and he voodooed me

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Six

-A woman’s total came out to $6.32. She handed me $5.07 and waited patiently for her change. I let her know that there was $1.25 left, to which she let me know that this was the correct amount for her to receive back. Upon getting my point across, she handed me $1.00 more. Hesitantly, I pointed out the discrepancy, at which point she took the balance out of my hand and passed me a crisp ten.

-A bouncing baby with, what I suspected to be, a full diaper, showed me his talent of fitting his entire fist inside his mouth. Already, he has accomplished more in life than I could ever dream of achieving.

-When asked how she was today, a woman replied with only silence and a single thumb raised to the sky. This fleeting moment spoke volumes more than any mere words could.

-In one of the most tragic moments I have yet to witness, a jar of salsa slid out of a man’s cart and shattered into thousands of spicy shards, spraying all over his sandal-clad feet. This was not a tragedy for his loss of mild picante pleasure, nor did the sadness lie in the hot mess left for me to clean. The deeply troubling nature of the situation stemmed entirely from the squelches that accompanied each of his steps after.

-A man asked me not to bag any of his items, as he had, instead, brought along with him a large bucket.

-A five year-old girl approached my register, got up on her toes to rest her arm along the bar, and, holding up five of her little fingers, ordered as many stickers, to go. With a flick of my wrist and a wink of my eye, I served up this order, receiving only a blank expression in return. True artistes are never appreciated in their time, but I will never give up the Craft of Flair.

-I handed a child a sticker. His mother prompted him to thank me. When he did not, his mother revoked his sticker privilege and insisted that he say his thanks. Instead, he turned to me, looked directly into my eyes, and said, “Voodoo.” I deeply wish she had just let him keep the sticker. Another curse is the last thing I need right now.

-I saw a man in his eighties walk into the airlock at the store’s entrance, perch himself upon a motorized cart, and drift swiftly to sleep. I want this man to take me under his wing and teach me, as I could never achieve such sound slumber so speedily in such a trafficked place, but I know that I can never ask him as much. That would involve waking him up, and that simply will not do.

-I watched a young boy walk up to my lane, brandishing a pixelated sword from Minecraft and a Peter Quill mask from Guardians of the Galaxy. He asked me if I could ring up his aforementioned “Star Wars toys”, and after a brief pause, if I had heard of that new movie about the galaxy guards. When I told him that I had, he informed me that he was, in fact, the guy from that. Naturally, I was starstruck and asked him for more details. This rare celeb sighting was sadly cut short, as Star-Lord’s dad leaned over my counter, stole my hand sanitizer, and demanded to know what exactly was with these credit card chips he kept hearing about everywhere.

-A newborn child, scarcely two months-old, rolled through my lane and, in the moments that followed, changed my life. I smiled. She giggled. I waved my hand. She waved her foot. I stuck my tongue out. She waved both her feet. This is now, and will forever be, our secret handshake.

We watch the demon child

Word count: 2298
Pronouns: She/Her
Pairing: Avengers/Wolverine’s daughter!Reader
Warnings: Cursing, One VERY common Star Wars spoiler
Note: This is the longest imagine I’ve ever written!

“Dad, do I really have to stay with them?” The (h/c) haired girl whined. Logan chuckled and ruffled her hair before kissing her forehead.

“Yes. Be good, okay kid? Don’t burn down the building.”

“I make no promises.” She grumbled, giving him a last hug. Logan hoped in the pickup truck that he was so fond of and gave a small wave before driving off. (Y/n) knocked on the metal door, tapping the toe of her (f/c) vans impatiently. Before long, a brown haired man appeared at the door; Tony Stark, one of her guardians for the next week.

“Can I help you?” He peered down.

“I’m (Y/n), Wolverines kid.” Tony snorted and moved back a bit, letting her enter the large Stark tower.

“You’re the mighty Wolverines kid?”

“Yeah, problem?”

“You’re so small! What, you got claws too? Is your hero name kitten?” He laughed.

“No, actually. They call me Voodoo doll (work with me I’m not good at this).” Her hands were itching to send him through the roof, that arrogant jerk.

