and he was probably 18 in here


When you marry your brother but it feels more like an adoption of some wild child and you’re a stupid useless teenager trying to raise a stupid useless teenager into a respectable young man.

I really love the Brandenburg-Prussia era so i did some doodles using  ヒラ’s old Brandenburg OC design since my friends really love it..

Pjo Youtuber au

So here’s a cool concept: Will, Percy, Leo, Nico, and Jason have youtube channels

  • So it would start with each of them having their own individual channels (btw, they are all like 15-18 years old)
  • Like, Will would upload gaming videos and covers of him singing different songs
  • His channel name would probably be something like WillSiings or something like that
  • And the reason he’s so popular is because he has a large variety in the songs he sings. Like queen, katy perry,  troye sivan, def leopard, Kendrick lamar, fall out boy, artic monkeys, Disney songs, one directon, panic! at the disco, 5sos, ACDC,  Ed Sheeran, chance the rapper, the ramones,  my chemical romance, random songs from Spotify, Brittney spears, backsreet boys, and even some originals (And A LOT more artists)
  • They are all done differently. A Capella, acoustic, remixes, mash ups of completely different genres like ed sheeran and Kendrick lamar, and some are just him dancing around singing be cause he can, leave him alone
  • He can also play like every instrument ever created  
  • People love him because they open up new song suggestions and then he just plays random video games every once and a while when he thinks they’re interesting
  • He has around like 3 million subscribers or so
  • And then there’s Jason and Percy
  • They would already have a collab channel together called JasandPerc or something
  • And they’d upload stuff like challenges, vlogs of them exploring abandoned places or spending the night at malls and they’d have a lot of stuff on a gopro. Like Percy surfing and Jason skateboarding and things like that.
  • They do a lot of stupid things on that channel, they got arrested once, they get tattoos, they are just really reckless teenagers
  • just think of kianandjc
  • People (mostly girls) love them because they are so hot (whoops, sorry not sorry) and guys love them because of the cool trickshot vids
  • they would have like 6 million subscribers
  • Leo would definitely have a prank channel (but it’s not problematic like another prank youtuber I know *cough cough*)
  • His pranks would be like filling someone’s whole room with  packing peanuts, or saran wrap someone’s car, fill the bathtub with peanut butter, and all sorts of stuff like to all his fellow youtubers 
  • his youtube channel would be called Leoisonfire *wink wink*
  • but he’d also do occasional videos with Jason and Percy being reckless and having adventures in unexplored places
  • People love him because he’s always there to give you a laugh when you’re felling down
  • Leo has around 5 million subscribers
  • and finally we can’t forget our lovable Nico
  • his content would be full of vlogs and skits about his life and weirdly entertaining awkward situations he’s found himself in
  • and Nico is totally not afraid to get deep and talk about subjects other people are too afraid to talk about
  • He is somehow very honest without being offensive and that’s why people love him so much, oh and also the fact that he’s a sarcastic little shit
  • he also has a separate gaming channel because he’s a fucking nerd
  • Nico’s channel name would be called something edgy like Gostking or something
  • He’d have around 6.4 million subscribers

okay this has turned out way too long so i’ll post this in parts

Probably going to get hate but...

I am 100% DONE with people who say Otabek is a Pedophile. Oh my lord he is still in high school here in America. If you can’t ship them without sexual undertones then you are fetishizing their relationship and you are going to need to the ones that need help, not us. Oh and Knock Knock, Age of consent here. In both of their respective countries it is 16. So once Yuri is 16 he can have intercourse with who ever he pleases if he consents. Knowing Otabek and the gentlemanly aura you get from him he probably wait till Yura was 18 to hold his hand. They are also the same age difference as a 1st year and 3rd year or Sophomore and Senior. I also understand if you do ship is in a sexual relationship at canon ages, that’s is in fact pedophilia, but other wise this ship is clear to sail.

So please stop hating on the Otayuri ship.

- Your Neighborhood Navi

Oh for fuck’s sake.  I can’t find a video of the initial conversation with Cullen in Origins where they don’t pick the flirt options.  Yes, yes, he stutters and runs away, very funny.  What I want is his answer to ‘I thought all templars liked killing mages’.  Though I do think “I serve the Chantry and the Maker, and I will do as I am commanded” is an extremely telling line.  

