and he was so damn smug

my aesthetic: adam and ronan both being Smug AF because everyone thinks they have the Hottest, Most Amazing Boyfriend

adam’s college friends being utterly dumbfounded when ronan shows up one weekend all tattooed and muscley in a pair of expensive, ripped jeans and a motorcycle jacket, looking like he stepped out of a damn punk fashion magazine or something. “you said he was a farmer.” “you said he had a kid.” “you said he nearly got kicked out of high school.” “you didn’t say he was so hot. i mean, he’s scary-hot, but still hot.” “damn, you’re one lucky guy, parrish.” adam’s just enjoying all the reactions, because he’s kind of been looking forward to this exact moment all semester long. ronan’s kind of a dick at first, of course, but he warms up to them and pretty soon they’re all laughing hysterically because ronan is fucking hilarious, and he has the wildest stories, seriously, parrish, where did you find this guy. and eventually when he starts drunkenly reciting latin poetry, everyone just groans, because, like, of course he’s a secret genius too. and so adam’s boyfriend is granted instant legend status. adam just smiles at him proudly all night and ronan just says appreciatively “your friends are assholes. i like them.”

ronan’s farmer friends take one look at adam and they’re like “you didn’t say your ivy league boyfriend was a model.” “he sure is pretty.” “you could cut glass with them cheekbones.” they ask about him all the time when he’s away at college and ronan can’t help but brag a little about his achievements so they tell him how proud they are of how well he’s doing while adam looks simultaneously touched and bemused. they jokingly ask ronan what a grump like him did to snag such a nice, sweet, well-mannered boy and he just rolls his eyes but murmurs “i ask myself that every day.” adam just says “he’s not all bad” with a wry smile. most of their kids (opal’s friends) are basically in love with him; they think he’s so handsome and smart and cool. he tells him about all the exciting stuff he’s working on at school and talks to them about science and space and robots and all the stuff he was interested in when he was a kid and ronan is Melting into a puddle of goo. “you’re really great with them” he tells him later. and adam blushes and says “stop.” and ronan’s like “no, you’re fucking amazing. i really do wonder how i got so lucky every single day.” and adam just looks at him for a moment and quietly says “me too. this is all i’ve ever wanted.” and ronan says “i’m happy.” and adam says “me too.”

Worse Than Nicotine

Summary: A familiar face shows up at the gym you coach at, all you want is for him to leave. Or is it?

Characters: Lance Tucker x Reader

Warnings: language, Lance Tucker, sex talk, kissing, lead up to smut, un-beta’d

Song Insp.

Feedback is loved!

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You cursed to yourself as you dropped your paperwork on the floor, bending down to pick it up before hearing an all too familiar voice from the door behind you.

“Nice view, Y/LN.”

You stood up and turned round, face to face with those bright blue eyes and the damn smug look across Lance Tucker’s face.

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Tbh…I think the funniest thing about Damen dropping the pitcher after seeing Laurent in a chiton is Laurents absolute NON reaction. Like…your bf shatters glass across the floor and is clearly losing his damn mind and you’re just cooly like ‘so about that map’. Like its so obvious that Laurent planned this. Laurents absolute lack of response to the ‘ERROR ERROR’ message flashing across Damens face was probably a smug silence. That boy. He probably planned this from the moment Damen had the audacity to wrestle another man in the nude and covered in oil in front of him. Laurent was probably like 'oh I’ll show him. Wrestle naked in front of me will you? Just wait. Imma get you back with all my WRISTS and ANKLES and MILES OF THIGH’ and it fucking works too lmao I love it

Distraction (Part 2)

Prompt: Your a teacher at the school for gifted youngsters and your favorite students need help sneaking out to complete a mission but Charles said it was to dangerous so he put Peter (Quicksilver) in charge of them. You on the other hand know they are ready so you get talked into distracting Peter so they can sneak out. Jean encourages you to use any method because she plans to wipe his memory.

Little did you know she completely forgets to do so and you may have a small crush on Peter.

Warnings: smut, confrontation, peter being a little shit, kinda really intimate peter loses his virginity


Too afraid to look back you stared intently at the brown bedroom door.

Damn it Jean.

You reached for the door nob before Peter interrupted you. “Wouldn’t do that if I were you,” He said lowly.

“Turn around,” He demanded.

You did as he said slowly swiveling your body. You averted your eyes to anything other then the smug speedster crossing his arms form across the room.

“You have anything else to add, any creative little nasty things you want?,” He teased. “Look Peter, it was for the sake of the mission I was doing what I was told,” You tried to explain. “Funny you should say that, because Jean visited me this morning and told me about your feelings,” He said walking closer.

“She told me what she asked you to do and how everything you said was true,” He continued. “So you might wanna use a different excuse for giving me blue balls then running away,” He said.

