and he took the eyebrows with him

Ok but Even really took all the paper towels just to have a reason to talk to Isak like what even is he?! Knowing how far they’ve come and how gone they are for each other, all Even really had to do was raise his eyebrows once and Isak would’ve followed him outside, but Even had no idea then and just had to be an endearing dork!!! 


First-Name-Basis: A Oneshot


Sirius’ heart thundered against his chest.

He was facing the door to Professor McGonagall’s office.

“Go on, mate,” Remus whispered, “It’ll be alright.”

“The worst she can do is say ‘no’,” Peter pointed out.

“There’s no reason to be afraid,” James bracingly said, “It’s just Professor McGonagall!”

“Just Professor McGonagall?”

The group of eleven-year-olds meekly spun around.

Professor McGonagall was standing behind them, eyebrows raised.

Evidently, she hadn’t been in the office after all.

“Hi, Professor,” Sirius weakly said, “Err…can I talk to you?”

“Of course.”

She opened her door and gestured for him to follow.

“Good luck, mate,” James quietly said.

Sirius took a deep breath and entered the office, closing the door after him. Professor McGonagall instructed him to sit and he did so. She sat on the opposite side of the desk and, surprisingly, offered him a chocolate biscuit.

He accepted, feeling considerably better.

“Now then, Mr. Black,” Professor McGonagall crisply said, “What did you want to tell me?”

“Actually, that’s just it,” Sirius admitted.

“What is?”

He hesitated and stammered, “Could you…err…could you…?”


“Could you call me 'Sirius’?”

Professor McGonagall gave a start and said, “Excuse me?”

“It’s just…that’s my name…”

“I know that it’s your given name,” Professor McGonagall replied, “However, it is traditional for professors to refer to their students by their surname.”

“Yeah, I know,” Sirius quickly said, “But…well…I’ve never really been one for tradition.”

She folded her hands and asked, “Other than skewing tradition, is there a particular reason why you want me to refer to you by your given name?”

“Well…” Sirius hesitantly said, “It’s just…my parents and I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye…and…I’ve realized…that…well…I don’t really like being a Black. Unfortunately, I can’t change my last name until I’m seventeen. But, in the meantime, I’d like to ensure that I’m not constantly reminded of it.”

Professor McGonagall stared at him for quite some time.

At long last, she said, “Very well. I believe that we can skew tradition just this once.”

Sirius grinned and cried, “Thanks, Professor!”

“You’re welcome, Sirius.”

His grin turned into a smirk and he asked, “Can I call you Minerva?”

“Don’t press your luck!”

Imagine helping Dean wash the Impala...

           Dean watched the curve of your body as you leaned over the Impala, trying to reach as much of it as you could with the large sponge. You were wearing one of his old t-shirts, and the fact that you had chosen his and not Sam’s made him feel oddly possessive. You flirted with both of them, but Dean liked to think you favored him just a little.

He grinned as you got frustrated at being too short to wash the whole car.

           “I got it,” Dean laughed as he took over washing the places you couldn’t reach. You were adorable when you were angry. You threw the large sponge and rag you had been using into the bucket, splashing both of you with soapy water.

           “Watch it!” Dean cried, and you raised an eyebrow.

           “Or what?”

           Dean loved a challenge, and he felt his body react. He stared at you for a second, hand on your hip with your head cocked to the side, his t-shirt sticking to your stomach where it had gotten wet, and he pounced. Grabbing the hose, he began spraying in your direction.

           You squealed and picked up the bucket of water, and it wasn’t long before you were both soaking wet and laughing. Dean pulled you close, and you rested your hands on his strong arms. Running his hands down your back, Dean could feel your heart beating as fast as his.

           “I like this shirt on you,” he said quietly.

           “I do too.” You winked at him and pulled yourself out of his arms. “But I’m all soapy. I’m going to change.”

           Dean watched the sunlight reflect off of your hair as you walked into the bunker. After finishing rinsing off the car, he followed you inside.

           You were talking with Sam, still dripping wet, cheeks flushed. You giggled at something he whispered close to your ear, then walked off. Both brothers pretended not to watch you walk away.

           “She’s going to be the death of us,” Sam said lightly. “She’s gorgeous. And hilarious. And-”

           Dean cut him off. “And mine.”


“I fell in love with a mortal named Hyacinthus. He was quite extraordinary.”

“He…?” Jason’s brain was still fuzzy from his wind trip, so it took him a second to process that. “Oh…”

“Yes, Jason Grace.” Favonius arched an eyebrow. “I fell in love with a dude. Does that shock you?”

- Rick Riordan, House of Hades


I’m surprised there isn’t more fanart of this guy. I don’t know about anyone else, but I had been waiting for the story of Apollo and Hyacinth to appear in the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus stories from way early on. In a lot of versions (especially those aimed at kids and young adults) the writers tend to flatten the story out into something very hetero-friendly. I was interested to see if this would ever come up, and if Riordan would skirt the queer context as others had done many times before.

Without any idea what was in store in the next few chapters, I was blown away to see Zephyros do the story justice. This guy needs more fandom love!

Knuckles : Boxer!Ashton One Shot

Talk about a third date. 

