and he was cute showing off his watch

Dating Dean Headcannons

I thought I’d do something new to honor the new season! And to keep in the theme of twelves, I’m gonna do 120 headcannons and have 12 gifs!

Dating Dean Winchester would involve:

1. Long rides in the Impala with the windows down and the music up.

2. Night drives.

3. Dean having his hand on your knee or thigh when he drives.

4. Sam ultimately gets booted to the backseat.

5. Dean letting you pick the music sometimes -after he approves it-

6. You and Dean switching off who cooks each day, and on Saturdays you order out.

7. Constantly sending Dean snaps of you.

8. Dean getting increasingly annoyed because he’s right in the next room.

9. He won’t admit it, but he find the filters you use to be cute.

10. You and Sam having to show Dean how to use any social media he has.

11. Watching “geeky” movies with Dean, because you know how much of a geek he is deep inside.

12. Calling him Han as a joke sometimes, and him calling you Leia in response.

13. Sam gets stuck with Chewy.

14. Constantly saving each others lives in hunts.

15. Everyone knows you’re each others weakness and more often than not it’s used against you.

16. Getting an Anti-Possession tattoo to match Sam and Dean’s.

17. Dean always getting super worried when your badly hurt.

18. Imagine how protective Dean is of Sam. He’s even more protective over you.

19. Hugging you tightly during difficult times.

20. Giving Dean hugs and kisses when he needs it. (Which is a lot, especially in the earlier seasons)

21. Always reassuring Dean when he needs it.

22. Reminding him he can’t save everyone.

23. Him breaking down he can’t save you.

24. But this is Supernatural and the boys find a way to get you back.

25. Dean being more protective than ever.

26. Going all out on Holidays to make up for shitty ones in the past.

27. Showing Dean more anime other than Hentai.

28. Anime rom-coms become a guilty pleasure of his.

29. Him giving you a necklace with his birthstone and he has one with yours.

30. Acting like children in the store, much to Sam’s annoyance.

31. Having Dean wrapped around your finger.

32. Laying in bed for hours in the morning because neither of you want to get up.

33. Tickle fights in bed.

34. Stealing his beloved bathrobe.

35.Training with Dean.

36. Kicking his ass the first time.

37. Him never underestimating you again.

38. Showing off to each other during target practice.

39. Showering together afterward.

40. Shower sex.

41. Sex in the back of the Impala.

42. Sex on the Impala. 

43. Rainy day sex.

44. Rough Sex.

45. Soft sex.

46. Wearing Dean’s shirt after.

47. Dean sucks at remembering your anniversary, but then so do you.

48. It’s okay though, because you don’t need a special day to show how much you love each other, cause you do that everyday. 

49. Dean always seeing things that remind him of you and buying them for you.

50. Pranking Sam with Dean

51. Teasing each other constantly. 

52. Falling asleep on Dean’s shoulder.

53. Singing along to music with Dean.

54. Making faces at each other when your bored.

55. Dean kissing your forehead.

56. Playing with Dean’s hands.

57. Dean being your personal heater when you’re cold.

58. Making him grab stuff you can’t reach.

59. Hugs from behind.

60. Stealing Dean’s jackets

61. Binge watching Netflix on nights were neither of you can sleep

62.Buying Dean pies

63. Trying to bake Dean pies

64. Dean flirting with you even though you’re already together

65. Dealing with drunk Dean

66. Drunk Dean being super affectionate

67. Drunk Dean mumbling about his really great girlfriend while you take care of him.

68. Drunk Dean giving you sloppy kisses on your cheek

69. Drunk Dean getting pretty hand-sy, but even drunk he stops when you tell him to.

70. When you’re drunk Dean talks to you very softly.

72. And gives you pancakes with aspirins in the morning.

73. He holds you hair back while you puke.

74. And runs a bath/shower for you.

75. Dean always being really careful with you, because he’s afraid he might break you, no matter how much you tell him otherwise.

76. Finding Dean gazing at you when you wake up sometimes.

77. Tracing over Dean’s freckles.

78. Dean taking you on surprise dates.

79. Trying to scare each other.

80. Pranking each other.

81. Dean being corny sometimes.

82. “Can you leave the room, it’s getting too hot in here.”

83. “I saw the most beautiful girl in my bed this morning.”

84. Making strange things in the kitchen and having each other try it.

85. Dean always reminding you how much he loves you.

86. “Did you see where I put my other boot?”

87. “Dean, can you open this?”

88. “Hold out your hand and close your eyes.”

89.”Dean, I know you’re hiding somewhere!”

