and he was like yeah do you have a picture taker

FILLED REQUEST: the manual, a young love! park jihoon au

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pairing: park jihoon x reader
genre: fluff, angst
wordcount: 2779
summary: Park Jihoon has always done things by the book. When your life intertwines with his, he finds himself wishing there were a manual for love.
warnings: none
(as per the request, this is vaguely inspired by eddy kim’s the manual! cross-posted on ao3.) 

The first time Park Jihoon really notices you is when you leave a note in his locker, asking to see him in your classroom after class hours. You’re both freshmen at Seoul’s premium performing arts high school, and barely two months of the school year have passed. Jihoon already dreads the awkward confrontation, but is too polite—and too unwilling to make enemies—to turn you down.

“Park Jihoon,” you say, your ears blazing red, “I like you.”

He asked around about you before coming here, finding the typical background: kid from the provinces, looking for a company to enter as a trainee, multi-talented. Unlike most of the others, however, you take your studies seriously, and naturally attract the other academically inclined students in your class. Bossy, blunt, and forward—not really words to describe an idol personality.

“Um,” he says, trying to find the words to say. You’re watching him with a calculating look on your face, and he swears you can see right through the bullshit consoling words he’s about to spout. Instead, he says, “I think we’d be great friends.”

And you shrug, closing your eyes before smiling at him. “It was worth a shot. You mean it?” Jihoon is surprised to find he does, that in a school full of fake smiles and soulless civility, your honesty is refreshing. When he nods, you come closer and shake his hand to seal the deal.

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8 Favourite (Colin Morgan enthused) Observations from “Gloria”

Yes. I have seen/will have seen Gloria eight whole times by the end of its current run at Hampstead Theatre. Geez, Becca, what do you want? A friggin’ medal? Shut up already.

Just before I do that though (hooray)… lets put this fangirl moment to rest, at last, with a bloody good list of good things… 

These are my eight favourite (Colin Morgan related and enthused) observations so far (two shows to go, so CAUTION… there may have to be additions);

Trying not to give away too many spoilers and to those who’ve not read the play it might seem a little vague but it doesn’t matter… nobody’s reading this lol.

In no particular order;

1) This Charming Man - I have utterly convinced myself that Colin Morgan is a Smiths and Stone Roses fan, based on the fact they feature on “Dean’s” desk, right next to a poster for “Beetlejuice”. Coincidence, I think not. I suspected he might be a man of good taste and this pretty much confirms it.

2) Always the professional - One night, when I can only assume the entire cast were high on something because the energy was crazy, a slight mishap occurred. Colin/Dean was at the desk, he slammed it or something and the partition fell, he genuinely just shouted “Fuck”… keeping calm and moving on he made up some line and continued as usual. There was one tiny brief moment where I was pretty sure they were all going to crack up laughing but not Colin. No way. He was still Dean. Still pissed off and trying to do some work. Love it.

3) “I always liked your Twitter” rant - The first two times I saw “Gloria” were before press night and I must confess I much preferred the Twitter rant from those versions. After press night the “tweet tweet tweet” and repeat rant was a little more playful and relaxed even. Or at least, from what I saw after press night. Before press night there was a slight echo of the Dean that was to come with the Twitter rant. It was slightly more unhinged, for one he was standing and would follow Kendra, invading the old personal space ploy. 

I seem to recall the second time he absolutely belted the last “Tweet” and that, for me, was a very effective warning that something angrier is lurking inside of Dean that was going to reach a particularly intense conclusion later on.

4) I see what you did there - This one is more retrospective because I didn’t quite realise it at the time. I was in the front row and next to me some fool decided to get her phone out to take a photograph or two. I’m thinking should I just punch her in the face and get this over with? (I’m not really that aggressive but it was bloody annoying). I didn’t need to do anything though because Colin had it under control. Like a boss. It was this scene, as pictured above, not by her I should point out.

She raised the phone, got him into shot and guess who did something he’s never done before or since? Colin turned and walked back towards his desk, ruining her shot, only to turn back and stand there by Ani’s desk again. At this point she’s given up because she can’t predict his movements and it’s hilarious. I’ve not seen him do that before or since so, as I realised a bit later, he did that on purpose. It gives me great pleasure to announce the winner of Colin Morgan vs Disrespectful photo taker… is… Colin Morgan!

5) American Psycho - The first time I watched “Gloria” I was convinced Colin Morgan sounded exactly like Christian Bale in (that excellent film) American Psycho. Since then it’s bordering more Jesse Eisenberg and someone else whom I can’t quite figure out. One day it’ll come to me. On this note, can I just point out for a man with a thick accent of his own, I think it’s incredible that not even ONCE has his accent slipped. Not even for a second have I heard Colin… it’s just been Dean and Devin the whole time. 

6) Calling China - I think the first joke in the play that convinced me I was bloody in love with it was Dean’s “Calling China” line. A line that actually I’ve heard delivered differently and after reading the play… is somewhat different. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Dean say several times “You called China FOR something” and on a few other times I’ve heard “You called China OR something”. The latter is how it’s written in the play text. Personally I think “FOR” works better, it suits Dean to assume Kendra’s definitely on the phone to China rather than allow room for interpretation with the “OR” something. Only a writer would deliberate for twenty solid minutes about the differences of one word of dialogue.

7) Be cool Becca… okay fine… just be a twat then - The first Saturday night of the run me and my friend were enjoying a drink outside the theatre when the man himself randomly turned the corner. There he was, totally hiding underneath a hat, he had “please don’t recognise me” written all over his face. So I let him walk by but rather shamefully couldn’t do that without watching his every step as he walked by. In retrospect that was properly uncool and though he probably couldn’t care less if he was here, I’d say… I’m sorry Colin, I didn’t mean to be uncool and it’s nice that you didn’t stop to say “Yo bitch, you wanna stop staring at me? I’m not on the stage right now!”  