“Voodoo doll? Why’s that?” With a flick of her wrist, the man was sent flying against the wall. He kneeled to the ground in pain and she walked past him contently.

“That’s why.” She stated simply. Yes, her power was telekinesis. Leaning against the wall for support, he wakes after the girl. She couldn’t get very far, as she didn’t know where she was going, but she would figure out the whole building soon enough. That’s just how she rolled. She handed him a letter from her dad as they walked. “So…where am I crashing while I’m forced to stay here?”

Tony stared at her, she had to be at least fifteen, maybe sixteen, so why was she staying here? He would ask her later.

“Cmon, I’ll show you.” He took her to the elevator, to a currently empty floor. “The whole floors yours, but all meals are served downstairs. Before you do anything, though, let’s set some rules. 1) Do not destroy anything. 2) Do not challenge Pietro to a foot race,”

The girl giggled at this. Like she was stupid enough for that! If she had enough trouble with her Maximoff, then this one must be twice as hard to deal with!

“3) If you upset Bruce, you have to calm him down. And 4) Whatever you do, don’t touch the suits. Got it?”

“Whatever you say, mom.” Tony sighed and stood, leaving the floor swiftly. He ordered JARVIS to keep an eye on her till dinner. (Y/n) set her clothes in drawers, sketch pads on the dresser, and her backpack of summer work at the base of the bed. For nearly an hour she sat listening to music and messing with her powers, not in the mood to do much more than that. Of course, things would be much more fun when she met the other Avengers, but till then, she would have to be bored.

“Miss Howlette, dinner is being served downstairs. Master Tony has requested your presence.” Robots? Cool.

“Kay. Be there in a sec.” She unplugged her headphones and headed to the elevator, where she soon arrived at the dining room. The table was surrounded by many people, so (Y/n) plopped herself between the cutie with the white hair and blue suit and the male Loreal model. Most of them seems to be in their ‘work’ clothes (although she wasn’t really sure what they did besides hate on the X-Men).

“Uh, Tony? You gonna introduce us to your guest?” The guy in the purple suit with the bow and arrows asked.

“She’s a big girl, she can do it herself.” Tony grunted. So that was how he was gonna go about this. Alright, may as well make this interesting!

The girl cleared her throat and stood up. “Hi, I’m (Y/n) Howlette, Wolverines daughter. I can control shit with my mind. Contrary to what I’m sure you are all probably thinking, I have no clue as to who any of you are.” She sat back down, nibbling on a french fry. The team stared in disbelief at her. How could she not know who they were?!

Everyone took turns introducing themselves, helping her to better understand what they did and who not to piss off.

“Question.” Steve stated.

“Answer.” The girl replied.

“Why is Tony babysitting you? You have to be at least fifteen!” The curious soldier asked.

The girl smirked in return. Well, they asked! “Started when I was four, they left me with Kurt and I singed off half his fur on his face. When I was seven, they left me with Scott and came back to part of the mansion burned down. I stole his glasses while he was sleeping. Then at age eleven, they decided to try a girl. They left me with Jean, and we scorched the kitchen making waffles. At twelve, Peter babysat me and I got whiplash, not my fault that time. They left me alone last year, only for three days, but they came back to me with a busted lip and black eye from a fight at school. To be fair, though, that bitch started it. So now you know. If you read the letter I had given you, Stark, you’d know I’m like ‘a puppy on a sugar high’ as Peter puts it.” She finished off, crossing her arms. That couldn’t- but she seemed nice enough! They figured that she couldn’t be that bad and laughed it off.

“Whatever you say, Lady (Y/n).” Thor chortled (I hate that word). The girl huffed and scooted her chair out.

“Fine, don’t believe me. Your mistake.” She called, leaving the room. That night nothing went wrong, but the next day would not be as lucky. The Team came down to (Y/n) munching on a pop tart (which was floating in mid air, no less) with her feet on the table. Nat pushed them off and sat down next to her, sipping her cup of coffee. Pietro ran past, causing (Y/n)s pop tart to fall to the floor in pieces. That was the first mistake. It was a good thing to note that (Y/n) was not, nor had she ever been, a morning person. She motioned with her finger towards a pan, making it float to her. She grabbed the handle and held it in the air, right as Pietro ran past her and face first into the pan. He fell to the floor unconscious. Everyone looked horrified at the girl who continued to text away at her phone. She promptly stood up and left the room, laughing at something or another.

