and he was probably 18 in here

First Kiss (Older!Damian Wayne x Reader)


Older damian wayne x female reader would be awesome. Your choice of topic. Thx :D

Can you do an older (18-20 yr old) first kiss with Damian and can you make it sweet and fluffy?

Notes: My first imagine!!! It took me longer to edit and have enough inspiration to finish it but it’s finally here :-). Also I changed the second request a lil bit, Damian is probably 15-16 here

Warnings: None

You guys had been friends for enough time for Damian to realize that what he felt for you wasn’t simple tolerance.

Oh no. Everyone could see it and it made him wish he could murder all his brothers in their sleep. That technically he could, but not without getting a really long lecture from Alfred or something.

The whole family was excited to meet the girl that made the demon blush and smile, even Bruce. So when they found out you were coming over to the manor to work on an English project, there was nothing he could do.

Damian tried to cancel or set it up somewhere else but you weren’t having none of it. After the mess you were raised in, how bad could his family honestly be?

The thought of Damian just being ashamed of introducing his new poor friend to his wealthy famous family crossed your mind but he assured you several times that he was ashamed of his family, not you.

He talked to you about his father, who you were already intimidated by. Her eldest brother, Dick, apparently the only decent sibling he had according to him. The one who followed, Jason, the black sheep of the family with a terrible common sense. Tim, the one he hated the most for some reason. And Alfred, the butler.

A butler… you weren’t even sure you currently had milk.

You had seen the old british man a couple of times when he picked up Damian from school but he never let you get close enough to introduce yourself, so this was gonna be new.

The atmosphere in the limo was more awkward than you expected.

Alfred said a polite “Good morning, miss Y/L/N. I’ve heard a lot about you, it’s nice to finally meet you” that was received with Damian watching him cautiously.

During the ride, you could notice Damian avoided eye contact by looking out the window. His jaw was clenched and brows slightly furrowed.

This change might have gone unnoticed by someone who hadn’t gotten to know Damian’s mannerisms as well as you through all these months.

You reached for one of his hands and covered it with yours, gently squeezing it. “It’s gonna be fine, Dami. Quit worrying that much.”

Once you arrived at the manor, Damian started walking in front of instinctively as if protecting you from something. It didn’t take long to realize what it was.

You had to admit you hadn’t given much thought to what could be expecting you at the Wayne Manor, but this still startled you.

Questions like “Are you friends with him because of the fame and money?”, “Did he hire you?”, “Is he threatening you? Blink twice for yes, once for no”, “Are you some kind of witch?”, “Do you owe him a favor?” were being thrown all around.

Damian tried to get you as away from his brothers as possible, his face was red with rage and embarrassment and he kept yelling at everyone to leave you alone. Finally, he managed to escape and pulled you toward an empty garden.

When he made sure no one was following you, he turned around biting the inside of his lip.

“I’m sorry for that, Y/N.”

Damian wasn’t sure if you were gonna stay quiet, change the topic or leave. But he was greatly surprised when you opened your mouth and let out a whole-heartedly laugh that made his heart swell.

“Well, I can’t say you didn’t warn me.” You joked.

“I promise I’ll make sure they never look in your direction again or else–” He started, getting more furious with every second.

“Damian! It’s fine, really.” You put both your hands over each of his shoulders, causing his muscles to tense, and shot a calming look his way. “I love them, your family is great.”

The Wayne boy softly shrugged your touch off and crossed his arms. “They are nothing but an inconvenience.”

“An inconvenience you love.” You commented, swiftly glancing at him and then looking at the beautiful growing trees that you were sure only Alfred took care of.

-TT- Whatever.”

After some minutes in a comfortable silence, just observing the beautiful plants, flowers and sunny sky. You decided to sit on the grass, against the prettiest tree you could spot.

“Maybe we could do our project here?”

He followed you and sat beside you, nodding as you started to unpack your bag.

“Thank you, by the way.” You murmured, unsure.

Damian examined you with confusion. “What do you mean?”

“For bringing me here, introducing me to your family… For being my friend, I guess.” You smiled shyly at him, shrugging and looking down at your lap, trying not to let him notice your face was probably boiling.

You hated the way Damian could make you feel, but you were also enchanted by it.

“Of course, Y/N. But I should be the one thanking you, you’ve helped me in ways I wish I could share with you.” Damian confessed, thinking back of all those times a text from you was enough to calm him down and seeing your smile would make all his frustrations go away.

You chuckled sweetly. “I don’t see how that’s possible but you are welcome.” And there it was, that warm and innocent grin that could light up his entire world in just one second.

None of you had realized how much time you spent looking into each other’s eyes, none of you was counting. But you could recall catching a glimpse of Damian glancing at your lips as you unconsciously licked the lower one.

It happened fast, but slow at the same time. Your breath halted due to the nervousness of Damian’s face approaching yours, but you could also experience the shock when you felt his lips on yours.

For a first kiss, there was nothing gross or awkward about it. His lips could look rough and chapped most of the time but you were gladly surprised to discover that they were actually really soft and sweet.

The kiss lasted for only a few seconds and soon you were pulling apart. You didn’t know where to look at but it was clearly pointless to try to hide your blushing anymore. Your mouth started to generate some small giggles and you had to stop before you punched yourself in the face.

Well if the kiss wasn’t awkward, the after-kiss would surely be.

Once you dared to look at Damian, you were surprised to learn that he wasn’t staring at you, he was staring at something behind you. You followed his gaze only to see a pair of heads and eyes through the bushes of the garden.

Realizing you had seen what he did, his expression turned more mortified than pissed off and he quickly stood up, taking steps towards his eldest brothers.

Your palm hit your mouth to muffle the loud laughing that was coming out of you as your eyes followed your crush chasing after his brothers who were calling out Alfred’s name.