8) That’s gonna leave a mark - I’m going to finish with the general observation that I’m stunned Colin has not sustained a serious injury from this play. I’d tell him break a leg but he might do that. There’s the obvious moment of potential injuries during the climatic events of the end of the first half. Where I’ve seen Colin smash into the partition and fall onto the floor right on his back. If it didn’t hurt him it certainly hurt me just watching. Not just this moment though. A few times, right at the very beginning, I’ve seen Colin crash into the desk, the chair base and the pedestal. And yet, the only time the set really defeated him was the time he randomly cut his finger. It’s all that paper everywhere… deadly. 

I suspect they had to up their insurance after that.

Until the next time Mr Colin Morgan… thanks for the lols, the tears and the feels. Not literal feels, that would be slightly misleading. I meant feelings, as in emotions yeah. Just clarifying. 

So hooray, you thought it would never end but here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The End.

Different (Tom Holland x Reader)

Summary: You run in to Tom (literally) at San Diego Comic-Con as he’s heading to a panel, soon finding out that celebrities aren’t as different as they seem.
Requested: Nope
Word count: 2020
A/N: So I wrote this and absolutely hated it, but one of my friends read it and seeing her reaction in person made me realize it wasn’t so bad. She continued to encourage me to post it, and what better day than on Tom’s birthday? Hope y'all enjoy!

Please do not copy, repost, or take credit for any of my writing without contacting and receiving my consent beforehand. Thank you.

As you made your way through the crowd at San Diego Comic Con, looking for a familiar face, or a booth that held interesting merch, you ran into someone. It’s wasn’t a little bump into them or anything either, you full on ran into each other, your face directly into his chest, and your few papers on the ground.

“I’m so sor-” you began to say, when you realized who it was, and you stared at him, awestruck.

“No, really, I’m the one who should be sorry, I was the one who wasn’t paying attention.”

You bent down to pick up the papers you had dropped, and stood back up to face him, suddenly shy. You didn’t miss the brief moment he took to check you out, and you could feel the temperature in the already hot and humid room somehow rising even more, as a blush rose to your face.

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A-Z NSFW: Dino

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A = Aftercare 

The actual baby of the group sheesh I feel like you’d have to check and make sure he was okay afterwards jk. Being so used to being the one taken care of, Dino would probably fumble a lot and have to be told what exactly to do. I don’t think aftercare with Dino will be necessarily due to pain, but more just to clean each other up, usually it’s a shower together rather than a wipe down. Plus the warm water is double the relaxation after sex. 

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

Maybe it’s just because of your reaction to it, but Dino’s pick is his thighs. They’re a very…helpful body part he uses to his advantage against you, and it’s both amusing and extremely arousing seeing you squirm and moan just from his muscle. As for his partner, he’s in favor of your mouth. Aside from being a very affectionate lover, many kisses will be shared, Dino’s a huge fan of what it can do, and the sinful sounds that escape those pretty lips. Just that alone is enough to make his pants uncomfortable. 

C = Cum 

Being younger, Dino’s not very conscious about post clean up sex while he’s in the middle of it. It’s all fun and games until it’s over and someone has to clean his mess up. Dino’s got some fixation with finishing on your thighs on stomach, so maybe that’s a gift as it’s semi easy to clean up afterwards. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 

Listen…we all do it, don’t lie. But who’s going to point blank tell their lover they’ve rubbed one out in the bathroom to one of their selfies? Literally no one. It’s not weird but Dino’s certainly not going to confess that, that’s for sure. 

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
I don’t see a world where a boy that’s gone through puberty hasn’t discovered porn, maybe if you’re Amish…Experience is non-existent with Dino, but he definitely knows what he’s up to. He’s got pretty much everything to know packed in that little mind of his, he just needs a willing volunteer to test his knowledge on…

F = Favorite position

Being new in the game, I can imagine him being very experimental with positions, trying anything he’s already seen before to see what the different feel is. but by far his favorite is handing over the reigns and letting you ride him. Gives him a great view and frees his hands up for wandering.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Sex with Dino is just going to be a mess tbh. Not a serious moment in the whole darn thing. It’s completely lighthearted and full of comfort and stress to be a certain way is nonexistent. 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
I don’t see him being very concerned with hair down there unless it’s an issue with his partner. Maybe once or twice he’s groomed it just for the fck of it but in general, Dino leaves the downstairs alone and let’s it do it’s own thing. 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

To start off, I don’t think Dino’s the most romantic lover in the bedroom, he’s eager to get to it, have fun together, no stress, he’s not worried about playing this romance role that he applies more to his non-sexual relationship. He’s more lovey and affectionate during aftercare/post sex than during. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

C’mon now, what teenage boy doesn’t jerk it, let’s not be naive. Hormones are high, most of the time it’s him sneaky off and being locked away, with thoughts of the last time he was with his love, the images and sounds vivid in his mind and bringing him to cloud 9 faster than he’d expect. But that’s just the immense effect his love has on him and his body. 

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Dino’s pretty tamed for the most part in the realm of kinks, nothing really apparent or crazy swimming through his head. If there’s anything, he’s a switch, with a slight praise kink, going both ways, he loves hearing you breathless and moaning about how good it feels, how good he makes you feel, and the same for him. Knowing he’s making you feel good, and seeing the effects he has on you just takes him to new heights of pleasure. 

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

While he is kind of a little shit in messing around with you, Dino knows better than to tempt fate with taking sex outside of the bedroom, aside from the few times he’s sneaked off to his lovers home instead of the dorm. The shower is usually the most scandalized place he manages to get you in to. But hey, the bedroom’s fine. Privacy, and a soft bed, what’s to complain about?

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Being younger with prime hormones, it’s not terribly hard to turn Dino on. It’s almost the easiest thing to do in the world, and he resents that. A soft kiss on his neck, a quick tug at his hair, 
a sneaky hand squeezing his thigh, and he’s gone overboard. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Dino’s pretty firm on his stands on different sex things, he’s made them very obvious in the relationship when talking about experimenting with things; he laid out his lines and you laid out yours. He’s not here for any pain thing, he’s not hitting or choking or harming you in any way, degrading terms are a no-go, and most power play things aren’t touched; oppa, sir, master, etc. It’s not his game. 