90. You and Dean finding a lake near the bunker that you go to sometimes.

91. Skinny Dipping.

92. Resting your head on his shoulder and watching the sunset.

93. Dean playing with your hair.

94. Lip Syncing with Dean.

95. 80s movie marathons

96. Matching sweaters that Dean hates, but wears them for your sake.

97. Snowball fights.

98. Roasting Marshmallows.

99. Eating bags and bags of Halloween candy.

100. Dean can literally clear out a whole room a demons by himself if it means saving you.

101. Sharing knowledge of Supernatural things the other doesn’t know about.

102. You and Dean are often married while undercover.

103. Dean letting you drive Baby.

104. Gabriel flirting with you as just another way to annoy Dean.

105. Even when he had the mark Dean never hurt you.

106. Anyone who is Dean’s enemy is your and vice versa.

107. Both of you getting jealous of past lovers.

108. Getting Dean a kitten, because if he doesn’t like dogs your convinced he must like cats.

109. Dean begrudgingly becoming fond of the cat.

110. Him naming it Pantera, after the band.

111.  Dressing the cat up, much Dean’s disapproval.

112. Asking Dean to teach you how to fix cars.

113. Dean carrying you to bed when you fall asleep in the library.

114. Giving Dean some covers when you wake up in the middle of the night and realise you stole them all.

115. Dean always being supportive of you.

116. Randomly doing nice things for each other.

117. Old people looking on at the two of you fondly.

118. Dean telling you your beautiful. 

119. Asking Dean about various scars.

120. Never having to question your love for each other.

Jack watches over Bittys shoulder as he plays some game on his phone involving baby animals and a lot of tapping. Bitty’s curled up into his side on the couch and Jack enjoys the warmth.

SportsCenter is showing highlights of the Habs game but Jack is more interested in the concentration Bitty is giving the game.

As Bitty’s score totals up, slowly inching towards the second star out of three, Jack squeezes his hip.

“Hey, Bits.”

Bitty hums his acknowledgement.

“I love you,” Jack continues.

Bitty cranes his head around to look into Jack’s eyes, a wide grin on his face.

“I love you too, hun.”

“I love you three,” Jack immediately counters, corners of his lips slowly inching up.

Bitty rolls his eyes fondly and turns back to his game.

“I love you four.”

“I love you infinity.”

Bitty huffs out a laugh at Jack’s ridiculousness. He starts up the next level of his game and says, with some finality, “I love you the same.”

Jack presses a kiss into the crown of Bittys head, satisfied with his cheesiness making Bitty smile, and turns back to the TV.

Monsta X watching you fangirl over other groups

request: hii can i request: monsta x, being your boyfriend, watches you fangirl over other male idols hehe thanks!!! 💖

Shownu- *shrugs it off but then gets jealous after being ignored for so long and plays around trying to get your attention*

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Wonho - he would be really jealous and would probably try to subtly show off his abs or something

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Minhyuk - just smiles at you because he thinks it cute

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Kihyun - he would act like he’s not jealous but really is

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Hyungwon-  he would be jealous and would probably show it so he gets the attention

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Jooheon - depends of the group, if it’s a group he admires he’d probably fangirl along with you but if it’s not he’d be jealous

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I.M - he would totally fangirl with you~

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the signs and how they celebrate halloween w/monsta x
  • Aries: trying to stop Kihyun from biting things with his fake vampire teeth
  • Taurus: having a halloween themed cheesy pick up lines battle with Wonho
  • Gemini: giving piggyback rides to the kids in costumes with Shownu 
  • Cancer: buying all the leftover candy for cheap with Hyungwon 
  • Leo: trading candy with Jooheon 
  • Virgo: shows up to the party in the same costume as IM and you both argue over who should take theirs off 
  • Libra: explaining to Minhyuk that his costume doesn’t make him look creepy at all, he just looks cute 
  • Scorpio: looking up ways to summon a ghost with Kihyun 
  • Sagittarius: Kihyun got part of himself stuck in a tangle of fake spider webs and you have to help him out
  • Capricorn: watching IT and covering Minhyuk’s eyes when the clown pops up 
  • Aquarius: kissing Hyugwon but then realizing he tastes like candy corn now 
  • Pisces: cleaning up all the candy wrappers people keep leaving on your doorstep with Shownu 
Pentagon Yeo One Boyfriend Headcanons
  • he’s the kind of boyfriend that always keeps you on your toes but in a good way
  • hopefully you’re okay with surprises
  • skinship is a must
  • loves doing things to make you blush, watch out
  • shows up with bouquets randomly
  • cheeky pecks wherever he can reach
  • secretly likes couples stuff. secretly.
  • him giving you his jacket turns into you having half his closet, but he doesn’t mind because he thinks you look cute in his shirts
  • watches you like a hawk around Pentagon because they’d better not try anything around his girl
  • going out or staying in, either is fine
  • cliché date locations but he manages to make them feel less cliché
  • the type to show you off but still be super protective
  • acts super confident about meeting your family but he’s actually nervous
  • all selfies have a magical ability to look really good, even if you both make the derpiest faces possible
  • when he’s not playing around he turns into this sweet fluffball
  • that’s when you can cuddle for hours on end
  • you can talk for hours about really deep topics or silly, random things. and if you don’t talk much then he’ll fill the silence for you
  • texts you all day, even when he has a really busy schedule
  • late night phone calls that can last all night when he’s away
  • you’re his beacon, giving him strength and inspiring him
  • your bond with each other and being together is the heart of your relationship, and the reason your relationship is so strong

••• Ari

Jay Park answering to his inner fatherhood instincts xD went straight into the crowd at the mall and started dancing with that little girl that’s sitting on her dad’s shoulders. xD He performed a free show at Starfield COEX Mall just now and as always, there’s a full HD fancam of it courtesy of our dedicated kJwalkerz laduree ~

this is how he takes off his jacket when it got stuck on his arms lol. using his legs xD #relatable

that curly messy hair tho is a blessing.

cos it never gets tiring watching jay dance with kids. this is how jay park becomes a daddy. for real.


