and he was probably 18 in here


1- Randy Orton commits arson.
2- Bray Wyatt baptizes himself with the ashes of his dead sister.
3- Xavier Woods says “I’m the only one that blows my girl”.
4- Brock Lesnar: “I don’t give a shit about your kids”.
5- John Cena calls The Miz a “puss”.
6- The name of a segment was actually “Total Bellas Bulls***”
7- Seth Rollins commits arson and probably killed a security guard (trailer of WWE 2k18)
8- Casshole
9- “Big E, let’s just keep it PG, you know what’s good. Just don’t get all rated-R, like your boy Xavier Woods”.
10- Big Cass to Seth Rollins: “No matter what you have been telling yourself the past few years… Size does matter”.
11- AJ Styles to The Miz (and Maryse): “After the beating I gave you, I’m surprised you don’t perform with a limp. Or does he, Maryse?”
12- Enzo Amore “naked”.
14- Rusev to Big Cass: “Your boy has a huge problem.”
Enzo Amore (who is “naked”): “I woulnd’t call it a problem.”
15- Randy  Orton: “Clearly, Miz, you are an expert with playing with yourself.”
16- Lana “cheats” on her husband seducing Enzo Amore in a hotel room.
17- Roman Reigns almost kills Braun Strowman when crashed an ambulance where Braun was in.
18- Eva Marie has a “wardrobe malfunction”.
19- Sasha to Charlotte: “If it wasn’t for a one night stand you probably wouldn’t be standing here”.
20- The Rock, Lana and Rusev segment on The Rock’s return to Raw (“she’s flexible as hell”).‘
21- Dean Ambrose drops Jericho on a pile of thumbtacks (and then they post a video of the thumbtacks being removed from Chris’ body).
22- Paige to Charlotte referring to Charlotte’s brother who tragically died of a heroin overdose at the age of 25: “Your little baby brother didn’t have much fight in him, did he?”
23- Nikki Bella to Brie Bella: “I wish you died in the womb”.
24- CM Punk bathes himself and The Undertaker in the supposed ashes of Paul Bearer.
25- Kevin Owens says that Tom Phillips’s iPad password is “6969” and that he was “disgusting”.
26- Enzo running into Ric Flair on the way to the hotel room (where he has the intention of sleeping with a married woman) and assuring him he “won’t be SAWFT".
27- The Miz to Renee Young: “My obsession with Dean Ambrose? You’re the one sleeping with him!”
28- Paige licking Natalya’s face in a very sexual way.
29- Big Cass threatens to break Enzo’s neck.
30- Vince McMahon says to Shane McMahon he will have one more chance to give him a fucking beating.
31- CM Punk refuses to shake Stephanie McMahon’s hand because “he knows where that hand has been”. 32- AJ Lee says in her Pipe Bombshell: “I didn’t get here… because I SUCKED up to the right people.
33- Ric Flair tells Natalya to kill herself
34- Brie Bella to Stephanie McMahon “You’re so pathetic, you’re such a bitch”.
35- AJ Lee says to Nikki and Brie: “Talent is not sexually transmitted”.
36- Maryse to John Cena: “You know what they say, the bigger the ego the smaller the package.”
37- Paige: “Then you got Lana and Summer too busy trying to figure out who they want to climb onto next rather than the Divas division”.
38- CM Punk to Christian: “Unlike you I don’t waste all these people’s time by bitching and moaning… and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching".
39- Paul Heyman: “Do you and your wife roleplay? Because I’m all about the roleplay”.
41- Bray Wyatt pours a bucket full of blood on Finn Bálor.
42- AJ Styles to Kevin Owens: “You know what I don’t like? A whiny ass lil’ bitch like you!”
43- Roman Reigns to John Cena: “On top of that he’s a part time fake ass bitch”.
44- “John: You come out here with your zipper open.
Roman: I busted it actually, Big Dog.
John: Oh sorry I was just looking for you balls but you don’t got none.
Roman: You would be looking for those.”
45- Roman calling Cena “bitch” multiple times during his promos.
46- Kevin Owens beating a poor old man… aka Vince McMahon.
47- Roman Reigns about Cena: “Sometimes he says stupid shit”.
48- Kevin Owens saying to Shane McMahon that his family would have been better if he hadn’t survived the helicopter accident.
49- Kevin Owens clearly saying “Come on, motherfucker” to Shane McMahon.
50-Kevin Owens to Shane: “I will take your face and grind it against the cage until your flesh comes off”. And, well, his entire promo.

About the ages

I know, I know, there is a lot of fandom wank going around regarding shipping but aside from the discourse I’m here as your resident twenty something to present to you my age based head canons: 

For starters: apparently Shiro is 25. 

In the teen young adult context this might seem like “omg he’s so old!!!!” but let me ask you: have you ever met an actual 25 year old man??? 

They are basically a bunch of just-out-of-college boys with the mentality of a teenager, who are suddenly able to have their own money and do all the stupid shit an actual teen can’t. 

And yet, there’s also a significant difference when you look back at your 17 y/o self. For example, my 17 year old sister took my 23 y/o ass out with her friends last week. While she was doing 1dll shots, I sneaked away back with the other “”fake adults”” to have actual normal drinks. “God, I’m just so glad I’m not 17 anymore,” we all sight, watching them. 

So pretty much, Shiro will act mature and level headed most of the time and then have sudden stupid adrenaline-junkie impulses and revert back to a teenager attitude to everyone’s surprise and delight (and then probably take 3 days more than them recovering because he feels too old for this shit)

Also Keith is 18 and Lance is 17 and let me tell you for teenagers that matters and I can see Keith pulling the “shut up, I’m the adult here” card a million times to Lance’s utter horror. The thing is 17-18 is not so big of a difference and they end up acting just exactly the same annoying way. 

And, like, Hunk is 17 but he’s already so tall and big and listen 17 year old kids are so self-conscious, talk to me about Hunk having a grow-sprout at like 15 and then hunching over for years until the Garrison taught him out of it, tell me about him always feeling clumsy and too big, even if he’s sized as a regular (albeit tall and strong) adult. Hunk physically feeling more comfortable around Shiro, even knowing their age difference because he feels like there’s nothing wrong with him. 

And finally Pidge. Listen, Pidge, my girl, my baby, she’s just a child! And I don’t think the paladins quite notice, but listen Shiro has to notice that he’s leading a literal child to battle and tell me it doesn’t eat him up at night to think she’s freaking ten years younger than him and she should not be going through this right now. 

I suppose Pidge’s age difference in comparison to Hunk and Lance is mostly because, when faking her papers to sneak back into the Garrison, she must have aged herself up. 

The moment Hunk, Lance and Keith realize she’s actually 15 every kind of “shut up, you’re like 12″ joke ensues. Meanwhile, Shiro is —mentally— rolling his eyes like “you’re all babies, what you even talking about?”

Even though the fandom tends to portray Pidge as impulsive and short-tempered, I doubt this is so much about her personality as it is about her age. 

Let me ask you again: have you ever met an actual 15 year old??? Or, more importantly, have you —as an older teen or twentysomething— had to share a roof with a 15 year old for more than a week???? It’s hell fire everywhere, every little detail is source of drama and friendships ending and restarting and drastic decisions are made and they have pretty much no impulse control and will say hurtful things and then regret it. 

So basically what I’m saying is Pidge is 100% the embodiment of an angsty short-tempered teenager dealing with a lot of hormones on top of trying to save the universe. 