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Oral is a favorite of Dino’s, he just favors making you squirm and moan in any way he can, be that with his thigh, fingers, or mouth, he doesn’t care. He’s particularly skilled with his mouth and the little bugger knows it, you best beg for mercy.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

Dino fluctuates most of the times, every time is different, there’s no predicting what he’s going to do until you’re there. Either he’s completely wild, fast and hard thrusts. Or he’s slows it down, exchanging his rough pace to lay with you, skin against skin, and slowly rolling his hips into yours, kissing you tenderly. Or he’ll throw it all in at once, starting fast, and changing to a painfully slow pace just to tease you and push you to the edge without giving you that final shove you crave.  

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Quickies aren’t a particular favorite in Dino’s book, but he’s not opposed to them at all. He’d rather take a few minutes with you rather than having to wait all day until you have time for proper sex. He’s not very picky in that sense, but he’s not a huge fan of quickies. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Dino’s more of an experimenter than a risk taker, he confines everything to the bedroom, everything is private between you and him. But as for trying out different positions, stimulation, etc, generally he’s down to try unless he’s 100% not into the idea of it. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Being young, I don’t see him lasting insanely long. I think he pops off fairly quickly, if he plays his cards right he can stretch it out to maybe 10 minutes, but usually it’s 5-8 mins. But the advantage is Dino’s also ready to go again fairly fast, if you want, he can push out two or three rounds if he’s given time to recuperate afterwards. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Being a newbie to the world of toys, I don’t see Dino delving too much into that for a while, he’s pretty confident he can do anything better than any toy. He’s got hands to hold you down, who needs handcuffs? As far as he’s concerned, he’s got a tongue, fingers, and cock, who needs a dildo? “I’m the best toy you’ll every find, why even look?”

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Dino’s pretty unmerciful in the bedroom, he’s kind of a little shit like that. Mercy is certainly what you’ll beg for, from foreplay to oral to the actual sex, he draws it out as much as possible until you’re as sensitive as him, as close to the edge as him, as pleasured as him, and until you are, he’s not going to finish you off.  

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Dino’s super, insanely sensitive, I don’t see any scenario sex with him will be quiet. It’s not over the top loud, if you stand outside the door, you’re going to know exactly what’s happening, but neighbors won’t be hearing Dino’s low moan when he finally sinks in your heat or his sharp gasps every time you roll your hips against his. He’s pretty vocal, cursing about how warm you are, or how good it feels, harder! faster! He’s not a silent guy. 

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Knowing Dino’s pretty inexperienced, it’s a pretty big shock just how much he knows how to do. He may have never had a chance to test it, but he’s able to apply what he knows very quickly; having your toes curling, back arching, and grasping at him for dear life in minutes. Lessons were learned, don’t underestimate the eager to please Dino. 

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
He’s not the scrawniest of boys, but he’s kind of small in my mind? Pushing more like 4.5-5″ and just a hint on the thicker side. But that whole motion in the ocean is real my children, and he’s an eager boy, don’t you worry about that. It’s gonna be a fun ride, don’t doubt that. 

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

Dino’s pretty young, hormones are still running wild, you know that boy is ready to pop off at a seconds notice. I can imagine he’s so handsy at any given time, he just can’t help but touch and have some form of contact until he can get you alone. So yeah…it’s pretty high lol.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Of course he falls asleep fast af, are you kidding me? Put the youngin through that work out and he’s ready to tap out for a nap. Dino’s extremely clingy after sex, so if you think you’re sneaking off when he’s about passed out, you’ve got another thing coming. He’s not letting you out his arms until he wakes up again, and probably not even after that. Have fun with the cuddle bear. 

Family To Visit

Title: Family To Visit

Characters: Lawyer!Sam, Dean, and Reader

Word Count: 3,300(ish)

Warnings: Talk of cannibalism and a Supernatural style hunt

A/N: This is my submission for @death2thevirgin‘s Cassie’s Classics Challenge. My quote was, “A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.” Silence of the Lambs, 1991. Enjoy!!!

“Mr. Harris, are you saying that despite an intimate knowledge of Ms. Meyer’s home and her routine, in addition to having no solid alibi and your car being parked across the street from her home at the time of her murder, you had nothing to do with it?”

“No, I did not.”

“And you still deny any connection between the fact that you have several articles in your home detailing cannibalistic rituals and the fact that this woman was eaten.”

“I told you, I like to write horror novels, it was for research. What kind of sick person eats someone?”

“Right, of course, you’re a writer. A writer that has no published works or anything in their home to actually suggest they write.”

“That’s because I’m still in the research phase!” The judge ordered Mr. Harris to remain seated on the stand and Sam Winchester, the prosecuting lawyer, moved back to his table, organizing his notes.

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Behind The Story - Pt.9 (JIB Special)

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend (fiancé) and also a cast member of the show. Part specials of them having a great time at JIB. 

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 1.2k+

Warnings: Fluff.

Beta: @waywardlullabies


A/N: Thanks for the good feedback on the twitter updates I will keep doing more of those. Hope you guys like, feedback is always appreciated it ♥


Parts: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 0708

You stood next to Daniela while Jensen answered questions in his solo panel. One of the staff members strolled in with the bottle of whiskey you personally requested for Jensen. You gave her a thankful smile when she handled the bottle and glass.  

“I can pour it, if you want,” She offered.

You shook your head with a smile, “it’s okay, I got it.”

You proceed to pour some of the strong liquor Jensen liked to call ‘apple juice’ into the glass. Your eyes went up to see Jensen on his way to pour himself some water. In that moment Daniela called him, making him turn around to see you standing there with the glass of whiskey on your hand.

“Oh, yes - I was about to pour some stupid water.”

Jensen said through his mic on his way to you and then went back to the middle of the stage. He hissed a little when he took the first swig of the booze. You chuckled softly.

“Thanks for the apple juice, hun,” Jensen said through his mic.

A mic was handled to you, “Anytime.”

Suddenly the crowd started to shout and cheer. You saw some cameras pointing your way, waving your hand, you smiled for them. Jensen turned his head, flashing a grin towards you.

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Tattoo Shop

Originally posted by violate4always

Pairing: Kyle Spencer x reader
Warnings: swearing
Fandom: American Horror Story
Summary: the reader is a rather shy person who meets Kyle while he’s at the tattoo place with his friends. Enjoy!

