and he wants to remember every detail


i was waiting for my cue.
i was on for a poetry reading
at a local art gallery
when a guy came in with a service dog
that looked more like a mutt
with a jacket on.
the guy was carrying two of my books.
he wanted them signed.   

i thought a lot, then,
about my revelations—
the things i choose to make public with my words.
i choose to open myself up
in the most intimate detail
and allow the world to see inside me.
i checked that feeling
against this man i didn’t know,
standing around, waiting for me.
how did i really feel about him knowing me
so intimately?   

but then i remembered
that when i write every word,
my audience is in my mind at all times.
i know some,
i don’t know many,
but they’re there,
like a back-lit peanut gallery
waiting to drink in
everything i have to give.
and i wasn’t embarrassed or afraid.
i didn’t even feel exposed.
i remember what i felt distinctly:   

i felt powerful.

© j.a. carter-winward

Would you like to know what goes through ones mind when they’re all tied up like this under a sky full of stars in the middle of no where ?

“What if he leaves me here and I have to wait for a long time to serve him?”

“I wonder if this will leave marks? I hope it does!”

“How’s he going to use me tonight?”

I didn’t get left. They did leave marks, but not lasting ones. He used me however he pleased and I was happy to oblige.

The ground was uncomfortable so I found comfort in his pleasure. The night was scary so I found safety in his touch. I submitted to him and let myself go and became “slave”. I lost myself in the focus of his pleasure and needs.

No I don’t remember every detail but I do remember the feeling of absoluteness when his loud grunts and moans of pleasure were shared with me and I was left a wet slutty mess, still wanting more and needing to serve but waiting until I was instructed to do so.

Like a good girl.

Boyfriend Jinyoung

A/N - Here’s Jinyoung as your boyfriend! Just to let you all know, I’m going on holiday for a few days but we should have internet where we’re staying so uploads should be every day as usual but if the internet is really slow then I may delay some uploads. Hopefully everything will be fine though~

Mark | JB | Jackson | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom

  • okay time for Park Jinyoung
  • nothing will prepare me for the thought of Jinyoung being my boyfriend
  • he’s the kind of boyfriend that girls wish they could have
  • but they can’t bc he’s yours
  • he would be such a good listener and would remember even the smallest details about you
  • like your favourite breed of dog or something
  • and he’d know exactly what to buy you for your birthday
  • not that you ever wanted anything from him but he’d insist
  • because he loves seeing how happy you get when you open the exact gift you wanted
  • Jinyoung would only ever care about making you happy because seeing his princess happy makes him happy
  • your contact names for each other would be ‘Prince Jinyoung’ and ‘Princess (Y/N)’ and the Got7 members would tease you both for it
  • somehow the two of you never left the ‘honeymoon phase’ of a relationship and you would constantly need to touch each other in some way
  • even if it’s just holding hands or having your body somewhat close to his
  • you both loved physical contact and you’d feel weird without it
  • he’d be the perfect boyfriend
  • he’d know everything about you including when you’re sad
  • like if someone asked “are you okay” and you said “I’m fine” then Jinyoung would immediately see through it
  • he has some sixth sense for when you’ve had a bad day
  • and he knows exactly how to cheer you up and comfort you
  • he’s not usually much of a cuddler but he will keep you bundled in his arms for however long it takes until you’re smiling again
  • also dating Jinyoung you can expect him to be reading books late at night when he should be sleeping
  • and if you were a big reader too then he’d recommend so many books that he loved and he’d want to read everything that you love too
  • he’d also write you little poems and songs whenever he was going away on tour and would hide little bits of paper around the house that each had cute lines on them
  • Jinyoung would want to learn more English for you as well
  • he’s already really good but dating you would make him want to speak more fluently
  • and it’d be so cute if you visited him earlier than planned or surprised him and found him sitting in his room repeating the same cute lines in English
  • he’d want to impress you all the time with how much he learnt English from Mark
  • and he’d probably ask you questions all the time out of nowhere
  • but you’d be happy to answer them bc Jinyoung learning English for you was the sweetest thing in the world
  • now let’s talk about Jinyoung in the bedroom…
  • I think he’d be all about your pleasure
  • everything he does would be done so that you got the most out of it
  • obviously you’ll give something back in return but he’d always make sure that you were satisfied first
  • he’d be pretty vocal in bed too
  • like he’d get even louder than you
  • hearing him would just drive you crazy bc goddamn his voice is so hot even when’s he just talking
  • let alone when he’s moaning your name
  • I’d lowkey sell my soul to hear it bc I just know it’d be hot af
  • anYWAY
  • Park Jinyoung would be such a sweet boyfriend and who knew you’d get so lucky to call this beautiful man yours

