and he took bigger bites than he thought he could handle

Early Morning Sun

Shawn Mendes 
Words: 900 
Warning: Slightly smutty 
Notes: I started writing this at 6am. Idk why, but here you go XD 

The morning sun filtered into the room, its warm rays hitting my face in a way that the bright light blinded me, even with my eyes tightly shut. Calling on every cell in my being, I manged to shift my heavy body, shielding my face against Shawn’s shoulder. He groaned sleepily, moving his arm to rest around my waist as I pressed a gentle kiss against his bare skin.

So very slowly, my body began waking up for the day. My eyes slipped open for a moment, I was met with the cheerfully lit room, making my eyes squeeze shut. I tried again, his time with more luck as I forced them to stay open, eventually adjusting to the light.

The room looked oddly beautiful for such an early time. I could see now that the sun was just beginning to rise, casting hues of pink and orange and yellow on the walls around us. Outside, birds began chirping as a few cars drove along the mostly vacant road below.

My focus turned back to the Shawn as he shuffled beside me. At first I thought he was going to wake up, his back slightly arching causing the white sheets to pool around his back, but he soon settled down again, a couple of light snores escaping his parted lips.

It was crazy how he still managed to look so good, even when he was asleep. Despite his long eight-hour flight a few days ago, his face still seemed bright, no dark circles or anything. He just looked so soft and innocent with his messy hair and almost rosy cheeks.

I trailed my fingers along his arm, ghosting over every curve and dip of his muscles until I reached his back, stopping to draw shapes along his sun kissed skin. Glancing up, his eyes were still shut, but there was a small grin playing on his lips, giving me a sigh as my fingers slipped over the more sensitive patches, dancing over the angry looking red marks. I smiled to myself, remembering what happened last night.

Shawn suddenly shifted again, this time moving onto his side to fully face me, only to be met with the same blinding sun light as his eyes fluttered open.

“Hi.” He greeted sleepily.  

“Hi.” I repeated as I combed my hand through his hair, brushing out some of the messier strands. His eyes fell shut again, his head leaning into my actions.

“That feels nice.” He purred, his voice muffled by the pillow making me giggle. Shawn’s eyes snapped open at the sound, his grin growing bigger, “I had a dream about you last night.”

“Was it good?” I jumped at the feeling of his hand on my thigh, fingers tickling my bare skin as they slid higher and higher under the hem of grey long-sleeved shirt I stole from his suitcase before falling asleep.

“Very.” I expected him to say more but he didn’t. Instead his head fell to my shoulder, his lips leaving hot little kisses along the exposed skin there. I tilted my head, giving him more room meanwhile his fingers finally found their place at the hem of my underwear.

“Seems like it.” I choked on my words when two of his long fingers dipped under the band. Well, someone was eager.

“You were doing some wonderful things with your mouth.” It sounded like he was trying to hold back his own groans, “I feel like I should pay you back.”

Cursing under my breath, I hooked my leg over his so his hand had more room. He quickly took this to his advantage, finding the sensitive spot that made me shiver.

I felt his smirk against my shoulder, “Is this okay?”

Breathless, I nodded. My hand found his hair, guiding him up our lips could meet in a gentle kiss. Shawn hummed contently, his fingers starting their leisurely work on me. We kissed for as long as we could, keeping the same painfully steady pace until the burning in our lugs became too much to handle.

Biting my lip, my breath hitched again as he fit a particularly great spot. Shawn watched my face with lazy eyes, figuring out what felt good for me so he could do it again and again. The grip on his hair tightened as the pressure deep in my stomach continued to build.

“Does this feel good, Baby?” His smirk was back, chuckling at the spew of curses I mumbled under my breath, the palm of his large hand rubbing against me every time his fingers ventured deeper. This happened a few more times before the pressure finally caved in, sending waves washing over my body. My hand caught his, stilling his actions, every little feeling severally heightened by pleasure.

I let out a tiny whimper when he pulled his fingers away, my legs clamping closed at the emptiness. A dirty thought popped into my mind as Shawn went to clean his hand like he normally did. I quickly grabbed his hand, slipping his two digits into my mouth. His mouth fell open, and while the taste wasn’t the best, I pushed past it, enjoying the look of pure shock on his face as I sucked off the wetness, my eyes not once dropping from his wide ones.

“Shit, Alex.” He let out his own curse, desire burning in his eyes as he pulled his fingers free. My face burned hotter than the sun, knowing that was probably the dirtiest thing I’ve done which is pretty lame. But Shawn didn’t seem to care. Grabbing my hips, he rolled onto his back, dragging me on top of him.

