and he wanted to protect her in new york

London’s Calling

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Chapter Nine: Cracks 

Word Count: 3258

☏ ☏ ☏ ☏

“So that’s it?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too.”

It’s a strong statement to say both teens are to blame for what happened. Blame isn’t really the right word, even though both Riley and Lucas are at fault for what transpired the day they called quits on their friendship. Everyone involved believed that their actions were the right thing to do. But, that’s getting ahead of ourselves. 

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Dally adopting a gitl who has been abused Headcanon

* Dally is 35 in this Headcanon because I don’t think he would want kids when he is 20"

* also Johnny is still alive and sodapop never went to war ( don’t hate me) *

requested by @gemini-winchester

- He felt like he was too lonely by himself since he is 35

- he adopted a 12 year old girl who used to be abused

- when the people talked about you to him he knew he wanted to give you the love he never had

- Sometimes whenever he yells you’ll flinch out of instinct

- when he sees you cry he’ll give you a big bear hug

- one time you told him a story about how you got one of your scars from your old dad

- not gonna lie he cried

- he relized that you were kinda like him and he swore to always protect you with his life and love you with all his heart

- when you got older maybe about 15 he told you about his life in New York

- One day you got to meet the rest of the gang and they instantly swore to protect you also

- he likes to buy you things but he doesn’t spoil you

- one day Dally meets a really nice girl and they start going out

- you were a little uneasy at first but after a while you were okay with calling her mom

- Pony likes to buy you books since you like to read too


- Dally will not allow it. He doesn’t want you following in his footsteps

- when you hang out with friends you best better believe there will be a ton of questions

- He likes taking you to the drive in a lot

- whenever he’s busy you will stay with Johnny or Ponyboy

- when you get married Dally is crying his eye’s out

- don’t even get me started on the father daughter dance

- He holds you so tight as if he’s afraid you’ll fall and break

- “look at you my baby, all grown up”

- he starts crying and you wipe away his tears

- “I love you so much dad”

- he moves your hair to the side and gives you a kiss on your forehead

- at the end of the day it’s nothing but laughter and happy tears

- and his present to you was every picture that yall have taken over the years

Note: im so sorry I couldn’t do an imagine I was a little busy and I could only get this done. But I hope you like it❤

Arsonist’s Lullaby [1]

Summary: You are a pyrokinetic, being sought after by both Hydra and the Avengers. What will become of you? 

Bucky Barnes X enhanced!Reader

Word Count: 1069 

Warnings: None so far, I think..

A/N: Okay, so I was totally inspired by Hozier, after listening to Arsonist’s Lullaby on repeat for a few days.. This may be a little rough, but I’m going to try and be serious (which may be impossible, and I know this part has really nothing to it..). Please, hang in there with me. Please let me know if you wanna be tagged (or untagged) :) Also feedback please!! :)

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To Build a Home (2/3)

Rating: M

So…this got away from me and will now be in three parts because I needed to add some Captain Cobra.

Killian throws the note in the water and Emma waits in a house that is no longer a home.

Part One here

Henry is wondering, not for the first time, if he is the only sane person left in this town.

(And really, last time he thought that, he had totally been right. Cursed and all.)

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Unladylike (Loki x Reader)

Anonymous said:
“Can you write something like where Loki kidnaps a teenage girl as leverage for some plan he has on earth? But she ends up being so obnoxious, rude and annoying that he can’t take it anymore so he ends up ditching her and scolding her about her vile unladylike behavior? Lol”

Warnings: swearing

“Ugh. This is fuckin ridiculous.” Y/n groaned, staring at the long haired man in front of her. He gave her a weird look. She was sat on the ground with her legs spread open. He sighed. “Stupid Earthly women. So vulgar.” He mumbled. Y/n laughed. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” She giggled. “See! Exactly my point. You’re a young lady. Cross you legs and stop using such vulgar language!” He scolded her. She laughed, spreading her legs father. “Whatever. This isn’t worth it. I’m taking it back.” He announced. “I have no idea why my brother would want to protect such creatures like this.” He shook his head. When they got back to Y/n’s hometown of New York City, he basically pushed her towards her home. Y/n laughed as she went on her way.

Dangerous Woman-Part 5

A/N: Again, thank you @livforthegames. You are amazing love! I LOVE this a lot more than my original idea.

Warnings: FLUFF

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down.

Bucky x Reader 

Part 4

Originally posted by jawlinesandmetalarms

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“When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I am the Lord your God.” Isaiah 43:2.