If it were any other boy you’d probably be out at a restaurant or something on a night like this, flirting nervously across the dinner table while you try to decipher if he likes you enough to take your relationship to the next level. You’ve gone through the dating routine once or twice before, and had a pretty good idea of what to expect; if someone had told you a month ago you’d be standing right outside of a boxing ring while your date and another shirtless man beat each other to a pulp, you would’ve thought they were crazy. 

The crowd around you gasps and your own stomach lurches, empathetically feeling the punch that Ashton just took to the cheek. Blood is already dripping down his face, the source of it located just over his left eyebrow. He looks like a mess yet he’s still on his feet somehow, determined to keep retaliating, apparently even if it kills him. 

“Don’t worry,” Calum says next to you after noticing your concerned expression, “I’ve seen him win in worse conditions." 

You want to smile, appreciative of his effort to ease your mind, but every couple of seconds Ashton keeps getting hit, hard. It doesn’t matter to you whether he wins or loses, you just hope that your fourth date won’t have to take place beside a hospital bed. 

"Is it almost over?” you ask Calum, too new to this sport to know the ins and outs of the rule book. 

“One more round after th–Oh!

You missed what happened, but look back at the ring to find the opponent, a man named Donovan Diaz, struggling to stand up. Given the cheers from the audience, it sounds like most of the people here have their money on Ashton, and he just brought them one step closer to profiting. 

The round concludes and the fighters return to their separate corners, two teams quickly making their way into the ring to begin fixing up their boys. You wish you were allowed up there, yearning just to talk to Ashton, to treat him gently after witnessing the beating he’s taken for the last half an hour. Sitting on the short stool between rounds is the closest he’s been to you all night, each break like a minute-long tease that only makes you want to be near him more. You haven’t even said hi to him yet, not given the chance to do so before the match started. 

He knows you’re here, though. He spotted you next to his friend Calum after walking away from the first round, and lost focus for a brief second to give you a smile and a flirty wink. Some crowd members noticed, chiming in with playful remarks and whistles, causing your cheeks to burn bashfully. Ashton seemed so confident and well put together then, but that spark isn’t as evident now that he can barely keep his swollen eyes open while his crew tidies up his blood-splattered face. 

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“I thought it would be funny if I bought Louis and Harry rude looking aprons as they live together, and Harry’s like the chef out of them both. One of the aprons had the front of a mans body printed on it, and the other had a womans body.

They took the aprons off me, and Harry raised his eyebrows and said ‘thank you’ and I told them to put the aprons on and they had to start walking away because some guy was rushing them along so Harry couldnt manage to put his on. So he asked Louis to do it for him and while Louis was standing behind him and tying the string, he bent over and said into Harry’s ear, ‘Do you like it nice and tight?’”


Hey! Here it is - finally, right? I know it took a bit longer than I said, but I hope the imagine itself makes up for that. I really, really liked writing this. (I actually almost cried.)

Warnings: A few minor swears, Wade Wilson is a precious baby who’ll make you cry. 

Your name: submit What is this?

“Really, Wade? Really?” You raised an eyebrow, one hand on your hip. It always amazed you how expressive he could be without his face showing. For example, right now all you could see of him was the familiar red mask and black-and white eye patches. But you could swear he was smirking. You just knew.

“Really what, Y/N? Could you be a bit more specific?”

“Why did you explode the couch?!” you exclaimed. “We needed that for movie night.”

“Okay, first off, it was totally Parker’s fault,” he started, stepping out from behind the smoking heap of slag the used to be your couch. “Secondly, you hated that couch anyway.”

You huffed. “Not the point, Wilson.” You dropped your purse onto the table beside the door. “What possible reason could you have for exploding the couch?”

“There was an ant on it. I was bored. It was laced with arsenic. It-”

“Okay, okay!” you laughed. “Look, I know it’s boring hiding out from pissed-off Avengers in your girlfriend’s apartment. But I brought chips for movie night.” You held up the grocery bag enticingly.

“Oh happy day!” Wade leapt to his feet, jumped over the remains of the couch and knelt in front of you. He hugged around your waist and looked up at you. “You. Have. No. Food,” he said plaintively. “If I can’t leave, how am I supposed to eat?”

“I dunno. Magic or something?” You tilted your head. “Aren’t you a superhero? Magic yourself some food. Call Thor in for a favor, he seems like he’d have food.”

“Oh, that’d go great,” he said. “Hey, it’s me, the guy who stole Captain America’s shield for shits and giggles. Got any food?” He tilted his head. “And I’m a mercenary.”

“Right.” you leaned down close to him and planted a little kiss on his forehead, wishing more than ever that you could see his face. “You’re not a superhero and I’m not in love with you.”

“You’re not?” He gasped and drew back, standing up and putting a hand over his heart. “You wound me, Y/N. After all this time.” He wiped away an imaginary tear.

“Oh, just come here and kiss me, you ass.”

And he did. His hands – gloved, of course – massaged your shoulder blades. It had felt odd, at first, kissing him through the mask. But you were used to it. And hey, never any garlic breath. It was a good kiss, the kind that sent warmth through your veins, but…but. It was sort of muted, in a way, like the volume was lowered. Or like some asshole had stolen your iPod, changed the passcode, put on a volume lock and put it back. (not that Wade had ever done that – or so he said.)