“Want to recreate some of my dream?” Shawn asked with a cheeky wink, his cockiness fading when I pushed back against his hardness making me laugh.


One more night.

Hey! I love your blog, I read it all the time! Would you be able to do like a sexual tension one with Daryl? They’re so hard to find these days, kind of like enemies to friends to lovers type??

–this is super long–

I hope you like it! 💕

You had been with the Saviours since the world turned to this. You were one of Negan’s top guys, he took you with him every time he visited a new community or needed people to fight against other groups who thought they stood a chance against you.

One day, Negan gathered a team to block certain roads he had marked on a map, and he took you with them. He had been talking about a group, the same group that killed dozens of your people, your best friend amongst them. If Negan wanted you to tear this group apart, you would definitely kill whomever he needed to be killed.

You stood next to Dwight when Simon told him to open the van, but you didn’t let him do it, you pushed him aside with your shoulder and he stumbled back. You opened the back door and pulled every single one of those people violently to the ground.

“He’s hurt”, Dwight told you before you could pull the last person out of the van.

He did look hurt, his face didn’t look healthier than a walker’s and he had a blanket wrapped around his body, looking like a terribly ill person. However, you didn’t care. His group had killed your people, your best friend, the woman that had saved you and helped you survive in this world. Even if it was for a second, you wanted him to feel the same pain that had stabbed you in the gut when you found out that your best friend was dead.

The man grunted in pain when you threw him to the ground and you smiled to yourself.

After Negan walked out of that piece of shit they had been driving, gave them the usual speech and beat two people to death, he took the leader of the group for a few hours and you were left in charge. Not Simon, not Dwight, you.

“Get some guns to the back of their heads”, you ordered them and the Saviours did as you said, although Dwight wasn’t sure why you gave that order.

“What are you doing?”, he whispered. “Negan didn’t say to do that.”

“Negan left me in charge, didn’t he?”, you arched an eyebrow and grinned smugly  at Dwight, he only nodded.

A sobbing woman collapsed to the ground, her shoulders were still shaking so you knew she hadn’t passed out as you had assumed.

“Get up”, you ordered calmly, but she didn’t listen. “I said: get up.”

She stayed on the ground, but raised her face. You tried to contain your anger at being disobeyed, but then you remembered who were this people and what they had done, so you just let your anger find its way out.

“Get the fuck up!”, you yelled at her. The injured man got on his feet and his blanket fell to the ground, he stood in his place but looked right at you.

“Why’re you doin’ this?”, he asked in a violent voice. You raised your eyebrows at his question, surprised at his boldness, and chuckled grimly.

“You’re not really asking that, are you?”, you walked towards him, but he only looked back at you defiantly. “Because you killed a lot of our people, a whole fucking lot of our people.”

He didn’t say anything, but his stare was still hard on yours.

“Now get back on the ground or I’ll kill one more of your friends”, you threatened and he stayed still for a moment, then he sat on the ground again.

Negan returned once dawn was breaking, he was holding the leader of the group from the collar of his shirt and threw him right in front of his people.

“(Y/N)”, Negan called you. “Did any of these fine people here misbehaved?”

You turned to look at the man who had confronted you, but you shook your head at Negan’s question.

“Good”, he chuckled and continued to torture the leader. He even used his son as a way of breaking him, you thought he was being too hard on them by using a kid like that, but now that he was back, he was the one in charge.

You looked away and met the eyes of the injured man, he was looking at you with hatred in his stare through the dirty locks of hair that hung over his face. Your eyes wandered down his body, travelling down his bare arms and his chest, as a few buttons of his shirt had fallen when you pushed him down the van; every inch of his body radiated anger, you could almost feel the heat of his hatred pouring out his pores as he looked at you.

“Dwight”, Negan’s voice pulled you out of that moment. You turned your head to look at him and saw him pointing Lucille at the man. “Load him up.”

Load him up? Why did he even want him? What was he planning on doing with him?

Dwight grabbed that man and dragged him back inside the van you had pulled him out of last night.

“(Y/N)”, Negan called you. “Get in that van and drive him back to the compound.”

You nodded and got inside the vehicle, sitting on the passenger seat and staring at the morning light falling on the forest, wondering if you could fulfil Negan’s order before you killed the man inside the van. You shook your head, refusing to obey one of his orders wasn’t a smart thing to do, and the fear of getting your face burnt with an iron was bigger than your desire to kill those people.

