and he was beautiful ;;;;


Sure, the bedroom scene is #iconique, but can we talk about how Keith gives Lance the softest look ever in the middle of a f i g h t??

Voltron SingerAU

Because an anon prompted this:

“ Okay but consider this; Kuro singing “call me devil” by friends in Tokyo. I would really love to see how you would draw him singing. Voltron singer AU!!  Oh gosh please say yes!”

… And I simply couldn’t resist making up some stuff. So there you go (sorry, it’s very sketchy):

1. Kuro singing “Call Me Devil” (by Friends in Tokyo)

Also: Kuro being a rockstar and kinda stumbling upon Lance, a singer/songwriter, during one of his binge drinking sessions is my new aesthetic for this AU.

2. Keith singing “Kiss Me Before I F*cking Lose My Mind” (by Charlie Puth) to Shiro… on stage… in front of EVERYONE…

Because there’s nothing better than Keith and Shiro being a duo… a pining duo. For years. Until Keith finally confesses to Shiro on stage with a song - without Shiro knowing what’s going on at first of course.

Allura might be their label manager or something. And Pidge and Hunk are the tech support (because I think neither of them would enjoy standing in the spotlight. They’re more like the people making sure everything’s working backstage).