shiro loves history. and now that he’s in space and the world is bigger than he ever imagined, he wants to know about it’s history. so every night, him and allura cuddle in her bed and she starts telling him everything she knows. 

she talks a lot about altea and he listens with interest and reverence. because he knows this isn’t just her filling his need to know about the world. this is allura sharing her world with him, trusting him. 

so he listens and remembers every single detail, because this is important for her and for him too.

Jakob Chychrun - Take My Hand

Pls listen to Can’t Help Falling In Love by Ingrid Michaelson while reading this

Warnings: sadness, breakup(? ;)), angst, something I can’t say without spoiling

Originally posted by intermissionpenguins

The worst part is that he remembers everything. Every small little detail. Jakob doesn’t know what came over him that made him want to pull his old photos out, but here he was, sitting on the floor of the bedroom he once shared with you with one Dylan Strome sitting across from him.

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I want Lydia to call for Stiles and finally find this feeling of hope again. I want her to finally breathe again she remembered Stiles. She remembered everything about him. She knows what he looks like, what he smells like. She knows that he is her home. She finally remembered every detail of their life together. She’s ready to fall back into his arms. She sees a shadow her hopes are high but alas it’s not Stiles who walks out of the rift it’s someone else. Lydia falls to the ground and onto her knees. Tears start to stream down her face. She was so sure this time. She was so sure they found him. Suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder and it’s one familiar feeling she looks up but the image is a blur from all the tears filled in her eyes. The familiar touch moves to her cheek to wipe a tear, he calls out to her. Lydia. Without thinking She jumps into his arms and whispers in his ear you came back.

How They'd take care of you if you're injured.

Jyn would treat you how she would want to be treated in this situation. She’d let you know exactly what happened on the battlefield and how it did . How she doesn’t think less of you because of it. Jyn provides a confidence boost. She’d be the only one with you to take care of you, she’d make sure if it. Mostly she wants you to feel normal. From personal experience, Jyn knows that it’s important not to be overwhelmed. She wouldn’t overwhelm you or embarrass you, she’d just do all she remembers how to do. Her inner Galen comes out, and a motherly nature helps you.

He knows skilled people, and would put in the care of the most trustworthy of them. They’d get very specific directions and Cassian will be expecting every detail of them until you are feeling your best. He’d be there for all of it, supervising and asking questions to you and the doctors. But he wouldn’t really be listening to the doctors say you are, its about how you feel. If you are sure. Cassian wants you to feel in control of your body,especially after something out of your control harmed it. What you say goes and your requests become his commands. You’re actually the only person he’s nice too in the times when you’re hurt. You may have even thought you heard him singing in Spanish while you slept.

He is firm believer in spiritual healing before physical. Chirruts full focus would always be on you and your energy. He’d ask you bad it is, and what he can do. Chirrut sits with you and prays aloud until you wake up. he’d believe. And he’d tell you to believe too, it’s the most you can do. Chirrut makes you hopeful.

Baze is a silent supporter, but his presence is comforting. He won’t say a thing, but he’ll reach over and grab your hand, somehow knowing you needed it. Water, a cool towel, a snack, Baze just knows. He will keep himself busy doing chores for you and fixing your blankets and being there for you.

Bodhi would be very anxious about your well being, but he wouldn’t let you know outright. He’d think about Galen, to be brave and strong, you need brave and strong. So he’d go in and just talk like nothing happened. You’d notice the nervous glances and the concerned mumbles, but to take care of him, you wouldn’t say anything. Bodhi would bring you sweets, and board games, and movies. And he’d keep you laughing until you both fall asleep.