David Tennant showing off his encyclopedic knowledge of The West Wing trivia (and being outrageously cute) in The Ultimate West Wing Challenge.

Link to part 1 of a really low-res copy (sorry) [x]

Rainy Day With Tae

Pairing: Reader (y/n) X Taehyung (bts)

Genre: Fluff scenario

Hand in hand, arms swinging and an earphone in each others’ ears, what could be better? Slowly walking down the pathway in the park, you turn your head to face this tall, orange haired boy staring straight into your eyes with his own warm brown ones. Taehyung. Your boyfriend. 

“Y/n what are you staring at?” Tae giggled showing his signature, unique smile. “Nothing I was just….” You started but were abruptly cut off by tae rushing off to help a cute, little toddler catch his red animal balloon. You smiled as you watched him hand the toddler back his balloon and then continue on to pester him for a high five before he ran back to his mother. 

“Y/nnnnnnn” Tae hummed to a beat, as he started skipping hand in hand with you down the pathway lined with blossom tree’s each side. Suddenly, you both spotted a petite ice-cream stall off to the right and diverted your original route and began to happily saunter towards the ice-cream stall. You couldn’t help but gape in awe at the array of flavors laid out in front of you. In order to see all of the flavors you had to go on your tip-toes in your white Converses and you couldn’t help but notice the little grin that appeared on Tae’s face from your action. 

He then came up from behind you and pulled your pinafore down (as it was rising up) and you both decided on your ice-cream flavors. Walking happily towards the benches, you licked your strawberry ice-cream and Tae licked his chocolate flavoured one. 

Crash! Suddenly, a sharp, strike of lightening lit up the sky and a clap of thunder followed soon after, along with harsh drops of rain. Next thing you know Tae has grabbed your hand and dragged you under the nearest tree to gain some shelter. “What should we do now y/n?” Tae asked between licks. “I guess we should just go home.” You replied with a pout. 

Fortunately, luck was on your side and the bus that led right to outside of your house had just pulled up to the stop. “Okay. On the count of three let’s run to the bus.” You said as you finished off your snack: “One… two…” “THREE!” Tae finished with a shout as you two sprinted crazily towards the bus. 

 A bus ride later… 

 You both collapsed through the front door, soaked to the bone. Shaking his head like a dog, Taehyung made his way towards his room to change but unfortunately this was Bangtan’s dorm room; so you had no clothes to change into. Grimacing, you sat on the sofa with water dripping off of your hair and your pinafore making a squelching sound; as you tried to get comfortable. Tae came running out of his room in a hurry, half dressed throwing a large, baggy white jumper at you. 

Perplexed, you looked up to question him but he had already rushed back into his room. With a huff you made your way to the bathroom, locked the door and stripped from your sodden clothes. Slipping the jumper on, you felt the bottom of it just touch the top of your knee and the sleeves hang way off of your hands. “Thank god it’s many sizes too big” you chuckled to yourself. Immersing from the bathroom, you made your way towards the kitchen to make you and your boyfriend a warm cup of hot chocolate. 

Placing the two mugs of frothy hot chocolate (complete with whipped cream, sprinkles and marshmallows); you sunk into the soft sofa inhaling the scent of Tae from the jumper and flicked through numerous channel to find your guys’ drama of the month… Descendants of the Sun. Once you had found the right episode the familiar voice of Yoo Si Jin rung out from your television. Crashing through his bedroom door whilst pulling up his trousers, Tae rushed to the sofa to watch the show on time. 

“Y/n how could you be as heartless as to start the show without me” he moaned dramatically while clasping his chest. You just laughed at him and pulled him down onto the sofa with you and like usual you both snuggled together, with your head resting on his shoulder, his arm over yours and your legs intertwined. Half way through the programme, Tae gently lifted your head by your chin and looked into your eyes; all of a sudden your lips were against each others in a passionate kiss. “I’m shutting your mouth in a sexy way” Taehyung whispered in unison with Yoo Si Jin.

~ Beth<3

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||❥ the pitcher

m i n g y u ! s c e n a r i o 

b a s e b a l l ! a u

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words; 2.5k

genre; fluffs + mingyu bein a flirt, the good stuff

synopsis; an anon requested a baseball!au with mingyu and though it is no where near as long as woozi’s, it’s just something that i’d been thinking about. basically it’s you and mingyu bein’ cute when he tries to show you how to do his famous pitch and just know it hurt me a lot writing this :’)

“If you keep staring at yourself in the mirror, you’ll miss practice." 

The words wryly rolled off your tongue upon watching a very meticulous Kim Mingyu rake crooked fingers through his hair, brows pinched together in pure focus as his gaze bore into the tiny mirror magnetized to his locker. You had been fiddling with his baseball cap for the past few minutes or so, trying very roughly to scrape together some patience.

"My hair looks stupid.” Mingyu mumbled in a manner that made it seem he was containing a conversation with himself. A sigh that stretched deeper than the ocean heaved past your lips, a stiff hand thrusting Mingyu’s baseball cap directly into his chest. You examined how he brushed back his messy bangs of dark gingerbread before fitting the cap rightfully so over his head, giving himself one final inspection that you secretly deemed unnecessary.

