and he was pretty useful


Too Close for Comfort

[Imagine Squad Cuddles]

It was freezing.

It was below 20 degrees, one of your shoes were missing, and the jacket you wrapped yourself in was as thin a paper. It wasn’t just you, though. Your girlfriend—should you even call her that—was in worse shape. Her outfit was thinner and covered less skin. You wrapped your arms around her and held her close, trying to get her to the point where she wasn’t shivering so much. The rest of the team was looking for heat in any way they could, except Diablo. He was basically fire. You weren’t the only one eying the guy. He seemed pretty content on not using his powers or getting anywhere close to you guys (he didn’t want to hurt anyone). Nevertheless, everyone (but him) was on the verge of hypothermia.

Harley nuzzled her face into the crook of your neck. For her. “Firecracker, do me a favor and come here for a moment…” Everyone jumped, the silence that had covered the team for the last hour now broken. Diablo eyed you for a moment. He gave a slight nod and stood up from his corner. The moment he was in arms reach, you grabbed him and pulled him down. Harley giggled the heat from his body already warming her up. You held him there, arms wrapped tightly around his waist and sighed. “Much better-“ You looked past him and at the shivering team- “You guys can join if you want.”

Diablo struggled in your grasp in protest, but it was already too late. Boomer-ho came crashing down beside the three of you and snuggled up close (honestly, it was more of an excuse to be close to you). Croc was next. He settled himself down beside Harley and moved in close, careful not to crush her. Floyd was the only one who didn’t make a move.

“Y’all must be crazy if you think I’mma join your cuddle fest.”

“C’mon, it’s nice ‘n warm!” You grinned. George made a sound of agreement, Croc gave a soft grunt, and Diablo sighed.

“Don’t be such a party pooper…” Harley spoke, the words tired and soft. She wasn’t doing so well.

Floyd eyed the group for a moment before he sighed. He pushed himself off the cold wall and slowly inched towards you guys. He lowered himself down besides, careful not to be too close to the guy. George bit his cheek from grinning as he grabbed the mercenary and pulled him into the group.

“Why yo-“

“Shhh..” You breathed out, leaning into Harley. “No fighting or you’re kicked from the “cuddle fest”.”

Floyd groaned inwardly and slowly relaxed into it.

It was better than freezing to death.

DATE: AUG. 27 2016
NOTES: I just woke up ayyy

I don’t view Enchantress, Katana, nor Rick part of the squad. Enchantress is on a different level than them. Katana works and isn’t forced to for Waller. Rick is basically the Squad’s handler :/

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He kind of is, in a way!

The way I headcanon/think of it is, after he was corrupted, Jack asked Barry to take him to Earth (because Barry ruled Earth at the time). Barry agreed, and then later, after he’d been “shattered” and when Jack took his place, Jack realized that now he could make as many trips to Earth as he wanted. So he used that to go and see Sam pretty often.

If/when Jack joins the CGs, I think that Dan could heal Sam for him (like Centipeetle).

So he kind of is in the role of Centipeetle!

(I’m currently writing a fic sort of based around Sam getting healed…sort of as a sequel to that fic I wrote about my take on how he got corrupted in the first place.)

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how about them reacting to episode 24 (theangsttrainchoochoo)

Ichi: Matsuno.. you..!

Jyushi: ..Jyushimatsu-niisan.. told me about this.. and I.. don’t think.. this is a topic.. we should be talking about..

Todo: ..And he’s always telling us some pretty damn good advice..

Choro: ..When he himself is the one who can’t listen to what is real..

Kara: I think it’s best that we.. drop this one for the time being- Oso?

Oso: …

Kara: Are you..?

Oso: I won’t.. stop any of you.. if you do.. plan to leave me.. as well.. 

Jyushi: Oso-niisan..?

Oso: … I’m sorry.. that.. other me.. hurt you.. Jyushi..

Ichi: You don’t have to apologize for his actions! He hurt Jyushimatsu, not you!

Oso: I can.. because..I am him.. and.. he is me too..


“I know anything bad ever happens to me, I hope you’re in my corner too.”

Agents Antoine Triplett and Jemma Simmons in 1.14 : T.A.H.I.T.I.


Seokmin’s super cute unique way to greet girls

while Jack is busy running across Samwell in his graduation gown..

Alicia Zimmermann finds her husband in the crowd, her eyes bright and excited.

‘Husband, I have a question.’

‘Wife, I have good news. Do you want to go first?’

‘No, it can- wait, where is The Son. He was with you a minute ago.’

‘That’s the good news. I’m pretty sure he went to fetch us a son-in-law.”




‘Do you even need to ask.’