“I missed you today,” you murmured, setting your head on his chest. “I was worried.”

“About me? Pshh. Please. The only thing I was worried about was starving to death.”

You narrowed your eyes suspiciously. “I was pretty sure I left food in the fridge.”

“Whaaat? Who said that?” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Heh. I might’ve sorta worked out too much and…um…eatenallthefoodinyourapartment.”

“Ha. Knew it.” You pulled away from him and stepped back into your shoes, throwing your purse over your shoulder.

“Where’re you going now?” he complained. “You literally just got back.”

“Well, I wouldn’t have to if someone hadn’t literally eaten me out of house and home.”

“…Oh, house and home. Sorry, I had a little trouble hearing that bit.”

“Wade!” you smacked his arm. “I have to go get groceries,” you tossed over your shoulder. “And a couch.”


There was something pretty special about movie night for you. The entire apartment was dark except for the few feet around the TV. There was just you, Wade, the popcorn and the movie. Although there had been times when the movie became increasingly irrelevant as…things…happened on the couch.

This was such a time.

There wasn’t a couch (who can afford to just buy a couch and carry it home that day?) but you’d made a pile of blankets and pillows on the floor in front of the TV, and you weren’t even sure what the movie was anymore.

“Close your eyes,” Wade said, voice low and husky. His masked face was centimeters from yours, so close you could feel his breath on your lips. An ache spread through your chest and down into the tips of your fingers.

“No,” you complained. “I want to see you.”

Wade tensed, fingers tightening around your arms a little. But he didn’t draw back. “Please close your eyes?” he whispered. The tone of his voice struck a note of pity in your heart. Hating that it had to be this way, you obeyed. In the darkness behind your eyelids, sparks and stars went off. You listened to twin heartbeats. Yours and his. His and yours. In tandem, in harmony. Why, why, why was he so afraid?

Rough, warm lips touched yours. The sparks you saw took on a golden note like fireworks. Kissing him back, you felt filled with heat and light.  You found his shoulders by feel in the dark and massaged them, as his hand cradled the back of your head.

“Wade,” you murmured, eyes still closed. “Please. Please let me see you. I love you.”

You heard his breath catch sharply; he drew back. You opened your eyes. He’d pulled down the mask again, but his hunched posture told you he was suffering. “Please,” you said again.

His shoulders were hunched up almost to his ears. He rubbed the back of his neck, then sighed wearily.

“Okay. Alright, I’ll do it.”

Hope sprang up wild and hot in your core; your heart pounded. You didn’t dare move in case it broke the spell – you didn’t want to scare him. Had to be cautious, gentle.

“Just -” he hesitated. “Please don’t scream, okay? It – it’s pretty horrible.”

Your heart ached for him. Oh, Wade, you thought. What did they do to you? “I won’t,” you swore. “I promise.”

Slowly, achingly slowly, he pulled up the bottom of the red mask up and over his head.

And there he was. Him, all of him, the real him for the first time.

The shape of his face was lovely – high cheekbones, strong jaw and eyes the richest brown you’d ever seen. The skin of his face was rough; a patchwork of healthy skin and silvery scars, and he had no hair at all. No eyebrows, even – above his eyes there were thick ridges of skin like on a lizard (so it wasn’t like he had none.) He was totally exaggerating – it didn’t look like something easy to live with, sure, but horrible wasn’t the right word. Not even close.

You drank in the sight of him, and then noticed he was…tensed, flinching away from you. Like he was expecting you to react violently, like he was bracing for impact. Something twisted in your heart, an ache of pity so strong it made it hard to breathe. Baby, no.

“Oh, Wade,” you murmured, throat thick with tears.

“I know,” he said. “I know, I’m sorry. It’s disgusting. I’m disgus-”

Beautiful,” you breathed, reaching out a gentle hand to touch his cheek.

He went sill as stone, still as a lake before dawn. Something lit up in his lovely brown eyes.“What?” he choked. “What did you say to me?”

“Wade Wilson, you’re beautiful.”

For the space of three heartbeats, nobody said anything. He was still frozen, staring at you in an agony of hope. His eyes glittered with tears.

“N-no…” he swallowed and blinked hard, breath hoarse. “Nobody’s said that to me. Ever. Not even before.”

“Then let’s make up for lost time,” you whispered, and leaned forward. You kissed his left cheek. “Beautiful.” And his right. “Beautiful.”

He shuddered and closed his eyes, and you kissed each eyelid softly as mothwings. All over his face, more times than you could count, you gave him soft kisses and soft words.

You felt his heartbeat hammering in his chest; both of his hands reached up to your face. And then, finally, finally, finally, his unmasked lips found yours.

This time the volume wasn’t lowered – it was going full blast, and every single inch of your skin felt like it must be glowing. Glowing as brightly as your heart, which burned so bright and hot it was almost painful. You kept your eyes wide open and held his face close to yours. His hands caressed the sides of your face, and his lips tasted sweet and this was good, this was right. Nothing else had ever mattered so much as this.

After an eternity of light, he broke away. “I….I love you, Y/N.”

Your lips were tingling and swollen with kisses, but you still smirked. “I know.”

“Did you just Han Solo me?”

You laid your head on his chest and took a deep breath. “Yep.”

The movie went back to the menu screen without either of you noticing.