Ok I admit I went hella Bodhi with this one but I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!! Maybe later on I’ll tweak the rest. I’m actually thinking I should try some x reader fan fictions to do it……. lemme know guys.

Matty Healy Smut

Matty Healy Smut

“Did you want another one?” Matty asks you as he pours himself another glass of champagne

You refuse politely knowing that if you have one more drink you will be drunk right off your face and wouldn’t remember a single thing tomorrow morning and you wanted to remember every single detail of this night.

You are sitting across from one of your biggest idols, the one and only Matty Healy. He’s wearing black jeans with a rip at the knee and a buttoned down black shirt that was definitely not buttoned. His tattoos full display, the tattoo on his chest for his Nan who passed away and the second tattoo that rested on his hips reading ‘we are kings’.

You watch him carefully as he pushes his messy curly black hair to the side and out of his face before taking a large sip of his champagne. He crosses his legs, leans his elbows on his knees before looking at you intently.

“So Y/N, I have a question for you” he says before taking another sip of his champagne

As you realise he isn’t going to just ask you the question you prompt him.

“Go on,” You say encouraging him.

Your heart beat was racing, like whose doesn’t after being asked if they can ask you a question, it’s terrifying.

“Have you ever slept with a band member?” He asks as he lifts one eyebrow up

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Imagine: Supernatural and Gilmore Girls crossover.

Gilmore Girls loveable character Dean was actually Sam Winchester all along and the boys are forced to go on a hunt that leads them straight into Stars Hollow, where Sam runs into Rory and Rory’s new best friend—you.

Dean x Reader
Sam x Rory


Dean rode through the little town. Sam tried not looking around, ashamed that he remembered every little detail of Stars Hollow. This was a place he thought he could leave behind forever—but not because he wanted to. There was a very special girl in this town.

Parking the black Impala, Dean slid out of the car and chuckled at the small town. It was cute, nice, and quiet at this time of night. Some shop keepers were closing up and walking home.

Sam pointed at the diner across the street; Luke’s Diner. It still held the title and the same flowers out front as it did all those years ago. It was amazing how little things have changed.

“Good, I’m starved.” Dean rubbed his stomach, grinning from ear-to-ear, and crossed the street without a second thought, leaving Sam there to take a few deep breaths to prepare himself for the wrath of Luke.


“Why don’t we grab a burger at Luke’s before the movie?” Rory suggests as the two of you walk down the street, arms linked together.

You purse your lips, but nod in agreement. “Sounds like a plan. Hey, do you think Derek will be there?” You felt a blush creeping up your neck. Derek was a local that paid you absolutely no attention. You found yourself drawn to him.

Rory gave you the look, the very look you gave her just before she made a huge mistake a few weeks ago and asked out the hot traveller. It was the warning look.

“Fine.” You raise your hands and open the door for Rory, who thanked you and stepped inside Luke’s diner. This time of night, Luke’s only had a few people sitting around. Usually you and Rory and maybe a teenager or two studying into the night.

Tonight, there were no teenagers with books opened on their table. Tonight, two grown men sat in the corner, talking in hushed voices and keeping their heads low. You caught a glimpse of one and noticed a scar crossing his cheek.

“Usual, ladies?” Luke was standing there, notepad in hand. He had just finished serving the two men and now stood at the counter, making a fresh pot of coffee.

“Yes, extra coffee.” You nod and take a seat at the counter. Rory follows you and peels her jacket off her arms. You keep yours on, thinking it’s a bit chilly in here, which didn’t surprise you.

Again, you glance over at the men. The one with the scar happened to look up, meeting your eyes. You gasp and look away, feeling slightly embarrassed for staring into such beautiful green eyes.

Luke sat two cups of coffee down, startling you. “You okay?” He asks, eyebrow raised. You only nod before taking a gulp of the excruciating hot liquid, burning every inch of your mouth.

Rory was saying something to Luke about her mother, telling him how she was and the normal small talk. You feel like taking another chance and look over. Both of the boys are looking over now.

The second one wasn’t looking at you, but at Rory, his eyes widened and his mouth forming a perfect O. You start to wonder what he’s thinking when he shouts, “Rory!”