Anyways, we all know Michelle well enough to know that she wouldn’t put 20+ Hours into a piece with no symbolism in it (To note, rough estimate for time allotment but given how detailed this painting is I wouldn’t be surprised if it took longer even considering it was a collaboration piece) 
First off: 

The clock. The important parts here would be the young boy, who we can safely tie together with Odin since the painting already strikes a feeling of nobility to the viewer. The boy is looking up to a portrait of a man wearing a crown, who we can assume was a past ruler. This could also be Odin’s own father whose not in the picture of a ruler who predated the boys birth. The boy is looking up the Man, he is grasping the bottom of the portrait while the womanly monarch figure is holding the top end of it. This could show that while the boy is in the line for power, he is still not at the stage where the female monarch is (Since she is holding her hands above the Mans image) 

The Family Crest is worn proudly over his chest.You see the same square motif require in a lot of Odin’s art but I feel like that’s more design tracing back to the “Stoicness” than anything new for this painting. 

More Jewels, pendants, and crown to continue to show the nobility aspect. It’s interesting to note that the only Jewelry that Odin had been shown with prior to this update was his Mothers red ring. 

This may be a reach but that could symbolize that it was his Mother that married into the Arrow bloodline. 

It’s Winter! Odin’s symbolic season is indeed Winter, yet compared to the last one this is still a happier scene. Similar to the I don’t know if its vastly important is the ferns. Could just be the familys plant? 

Now, talking about reaches, I don’t know if this was intentional or not but: 

Odin and his dam left hip. While the pose in the painting is by no means uncommon, the similar attention to the torso area has been an recurring theme for Odin. probably the only thing holding back the theory that his death was caused by drowning is the mystery hip. #MysteryLowerTorsoGate2017 
Back to seriousness- 

The Face. I can’t stop thinking about how the painting in this world looks like it’s a painting and not another panel of the comic. With the almost porcelain like skin you could just imagine this as an oil painting straight from the Louve.

Yet, that’s not the important part. Odin age here has to be of an at least 10+-year-old boy. While he is currently 18 in the comic and we all know Wrathia died 15 in the past. If Pedri had died the same time as her and bound himself with Odin, Odin would have only been three at the time. As we can see the pupils are still black that is not the case. Personally, I am a fan of the “Pedri was captured by Titan before he could kill himself” theory. I don’t think Pedri would be one to go against Wrathias wishes as he was deeply in love with her. I think the most likely answer to how Pedri died was sadly tortured/captured by Titan. 

The painting honesty just opens up more questions. We still don’t know how either Pedri and Odin died. We also don’t know why Olai is so fixated on Odin death. But that’s another Meta for the morning. 

First Kiss (Older!Damian Wayne x Reader)


Older damian wayne x female reader would be awesome. Your choice of topic. Thx :D

Can you do an older (18-20 yr old) first kiss with Damian and can you make it sweet and fluffy?

Notes: My first imagine!!! It took me longer to edit and have enough inspiration to finish it but it’s finally here :-). Also I changed the second request a lil bit, Damian is probably 15-16 here

Warnings: None

You guys had been friends for enough time for Damian to realize that what he felt for you wasn’t simple tolerance.

Oh no. Everyone could see it and it made him wish he could murder all his brothers in their sleep. That technically he could, but not without getting a really long lecture from Alfred or something.

The whole family was excited to meet the girl that made the demon blush and smile, even Bruce. So when they found out you were coming over to the manor to work on an English project, there was nothing he could do.

Damian tried to cancel or set it up somewhere else but you weren’t having none of it. After the mess you were raised in, how bad could his family honestly be?

The thought of Damian just being ashamed of introducing his new poor friend to his wealthy famous family crossed your mind but he assured you several times that he was ashamed of his family, not you.

He talked to you about his father, who you were already intimidated by. Her eldest brother, Dick, apparently the only decent sibling he had according to him. The one who followed, Jason, the black sheep of the family with a terrible common sense. Tim, the one he hated the most for some reason. And Alfred, the butler.

A butler… you weren’t even sure you currently had milk.

You had seen the old british man a couple of times when he picked up Damian from school but he never let you get close enough to introduce yourself, so this was gonna be new.

The atmosphere in the limo was more awkward than you expected.

Alfred said a polite “Good morning, miss Y/L/N. I’ve heard a lot about you, it’s nice to finally meet you” that was received with Damian watching him cautiously.

During the ride, you could notice Damian avoided eye contact by looking out the window. His jaw was clenched and brows slightly furrowed.

This change might have gone unnoticed by someone who hadn’t gotten to know Damian’s mannerisms as well as you through all these months.

You reached for one of his hands and covered it with yours, gently squeezing it. “It’s gonna be fine, Dami. Quit worrying that much.”

Once you arrived at the manor, Damian started walking in front of instinctively as if protecting you from something. It didn’t take long to realize what it was.

You had to admit you hadn’t given much thought to what could be expecting you at the Wayne Manor, but this still startled you.

Questions like “Are you friends with him because of the fame and money?”, “Did he hire you?”, “Is he threatening you? Blink twice for yes, once for no”, “Are you some kind of witch?”, “Do you owe him a favor?” were being thrown all around.

Damian tried to get you as away from his brothers as possible, his face was red with rage and embarrassment and he kept yelling at everyone to leave you alone. Finally, he managed to escape and pulled you toward an empty garden.

When he made sure no one was following you, he turned around biting the inside of his lip.

“I’m sorry for that, Y/N.”

Damian wasn’t sure if you were gonna stay quiet, change the topic or leave. But he was greatly surprised when you opened your mouth and let out a whole-heartedly laugh that made his heart swell.

“Well, I can’t say you didn’t warn me.” You joked.

“I promise I’ll make sure they never look in your direction again or else–” He started, getting more furious with every second.

“Damian! It’s fine, really.” You put both your hands over each of his shoulders, causing his muscles to tense, and shot a calming look his way. “I love them, your family is great.”

The Wayne boy softly shrugged your touch off and crossed his arms. “They are nothing but an inconvenience.”

“An inconvenience you love.” You commented, swiftly glancing at him and then looking at the beautiful growing trees that you were sure only Alfred took care of.

-TT- Whatever.”

After some minutes in a comfortable silence, just observing the beautiful plants, flowers and sunny sky. You decided to sit on the grass, against the prettiest tree you could spot.

“Maybe we could do our project here?”

He followed you and sat beside you, nodding as you started to unpack your bag.

“Thank you, by the way.” You murmured, unsure.

Damian examined you with confusion. “What do you mean?”

“For bringing me here, introducing me to your family… For being my friend, I guess.” You smiled shyly at him, shrugging and looking down at your lap, trying not to let him notice your face was probably boiling.

You hated the way Damian could make you feel, but you were also enchanted by it.

“Of course, Y/N. But I should be the one thanking you, you’ve helped me in ways I wish I could share with you.” Damian confessed, thinking back of all those times a text from you was enough to calm him down and seeing your smile would make all his frustrations go away.

You chuckled sweetly. “I don’t see how that’s possible but you are welcome.” And there it was, that warm and innocent grin that could light up his entire world in just one second.

None of you had realized how much time you spent looking into each other’s eyes, none of you was counting. But you could recall catching a glimpse of Damian glancing at your lips as you unconsciously licked the lower one.

It happened fast, but slow at the same time. Your breath halted due to the nervousness of Damian’s face approaching yours, but you could also experience the shock when you felt his lips on yours.

For a first kiss, there was nothing gross or awkward about it. His lips could look rough and chapped most of the time but you were gladly surprised to discover that they were actually really soft and sweet.

The kiss lasted for only a few seconds and soon you were pulling apart. You didn’t know where to look at but it was clearly pointless to try to hide your blushing anymore. Your mouth started to generate some small giggles and you had to stop before you punched yourself in the face.

Well if the kiss wasn’t awkward, the after-kiss would surely be.

Once you dared to look at Damian, you were surprised to learn that he wasn’t staring at you, he was staring at something behind you. You followed his gaze only to see a pair of heads and eyes through the bushes of the garden.

Realizing you had seen what he did, his expression turned more mortified than pissed off and he quickly stood up, taking steps towards his eldest brothers.

Your palm hit your mouth to muffle the loud laughing that was coming out of you as your eyes followed your crush chasing after his brothers who were calling out Alfred’s name.