England character facts

🇬🇧In contrast to popular belief, he does trim his eyebrows

🇬🇧His eyebrows are cursed to be thick

🇬🇧He is “the king of losing things”

🇬🇧He has a tattoo of an electric guitar

🇬🇧He has very few fears.

🇬🇧He can’t swim

🇬🇧He hates firecrackers

🇬🇧He likes embroidery, criticizing America’s movies, reading, and rock music.

🇬🇧He always dresses practically unless he is having fun. Then he dresses “like a punk”.

🇬🇧He gets sick every 4th of July

🇬🇧Canada took care of him after the American Revolution

🇬🇧His eyebrows are modeled after a Shiba Inu

🇬🇧Early England:


Requested by @spnhybrid  |  My Writing  |  Gif

Hesitation wrapped around you as you watched Dean hurry out the door, throwing his goodbyes over his shoulder. A part of you wanted to demand that he stop in his tracks so you could throw your arms around his neck and squeeze the life out of him before any monster dare even try to take it away, but that was touchy-feely emotional stuff and hunters did not do touchy-feely.

So you settled on calling after him, “Just be careful, alright? And come back in one piece!” But the anxiety from before was still stuck in your voice.

Dean stopped short of the door, pausing to turn around at you. His eyebrows shot up, a smug grin slowly transforming his lips.

“You’re worried about me, aren’t you?” he said.

“No. I just—” you stuttered, blushing. He took a few paces towards you. “Who else is going to fix my car if you don’t come back? Or annoy me half to death? Or watch Game of Thrones with me?”

He laughed — that dumb arrogant laugh — and pulled you into his chest, holding you tight enough for all the worry and anxiety to slip away, if only for a moment. He pressed his lips onto the top of your head.

“I’m going to come back, okay? I always come back.” 

“You better,” you spoke, burying your face in his jacket. “Or else I’m going to drag your corpse back here and resurrect you myself.” 

I’ll write a full concert report tomorrow but for now:

- Harry read my ‘heart of gold + boots to match sign and blew me a kiss

- He also looked me dead in the eye for what seemed like a decade but probably was 6 seconds while I pointed at my rainbow bracelet. I raised my eyebrows at him and he laughed.

- Both Niall and Louis seemed to enjoy the fact that I, a girl, was having a beer and pointed and smiled at it.

- LIAM ACKNOWLEDGED MY RAINBOW SIGN. Twice. I held it up during drag me down and he smiled and pointed at it, and then came back later to make sure I saw. (Or that’s just me projecting, whatevs)

- Preston gave me chewing gum. We made eye contact when he took one, so he mouthed 'You want one?’ and when I nodded, he came to the barrier and gave it to me.

- my 'heart of gold + boots to match’ sign got on the big screen, including my rainbow bracelet.

- Harry definitely sang something with 16 during 18 but you probably already saw footage of that

- They were all having SO MUCH FUN. There were moments where I really wasn’t sure Niall would be done giggling before he had to sing his parts.

- Louis saw my rainbow sign and gave me a crinkly eyed smile and a small nod. I interpreted the whole interaction as somewhat apologetic, like a 'sorry I can’t do more’ smile.

- Harry waived a rainbow flag (is that even an update?)

I’ll leave it at that for now!

I’ve been working on a OPM fic with the amazing @paperficwriter who has been an enormous help bringing this HC to life! Thank-you paper for everything! 

[ Head-canon: Saitama and Genos cross paths many years before they were to meet again, after disaster strikes. This chance meeting affects them and their future aspirations in more ways than they realize. ]

—More under the cut—

Saitama flicked a small piece of rubble off his uniform and glanced around, raising his eyebrows in slow recognition of his surroundings.

What should have looked like a street he took to get to his class was now an almost unrecognizable mess of dust, rubble and debris, and as he turned to take in the view his neck twinged in pain, snapping him awake from his deep thoughts. When he brought his hand up to his face he noted the bloody grazing on his palm and knuckles. He slowly lowered it again as he tried to piece it all together.

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Title: Conspicuous Cheekbones 

Characters: Bruce Wayne x Reader, mention of Dick Grayson

Word Count: 1.5k

Rating/Warnings: T (swearing)

Summary: Despite how awful he is at doing so, Bruce tries to break it to you that he’s Batman

Request/Notes: || The reader takes care of Dick Grayson and lives in the Wayne household

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It took me so long to answer this OTL I have no freaking idea… I’m so sorry @titanlady

In my mind Adult!Shouto would maybe? have Endeavor’s body type eventually but he got his face from his mom I guess. And the Todoroki siblings have poor eyesight hence glasses. (Context: Shouto’s older sister Fuyumi wears glasses)

And he smiles more too :) (I just want him to smile more)

I added a few variations like classic frowning Shouto and no glasses and long-hair Shouto because why not. Choose your favorite Shouto!!