Your best friend jumps beside you, having to lean back in her seat to view the strange man calling her name. Both you and Green Eyes shared a look of confusion as Rory and his partner jumped up, running to each other and Rory disappeared into a hug.

Rory pulls away from the stranger and begins talking to him as if they were old friends. You start to feel a little left out when she finally turns to you and says, “Sam, this is my friend, Y/N. This is Sam, the guy I told you about.” Rory was grinning unlike you’ve ever seen her.

You wave a little, unsure of how to handle this situation. If you were correct, this was the boy that broke her heart many years ago and ran off to go on some hunting trip.

“Rory, Y/N, this is my brother, Dean.” Sam turned to Green Eyes. Dean said hi to Rory and turned to you, winking and making heat grow in your cheeks. What was it about this guy?

“What brings you back to Stars Hollow?” Rory looks up at Sam.

Dean answers from the table, still not taking his eyes off you. You start to feel butterflies in your stomach as the corner of his mouth twitches up and those eyes of his linger on yours. “We have a little job here.”

I have this stupid headcanon that Plo Koon takes the Wolfpack out for ice cream (or whatever the Star Wars equivalent of ice cream is) after every major mission. So he places this giant order at the window with all these intricate details like who wants sprinkles, who needs it in a cup, who wants the cone with chocolate dip, etc. (because of course Plo would remember these special details about each of his men). And he hands them out to his men personally, but never orders any for himself. So one day Wolffe is like “General, why don’t you eat ice cream?”And Plo nonchalantly goes “Oh, dairy is highly toxic for Kel Dorians, even touching it will cause our skin to burn off.”

And Wolffe has an intense flashback to the literally thousands of ice cream cones Plo Koon has handled and just SCREAMS INTERNALLY. And that’s the story of how the Wolfpack introduced the entire GAR to water ice.

Teen Wolf Preference: After Your First Time

Requested by anon:  Can you do an imagine for Scott, Liam, Isaac, Lydia and Hayden what it’s like after your first time?

A/N: So, I hope I got that right. I decided to do little texts about the situation after the sex for every person. I hope you’ll like it! :)

Scott Mccall:

You are taking a deep breath, wait a bit until your heartbeat calms down and then turn around to snuggle against Scott’s bared chest. He immediately wraps an arm around your shoulder and presses a kiss on your head. His skin is warm and he is still breathing heavily but it’s that satisfied kind of fast breathing. You inhale his scent and feel the soft sheet of his bed under your tiptoes because you want to remember every single detail of this moment afterwards.

“Are you okay?”, Scott mumbles with a hoarse voice that makes you shiver slightly.

You smile softly. “I’m more than okay, dumbie.”

“So you are not mad that it…kinda just happened?”

His insecurity is so adorable. You shoot him an amused look and shake your head reassuringly at the same time. You know that the two of you waited for this to happen for some time now. Because you wanted it to be perfect. But this definitely was.

“Maybe that’s the best thing about it. We just did it because it felt right. Always listen to your guts, right?”, you reason.

He answers with a soft chuckle that makes you feel all warm inside. Then he pulls you a little closer, pecking your lips softly and looking deeply into your eyes. You sink into his warm brown ones.

“I love you so much”, he whispers, his breath brushing your cheek.

A big smile spreads on your lips while you press your head against his chest. “I love you too.”

Hayden Romero:

“That was the best plan you ever had”, you state, earning an approving smile from Hayden. It wasn’t even a real plan. Your teacher just announced that you’d spend a week in an exchange school in Minnesota and you immediately decided to share the room with her. And then this just happened between the two of you and the tension you had since forever finally led to amazing sex. It was kinda easier to just go with this unfamiliar situation, for both of you, far away from home and everything familiar. There was and still is a certain excitement to it that makes it even better.

“We’d be so screwed if they found out”, Hayden says. She doesn’t sound scared though. Actually, a wide grin is spread on her face. Seeing her that happy makes you feel all warm inside.

“They won’t”, you retort. “And we’ll have a whole week in this room.”