Boy, you were gonna enjoy being part of this family.

you are the one (m)

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(kim minseok x reader)

(5.3k words)

WARNINGS: smut 18+, swearing, alcohol, asphyxiation

Oh god- okay you are not supposed to freak out remember? It will only make him hate you more just act, cool.

Kim Minseok could not be any less interested in you, but here he comes across the campus grounds probably going to one of his incredibly advanced classes. You had heard from a friend that he was studying for a PhD.

God, could he be any more of a total package?

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Shaladins are probably having a field day right trying to justify their shitty ships, so here’s your local nonbinary’s stance on this.

So even if Keith is 18, there’s still a 7 year age gap between Shiro and Keith. It’s still not okay. There’s still a power imbalance. I did some explaining here. 

I’ll restate what was said: Your prefrontal cortex is not done developing until you’re 25-26. K/L/H/P’s prefrontal cortices are still developing. AKA the thing that controls executive function, decision making, etc. This is why teenagers/young adults tend to base their decisions more on emotion. Their limbic system (controls emotions) is done developing. Shiro’s brain is fully developed. Even if unintentional, he would be taking advantage of Keith or the other paladins. They cannot consent to a relationship in the same way. They are at different mental stages in life.

Also he’s probably turning 18 and is 17 right now? That’s how I interpret this.

Before you say Klance is abusive for Keith (even if he is?) being 18 and Lance being 17: there’s a one year age gap. 

I’d like to end this post with: 

masterpost of all the plant books i own

this is all the plant books i own minus some suuuper vintage ones that dont matter so imma just gonna. put the casual books up top and all the others under the cut

there are many. my interests are diverse. be warned


The Plant Messiah - Carlos Magdalena

Reaching for the Sun - John King

Brilliant Green: The surprising History and Science of Plant Intelligence (Kindle Edition) - Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola

In Praise of Plants - Francis Halle

The Hidden Life of Trees: What they Feel, How they Communicate (Kindle Edition) - Peter Wohlleben

Botany for Dummies (Kindle Edition) - Rene Fester Kratz

Lab Girl - Hope Jahren. This was given to me by my dad because he heard it was about a female botanist and her fun botany adventures but I haven’t read it yet because it’s currently popular and I’m petty and an edgy stubborn teen that must Avoid Popular Things™. that being said its supposed to be really good so putting it here out of the admittance that it’s probably really good and I should read it

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4 years // For you || Dan Howell

A/N: I wrote this imagine a really long time ago (before i even had this blog). I think it’s one of the best imagines I have ever written, mainly because it means a lot to me. 

Word Count: 2.3K

POV: Reader


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“What are you watching ?” I asked, as I plopped down on the sofa next to him.

He looked up from his laptop screen and revealed a young black haired boy.

“His name is Amazingphil, he’s a Youtuber that I newly discovered. We have so much in common! I bet he’s the coolest guy ever.” Dan started to fanboy as his eyes sparkled with admiration.

Dan decided to show me all of this young guy’s videos while I rested my head against his shoulder. That was one of the things that I loved the most about my boyfriend of a nearly year, he could get so excited about things and people. He was so passionate about what he loved.

 1 week later

Dan and I had just finished high school and spent an awesome summer together. Dan was going to Manchester to study law soon and I still had to decide what to do with my life. But I’m afraid that my decision is now even harder than it was a week ago…

“I finally finished packing all my stuff, we can do whatever we want now” Dan exclaimed happily as his head appeared in the door.

He walked into the room and wrapped his long arms around my body. My head only reached his chin so I buried it into his warm chest.

“You know what I meant when I said ‘do whatever we want’ ” Dan seductively whispered in my ear.

His hands started sensually travelling up my spine. His warm lips had found their way to my neck and he started sucking on my sweet spot. I closed my eyes at the sensation and nearly gave in, but I couldn’t.  

I quickly broke away from his touch. It had cost me all will power I had.

“We need to talk” I blurted out, unable to keep it to myself any longer.

I gestured for him to sit down on the bed. He worriedly looked at me. Have the words ‘we need to talk’ ever meant something good? I don’t think so.

I looked into his chocolate brown eyes and placed my hands into his. It took me a while to force my mouth to say what he needed to know. My heart was not beating anymore it was racing.

“Dan, I’m pregnant”

It was difficult to say that without starting to cry or stutter. And I felt like those words, were the most powerful words that I had ever spoken. They didn’t just mean that there was a human being growing inside of my stomach right now. No, it also meant that our lives were going to change drastically.

His eyes widened in shock.

“W-HAT?!” he shouted. He rarely shouts. I tried to remain calm.

“I checked twice, definitely positive.”

“Wait..NO! You can’t be pregnant. Not now.” he jumped up from the bed. I didn’t know how I had expected him to react but definitely not like this. I was aware of the fact that he wasn’t going to be jumping around with joy but being angry with me was the wrong reaction.

“You are 18, that’s way too young. We want to go to university. You can’t have a baby, okay? I don’t want it.”

Those words lingered in the air. They seemed to echo from the walls. It was like everything I could hear sounded like 'I don’t want it’.

 I always thought that no matter what he’d be there for me. And he always was, until now. Now that I needed him the most. His slender figure stood in front of me but my vision was blurry. His cheeks were red and his expression was angry. I eyed him and instead of seeing my beloved boyfriend, I saw a monster.

That was not the Dan I knew and loved.  I didn’t want to lose control over the situation but I couldn’t stop myself from getting angry.

“Who do you think you are to decide what I’m gonna do with my baby?!”

If he had reacted differently, I would have said ‘our’. But as soon as he said 'I don’t want it’ it wasn’t our baby anymore, it was my baby.

With those words he lost the right to ever call it his. To ever call him the father of my child. Tears were streaming down my pale face and I couldn’t believe that I had thought, that we were going to raise a child together. I just lost the future with Dan. And got a future as a single mum.

I nearly heard something inside me shatter and for a short second I was so overwhelmed by emotional pain, that my vision got black and I was close to throwing up. I grabbed the bedpost and my fingernails dug into the light wood.

I just sat there and cried for a few minutes while Dan just watched. He stood there and watched me cry instead of holding me close, instead of telling me that everything was going to be alright.

But I had to be strong. Not for myself but for the tiny thing that was growing inside of my stomach. I had to be strong because one day that tiny thing would call mum. I regained strength and tried to stop crying.  

“I won’t fucking kill my son or daughter just because you are afraid of taking responsibility. I know I’m young and that it won’t be easy to do this on my own. But I do not need you. And the baby doesn’t need you either.” I clearly said while I evilly glared at him.

 Those were the last words that I ever spoke to him at least that was what I thought.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

4 years later 

It’s been five years and no matter how hard it was, I finally made it. I thought it was hard managing my university life during my pregnancy but it got only harder once the baby was here. As soon as I said those last words to Dan I packed my bags and moved back to my parents.

No goodbyes, nothing.

I honestly wouldn’t have known what to do without my parents. They helped me with everything and looked after my beautiful son while I was at uni or at work.

It was going great and I thought that I had finally figured everything out but that was until Luke turned 4.

And now I was on the way from Leeds to London to search for the one person that I never wanted to see for the rest of my life.

I haven’t heard of him since I left. If I had had a miscarriage he wouldn’t know. If I had died during giving birth, he wouldn’t know. He didn’t even know whether it was a boy or girl. I obviously knew a bit about him though.

It’s hard not to, since he was now such a successful Youtube celebrity. It’s funny how he was actually living together with the guy whose videos he showed me when we were 18.

I sometimes caught myself starring at his Youtube channel, but I have never dared to click on one of his videos. I wouldn’t bear seeing him. Sometimes it’s even hard for me to look at my son, since he looks like the mini version of him with lighter hair.

A monotonic voice announced that we had reached the underground station that I had to get off at.