Adult!Kacchan | Adult!Deku

#67: Pregnancy Series | Telling His Family


Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys


“Mom can you come here for a second.” Luke requested as his eyes were glued to the screen in front of him. “Sure.” Liz answered grabbing the cup she had just poured coffee, in walking towards Luke and taking a seat next to him on the bed. ”Where’s Y/N?” She asked as she took a seat on the bed, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion. “She’s out with Michael and Ashton. They went for ice-cream or such thing as that.” Luke mumbled, fiddling with the duvet he was sitting on in his hand. “Okay then. What’s up?” She watched him as Luke opened his laptop and went straight on Skype, calling his brother Ben. Liz looked at the screen curiously as they waited for Ben to pick up, the sound of the beeping disappearing and Ben, Jack and Andy’s faces appeared on the screen. “Hey you guys.” Luke smiled with a wave, the boys returning it but Liz still looked frozen in spot. “What is going on, a family reunion?” She questioned as a smile came to her lips. “You can call it that I guess.” Luke mumbled as questions started to fill the conversation such as how things were going back at home and stuff. “So I heard Y/N is pregnant?” Andy asked breaking the otherwise silence that had felt between the Hemmings family, making Luke tense up in his seat, his mouth going into a straight line. “She is.” Liz answered for him. “So who’s the father?” Ben asked, raising an eyebrow. Everyone in his family knew who you were due to being childhood best friends with Luke. You had shared everything when you were together as children. “Yeah, you see, that’s what I actually wanted to talk about.” Luke managed to stammer out. He had repeated the words in his head for a week now, wanting tell his mom the most but every time he tried, it failed. “You know?” Liz asked him with wide eyes. “I do.” Luke fumbled with his hands again, looking between them, his mom and on the screen. “You’re the father, am I right Luke?” Andy asked, making Luke’s eyes wide in shock, Liz doing the same. Luke didn’t say another word, just looked down whilst he nodded his head. “Oh my god.” Was the only thing that came out of Liz’s mouth. She was shocked to say at least but a small smile yet formed onto her lips. Throughout her whole life both her and your mom had tried to set you guys up as a couple even from when you were babies and finally all of the sudden you guys had been together. “So you’re dating?” Jack asked breaking the silence. “No.” Luke answered fast, almost breaking Liz’s heart by the news. “So you’re just best friends who’s gonna have a baby?” Ben asked, wanting conformation. “Yes, we are. I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you guys.” He mumbled the last part making Liz pull him instantly in for a hug. “You know how supportive we are for what you do. Just remember that it’s not us you should be afraid to disappoint, it’s her.” Luke’s brothers and dad nodded their head by Liz’s words, making Luke form a very small smile. “Thank you.” He breathed pulling back. “For helping Y/N and stuff.” “Well now I have a very good reason to do it, she’s carrying my grandson.” Liz formed a small smile as well afterwards with a sigh.


Calum gave your hand a slight squeeze under the table making you look up at him in confusion. “Is it time already?” You asked almost in a fear, looking around in the not so small local, your family on the left side from where you were sitting and Calum and the boys on the other side. “I feel like it needs to be said now.” He mumbled in your ear, giving Joy a smile next to him. “You do it.” You mumbled back making Calum’s eyes go wide. “Hell no.” He answered, looking around. “You will.” You warned, starting to pinch his thigh making him let out a squeal before he suddenly stood up from the stair to try to avoid the pain you were giving him, his eyes going wide as the crowd suddenly quieted down by his sudden raise. “You forgot to knock on the glass for god sake Calum.” Calum’s dad commented making Michael stand up instantly. “I’ll do it then.” He hiccupped grabbing his glass and fork, lazily knocking on it before he took a seat fast again. It was clear that after what could be 3 glasses of red wine, he was tipsy. “Well thank you for that.” Calum commented towards Michael making him give him a smile and thumbs up. “Okay so first of all me and Y/N wanna thank you guys for coming to our pre wedding rehearsal.” Calum started out, Michael already starting to clap his hands. “Thank you Michael.” He chuckled, Michael leaning back in his seat with yet another glass of wine in his hand, showing it up towards Calum in a cheer. “But uhm- We actually have some kind of sad news for you guys.” Calum’s statement made worry appear on people’s faces, even Michael looked up suspicious now, almost trying to be sober. Calum looked down at you for help, but you only shrugged your shoulders. “We’re going to cancel the wedding.” A loud gasp came from your mother by the words, you almost winching by the reaction. “Why?” Calum’s dad asked fast, everyone having shocked expression on their faces. “Because,” Calum started, wrapping an arm around your waist. “Y/N does not want to be married whilst she’s walking around with a fat belly.” His words made people look around in confusion, trying to figure out the indication of it. “You’re pregnant?” Mali-Koa blurted, making both you and Calum’s eyes wide. “Pregnant?” Your dad asked fast, looking up at you. Calum let out a small sigh before removing the hand that was resting on your hip, moving it towards your still flat belly. “Y/N’s pregnant yes.” Silence felt over the whole area as people tried to register the sudden news. “That’s great!” Ashton cheered, trying to zone everyone out of their frozen state. He could sense that the both of you felt really nervous so after his statement he clapped his hands together, Luke and Michael joining along and after a while, your families started to join as well, a whole crowd of people clapping now. It eased Calum’s nerves so he mouthed out a “Thanks man.” Towards Ashton before he gave everyone a smile, you doing the same. “With these news I think we should all cheer together.” Your uncle said, raising himself from his chair. “Everyone expect for Y/N of course.” He added, you letting out a small giggle. Everyone pushed their chairs out, grabbing their glasses in their hands before your uncle yelled, “To Y/N and Calum.” People yelling it in unison afterwards.