“It won’t matter anyways,” you balked to Mingyu while slamming his locker door shut, “your hat is covering it all up.” He faced you with a pout that only brought out the natural pink tint to his lips, sultry eyes of darkened oak gleaning over you petulantly.

“You’re not suppose to agree with me, babe.” The lanky boy protested, though his sulky ways were suddenly disintegrating with a snap, hands pushing up the sleeves on his worn out baseball uniform while he bounced on the heels of his feet.

 He was gazing somewhere past the top of your head, presumably littering himself with encouragements to get himself excited for practice. That is until he checked his watch, pupils blowing into full and inky discs before Mingyu was sprinting down the hall.

“Shit,” he had warbled, “I’m 12 minutes late!”

Shocker. You couldn’t avoid thinking, a grin just peaking along your lips as you wandered down the empty hall and out the doors, a glimmer of sunlight languidly washing over the schoolyard. 

Mingyu was still rushing toward the baseball field, one of your featherlight chuckle’s ringing in the air upon the sight of a much shorter baseball player whacking him on the head. You made your way to the bleachers to watch him practice, soaking up the sunlight while it was pleasantly available.

Mingyu was the baseball team’s best pitcher, and someone you befriended while accidentally getting hit in the stomach with a baseball bat during eighth grade. He was the one who struck you rather harshly, though it was completely your fault for concentrating on your iPod while approaching some scruffy kid rambling over his, new and improved striking power.

 He spent a good amount of breath apologizing to you, but even spent even more breath bombarding you with questions of, did you see my stance though? First impressions were, yeah, he’s kinda dumb and a bit cocky but he’s cute and one of the only people here who talk to me.

You could and would easily say to anyone that you had a strong bond, the two of you sticking it out through the hellish ways of high school. Under a very watchful eye did you get to see that scruffy and kinda clueless kid flourish into some rich gift from the heavens, your heart slamming into your throat when you snatched a proper glimpse of him on your first day of senior year.

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Dating Theo Raeken Would Include...

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  • His arm around you
  • Him making you laugh
  • Him kissing all over your face when you’re mad at him
  • Him being dominant
  • Being his anchor
  • LOTS. OF. SEX.
  • Rough sex
  • Kinky sex
  • Him listentening to your heartbeat
  • “You drive me insane”
  • Him ripping your clothes off your body
  • Him playing with your hair
  • Take showers together
  • Him fighting anyone who tries to flirt with you
  • Him protecting you with his life
  • Hickeys
  • Him calling you his princess
  • Him not telling you much “I love you” but you know he does and besides he shows it you everyday
  • Hot making out sessions
  • Him opening up to you about his past
  • Working out together
  • You watching him work out
  • Being the only one who see his soft and caring side.
  • “Your so fucking hot”
  • Lots of PDA
  • Teasing each other
  • Him leaving cute notes and gifts in your locker 
  • You being jealous of Tracy
  • Him never hurting you
  • Everyone telling you he’s bad for you
  • Not letting The Dread Doctors lay a finger on you
  • Smirking at you all the time
  • You being the only thing he actually cares about
  • Him calling you “babe” and “babygirl” during sex
  • Neck bites
  • Cuddling
  • Waking up in each others arms every morning
  • “Study” dates
  • Spooning
  • Forehead kisses
  • You running your hands through his hair 
  • “You are mine”
  • Wearing his shirts and jumpers because they smell like him
  • Him being overprotective to you
  • “You’re such a bad girl”
  • “Only for you”
  • Movie marathons
  • Loving his morning voice
  • “Your an idiot”
  • “But you still love me, babe”
First Kiss With Yixing

Requested by @ha-toon-blr: Oooohhhh for the first kiss thing you are doing… can you make one with exo’s yixing? Thank you!

A/N: With Yixing as my second EXO bias, I dont appreciate this. He is just too cute omo~ Thank you for requesting!

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Rain. It was your smoothly until it started to rain- your date that is. Dates with Yixing were sweet and filled with laughter. The truth is, you have been laughing a lot since you started dating Yixing. He was perfect; everything you wanted in a man. He showed off his gentleman side while you were out on dates. Today, he annoyingly tapped his foot on the ground of the secluded coffee shop while he watched the rain fall.

This was the first time you’ve ever seen him in such a mood. This was all understandable though. This was your first time in China. He wanted your first date there to be perfect. His Chinese background made you curious of his home country, so he promised you would join him on one of his promotions.

Your eyes caught his dark glare at the darkening sky. It was only a quarter past four, yet the storm was making the sky a sullen grey, making the mood dim from it’s earlier brightness. With a shy, Yixing nodded, looked back at you. Whenever he looked at you, you felt utterly useless. You felt like a child without its mother. He was older than you, wiser, and way more experienced in the dating field. This embarrassed, despite how many times he tried to explain that he didn’t care. In your heart, you knew he would be the one to make a lot of, “firsts” in your life.

“Let’s get going. I’m sorry about the weather. I promise it’s not usually like this.” He smiled to himself, standing up to grab your hand, helping you out of the chair. You smiled in response, allowing his hand to hold yours.

The both of you were wearing rather nice clothing. He had planned for the two of you to go to a theater, but in this rain, and no car, he knew it would be a problem. Not allowing the rain to damper his mood, he removed his outer jacket, and slung it over the two of you. He took out his phone to call a taxi and nodded. He opened his mouth to speak, but his face was so close to yours. Your noses brushed, causing the both of your hearts to beat. With the rain in the background, he couldn’t help but lean his face in, pressing his lips to yours.