Boy, you were gonna enjoy being part of this family.

Fic update: All I Ask of You

Title: All I Ask of You
Chapter: 18
Pairing: Cullen/Trevelyan
Rating: Mature

Summary: When Josephine suggested they throw an Orlesian masked ball, Cullen never once thought he might attend, much less find…and lose…and rediscover…the love of his life. Of course, with Dorian, Varric and Sera playing meddling Fairy Godmother, he probably should have seen it all coming.
OR: Cullen’s POV to As the World Falls Down.

This chapter: Smut.


For the awesome Aureliana!! Cover by the amazing @cute-ellyna! Interior art this chapter by the awesome @sangosweetz and @staciewilkerson

Ninette Week: Day 4 - Ladybug and Miraculous!Nino

So, yeah, remember that thing I mentioned about ret-conning a scene with Ladybug and Emerald Shell?

Here it is, from Chapter 18. (Is this cheating? This might be cheating. Oh well.)

Enjoy! <3

“You know, you probably made him fall in love with you just then,” Shell remarked as Ladybug approached. She snorted softly, something that amused and frustrated him, as if she was doubtful that anyone would fall in love with her just like that.

“He’s a kid; he can’t even spell ‘love’.”

“Don’t underestimate him because he’s young,” Shell warned her in a dire tone that was ruined by his grin. “He nearly conquered Paris in one night in his very short reign as king.”

“Hmm. Well, I have always wanted my own kingdom,” Ladybug mused as she and Shell scampered off before press or protesters could catch them unaware. “You know, big castle, moat, drawbridge—”

“I know someone who’s rich enough to pull that off,” Shell teased, grinning when Ladybug’s face flushed red to match her mask. She was so cute. “So when is that going to start being a thing again?”

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hi here i am trying to design anther human kermit – one that actually looks like an older man and not based on the fact that he’s supposedly 30 in frog years

the vibe i was going for was “old acting teacher” meets “that guy your dad works with that takes his job super seriously and shows up five hours early” with a little joel grey and gene wilder thrown in

his pupils probably don’t actually look like that, i just put them there so he’s instantly recognizable

when i have time again i’m gonna design a human rowlf so they can make out

Call Tony Stark Part Two - Peter Parker Imagine

A/N: Some of you wanted a part 2 so this is for all of you :) I hope you like it, I’m not sure how well I did on the fluffy parts but I’m happy with the outcome. 
I also want to add that if you want to request something I’d be more than happy to write something for you :)
Also a couple of people wanted to be tagged so @negasonicteenagemess​, @143amberrose​ and @andyl394​ this is for you <3

Summary: Beginning right where we left off, you are faced with the dilemma of a) not knowing Tony Stark’s number and b) how the hell you’re going to get an unconscious Spiderman away from the police and to safety.
Words: 1860 (almost double the length of the last one oops)

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

“You’ve seriously got to be kidding me.”
Here’s the situation we’re in. Spiderman was currently unconscious in the middle of the street, the sound of police sirens meant that there was going to cops here any minute, you were supposed to get hold of Tony freaking Stark AND to top it all off SPIDERMAN was your god damn soul mate. You tried to steady your breathing, now was not the time to have a panic attack. “Think Y/N”. Think.” You didn’t have much time. People were starting to show up around the fight scene.

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Omg I am so bitter about this I've become that guy from the ds forums you know who I mean I need to take a chill pill lmao

a n o n lmaooo

Do you want some happy things to think about? Because I’ve got them.

20 things to be happy about today:

1. We should get previews today 😍

2. On Sunday, we’re gonna get a bunch of joint Ryan/Danny interviews (and there was definitely a picture of someone filming one, so… we may get a video…?)

3. On Monday, This Morning are gonna air their behind the scenes segment

4. We also get Danny’s pretty face and probably another preview clip on Loose Women

5. Liv is gonna be running around with a clipboard making sure the wedding goes to plan bc this is her family and she cares




9. This entire wedding is like… the ultimate Robert Sugden romantic gesture?????? And it’s going to be the happiest day of Aaron’s life?????


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J2 Main Panel at NashCon 2017

Oh boy, I don’t think my notes have ever been this long on just one panel alone. Needless to say, my tinhat was firmly in place while watching this and I probably couldn’t remove it even if I tried. Let’s get on with the program!

From what I heard, the boys started the panel about 40 minutes late. That’s a little unusual, isn’t it? Let’s see if we can try to figure that one out, shall we?

(8:21) Protective Jensen strikes! A fan wants Jared to take off his beanie and Jensen stands up for his boy right away.

(13:58) Jared spots a hair on Jensen’s stubble and it turns out to be his… How on Earth could that happen? Was his head there?

Jared: “Let’s not delve into that…” Guys, it’s too late, I’m delving like a madman here! Seriously though, how did that happen? You probably should’ve explained it, because I know for a fact that I’m not the only one drawing conclusions here. ;)

(17:33) Spider webs are apparently found and Jared wonders about that. Jensen grins and asks Jared if he really has to explain it, which drives Jared into blush mode. Hmm, what’s this, guys?

A couple of explanations as offered by the Urban Dictionary. So, uhh, someone blew a load and now Jared’s blushing and the panel is 40 minutes late? Okay okay, let’s all take some deep breaths before jumping to conclusions.

(18:09) A fan asks Jensen what Dean would be doing if Mary hadn’t died. Jensen thinks Dean would still be hunting, but girls instead of monsters. Oh Jared, honey, he said “Dean” and not “Jensen.” I’m sure you have no worries of your man chasing skirts!

(20:59) Jared is having so much fun with the freezing background video and the text and Jensen clearly finds it adorable. Me too, Jensen, me too.

(26:35) This is not erotic at all. Let’s move along quickly.