Michael’s mom was walking around with a tray with glasses of red wine as she was hosting a family party for basically 80% of Michael’s family members, being gathered around the small living room. You watched her closely as she came closer and closer to you, trying to figure out a way to deny it, knowing that you guys hadn’t mentioned anything about the pregnancy yet. And there was no doubt that you couldn’t deny it, his parents knew you too well to know that you never would deny offering of alcohol, especially wine. “Thanks.” You smiled taking the glass from Karen as she reached out for you to take one, now rotating your hand to let the wine float around in the glass, the lingering smell from the wine starting to go through your nostrils, sending out an amount of nausea through your body. “Dear god.” You mumbled to yourself, a grimace crossing your face as the nausea didn’t go away, having to place the wine on the coffee table in front of you. “You don’t have to pretend, I think it’s time to tell.” Michael tried to reassure but his face showed otherwise, looking like a teenage boy trying to tell his parents that he got the neighbor’s girl pregnant. “You don’t look like someone who’s ready.” You stated, giving him a skeptical look. Michael hesitated for a second before he stood up from the couch, announcing that he was going to the bathroom, leaving you behind alone. You eyed him as he disappeared into the hallway, looking back at his family members. “its good right Y/N, I choose it in a hope of you being satisfied with it.” His dad winked making your eyes go wide before you looked down at the wine, grabbing it fast and placing it in front of your mouth, taking a zip to his satisfaction. When he looked away, you rotated your head so they couldn’t see, spitting the wine back into the glass. You placed the glass back onto the coffee table when the sudden sound of Michael whistling from behind, filing the whole living room. “Guys I have an announcement.” He said aloud making your eyes go wide, staring at him. He gave you a small glare before he cleared his throat. “As some of you may know, Y/N has been looking a bit pale lately, not only tonight.” Some of his family members looked over at you for a second before their eyes went back to his. “The reason for that is.. Well.. She’s pregnant, carrying my baby..” Silence felt over the room as everyone stared in shock at each other before Michael’s dad’s face turned into a massive grin, standing up to pull his son in for a hug. The before thick tension changed, everyone starting either cheer or laugh, walking in line to hug either Michael or you. Karen was the last one to hug Michael before she realized something. ”But Y/N just drank alcohol!” Karen exclaimed looking weirdly at you now. “No I technically didn’t. I spitted it out in the drink.” You said in a apologizing tone, giving his dad a sad smile. “It’s fine Y/N, you’ll taste it in about 9 months then.” He winked making you relax more in your seat, having Michael take a seat next to you.


Ashton was shifting in his seat with excitement but also nervousness , his shoulder repeatedly puffing into yours as he changed position, his hand going through his hair every third second as you him, Lauren, Anne and Harry was having a meal at your house, an arrangement you had made right after you had found out about the pregnancy. “I hope it tastes great.” Anne purred as she started to collect the now empty plates, you helping along with it. “It sure was mum.” Ashton said with a dazed smile, him leaning back in his seat as he rubbed his now full stomach.  Anne and you carried the rest of the stuff from the table out into the kitchen as Ashton talked with Lauren and Harry, catching up time from when the last time they’d seen each other. When the last object from the table was removed, Anne gave you a bowl of candy to place on the table as she grabbed some soda from the fridge. “So tell me you guys, why all this dinner, what’s the occasion?” She asked as she took a seat, grabbing a jelly from the bowl. “We actually had something from you guys.” You smiled standing up from your seat and walked towards the back of the couch, reaching out for a wrapped present before you walked back and placed it in front of the three of them. ”What is it?” Lauren asked, furrowing her eyebrows as she looked at the present. “How about you open it.” Ashton pushed on, pulling you further into his side as he motioned Harry to wrap it up. Harry did as he said, unwrapping the paper from the bag, throwing it towards Anne. “A brown box?” He asked confused, but you only wiggled your eyebrows at him. Harry opened the box before pulling out the content, all of their eyebrows now furrowing as Harry was holding a bundle of pacifiers attached to a note. “What’s this?” Lauren asked confused, “Pacifiers, are you blind?” Harry questioned, looking weirdly at her. “I know what it is dumbass, but why?” Lauren groaned, giving Harry a light hit on the back of his head. “You two!” Anne warned, looking daring at them. “How about you go read the note?” You suggested, Anne immediately removing the note from the pacifiers, squeezing his eyes to read the small letters.  “Dear Grandma, uncle and auntie. Please hold this for me in case I need it when I come to visit. Knowing my mom and dad, they’ll probably forget it. See you in September, Love, Baby Irwin.” When Anne had finished the sentence, with pressure on baby Irwin, a single tear ran down her now reddish cheeks, holding the palm of her hand against her mouth to try to muffle a sob. “Pacifiers for baby Irwin?” Harry asked confused, his thumb running over one of them.” “As in Y/N’s pregnant, and they’re expecting a baby.” Lauren explained with a massive smile, making Harry’s mouth open wide in surprise, his eyes lit up in excitement. “Congrats.” He cheered, reaching his arms out to hug the both of you. “Do you know the gender?” Lauren asked a little bit too fast, earning a weird look from Ashton. “She’s not even showing yet!” He exclaimed yet with a smile. “Hah, now it was your turn to play the dumb card.” Harry chuckled, giving his big sister a puff with his shoulder.  