I walked up the dirty stairs and after checking the directions I got on another bus. I hadn’t been in London for ages and just realized how much I had missed this beautiful place. I got off three stations later and started searching for the address that I was given.

As I passed the numbered houses and got closer to the one that I was searching for, my stomach was tied into a knot and I was seconds away from vomiting into Dan’s plants next to the his red front door.

I stared at the closed entrance for almost five minutes until I gathered the strength to ring the doorbell. I waited and while I hoped that nobody would answer I prayed that this was the right address and that I’d found him.

I nervously bit my bottom lip as the door opened. I immediately recognized the black haired boy. His hair was shorter and less emo but overall he hadn’t changed too much.

I wasn’t sure if Dan had mentioned my existence. I knew that he hadn’t told his fans.

“Hi, my name is Y/N. I’m Dan’s ex-girlfriend and I really need to see him.” I stuttered.

He looked at me with kind blue eyes and shortly after he introduced himself as Phil he guided me up the stairs.

As he saw that my hands were shaking he eyed me worriedly. Although I had already planned what to say a million times and imagined how this situation might go, I was still fatally nervous.

“Who is it ?” I heard somebody call. Phil opened the white door in front of us for me and without him following I entered the room.

The door fell shut, I heard Phil’s footsteps on the floor and then I saw him.

He was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper in the lounge. He looked up from the white pages as he saw me. A confused expression appeared on his still beautiful face. The 18 year old boy that I had left 5 years ago had turned into a man. He wasn’t slender anymore and his arms didn’t look like they were too large for his body. He got rid of his long hair just like his friend Phil. Although I loved his fringe I had to admit that this hair cut suited him very well.

“Y/N?” He asked as soon as he had recognized my face.

I had planned this on the train, tube and bus and now that it was happening I was speechless and my mouth wouldn’t open. I just nervously stood there feeling like the dumbest person in the entire world in the middle of his lounge.

'Why is he so damn beautiful’ I cried to myself.

“Why don’t you sit down” he asked politely. “Do you want some coffee or tea?”

 2 minutes later he returned from the kitchen and placed a cup of hot breakfast tea in front of me.

“So…” he started. “ How uhm- what happened after you left?”

“I moved back to my parents”

“Leeds, right?”


“And the..”

“His name is Luke” I simply stated just to see his reaction.

He swallowed hard. “It’s a boy” he breathed and his eyes got watery.

I nodded looking away. Minutes of silence followed in which Dan tried to comprehend that there was an actual human being out there that shared his DNA.

“Do you need money, I thought you’d come sooner or later.”

“Money!? wait- what ..– no.” I said irritated.

“Okay, I get that you are probably asking yourself why I am here since you thought that you’d never see me again. To be honest Dan, I really wanted to never see you again. The person that left me alone, pregnant at 18.”

I swallowed hard but continued with a strong voice.

“I look at Luke and remember that you didn’t want him to survive. Luke looks so much like you and he doesn’t even know because he has never seen has biological father. “

Dan looked down, a hint of shame and regret surrounded him.

“When I come home from work at 10 pm he crawls into my bed and asks me where you are and why you aren’t here. And every time he asks me I don’t know what to say. Should I tell him that his father is gone because he exists? Should I tell him his father left because he didn’t want to be his dad?”

Dan slightly shook his head as if he were disagreeing, probably disappointed by his past self.

“Every time he asks who you are, I close the laptop tab that I had opened your Youtube channel in because if he saw your videos he’d want to see you in real life. And I would have to hear your voice while he stares at the screen.”

I heard my voice getting weaker, but there was still something to be said.

“When the doctors told us that Luke needed suitable stem cells after his chemotherapy in order to survive he asked me if he was going to be alright again and once again I didn’t know what to say.”

Dan’s lowered head snapped up as his eyes met mine and they were full of shock and horror.

“Every night I pray that the right someone would donate his or her stem cells that can be used for my little angel. Then this morning the doctor called me into his office to tell me that he checked the data and found out that Luke’s father could be a possible donor. And all I could think about was that I shouted 'the baby doesn’t need you’ in your face the last time we spoke.”

My voice broke as my whole body was shaking.

“Right now my 4 years old son is lying in a hospital bed and the only person that can save his life is the one that I’d still be together with if I had already ‘killed’ him 5 years ago.”

Dan’s expression spoke of unbelievable pain and every word that left my mouth was like another hit. There were tears in both of our eyes.

“And when Luke asked me where I was going today as I left his side at 4 in the morning to get here I answered : I’m going to get dad.”

Meet Lumpy the Lever Guardian

Lumpy is the watcher that guards the level in Layer 2 of Lower Pthumeru. But Lumpy is not your regular watcher. Lumpy is awesome watcher.

What makes him so awesome is that he drops outrageously powerful cursed (mostly physical) gems considering how early you can get to him (after defeatng Blood-starved Beast and doing the first two chalices). He’s my regular stop on every new char/build because a hour or two of farming him will pretty much set me up for the rest of the main game.

The physical bonus on his gems ranges from 18.8% to 20.6%. Here are some examples of what he gave me on this run:

(remember that the WPN durability down curse doesn’t stack, so if you commit to wearing one you might as well settle for 3)

Yeah, this guy can drop stronger gems than Winter Lanterns in Mensis, with the obvious disadvantage that they are radials so you’d probably need to find a different prey to fill your waning/triangle slot, although he CAN drop out-of-shape gems as well if you get lucky;

He definitely hides some interesting gems in his drop table;

Glory to Lumpy!

I’ve been talking with @bendyinky about a KH AU for the BatIM crew, specifically our muses! It’s been a lot of fun honestly.

I’ll give you a “””quick””” synopsis:

Bendy is the king of his world, much like Mickey. Alice and Boris are his second-in-command, and you can see the designs I made for them here! Both he and Henry are Keyblade wielders, and are highly regarded by everyone. However when they were combating the darkness they were lost to it, causing Alice to have to take charge as queen and sending their world spiraling into a state of depression.

Stricken the most by grief, Joey thought there was a way to bring both Henry and Bendy back, but every attempt he made ended in failure or lead to a dead end. He was eventually convinced that if he opened the Door to Darkness, he’d be able to find the both of them–but I’m sure you know what happens to a world when that door is open…

Wally is a simple mage under the teaching of Boris, but when he walks in on Joey opening the door, Henry’ heart touches his and suddenly Wally’s able to summon a keyblade, being entirely unable to at first. He fights off the Heartless as long as he can, but the world eventually falls apart, and he finds himself in Traverse Town. Boris and Alice were out at the time, so when they try to return home they find themselves in the same place.

BTS having a Chubby Girlfriend (5/7)

Sorry this is being posted so late, a lot of things were going on today.  But here it is!! I hope you enjoy!

Genre: Fluff and Smut!! 

Rating: 18+ please and thank you!

V Having a Chubby Girlfriend 

Originally posted by kimthwriter

-V is another one of our BTS Boys who needs more love

-So this is probably going to be pretty long as well 

-Hope you’re all buckled in, with your shoelaces tied because we are going on going on a trip 

-V is a literal ball of goof 

-But can turn the sex on with a snap of his fingers.  

-But he’s mostly goofy. 

-For example:

-First date with v was Panda Express.

-He was so excited 

-He asked you where you wanted to eat, and you shrugged indifferently 

-Which was a huge mistake, let me tell you 

-Because V then chose Panda Express  

-Of course he did 

-And then churros on the boardwalk for dessert.  

-And you don’t normally like Panda Express, you’re a very picky eater, but you ate it because it just made you so happy to see him babble on and on about it 

-And then he ordered in English all by himself to show off to you 

-Which was adorable 

-He was concentrating very hard and refused to let you help him 

-And he was so proud when he figured it all out .  

-After dinner and churros, you two wandered around the boardwalk, and it was colder than you anticipated

-And V so badly wanted to give you his sweater to keep you warm 

-But you refused because you were embarrassed that it wouldn’t fit 

-So he dragged you into the closest souvenir shop 

-And found a sky blue hoodie with the softest lining (he tested every single lining to find the best one), and slipped it over you. 