“See? I knew this would be a great idea! All new, all forbidden. Just living”, she declares, letting herself sink back into the cushions with a satisfied sigh. You just laugh and press a kiss onto her reddened cheek.

“That’s why I love you. Bringing some excitement into my life every day.”

“And this time it has nothing to do with supernatural catastrophes.”

She is so right. It’s the best diversion from the usual Beacon Hills tragedy since a long time. You don’t have to worry about her. She is just lying next to you, sharing the soft blanket with you and she won’t go anywhere.

“This is gonna be a great week”, you declare before you lean in and kiss her on her smiling lips. You have never felt so free.

Liam Dunbar:

Originally posted by laydensquad

The room is filled with warm and flickering light from the candles and the soft matrass, blankets and cushions you are resting on right now. You just stare at the ceiling and follow its play that reminds you of actual stars while you are holding Liam’s hand and feel utterly peaceful. You want to lie here forever and never leave this room ever again.

As Liam turns around and looks at you, you finally rip your eyes from the fascinating image and return his gaze. You are surprised to discover that his expression displays a mixture of joy and nervousness. The dazzling blue eyes scan you inquiringly, as if he is searching for something specific.

“Liam, what’s going on?”, you ask him with a little frown.

He immediately turns red which you usually find adorable but now it disquiets you.

“It’s just…I don’t know…I mean…I just don’t know if you…did you like it?”, he rambles, making it hard for you to understand anything. As you get what he’s asking you, you can’t hold back a sound that’s something between snorting and chuckling.

“Are you serious, Liam? You prepared all of this for me, a perfect date, and we had pretty much the best sex ever and you ask me if I liked it?”

He pushes out a relieved breath, making you chuckle once again. You fully turn around now to face him and grin at him brightly.

“You worry too much”, you state. Something you’ve told him many times.

Liam just rolls his eyes. “Of course I do. It’s not like I’m super experienced and you are important to me.”

“Well, you don’t have to. Because I plan to repeat this many times”, you tease him and finally he’s able to smile again. He leans in to kiss you and you return it eagerly, almost as if it was your first one. Most of the time it feels like that. All new, all exciting, all perfect.

Lydia Martin:

“That was…an interesting kind of studying”, you state, looking at Lydia who is lying right beside you. A sassy smile appears on her full and now swollen lips.

“I bet you learned a lot.”

You giggle before you grab one of her hundreds of pillows and playfully punch her with it. “You are an idiot”

“Hey!”, she exclaims before she gets hold of her own one and a legit pillow fight breaks out between the two of you. You are giggling and screaming hysterically while waves of pure happiness drive through your body. Thank God you chose to “study” in Lydia’s lake house, otherwise somebody would’ve definitely heard you and thought you were killing each other.

As you are out of breath, the second time this evening, you sink back onto the matrass and push out the last few chuckles before you go quiet. Then you look over to her and brush one of her perfect red locks behind her ear, very lovingly. Afterwards your hand stays on her warm cheek. Her green eyes become a little softer and lock with your own.

“I just wanna stay out here forever”, you admit to her.

“Nice thought but the others know that house. They would totally just come over when they got into trouble once again and then this would become really weird”, she says with a little shrug.

You sigh. “Can’t you just daydream with me once?”

Lydia’s smile becomes a little wider. “We can’t both be dreamers. We would never get out of this bed. And you really need to study for this test on Monday.”

With that she gets up to fetch your notes from the living room. You look after her and it’s almost impossible to form logical words with that view. You only manage it after she left the room.

“Can we at least study in the bed?”, you beg.

Her soft, beautiful laugh sounds through the house. “Of course, babe.”

Isaac Lahey:

“That was…intense…”, Isaac mumbles. He’s still so close that your arms are touching and his body is definitely as heated up as your own. You can hear him breathing hard in the dark tent which is only filled with light from the moon outside.

“And surprising”, you add.

Surprising because this just developed since the others are on some walk through the woods, you were freezing in your sleeping back and Isaac wanted to warm you up a bit. And all of a sudden you felt so drawn to him and he to you. Well, you certainly never thought you’d sleep with the guy you were having arguments with all the time but…it definitely wasn’t bad. Not at all.