Then, during training, the girl sat nearby watching with a bored look. It just wasn’t as cool when more than half of them didn’t have powers. So she decided to make it a bit more interesting. That is, by messing with Nat. Every once in a while, (Y/n) would throw something in the lady’s direction, then pretend she didn’t do it. She would also make comments, stop the bullets from Nat’s gun with her powers, and move the targets (all of which she pretended she didn’t do.) This went on until Natasha had enough.

“Stop or pay the consequences.” She growled, to which the girl pouted.

“Stop what?” Natasha turned and went to shoot, only to have the target move.

(Y/n) laughed until she was shot through the shoulder. She frowned and pulled the bullet out, the wound closing soon after.

“That was a waste of a bullet.” She commented, only for the red head to groan in annoyance and shoot her twice more. “You really shouldn’t waste bullets on silly old me.” (Y/n) pulled the other two out and dropped them in a trash can, running off to change shirts.

This was just the beginning. Her antics got worse throughout the week. On Tuesday, she made bird puns around Clint all day, and at one point his his bow, only to be chased with an arrow around the tower until JARVIS revealed the weapons location.

Wednesday, she messed with Thor, making comments about his brother and how terrible pop tarts were. This caused her to be placed under Mjolnir. But then, by some great miracle, she heaved it off and handed it back to him! In an attempt at an apology, (Y/n) taught him all about the magic of the grocery store and its isle of different flavored poptarts, which, of course, nearly maxed out one of Tony’s credit cards.

On Thursday, she not only refused to stop calling Steve 'Iced Americano’ but she also told him about the whole 'Luke, I am your father,’ thing, which made him nearly cry, and when Bucky comforted him, all she had to say was, “Aw, look! The star-crossed lovers! Get it?” Which then made Bucky attack her, tearing at anything he could reach.

Was Friday at least a bit better? Nope! She 'accidentally’ erased the chalk board with all the formulas that Bruce had been working on for the past three nights. He had almost found the cure to not hulking out every time he got angry, and she had ruined it! With causes him to turn green around the gills, for a very long time. Not full hulled out, just tinted green. 'Kinda like a Christmas tree’ is how (Y/n) put it.

And Saturday was just horrid. She A) challenged Pietro to a foot race, causing a sonic boom to erupt and America to think that the terrorists were attacking (whoops) and B) painted Tony’s favorite suit a bright green with a big ol’ Ben Franklin head on it (to the best of her painting abilities) 'to match his second love.’ It took three hours of scrubbing to get off, not that she did it. Nuh-uh, she hid in the closest Starbucks like the wuss she was, but at least she was a happy wuss.

Sunday was relief. Tonight, Logan would come to get his daughter and take her home (hopefully forever). They just had to get through this last day… She had pranked just about everyone except Wanda and Vision (cause she thought they were a cute couple and didn’t want to ruin their 'moments’). She couldn’t possibly cause anymore damage, or so they thought. The Avengers sat in the meeting room, listening as Director Fury talked about what they should be prepared for, but no one payed attention to the girl in the (f/c) converses and (s/f/c) baseball shirt at the next table over. In front of her was two pictures; one of Odin and the other of Fury. She stared intently at them until Fury actually bothered to notice.

“What are you doing?” He growled in his usual grouchy tone.

“Trying to spot the similarities.” Oh god, no. She wasn’t- she wouldn’t- “Here’s what I’ve got so far. They both wear eyepatches, they both oversee some sort of team whether it be warriors or heroes, and they’re both major assholes. You got anything else for me?”

“Yeah, they both have a tendency to throw people out of places. Out of my meting room! Now!” She shrugged and left, leaving a furious Fury in her wake. They all sighed, knowing they’d have to deal with him now.