-The hoodie was too big  despite being plus sized, but that meant that it was perfect.

-He bought it for you right then and there and made sure you were comfortable and warm.  

-He held your hand and refused to let go, dragging you to the ferris wheel.  

-At the top he scooted closer to you, and you let your head drop onto his shoulder, and you closed your eyes, so happy to be there with this goofy, lovely, grey haired boy.  

-He didn’t tell you then but he felt like he was ready to burst with happiness that you were snuggling into him 

-He couldn’t stop smiling and looking at you from the corner of his eye. 

 -After the ferris wheel, you two walked down to the end of the boardwalk, To watch the lights of the boats on the water

 -And he looked at you, With the lights from the carnival flickering off of your face and the soft smile that he could lose himself in.  

-He watched the breeze play with your hair and he caught it in the palm of his hand.  

-V pulled you close, brushed his nose against yours and tilted your face upwards.   

-He was suddenly so hesitant, 

-The only sound being your breathing and heartbeats, 

-and so you lifted onto your toes and caught his lips against your own.  

-You felt him smile against your lips and hold your cheeks in his hands pulling you as close to him as he possibly could.  

-He drove you home afterwards and you promised to see him again.  

-Flash forward three months and you two are nearly inseparable.  

-He’s all limbs and goofiness, 

-and as you get to know him more you can feel yourself falling in love with him more.  

-He dances in the kitchen as the two of you make dinner.  

-He sings to you in that deep voice, trying to be silly using a wooden spoon as a mic,

-But eventually it would stop being a joke as he pressed you against the counter, singing slowly and deeply. 

-And you just watch him as he sings to you, and your heart melts while the rest of your body feels like it is set on fire.  

-When he bites his lip and looks you up and down you want to scream but instead grab him by his collar and kiss him deep and long.  

-You run your tongue along his bottom lip and he groans in frustration, pressing himself against you harder.  

-You hum with pleasure just as Jungkook busts into the kitchen to get some frozen chicken for a snack. 

-Tae leaps back from you glaring at Kookie, and Kookie just smiles back like the little shit he is

-You hang out with V and the other boys, often having movie nights

-You bring over chinese food or some other kind of take out and the boys flock to you like seagulls.

-And one day, while the other boys are distracted by their food, V tugs on your hand and says he wants to show you something 

-So you sigh, thinking it’s his new idea for Cypher that he wants to run by Namjoon.

Because he’s always trying to be in cypher  

- Namjoon just let this boy be in cypher 



-But instead of firing up his computer, he wraps his hands around your waist and presses his lips into your neck. 

-Taehyung couldn’t hold it in anymore, and he wasn’t about to let one of the boys ruin it again.  

-You smiled lightly as you feel him click the lock behind you

-He bites the soft skin. 

-Your knees go weak beneath you, and they buckle slightly, when he sucks the skin that he bit gently.  

-Tae smiles into your neck when he feels you go slack 

-Which sweeps all of the air from your lungs.    

-You somehow find your hands slipping up and under his shirt, pressing against his stomach 

-And he takes a shuddering breath, his hands are shaking as they dip beneath the waistband of your jeans. 

-His fingers knead the soft skin of your hips and then your ass, slowly dipping lower. 

-The whole time he is murmuring your name, send shivers and goosebumps across your skin.  

-Suddenly, you can’t hold back anymore.  You’re not sick of the slow shit, but your body is craving more.  

-So much more of Tae.  

-And he’s so into this dominant side, and lets you take the lead.  

-You shove him down on his bed, straddling his lap as he continues to grab your ass.  

-You pull his shirt up and over his head, biting his neck and chest, slowly moving down his body to the top of his jeans.  

-V just watches you, falling back onto his elbows as you kneel before him.  

-You instruct him not to touch you while you do this, including keeping his hands out of your hair.  

-He reluctantly nods, lips pressed between his teeth. 

-His eyes smolder at you from beneath his bangs, and you unbutton his jeans and take him in your mouth.  

-You run your tongue up along his shaft, causing his whole body to shudder, and he drops his head backwards.  

-His fingers grip the sheets as he tries to hold back from touching you, from pulling your hair and head back up to him so that he can fuck you properly.  

-But you love torturing him, and after a few more moments, as he starts to lose himself in the feeling of you, bucking gently upwards, you remove yourself from him. 

-He stares at you accusingly, But then his jaw drops as you slowly undress before him.  

-Revealing your soft curves and imperfections that create you as a whole.  

-And his brain stops working as you remove the last of your clothing.

 - And finally Finally V can’t hold back anymore.  

-He launches himself at you, flipping you over onto the bed, in a fit of laughter, kisses, and moans.  

-And Tae does not leave any part of you untouched.  

-And you don’t leave any of him untouched, kissing every freckle and blemish

-You are so full of love for this boy,

-Afterwards, after you’ve fucked and made love and everything in between all night, 

-And after Tae is asleep, his soft lips parted in gentle snores, 

-You brush his hair from his brow bone.

-You watch his face twitch slightly, And you lean over and kiss his forehead, his temple, his nose. 

 -And whisper so softly in his ear, 

-“I love you” 

-And when you pull back, V is watching you through blurry lashes, He smiles slowly and you know within your soul

-that this is where you’re meant to be.    

Ok I’ve calmed down a little now and I have a mountain of tissues to rival Mount Everest and I just want to say that I’m honestly in awe of Dan right now. Like… he got through this shit. And it’s hard for me to visualise getting to where he is now but then I remember that I’m 18, I’m in his 2009, and he probably couldn’t see himself getting to where he is then either. And emotions are weird and I feel really shit that I had a full-blown mental break after this video bc everyone else seems so happy and I’m over here fully breaking down and I legitimately said the stupidest sentence of my life to Roo ‘I think Dan would be disappointed in me’ but he wouldn’t because he’s been here. And this is really rambly but I just needed to throw my thoughts out into the void so that they aren’t bouncing around inside my skull anymore. I’m incredibly proud of him and I look up to him even more, which before this I would have thought was impossible. Thank you @danielhowell


When you marry your brother but it feels more like an adoption of some wild child and you’re a stupid useless teenager trying to raise a stupid useless teenager into a respectable young man.

I really love the Brandenburg-Prussia era so i did some doodles using  ヒラ’s old Brandenburg OC design since my friends really love it..

So. I went to go cover my coworkers break on register the other day. She signs off and I go to sign in and the man on line goes “no, absolutely not” quite loudly. My coworker and I both look at him and I go “is something wrong” and he goes “I’m not being rung up my you. Not a chance. No way” so I ask why. He goes “I’m not being rung up by a child. I want the one with more experience. Im not doing this. She needs to ring me up.” Now, I’m not quite 18 yet. My coworker is 53. Guess what? I trained her. She’s been here for about four months. I’ve been here for almost a year. I’ve been top cashier at the store every month for the past 7 months. My coworker goes “well, im going on break so” and he responds with “then I’m not staying on this line. Im not having some child fuck up my order. Absolutely not. I pay good money here. I’m not wasting my time with some dumb bitch who probably can’t do her job.” So I said “okay so leave. You can bring your cart to customer service and they’ll have someone return your groceries or yu can wait on line at another register” and he goes “why should I have to wait on line again? I’m at the front here.” And like ya. But you don’t want to be rung up here, you absolute fucking shit stain? So I explain that its Memorial Day weekend and he can’t just cut another line bc he decided he doesn’t want a certain cashier. And he goes “well it’s not my fault they hire fucking children here. I’m not just gonna stand here like a moron while you bat your eyes at a machine you probably can’t use. Fuck no” and proceeded to pack up his full belt of groceries and go wait on a 15 min line while his icecream melted.