To how you got dragged into this tattoo shop was beyond you.
“Remind me why you’re doing this?” You asked your best friend Jess as the tattooer prepared to get started on the butterfly tattoo she wanted.

Jess laughed “because I can”.

You sighed at this response. You personally weren’t interested in getting a tattoo but you had to admit, you admired how much of a risk taker Jess was. You wished you had the courage to do something just for the sake of doing it and experiencing something new.

Becoming bored of discussing this topic your eyes started to wonder around the shop. Obnoxious laughter caught your attention. In one part of the shop was a group of boys. They must have been frat boys judging by there shirts and jackets.

You made a face as you heard some of the disgusting words escaping there lips. Why must all guys only think about sex? Perhaps that’s why you didn’t have a boyfriend yourself, because all the boys your age were dick heads.

As you examined the group your eyes accidentally met a pair of brown ones. You gulped wanting to disappear immediately. The guy the eyes belonged to wasn’t bad looking. He had playful eyes, a nice face, and curly blonde hair that you’d love to run your fingers through. He shot you a smile, a genuine, cheeky, friendly smile.

Part of you wanted to either smile or wave back but instead you looked away, not even giving him a hint to if you acknowledged or appreciated his grin.

Jess who was somehow able to witness all this gave you a look that said “what the fuck are doing? Say something!”.

You sighed wishing you could in fact do that but just the thought of going up to this very attractive boy and saying hi made you want to vomit.

“Pussy” the word made you turn back around.

“Shut up man” the blonde said brushing off his friends comment.

Yet again he looked at you making your cheeks go red. It was obvious now he was examining you on purpose but why? You weren’t usually the first girl people looked at. Jess who always wore a confident smile on her face and wasn’t afraid to interact with people was the person everyone was interested in. However for the first time someone’s full attention was on you and this made you anxious.

“Go on you fucking chicken” another guy called to the blonde.

He sighed with a laugh “alright alright I’m going”.

You had thought his friends were talking about him getting a tattoo because he like you didn’t seem to be getting one. But to your great shock and terror he started to walk toward you. Panic stricken you tried desperately to act as if you were looking at the pictures on the wall.


You turned to look at him but your eyes immediately fell to the floor.
“Hi” you replied in a small voice.

“I’m Kyle”.

You merely nodded unsure of what to say. It was times like this you hated being anti social. God your hands were even shaking.

“This is usual where you tell me your name” Kyle laughed. You wanted to bury your head in your hands. You still didn’t say anything.
“Er… sorry if I’m bothering you. My friends forced me to come over. I’ll leave you alone”.

“No! Ah I’m [Y/N]”.

Kyle paused that same cheeky smile returning to his face.
You laughed “that’s extremely cheesy”.

“I’m the cheesiest” Kyle admitted with a shrug. Another adorable chuckle escaped his lips. You smiled and looked down at your hands. Jess who was eavesdropping cleared her throat encouraging you to continue the conversation.
“So ah there’s going to be a party this weekend” Kyle began rubbing the back of his neck nervously “I don’t know if you’re into that sort of thing but it would be cool if you would come”.

“You want me to come?” You asked pointing to yourself, eyes going wide in disbelief.

Yeah. Like I said if you want".

“Definitely!… ah I mean sure why not”.

“Cool” Kyle grinned. The boy took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to you.
“Here’s my number. Call me and I’ll pick you up Saturday night?”.

You swear you’ve never smiled brighter.

Kyle stared at you happily for a long moment before he walked back over to his friends who all high fived or slapped him on the back with pride.

“Nice going girl” Jess said giving you a weak thumbs up.

“Wow that wasn’t so hard” you thought. You took back what you said before about all the guys your age being dick heads. Kyle definitely didn’t seem to be like that and even though you just met him you knew you already really liked him. God you couldn’t wait until Saturday.

‘The Usual’

Synopsis: Scriddler Canadian Coffee Shop AU (partially suggested by @thatdysfunctionalkingdom).  I don’t think I need to say more than that.

Characters: Jonathan Crane, Edward Nygma

Wordcount: 5,923

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do yourself a favor and spend an hour watching this delightful human just proving that he is the most ridiculous ever to ever.

i feel like i need to do a minute by minute rewatch. BECAUSE THERE’S SO MUCH HERE. you guys. he’s chair dancing and singing to shawn mendes. but then questions why he would go to places that tear up his reputation. unless he had a bad reputation and then david would approve of tearing that up. and he also does tagalog tongue twisters and i snorted. and he shows the employees at the radio station a video of his grandma dancing and he giggles adorably. and he keeps trying to talk to tour groups of students but they won’t talk back to him, only take pictures. and he says filipinos are great selfie takers and a lady calls him pogi and he says salamat and he tells everyone he can’t dance or act but he likes doing both anyway and he does a shark dance and makes seal noises and says he likes grandma shark the best and he wants to do more tongue twisters even after the interview is over and he pretends to be weight lifting with the radio in the background and says he doesn’t like naughty lyrics and he keeps leaning close to the camera so we all get mesmerized by his eyelashes and he and kari have competing giggles and he is full of light and happiness and overall alien princeling glow. 

also. he does a wave and eyebrow raise at the very beginning. lmao. honey.

just. yeah. 

that recap was not in order at all. and it was not minute by minute you need to watch there’s much much much more. just do it.

Present Day

“You really don’t know the story?” Bella Goth stared at her friend Madison in disbelief, “I thought everyone knew about the accident.

Ryan had the two girls oiling every bridle, saddle, and girth in the tack room, but naturally neither had even picked up a rag, and now sat face-to-face on the wooden bench at the center of the room sharing gossip and idly flipping through dusty old magazines, which is how the whole conversation about ‘the accident’ began.

Madison had stumbled upon a picture of their trainer, Ryan O'Neil, on the cover of Horse & Hound. The fact that the picture was on the cover was hardly surprising, but what shook Madison Blackburn was Ryan’s expression. He looked distraught, which if anyone knew Ryan at all, was highly uncharacteristic, thus prompting the question, What happened here?”