Nobody understood why she loved to do this so much. Was it the influence of her father, or just on her blood? Who knew. The day seemed to drag by, but the girl didn’t pull anymore pranks. She sat quietly in her room, doing who knows what. The Avengers sat on the couch, discussing random things while watching a show in the background. When the doorbell finally rang at 7 o’ clock that evening, everyone gathered at the door. There stood Logan Howlette, in his usual flannel, jacket, and jeans. His pickup truck stood out against the dark alleyways.

“Thank god!” Tony cried dramatically.

“You’ve come to take the demon child!” Clint praised. Logan raised an eyebrow at the men’s odd behavior.

“She didn’t burn anything down, right?” He asked curiously, wanting to know just what they meant. They all shook their heads, but before anyone could speak, the girl in question came bounding out of the elevator, bags in hand. She dropped them as she threw herself at Logan in a hug.

“Dad! How was the mission? Did you kill anyone? Man, that was be so wicked if you did!” She grinned widely. Logan grabbed her bags, slinging them over his shoulder easily.

“Yes, I did kill someone. I try not to, but I did. Thanks again for watching her, Stark.”

“I’d say anytime, but that’d be a lie. Adios. Bob voyage. Goodbye!” He called, shoving them out the door. When the two were settled in the car, (Y/n) turned to her father.

“Hey dad, I’m not- I’m not actually a demon child, r-right?” She crinkled her nose at the thought. Sure, she had behaved pretty bad this week, but it’s only because she wanted attention. She wouldn’t have gotten it from them if she hadn’t done it, and she knew that for a fact!

Logan chuckled and grabbed her hand. “No bub, Stark and his friends are just idiots.” The girl hummed in response. “So what’d you do that made them so desperate?”

“It’s a long story, but I guess we have time, so…I’ll just start from the beginning!” And off she went, recounting her tales from this week, earning the occasional laugh or 'nice one’ from her father. No matter how misunderstood she was to other people, she knew her dad would always like her for her, and that was enough for her.

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I told a kid in 3rd grade I had a dream about him being the guard of a underwater palace and he never spoke with me again. I should have just lied and said he was married to Chandler.

        that kid had his chance, now is my time to RISE !!

So I had the wonderful pleasure of drawing and chatting with @toobusybeingfat in drawpile last night and I must say it was a blast to hang with him! I doodled one of his characters (voodoo blue) and in exchange he drew me a very cute Emory!!!! My drawings are the two ones on the right and he drew the two very cute ones on the left! Like seriously, come on look at that zero he is so cute