(27:55) Jensen’s full-body sneeze not only looks like it amuses Jared, he’s kinda starry-eyed by the display as well.

The entire panel was a truckload of fun and the guys seemed very giddy and all-around adorable. It was definitely one of the nicest panels I’ve seen in my tinhatting days. The absence of het questions and voluntary wife mentions (1 per each) was thrilling, as was the amount of show and craft related questions.

It’s hard to believe they supposedly had some difficulties with their fan-encounters between the panels - I read on different sources how the issue of depression was repeatedly brought up to Jared. Give them a break, please.

There were many other moments as well, some of which I’ll list below:

  • At 12:45, Jared looks fleetingly disappointed with how Jensen moved his chair a tiny bit further apart.
  • At 23:30, a fan asks what they’re obsessed with. Jared responds for both of them, saying they’re crazy about music.
  • At 28:08, the chair issue is stealthily fixed. Yay!
  • At 43~ ish mark, Jared starts doing accents. This continues for many minutes and ends with yet another wife story getting exposed as fake. (49:28) Look at this wonderful post

PS: Gold panel review here!


When you marry your brother but it feels more like an adoption of some wild child and you’re a stupid useless teenager trying to raise a stupid useless teenager into a respectable young man.

I really love the Brandenburg-Prussia era so i did some doodles using  ヒラ’s old Brandenburg OC design since my friends really love it..



Tag post by @sebastianvictorian HERE

The numbers I got were:

  • 10. A Skin color that you’ve never used before
  • 18. A hair color you never use
  • 15. A Sci-Fi / Steampunk Sim (I did Sci-Fi)

I have another one I did, it’s just a matter of editing the pictures and posting it. Later today probably.

Anyways, I tag @simduction @wild-pixel @turquoisecc @sebastianvictorian bc he said he couldn’t do his tag until he was tagged(idk either). + anyone who wants to do this

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I'm pretty new to this fandom and I wanted to ask you if Koogi mentioned a time frame for KS. I was looking into how old Sangwoo and Bum might be (all I know is that Bum is 4 years older than Sangwoo) and I went back to re-read and find more clues but I noticed that in the second chapter Bum says that they're in the same class of 2011. But I'm pretty sure Sangwoo is still in college so I guess the story takes place in the past then right?

First of all, welcome to the fandom :D Ignore the antis, enjoy the memes, and have a lovely time.

Koogi hasn’t mentioned Sangwoo and Bum’s exact ages. The closest we got was this

Personally I think Sangwoo is 21. Like you said, Bum entered college 4 years late, so I’m assuming he’s 22 here while Sangwoo is 18.

But after the first semester of his first year, Bum served in the military (I’m just gonna assume he’s still 22 and Sangwoo 18). Military service is ROUGHLY 2 years so they’d be like 24 and 20 now.

Now, even more assuming. Bum met Sangwoo again on the street. They no longer have short hair so it’s probably 8-10 months after.

Pretty soon after that he started trying to break into his house and it took him two months to crack open the code (so they’d be like 25 and 21 now). And this is where a story began.

The old police officer said that Sangwoo’s parents died 3 years ago when he was in high school. Assuming Sangwoo really is 21, then that would mean he was 18/a senior so it makes sense.

I know I’m assuming a LOT here and there’s a lot of stuff I didn’t take into account like how the Korean school system works or how long after military Bum saw Sangwoo again. Since we have no official age though, this is what I’m going with.

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Do you think there's a chance that Dylan might have been gay?? Some witnesses said he was and he wrote in his journal "I denied who I was" Your blog is my favours btw💜💜

Which witnesses are you referring to that ‘said he was’?  

The passage where Dylan says: 
“To most people, I appear … well … almost scary, but that’s who I appear to be as people are afraid of what they don’t understand. I denied who I was for a long time. Until high school…. anyway, you have noticed me a few times, I catch every one of these gazes with an open heart.”

was written as part of his unsent suicidal-love letter.

He also states this in the paragraph just above:
“ I hoped we could have been together … you seem a bit like me. Pensive, quiet, an observer, not wanting what is offered here (school, life, etc.) you almost seem lonely, like me. You probably have a boyfriend though, & might not have given this note another thought.

then in his 6/18/98 passage he writes :

“I LOVE [redacted] !! I love her to infinince. I look back on my awareness journey, see the parts & sections of my understanding … it’s almost done, yet it is never done, I love . She is my soulmate, my [?] all the imaginative halcyons & pure existences I have with her (to me) are almost happiness … I just wish I could call her…something blocks me from calling her, my human side is putting up a wall to prevent me from calling her, like a fear of “its” truth. BS. I will overcome all fears, doubts, & zombie-based thoughts (oxymoron) … I will follow our hearts to the halcyon, loving her. I love you “

There are quite a few passages in his writings where he is referencing pronouns “she” and “her”.


When Dylan speaks of “denying who he was for a long time” he is rather, referring to being different from humanity.  To paraphrase: ‘Being made human without the possibility of actually ever being a human living amongst them’.  “People are alike; I am different’.  So Dylan is sayin that  in  High School, he stopped fighting the fact that he felt so different from others. Instead, he embraced the fact that he would never have a sense of belonging as a blissful ignorant zombie human being.  He owned his sense of forever being a strange visitor in this strange land within this particular ‘existence’ on the Earth.

So, given all of the above points, to answer your question: Dylan was not gay. 

who's david the soc?

well, kids, you probably don’t remember this young gentleman (probably because he was mentioned twice in a single sentence) but that’s why I’m here to refresh your lil brains. Have a seat on this here carpet, yup. And yes, I’m aware my new take on an introduction is a little pedophile-y, but listen to the OFFICIAL SET OF DAVID HCS (official just made it sound more official,, plus I don’t think these have been done before).