I read this passage every morning and psalms to encourage myself as I went through the training and preparing to become the hero I always wanted to be. Now, more than ever it means the most to me. Cause I know God will clear my path and protect me as I go out there and put my life in His hands to rescue others. It’s been my goal since I was 5. I watched my city New Orleans destroyed right before my young eyes. I was drenched in water, I remember people crying, the violence, the fear in people eyes, the chaos and something I’ll never forget was the last time I saw my mother. Unfortunately it was God’s choice for her journey to end right there. My step dad who I’ve had the honor to call my own dad, didn’t abandon me. He risked his life to get us out of there and those neighbors that took us to the dome… Then we were reunited again and I don’t say it’s luck but God, that we did and were fortunate enough to get out of there and shipped to New York. I remember asking for my mom and crying. My dad handed me a picture of her he had saved from the old house and told me she’s right there with me. I never parted ways from that picture. It sleeps right next to me in my drawer at night. I look at it and it inspires me and pushes me to go on. It’s.. She’s been my motivation to want to help and serve others and now I can. I’ll protect and serve my brothers and sisters because every human life is precious and I believe it’s my destiny to. I’m proud of myself today after all that hard work and coming home tired. My dad, my sister and my girlfriend are proud of me and I know my mom is too. That’s all that ever mattered.

The White Princess: Henry VII [ISTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Henry is detached and realistic in his approach to the throne; he tends to prioritize “rational” methods all else; he is not afraid to deal harshly with traitors, nor secure his throne through whatever means he deems necessary. His analytical nature makes it hard for others to read him, or understand his thought process; he prefers to think in secret, then act, instead of consult others on what steps to take. His rationality is not always practical, though (his need to “test Elizabeth’s fertility” is counter-productive to the legitimacy of their heirs).

Extroverted Sensing (Se): His focus is more on the present than its possibilities; Henry prefers to do things himself, to be involved in the action, and to confront problems head-on. He struggles in how to balance his natural aggressive tendencies with a desire to “control” his environment. Henry frequently takes new approaches to everything, with very little faith in outdated systems or traditional beliefs; his treatment of Elizabeth of York, his intense physical relationship with her (despite a lack of emotional connection), and his arrest of her mother show a tendency toward knee-jerk, based-in-the-moment reactions.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): He is afraid of what the future holds; Henry wants to protect it. He’s not nearly as capable of long-term thinking as his mother, and tends toward more negative, singular conclusions… that are sometimes off, and sometimes right on point. Henry speculates (correctly) that Elizabeth Woodville is scheming against him and Lizzie is going behind his back, but he assumes she is not on his side, even after she tells him several times that he has her support.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Oh, boy. Henry rails against Lizzie’s affair with her uncle, within several people’s hearing; he announces her premarital pregnancy with delight, when it should be a court secret; he blithely goes along with whatever his mother decides is the right thing to do, without any private moral conscience… and then, over time, shows his deep insecurities and need for external validation. He mourns that Lizzie can never love him, he shows and talks about his feelings toward her, her family, and their children. Henry can have an amiable, good natured, even charismatic side – and he can also deliberately set out to antagonize others and hurt their feelings (when Lizzie snarls at him over how “quick” he was in their first encounter, he counter-attacks with thoughts of her sister).

Note: Yup. Gotta say it. This Henry isn’t much like the real one, except both were known for their fear of betrayal; the real one had every reason to be suspicious and paranoid, given the amount of nobility that betrayed him over the years in an attempt to put a York back on the throne.

The REAL Henry VII was an ISTJ, a meticulous, intelligent, and logical man who would find the rationality behind this Henry’s decisions absolutely absurd from a Te standpoint; “testing” Lizzie’s fertility is unnecessary and dangerous – first, if he really does think she’s had a long-standing affair with her uncle, and has never had a child, she’s proven infertile; second, all he has to do is look at her mother’s enormous family, and the enormous families of her mother’s siblings to realize the odds are in her favor she’s going to have a ton of kids (Si + Te); third, any child conceived before marriage is illegitimate in the eyes of the Church of the period, and given his precarious hold on the throne, Henry needs all the religious support he can get. Thus, it’s unlikely the real Henry would have been dumb enough, from a religious and political perspective, to sleep with the future queen of England before the wedding, much less smear her name all over the court as “used goods.”

Extroverted Thinking… thinks about these things and in these terms. This isn’t the character’s fault; it’s the irrational writing’s fault. But still. UGH.