Accent Audio Challenge
Nicole & Trash Husband

Accent Audio Challenge

I was tagged by @jungblue @baeseoul and @dailydoseofdia to do the accent audio challenge. Trash Husband and I are both drunk and he decided to tag along on it so here, you get to hear both of our voices and bickering. Welcome to married life.

This is 18 minutes of us arguing with each other. I’m sorry.


- your name and username

- where you’re from

- pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY

- what is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?

- what is a bubbly carbonated drink called?

- what do you call gym shoes?

- what do you call your grandparents?

- what do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?

- what is the thing you change the TV channel with?

- choose a book and read a passage from it.

- do you think you have an accent?

- be a wizard or a vampire?

- do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?

- end audio post by saying any THREE words you want.

I can’t remember everyone who has been tagged in this already so I’m just going to tag my favorite, my twin, my pea in the pod, my love, @avveh , my favorite little kinky sunshine, @btssmutgalore even though she’s on hiatus, @meanyoongis because she’s hilarious and you should all love her, and @noona-la-la-la because even though she probably wants to keep her identity more private I just want her to know I love and respect her from my little hobbit hole and she is always included because GOOD GOD YOU GUYS THE ACTUAL SMUT QUEEN. 

Okay, yeah, drunk Nicole likes to gush over people. Come at me.

Stuff // Theo Raeken

Originally posted by rayjay95

My thumb gently glides along his jawline, I swear if it was any sharper I would have a cut along my finger. “Like what you see?” Theo smiled, his face only becoming that much more attractive with the addition of a genuine smile. “You could say that.” I replied, a smile on my face to match his. I look at his bright green eyes, his messily tousled hair thanks to yours truly, and his soft rosy lips, God he’s so attractive. And clearly he knew it too, the way he used his good looks and charm to get me to come over so last minute to his place, not that I regretted it, a steamy make out with the gorgeous Theo is hardly something I would regret. “You’re lucky I like you and that you’re so damn good looking.” I teased, scooting my way closer to him in his plush bed, his arm wrapping around me as I did. “Tell me something I don’t already know, Y/N.” I roll my eyes and nudge his side with my elbow, a slight scoff slipping from my mouth. “I mean you’re lucky that I like you enough to skip out on my after school studying to come over and make out with you.” A smirk appears on Theo’s face, a proud one at that while he leans in closer, his lips nearly against mine yet again. “What kind of bad boy am I if I can’t convince my own girlfriend to ditch studying for me?” I couldn’t help but laugh, shaking my head before leaning in to kiss his soft lips yet again.

Our kiss is interrupted with a buzz, Theo’s phone lighting up with a text, but my eyes aren’t focused on the text but rather the time. “Shit, is that the time?” I ask hurriedly, quickly pulling away from the comfort of Theo’s arms and standing up to grab my shirt, tossing it back on. “Yeah, 7:28…Why do you have somewhere to be?” He asks, slowly reaching for his shirt and pulling it on over his strong and chiseled torso. “There’s a pack meeting at my house tonight, I’m supposed to be there, my brother made me promise to help.” I scrambled around Theo’s room, looking for my jacket before he whistles at me, pointing over to his desk where it must’ve landed after being thrown off. Grabbing the jacket, I reach inside to find my phone, a stream of notifications popping up. “Shit, I gotta go.” I mumble, gathering the rest of my things together. “So you’re just gonna use me for my body and then leave? I thought you were different than that Y/N.” Theo taunted, coming over to me and placing his hands on my hips, giving me that alluring look that got us here in the first place. “Ha ha very funny Theo. I really have to go, I’ve already have seven missed calls, four voicemails, and 18 texts from my brother, he’s probably in the process of sending out an APB already.” Theo shook his head, he knew I was right, my older brother is the overprotective type. “Come on, I’ll drive you, don’t want your brother to lose his mind…again.” He joked, making me turn to give him a stern look, his hands raising in surrenderance to show it was a harmless jab.

Once we had gotten into the car and got going I decided to call my brother, taking a deep breath as I held the phone to my ear, waiting for him to pick up and for the crazy to ensue. “Y/N! Why the hell didn’t you answer your phone!” I sighed, closing my eyes as the pestering questions started to roll in on the other line. “Are you okay?” “S-, Yes I’m perfectly fine.” I began, trying to reassure him I wasn’t in any distress. “ What the hell were you doing?” “ I was just d-,” “I called, texted, left voicema-.” “CAN YOU LET ME SPEAK?!” I shouted, completely sick of being interrupted a million times over, taking his newly given silence as a yes. I huffed in relief, finally I was able to talk. “I was just busy doing…stuff.” I look over at Theo, a grin on his smug face as he drove, one hand on the wheel and the other holding onto my knee. A resigned sigh is given off and what was probably a few mumbles of sarcasm on the other end of the call, “Just get home please, we need your brains now.” Looking up at the road we were only a few miles away now, stopped at a redlight. “I’ll be there soon…Okay, I love you too, bye.” I hung up and shoved my phone back into my jacket pocket, leaning my head back against the headrest of the car seat. “Trouble with the big bro?” Theo rhetorically asked, giving my knee a squeeze before we started moving again. “You know how he is, overprotective and paranoid…Not to mention if he knew I was with you he would actually lose his mind.” I turn my head to look over at Theo, his eyes focused on the road but a shrug came from his shoulders, “He’s gonna find out sooner or later babe, not sure I can keep my distance from you at school much longer.” I smiled, leaning over to press a kiss into his cheek as we pulled into my neighborhood, Theo’s truck parked just a few houses down from mine, a standard routine we made up on the nights when Theo would sneak into my room. “Thanks for a good time, text me later?” My hand resting over the nape of his neck while he nodded. “See you later beautiful.”

After a quick peck goodbye, I hopped out of Theo’s truck, making my way down to my house, mentally preparing myself for the madness that is my brother. I knocked on the door, hearing my brother rush over, opening it quickly. “Hey, sorry I’m late.” I mumble, looking up at him and his puzzled face. “Remind me again what stuff you were doing that kept you so busy that you’re nearly an hour late to a pack meeting.” He asked, that squinty questioning face of his staring back at me. “Stiles, I told you, I was doing stuff, you don’t need to worry about it!” I try to step into my house when I feel a strong arm wrap around my waist, pulling me back, making me gasp not only out of surprise but because of Theo’s open presence in front of my brother. “Hey, I’m stuff.” Theo so self-contentedly announced, a proud and devilish smirk on his face.

Just then I look up at Stiles, my face flushed bright red, heating up by the second the more I stood there with Theo beside me. Stiles’ eyes bounced back and forth between Theo and I, his stare lingering on Theo, his eyes narrowing at him. But once his line of sight meets with the dark hickey on Theo’s neck, he immediately grabs my arm and yanks me inside the house, slamming the front door closed in the process; leaving Theo outside on the porch to smirk to himself once he heard what Stiles had so obnoxiously yelled. “Y/N Stilinski, you are NEVER seeing that sparkly eyed demon again.”

Inspo for this imagine was a comic, you can find it here!

Writer’s Note: Sorry guys! I got a little side-tracked, but here it is! Thank you @lexsdesires for her amazing writing once again!

she’s so nice (M)

word count: 2.7k

genre: mild smut + angst ; asshole!hyungwon

pairing: reader/hyungwon (side reader/namjoon for a hot second)

summary: hyungwon’s in a local band and he gets all the girls, including yourself. the thing is, you know he’s shit but you’re just too nice to stop fooling around with him.

warning(s)/kink(s): oral sex, dirty talk, mild degradation, semi-abusive relationship, no strings attached relationship, basically hyungwon is an ass and he’s not afraid to show it don’t say i didn’t warn you

a/n: this is my entry/participation for mxwriter’s songfic project. the song i semi-quoted and used for inspiration is Pink Guy’s She’s So Nice. let me warn you, it is a very explicit song and i don’t agree with everything he says in it but i like it as a parody/joke song but it truly is really filthy-dirty-terrible and i no way condone the treatment he’s expressing in it but this is all fiction and i mean no harm in listening to it and writing this fic. i’ve sufficiently warned you so don’t come to me bitching about how this triggered you. thank you.

music: pink guy - she’s so nice


Being nice has its faults.