“What do you think?”

Nursey looks up. Dex leans around the door, one hand again the frame, the other tucked into his pocket. Nursey takes him in, top to toe. The shoes are the same, the same worn grey suede New Balances Dex has had for three years. Dex’s jeans are ripped at both knees. His flannel shirt is partially unbuttoned. He looks so warm that Nursey wants to unbutton the rest of his shirt and crawl inside it with him.

His hair–his hair is wildly different. Dex has gone ahead and gotten the Samwell chop.

It makes him took like a sexy rooster.

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You’re Bored in Class

Neville Longbottom

     To say that your Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson was dragging would have been an understatement when it came to Umbridge’s classes. You were meant to be reading chapter four – one which you’d already read through twice. Once when you first got the book, and the other when you were making notes on the chapter, exactly the thing Umbridge wanted you to do now.
      It was because of this little fact that you were looking out of the window. That was, however, until Neville took your hand lightly. You glanced over at him, an eyebrow raised.
     ‘You alright?’ he asked, absently playing with your hand though.
     You smiled as a slight smile slipped onto his face. ‘Yeah,’ you said softly, pushing your fingers against his lightly. ‘You?’
     He nodded slightly before looking back at the book, his hand still playing with yours as you ran your thumb lightly over his knuckles, glad for the distraction.

Draco Malfoy

     ‘So, I have to get three in a row?’ asked Draco, looking down at the noughts and crosses board that you’d drawn in the corner of your Potions paper. There was confusion easily readable on his face, causing you to smirk slightly.
     ‘Yeah. Well, that’s the aim, but I’ve gotta warn you Malfoy, I’m pretty ace at this game,’ you said, grinning as a smile settled onto his face.
     ‘Oh you are on, (y/l/n),’ he said, putting his quill to the parchment before adding some more fairy wings to his potion.
     The game didn’t last long, and you won with the ease of someone who had been playing the game since the age of five – but only because you had been.
     ‘I did warn you, Draco,’ you said, shrugging slightly as he drew out another board.
     ‘I want a rematch now I know the basics,’ he said, smiling brightly still though as Snape wandered around the other side of the classroom, muttering complaints about the Potions.

Harry Potter

     Unsurprisingly your History of Magic lesson was dragging. You could see that Ron was already asleep behind his book while Hermione was furiously making notes. You could see Seamus and Dean having a mumbled conversation in front of you, Neville dipping into it every so often before jotting something down.
     ‘Hey,’ Harry said, nudging you slightly.
     You glanced around at him. His quill was in his hand and there was a smirk on his face. He was holding out a piece of parchment, folded a few centimetres at the top though.
     ‘What’s this?’ you asked, taking it from him. You began to undo the top, but he lightly hit the back of your hand with the quill.
    ‘I wrote an opening line to a story,’ he said in a low whisper. ‘You wri–’
    ‘Write the next line and when we get to the end we get a crazy story,’ you said, barely keeping your voice quiet. It was a game you used to play with your Primary School friends. You still had a load of the odd little stories in your room somewhere.
     Harry was nodding at you, smiling as you quickly got your own quill ready.

Fred Weasley

      Normally you loved going to Charms, it was one of your favourite lessons, but today Umbridge had decided to come along. It was due to this little fact that you were sat as far back as you could. Fred was sat on one side of you, mumbling away with George while Lee scribbled things down for them.
      You shrugged after a while of Flitwick being interrupted by Umbridge, and pulled Fred’s work towards you.
    You began to doodle in the top hand corner. It started with small things like flowers and stars. Eventually, however, you progressed to dragons and flying owls.
     ‘Hey,’ you heard Fred ask after a while.
    You blinked slightly, looking up at him though. There was a smile lighting his face. You looked back down at the parchment. The whole page was covered in doodles.
     ‘I am so sorry,’ you began to mumble, trying to shove your own parchment in front of him.
     He shook his head lightly, folding your little doodled page as the class began to file out of the classroom. ‘It’s awesome,’ he said, adding a little cartoon Umbridge on the back – one which made her look even more toad-like.

George Weasley

      ‘Hey,’ whispered George, nudging you slightly while you were making notes on the lesson that McGonagall was giving. You’d been finding the subject relatively interesting so had been making as many notes as you could. He, however, appeared to have been bored since sitting down.
     You held a hand up for a moment, finishing the sentence that you’d started, before looking over at him. You smiled as a slight smile slipped onto his face.
      He was holding out a piece of parchment for you. You raised an eyebrow at him, but took the note.
      Knock knock, it said in his familiar scrawl.
      You smirked slightly, turning to him so as to mouth “Who’s there?”
     He grinned, taking the note from you before scribbling on it again.
     Ach, it said.
      You were barely able to supress a smirk as you mouthed, “Ach who?” though.
      ‘Bless you,’ he whispered, barely hiding his own chuckle as you stifled your own laughter against your hand, trying to refocus on the lesson though.