Blank. Your mind went blank as you felt his soft lips on yours. You kissed him back instinctively, a hand reaching up to touch his face. The feeling of your lips on another human, made so many emotions to race your body. You wanted more, you couldn’t believe what happening, you didn’t know what to do next, and you didn’t care, all at once. It was then when he pulled away. A yellow taxi cab had pulled in front of you. He smiled like a little boy, opening the door and letting you inside.

~admin ryu

GAL Visit
  • Scene: Mostly clean house, Sunday afternoon, record warm temps, windows open.
  • Baby: Happy, just woke from an epic 3hr nap (church is hard), rockin out in her exersaucer, screeching at Grace.
  • Grace: Didn't nap. Bribed into wearing a shirt with her angry birds pajama pants. Jumping off of the coffee table repeatedly.
  • Smash: Wet his pants 20 minutes earlier because he didn't want to stop watching Minecraft videos on YouTube. Thinks he's very cute.
  • GAL: Lovely. Comes bearing news of the case that should make the road to adoption faster and smoother but probably won't.
  • Young dog: Outside. Pretending he has to guard the chickens. So helpful.
  • Old dog: Inside. Because he can't keep his mouth shut outside.
  • Old dog, 5 minutes after GAL arrival: Opens front screen door latch with his nose and takes off down the street.
  • Smash: Is showing GAL his valentines and generally charming the shit out of her.
  • Dog: Is nearly 15, 95 pounds, and very much not as fast as he used to be.
  • Wife: Catches him just down the road.
  • Me: Gives Grace 3 slices of bread and sends her down the road after dog and wife.
  • Grace: Super excited about her task.
  • Wife: Holds senile and now sore dog by the collar and tosses bits of bread 2 feet in front of them to keep him going.
  • Me: Abandons children with GAL to help with the last gravel bit of the road because old dog can't tell the bread apart from the rocks.
  • Everyone: Makes it back inside.
  • Dog: Sheepish. Still begging for food.
  • Baby: Miraculously not crying.
  • GAL: Has gotten Smash involved in a contest to see how many of his valentines he can get his name on before we get the dog in. (15)
  • Grace: Uses her newfound power to run circles around the living room and jump off her balance board repeatedly.
  • Baby: Still happy.
  • Also baby: Somehow got her sippy cup of water open with her feet and is splashing her toes around in the base of the exersaucer.
  • Me: Pretends this was a wild adventure and not a pretty typical 10 minutes.
  • GAL: Laughing, talked about the case a bit, seemed unconcerned.
  • Also me: Maybe someday we will stop having random people with extreme control over our lives need to visit monthly.
What dating oh sehun would be like;

• “don’t sass me sehunnie”
• Suitable reactions to EVERYTHING!
• Unnecessary amounts of bubble tea
• Jogger and jumper days
• Couch cuddles
• Teaching you dances moves and getting frustrated

.“jagiyah! You need to loosen your movements”
“Oh my god!!”
“What even is that?!”
“Ok, ok, ok I have to admit that it was cute”
“You would think that you and chanyeol are twins with the way you two dance”
“aish!! Watch your arms”

• He tried his best to make you laugh when your upset by imitating chanyeol
• Laughs at you when you trip
• Occasional wrestling matches
• You showing off your new wrestling moves that you learned from kyungsoo
• He lets you were his clothes when he’s not there but secretly loves it when he sees you in them.
• When he is upset or annoyed, you shout “NEVER DON’T MIND ABOUT A THING” at him and run to make him grin widely and chase after you because you knew it would aggrivate him and distract him but he knew why you did it

• He rests his head in your lap to admire you or nap
• He plays with your hair a lot
• Talking in sync with each other
• Wants to learn your native language so he can impress your family
• He always buys shirts because he knows that you love him in shirts
• Always loves your reaction to his new hair colour when the company make him change it.
• Nonstop shopping
• Overbearing confidence
• You persuading him to wear yoga pants and dance to nonono by Apink
• He would of course get you attempt his, jongins and chanyeols rap and he secretly records it as revenge
• He sends you cheesy letters that make you smile
• He prints his ‘yehet intensifies’ face onto a t-shirt for you to wear
• Keep a picture of you in his wallet
• Makes fun of your height because you’re shorter than he is.
• Absolute over the top but undeniably adorable ayego
• Constantly telling you what he loves about you
• Him getting bashful and shy when you do the same

just kiss like real people do (deancas NYE kiss, 1.2k)

wrote this at 4 a.m. because I wanted to make sure Dean and Cas get their new year’s eve kiss! includes a taxi driver Dean and Cas helping his drunk friend. hope you enjoy!

New Year’s Eve finds Dean alone in the car, a sandwich in his lap, Led Zeppelin playing quietly in the background, with a phone in his hands. He’s thumbing through his Facebook feed with disinterest, watching pictures of his friends and acquaintances that show off their newest party clothes, colourful drinks, pretty girlfriends or cute boyfriends.

It’s his second New Year’s Eve spent at work and he couldn’t be happier—he’s had his share of crazy nights with bad decisions and embarrassing memories. He’s pretty sure it’s better for everyone if he just spends the night driving drunk people home. He didn’t have any other plans for tonight anyway.