Also it sort of kills me that literally all you have to do is say ‘hello’ to get him to spill that he was chosen as the sword-man for your Harrowing.  I can’t help feeling like he’s really struggling with that, probably intensely–the first time he’s ever been asked to potentially kill someone, and he knew it was part of the job but now, here he is, 18, 19 tops, and they’ve (probably deliberately) asked him to be prepared to kill the person he has a crush on. And you’re arguably the last person he should be telling that to but he feels guilty and doesn’t know how to cope and quite possibly doesn’t feel like he can talk to anyone about that.  Because he’s not supposed to feel that way (doubly if he likes you) and you have to think he knows a lot of the other templars wouldn’t sympathize, or at the minimum wouldn’t admit it. 

Anyhow so that’s, you know, a nice chunk of how you make orphans and second sons and farmers’ kids into callous abusive assholes.  Force them to do awful things, invalidate their emotional responses, rinse and repeat.

So that got out of control, but if anyone knows of a more complete video or dialogue chart of that first conversation I’d be very interested.

So let’s talk about Android #17 for a sec because HE’S COMING BACK IN SUPER (YAAAY!)

I’ve always wondered what happened to him and if he ever goes to visit his sister, 18 and her family. 

So according to KANZENSHUU translation, 17 became an efficient park ranger and receives a high salary for doing his job well. 

He also married a Zoologist, a girl he probably met as a park ranger and they have one kid. They also adopted two more kids and the big family lives on an island somewhere.

I was glad Toriyama elaborated on #17′s story more even if we never got to see him until the Universal Tournament Arc. I think he has one of the best story arcs in DBZ and here’s why.

He probably became a park ranger in honor of his fallen comrade/android brother, #16 who loves animals and nature so much. THAT and he is legally allowed to shoot/intimidate some people (poachers) whenever he wants :P It’s a win-win situation really. 

And the fact that he and his wife adopted two more kids? He probably saw himself and his sister in these two kids and decided to take them in and protect them :’) He and 18 must have led terrible lives as orphans before Dr. Gero turned them into weapons of mass destruction. I think the cruelty they must have experienced from the world is the reason why they’re more than happy to be on a revenge killing spree. 

What’s interesting is that 17 purposefully limits his interaction with 18 because he’s embarrassed by what he’d become. Like he still wants to retain that cool ‘I don’t care’ persona but knows 18 and to some lesser extent, Krillin, will see through him and he doesn’t want to feel awkward about it. 

Anyway, here’s to hoping they show his family in the upcoming arc *fingers crossed*

On a sidenote, isn’t it amazing that more than half of this group are former villains? 😂 Goku is really one heck of a guy! 


Whew boy this took longer than I thought it would… hahaha. Here’s @therealjacksepticeye as a Jedi!! I saw how happy and excited he was when he played Star Wars in VR so I figured he might like to see what he’d look like as a Jedi! (complete with his very own SepticBB8 of course ^_^)

This drawing/animation probably took about 18 hours total… I loved how it turned out and hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do! 

I made a speeddraw video of this and will upload it as soon as i have time to edit. Stay tuned!

Miss Fisher’s timeline

For fic writing purposes, it’s hard to keep track of significant dates in the Miss Fisher - verse. Here’s a list of dates as mentioned in the show (or calculated from dates mentioned). Episodes are mentioned in brackets, real historic dates for reference are in italic

1894 Jack is born (latest Jack Robinson could have been born, calculated from mentions about his marriage, under the presumption that he would have to be at least 18 to marry)

22. December 1899 (Summer Solstice) Phryne is born (day from 1x13 King Memses Curse , and year calculated from mentions in “Marked for Murder”)

1910 Phryne is caught smuggling beer to Carltons newest recruit (she’s 10) (2x06 Marked for murder)

1912 Jack Robinson and Rosie Sanderson marry (calculated according to the duration of marriage in Raisins and Almonds)

[ World War 1  July 28, 1914 – November 11, 1918 ]

