and he was just called a good writer lmao

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Making garden doesn't make Kishi a troll, al, it continues to do is show how bad of a writer he actually is, in that he created fake drama, for no reason. It wasn't for the SS fans, it wasn't for the shippers, because Kishi doesn't care about neither of those people. You can tell by his writing.

Lmao.The troll cosisted convinving you to question the authenticity of the most devolped pair in the manga. It was literally a big fuck you for all the losers that called him homophopic and trash, for choosing his own manga ending.

Just draw you own manga since you’re this good, even better at understanding the characters than the mangaka himself

The stupid one is you who actually believe that a fucking pair of glasses works better than Dna.

How dumb can someone be to actually believe sakura wasn’t raising her own daughter, or the adultery sasuke’s “fans” wished him to do. DISGUSTING.DISGUSTING.
This fandom is just so digusting