“It happened a few years ago. The famous Ryan O'Neil was traveling all over Europe, competing in various show jumping circuits with his prized stallion, Icarus. You know, the lazy chestnut everyone always sneaks sugar cubes to, with the really long ears?” Maddie giggled, hugging her legs to her chest as Bella continued her story…

An Early Retirement
August 13th, 2015

Ryan was at the top of his game.

Nothing could stop the “Dynamic Duo.” Ryan and his prized show jumping stallion, Icarus, had grown during the last year from good to great to the absolute best in the nation, earning Ryan a treasury of awards and cash, girls and lavish parties, and an endless limelight in the industry. Finally, finally, no more second best, and the Yeatman Classic Cup would be no different.

Ryan was a known risk taker. It was the edge that earned him scowls and scoffs from his horse’s caretakers, but it was also what granted him the win and paid their salaries. He knew his horse better than anyone, knew his capabilities, knew what they would have to do to conquer the show jumping course at Yeatman. Yes, the rain was unexpected, the wet sand was sure to be a challenge, but Icarus could handle it.

Things were going as planned, but the wet sand had slowed them down considerably. It was hard on Icarus, his breathing became shallow and too fast, like Ryan’s nervous heartbeat. He needed to make a decision, they’d have to make up for the time somewhere.

He found their opportunity. It was riskier than usual, but with just the right pacing, just the right angle on the rollback, they’d make it.

Ryan was certain they could pull it off, was positive they were in the clear until he heard the unanimous gasping of the crowd as Icarus rounded the turn too sharply, and bless his heart, didn’t even hesitate at what was asked of him. Ryan realized they wouldn’t make it before his stallion’s hooves were off the ground, but Icarus trusted him too much, and by pure instinct and a love for jumping, gave it everything he had.

They barreled into the second rail, snapping it in two.

It would be the last risk they’d take on a course together like this. Ryan knew it the minute his wrist hit the ground, breaking his fall and shattering like splinters. He knew it when his vision went blurry, when the air was sucked out from him, and all he could make out from under his helmet was Icarus struggling to get up as people rushed in to help them. They yelled at him, but their voices were muffled by the pain and chaos and worry that Ryan felt in his gut as he watched his horse limp away gingerly. Ryan’s heart broke at the sight, regret engulfing him as he tried to stand, to get to his horse and comfort him.

“Don’t move! You don’t know if something’s broken, we got you. Icarus is in good hands, stay still,” a medic knelt beside Ryan, pulling out a flashlight from her bag. He rolled onto his back, wincing from the pain as he stared up into the gray sky, rain softly falling onto his face. Ryan raised a thumbs up to the crowd to signify he was okay, the announcer reiterated his message over the loud speaker as the crowd gave him a round of applause, but inside Ryan felt what they could not see, a pain he knew he’d never forget.

Maddie was wide eyed with intrigue by the time Bella was finished, “And then? What happened next?”

“Well, Icarus would never be able to jump at that level again, his leg was in pretty bad shape. Ryan spent thousands of dollars on surgery and rehabilitation just to get him back to normal. But obvs, he’s fine now so things worked out.”

“And Ryan? He went on to compete again, right?” Maddie glanced at the trophies on the shelf that lined the top of the room.

“Yeah, he came back to the States and found himself a few good prospects. Took up some breeding offers for Icarus eventually, which earned him enough money to buy this place,” Bella waved a hand in the air, gesturing at the tack room and beyond, “That’s about all he’s told me, really. He says there’s more to it than that, but it’s depressing and 'none of my business’.

Lazy Days

Warnings: Fluffiest thing on the internet. seriously annoying. this actually shows how needy i am irl. also very terrible. literally only fluff basically no plot

Words: 1,400.

Pairing: Daveed x Reader

Originally posted by diggstrash

Only putting the cut so high so I don’t bother people’s dashes.

@imagineham. So I was the anon that was inspired by you. This doesn’t even compare to the amazing work you do. But I can try. 

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thisbirdhadflown  asked:

In case you're needing another prompt: Eggsy and Roxy (BrOTP) and the wonderful world of online dating!


Also, I had to ask people and google how Tinder works, so … yeah.

“You can’t be serious, Rox.”

“I am! You’ve been moping since you and Alex broke up, and it’s starting to affect your work—don’t think I didn’t see you almost miss your escape window when we were in Fes last month, and—”

“Right, right, I got it!” Eggsy groaned. “But Tinder? Really?”

“Trust me.” Roxy smiled as the app finished downloading to Eggsy’s phone. She chose a profile picture and fiddled with his bio before handing it back to him. “So all you do is swipe if you like how they look, and if you’ve both swiped you can talk and make plans to meet.”

Eggsy was sceptical, but began swiping pictures left and right, depending on how they looked. He didn’t understand any of it, but Roxy was insistent … “So if I find you an’ swipe right on you, you’ll go on a date with me?” he asked, fluttering his eyelashes at her playfully. Roxy snorted.

“But you won’t have nearly as much fun with me as you will with …” She paused, reaching over to swipe through the pictures of Eggsy’s phone until she came to a stop. “Right, well, obviously you’d have more fun with me than Charlie.” A quick swipe to the left, then a few more, and she hesitated. “You like older men, right?”

“Right …” Eggsy replied, reaching for his phone. He knew when Roxy was up to something, and she was definitely up to something this time.

There, on the screen, was Harry.

“You’re going to swipe right, aren’t you?”

“What? Rox, he’s my boss!”

“So? Look—you’ve got plenty in common, and I bet if you tried you’d be perfect together!”

“Fuck off; he’s out of my league.” Or so Eggsy had continued to tell himself since the day they’d met, practically since the moment he first laid eyes on the man. Harry was his mentor, how boss—not his boyfriend or lover. He wasn’t sure he could even call them friends, per se.

“So what, you swipe right on him, he swipes left on you, and you go back to being nothing but work colleagues,” Roxy said. “He’ll never know you swiped right on him.”

Eggsy hesitated. “What if he does swipe right?”

“Then you two can go on a date and you will kindly refrain from telling me how big our boss’s cock is.”

Eggsy’s thumb hovered over the picture of Harry, one that was incredibly flattering, with his hair free of whatever product usually keeping it slicked back, the top few buttons of his shirt undone. It looked candid, as though the picture-taker had caught Harry off-guard.