18.03.1915 Captain William Eugene Fisher (Baron of Richmond)’s boat is sunk

1916 the Fishers are in Somerset, Eugene Fisher shows up at the estate

Christmas 1919 mine cave in (Edward Stanley’s goldmine- he’s still alive) (2x13 Murder under the mistletoe)

[ 31 October 1923 begin of Melbourne police strike, last for more than 48hrs]

Fall 1928 Jack Robinson is married for 16 years (1x05 Raisins and Almonds)

19.08.29 Death at the Grand (Phryne and Jack waltz)

[29.10.1929 Black Tuesday – US market crash]

Feel free to complete if you have more dates, I started noting things down during random rewatches, but its far from complete I believe

Also, feel free to refer to it for fic purposes

Just want to say that
Mark Lee deserves everything and let’s all be honest here , he’s probably one the most humble and nicest idol or person to ever exist . his attitude and beliefs towards everything is just so positive and accepting . what’s more , he’s only turning 18 this year , yet he has gone through so much and had so many experience . can you imagine having to compose your own rap , deal with schoolwork , promoting and learning the dances for two groups at the same time , and yet also trying to hit up people’s high expectations ? it’s not easy and it certainly is not something everyone can do . yet he never once disappointed us and assure us with his cute little smile and also his clueless yet adorable actions . he’s just such a wonderful person i really want him to be recognised for who he is and what he has gone through , yet not based solely on nct’s & sm’s popularity . it breaks my heart when i see that people dont appreciate all that he does , or recognise the effort he puts in while doing anything/ everything . let’s keep supporting and cheering for mark ,, our sunshine needs all of this !

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if u haven't already, but Jotaro first time headcanons!! If you have, then just general bf headcanons. Like how he is with his s/o, how dates go, etc etc.

*Remember that everyone is aged up to be 18+

Jotaro’s first time having sex with his partner (NSFW)

  • Jotaro’s first time would really be a long time coming, no pun intended- he’d probably have to be in a stable relationship for a pretty long time before he’d have sex with anyone. He’s not the type to just have sex with anyone and would want to really know the person he was with before going to do anything like that with them. 
  • He wouldn’t necessarily prepare for their first time and wouldn’t put any planning into it, they’d just be in one of their bedrooms with the house empty and it’d just -happen- at some point.
  • As bad as it sounds, Jotaro wouldn’t have anything needed for the situation- no condom, no lube, nothing; so realistically his partner is going to have these things in advance since it’s not something he tends to think about. 
  • Jotaro’s a big guy, and he knows it, so he’d have to be aware of the fact that he could crush or hurt his partner if he just lets his weight fall on them too suddenly. This also means that he knows that he’s got to properly support himself to avoid this because it wouldn’t be the greatest first time experience to accidentally wind your partner before you’ve even started. 
  • To say he’s a little rigid at first would be a bit of an understatement. Obviously, he’s going to find it a little awkward and uncertain since he has no prior experience. He wouldn’t quite be sure where to put his hands or if what he’s doing feels good for his partner at all. 
  • Jotaro’s length is about 7 inches when erect, potentially pushing 7.25 inches in total. Of course, there’d have to be a bit of foreplay to begin with so his partner is already turned on and relaxed. Jotaro would need to put both lube on this partner and himself to try and avoid any unnecessary pain as they need to adjust to his length and girth before he can move properly. 
  • Although he’d try to go pretty slow for the sake of his partner- he’d have the undiscovered tendency to get a rough as he gets closer and closer to his orgasm, a habit that could leave his partner feeling a little raw for days. Especially since his thrusts would pack a lot of weight behind them, combined with the fact that he picks up speed the closer he gets. Pray for them. 
  • He doesn’t ever tend to moan during sex, per say. It’d be out of character for him to suddenly start emitting high pitched yelps and squeals, instead he emits low, short grunts and sighs- maybe with the occasional ‘god’ as he cums. 

its past midnight and i have to get up at 6:30 am and so i draw my OTP sleeping on each other

well time for bed

          wow i am embarrassingly unprepared for this like i’m still in highkey shock mode. but AGH, hi everyone! name’s aria (cst, she/her, 18), and words cannot express how excited i am to be here. so! this right here is my sweet lil minnie. i’ll probably refer to him as my baby a lot bc that’s exactly what he is to me. i do not have a plots page of yet, but my ims are always open! you can read his bio here and his profile here. also, please like this post if it’s okay for me to message you, and more info under the cut!