I will say this, to dissuade the Henry-haters from casting shade on the historical Henry: unlike this series depicts, Elizabeth of York and Henry appeared to have a healthy, stable, and loving relationship – and her death almost killed him from grief. It weakened him so much his ongoing battle with consumption nearly won. I don’t think the miniseries will repeat the book’s “he cheated on her" subplot, but that’s not true either. Even if he didn’t love her (which I think he did) enough to stay faithful, SiTe would think: Gosh, I can’t risk having little bastards running around threatening my children’s line of succession now can I?

There’s plenty of reasons to “dislike” Henry VII, based in his miserly attitude late in life and his careless treatment of Katharine of Aragon; there’s no need to slap the slanderous and false accusation of “rapist” on top of him and make him a passive, childish mamma’s boy. Still, in comparison to what the series did to his mother, I guess he got off easy. :P

Christian Navarro Headcanons


  1. more hc’s with christian maybe? like fluffy stuffI
  2. loved your Morning with Christian head canon! It was so cuuuuute I’m crying. Could you maybe make one with Christian and he’s being all cute all of a sudden and calling the reader cute Spanish nicknames like Hermosa and Cariño and saying Te Amo a lot? And the reader asks why and he says he just loves her a lot and needed to show her a bit more? If you don’t want to it’s ok!!!!I

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Start of Something Promising Part 5/?

Summary: When the unimaginable nearly happens.

Word Count: 1373

Pairing: Lin x reader

Author’s note: I know I have been MIA a lot recently, but it is because a) March was a busy busy month and b) so was April and so will May. I hope to be back and writing a bit more this summer. I have been working on a story that I may share with you someday, while there are a couple other stories in the works for this fandom. Thank you to all who are following me (new and old) and ones that have been with me since I started writing. I am starting to tag people, if you would like to be tagged please let me know.

Tags: @gratitudejoyandsorrow (THANK YOU!!!) @secretschuylersister (Double thank you!) @hamwriters

His arms tightened around his wife. He didn’t want tonight to end, they had been apart for nearly six months due to his work schedule taking him all over the world and Y/N not being able to leave for longer than a weekend. They made sure to facetime, called daily and were always texting even when one was sleeping. As she sighed, a smile played across her face. He missed falling asleep to her humming his favorite songs and singing along to the Little Mermaid. He missed seeing her dance around the kitchen cooking some cookies or her attempts to actually cook. He missed the way her hair fell in her face when she laughed. He wished she could have taken a leave of absence for the year he would be in London, but she hadn’t been at her job long enough, thus the living on separate continents, an ocean apart.

He thanked his lucky stars that his sister and two best friends were there for Y/N. He wasn’t sure what he would do if he lost her. He had come too close.

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Answers about Red Moon

Thanks for all your interest !
Here are more infos on Doriann and Lua.
I hope i didnt forgot anything, if you have more questions I’ll add them here.
(Sorry if its hard to read or if i made mistakes writting, its pretty late here x_x" )

I also noted down a few requests for them, maybe I’ll get to do them sometimes ^^

First of all,
What is Red Moon ?
>Red Moon is a personnal comic project. It just came to my mind with the intention to draw whatever situations i liked i a very shojoesque way. Just my guilty pleasure lol.
It’s not a project done with big ambitions or whatever. I even think it would be pretty light and cliché, but at least assumed.
So if i end up doing it one day don’t expect it to be the new great hit, really. xD
It’s just a story for fun with no pression.

Where did the inspiration for this story came from ?
>It came from the many shoujos I’ve read combined with my love of vampires which got really mangled this last years with too much exposition and not liking too much how they depicted them (twilight and compagny )

How did you came up with their names ?
>Doriann is just one of my favorites male names of all times, and for Lua i wanted something related to the moon.

What’s the main story ?
>Story takes place nowadays on lively cities such as New York. Lua is a “bloody bride” she attracts vampires, and they do want her. She is supposed to bring hella lot of powers to the one who will take her.
Doriann has been affected to protect her, but he does it his way, actually using her as bait to hunt down more vampires.

How did they met ?
>They met right after Lua’s father death, near his grave. He was there to pick her up.

More about Lua
>So as i said, she is a bloody bride. She’s born during various very unlucky events, her mother died giving birth. His father has always known “what” she was and has always make her live a pretty secluded life where she was the less possible a target. He’s been a loving dad, but he just didnt let her go out and have fun a lot.
Lua has been missing a part of a normal childhood, thus that can explain that part of her a bit too naive or innocent. (yes pretty typical stupid shojo girl here, but they are fun to work with xD  )
She used to read and watch tv a lot to stay occupied. She is well aware of her condition, but after reading and watching all those awesome series/films/whatever with vampires she kind of convinced herself that there MUST be a vampire destined to her. And that she’ll have wonderful adventures with him (or not ).
Anyway, that is the main reason she is oblivious to Doriann.

