have with your lover — a surprise you are quite sure he is going to appreciate.

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“…What’s the real reason you’re here, Santi? What’re you running away from this time?”
“Surprisingly…nothing. That’s the truth. I think this time…this time I’m running towards something.”
“Oh, yeah? Then what is it?”
“I’m not even sure yet…but being here is the start, I know that at least. Finally stepping over the border, seeing where half of me came from, where I could’ve ended up all those years ago…it feels like a long time coming.”