For starters, it’s how you got where you were right now:

On your knees sucking off the lead bassist and backup singer of the local hit band of your miniscule town.

They were well known in the area, halfway due to the fact that your grand little town’s population is a whopping number of 1,212, allowed just about everyone to see one of their performances at least once in their boring ass lives. It was one of the few highlights in this barren wasteland, you unfortunately had to say.

No one ever really stays here, it’s boring and most kids grow out of its minimal charms well past the time they hit puberty. So it’s no surprise that you only find entertainment in a few things; one of which was music so you always attended every show the group, No Mercy, performed. You were a known “groupie” of the band, along with the lead rapper’s girlfriend and the lead singer’s little brother.

The other?

Well, it was exactly what you were doing.

No better way to kill time than to fool around, right?

Hyungwon tugged at your hair, making you pull off him completely. He forced you to look up at him, lips slick and shiny in the low lights from being backstage. He smirked, loving how debauched you looked and he made quick remedy of his lapse in action by reattaching your mouth to his length. As your lips slid lower he groaned, letting his head roll back and fingers card into your hair deeper, keeping you at his base for a couple of seconds. While it burned your lungs due to the lack of airflow getting to you, it was Hyungwon’s favorite so you braced yourself to put up with it.

“Fuck, such a good girl for me, aren’t you?” Hyungwon drawled, easily aroused from just the sight of you on your knees, let alone with his entire dick inside your velvet-hot mouth. “Mmm, never met such a nice girl before…”

You see, Hyungwon wasn’t from this town originally.

He’d grown up in the big city, somewhere far away where movie stars and Broadway singers were born; nothing like the sad sack that was your own hometown. He came here his freshman year of high school because of his parents, something about his father getting the unfortunate transfer to this town. So he made due with what cards he was dealt, having been born with the blessing of a pretty face and a sharp enough tongue to keep himself afloat among the bullies and predators alike.

Luckily for his (current) bandmates, he had a knack for music so he was quickly welcomed by the young and hormonal teens that were the origins of No Mercy. Gunhee had thought Hyungwon was only a pretty face but Kihyun was sure they could make use of him, even if that was all he could bring to the table. Turns out they lucked out when Hyungwon got his hands on his uncle’s old bass and revealed what his nimble hands, elephant memory and innate ability to catch on quickly could manage.

He was secured a spot in the “exclusive” band that was guaranteed to get him some serious pussy. Their words, not yours.

They weren’t wrong though.

Being in the band, like you said, was a highlight. It meant you were special; different. Girls wanted that small sense of importance of going out or fucking a celebrity, albeit a local one. Anything to get a spark of adventure from an otherwise drab lifestyle.

These guys were the ones dads warned their daughters about, the ones that other guys fantasized being. In this town, they were the guys that trashed hotel rooms and had their faces on the news more times than you could count.

In this town, that counted for something.

“So fuckin’ nice, let me use you all I want,” Hyungwon continued, hips pumping forward in their own rhythm, slightly erratic and off-tempo which wasn’t usual for the otherwise musical male. He was probably close and you thought about pulling off and finishing him with your hand. But he had a thing for facials and you knew that’d be too damning since there was no way you’d get it all off before needed to head to a restroom to properly clean it off.

So you just sucked hard, brought your other hand up to rub his balls until you felt them tighten up and his fingers followed suit, keeping an iron grip in your hair as he emptied himself into your throat. It was slick and you nearly choked on it but you breathed through your nose and waited for the burn to die down before swallowing. Hyungwon groaned once more, a little too loud for your tastes, before finally letting go of you and you nearly fell back on your haunches from the recoil as his grip loosened.

He barely gave you enough time to swallow and wipe the excess spit and come around your mouth with the back of your hand by the time he was already zipped back up in his pants.

“Sweetheart, you’re the best stress reliever, you know that? Gotta head on stage now though, don’t wait up.” He was already up and out the door and you meekly waved goodbye, a gesture he’d probably never return.

You were just too nice to do anything or say anything about it. So that’s how it worked between you two. He’d want you to suck his dick or a quick fuck in the closest janitor’s closet you could find before a gig. And you’d let him. Every damn time.

○ ◐ ●

“Wasn’t that just incredible?” Eunwoo began, her eyes lit up like Christmas lights that were strung up too soon in the excitement of the now-tainted holiday. “It has to be one of their best shows! I can’t believe Kihyun and Wonho kissed onstage! We knew they had to be dating, they can’t deny it now!” Not like they were hiding it in the first place, they were practically giving people mono just from staring at their blatant PDA.

You nodded and let Eunwoo have her fun, knowing she was one of those girls that glamorized everything No Mercy did, whether it was good or bad or illegal or just downright wrong. She still can’t believe you’ve had Hyungwon inside you on multiple occasions, though she always seems to phrase it as if you two were some thing. As if it was more than just quick fucks on Monday mornings or him needing to taste you after fucking some brainless chick at an after party.

She had been so sure that Hyungwon looked at you during one of their more sensual songs, the slow lick of his bass making tingles rise up your spine as you watched what his deft fingers were capable of; more than just playing a bass, that’s for sure. But Hyungwon was definitely not looking at you, his eyes were on the girl who just turned 18 and was celebrating her birthday at this club, barely there tits popping out of her three-sizes-too-tight dress and making Hyungwon feel like he was a freshman all over again.

You knew you’d never get anything real out of Hyungwon, not like it’s something to be desired anyways. He’s a nobody when you get down to it, a one-hit-wonder in the industry of music. He’d probably never get out of this wormhole now, while you at least had a semblance of a chance to escape. He’d stay here and age terribly and watch as some new youngsters come in and steal his legacy and probably his bass too because no doubt they’ll be little criminals like themselves.

That’s the only way you can get through all this torture, you just had to convince yourself that you’ll get out eventually and he’ll just be a stamp in your passport; long forgotten and worn down by the time you actually do remember to look back at it.

Sighing, you let her believe whatever the fuck she wants as you downed the rest of your lukewarm beer, ignoring the disgusting taste that resembles the bitterness of your own apathy and the dewy condensation that clung to your fingertips.

○ ◐ ●

You were backstage, as usual, and the two main singers were already up to bat with their excessive displays of affection.

“Ki, could you at least wait until the rest of us leave before you shove your tongue down Hoseok’s throat?” You groaned as you literally watched their mouths break with a line of saliva between their lips, something straight out of a B-list porno or some shitty yaoi anime.

“Y/N, you need to get some dick man. Hyungwon might be available after he finishes giving that birthday girl her gift,” Kihyun joked, trying to give you a sly smile but getting intercepted by a sharp jab of Hoseok’s elbow against his ribcage.

“Don’t listen to him. I heard the bartender here is actually a pretty cool guy, if you wanna go see him?” Hoseok sweetly pieced his words together carefully, knowing he was already treading on a sensitive topic that his boyfriend so barbarically threw himself into. Hoseok hated what you got up to with Hyungwon, because he knew it was pointless; a hollow relationship at best.

Give it to Hoseok to always look out for you, like an older brother you never asked for but are happy to have been graced with anyways. You thanked him and allowed them to get back to their dirty antics while you scouted out this so-called cool bartender.

Seeing him still stationed at the bar, you perched upon the stool furthest from the stage, where a little light made you less washed out and the sounds of Kihyun and Hoseok making out were less audible.

Up strolled the bartender, right on cue, with a soft smile and warm brown eyes. When he grinned, little dimples toyed on his cheeks and you fought the urge to dip your digits into them just to see if they were as deep as they looked.