Bits of Lua’s personnality
> She’s a cheerful and curious girl but she can also be very stubborn especially concerning her fantasies. She can easily end up daydreaming too. A perfect match to bring trouble to herself.
She’s always up to go to some new places and try things. she also loves shoppings and she switches to trendy fashion and gothic lolita fashion.

More about Doriann
> He is an orphan. His parents got killed by a vampire. That’s why Lua’s father chose him to teach him and train him to protect Lua for the day he won’t be here anymore. Visiting him regularly at the orphanage.
It’s his thurst for revenge that draws him to use Lua as bait.
Lua and him did not acquaintanced as childs, but he liked her very quickly from the moment he took care of her. Afterall, he has been trained for this all this time and he his the only person he has to take care of and she has only him (even if she f*cking doesnt pay attention è_é )

Bits of Doriann’s personnality
> He is more of a loner. He doesnt like to be out too much and prefers to enjoy time at home, specially watching series. He likes to act cocky and is pretty collected in general but will easily looses his cool regarding Lua. she makes him act like an idiot.
He actually enjoys shopping too. He is fucking jealous and possessiv but he just has to suck it off as she’s not his girl.

What is their relationship and what they like about each other ?
> It looks like a sister and big brother from Lua’s point of view. She has lots of affection for him. They both take care of each other but they also bicker a lot about stupid stuff. she doesnt really understand him all the time. Still she always finds him cute somehow even when he is being all sulky because of something she might have done or said. Except when they are arguing about vampires, her clothes choices.. Ugh, who is he to tell her what to wear or like he knows everything about every vampire on earth ? she doesnt really understand why he goes “that far” into protecting her.
She enjoys when they have a break junkfood/tv together, usually he is less rough to her, she can even manage some big brother hug at that moment.
Doriann obsviously fell for her very quickly. He can’t even really tell why exactly but he loves everything about her, how lively she is, how stubborn she can be, her weird tastes in clothing sometimes… But he knows he is friendzoned and has lot of trouble dealing with his feelings. Living with her and protecting her H24 is daily torture, especially when she acts sometime so ambiguous. As a matter of fact he gets easily irrtated and gets in fights with her way more often than he would like to. He also acts rougher to her than he would like too. He feals weak around her and doesnt like that. All of this doesnt stop him from trying a move from time to time, which fails.  

Their favorite food & drink
> Doriann loves junk food, especially hot dogs. But whatever he can eat in front of tv will be fine. hell no veggies. Drink cola, lots of it, and coffee.
Lua likes to eat and taste all things she can. She likes chinese.
She’s got a sweet tooth also but she’ll still try to eat more or less healthy, anyway, she’s more reasonnable than Doriann in this matter. ( Maybe the only one actually.) she doesnt like fizzy drinks, she prefers ice tea or plain water.

Has Doriann already been in love ?
>No. He surely had fun with some girls, but no love involved.

Are there other characters in the story ?
>Yep, i could add easily 4 other characters there. *supens~~*

Will Red Moon be included in My candy love or Eldarya ? Or will it even began a game on its own ?
> No no no >n<;;
As i stated on the very first lines, those are really my characters for my pleasure. Not work.
I love my job, the games and Beemoov but what i produce for Beemoov becomes their property and they can do whatever they please with them. And i dont want to share Doriann and Lua >w<
Hope you’ll understand that :3
(nb : their names are mentionned in an eldarya episode, but the reference stops there ^^ )

PJO Rebellion Againts the Gods Headcanon

after a long time and a many more quests the demigods start to get sick of how the gods treat them. They are risking their lives to fix the gods problems and the decide one by one that they aren’t helping the gods any more

Percy Jackson

  • Percy is the first to doubt the gods but one of the last to do anything about it.
  •  He helps his dad out when he needs it (because his dad helps Percy back) but whenever the other gods ask for help he either ignores them or just steals wherever he was supposed to give to them.
  • One time Ares looses his sword and asks the demigods to retrieve it for him.
  • Percy pretends to go along and says he is happy to help the gods
  • but when he gets the sword he keeps it and turns it against Ares
  • after a long battle Percy wins the fight and warns the gods to stop asking the demigods to fix problems that the gods cause.
  • after franks death (read earlier Dark!Percy headcanon) turned out to be caused by a problem the gods started Percy stopped talking to the Olympians all together.