— David is 18 (same age as shelderson™, respectively, yes that applies to both of them)
— He is a quarterback (tom brady 👅)
— Last name is Cooper or Payne
— Typical student athlete
— 13 ⛽️ the grind 😩💯never ends 💦💪🏼chasing after my dreams 💭😈| single 🔓| romans 8:1 🙏🏻
— He’s not snobby AT ALL
— Sleeps in class and is oddly silent
— Until he just makes some random ass remark
— He really enjoys fighting
— Not even that close w Bob and Randy
— Closer to Bob
— Friends w everyone on the football team
— His parents just happen to have sum $$
— His mom runs the PTA
— The ladies at the makeup department know her by name
— David doesn’t even have a nice car, his parents just buy him beaters
— Demolition Derby w this boi 25/8
— “oh yikes that was a mailbox, huh??”
— “just gonna bANG A QUICK UEY”
— (you can tell I’m from massachusetts oh no)
— “david I’ve only been in the car with you three times and we almost had to go to the hospital every single time”
— He’s failing almost all of his classes
— but he’s in honors and AP bc everyone loves David and his mom 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️



— David has light-medium brown hair
— There’s no real fancy haircut to it
— It’s just like little boy hair
— He’s really tan, golden 90% of the time
— Not very tall but
— He’s very well built and really strong
— He kind of just looks like a lil boy
— David’s head resembles a toe
— There’s no striking features to his face but he’s
— HOT 🔥🔥
— Muscles 👅💦💦
— On crutches 95% of the time
— Wears preppy polos (he has one in every color including pink) & cargo shorts ALWAYS
— But NO sweater vests
— will likely join a fraternity
— Is hilarious when he’s drunk
— Wears sandals

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I'd love to hear opinions for Megamorphs 4

Short opinion: I giggle every time I read the line “President Clinton urged everyone to remain calm” but seriously this book is so scary specifically because it feels so realistic to canon.

Long opinion:

I’ve always felt like this book takes place in direct conversation with #1, fleshing out the existing personalities and relationships of the team as of the moment that they walk through the construction site.  The actual first book in the series sweeps the characters along so quickly toward their destiny (by necessity, because anything else would be bad writing) that we get extremely few details about what these kids are actually like before the war ruins their lives except in the retrospective.  Back to Before feels like a chance to go back and find out who exactly these kids were before they all became homicidal cinnamon rolls.  Of course I’m a sucker for the details about Tom (He has a driver’s license!  He wears a denim jacket over blue jeans like a true 90s fashion victim!  Temrash 114 keeps at least two separate dracon beams in his room!  His parents think he should pay more attention in school!) but there are also a ton of rich characterization moments for all six Animorphs.  

This book really shows us for the first time why Tobias is so desperate for his life to change that he throws himself into a war (and maybe-maybenot gets himself trapped in morph) just to have friends and a purpose.  He belongs nowhere—not at home with his alcoholic uncle, not at school where he’s constantly under threat of physical violence, not at the mall where Jake listens to him out of pity while Marco’s openly hostile—which means that he grabs the first chance he can to fly away from it all.  Maybe he’s being short-sighted, since by #3 he already knows he had no idea what he was getting himself into, but he’s so desperate to get out that one can hardly blame him even when he resorts to becoming a controller in order to have someone to talk to and something to give him meaning.  

It’s also striking that Tobias is the one who ends up recruited by the Sharing, while Jake attends one meeting and leaves.  Most of the series has this implicit assumption that if any of them will be the first one taken, it’ll be Jake, since he’s the one with a controller already living in the house.  (For instance, #41 and #7 both feature variations on the theme of everyone getting caught because Tom saw something he shouldn’t, and in #49 everyone is shocked when the yeerks’ DNA match isn’t between Jake and Tom.)  However, here Jake sees everything the Sharing has to offer… and tells Tom “I’m not really a joiner,” because he’s really really not (MM4).  The unfortunate flip side of the coin of Jake’s leadership ability is that he makes a fairly terrible follower.  In this book it saves his life, but there are other instances (when dealing with the andalites in #18 and #38, during the negotiations with the Arn in #34) where everyone would probably be better off if Jake could find it in himself to sit down, shut up, and do as he’s told.  Non-Animorph Jake is probably at risk of becoming a useless washout (between the crappy academic performance, the mediocre athletic performance, and the lack of motivation to do anything, he’s probably destined to spend the rest of his life as a failed artist living in a studio apartment in downtown LA paid for by his parents’ money), but he’s also not at risk of becoming a voluntary controller, because he’s perfectly content with his mediocre life.  

Rachel, by contrast, is incredibly restless in her normal life.  Cassie describes her as “hunting” with “laser focus” when looking for bargains at the mall (MM4).  It takes her about ten seconds to get on board with chasing down and attempting to tackle some random stranger because Marco thinks said stranger looks like his dead mom.  She snaps into action the second that Ax broadcasts the news that aliens are attacking the planet, and keeps fighting with whatever tools come to hand (including a severed hork-bajir head, because this girl is hardcore) until she gets killed.  For all that she loves it, this book implies that the war might be the worst thing that could have possibly happened to Rachel.  After all, she’s quite good at channeling all that pent-up aggression into verbal sparring the way her mom does (notice how much she enjoys arguing with Marco in the planetarium) and also releasing that extra energy through athletics the way her dad does (unlike Jake, she’s not deterred in her sports ambitions by a mere hiccup like utter lack of talent).  She also has a lot of friends and admirers, a track record of being one of the highest performers in her class, and a casual self-confidence that is rare enough for a girl her age to win her a lot of favors with a lot of people.  Non-Animorph Rachel (in a world that also had no yeerks) would probably thrive in whatever career she chose for decades before dying at a ripe old age surrounded by her highly attractive husband and seven fat grandchildren.  