Jean was really starting to push it, this was probably her whole plan you thought.

“Look Peter, if I offended you in any way Im sorry,” You said. “Offended? You think you offended me? Darling that was all I could’ve hoped for,” He added. “Now since you were so honest with me maybe I could return the favor,” He continued stepping closer.

“I like you too,” He said smirking. “I also want to fuck you senseless as you spill those dirty little words from your pretty little lips,” He whispered.
“I think I want you just as bad if not more, I want to hold you down while I make you to cum in my mouth,” He finished.

By now Peter was barely an inch away from me, hovering over me watching me squirm underneath him.

“Does that turn you on?” He asked. “Now you know how it feels except I’m gonna take care of you,” He whispered.

He bent down and slowly traced his fingers up my bare legs and reached underneath my skirt. Once feeling the lacy material of my undies he slid the down exposing the wetness that stained then. Your breath hitched in anticipation for what he could offer and so far it had been erotic. Stepping out of your shoes you slid off your shirt as Peter took off your skirt leaving you in just a bra. “Take it off,” He demanded he said referring to the last piece of clothing you had. You followed his directions leaving you naked and exposed to the only man you cared about, he took a step back to admire just a fucking gorgeous you were. His mouth began to water as his eyes landed on the growing wetness between your legs. Next thing you knew you were on the bed with Peter kissing down your thighs getting closer to your sensitive area.

Spreading your legs open he licked down your wetness as you moaned in satisfaction, he was killing you. His tongue gently played with the area around your sensitive nub getting faster and faster to you released on his tongue and he ate it all moaning at how fantastic you tasted. “So fucking good,” He said complimenting you. By now you were a mess, barely able to function and you hadn’t even noticed the Peter was still dressed.

“Peter, I want to see you,” You pleaded. He looked a bit hesitant. It confirmed what you had thought, that his confidence didn’t run as deep as you had hoped you loved how adorable he was though. He was still a virgin who was experiencing this all for the first time. You helped his slip his shirt off exposing his muscular chest and you licked your lips. His face was red from your gazing eyes as you continued to help his out of his clothes. Next were his boxers, they held a pretty big tent that Peter was most nervous about. You took your time teasing him by slightly brushing your hands on his clothes shaft as you slipped them off. He closed his eyes to afraid of your reaction, Peter’s dick was beautiful. It wasn’t to big or small it was perfect and slightly thick. “Come here,” You whispered trying to ease his insecurity. You sat him down and decided to take charge to make him more comfortable. Looking at him straight in the eye you slowly slid yourself down his shaft coating him in all your juices. Peter swore there was nothing like it, nothing to ever compare actually being inside you. He jerked off into so many things hoping to at least replicate it but nothing would ever come close. He released a throaty moan as you slid up and down, his hands finally found a place on your hips. You leaned in more for a better angle but little did you know you hand pushed your bouncing tits closer to his face and he loved it. He was in pure ecstasy and so were you, your strokes got faster and deeper and you felt yourself clench around him and your stomach heat up.

Looking directly at each other you both rode out your orgasams with Peter exploding inside you.

“That was better than I imagined,” He said as you slid off. “Yeah, I thought about a lot too,” You confessed. Reaching for your underwear you were stopped by Peter. “I’m not done with you yet, I just figured out what I’ve been missing all these years and I need to make up for it,” He stated.

You smiled, this was the start of something beautiful.

Okay but who else loves Jak’s sassiness? Part 1

Cause I mean

This boy has his hands on his hips almost 24/7

Ik he’s being apologetic in this one but still

Shawty’s hips want the baron dead, apparently

Dis boi tired of dealing with shit

I mean look at this face

He’s gonna be straight (yeah right) and say “You need a fucking mint.”

Eye roll of the century

“Ah yisss gonna get laid with curtain ladyyy.”

“We’ll SSOORRYYY!” <actual quote>



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This smug motherfucker always getting his way ffs

“You had to fuckin sneeze”

“You’re so lucky I love you, damn it.”

Jak is officially tired of your shit

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Bucky wants his daughter's first word to be his name, so he is always chanting "Bucky, dada" when he's with her. One day, she starts getting close to saying a word, so Bucky calls everyone in to witness it. His daughter's face lights up, and she starts squealing. "Fah-co, fah-co!" Bucky gets pissed and glares at Sam. He covers up his daughter's ears and hisses "Damn it Wilson!" Sam just shrugs and gives him a smug smirk.

“Good girl” Sam says kissing her forehead. 

“Get away from my baby!” Bucky says. 