Piper McLean

  • Piper began to question the gods after a quest when her mother didn’t let her take a trangender girl on a quest because of her choices (despite her being the best translator they had at camp). piper snuck her out of camp and took her anyway
  • after her mother admitted to being responsible for killing that girl a during the quest piper kicked off.
  • she started screaming at the gods asking how they could expect their children to nearly get themselves torn to pieces on these quests and then kill them to make a statement
  • she left the chamber saying that they really haven’t gotten any better than Kronos
  • after that she refused to go on any quests the gods asked and deals with monster attacks herself

Leo Valdez

  • Leo was the first to openly despise the gods and their attitude to their children
  • it started with a discussion with Percy about how he had the gods to promise to free calypso and they didn’t.
  • then the gods tried to take her home and had to be reminded that they promised to help her in the first place
  • he insults the gods whenever he can
  • one day the gods sent monsters to kill festus because “they felt threatened by the dragons power”
  • Leo only just survived the attack but festus didn’t make it out
  • after that Leo made several plans to storm Mount Olympus and get revenge for his friend
  • Annabeth helps him but tells him to keep quite about these plans

Annabeth Chase

  • She has hated the gods since childhood. part of her agrees with Luke decision to fight them.
  • She didn’t really have a moment where she switched sides but when the gods kicked Thalia out of the Hunters of Artemis she became very angry at their choice
  • Refuses to build Olympus after Frank’s death due to a hatred of the gods
  • She has plans to leave camp with Percy and go rouge fighting monsters but he says he has to stay.
  • He refuses but doesn’t give a reason why (he secretly want to stay so he can use Ares’s sword against the god’s in Leo’s attack)

Jason Grace

  • Never fight the gods but when they ask to help them convince Leo not to fight them he refuses
  • He tells them that “Leo’s done more for me than you ever have. i trust him. I’m still deciding how i feel about you”
  • they stop asking him for help after that claiming that he is ungrateful and should respect them because they are more powerful than him
  • He doesn’t stop Leo and Percy when they leave for Mount Olympus. He knows he might never see them again
  • He watches them leave camp and hold Annabeth while she cries and call out to him
  • calypso doesn’t say a word to Jason and Annabeth, she just cries and watches “I’m sorry Leo, I’m so sorry”

Hazel Levesque

  • She didn’t take Frank’s death well
  • Once Leo tells her about the plan she demands that she becomes a part of it
  • She meets Leo and Percy in New York and covers them in mist strong enough to protect them from even the gods. Her father helps, he hates his brothers and sisters for how they treat their kids. He gives them his blessing and promises them both a place in Elysium.
  • She wants to fight the gods herself but Leo insists. he asks her to protect calypso for him. He knows he won’t live  and he needs someone to look after her.
  • She accepts his requests on one condition
  • He thanks her and asks what she needs
  • She tells him “Tell Frank I love him, tell him he doesn’t need to wait for me. I don’t what him to have to go through that”

Prince was learning a lot in the studio, but that didn’t ease the edginess that continued to eat at his creative soul. He proposed to the band that they go to New York and try to get a deal. He presented the idea to the rest of the band, but all were against it except André, who had no real immediate answer at all. Prince has said that the situation symbolized his relationship with the group almost from the very beginning. “I always felt like it was me against them. I would want to do things and they wouldn’t. Nothing was happening in Minneapolis; I felt that going to New York was better than sitting around there.”

Prince, who had by now obtained enough credits to graduate early from Central High, scraped up enough dough from the band’s gigs to get himself a ticket to the Big Apple. Once he got there, he’d stay with Sharon, an older sister on his father’s side. Friends from the period aren’t sure, but they believe Sharon is the same sister who visited Minneapolis from New York. They remember Prince being very protective of her. “It was as if he didn’t want anyone getting too close to her. He wouldn’t let any of the guys talk to her. She was real pretty.”

Prince’s journey to New York is comparable to the cliché story of the country boy coming to the big city. The only person he knew in all of Manhattan was Sharon, an older half sister on his father’s side. He had called her while in Minneapolis with the news of his journey east, and she urged him to come. She liked Prince and felt that he had talent. She also felt that managing her brother’s fledgling career would help her make a great foray into show business.

When Prince hit the asphalt of New York, he was ready for anything. He was disgusted with the life he had left in Minneapolis. Paining him was the fact that he and André Anderson separated with a difference of opinion. He and André had grown both as musicians and virtual brothers. Prince was disappointed that André hadn’t seen fit to set foot outside the Twin Cities to try to get something happening, but that’s the way it was. Prince had his own mission.