Maybe my favorite piece of Marco characterization from this book is the way it establishes there is actually a lot more to his crush on Rachel than thinking she has beautiful hair and looks cute in a leotard.  He’s considerably less comfortable in his own skin than either of the Berensons, but he also practices what he preaches by appreciating a joke at his own expense just as much as one he uses to mock another person.  This book makes it obvious that he looks up to Rachel (not just literally, although Marco’s jokes about his own height are also amazing) because he recognizes how intelligent and ruthless she is, and those are the qualities he values the most in himself and others.  Cates pointed out that it’s interesting almost all of Marco’s role models are female (Xena, Alanis Morissette, Carmen Electra, Eva for that matter) and in a lot of ways he doesn’t just like Rachel; he admires her.  

And then there’s the portrayal of Ax when no one comes to rescue him.  #4 and #8 only hint at what it must have been like for him to spend weeks stuck in a tiny dome at the bottom of the ocean, not knowing whether anyone was coming for him, suspecting more and more every day that his whole crew was dead, but here we get a much deeper look at those long days of solitude.  He comes off almost like a prisoner in solitary confinement in the scenes before he manages to use the shark morph to escape: compulsively addicted to routines, talking to inanimate objects, starting to hallucinate when left alone for long enough… Ax is a survivor, tough enough to live through years of loneliness and grief while fighting a war on a foreign planet.  This book shows just how much of that strength comes from within, fire-forged by his traumatic introduction to Earth.  

Oh, and Cassie is sub-temporally grounded, apparently.  I have nothing nice to say about that concept so I’ll settle for saying nothing at all.

Anyway, I love both the opening and closing of this book.  The first scene has one of those UTTERLY HORRIFYING banality-of-violence beginnings, where we open on the aftermath of a battle that may or may not have accomplished anything other than giving the kids involved a few more nightmares.  Jake is disturbingly casual about the fact that he has lost an entire leg and is slowly bleeding to death, making wry jokes about how he and the three-legged table match each other. We can tell why: this isn’t the first (or even the thirtieth) time he’s been fatally maimed and then forced to shrug it off in order to keep fighting.  The kids try—and fail—to save the host of a fatally injured yeerk a few minutes of pain, and end up watching both beings bleed to death.  And then Jake goes home, and he once again plays the game of Lying For His Life with his parents and Tom, and he goes to bed ready to do it all again the next day, wondering what dreams of Sauron Crayak will come.  This poor schmuck literally never catches a break.  No wonder his little deal with the devil seems so tempting for the millisecond that it takes for Crayak to pounce.  (By contrast, the TV episode features Jake asking the Little Blue Ellimist to make him a Real Boy because he doesn’t want to do his math homework and plan a battle at the same time. What a whiner.)

Ugh, and then the ten little soldiers go out to dine, and they drop off one by one so fast that most barely get the chance to fight back.  Rachel and Ax especially do their best to battle the oncoming horde, but they’re largely unarmed and clueless against the yeerks. Tobias becomes the living puppet of a living puppet of Visser One, and then there were five.  Marco stands a little too close to a Bug fighter, and then there were four.  Rachel runs straight into turret fire because Rachel is still Rachel even without unleashing her inner grizzly bear, and then there were three. Cassie is in the wrong shopping mall at the wrong time, and then there were two.  Jake faces down an army of hork-bajir as just his little human self, and then there was one.  Ax might be able to survive—but he isn’t looking to go home and be safe, he’s looking to save the world.  And then there were none.  

A lot of the point of this book is that of course the Ellimist “stacked the deck,” because these kids in particular are the the only ones who have the necessary combination of idealism and grittiness to take on an entire army and win (MM4).  Marco says it best in #54: “We beat an empire, my friend, the six of us, and we did it in large part because you didn’t know any better than to trust your own instincts.”  Ax has the tech savvy and determination to engage in total war, but he can’t survive on Earth without human friends.  Rachel has the ferocity to be a one-woman army, but without her friends to ground her she’d get herself killed a lot sooner.  Jake might be a natural leader, but he’s also naive enough not to know how to balance ethics in times of atrocity without Marco’s ruthlessness and Cassie’s pragmatism to guide him.  Without Marco, the team would never succeed in taking down Visser One.  Without Cassie, they would never get in contact with the Yeerk Peace Movement.  Without Tobias, they’d never succeed at freeing the hork-bajir.  These six form a constellation of skills and needs and strengths and neuroses that balances the fate of the entire galaxy on the shoulders of a bunch of middle schoolers.  They don’t need morphing power to be badass—but they do need it to win.  

ignis/aranea featuring blind!ignis + the time skip

16. pleasantries

he meets her again maybe two months after noctis disappears, returning to where he last saw her in tenebrae. he tells himself that he’s there to ensure that she made good on her word to see to the people they’d left in her care, but the truth is he wants to check on her too. “weren’t there two more with you the last time i saw you?” aranea asks, aiming for humorous but falling short. ignis nods. “gladio was in good health when we separated and we managed to save prompto. his highness, however…” he trails off and he imagines she nods. “right,” she says. she touches his arm and he revels in the contact. “well, i’m glad to see you made it back alive.”

17. trailer

they take refuge in the remnants of the trailer outside what used to be wiz’s chocobo post. aranea bumps into the stove and then the counter on the other side. she curses loudly, and then remembering that they’re trying to hide while they rest up, she curses again but in a quieter tone. ignis follows behind her and hits nothing. all of these caravans have the same structure and he spent many nights in them back in another lifetime. he moves past her to where he knows the bunks will be and sits down on the spot that always used to be his. above his bunk would be prompto’s, and across from them, gladio would take the bottom and noctis would take the top. he’s thinking about the past again, he realizes, and this probably shows on his face because then aranea sits beside him. she places a hand on his knee and squeezes. “rest now,” she orders, “i’ll be here.”