‘This is great! I’ve been wanting to spoil Eric ever since Jack mentioned his pies. I’ve seen a wonderful recipe card holder on Etsy that would look beautiful on Jack’s kitchen counters. I can’t wait till Christmas. Do you think Shitty will be jealous’’

‘Not if you give him that flask engraved with Harvard Law you showed me.’

‘Having more than one kid is complicated. You have to spoil them equally.’

‘So, you had a question?’

‘YES. Can I add someone to the list.’

‘You know you get five.’

‘But- number five is Jodie Foster! I can’t kick her out!’

‘Who do you have in mind?’

‘Who do you THINK I’ve been chatting up the whole afternoon.’

‘…Wife, I don’t think it’s a good-’

‘Husband. Do you really think I would endanger my son’s career like that. I would wait a year before seducing Georgia Martin.’

‘From what I know of the NHL, you could wait three months, honey.’

‘*gasp!* This is our son’s career! I would wait AT LEAST six months!’

‘Oh, look, she’s coming over. Try not to giggle.’

‘GEORGIA! Hey! Looks like Jack disappeared, we have some time to kill. Do you want to walk around the lake?’

You guys know what I want to see?

Shiro, who presumably knows Japanese to some degree and grew up knowing about Japanese culture.

The rest of the team knows about this.

At one point Lance runs out of insults towards Keith(‘Dropout’ really doesn’t have the same bite to it when Keith reminds him that the only reason he dropped out was problems with authority and really Lance didn’t you crash the simulator like some five odd times are we really going there) so he’s looking for better ones

Coran and Allura refuse to teach him any more Altean curse words after he proved incapable of using them correctly

Everyone is pretty sure Hunk is too innocent to curse

Pidge is a literal 14 year old and he does not want to destroy her innocence

So Lance goes to Shiro and asks him to teach him some Japanese curse words. Shiro agrees.

…But Keith knows Japanese to a degree, too, he was friends with Shiro before Kerberos and spent some time learning yet another language from him

And Lance knows this so he knows that Keith will understand exactly what he’s saying

So when Lance gets in Keith’s face and yells 'lotion’ in Japanese, Keith is rightfully confused

He is kind of in shock like “what the hell Lance” But Lance takes it as him being appalled and offended and keeps going

He is under the impression that he’s cursing Keith out and to be fair on his side it really does sound like curse words to him

But on Keith’s side, he’s hearing “onion conditioner lozenge paper university bubbly gel pen”

And he’s starting to understand exactly what has happened and he’s trying not to lose it

So when Lance finally is out of breath and looking at him in triumph and Keith is holding back laughter he finally manages to choke out something like “are you finished?”

And Lance just glares at him, and quietly hisses the last phrase Shiro taught him, which he was TOLD was the rough equivalent of telling him his hair looks ridiculous

…But it’s actually like two or three different variations of 'I love you’ strung together

And Keith just goes bright red and walks away completely silent because how the hell is he supposed to respond to that

Lance suddenly thinks he might have overdone it

…And from the hallway outside of where they were arguing, Shiro is cackling like a hyena

You two are best friends and get caught doing skinship (BTS)

Rap Monster: -he would be scrolling though photos that people took of you two. He always liked how people thought there was something more between you two- “these are pretty good pictures of us Y/N” 

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Jin: -he teased you about it, you two had always been like that with each other.- “Looks like they caught us Y/N”

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Suga: -he didn’t understand why people made a big deal out of it. You were doing nothing more than acting how you normally did- “I didn’t think putting my head in your lap would cause this much trouble”

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J-Hope: -he thought it was cute that people thought there was more than just friendship going on between the two of you- “I mean we’re cute but we’re just cute friends”

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Jimin: -you told him about how people got a picture of you two holding hands. He wasn’t sure what you meant because it was normal- “but we always do that stuff what’s the deal?”

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V: -he always threw himself around on you. So seeing you looking through pictures of the two of you together was normal- “I like how you care what people think”

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Jungkook: -he felt happy about it because you two did it often and never had pictures of the two of you together to show you did it- “we have a cute friendship right?”

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also more re: shattering stereotypes abt deforest kelley

back when he lived in long beach (1938-1940s) he was a ladies’ man, and he knew it about himself too. he would take careful care of his appearance, and anytime he passed a mirror he would always preen in it. when he began at the long beach cinema club, he immediately became the ladies’ favorite. keep in mind that back then he would sleep/live on the beach, which had him extremely tanned and the sun bleached his hair to a golden brown. he was the definition of a pretty boy lmao… also he used his charm for his own good too he was broke af back then so he’d bat his eyelashes at restaurant owners and get free meals lol

Right now. While I give thanks to Suga for that fucking lit af mixtape, i wanna put a few things in order so we don’t forget what’s really important here:

1. Yoongi or Agust D boy has worked hard on this please please don’t just praise him blindly. Criticise him. Give him constructive criticism.

