and he was like yh ill see..

i think chris’ new video is really important on several levels. i mean, on how youtube has changed, but also on personality and confidence in yourself??? kind of?? like he was saying that he tries to be funny all the time but really he just wants to connect and idk about any one else but recently, in response to me talking about my anxiety when talking to people, i was told that i dont have to be funny all the time. and that was news to me. anyway. i started watching this video thinking it was a continuation from his second most recent one, which was actually really painful to watch because you could see him trying to put on an act and denying himself the right to be himself i guess??? anyway, i was watching this new one and thinking “this is good, i prefer this to the other one” but thinking that the previous was still viewed as ok by him i guess?? idk. and then he said that the previous one was a mistake as well and that was confirmation that he understands. and yh he talked about how everything went wrong and how hes coming back and i nearly cried tbh oops but yes. this is what i like to see.