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anonymous asked:

since the topic of therapy came up, who do you think out of the big 5 RFA members really needs to go the most? V, Rika and Saeran are the obvious ones, so the deep story boys are probably my top candidates for really needing some mental health help (though really, they all do) and i always got the impression there's a lot more going on than we see. especially with jumin. i love him, but i think he's hiding some deep-seated issues. his impulsivity and step-mom's creepy behavior worry me.

This is honestly a really interesting question so I think I’ll attempt on ranking the main 5 from who needs it the most to who needs it the least (in my opinion, not that anyone comes attacking me for it later on)
1) Saeyoung
I feel like Saeyoung is quite the obvious choice but honestly I can’t stretch this enough. The fandom glorifies him so horridly, putting him on that strange pedestal of meme’s and space station weddings that they seem to completely ignore his horrid depression. I cannot count on one hand how many times he openly talked about the wish to die like?! Is no one alarmed? Much like Saeran he grew up being told he was a mistake, that their father hated both of them, that they were nothing but a pressure tool to their mother as well as the fact that out of them both the mother hated him more and constantly tortured him and send him on errands like a slave. If that isn’t enough for therapy let’s add the fact that he basically had to sell his soul to an immoral agency at the age of like fifteen or something? All of his bad experiences also lead him to develop a sadistic streak which I don’t feel comes natural to him but is rather the outcome of constant abuse from his very own mother. I feel like people just love to forget that those shitty memes and jokes he always pulls aren’t all that funny but merely an act of sadism and a cry of help. This boy needs therapy, not a girlfriend.
2) Zen
I was torn whether to put Jumin above Zen or Zen above Jumin. To me they are pretty much tied but I decided to rank Zen higher, because I’ve went through very similar experiences and feel that to a certain extend his fucked-up-ness is a little worse. Not that you can compare pain, but you know what I mean. For one he was constantly called ugly by his entire family. Let me tell you, that destroys your body image for life. It obviously did for Zen, because if anyone buys into his narcissism for one hot second they are blind to the bigger picture. Trying to work against one extreme with another is something most people attempt in such situations. Everyone calls him ugly and ridicules him? He tells himself he’s the most beautiful person in the entire world to make up for it. It’s heartbreaking, really, when you realize he doesn’t believe it one bit. That he is constantly looking for validation because of his doubts. It’s also most likely the reason he pursued acting and modeling. On top of that he was shunned by his parents for not doing what they told him to do, got kicked out by the age of fifteen, had to provide for himself at an incredibly young and vulnerable age and spent the most important and influential years of his life (15-18) in a highly probably dangerous biker gang. More on my thoughts on that you can read here. As it is, I feel like all of these things would leave him extremely insecure and vulnerable and broken to the point where therapy is really the only solution.
3) Jumin
Jumin is my baby. Out of all the characters that are playable he is my absolute favourite and I’ve played all of his stuff religiously. Now me and my friends were just discussing his past yesterday due to a prompt I was tackling - still am, kinda got stuck when I got to the V part but I digress - and there was an obvious indicator that his step-mother, the one he called mother, tried to seduce him at a very young age. There aren’t any specifics but we deduced from the info and wording and general time line that he was either in his late teens (probably around 16) or in his early twenties. Whatever the case such an experience must have been horrible. For one, he never had a mother, whatever happened to her is still a mystery, before watching his father fuck his way through all the women he encountered only to end up broken-hearted. We know that Jumin loves his father and seeing that must have been hard. Growing up without a proper woman in his life even harder, but to then end up with a step mother that was probably closer to his age than his father and then attempted to seduce and sexually harass him…I cannot imagine the impact that must have made on him. He’s completely shut off for a reason, right? Who is to say it was the first time it happened? Not to mention that he was aware, even as a child, that people were only ever nice to him because of his money. He never in his entire life felt genuinely loved. That boy needs therapy. I mean he openly discusses the threads in his head and how he only ever loved Elizabeth, because he knew she’d never leave him. After being left by all these women supposed to be his motherfigures he has severe trust - and abandonment issues. Not to mention that even his ‘best friend’ V called him peculiar and strange, manipulated him later on and allowed his beloved Rika to dig his claws into her. Jumin was fucked from all sides and even when he tries to help - take Zen’s route for example - he is constantly portrayed like the last asshole. Especially by Jaehee which I honestly find slightly ridiculous, because fine, catsitting isn’t her job, but she doesn’t really speak up and frankly he does pay her amazingly well. She is supposed to do her job so I don’t understand why she has the audacity to whine and bitch at and about her boss in a chatroom like that. In the real world no one would dare to do that. You suck it up and continue working because capitalism is a thing. She’s lucky to have such a well-payed and in comparison to others easy job. Anyway, what I’m trying to say, he constantly gets fucked over and insulted by everyone he trusts and loves. His father put two bitches he didn’t even know above Jumin’s needs. The very last person he could trust. Poor soul, give him therapy.
4) Jaehee
I feel like what she went through was definitely traumatic it happened later than what happened to Zen, Jumin and Saeyoung so it generally doesn’t have as big as an impact. I mean it’s horribly, don’t get me wrong, but something you have to endure since childhood generally leaves you more scarred than what happens in your teens. Which isn’t to say that Jaehee doesn’t need therapy asap. She lost both her parents, her family obviously didn’t want to take care of her, she got kicked out during a hard time as well (getting into College) and had to fend for herself for years. Then she got into a mentally and physically draining job, because money was essential to survive. Dreams were nice but they don’t pay the rent and she had to learn that particular lesson a little earlier than the average person. I feel like her extreme perfectionism is also a result of that. Like her family hated her so she desperately tried to be perfect so she wouldn’t be a burden to them, in hopes of them accepting her. That way of thinking is extremely damaging though and I feel that therapy would be really beneficial to her. However, I also feel that while she would benefit from it, she doesn’t necessarily need it as much as the others. She’s a tough cookie. I feel like she might be able to work through it by herself if given the safe space and time to do so.
5) Yoosung
Honestly, compared to the others, this boy is fine. He suffers from major laziness and self-caused insecurity but if those are his biggest issues in life, I’m glad. Frankly, the only thing this boy really needs to sort out it his obsessive/addictive personality. Whatever he does he does it to a certain extreme to the point where it’s not even bordering unhealthy but past the mark. Rika? Completely obsessed with her. She dies. He falls into a pit of sorrow that is no longer to be considered normal. From what I gathered they didn’t become close until about two years before her death. You don’t get that attached in two years or at least you shouldn’t and even if you do, with the help of friends and family you generally work through it. Instead he replaced one obsession with another, namely LOLOL. Once more he drowns himself in it to the point where it’s unhealthy. Then you step into his life and bingo the whole thing starts up again to the point he risks his goddamn life for you, because he is so goddamn obsessed. I respect everyones opinion when they say he ‘grew’ as a person, but honestly I just see it as him finding a slightly healthier obsession and replacing his old ones. The only reason he powered through his studies was because of you. The amount of time he must have put into it I don’t even want to imagine. Probably too much, just like with LOLOL. So yeah, he needs therapy for that but not as urgently as the rest, because emotionally he’s actually pretty fine. It’s just that obsessive/addictive part of him that needs healing, the rest will come naturally.
Damn, I went a little overboard here, but I hope I answered your ask to you liking XD