He’s just staring at the picture of his friend Charlie, in her silky black dress and with her arm looped around a pretty brunette, when he gets a call from the centre.

It’s still half an hour to midnight and people are probably in the middle of partying, so he’s a bit surprised someone decided to call for a taxi this early. But it isn’t his place to question his customers; he just turns off his phone and drives.

It turns out one of the two guys he picks up can barely stand without leaning into his—kind of cute looking, to be honest—friend. Dean chuckles when they clamber into the backseat, a smell of strong cologne and alcohol wafting through the car.

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Ship Meme: Impulse

Gives nose/forehead kisses

You do, and it’s infinitely satisfying to kiss his nose and make him blush just before he zooms away. Because you know that wherever he stops, he’ll have pink cheeks and that cute, dumb grin you love so much.

Gets jealous the most

Jealousy in a relationship can be a deadly thing, but with Bart you think it’s adorable because instead of getting resentful and sullen, he just gets extra-snuggly and starts showing off how fast he can run.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

Neither of you drink very much, and I feel like he’s a bit too wary/watchful to let his guard down like that. But on the rare occasion it happens, either of you are comfortable picking the other up. He loves to carry you home, but he’s not used to carrying people so he has to rest and eat once you get there.

Takes care of on sick days

You do - and it almost brings a tear to your eye, how appreciative he is. Every little thing that you do without a though - soup, blankets, cool cloth - he accepts with a surprised, wide-eyed ‘thank you.’ 

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

Definitely him. In his days the seas are dead and toxic, so in the past he came back to save he loves the beach. Although, he has to stick to the shallow water/ wading, since he hasn’t learned to swim yet.

Gives unprompted massages

He does, and he’s insanely good at it because he can vibrate his hands. It works wonders for sore shoulders.

Drives/rides shotgun

He actually can’t stand being confined in a car, so if you have to go somewhere, you’ll drive and he’ll run. You don’t complain, though - no arguments over the music, and it leaves more space for your stuff when you go on vacation.

Brings the other lunch at work

Both of you bring each other food so often it’s almost weird - you’re like a pair of birds or something. He does it because food was scarce when he was a kid, so to him, sharing it is an expression of love. You do it because you love how enthusiastic he gets about it.

Has the better parental relationship

It never really specified how things were with his biological parents in the Reach future, but since he’s come back the Flash fam have taken him under their wings, and Barry and Iris are amazing parents.

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

Good lord almighty, he is a terrible dancer. Even without alcohol. But you never mind, though, because you’re just as bad and you dance terribly together.

Still cries watching Titanic

You and he have been steadily working through a long list of ‘must-see’ movies (curated by you) and when you got to Titanic, both of you were sobbing your hearts out and holding each other by the end of it. Damian Wayne made the mistake of walking in, scoffed in disgust and left.

Firmly believes in couples costumes

Meh…costumes really aren’t your thing as a couple. Although he does like to dress up and explore clothes that are available now.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

Gifts weren’t really an option when he was growing up, what with the Reach Apocalypse and all. Now that they are, and he has money (he’d get a part-time job or something just leading up to it) he loves buying you things and surprising you with little cards and things.

Makes the other eat breakfast

Like any speedster has to be reminded to eat. His nickname (given by your parents) is ‘food stealer.’ In a roundabout way, he sort of does remind you - in that the sight of him eating reminds you that you’re hungry.

Remembers anniversaries

He’s never entirely sure of the date so remembering is rather difficult for him, but whether it’s on time or slightly late he’s always sure to get you a nice present (usually something he’s cooked - I feel like he’d really get into cooking and get super good at it.)

Brings up having kids

You guys are kinda young for that, but I think as an adult, once he can be sure the future he came from isn’t going to happen, he’d definitely want kids.

Dating Elijah Mikaelson Would Include...

This is my first time posting head canons so I sincerely hope you enjoy xx

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  • Him teaching you how to protect yourself
  • Him still trying to protect you with his life
  • Playing the Trivial Pursuit that Cami left to him because it reminds him of her
  • Getting mad when he beats you for the thousandth time
  • Him telling you stories from his life and all the people he knew
  • Calling Klaus out on his crap no matter what
  • Being best friends with Rebekah and Freya who adore you because you make their brother happy
  • Arguing with him about your safety
  • Going to dangerous places anyway and him getting mad because he just wants you to be alive
  • Babysitting Hope and watching elijah be silly and cute with her
  • Getting along with Hayley really well because you’re both badass and tough and she’s glad you make Elijah happy
  • Him taking you to museums and galleries and showing off because he remembered watching Picasso paint that
  • Taking cute pictures together and him pretending he doesn’t like it but secretly enjoys how happy it makes you
  • Getting to see him when he’s not wearing a suit and tie i.e. gym clothes and ;)
  • Him being a really light sleeper and playing with your hair when he can’t get to sleep or was woken up by something
  • Him being proud of you and telling you all the time
  • Him being proud to call you his
  • Him getting jealous when other people hit on you because though he knows he doesn’t own you, he wants you all to himself
  • Getting just as jealous as him when he’s hit on
  • Laughing when he gets flustered by something because it’s such a rare occurrence
  • Him telling funny jokes at the most inopportune times because secretly, he’s hilarious and loves seeing you smile
  • Fantastic, mind-blowing sex (if that’s what you like)
  • Really hot sex when you’re arguing or he’s angry
  • Passionate, slow sex when he just wants to show you that he loves you
  • Him doing anything for you at all because he’s completely besotted by you
  • “You’re by far the most interesting person I have encountered.”
  • Just lying together, touching somehow because Elijah never wants to lose you
Through his eyes

Prompt: Hey! I would like to make a request for a jealous Lafayette x reader where the reader is hanging with the hamilsquad then gets up to do something. While doing that they run into one of the characters that laf doesn’t like (surprise me!) and laf shows up and the angst begins, then it ends with cute and lovey fluff. I would really appreciate it if you could do that for me. Please.


