and he was such a squishy

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Why does Kook always look like a total baby? Or rather why is he such a precious baby? I really wanna kidnap him and baby him, coo at him all day everyday ㅠㅠ

honestly i think it’s the lil cheeks and his eyes that make him look so soft and squishy sometimes


for more soft squishy cuddly jeongguk, please refer to my ‘cutest baby’ tag

Goat Emoji Review

Such realism yet dull colors. Him fat. A squishy companion. His eyes however look soulless and void. Save him 3/5

Oh wow. A chibi goat. Big ol head friend. cute and to the point. Why is he sad tho? Someone hug him. 4/5

what the heck. This is no goat. This is an impostor. what is that on him chin. This is all wrong. Why only three legs? WHERE IS HIS NOSE. Start over 1/5

Such gradient. Who took his mouth? His hind leg is broken. Dear gods fix this poor guy…..where….his…..ears….?? 0/5

This is a prehistoric cave drawing of a goat. This is highly  acceptable for the circumstances. Very stylized. 3/5

WHAT TEH FOOK. NO THIS IS A SIN. THIS IS NOT A GOAT THIS IS SATAN HIMSELF. Why are his ears so PINK. That GAZE. My soul burns. Never Again -0.5/5

 The perfect boy. Look at that smug smirk. I wouldnt trust him with my kids though. So amazing. round boy too. Sinsational 5/5 

What. no. This is a…not goat. I dont even know what this is. This is an abomination. Give him more legs and EARS and NOSE and MOUTH why have CAT TAIL 0/5

CAT TAIL STILL, okay but this is upgrade hooves now included. need a face though. Missing key face parts. 2/5

No.png -5/5

MONSTA X REACTION - When their idol gf perform on stage

Hey guys! Reaction here :) Enjoy!



He’s backstage and can’t help but keep smiling all the time, thinking you’re adorable on stage, even if you have a sexy concept.

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“She’s looks amazing, God. That’s my girl.”

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He’s just like all the other fanboys, waving and smiling at you performing. 

“Wah, isn’t she just so perfect there?”

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He tries to pay as much attention on your performance, but as soon as he hears everyone saying how cool you looked, or how great you sounded, he became squishy right away. Proud to be your boyfriend and a little embarrassed with all those compliments towards you.

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He was just hearing all the compliments people would throw at you, how pretty you looked, how awesome you sounded and how great your performance was going while doing this face *gif* totally proud of being your man.


He’s the most hyped up, singing along and dancing along too. Enjoying you performance as much as any other fanboy, probably more considering he’s your #1 fan.

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He loves your performance. Even if he knew what you’re gonna do he still got surprise and loved all of it, getting instantly killed.

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Hunk is the best cinnamon roll who is also a bad ass. Head cannon that he's a great cuddler. Just loves to cuddle everyone platonically or romantically doesn't matter. Bad day? He will cuddle you so hard. He is soft and squishy and his big arms will make you feel so secure. Keith is upset? Nope, Hunk is there. Lance is sad? Don't think so. Hunk holds him as long as he needs. Pidge is touch sensitive? No problem. He just sits as close as she likes. Maybe shoulder touching.

And when Hunk is sad the others do a group hug. He likes group hugs. Even pidge will get in. And Lance says “come here big guy” and they play wrestle it out and then cuddle some more. Just MORE LOVE FOR HUNK DAMMIT he deserves all the hugs

If this is true, why didn’t we get a Hance hug when everyone left on their missions? Mighty suspicious. 

Episode 4
  • so it’s 6am. here we go
  • pidge geeking out in appreciation of elegant engineering is the best thing ever
  • keith’s smirk as he hits keith with the squishy asteroid/spore omg #klance
  • lmao @ pidge getting blown away by the dryer thing
  • oh keith, my smol son, wanting to know who he is
  • SPORSE CODE ladkfjal;dkjfa
  • keith looks like a model even just casually leaning against Green ;)
  • So like, how long is a decafeeb?
  • Using slaves to build a super weapon? Someone’s up for B-grade villain of the year
  • Dark!Rover D: nooo. This is traumatic
  • Oh Yeah! Green has a cloaking device. Man it’s been too long since I’ve watched season 1
  • Damn Keith. “You fight like a galra soldier”
  • tfw someone asks u a question and then says “enough” as soon as u start to answer :/
  • Pidge is always right guys cmon
  • Maybe lance can power kick this cube thing?
  • Guys no stop slicing it!!!
  • Fire and ice
  • YEOS guardian spirit of nature! Pidge “get some of this” Gunderson
  • Aw Keith my boy accepting his gales heritage
  • *echoing* oh no
  • queue zarkon’s fund my iPhone sequence
  • Also I’m on mobile so I just discovered there’s an iPhone emoji 📱 w0t

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BRuH... I FEEL YOU, OTHER ANON... I recently fell for a large, strong, absolutely SHREDDED character, and I, an average height, weak marshmallow bab, am AMAzED. BUT FRET NOT,,, because I def picture my fave loving my softer squishy bits. (Augh, be still my beating heart! He's lovely) And I'm sure your bae loves your softness, too! Because what's not to love? So good for snuggles!

HONESTLY chub chub marshmallow sweethearts are precious and I doubt any fave would disagree, all you chubby babes with totally ripped f/o’s need not worry at all because your fave loves your body and they love you even more

- mod princess <3


When Squishy said “squishy”