Isaac looks at you carefully, scanning your facial features as if he wants to find out what you are thinking. You just sigh and lean on your elbow to face him.


“Nothing. I don’t know. I just…it’s just nice to be here. Right now. With you.”

You raise your eyebrows. This is a real statement coming from him. It’s kinda confusing but at the same time pleasing. You enjoyed this, there is no way to deny it.

“Really? Do you feel like wrapping an arm around me and being all romantic?”, you tease him. That’s just what you do. Old habits die hard.

The corners of his mouth twitch lightly. “What if I do?”

“You can try and see how I react.”

He considers that for a moment, slightly frowning, obviously not sure if you’re serious or not. Then he just shrugs and pulls you into an embrace in one swift movement. And to your astonishment, your heart jumps a little as he does. You softly smile to yourself.

“Well, Lahey, I guess you’ll have to take me out now.”

A/N: I thought about writing a whole one shot about this Isaac tent thingy for a while now. So if you’d like that, let me know. :) Requests are open!


Joseph Morgan x Reader

“Who would you save - sister or love interest?”, the actor raises his eyebrows. A slight smile appears on his lips. “My sister or love interest? To be honest that’s a really weird question. I don’t have to decide, because (Y/N) plays my sister and is my beautiful fiancé. It’s always (Y/N). I would save her, because I can’t live without her anymore”, Joseph answer the question.
“So, you proposed to her finally?”, the interviewer wiggles his eyebrows smiling. The actor runs his fingers through his hair. “Yes, I just needed a whole year to be brave enough and find the perfect moment”, he admits. Of course Joseph remembers every little detail from this special day. “Are you going to tell us a few moments?”, the interview goes into a direction the actor totally likes.
His favorite topic to talk about is always you. “I wanted to do something special, but (Y/N) didn’t feel on our anniversary. We watched the movie from our first date then we ordered Chinese takeout. It wasn’t really romantic, but I changed he fortune cookie with the one I already have prepared. She opened the cookie and couldn’t believe that she had an engagement ring in her hand. A great evening”, Joseph tells the interviewer the story. Your name is the only thing in his head right now. He can’t wait to come home to you…

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hope you like it :)

“Don’t make a song out of this.”

Being out in Los Angeles for two months was giving Anthony more inspiration for the album he was making without it being the intention, especially with Jasmine being with him for the full two months, making it all work. He found some of the simplest things were things he had wanted to write about, wanting to remember every little detail that had made him fall in love wit her in the first place.

Jasmine had heard almost every song he had written, whether they be silly or serious creations, finding them flattering and mostly cringey at the same time. She never knew how to feel about songs being written about her, and although she had always loved the ones Anthony would write and perform her, it never made her feel any less awkward about it.

Jasmine’s standing in the kitchen at a time she wishes she was still sleeping, Anthony sluggishly moving around their rented apartment behind her. He had an early studio session with Will before he needed to leave for the weekend, and while Jasmine didn’t have any plans set in stone while he was working that morning, when he slipped out of bed she was stirred awake, unable to fall back to sleep without him there.

Jasmine decides to make herself a smoothie in hopes that it would wake her up, Anthony moving around and getting what he needs ready, glancing over in her direction. He looks over just in time to see her forget to put the lid on the blender, the contents of the smoothie she had been making fly across the kitchen, landing on the counters and cabinets.

The two of them get over the initial shock as Jasmine immediately shuts the blender off, Anthony bursting out into laughs after a few moments, unable to control his laughter.

“Don’t make a song out of this,” She warns, turning to give him the most narrow eyes she can despite being half asleep, Anthony only laughing harder.

“I don’t think this is one that will give me any inspiration unfortunately, baby,” He teases, grabbing a rag to help her clean up everything, Jasmine doing the same.

“I’m such an idiot,” She whispers, tossing the rags in the laundry room by the kitchen to watch later, moving back towards the fridge to remake her smoothie.