Ronald Weasley

      ‘Oohh,’ said Ron, moving his hands around the crystal ball dramatically.
      Divination had never been your favourite lesson. , but it bored you senseless at the moment. Though, you were pretty sure that it was preferable to Ancient Runes, which you’d have to take to make up classes. Instead of letting the boredom get to you, however, you were sat with Ron while Trelawney spoke with an excitable Lavender on the other side of the classroom.
      ‘I see,’ you said, squinting dramatically at the ball. ‘An ugly ferret,’ you said, smirking slightly as you pointed to the reflection of Draco. Ron barely stifled laughter at the comment, a smirk slipping easily onto his face. ‘How about you, oh great psychic Ronald?’
     He tried to keep his face serious, but you could see the smile tugging at his mouth though. ‘I see… I see a serious waste of time,’ he said, leaning back in his chair with a slight chuckle as you covered your mouth to try and hide your own laughter.

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Broken Ones [ Bucky Barnes x OC - Reader Insert ]

Prompt : Oneshot based on Broken ones by Jacquie Lee

Pairing : Bucky Barnes x OC

Genre : Romance, angst |   Warning :None

Author’s Note : Yay angst I hope you enjoy this story! tell me what you think!

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Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

He was on his way back from visiting Steve in the medical bay when he first saw her. She was clutching a sketchbook and she just walked pass him without looking up. He turned around a few minutes later, thinking she was a HYDRA agent. She wasn’t. He watched her stepped into Steve’s room and gently placed the sketchbook and some pencils on the table next to the bed. She moved on to sit on the wooden chair and took out a book. He kept still as he trained his eyes on her, eyebrows knitted together in confusion when she started to read the book out loud. He stayed outside the room, listening to her voice. It took him a good twenty minutes before he decided to say hi to her.




She jerked back in surprise, the book falling off her lap. His voice was a little gruff and she could see uncertainty in his grey-blue eyes as he stared back. James Buchanan Barnes. She knew him from eavesdropping Steve’s and Sam’s conversations whenever they were around. He was The Winter Soldier, brainwashed and tortured for seventy year. He now stayed in the empty apartment next to Steve’s. He was quiet and very reserved. He didn’t handle crowds very well, a fact she found out when she overheard Nat told Steve about Bucky’s panic attack last week. But they never talked. She wasn’t even sure he knew of her existence.


“Sorry.” He apologized, bending down to pick up the book for her.


“It’s okay.” She quietly replied.

He watched her on the very same bed, his lips pressed into a thin line. He didn’t know how long he has been crying. Steve and Sam asked him to go back with them to get some sleep but he couldn’t leave her alone. She would want to see someone when she woke up, he told them. They walked out of the room a few minutes later with dejected look on their faces. He sat on the chair, picking up the book and started to read for her.

He saw her again a week later. She was hunched over a sketchbook in the communal room. He made sure to make a sound to let her know. She jumped a little when he heard his voice. Bucky felt his heart soar when she gave him a tiny smile and offered a seat next to her on the couch. He shuffled to her, waiting for her to tell him to leave. But she never did. They spent a few hours in silence. He watched her finished a few sketches and chuckled when she smudged a charcoal on her cheek.


“What is it?” She asked.


“You have something on your cheek.” He reached out with his left hand, stunned when she didn’t flinch away from his touch. “There. All gone.” He smiled shakily.


“Thank you.” She smiled again. They stared at each other for a moment before she reached into her sketchbook and ripped a page.


“For you.” She told him before she left.


It was a sketch of him laughing.

He woke up with a jolt. His muscle ached from sleeping on the hard hospital chair. He brought her hand into his lips, kissing it tenderly before he leaned down to kiss her forehead. Natasha stopped a few hours earlier to tell him she would wake up soon. It was the first time he cried in front of his friend. Happy tears, he grumbled when Natasha asked him.

It became their thing. He would ask her to come with him. She only smiled and nodded, letting him hold her hand as they left the tower. He brought her to empty parks, old buildings, places where she could practice her drawing. They would spend few hours in silence, as always. She would give him a few sketches she did that day and he would go home to his apartment to put it inside the folder along with the rest of her sketches.


He liked spending time with her. He came home with a huge smile on his face when she told him she liked being with him. Steve asked him about her when he saw him humming a tune. He didn’t know what to say about her. Steve just smiled and he waited for him to speak. She was kind and I feel at home when I’m with her, he finally said. He didn’t think he ever saw Steve that happy.  


“That’s good.” Steve choked out and Bucky understood why his best friend cried that day.

It was his first time singing in seventy years.

He talked to her. He told her about his fear. He begged her to wake up. It was a futile attempt. She didn’t move an inch. So he told her about how much he loves her. You’re my home, he told her. You make me feel like a person, he whispered. He would tell her that when she woke up, he promised. He would never hold back his I love you’s. Just wake up. Please.

When he kissed her, he felt like everything clicked into place. It was like coming home. He was happy, something he thought he never deserved. He was also scared. He told her that. He was not a good man, he said. She just held his hand and kissed his lips.

He was the first one who said I love you. It slipped our even before he realized it. He just had a nightmare and she was there to hold his hand, as always. She froze for a moment and he thought she would get up and leave. She didn’t.

Bucky leaned back on the chair as he read her another book. It was the same book she read Steve when he first met her. He was reading the last paragraph when he saw her hand twitched.  

“Hi.” Bucky said, eyes bright with fresh tears when he saw her slowly opened her eyes.