2. He’s used a pretty mature theme but THIS IS NOT ENCOURAGEMENT TO BECOME AN R RATED FAN keep your needs in your pants and out of their feed please and thank you.

3. He’s spent money and time and created 10 lovely songs and produced them and PUT. THEM. UP. FOR. FREE. Please respect his efforts and don’t take it lightly.

4. Praise all the korean-english speakers who will be subbing and bring eng lyrics to his mixtape. I love you guys. I owe you my life and allegiance.


6. Don’t. Demand. Others. To. Do. Things. Just. Cuz. Suga. Did.

Thats all im going to have a listening party now bye. AMRY’S THIS IS OUR LUCKY DAY YAALLLL.

P.s exo-l’s, Starlights, blackjacks, VIPs,ahgases and every other fandoms- you are all welcome to the party but don’t rain on the AMRY’s parade ok?


you know, if you were a cowboy you’d wear a black goddamn hat

Happy Birthday, @streussal!

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hey, so I know you're very anti snape and so am I, but my mum really likes him and I'm bad at discussing things with her because i always lose. maybe you could list some things why snape is an asshole, I can show her, so she might see that he should not be a favorite character??

  • he was cruel for no reason, we can see this in the way that he treats petunia when they are young, harry, neville, ron, hermione (and pretty much all of his students) even lily 
  • he uses his authority position as a teacher to abusive his students - again, we can see this in every interation of him with any of the students besides the slytherins 
  • he was specially cruel to neville so lets talk about it for a moment: neville had his parents tortured until madness by death eaters and still the biggest fear of this poor boy was snape, a school teacher 
  • how about the time that he threatened to kill neville’s pet because he was too stupid in his class?
  • he was constantly mocking hermione’s looks, again, a school teacher bullying a student
  • he also was constantly mocking harry’s dead parent, how sensitive 
  • snape did everything that he could to make harry’s life miserable because it was his way to have his revenge against james
  • a fucking 30 years old guy psychologically abusing a kid because he couldn’t let it go his hate about a dead person
  • we know that snape was a fan of the dark arts, we can see that from his potions book filled with dark spells that himself invented
  • we also know that snape always wanted to teach dada and dumbledore always refused because he was afraid that it would urge his dark side again 
  • in book 7 is very clear that snape was involved with the dark arts and the death eaters since school and he actually like it - see his conversation with lily in the prince’s tale - 
  • we have things in the books that suggest that he didn’t like muggle - the way that he talks about his dad and lily’s family - so I’m pretty confidente that he chose to be a death eater because he truly believed in voldemort’s views 
  • he went to voldemort’s side despite the fact that the girl that he “loved” was a target of his war
  • its pretty clear in the books - again look in book 7 his conversations with dumbledore - that he was ascending as a death eater in the first war, voldemort’s was picking him as his right hand. That indicates that he was doing a pretty good job at being a really bad person, he might have killed or tortured muggles, is not a impossible scenery
  • yes, he became a spy for dumbledore but not because he started to see what was right or wrong, but because he was feeling guilty about lily’s death
  • and lets be honest that snape had lily’s blood on his hand, he rushed to tell voldemor’ts about the prophecy
  • and everything would had been ok to him if voldemort’s had choosen the longbottoms 
  • snape didn’t care that a family would be massacred
  • the only reason why it was not ok is because it was lily 
  • don’t forget that snape asked voldemort to kill james and harry but not lily, he didn’t even blink before asking voldemort to kill her family…he didn’t care for harry and james even if it was her family
  • i’m sorry but that isn’t love for me 
  • every single “good” action of him after lily’s death was moved not for regret, not for realizing that what voldemort does is wrong, not for being a good person.. he was feeling guilty because he knew that her death was in great part his fault
  • snape was brave? sometimes, yes. But he was also cruel, selfish and resentful 
  • snape is an amazing character? fuckying yeah. Was he a good person? absolutly fucking not 
  • being a good character with a complex and sad background doesn’t make him a good person, in the end all that matter is your choices and how you decide to act and snape always chose to be a big fucking asshole

tfw your friend links you a post you linked them ages ago and you stare at the blog for a good half an hour, getting creeped the fuck out because you swear you’ve seen this all before and their tags are exactly the kind of tags you’d use and the content matches your interests exactly, before very belatedly realizing that this is your blog, and you just plain old forgot it existed