How to Get Away with Murder - Starter Sentences
  • Feel free to change pronouns/words to your liking!
  • “I never kiss and tell.”
  • “I wanna be her.”
  • “Do you know who anyone really is?”
  • “Were you screwing her?”
  • “I'm done with your crazy.”
  • “Because I'm not marrying a loser.”
  • “Looks like we have more in common than I thought.”
  • “Hooker Mom turned out to be Bomb Mom. I freakin' love this job!”
  • “Smile or go to jail!”
  • “I just wanted to do something.”
  • “Well, she can't resist a challenge, can she?”
  • “We are so, so screwed.”
  • “This is what pilates can do for you.”
  • “I just know that everyone hates their boss.”
  • “Let's hear it for the greedy little pig.”
  • “[NAME], smile. You're going home.”
  • “Somebody woke up in the mood to fight this morning.”
  • “Did you love her?”
  • “She was just lost.”
  • “That's how you like your mistresses, huh? Weak, broken messes that you just clean up.”
  • “I've been staring at the walls for like three days. I need company, otherwise I might go all red rum on your ass. Although, something tells me you might be into that.”
  • “I don't believe you. To be honest, I don't even care.”
  • “See? Sexting pays off.”
  • “Oh my god, are you crying?”
  • “Listen to yourself. You just can't stop lying.”
  • “You won't be the first person in the world disappointed by their father.”
  • “Wow, someone have daddy issues?”
  • “That's the best thing I've seen in days.”
  • “Whatever it takes. Isn't that what you said?”
  • “You still feel like making jokes now?”
  • “You forgot his name and he's still into you? What do you have, some kind of voodoo penis?”
  • “He wanted to kill me. I had no other choice. I had to kill him or he was going to kill me.”
  • “He deserved to die. And I'm glad he's dead.”
  • “Take all the time you want. I'll be here.”
  • “Speak of the devil and she shall appear.”
  • “Are you good for anything, or can you only do your job when you're screwing evidence out of someone?”
  • “You're a monster.”
  • “I'm so sorry.”
  • “Please forgive me for what I said.”
  • “So please come home, [NAME]. Come home so we can be together. Come home.”
  • “I have a drug problem, [NAME].”
  • “She apologized to me. That's not something she does. Ever.”
  • “You call it crazy. I call it winning.”
  • “He's not the man we thought he was.”
  • “Hey there, killer.”
  • “You didn't do this. They did. Don't let them ruin you.”
  • “Maybe I'm a good faker.”
  • “When in doubt, shut your mouth.”
  • “I can't sleep without having nightmares. I'm scared I might be going crazy.”
  • “Thank God I don't have a gun or I'd shoot her myself.”
  • “You hurt my feelings. A lot. And I know I should be used to it now because everyone here makes fun of me all the time but you didn't. And then you were mean to me for no reason. Yeah, whatever. I'll, I'll stop being a jerk.”
  • “Seriously, just because my facial hair isn't exactly as luscious as yours, doesn't mean I can't still kick your ass.”
  • “You said you loved me, over and over. But you don't, do you? You love her.”
  • “Don't say that if you don't mean it.”
  • “I mean it. I don't love her anymore. I love you.”
  • “I did it. I killed [NAME].”
  • “You need to leave.”
  • “You do realize I'm not scared to hit a bitch.”
  • “Oh, just throw me down the stairs. (Optional: You did a pretty good job with [NAME].)”
  • “You know I'm not that guy.”
  • “A person can lift almost anything if they're desperate enough.”

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Who are you a voodoo of? If you don't mind me asking.

…..i dont know….but all i know is that joey made me…………but  think im his voodoo…….his “play thing”……he used me to hurt others too…….and it doesnt just hurt those people he uses me for …….it takes away every bit of sanity i have……and soon……..ILL SNAP

Simply Kpop in Shanghai-Voodoo
Chapter 11

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything! The storyline and characterizations are completely fictional. Any real life similarities are completely coincidental. Don’t be offended and don’t sue me.


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Zhan Zhengxi: If you bite it and you die; it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die; it’s venomous.

Jian Yi: What if it bites me and it dies?

Zhan Zhengxi: That means you’re poisonous. Jesus Christ, learn to listen

Jian Yi: What if it bites itself and it dies?

He Tian: It’s voodoo…

Jian Yi: What if it bites me and someone else dies?

Zhan Zhengxi: That’s correlation, not causation.

Jian Yi: What if we bite each other and neither of us die?

He Tian: That’s kinky.

Redhead: Oh my god! shut the fuck up!

(Un)Pleasantview Don and the Calientes response to their TS4 'canon':

Nina: “I don’t know what’s worse, the obvious fake imposter that is my mother, or that Donald would even dare to touch her. He knows how I feel about losing her, he watched me as I struggled to come to terms with her death. He may be a womanizer, but that does not make him crude. In fact, he can be quite the gentleman when he wants to be!”

Don: “Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. No offense, but EW. I’ll take Nina any day, but this Katrina AND Dina? Hah no. Mortimer would kill me…in my sleep. And where the fudge is Mr Caliente in all of this? Huh? He would be the worst in all of this, because he would use his creepy alien mind voodoo on me for even daring to look at his wife! Okay, slight exaggeration, he wouldn’t hurt a fly, but still!”

Dina: “Hello, grandfather? This is Dina, you know, your granddaughter? I could really do with an alien abduction of the TS4 producers right about now. I don’t care what you do with them afterwards. Heck, you can even dump them in Strangetown with no memory of who they are. Thanks lots and hope your pollinating is going well!”

Nighat: “Was my Arabic and Egyptian roots too exotic to come to terms with? How rude!”

Flamenco: “…I do not know what to say, since I am strangely absent from all of this.”

The moment my life changed forever…