Daddy Wednesday™

Damn McReynolds ~ smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x McReynolds (and other EWS characters)

Rating: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut


A/N: Sorry NOT SORRY for this, it got kinda long lol

There he is. That smug look on his face. That stupid mustache. That stupid raven black hair. The girls just flock to him. Why? What is it about Glen McReynolds that’s so damn special? He’s cocky, rude and thinks he’s God’s gift to women and baseball.

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This shot of Izaya makes me irrationally frustrated with him because look. He starts off all cute in this one second. All cute and he even looks concerned with what Shiki’s telling him. Then his expression goes from concerned to smug because he knows everything’s working like he was planning. He knows people are at wit’s end and he loves it. It’s like his whole personality in a few seconds. He looks harmless but the second you look away he’s your worst enemy.

I love him so much.

No, but listen, actual married Matt and Foggy.

Matt going to Claire to get the good painkillers because this week is kink week and Foggy never let’s Matt choose the kink if he’s injured.

Matt getting annoyed at Foggy for flirting with Marci and banishing him to the sofa for the night. Then going out there to snuggle because he can’t sleep without Foggy and he wasn’t that mad anyway.

Matt and Foggy in grocery stores in the middle of the night sleep drunk and giggling while they try to buy actual groceries…ten bars of chocolate aren’t groceries, Foggy! Matt, stop fondling the damn silk sheets, we need food!

Matt and Foggy tagteaming people when it comes to debates, finishing each other’s sentences and being all smug when they win whatever arguement they were having.

Foggy and Matt hyphenating their names so that that they’re both Mr Murdock and Mr Nelson. So now every time they’re in court and the judge gets pissed off at them and yells, “Mr Nelson, that’s enough!” Matt just pipes up from where he’s sitting like “But your honour I haven’t said a single word,” and vice versa until every judge dreads seeing them in court.

Opposites Attract

For the lovely @rcgalbeliever who requested “opposites attract” from my prompt list.

Snow giggled as Regina’s eyes rolled and she looked back over her shoulder, bristling with annoyance at the thief who’d joined their company. He was dirty and he smelled like forest—a commoner who was a common thief, someone who was undoubtedly beneath her station. His smile was smug and his self-assurance got beneath her skin—the way he presented himself so damn humbly, so sure that his help was wanted. Looking back, a sigh escaped her—she hated him. But most of all, she hated that she couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to kiss him.


Robin watched as she looked away, a smile tugging onto his lips. His eyes lingered at her hips, watching the way she moved in her dress—her hips sashaying a way he found enjoyable, but more than that he enjoyed the way she carried herself with in air of indifference, perhaps even disdain. The Queen wasn’t at all what he’d anticipated—and he found himself pleasantly surprised—amused even—by her sharp-tongue and condescending glare, and the way she stared at his lips whenever she thought he wasn’t looking. He laughed a little—he was going to have fun with this.

alternative theory here: kunikida is taking his ribbon off to throw down. he’s gonna strangle dazai with it bc they’re about to go on stage and dazai lost his damn hat (just look at his smug face he’s so proud), and having one of them without their hat is not ideal. kenji is contemplating if he should get rid of his hat too for it to make more sense, while atsushi looks on in uncomfortable confusion. ranpo is ranpo


The next installment of The Story of Sauron! Chapter 3: Of Fire and Ice

You could call this ‘the good times.’ It’s pretty much downhill from here… 

A big thanks to everyone who’s been keeping up with these, it makes me super happy to know that the fandom’s enjoying my comic. It’s been well-received by my res hall as well, so despite the long hours it takes to draw these, it’s well worth it to me! 

As always, click through for comedic captions :P


Villains vs Heroes (Dean Ambrose x Reader)

Request: Imagine you and Dean have a mixed gender tag team match as the Suicide Squad Harley and Joker against Maryse and Miz as Batman and Catwoman xD @mrs-foxx-1233

A/N: Here you go dear. Hope you like it! MASTERLIST

Word Count: 421

Warnings: None

Tags: @actualamyautopsy

“Hey Dean.” You said as you walked in his locker room. His eyes almost popped out of his eye sockets as he saw you in the Harley Quinn costume which brought out your beautiful figure very well. “Damn Y/N.” You let out a small giggle and sat down in front of Dean whose eyes were glued to your no-no parts (boobies). “Okay so you said you wanted to be the Joker?” You opened your make-up bag which was filled with face paint and eye-shadow and lipsticks…you know. He nodded silently and put on his smug smirk he usually wears. And you began your work. You never noticed how Dean’s eyes were so beautiful because you were so busy with life.

You backed up and looked at Dean’s make-up and hair. “Do I look like the Joker?”

“Couldn’t tell the difference.” You and Dean got out of his locker room and headed straight to the ring where you found Maryse dressed up as Catwoman and The Miz dressed up as Batman. Maryse was flirting with her husband. “Oh look who it is. Dumb and dumber two.” She said to her husband. “Maryse, maybe if you ate some of that make-up you could be pretty on the inside.” The crowd including Dean laughed and chanted your name. 