TW: none

A/N: This is a modern fic! Also, some french is google translate.

“Hey, Sal, another round for the table!” John’s voice carried over the entire pub that night, laughing as he finished his glass of Sam Adams. He was drunk off his ass, while you were still working on your second bottle of Guinness. You looked around the people as a million different conversations soared between each pair, but you remained silent, watching your friends ramble. Hercules was telling John to stop drinking, while telling Alexander that his ego needed to chill, just because he was a law major didn’t mean he had the right to be pompous. Gilbert was laughing at the interactions, cutting into the one about John needing to be cut off, before glancing over at you.

Mon Amie?” He asked, bringing your attention to him. He really was beautiful, choosing to come to Columbia University to explore the world and learn English more clearly, it had become very good, with everyone’s help. “Is everything alright?” Your eyes perked before smiling, pulling  your knee up and rolling your hair over your shoulder to slump.

“Yeah, totally. But I’m not up for finishing my beer, you want it?” You offered, cocking a brow and sliding it over to the frenchman. He smiled in return, nodding and taking a sip of the simple beer. For a moment, your eyes lingered on him, studying the way his beard faded into his sharp cheekbones, and the way his eyes lit up when he spoke about things he was passionate about. Really, his eyes held so much emotion and told thousands of incredible stories that you’d never get tired of hearing. You let out a soft, longing sigh before returning back to reality. Out of all the people in your group of friends, you were by far the closest to Lafayette. Learning about him, noticing his unique mannerisms and watch him experience the world. You regretted falling for him, because you wanted to remain friends with him. It was easier, that way you’d be able to talk easily after he’d return to Paris. However, if you were dating him, then the breakup would leaving you wishing for a different outcome.

Of course, he didn’t feel the same way, though. So there was nothing to worry about.

“Hey, I’m gonna go to the bathroom.” You announced, rising up from the chair and adjusting your short dress, dangling five inches above your knees. Your leggings cut off at your shins, boots covering the rest of the skin. They all recognized your dismissal, before returning back to their conversations. A soft smile lined your lips as you shook your head and chuckled, walking towards the back of the bar.

You had begun to think about the last time you had had a serious relationship was three years ago, with a pretty incredible guy. In fact, you were sure he was going to propose to you, and you might’ve said yes. Unfortunately, problems started arising, (including him getting blackout drunk and being caught making out with with someone at a party) the two of you realized you just weren’t meant to be. Now, you missed being in a relationship. You felt rather lonely. A sigh left your lips as you exited the bathroom, concluding wiping the excess water from your hands on the bottom of your dress. Not looking, you ran into a hard surface, banging your face into an arm.

“O-oh god, I’m so sorry sir!” You said, rubbing the bridge of your nose and looking down at your shoes. The man didn’t say anything for a moment as you composed yourself.

“Y/N…?” His voice was hesitant, and oh-so-familiar. Your eyes widened as you looked up to see a man just as surprised to see you, a man you had seen a million ways, from sleeping beside him to throwing a water balloon at his chest. Your eyes grew impossibly wide as a smile slowly crept across your lips.

“George…? George Frederick…” You laughed a bit, tasting the name on your mouth once more. It had been too long.

“Yeah! Wow… what are the odds…” He smiled, his hand climbing to rub the back of his neck. He hadn’t changed much, he was still very civilized, a ironed polo shirt fitting his form perfectly, slacks hugging his legs. His hair was neatly brushed back, and not a hair - besides eyebrows - was on his face. That was another reason, you liked facial hair.

“Well, how are you?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest and smiling widely.

“I’m good, I’m good…wow, Y/N….I’m sorry, really, you just…look fantastic.” You smile softened in surprise, before scratching your arm a bit and laughing softly. He had always been good at sweet talk.

“Thanks, you don’t look half bad yourself.” The words caused him to chuckle, before he looked away. For a moment you saw a faint shade of pink touch his cheek.

“Would you like me to buy you a drink? It’d give us an excuse to catch up.” he offered, looking back at you. The possible blush was gone. You smiled, and without hesitation, nodded gently.

“That would be nice.” You replied, before being led to the barline, sitting beside him.

It took five minutes for Gilbert to glance over and see you talking with a man he knew all too well. George Frederick. He glanced between the two of you, narrowing his brow and slowly pushing away from the table, any form of smile melting from his face, and the feeling of his heart pinching in his chest apparent.  He walked toward the two of you, ignoring the questions of his friends. His face melted into a blank expression, watching you laugh alongside him.

“You did not…” You said, sipping the fruity liquor.