Underage MC RFA

Anonymous said:

yeAH hellO SWEET HUMAN! Can we talK for a minute? Can I just say that I am young and sweet only seventeen(HA GET IT??!) years old girl right? and sometimes I cringe when flirting w the adults bc THEY OLD LOLOL but like I look up to them bc lifewisdom(jumins adVice THO!!) so I was wondering what RFA would treat a underage girl like me? I WANNA HELP EVERYONE WITH THEIR PROBLEMS AND BE THEIR CUTE LIL SIS who GIVE THEM ENDLESSLY AFFECTION AND LOVE YES I AM EXCITED OHYEAH



He would instantly be appalled at his own behaviour. He was incredibly forward a majority of the time, and was very suggestive towards them. If he knew that they were underage, he never would have said anything of the sort. Once he got all of the apologies out of his system Big Brother Zen™ is activated. All he does is make sure that they stay in school and tries to encourage them to not drop out (although he’s totally ready for them if they need a place to stay for a while), and is definitely going to be constantly warning them about how they need to make smart life decisions. He’s totally there to be a shoulder to cry on and is willing to do anything to make them feel as though they are in a safe environment. Good big brother 10 outta 10 would recommend.


Mom Mode Activated. She’s going to be willing to give them advice for anything and everything. She’d make sure that they keep up with their education and is honestly the best tutor on Earth. She always makes time for them for whenever they need help, regardless of her schedule. If they told her that she was their role model she’d be so flustered because she didn’t really think that she was good enough to be idolized but she’d make sure that she was an even better role model just for their sake.


He immediately wanted to improve his behavior in college. He noticed that his wasn’t that good and he wanted to set a good example for MC! His gaming habits weren’t a good one, so he cut down on his gaming and did more studying. He even offered to be a study buddy for MC when she would have upcoming tests. He would encourage MC to stay in school and strive for their dreams. Don’t be surprised for game nights together on LOLOL if you get good tests scores. Makes sure MC gets enough sleep as well.


He would definitely always be giving them advice, 24/7. It doesn’t matter if they asked or not because he’s just so full of that wisdom. He also will love to lowkey spoil them (bc come on be honest being a smol means being broke) but never in ways that are super extravagant it’s more like “you need new school supplies here have state of the art things”. ALSO since he’s a pretty smart guy, he like Jaehee would be willing to tutor them whenever they need it. The difference however is that he isn’t very good at it, but he tries, he honestly does. Like Zen, he acts like a big brother, even though the more emotional things he isn’t very good at, but he’s a pretty good listener.


He would be a bit shocked at first, because well, MC was underaged. He put them through freaking kidnappings and such when they were not even 18?! (That’s the age of adulthood where I live, I know it’s lower in some places but) He would be that cool brother? You guys would try and steal Elly from Jumin together, and maybe he would teach you some things about self defense. Saeyoung would try his best to be a good influence on MC, but let’s be honest here, they’d probably end up sharing memes with each other. But what he would do is create an app for MC, where she could place her notes into it, and it would make little tests for her for when she needs to study. But, he’s also good when it comes to advice with life and school subjects. Need help with languages? He’s your man. Need help with relationships? He can give advice! Style of clothes? This boy crossdresses, you can trust him.

Fic: Midnight Showing

Based on the Olicity prompt “Star Wars” from @imusuallyobsessed. Read it on Ao3 or below. Enjoy! 

Midnight Showing

There was someone next to Oliver in a Wookie costume. A freaking Wookie costume. How he had let his sister talk him into this he did not know.

“Tell me again why we had to see this thing at midnight?”

“Because, Ollie, that’s what you do! Look at all these people here! Isn’t it so exciting to be here and see the newest Star Wars movie for the first time RIGHT when it is released?” Thea was hopping up and down with her excitement, and probably a little bit from the candy she had consumed.

His ten-year-old sister had begged him to drive her here for the midnight showing of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. He couldn’t believe their parents had agreed to this, since she had school the next day, but Thea Queen had built it up into quite a production so that no one could resist.