Prince’s sister immediately went to work trying to set up meetings with producers, record companies, and whoever else would listen. In her connecting with different people, she met a manager-type who had a band of his own. In their exchange of notes, the manager revealed that he had an appointment with a woman entrepreneur from Paris and that something might be cooking. He invited Prince’s sister to go to the meeting, and she in turn, brought Prince along. At a small office in Manhattan, the Parisian entrepreneur, a woman named Danielle Mauroy, asked the manager to put his act’s demo tape into the recorder. The music that came out of the speakers was pretty mundane, and the manager immediately began making excuses. Those weren’t the real musicians playing on the tape, he said. As the music got worse, so did the excuses.

Prince’s sister seized the moment and began telling Danielle how talented her little brother was. Danielle asked Prince to sing for her, and he refused. “Why?” she asked.

“Because I’m scared.”

And she said, “You don’t have to be afraid.” They turned the lights down in the room and Prince launched into his high, frilly falsetto, singing a capella the song “Baby,” which he had just written that same day and would ultimately record for his first album. Since the song was brand new, Prince really didn’t have all the lyrics together and hummed his way through some parts, but Danielle loved his voice. She invited Prince to her apartment and told him to bring all of his songs. - Prince by Steven Ivory

Recovery - the Zoo

This one is a pretty simple one I suppose. I have always imagined that Thor would be fascinated with animals, so I ran with that here.

Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated : )



You stood comfortably in the sun, breathing deep to block out those around you and focus on what was in front of you.

“What is it called again?” Thor asked in his booming voice. You glanced around, amused at the confused looks that your companion was obliviously receiving from the other visitors.

“It’s an elephant Thor. This particular herd came from India,” you replied, watching the elephants amble through their expansive enclosure. You looked at Thor’s face, seeing him overcome with wonder.

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In college, Pepper Potts has an internship with the Louvre.  It’s part of an exchange program.  It was a bit of a stretch for her but she knew if she didn’t do it she’d regret it.  Her boss is Diana Prince.  It’s a bit of a stroke of luck.  Pepper’s interest is more in modern art, though she can’t stay away from romanticism.  Diana focuses solely on antiquities of Greek and Roman periods.  Pepper is excited to learn more and her business sense flourishes under Diana.

After losing his mother, Thor remains on Earth to help better protect it from outsiders like his own brother.  The Avengers are pleasant enough but after their bonds were weakened, he’s not sure he can count on all of them.  He heads to New York City where he does his best to learn how people live.  He meets a group of four women that offer him a job but he’s still not the brightest.  He doesn’t want to draw too much attention to himself so he downplays a lot. 

Years later, an evil force threatens the planet.  Thor’s bosses are excited yet scared because they never dreamed of testing their skills in this fashion.  Thor knows they’re right for the job, though.  He’s been watching them for years and knows they’d be the perfect addition to the team.  They certainly can’t be any crazier than the humans he’s already used to.  Pepper is surprised when she sees a familiar face on the TV screen, fighting beside her friends and partner, though after the Battle of New York in 2012 nothing really surprises her anymore. 

tl;dr - This is how I incorporate Wonder Woman and the Ghostbusters into the Marvel Universe. 

Note (Anthony x Reader) Platonic

Word Count: 1,020

A/N: Just remember you asked for this. Have fun!

Anthony got home from the show half dead from exhaustion. He grabbed an apple from the counter, taking a few bites of it as he puttered around his apartment. Jasmine was coming over the next day, so he cleaned up a little while he ate. After he finished, he went into his bedroom to go to bed, ready to pass out. He noticed his bed was made, which was odd because he never made his bed. That’s when he saw the neatly folded card, a polaroid picture, and a spare key to his apartment that had a small pink flower painted on it.

Dear Anthony,

The key was easily identifiable. Anthony had given it to his sister, just in case. He would sometimes come home from a rehearsal or a show and find her lounging on his couch watching a movie just for a change of scenery. She was sporadic, and Jasmine always joked that (y/n) would be the crazy, fun aunt to his children. Anthony could easily picture it too, his and Jasmine’s curly haired kids running to see what unique little trinkets she had found in the antiques store on the corner.

I hope your show went well. It probably did, considering you always do phenomenal when you’re onstage. You’re such a joy to watch.

(y/n) was writing like she was 80 years old, Anthony thought to himself. He knew she was doing it on purpose as well. He let out a breathy laugh, smiling to himself as an image of (y/n) popped into his head.