Should he? What if Harry did like him, too?

“Bollocks,” Eggsy muttered, and swiped right.

“It’s a Match!”

Eggsy blinked as he looked at his phone, and Harry’s picture staring back at him. He’d very nearly forgotten swiping on Harry’s picture, but this was proof that his interest wasn’t wholly one-sided.

Immediately, he called Roxy. “Now what?”

“Well, you could message him,” Roxy offered.

“What? No! I have to see him at work today!” Eggsy groaned, dropping his head back onto his pillow.

“So talk to him there. Eggsy, I don’t have time for this right now. I’ve got three minutes to get to my extraction. I’ll talk to you when I get back.”

“Right—soz, babe.” Roxy hung up then, and Eggsy sighed deeply.

He was on his own.

He was on his own, and his boss had just matched him on Tinder.

He was on his own, and utterly fucked.

Harry looked just as good dressed for work, and Eggsy swallowed as he took his place at the table for a short meeting before the agents currently in the country went about their business preparing for missions or training and honing their skills.

“… right, I think that’s everything. Dismissed—er, Galahad, if you could stay for a moment?”

Fuck. This was it. Eggsy’s heart began pounding as he nodded; he couldn’t speak. Harry was going to tell him it was unprofessional to fraternise with work colleagues and things would be tense but manageable.

“Galahad, I’ve got a mission for you,” Harry said, and Eggsy blinked. This was business? “We need you to infiltrate Christoffel Wiese’s winery. We believe someone is putting arsenic in the wines. We need you to figure out who and why.”

“Sorry, Arthur, sir, but aren’t you going to mention Tinder?”

“Tinder?” Harry’s look was blank, and Eggsy paled. He’d been wrong. It wasn’t actually Harry, of course it wasn’t.

“It’s nothin’.” It wasn’t nothing. “Soz.” He was only sorry he’d mentioned it. “I’ll go prep to South Africa, then, yeah?”

Harry nodded. “Dismissed.”

Eggsy nearly ran from the room, tugging his phone out and opening the Tinder app as got on the bullet train. He was still matched with Harry, and that was Harry; who else would have that many dead bugs on the walls? He tapped to message Harry, not sure what to say.

‘You look good in that brown suit. Might like it better than you in blue.’

There. That was sort of … flirty, wasn’t it? Eggsy wasn’t good at that sort of thing—face-to-face, at clubs and pubs, teasing girls and boys, that was something he could do, but he’d never considered online dating enough to know how to do it.

He was beginning to lose hope when he’d made it to headquarters and gotten his alias’s documents from Merlin before he got a reply.

‘And you look dashing in the pinstripes, Eggsy, as you do in all your suits.’

So it was Harry, then! Nobody else would know what he was wearing, would they?

‘Why didn’t you say anything when I asked you earlier?’

‘I thought perhaps, given the circumstances, it would be better not to acknowledge things, should you be having doubts.’

‘I don’t have any doubts.’

‘I’m in my office.’

Well, that was all the encouragement Eggsy needed, and he took off down the halls, dodging agents and support staff alike before he burst into Harry’s office.

“A gentleman knocks, Eggsy,” Harry said, but he was cut off when Eggsy rounded his desk and kissed him, deep and desperate. They were both out of breath when he pulled back.

“Er—was that okay? I know we’re at work an’ all but your message made it seem like you might be okay with that?”


“Yeah, on Tinder.” Eggsy tugged out his phone and passed it over to Harry. “They knew what I was wearin’, so I thought—well, that it really was you.”

“It’s not.”

Eggsy’s heart stopped. “O-oh. Well, I’ll jus’ … go, then.” Away. Forever. Maybe he’d stay in South Africa until he forgot about assaulting Harry like that.

“Don’t.” The word was soft, as was Harry’s hand holding his wrist, and Eggsy turned back to Harry. He looked shocked still, but there was a fondness in his eyes, a look Eggsy had never seen before but wanted to see every day for the rest of his life. “It’s not, but I wouldn’t mind you kissing me again.”

Eggsy grinned, cheeks pink as he cupped Harry’s face and kissed him again.

Merlin smiled as Roxy slapped a tenner on his desk.

“I told you he wanted Eggsy just as much.”

Still taking prompts, though obviously the quality varies greatly …

‘B (very) positive’ egoflapbang, vampire au 12/?

pt 1, pt 2, pt 3, pt 4, pt 5, pt 6, pt 7, pt 8, pt 9, pt 10, pt 11, pt 12

Recording sessions go more or less normally. They joke, curse, flirt, do voices, and die way too often. They take more breaks now because Danny likes to sit a little closer now, since he can, and it makes Arin want to hold him, which sort of gets in the way of doing anything with a controller.

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Payne Taker - Requested (Michael)

Requested by Anon (Hey, can you do an imagine where your boyfriend Michael finds out that you lost your virginity with Liam (Payne). Maybe at a never have I ever game. Anyway, thank you) ENJOY!!!

‘You cannot tell me that you don’t want to scratch the bitches’ eyes out right now’ you give Kendall a knowing look as she laughs, spilling a little of her drink, ‘You have no volume control’ she laughs dropping her forehead onto your shoulder as she laughs, ‘I don’t have to have volume control cause no one gives a shit what I say’ you remind her of the fact that you’re not known like they are and she groans. ‘Fine, fine I want to kill the bitch but what can I do?’ she shrugs looking over to Harry and the blonde reporter.

‘Fucking hell, I hate all this fake shit around here, literally like so many people in here are shagging or seeing each other but no one can show it, how people smile and have a conversation or pose for pictures together but they fucking hate each other, I’d be so bad if I was in your shoes, I’d never make it in this world’ you laugh looking around at all the fake people and smiles and Kendall laughs again. Her arm coming around your waist, ‘I fucking love having you here’ she tells you. ‘Oh speak of the devil’ she giggles nodding to the side and you turn seeing Michael on his way over.

‘We gotta have pictures leaving before the party’ Michael tells you, narrowing his eyes as he looks between you and Kendall, ‘Are you ladies talking about me?’ he adds making you smile, you shrug, ‘Maybe we are, maybe we were saying how hot of a couple (Y/N) and Jason would be’ she teases him making you laugh as he scoffs. ‘Please, I can take him’ Michael gives it large making you laugh.