“You’re just tired,” He whispers, kissing her cheek as he grabs what he needs from around her. “I’ll be back by lunch, try not to make anymore messes without me here to witness them,” He teases, Jasmine hitting his chest as the turns around to kiss him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

Jasmine really doesn’t mind the songs that he writes for her, knowing that most of them will never end up being used. But as she thinks back on her mishap she can’t help but laugh, grateful that Anthony won’t be writing a song about something that had been a result of her own stupidity.

Regis’s and Dettlaff’s first year together.

Dettlaff sitting by Regis’s bedside, waiting for him to wake up because he doesn’t want Regis to be alone when that happens. He’s part of the pack now, and one does not simply leave a pack member in distress.

Dettlaff talking to Regis, telling him insignificant details when he’s still unconscious because one can never know when his ears will begin to function again. Regis remembers certain parts of these monologues.

Dettlaff offering to hunt down some humans and bring them to Regis because the blood would strengthen him, and Regis refusing with every ounce of power he has aquired over the last few weeks of regeneration. He then proceeds to tell Dettlaff about everything that has happened since their last meeting when they were both barely more than teenagers. Dettlaff doesn’t let it show, but he is impressed.

Nightly drinking ritual. Dettlaff props Regis up against him like he would a child, and offers him his wrist.

Dettlaff sketching Regis’s face because Regis wants to know what he looks like now. (”You shaved me and left sideburns? Why?” - “Your cheeks seemed so sunken.”)

Curious bruxae stopping by because they want to see what their pack leader is up to. At first, they tease Regis, but they become friends later on.

Dettlaff carrying Regis around, oh my God!

For: anonymous
Pairing: cockles
Rating: NC-17
tags: misha pov, shipper!jared, implied polyamory, might be seen as dub-con because of drunkeness

Misha blames the alcohol. No, scratch that, he blames Jared. He loves the guy but suggesting they play dirty truth or dare when they’re this hammered was definitely no how Misha thought this night was going to end. Shit, he wishes he was sober enough to actually fully appreciate what was going on because there is no way in hell that he wouldn’t want to remember every detail of a very naked Jensen Ackles in his shower.

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From Star Wars: Attack of the Clones novel:

  Anakin, though, didn’t see either of them. He focused on the third person in the room, Padme, and on her alone, and if he had ever held any moments of doubt that she was as beautiful as he remember her, they were washed away, then and there. His eyes roamed the Senator’s small and shapely frame in her black and deep purple robes, taking in every detail. He saw her thick brown hair, drawn up high and far at the back of her head in a basketlike accessory, and wanted to lost himself in it. He saw her eyes and wanted to stare into them for eternity. He saw her lips, and wanted to…

  Anakin closed his eyes for just a moment and inhaled deeply, and he could smell her again, the scent that had been burned into him as Padme’s.

  It took every ounce of willpower he could muster to walk in slowly and respectfully behind Obi-Wan, and not merely rush in and crush Padme in a hug… and yet, paradoxically, it took every bit of his willpower to move his legs, which were suddenly seeming so very weak, and take that first step into the room, that first step toward her.

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Do you have any headcannons for cleo aNd deuce

I do!

  • They HATE the cold weather. Deuce is a reptile like dude. Cleo spent centuries in Egypt. They won’t whine about the cold if caught in it, but they will do what they can to avoid it.
  • -Newest HC. Cleo has a secret Deuce journal. I like the idea of her remembering some of the ancient times she’s had, but not having the most perfect memory for it because brains can’t log every single detail 100% after 2,000+ years. So she wants to remember time spent with Deuce as best as she can another 2,000 years from here. Deuce will understand when he’s 116 and forgetting what life was like when he was 7 years old.
  • They won’t have kids. No deep, soulful reason other than they don’t feel like it and people don’t have to have children. If they do have kids they’ll love them and be good parents, but they’d just rather not and only focus on each other.
  • They can easily spend nights together without sneaking around. Ramses is off on business a lot with his relics and Nefera’s failed modeling career has her traveling to different cities and countries. Medusa’s a single mom, idk what I think she does but it requires her working some nights.
  • Cleo is turned to stone by accident at least twice a year. Deuce always feels badly for it, it’s only for a few minutes, but it’s so easy for sunglasses to get knocked off that it happens.
  • Deuce has skateboarded with Cleo via piggy back ride, and she didn’t hate it.