“I really did! You’d be surprised how easy it is to ride a dolphin that’s trained.” You both chuckled and took another sip. Suddenly, you felt a weight on your idle hand, surprise replacing your joyous expression as you looked over at him. A ping of pain tainted your chest as you slowly began to pulling your hand away.

“George… I-” before you could finish, Your french crush cut you off.

“Y/N, what’re you doing with this merde.” he slurred, his expression falling on George.

“I…Gilbert, how do you know George?” You asked, cocking a brow. His expression melted into pure shock as his eyes flashed from George to you.

“How…do you know him?” He seemed incredibly confused, almost blindsided.

“Well, um…well he and I-”

“We used to be engaged.” George said plainly, his hand reaching around to rest on your shoulder, staring down Lafayette. Millions of emotions filled Lafayette’s incredible irises; anger, longing, sorrow, and shock all appearing. For a second, he paused, leaving you to look at George in surprise. He left before you continue speaking.

“George, what the hell are you talking about? You cheated on me. There was no engagement.” You backed away from his embrace, watching him with hurt confusion. He merely sipped his drink.

“I was drunk, we had this discussion.” Instantly, you stood up, tossing your napkin at him and shaking your head.

“You regretting drinking too much isn’t my problem. Drunk or not, it still fucking hurt. And now you lied to the man I…” you hesitated, before glancing down and sighing. “Goodbye, George. Have a good life.” You turned around and walked to the door of the pub, not hearing a single word escape George, and seeing your dear Lafayette. His head was in his hands, his back rising and falling with big breaths. Your expression fell solemnly, before pushing through the threshold and sat beside Lafayette on the empty terrace, glancing up at the sky before looking at him.

“You know…” you started, glancing at him, “He was lying.” His head slowly picked up, glancing at you.

“Still, you were with him at some point….” He started, before glancing out to the tree line. “Pourquois lui(why him)? What does he have that…that I don’t?” He slowly shifted toward you, his eyes meeting yours. For the first time, you saw longing, and love deep in his ebony irises. You had never been this close to him, his breath dancing with yours. “What can I do to… Assurez-tu m'aime(make you love me)…?” For once, you were glad you took french for five years in high school, the word love popping through his speech. You let out a sigh, slowly leaning forward and pressing your forehead against his, closing your eyes. After a moment, a small smile crept across your face as your hand reached over to grip his, your fingers gently lacing together.

“Well, nothing.” You muttered, causing his eyes to  open and look into yours. “Because I already do.” Slowly, you closed the distance between your faces, your lips pressed against his as your hand slowly pulled from his to wrap around his neck. His hands easily found their way to the small of your back after the shock had settled from the initial connect. His lips molded to yours in adjustment, creating a beautiful harmony of passion. When you pulled away, your eyes were on his, with the words je t’aime laced in his irises.

Your favorite feature of his really was his eyes.

preference: dating ldr


-3 am skype calls because he can’t sleep
-making corny jokes that he writes down and sticks to his wall.
-scrolling through tumblr and making fun of him
-“oh shush” “no thanks, Howell”
- showing off your outfits for him
-falling asleep during a Skype call, and he doesn’t turn it off, just watches you sleep
- having skype sex almost daily
-“I love you”


-doing videos over Skype
- him kissing the camera
- listening to muse together
-him sending you some of his sweatshirts
-him awkwardly looking at your butt
-flying to see him
-telling him that he looks cute with his glasses
-even if he doesn’t believe it

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Hello! Since 2/14 is coming up, can I request Valentine's Day h/c for Procella?

Of course! I think it’s obvious they all  receive chocolate from their s/o so I just added this, if they get some kinda special choco. Anyway, here are hcs for what they’ll do with their s/o. Hope you like them! Some might be a bit cheesy/cringy I’m sorry.



  • takes you to a fancy restaurant for dinner as always, money doesn’t matter to him
  • romantic walk in the moonlight, probably shows off some cute magical stuff
  • coming home to rose petals tracing the way to the bed
  • no matter how difficult, make him chocolate with his favorite Häagen-Dazs rum raisin


  • plans a trip to the sea no swimming of course, it’s fucking february
  • watching the sunset while wrapped inside a fluffy blanket together
  • he brings fireworks to light them up when it’s dark
  • makes sure to keep you warm, always hugs you tight when he thinks you might feel cold


  • takes you to the cinema, watching a romantic movie with nsfw scenes
  • *cough* „we’re trying that later right“ *cough*
  • going to a coffee shop afterwards, talking, drinking coffee and eating sweets
  • of course you’re looking at other couples and talking about how much better you two are
  • takes you to a hotel at the end of the day not sorry


  • cooking your favorite dish with you because cooking together is cute af
  • ends up being a bit clumsy because he’s nervous but you’re also a bit nervous
  • you have to redo some stuff because he kinda messed up
  • definitely give this boy self made chocolate he’ll appreciate that so much


  • trip to his home town
  • shows you where he grew up and what places he likes
  • when you meet someone he knows, he lowkey shows you off because you’re awesome and he loves you so much
  • going to his favorite spot to watch the sunset while eating chocolate together

Rui my angel:

  • while you’re still in school he tries to make pudding for the both of you so you can enjoy it together
  • did his best but ends up burning it my lil‘ cutie
  • he’s sad it didn’t work out as planned but he’s so precious so it doesn’t matter
  • cheers up as soon as you give him self made chocolate pudding