“Hey there gorgeous, what’re you craving?” His name tag read ‘Namjoon’ and you met his smile with your own, the feeling of the edges of your mouth tipping up feeling foreign and unfamiliar to you. It’d been so long since you’d smiled so grand, so genuinely.

This was what nice felt like.

“Well, I’m feeling particularly thirsty, so… maybe you?” You giggled—you never giggle, what was happening?—and Namjoon mirrored it with his own small laugh, something that was a lot higher-pitched and cuter than you would’ve pegged for such a strapping man like himself. It was fitting though, how warm his laugh sprouted from him, like he laughs every day, like clockwork; the sun coming up and descending with his chuckles. You wished you could be that happy.

“That was smooth, I’ll give you that. A round on me?” Namjoon offered, already holding up the bottle of brown liquor that you’re sure is either cinnamon or vanilla laced, the smell already so strong from where he held the bottle upright. You nodded and let the amber liquid fill the small glass he had in his other hand, momentarily letting your fingers graze his own when he handed it over.

“I’m not actually supposed to drink on the job, but I wouldn’t want a pretty lady like yourself to be drinking all by herself so,” He poured himself a glass and raised it to signal a toast, the sound of your glasses clinking resounding in your ears. It felt like New Year’s Eve, the impending countdown making you itch to reach over and kiss the closest person next to you. Which happened to be Namjoon, what a coincidence.

A few more drinks in, and you two were bantering like nothing. It turns out Namjoon is not only a great conversationalist, but he also an aspiring musician himself. He likes to listen in on the local talent, thinking about becoming a producer and maybe making songs for them to perform. It was a great dream to pursue, certainly more tasteful than Hyungwon’s own ‘I want to fuck a girl in every venue I ever perform in’ fantasy.

You looked down at your phone and realized that you’d been talking for nearly an hour, the time whirring past so fast because of how easy conversation between the two of you came. You were ready to ask Namjoon the golden question, the whole reason why you approached him in the first place. You leaned forward, letting your biggest puppy dog eyes come into play and you made sure to use your signature move of gently stroking Namjoon’s arm as you spoke.

“So, I was thinking if maybe you and I could—”

“Really Y/N? Already trying to find someone else all because I was busy?” Hyungwon came up from behind you, reaching for the remainder of your drink and downing the rest of it. He slammed the glass down harshly, making you worry that the glass might’ve cracked from the force. You flinched at the sound, Namjoon’s expression molding to one of confusion as his eyes skipped back and forth between Hyungwon and yourself.

“Listen, now you could stick with this chump and he might reward you with whatever shitty tips he made tonight or you could score with a real rock star and actually get to come tonight.” He pursed his lips and tapped his talented but most likely dirty fingers on the countertop of the bar. With one eyebrow cocked, he eyed you up and down before realizing you weren’t making a move to leave with him.

Fuck Hyungwon, you were having a perfectly nice time here with Namjoon. He knew how to respect you and treat you right and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and—

“I see how it is. Well, in that case,” Hyungwon was clearly unhappy, and it’s because he’s grown up as a spoiled brat. He always got what he wanted, including you. Partly because you were too damn nice to say no and partly because Hyungwon, as much as it pained you to admit, was a pretty good lay. He turned to Namjoon and gave him a sneer. “When you go down on her, tell me how my motherfucking dick tastes.” He chuckled and left without another word, leaving Namjoon gaping from his statement and you flushed out of embarrassment and maybe slight arousal.

It was because your body was nice too, that’s all.

“Man, am I sorry you have to deal with that prick. Just like the rest of them, gets discovered on a minor scale and they still get the biggest heads.” Namjoon reached for your hand and stroked the top with his thumb as he spoke in soft syllables. “Listen, I’d love to take you out sometime. I have to finish my shift and I’m working late tonight but,” He handed you a napkin with his number scrawled on it, just barely legible. “Call me sometime, okay? Don’t let guys like that,” He points his chin in Hyungwon’s direction as he’s seen chasing another skirt. “Get to you.”

You nodded and politely smiled before excusing yourself, heading to the back of the stage where you’d no doubt meet with any of the members that still remained before heading to whatever after party they’ve delegated they’ll appear at.

You’re met with an empty area, the boys already cleared out and having long forgotten you. It had been an hour and you were clearly getting along well with Namjoon, they probably assumed you’d be going home with him or he’d at least give you a ride to your own apartment. The only reason one member remained was because he was too busy fucking some girl in the less-than-hygienic bathroom here at the club.

“Well, well, well. It looks like someone struck out,” Hyungwon drawled from behind you, already snaking his arm around your waist. You tensed for a moment, feeling like prey trapped in the corner as the predator watches hungrily at their dinner helpless and at their disposal. “Guess you’ll have to come with me then.” He murmured into your ear, the feeling of his liquor laced breath warm against the shell of your ear. It wasn’t the warmth you felt with Namjoon, but you slowly began to realize something as Hyungwon led you away.

That kind of warmth doesn’t happen for people like yourself. Because you’re just too nice to give into that selfish feeling.

Looks like Hyungwon gets what he wants, like always.

18. “That was kind of hot.”

Note: I accidentally deleted the ask for this one! But, here you go!

It wasn’t often that Phil got mad. And, when he did, his usual way of responding to the situation was with a soft voice and calm demeanor.

But not today. Today, Phil was mad, and he was allowing himself to raise his voice and be… not so calm.

“You realize we could have gotten hurt, right?” He asked the new member of their management team, Laura. Had this woman been brand new to the business, he probably wouldn’t have reacted so harshly, but she had been a manager for over fifteen years at another company.

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anonymous asked:

can you do the deku unplanned pregnancy thing, but for bakugou and todoroki? Like them and their s/o are still in school (18 obv) and they didnt plan it at all

I hope you mean headcanons because that’s what I did for Deku (here)

  • If we’re being honest, Bakugou isn’t happy about it
    • He’s pissed at himself for probably forgetting a condom
    • He’s pissed at you for not keeping up with your birth control
    • He’s just angry at the situation … he’s not ready to be a father
  • The unexpected pregnancy will put a strain on your relationship, but Bakugou would never abandon you, and he isn’t planning on doing so. 
  • Bakugou takes a while to warm up to the situation.
    • He still loves you, but he needs time to process the magnitude of the situation, so he might shut himself off for a few days. 
  • He becomes intensely protective of you
    • You cannot go anywhere without him. Don’t even try it.
  • Bakugou acts like he hasn’t read every single book on pregnancy, but you know better.
    • “Oi, dumbass, stop that. It’s bad for the baby.” / “Oh, yeah? Where’d you hear that?” / “I fucking read i—”
  • Just during your pregnancy, Bakugou has read enough pregnancy and gynecology books to a gynecologist for you.  
    • “That shitty-ass doctor doesn’t know anything.” / “You think?” / “That dumbass isn’t taking your nausea seriously enough. He didn’t run a single fucking test. Negligent prick. It could be nothing, but it could be something serious. We’re changing doctors.”
  • The best thing out of your pregnancy (besides his kid, of course) is your wild sex-drive. Bakugou will never complain when you jump his bones as soon as he walks through the door. 

  • Todoroki takes it better than you’d expect
    • Both of you are still young and still in school, 
    • He’s shocked but he’s glad it’s with you.
  • Todoroki is really on top of things
    • He likes to schedule the doctor’s appointments, drive you there, ask questions, read books about pregnancy
    • Whenever the two of you are home together, he stays in the same room as you, keeping an eye on you 
    • Todoroki also has come to enjoy making you snacks. He’s finally got the ratio of hot sauce to icecream just right (don’t ask).
  • He is a bit awkward around you at first. His touches are hesitant. He would be devastated if he accidentally hurt your or his child. 
  • Todoroki refuses to touch your stomach with his left hand.
    • It takes a lot of calm and patient coaching to get him over his fear, but he eventually comes around
  • Now he can’t keep his hands off you
    • He loves the feeling of your round stomach underneath his fingertips.