‘Oh babe’ you coo ruffing the back of his hair as he groans, ‘Right see you later’ you call behind you to Kendall as Michael drags you out for pictures.

‘I don’t like you being so friendly with her’ he mutters as you walk smiling at the passing people, ‘That’s because you don’t want her telling me all the shit you get up to when you’re out together’ you tease him, ‘Fuck off, you know I’m a good boy’ he winks making you laugh. ‘Right and I’m the virgin Mary’ you grin making him chuckle.

‘I also hate that everyone likes you more than me’ he adds making you laugh again, you let go of his arm quickly to hug Nick Grimshaw who is on the phone and he mouths ‘see you later’.

‘I can’t deny that’ you tease Michael, ‘I’m just a likeable person’ you tell him, ‘Also I’ve known them longer than you’ you remind them. ‘Yeah, yeah I know, Niall’s my best friend’ he groans mimicking you and making you smile, ‘Dude seriously, you need to get over the fact that Niall will never love you as much as he loves me’ you add as you smile to Ashton stepping into the picture with Michael.

The six of you pose for a couple of nice shots, a dozen flashes going off in the dark, faces behind the cameras not visible. ‘GIRLS GET OUT’ someone yells from the group of paparazzi; you scoff at the rudeness. But laugh as you and Lilly move out of the shot, Ashton looks pissed off at the comment, while you Lilly and Michael seem to find it funny. It’s not the first time. Finally, the boys are set free and Calum is at your side in a second.

‘Did you manage to find out if Crystal was coming the party?’ Calum asks, ‘Yeah, Kendall said she couldn’t come here because she not meant t be seen at any award shows where Justin is, I don’t really know, but she should be coming the party later’ you explain, Calum nods, rubbing his lips together, ‘Thanks’ he smiles and you roll your eyes, ‘You know, you should just as her to come Bali, no one would mind, and so many people are going they wouldn’t link her to you’ you suggest, he hums.

‘Maybe I will, how come you picked Michael again?’ he teases, ‘Well you weren’t interested at the time and it’s kinda too late to swap now’ you pout playfully, ‘You realise I can hear right?’ Michael calls from a couple steps behind you making you laugh again. ‘We know’ Calum shouts with a smirk. ______________

Michael’s tongue slips through your parted lips. You pull away narrowing your eyes at him causing him to smirk as he pulls your chin back to him. ‘I fucking love you’ he mumbles as he pulls away, you reach up pressing another kiss to his lips making him smile.

'Okay can I have her back now?’ Kendall laughs holding a hand up toward Michael causing him to laugh as he moves to stand against the wall with Harry and Nick.

'As I was saying’ Kendall continues her story that was interrupted by Michael attaching your lips. 'I’m serious about you staying in LA with me for a bit, we would have an amazing time, I could take you to all the clubs, I have more than enough room for you at the house’ she explains and you nod. 'Sounds good’ you agree 'I will have to get time off work, let me know when’ you tell her and she claps with a squeal. 'This will be amazing’ she sings making you laugh.

’(Y/N), Kenie you’re in right?’ Nick shouts over pointing at you. You narrow your eyes slightly as he laughs flicking his hair over with a brush of his hand. 'Never have I ever’ he tells you making you laugh a little as you nod and Kendall agrees. 'Do I get to call you Kenie too?’ You tease as the group seems to grow ready for the game.

'Don’t fuckin dare’ she warns making you laugh. 'Okay, okay shut up’ Nick tells you all, you smile loving his accent. You notice Michael and Luke, Harry and Liam, Nick and some others.

'Never have I ever…’ He narrows his eyes looking around for a moment 'had sex with a boss’ he adds looking around as you all do. Harry chuckles raising his beer bottle to his lips along with a pretty brunet and so does Amber one of Nicks friends.

'Harry is gonna be so fucked after this game’ you whisper to Kendall causing her to laugh. 'Never have I ever shagged in a library’ Harry speaks a couple people laugh.

You look around again both Kendell and Nick drinking. 'What?’ You laugh looking at her she blushes slightly. 'I can’t believe he used that against me, the fucker’ you laugh smacking her leg. 'You better fill me in’ you tell her, so she starts telling you the story while the game continues you’re a few questions in and a few too many drinks down when Crystal arrives in front of you and Kendell.

'Room for a little one?’ She grins, you move over and she sits next to you sandwiching you between the pair of beauties. 'Never have I ever fucked a 1D member’ nicks speaks, Harry shakes his head narrowing his eyes at his friend while Nick laughs. You see the brunette, Amber, Kendall, and three other girls you have no clue who they are all raise their drinks and so do you.

You see Liam wink at you making you laugh but then you see Michaels eyes fixed uncomfortably on you. Glaring now and you leave a quick wink before looking back to Kendall. 'Hold the fuck up’ Crystal cries 'I’m the only girl here not to have slept with any of them?’ She asks making you laugh. 'You’re missing out’ Amber laughs causing Harry to send her a wink.

'Such a flirt’ Kendell mutters. 'Well let’s not get into who’s slept with who’ Luke reasons seeing a couple girls glaring at others and Harry looking slight uncomfortable. 'Never have I ever slept with a 5sos boy’ Kendell quickly chimes in.

You raise your glass to Crystal as she laughs you tap them together 'Both bands you slut’ she jokes as you both drink. You look to Michael as a couple of people split off getting bored but he is gone. You frown a little but forget about it then Liam comes over into Crystals place when she leaves to look for Calum.


Your dancing with Liam when Michael grabs your hand pulling you into him, you smile pressing your lips into his, your hand traveling to the bottom of his hair on his neck but he steps back, pushing you off a little. 'I thought you hadn’t slept with Niall?’ He accuses looking down hard at you.

'I haven’t’ you chuckle at the random question, 'You drank’ he reminds you of the game earlier and you roll your eyes. 'There is more than one member Mikey, and it was years ago’ you assure him but he just hums. 'Those guys are like brothers to me’ he tells you as though it’s meant to mean something 'And?’ you question.