“Aw, this is too nice of a compliment. I need something to balance it out,” she chewed on the end of her pen, a habit she had developed when she was a child learning how to write.

“‘You’re such a joy to watch’ wow that sounds like something Granny would say. He’ll like that, he’ll think it’s funny.” She wasn’t wrong.

Before I continue, I advise you to sit down. I made your bed for you so that your room looked a little cleaner. Do you seriously bring Jasmine in here when it looks like this? I hope not.

Anthony heeded her instructions, sinking onto the duvet. He rolled his eyes at her comment about Jasmine. Of course he cleaned his room before Jas came over, had their mother taught them anything?

I was cleaning out my closet at Mom and Dad’s today and I found that Polaroid of us. I thought you should have it.

Ant took the photograph in his hand, gazing lovingly at the photo. His dad had taken it on accident the day the family had dropped Anthony off at college. (y/n) and Anthony were standing next to a lamppost as they said goodbye. (y/n) had been taking Polaroids all day to keep her wandering mind entertained. She was quite a good photographer, Anthony remembered fondly. When it came time to say goodbye for the final time, she had handed her camera to their father. He had accidentally taken the photo just as (y/n) was standing on her tiptoes, kissing Anthony on the cheek. Looking at the photo, time seemed frozen.

As I was going through boxes of junk, I also found my world map. Do you remember it?

Of course Anthony remembered her world map, he had been the one to give it to her for her birthday. She was six years old at the time, and fawned over the possibilities that came with traveling. She had taken a red marker to it every time she saw pictures online or on TV of places she wanted to go, drawing a neat circle around each city name.

I realized that I had never gotten to travel like I wanted to. There’s a whole world out there, and I’m here working at Rite-Aid.

As it turned out, life started happening for (y/n). Anthony had gotten his job at Hamilton and while he was rigorously at rehearsals, their mother got sick for a brief time. Since their dad had to keep working, (y/n) started working the night shift at a local Rite-Aid and took care of their mom during the day. Anthony tried to visit as much as he could, but not enough to relieve (y/n) of her sleep deprivation.

Now that Mom’s better and your schedule’s settled down I’ve realized something, Ant.

Anthony was worried about what the next sentence would say.

I want to travel. I want to see the world and take pictures of them. I want to be spontaneous and courageous and everything I couldn’t be in New York. I want to live.

This didn’t come as a surprise to him, though he was quite confused. To him, New York was where the possibilities were. Everything he needed was in this beautiful city, how could anyone walk away from that?

I don’t know where I’m going, I’ll figure it out when I get there. I have my backpack and my camera and my life’s savings. Don’t worry about me, because I know you will.

(y/n) was right, he would worry about her. He had Jasmine and the cast to take care of him when he was at a low, but his sister had nobody but him. She had always been an outcast, slightly aloof, always looking towards the future. As her older brother, he had to protect her. That’s why he had given her a locket for her sixteenth birthday, more for his peace of mind than hers. He never wanted her to feel like he wasn’t there for her.

I’m sorry New York wasn’t for me. I wish I loved it like you do. But I don’t, so I’m not coming back.

Anthony’s heart broke at those words. If he had known (y/n) didn’t like New York he would have done something about it.

Please don’t wait for me to come home, Ant. Be happy in New York with Jasmine. Tell your kids about their aunt who’s wandering the world. Don’t be sad for me.


I brought the locket too

could you do a newt scamander imagine, something the reader and him are best friends and he takes her back to New York to visit everyone and he’s just very protective over her, maybe because he likes her and wants her by his side all the time. idk just very fluffy and cute! I love your work babe! you’re an amazing writer(:


can you maybe write a newt x reader in which the reader has a sleepless night because of nightmares or because something’s bothering the reader and newt gives her comfort? Something like that would be nice! I love your blog!

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“It’s so nice to meet! I feel like I known you all my life already since of Newt’s never ending thoughts of you!” Queenie pulled the British woman into a hug, Y/N giving Tina and Newt a nervous look. “Oh honey, I’m a Legilimens! I can read your mind without even intending to, I’ll stop if you want!”