I kind of want to write a biography of Shostakovich, but not like a traditional biography. I mean, I want to take every single piece he ever wrote, even the ones that are no longer remembered, never written down, and each song would be a chapter. Each symphony would have its own subset, of course.

It would detail the meaning behind each piece, the purpose of its creation; and it would detail what was happening when little Mitya first wrote the thing, who performed it, when; the political state at that moment; etc. 

I love Shostakovich so much and I just want people to know how wonderful and perfect and wonderful he was. 

This is his seventh symphony. I can’t listen to it without crying. It changed history, not just the history of music, or the history of Russia, but the history of the world. The Leningrad Symphony is the single most heartbreaking thing in all of existence. When Shostakovich was still alive, his first biographer wrote:

“The Seventh Symphony has fulfilled its political purpose, but time will show whether it can stand on its musical merit alone.”

Well, as anyone in the musical world can tell you, it certainly has. 

Shostakovich was an incredible composer, and one of the bravest men of all time. In the face of the potential (and eventual) deaths (murders) of every person he knew, Shostakovich wrote a symphony more damning than any political speech, more telling than any rallying cry. It was literally heard across the world, and will be heard across the ages. 

I want to help y’all understand that.

Also, his name was Dmitriy Dmitrievich Shostakovich. He’s the Moon Moon of composers.

Jr.: Boyfriend

Jinyoung as a boyfriend

  • “I’m your mom”
  • quotes Shakespear when talking to you sometimes
  • secretly learns from Yugyeom then annoys you
  • gets touched by your little efforts
  • looks at you when you’re sleeping then smiles to himself
  • supports you to whatever you want
  • loves sleeping on your lap
  • Harry Potter marathon when there’s a chance
  • rolls his eyes more often than you do
  • bugs you to read him a story because he loves hearing your voice so much
  • notices every small details
  • “Maybe i’ll let you pay next time” every dinner dates
  • likes copying your expressions cause he thinks it’s cute
  • aegyos like a girl
  • loves holding you in his arms
  • his chin rested above your head is his favorite
  • you make him laugh more often
  • pinches your cheek everytime
  • “THE POWER COUPLE” describes you two
Dear Journal.

An AU in which Sasuke keeps a stupid journal and someone is starting to change the content. @soupy996 drew it and I wanted to write something about it.

March 30th:
Dear Journal, I can’t remember her name.

Sasuke wasn’t staring…he was just observant. Hell, he had the damn Sharingan and Rinnegan…it was only natural that he took in things by every detail.

The soft scar at her chin and eyebrow. Her hair was cut uneven as if she does it in a mirror with a dull blade but it brushes her eyelashes and the small hairs move as she blinks and turns her head. He noted that she covers her mouth to laugh and caught a glimpse of her slightly crooked front teeth.

He saw all of these things in a span of three seconds and yet still managed to forget her fucking name.

Naruto said it. Sakura sang it. Ino yelled it. Kiba and Shino called it. Everyone, he knew that everyone knew that he didn’t know her name.

It bothered him.
They bothered him.
She…she was neutral.

Just a swaying being in his eye.

He glanced away after even taking in the chipped toe nail polish. Four seconds and Sasuke could easily draw her from memory.

What was her name?

Why does she have such shallow dimples? Why does she gently bite on her knuckle when she’s trying to figure something out? Why did she cut her hair?

What was her name?

He suddenly felt heat in his chest and the Uchiha walked through his group of “people he grew up with” and walked passed her. He was upset.

It would be as easy as asking but that would be too easy…Sasuke doesn’t do easy.

He walked and walked until he just stopped. He stared at nothing in general, a sigh left bitten lips. It was killing him.

The blonde was Ino. The one with the weapons was Tenten. He even remembered Temari…but her?

“Hinata, my name is Hyuuga Hinata.”

He turned around and was offended that she was able to creep up on him. He was getting rusty. He blinked and replayed the name in his head. Backwards and forwards. Up and down and…

He replied with a nod.

Hinata smiled and continued walking. He watched her and decided he would keep that name to memory. A ball of tension eased up and he was finally able to breathe.

Hinata, okay.