“You’re probably going to fall asleep before the movie is over,” Oliver said. “That is, if we can even get in the building.” The line they were in wrapped around the building. Although he enjoyed Star Wars, he would not have chosen to come to a midnight showing on his own. Still, he had to admit there was a sense of excitement in the air.

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Soul Mates!

DISCLAIMER: This is a soulmate AU where when you turn 21 you can hear the song your soulmate(s) has stuck in their head. By no means did I come up with this idea, and another person already made a fic like this. This is not a recreation of theirs because I have a whole new plot, and I changed it so when you turn 18 because that’s kind of a legal age in America. I DID NOT COPY THEIRS.

Paring: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader (better if female but it doesn’t matter.)

Readers POV

Two more days. Two more days until I find my soulmate. Although, I really hope that I get more than one. I have so much love and attention to give and I want to receive that much love and attention from my soulmates.

Call me an attention whore, but at least I give back. I didn’t care what gender they were, no matter how much my father suppressed me. I didn’t care what race they were either. I mean, as long as they loved me and understood me, and I loved them then all was well.

I knew my best friend

, Alexander, was looking for his. He turned 18 yesterday. “Hey Alexander.” I smiled as he walked through my door. “Remember when people knew how to knock?” I asked him. “I liVE HERE WOMAN.” He told me. “Ah,” I looked around the apartment. “So you do.” I say, still looking around. “And you live here too.” He says with no expression. “I do?!” I say like I’ve never heard of such things. “Getting real tired of your shit.” He laughed, making it so he was kidding. “And this Melanie Martinez- ah!” He groaned. Currently I was thinking about ‘Training Wheels’ by Melanie Martinez. It was probably just coincidence. “What happened?” I asked, lightly worried. “Another song just hit.” He groaned. “Aren’t you poly?” I said. “Yeah but I wish it wasn’t so loud.” He rolled his eyes. “Now it’s Halsey. This, most likely a female, woman is driving me insane. Not that I don’t like Halsey.” He lightly laughed. “Which song.” I demanded. “There’s no use crying about it, I’m heading straight for the castle. Castle. By Halsey.” He sang. “Weird. I’m thinking about that one too.” I laughed it off, but Alexander thought about it. “Sometimes I hate this system. I mean, sometimes people get their soulmates song, or they get a tattoo of their soulmates name. Or both.” He groaned, clutching his arm. He lifted up his sweatshirts sleeve on his right arm. John Hercules Lafayette Those were the names listed on his arm. “Wow. Looks like you got your wish.” I laughed, but truly I thought they were lucky. I had a crush on Alexander. I know it’s kinda late in my narrative but I thought it’s now or never. I sighed. “Are you, okay?” He asked me, noticing my expression. “Hmm? Yeah. I’m fine.” I lied. “How lucky am I to get my friends.” He smiled. I smiled with him. Devastated? Kinda. But I’d be happy. For him. ~~Two days later~~ Alexander met up with his soulmates, but I always felt like I was just in the way. So I left to my room. A burning sensation erupted on my hip. I pulled my pajama pants down a bit to see who would be mine. Four songs crashed in my head, over lapping and changing each other. I never got to look at the names. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to seeing who was my soul mate. I rubbed my head, getting out of my bed. I shuffled across the hall to my bathroom. It being 10 am, I expected their to be Alexander and his soulmates. They were here. For what it was worth, I downed an aspirin. Okay two. I opened the door to go back to bed. All I wanted to do was sleep. Sleep for days. But, Alexander stood in my way. “What do you want.” I grumbled, rolling my eyes. “You.” He plainly stated. “But I’m not your-” I started, but was cut off my Alexander shoving my waist and down. “Hey!” I shouted in protest. Until I saw those names. Alexander John Hercules Lafayette I smiled. “So I don’t have to sleep for days! Or watch my best friend be happy while I’m here stuck with whoever I got instead of you and John and herc-” I rambled. “Is that why you’ve been distant? You liked me?” He smiled. “Liked?? Psh? Me? No???” I tried to blow it off, but Alexander read me like he reads the constitution. “Because I liked you too~” He smiles, kissing me. “Aww,” and other variations come from outside Alexander. “I never formally introduced myself. I’m-” I start, introducing myself. “We already know everything about you.” John says, rolling his eyes. “Perfect,” Laf mimics Alexander. “Smart.” John says. “Extraordinary.” Hercules uses vast hand motions. Alexander blushes. I laughed. “Okay so that explains the light Halsey, Melanie Martinez, and Lady Gaga playing in and out yesterday.” John says, smiling. “Don’t forget the Lana Del Rey.” Laf smiled. “Is that all you listen too?” Alexander asks. “Well I’m sorry if I like songs like that.” I crossed my arms, smiling. “Is all you listen to Ed Sheeran?” I blurt out, even though I love Ed Sheeran. “Well I’m sorry if I like his songs.” Laf defends. “And who is thinking about Taylor Swift?” Alexander asks. “Sorry.” Hercules, the last one I would’ve thought of, says apologetically. “Shocking.” I say. “Alright enough of-” I start to say but get cut off by John. “Private show. Brittney spears. Probably you.” He says in butchered sentences. I blush from embarrassment. “Fun fact: She used to be a stripper.” Alexander states, looking at me. “Alexander!” I yell. “What?!” Everyone is shocked. “My dad wouldn’t give me money so what else was I supposed to do? Wash dishes and butcher my nails? No thank you.” I say. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going back to bed.” I push my way through the boys and into my room. “Can we come?” I hear through the door. I sigh. “You sure?” I ask. A chorus of ‘yes’ and 'yes please.’ Echo. “Whoever said 'yes please’ can lay next to me because they have good manners.” I say and I hear John yell 'yes’. —- A/N: there will definitely be a part two because 1) it was so short and 2) because I loved this one. Possibly a part three if it goes well. Thanks for reading~ ~A