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The bell rang and Dean went in after The Miz. Miz’s costume was twice his size which made it a little difficult to move rapidly. As Dean pinned Miz to the ring, Maryse intervened. That was your cue to rip her blonde hair out. Dean got out of the ring while Mix and Maryse kept looking at you. You jumped on Maryse’s back and with an Irish-Curse Backbreaker you pinned her down and the referee counted. Dean speared The Miz as he was about to break Maryse and you up. “1! 2! 3! Your new tag team winners Dean Ambrose and Y/N!” The crowd went crazy as you looked at Dean came rushing at you and hugged you. “Well done Harley.” You laughed and hugged him again. The referee put the microphone in front of Dean’s mouth. “This calls for a date.” The cheers from the crowd almost deafened you. “Joker…I accept.” You both looked at Maryse and Miz who were limping up the ramp. “This isn’t over?!” They repeated over and over again. “Oh I think it is.” Dean said as he pressed a kiss to your cheek. “So what’s your favorite dinner place? Taco Bell, Chipotle?”

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Congratulations. You bitch made, fuck-faced ass hoes really did it. I hope y’all are proud of yourselves. 

I just have a few people to cuss out:

1. All you clowns who voted third party or wrote in Bernie or Harambe or Kim Kardasian or whatever the fuck else:

I hope your petty ass need to vote for Jill Stein are Gary Johnson’s old foolish ass so you could feel whatever smug satisfaction for “sticking it to the system” was fucking worth it. Your dumbass protest vote cost us the election. Damn near every swing state was so unbelievably close with third parties receiving 3-4% of the vote when Clinton only needed 1-2% more to win. Your personal protest will cost lives and I hope you’re comfortable with that.

2. The “Trump fans”

Fuck y’all forever quite honestly. Y’all really looked at this man who is being supported by neo-Nazis and the Klan and thought: “He’s got my vote.” From punching protesters in the face to burning and defacing black churches, you have shown that you are determined to send us back to 1960. Go directly to hell do not pass go and your broke asses surely won’t collect $200 when the Republicans you voted into office remove welfare and disability. Poor and working class whites have really showed their asses this time around with your hats and your signs because you signed up for the racism and xenophobia, but just know that when he says “Make America Great Again” hats, he’s not talking about you. He’s talking about the absolute richest of the rich and the whitest of the white. The rest of you poor unfortunate whites may get looser gun laws but will still be trying to scrape by with what’s left of the government cheese when your boss gets a tax break after he sends your job overseas. Hope your Confederate flag keeps you warm.

3. The silent majority

We do paint Trump supporters as loud and crass virulently hateful racists because that’s what is seen the most. Those are who is the most vocal. But most of Trump’s votes came from white, straight, middle-class, college educated, cis men and women. Y’all kept quiet over the past year or so of election coverage. Maybe y’all had something positive to say about Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz, but it was the walking hemorrhoid who got the Republican nomination. So you walked in the voting booth and said “At least he’s not crooked like that Hilary.” and voted for Trump. And you are honestly the worst of all. You don’t have the excuse of being uneducated or ignorant or misinformed. You just don’t care about anybody but yourself. You trash bin bitches ignored the rape charges and the bankruptcies and the racism and the Islamophobia and the homophobia and the rest of Trump’s atrocious bullshit just because his name had an ® next to it. Fuck you.

All of y’all are trash. Absolute garbage. Great job on electing the most ass-backwards president in recent history. 

victor nikiforov 100% sings love ballads in the shower. 1 0 0. he’s waiting for yuuri to burst in one day and be like. “babe. u sing so good,,,,”

the closest he gets is like. yuuri hears him once. and he records it like a nerd and then he’s like. “damn,,,,,im so embarrassed,,,,v ictor can never knoooo,, im love him,,,,”

victor knows. hes SO GIDDY yuuri likes it, so he starts singing LOUDER

yuuri gets caught recording when victor comes out in a towel. he raises both eyebrows. “thought you couldn’t hear me?” smug boy,,,,hahhaa yuuri nice try

victor encourages yuuri to sing with him softly,,,

catch? neither of them can carry a tune. like. at all. zip. a++

Sex Was So Good You Can’t Walk Afterwards

Yugyeom: Is so damn proud of himself and is going to be smug about it for at least a week.

Kunpimook: Damn right he did that and he is going to boast about it too!

Youngjae: He be like ‘what? how?’

Jinyoung: ‘You’re okay right, it wasn’t too much?’

Jackson: Doesn’t quite buy it

Jaebum: Expected nothing less

Mark: ‘I got more where that came from!’