“That would be good, thank you.” She smiled, but the thought of Newt thinking about her while he was away did bring butterflies to her stomach. Queenie seemed not to follow her own offer as she grinned at Y/N widely, whom only looked down with rosy cheeks. Newt has taken Y/N back to New York to meet Queenie and Tina. It was actually more of a bet, Y/N wouldn’t believe that Newt made some friends. Not that Newt was unlikable, ha, she was head over heals for the man. He was just awkward and shy. They met all the way back at their third year at Hogwarts and if it wasn’t for Y/N’s slytherin hotheadedness she would’ve never know what’s it like having someone as caring as the hufflepuff by your side. Newt, the pushover he was, was getting picked on so of course Y/N stepped in. But that’s not when their true friendship was born, sure, they became acquainted and stared hanging out as much Newt’s shy demeanor allowed it. It was only when they were paired up in charms, Y/N staying too long at the hufflepuff common rooms than she was allowed. Newt was going on about what he read in some old book, all nervousness away as he explained the complicated magic in deep though, not noticing that Y/N has completely fallen asleep on his shoulder. You see, Y/N has been a victim of night terrors all her life and this particular week she has been dreading sleep so much she didn’t sleep at all. So really, what else could’ve happened, the boy’s voice  was just so lulling, and the foreign feeling of having someone next to you to keep you safe was just so nice, she couldn’t help falling asleep. So that became their thing, on really bad nights Y/N would sneak into Newt’s room, crawling into his bed to cuddle as his cheeks burned bright red. But that was until he got expelled. During the time she was finishing school they never saw each other, she was a mess, not sleeping at all. Only a few years ago has their paths crossed again, mind you, a very kleptomaniac-y creature has brought them together, as they both were trying to obtain it, they have been together even since. Not close enough to sleep together though, that was before, they were kids, didn’t know how intimate is sleeping with one other actually was.

“So I totally lost the bet, you do have friends besides myself.” Y/N stated climbing down the ladder into the magizoologist’s brief case, him throwing her a small smile before he got back to prepping for the creatures’ dinner. Y/N sat on the last step of the ladder, admiring the man in front of her. It hurt, not too bad, but it did, looking at him so close, so grown up and strong. Don’t get her wrong, she’s thankful that they’re back together, but her feelings are getting the best of her. “I saw a tea shop down the street, I’m gonna go check it out.”

“Don’t.” The wizard’s attention now retracted to the woman standing up who only gave him a questioning look. “I mean, go tomorrow. It’s late and it’s not safe here, they hate witches.”

“Witches they forgot about, you told me yourself. And it’s not like I’m gonna whip my wand out in plain sight.” She mused, Newt sighing because went it came to Y/N he was protective, possessive even. He showed it rarely directly, that’s why the witch was so bemused at him, but he’s always been like that. The fact that he can’t help her with her night terrors anymore break his heart more than anything. 

“Y/N, please.” He said, the woman still standing her ground, arms crossed over his chest. She knew that he was going to give in, he’s never the one to fight, but nevertheless she pressed on.

“I don’t understand what’s your problem right now, I’m just gonna get some tea. You’re being ridiculous, Newton.”

“Okay, okay, go.”

So naturally she didn’t.

She laid in bed, too afraid of sleep. It was nearly four hours later, she was supposed to be sharing the bedroom in the Goldstein apartment together with Newt, but he didn’t seem like he was gonna come out of his case any time soon. She pursed her lips, having the wizard in the same room would be enough for her to fall asleep, but she couldn’t even have that anymore. Their argument, if you can even call it — so stupid. But she still didn’t see his side, hell, she just wanted some tea - actually to get out and not have to be with him because she can’t be with him in the way she wants - but tea. Why’d he care?

“Y/N?” She jolted up, hand going at her chest as she breathed in startled. Newt was stood in front of her, an apologetic look in his eyes. “I didn’t mean to wake you-”

“Wasn’t sleeping.”

“About that, I’m sorry about earlier. I’m just really protective of you, okay?” He looked down, Y/N’s heart swelling because she hasn’t seen him this shy with her in years. “And I see the bags under your eyes, I know that you haven’t been sleeping. And knowing you, plus the sleep deprivation, I’m worried that something might happen while you’re on your own.” He explained, eyes tracing everything but he in the dim room. “C-could I, might I — might I sleep with you? Like we used to, not— not like sex! No, just ugh, actual sleep? To help you?” Y/N smiled now, Newt rambling on as he finally raised his head to look at her. She scooted over, patting the sheets next to her as he only nodded, coming over to lay next to her. After a few moments of just resting next to each other he put his arm around her, Y/N turning to put her head on his chest as she smiled widely, thanking that he couldn’t see that in the dark.

I re-watched Trouble in the Heights and took a bunch of caps because I needed to revisit the American Dream on this dark day in American history.  (The American Dream is to escape a drug lord and move to Philadelphia.  This is the only dream.)

Commentary within.

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