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Here’s the thing I find interesting.

When Finn is so desperate to find Clarke “out of love”, he ends up massacring 18 innocent people.

When L.exa is so desperate to find Clarke “out of love”, she hires a man to bring her too her, knowing she’d put up a fight and probably get herself hurt, and knowing other people would probably get killed along the way.

When Bellamy is so desperate to find Clarke “out of love”, he searches for months, and almost gets himself killed but STILL tries to keep going, but puts no one else’s life in danger.

Just something to think about.

Just wanted to know you were ok

Can you please make an imagine about the reader is 18 and she gets casts as Daryl Dixon’s love interest on TWD even though she and Norman Reedus are 28 years apart they eventually fall in love with each other off screen? Much appreciated!

A/N: Im changing the age to 21, I personally dont see Norman going for someone near his sons age. But its still a good age gap (26 years), sorry.

Damn how the hell did I get here? I didn’t ever think that I would be this young and have this chance to be on this show. Being 18 some probably think that I’m lucky as hell to get here. Part of me wanted to decline the offer, now I don’t know what I was thinking. I’ve been a fan of Normans for a while, and to be his character’s ‘Love interest’ it was a fans dream.

As I walked onto the set I saw Norman, he seemed different that what I had originally thought. He had this kind look but this badass shell.

“Norman this is  Y/N” The director said motioning me, I awkwardly waved at him. He nodded his head. “So you are going to start out with the group in the field, Y/N you’re going to stand a few feet away from them.” I nodded to the director and did what he said. We got a lot filmed today, everyone was very welcoming. Noman seemed like the person who would break the ice in any situation and I was right. He wasn’t awkward around me, in fact it was as if we were friends.

Filming continued on screen out characters were becoming more and more close. Off screen Norman and I were becoming close as well. We would go on small dates but nothing more than simply that. I wasn’t complaining, I knew that maybe he felt weird with the age gap. But he still made an attempt for us to be something.

Today we were filming a sex scene. My first sex scene, I was happy that it would be with Norman rather than with someone who I really didn’t feel comfortable with. They let me wear nipple stickers but other than that I was butt ass naked. As they told us to start the scene we were both clothed resighting our line.

“Daryl I’m sorry that this happened…”

“Fuck you! You’re the reason that we’re in this mess!”

“No your just a fucking ass who won’t-” Norman crushed his lips onto mine. He lightly pushed me onto the bed. Getting on top of me and undressed me, it was quiet which made this scene a little awkward for me. But I knew that we needed to do this scene. We kept going with the scene, we were told that we needed to do a few shots that made it look real. Which wasn’t that hard since they didn’t want to over do it. Norman was ontop of me, dry humping me. After the scene was over I went to my trailer.

I heard the trailer’s door open I didn’t think much of it. Turning my head I see Norman sitting on the couch.

“Hey” He said softly.

“Hey, what do you want?” I laughed a little to myself as I finished putting my Vans on.

“Just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“Norman I knew that we were going to have to shoot the scene.” I sat down next him, he put his arm around me.

“I know just wanted to know if you were ok, I know how those first scenes are.” He rubbed his hands up and down my arm.

“Norman?” He looked down at me.


“What the fuck are we? We go on dates but have never said what we are. Are we friends that are close, or are we more?”

“I dunno..”

“Norman I’m not going to be in this game of are we or are we not.” He looked at me almost a little hurt. I didn’t mean to hurt him but I knew that he needed to know what we were.

“Y/N…I love you. I know that I’ve left you questioning about us. I just wanted to know for sure that the age gap wasn’t a huge deal to me. I saw it in your eyes that you didn’t mind, but I just thought that maybe there was a deal that I would face about it. So I guess that that we official.” I leaned up and kissed him on the lips. He smiled into the kiss, then cupped my face with his hands. He looked me right in the face, he wasn’t the person that I thought that I would be with. But I’m for damn sure that I was with him.