'And you never said you fucked one of them’ he almost shouts, you quickly look around glad to see everyone is too busy partying to notice, that is everyone except Liam and Niall who nod to you when you catch their eyes on you. You roll your eyes nodding to let them know your fine before walking past Michael and he follows.

'Liam, I had sex with Liam on my 18th birthday, that’s who I lost my virginity to’ you tell him watching for his reaction. 'Liam?’ He questions. ‘Wait, 18, that was only two years ago?’ he questions, you nod slowly. ‘I told you I was eighteen my first time’ you remind him, ‘YOU DIDN’T SAY IT WAS WITH LIAM’ he yells.

‘Michael what the hell, calm down, Jesus Christ what does it matter, I’ve know him since I was thirteen, we’re friends it just happened’ you explain, ‘Actually no, I don’t have to explain this to you, we weren’t together, in fact, id only spoke to you like twice at that point so fuck you, act like a child I don’t give a shit’ you shake your head, before walking away. You can hear your blood pumping in your ears your so mad. You walk over to where Kendall is dancing with Harry, but don’t want to disturb so you wave from behind Harry, once she notices you she frowns as you mouth ‘I’m call you tomorrow’ but she walks over anyway. Just as she reaches you so does Niall and you give him a hug.

‘I’m going, Michael’s drunk and being really fucking weird so..’ you explain to them both, ‘About Liam?’ Niall asks and you nod, ‘I didn’t realise he would be so bothered, he shouldn’t be, it’s not like we were together, but whatever.’ You shrug, Kendall pouts, ‘You don’t have to leave though, I need a dance partner’ she tried with a cheeky smirk making you laugh. ‘No seriously I’m good, I’ll call you tomorrow and you’ you turn to Niall, ‘You better call me as soon as you get home’ you warn him and he chuckles before hugging you again.

Your outside of the large house taking in a deep breath, a few taxis are waiting across the street as they always are and you check the road before crossing and climbing in the front one. ‘Hello’ the drive smiles through the mirror and you grin back, ‘Hey’ and give him the address. Just as he goes to pull out the door to your left opens and Michael climbs in. ‘I’m sorry’ he tells you. ‘Do you need me to wait?’ the driver asks, you sigh shaking your head, ‘No, carry on, thanks’ you nod and he nods also, pulling out.

‘You’re a dick’ you tell Michael and he nods, ‘I know I’m sorry, i…it’s just you know its Liam, he’s…well Liam and he’s always around and you know him so well, I dunno, you can’t hate me for being jealous’ he explains, you nod, ‘Okay, just don’t speak to me like that, I’m not someone who’s gonna let you talk to me like that’ you tell him, not wanting to let him off to easy and he chuckles reaching over and holding your hand, bringing it to his lips be kisses your knuckles. ‘I love you’ he tells you and you nod acting stubborn, ‘Yeah, like I said, who doesn’t’ you smirk slightly as he rolls his eyes.

From Chelsea

anonymous asked:

what kind words did paul walker say about chris?

Article 1
Walker, who is currently promoting “Fast & Furious” (out Friday), doesn’t think his 19-year-old co-star’s legal troubles will have any effect on the film. “I hope everything gets worked out, ’cause I really like him,” he told MTV News about Brown. “I feel for him, ’cause I know it’s hard, but he’s going to be all right.”
Walker got to work closely with Brown while filming “Takers” last year. “He’s just a kid,” Walker said. “He’s just cool. He’s fun. … He’s a 19-year-old kid, just high on life. Just having a good time. Always dancing and singing, never stops, always got a smile on his face. Really good energy, good kid to be around.”

Article 2

While talking to the press about this April’s action adventure “Fast & Furious,” a movie that will kick off the summer blockbuster season a tad earlier this year, Paul Walker chimed about the co-star of another of his upcoming films, Chris Brown.

Many of the young star’s peers the music business, including Lil’ Wayne and P. Diddy, have tried to take a middle ground in a situation that finds Brown charged with felony assault and making criminal threats to his girlfriend, pop star Rihanna. It is a situation that will obviously have a long term impact on the careers of both talents.

However, one story that has gone under the radar is Brown’s role in the soon to be retitled Screen Gems’ thriller “Bone Deep.” Besides Walker, who plays the villain, the heist picture features Hayden Christensen, Zoe Saldana, Matt Dillon and T.I. Brown is actually no stranger to the movie biz having appeared in “Stomp the Yard” and “This Christmas.”

Walker was discussing “Bone Deep,” which he describes the first true “Italian Job,” when he brought up Brown’s situation.

“Chris Brown is a good kid. That stuff going around pisses me off,” Walker volunteered.

When a reporter followed up and asked what he thought about his co-star’s current legal situation, Walker appeared to have a lot of sympathy for Brown.

“It sucks bro. Y'know, everyone screws up. People do dumb stuff,” Walker says. “And I’m not saying I don’t sympathize with her, I mean, what went down, went down, but he’s a really good kid. And he screwed up. That’s it. Top of the world man. He’s got a lot going for him. What is he, 20 now? He was 19 when we were working. He’s dealing with a lot.”

Walker continues, “He’s got a really sweet spirit. I know he’s gonna be fine and he’s gonna make it through it and he’s gonna be good. I just hope that doesn’t mess him up. I want him to be the way he was at the end of it.”

The 35-year-old actor was then asked if the press have exacerbated the situation.

Walker replies, “Yeah, I mean if you were to ask her, what do you think she would say? Did she forgive him? Appears like it. She loves him. She knows his situation. She knows his story. I think she’s sticking around. I’m sure he’s plenty sorry.”

When reminded that public opinion is certainly against Brown, Walker answers, “Well, I’m not.”

CoBC Deleted Scene 2!

I was going to write a timeline where Sans saw reader die, but @mod2amaryllis was like “shut up TST, literally nobody wants to read that and also you are not a nice person and you probably smell bad,” which is prima facie evidence that she is a big jerk and I’m the nice one. 

And you can’t prove that the conversation didn’t go like that. 

Here’s another canonical scene - this one actually goes back before the beginning of CoBC.

In Which Undyne and Alphys Are Totally Chill and Normal

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