and he wasn't ready to give her up

  • The finale was beautiful and so perfect ahhh my shipper heart is very content right now!
  • For starters:
  • -Lemon Breeland, the voice of all Zade shippers! Loved her conversation with Zoe and her constant pushing for Zoe to realize how in love she really is with Wade, you go girl
  • -I had definitely begun to ship George and Lemon again after how insanely funny and cute they'd become this season and I was hoping SO bad for George to get on that ship : (
  • -I do not support Lavon trying to win Lemon back, I had a feeling he was running towards her but i was hoping it was AB cause her and Lavon are so great together. Am not in favour of the reappearance of this love triangle from season 1, but Team George regardless
  • -Cricket being gay was probably the biggest shocker of the hour HA didn't see that one coming
  • -Meatball and Lily-Anne's vows were priceless, too bad it didn't work out for the odd lovebirds
  • -I like this different side to Joel, I always thought him and Zoe were great as friends, and he proved to be a great friend to Wade tonight too so YAY Joel!
  • Now where to start with Zade? Zoe's weird and stress-induced behaviour at the beginning of the episode, trying to make conversation with Wade and giving him the mini ice breaker brush was adorable, it was clear how much it was killing her to see him packing and ready to walk out of her life.
  • Her confession was beautiful. It was raw emotion spilling out of her, and like Lemon said, it took a lot of guts for her to put herself out there and completely let her guard down for the man who broke her heart.
  • Loved the fact that Wade did not leave and realized that he wasn't willing to sacrifice his identity for his new job, or sacrifice his love for our crazy New Yorker.
  • But the scene that absolutely took the cake for me was Zoe telling Wade that she is not willing to give up on him and that she'll do anything to prove to him that they belong together. One year ago, in the season 2 finale, Wade told Zoe that she saw potential in him to be a better man and that if she gave him a second chance, he would be ready for her. Love how we have come full circle.
  • Wade may not have said 'I love you' back to her but that doesn't mean he's still not madly in love with her. Of course he is, it's written all over his face. And Zoe is not one to give up on the people she loves.
  • Special mention to Wade's smile at the end, that he was so happy that she isn't giving up on him, no matter how much he tries to stay away and fight what he feels for her. AH my precious babies

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Carmichael had one of the bow ties around his neck, but he could not tie it. 'I'll just pop in and make sure she got hers' he thought to himself, sighing. He teleported over hoping she wasn't working today.

Daisy was already in her pajamas, ready to curl up on her cot with a romance novel and another piece of her Easter chocolate when she heard the commotion. She poked her head around the screen that separated where she slept from the rest of her closet. Her ears perked up when she saw her robotic gentleman caller.

“Well hi there,” she said, walking around the screen and giving him a smile before leaning into a hug. “What brings you by? Let me know so I can do it again.” She winked.

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1) Maya is damaged and broken, no matter how much she tries to hide it. Her fate is inevitable, soon into highschool she ends up seeing herself rise into a 'popular' crowd, without losing her old friends she is still able to attend all of these parties, adventures and outings she manages to get invited to. On more than one occasion she has snuck into Lucas' house in order to avoid going home, one time he wasn't there and she waited by his window for over an hour and almost ready go give up

nsfw warning: mentions sex, && nudity (mildly).

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Sasha I am confused. These articles are saying Sophia broke up with Liam because she wasn't ready for a commitment and wanted to do other things right? But didn't "Liam" say in Attitude that he was too young to get married and wanted Sophia to go do things? Where is the logic? And lbr, if he wanted to marry her she would literally jump at the chance. Like she would really give Liam up to do what? Take more selfies? Honey have a seat.

Yeah, it makes no sense. But that’s 1DHQ’s calling card. They aim for headlines and publicity and keeping their fake narratives alive. Logic is not one of their strengths. What’s wild is that people actually accept this as the truth.

“Sophia felt that their relationship was at a point where they either made a decision to get married and settle down, or they go on and do something else and experience more of the world,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She chose the latter because she’s still so young. Sophia has always been an independent woman and believes she has a lot to achieve.”

And from Attitude magazine:

“We have talked about marriage, but 22 seems a bit young for us,” he told the magazine. “Sophia needs to go off and do what she wants to do. I don’t want her to be one of those stay-at-home girlfriends who doesn’t really do much.”

Sounds like they’re saying the same thing to me. It’s just as senseless as their first “break-up” where they split because a week apart put too much strain on the relationship. How could this be a legit reason for a break-up when Liam is about to take a break and presumably will be home a lot more and a lot less busy? Is Sophia planning to go off to war? Is she an astronaut about to go live on the space station for a year?  Nope. Soooo….

It’s laughable. But thanks for making it so easy to to understand this was a sham of a fauxmance. And there’s no reason for the no-name ex-girlfriend to be headlining articles save for the fact that 1DHQ is continuing to do PR on her behalf in order to position her for post-Liam promo life. And what a coinky dink, that’s exactly what Danielle and Eleanor did. Gotta love those patterns. It’s all in the patterns.

Goodbye and good luck Sophia.