and he was


I don’t draw Moniwa as much as I’d like to but here’s a redraw from this scene wherein if you listen close enough you can hear my heart break 

  • Sakura:Doesn't it bother you, Naruto?
  • Naruto:Huh???
  • Sakura:That Sasuke doesn't have a romantic bone in his body?
  • Naruto:... -Thinks about all the times Sasuke has jumped in to save him. How he always leaves him dinner, even if he's going to be out. How he leaves post-it notes letting him know where he is so he doesn't worry and get upset. How he holds him through his panic attacks. The way he puts his hand on the small of his back when he's stressed. The way he doesn't force him to celebrate his birthday. The way he don't have to say a word but Sasuke knows exactly what he can't say. The way he tangles their legs together in bed, even when his feet are cold because Sasuke hates it when his feet are cold. The way he looks at him when he thinks he's not looking...-
  • Naruto:... -Secret smile-
  • Sakura:What?
  • Naruto:We do okay.