So I’ve been looking at the timeline of Dishonored, and I figured out a few things. 

Billie Lurk first met Daud in 1829. This means she was 16 years old when she started training with the Whalers to become an assassin. Daud was 34 at the time. Also, Daud came to Dunwall when he was 16.

Jessemine and Corvo became lovers when she was 18 and he was 25. Emily was probably conceived in 1826, when Corvo was 28 and Jessamine was 21. Jessamine gave birth to Emily when she was 22. 

Daud was marked by The Outsider when he was 25. 
Delilah Copperspoon was marked by The Outsider when she was 27. 
Granny Rags (Vera Moray) was marked somewhere in her 40′s. 

[For anyone confused, here’s a bit of birth-dates and events]

The Rat Plague:            1835
Dishonored:                   1837
Dishonored 2:                1852

Vera Moray:                   1765 (approx)
Daud:                             1795
Corvo Attano:                 1798
Delilah Copperspoon:    1804  
Jessamine Kaldwin:       1805 
Billie Lurk:                      1813
Emily Kaldwin:                1827

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#8, 17, and 18- because I didn't get to last night orz

shinee ask game

8. first impression
answered here

17. favorite solo activities
i like when kibum has his musicals & it’s two fold. 
1.  he looks SO happy when he does them & he’s so good at them.  kibum’s a good singer & actor & musical theater suits him so well.
2. i love seeing minho showing up to support him.  that’s just…that’s wonderful.

18. which member do you see as boyfriend/husband material?
either kibum or minho.  they’re both very thoughtful & good listeners & firm in their own mind on what they believe.  so of the two it would just depend what you’re willing to be the “other love” in their life to: fashion or sports.

side note: this turned very minkey & it wasn’t intentional at all & that makes it even better, lol.

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For your Fire Embelm AU for KBTBB, does anyone have a kid unit?? What would they be like? :o Or would it just be the kids from the new kid substory?

i’m not really sure about adding kid units lol? i might add them in for fun haha
they’re not canon in the au though lol
but!! they would probably be the kids from the substory? i mean! i did make one for mc? :0 he’s not canon, but i might do something more with him !))

here’s his bio lolol

Name: Ty
Class: Butler.
Individual Skill: Impatient. This unit will gain 2 in attack when the wait command is used.
Critical Lines: The same as Mc’s!
Age: 18 because of the difference in the time realms. Like the kids in FE:F, he was quickly aged up.
Ty may seem calm and collected, but he’s anything but that. Like his mother, he usually has a range of emotions on his face. He can either have the sweetest smile or have a terrifying glare, like Mc.

Ty wants to become a better butler, following in his mother’s footsteps, but it’s not going well for him. Despite being great at battling and cleaning, he really dislikes being pushed around or ordered, something that is essential for a butler. He occasionally will snap at the person he’s serving if they go too far.

Ty loves both his parents, but he does have a slight preference towards his mother.

If his father is Eisuke, then Ty’s class will be a Paladin, as he cannot be a butler as the prince of Tres Sapdes.

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18, 19, 28

Okay here goes!

18. Favorite scene: probably when Bast scares Chronicler so bad that he fell out of his chair and made Kvothe laugh for real in a long time. I’m so glad he has someone like Bast around for him.

19. Any predictions: one of my predictions is that the lackless box is somehow connected with the story of Jax and the moon and that when the box is opened the moon will join the fey and ordinary world together.

28. Funniest scene: “is it a fruit pie or a meat pie”

We're Larries

It’s okay, you’re okay.

We’re literally made of Parma ham, glances, touches that never were, smiley stickers, we have the blood of Sherlock Holmes pumping through our veins, tattoo ink, secret dates, hickeys, fond smiles, gay Rainbow bear fluff, serenades, he saw it in his eyes…

As long as Harry is in Louis’ heart, I will be a Larrie. Always.

The reason you started being a Larrie is still here, in fact it’s probably more present now than ever.

We are Strong, Happily. We are Fireproof. If we could fly we would be flying straight Home. Since they were 18, They don’t know about them. But they will.

Remember, everything will be okay in the end and if it’s not okay yet it is because it’s not yet the end.