You drove back to the Sanctuary and jumped out of the van as soon as you had parked, you walked to the back and opened the door to pull that man out of the vehicle. He was sitting down, his eyes lost on the metal box and his skin as pale as that of the walkers’ inside the cage.

You grabbed the man by his shit and threw him to the floor. He grunted and got on his feet quickly, trying to recover his balance. You kicked him in the stomach and he tumbled down, hitting the ground loudly.

“Simon, take him to his cell”, Negan ordered as he got out of his truck.

“I’ll take him”, you told him, picking up the man from the collar of his shirt.

“Seriously?”, Negan walked towards you. “I mean, are you sure you can handle him, sweetheart?”

You felt a little offended at his words, so to show Negan you could handle him, you made the man drop to the ground again by kicking him on the knees and dragging him all the way from the gates to his cell.

Negan chuckled as he watched you, he was never disappointed in what you could do.

You opened the grey door and pushed him inside. You noticed he had blood on his knees and on the palms of his hands, he had a look of sorrow in his eyes, the same look you had been having since your friend died. You suddenly realised that he had witnessed two of his friends dying, and judging by the look on his face while that happened, they were close friends. But you couldn’t feel sorry for him, he had done worse than what Negan did to them.

“You deserve this”, you murmured as you closed the door. “And more.”

As you laid on your bed that night, you couldn’t take your mind off of that man. You had been broken when you found out about your best friend’s death, but that man had seen them being beaten to death, their brains splattered on the ground and their blood flying in the air each time Negan swung Lucille.
Maybe you had let your anger control your actions when you hurt him like that, making his knees and hands bleed through rocks and glass and metal on the ground as you dragged him.
It didn’t matter, though, you didn’t get to decided his fate. Negan did.

The next morning you woke up unwillingly, you had only slept a couple of hours but it had felt like five minutes to you. However, you took a shower and got dressed, ready to go to work.

“(Y/N)”, Negan greeted as he walked down the hall and you walked out of your room, you dropped to your knees but he signalled you to get up, so you did. “We’re going to the Hilltop today.”

“Good, I’ll just go get my-“

“No, we’re going”, he corrected. “I want you to stay and check on that Daryl guy.”

“Who?”, you asked. You had been so submerged on your hatred the day before, that you had completely missed his name.

“The guy we brought here yesterday”, he elaborated. “Keep an eye on him.”

“But-“, you tried to fight it, you liked going to the Hilltop because you had made some friends there, and staying in the Sanctuary to babysit a guy you didn’t even like wasn’t something you wanted to do.

“You can handle him, right?”, he arched an eyebrow and smirked. You sighed in defeat and nodded. He walked away and you saw a few men and women walking behind him, holding their guns and holding the car keys, those were the people he was taking to the Hilltop this time. Lucky bastards.


You opened the grey door of his cell and placed a paper plate with a sandwich of dog food that you had prepared for him. He took it quickly and devoured it in a second. You noticed that he was naked, probably some kind of attempt at humiliation from one of Negan’s men. The light from outside casted shadows on his body, making his muscles more evident for you. His broad shoulders and strong arms bounced with each bite he took of that nasty sandwich you had made for him.

You took your eyes off of him and saw a polaroid picture on the floor, next to him. A polaroid picture could only mean one thing at the Sanctuary, and you wondered who had given it to him.

You bent over to pick up the picture and he turned his head to look at you. His eyes were swollen and his dark circles were now red, you realised he had been crying. You felt bad for him, giving him that picture was a kind of torture you hadn’t even thought yourself.

“Who’s this?”, you asked him as you took the picture. He didn’t say anything, he turned around, letting his bare back be only part of him that you could see and every muscle in his back strained as he turned around. “Number one or number two?”

He lowered his head and curled closer to the corner of the room. You exhaled sharply and rubbed your forehead with two fingers.

“I’m sorry about that”, you said after realising you were being too hard on him. “I know what it’s like to lose people.”
He got on his feet and turned around to look at you. He seemed angry.

“We killed your people, I get it”, he said. “But I bet they were just soldiers, more men working for you here, they ain’t your family or your friends.”

You pushed him against a wall and took your gun out, your right hand was wrapped around his throat and your left one was holding the gun that you pointed at his head.

“You don’t know a thing about me, so I suggest you shut the fuck up”, you threatened through gritted teeth.

He only looked back at you until you released your grasp on him. You walked out of his cell and locked it again, rattling the keys angrily as you did it.

In that moment, you might had seemed like the worst enemies, but there wasn’t another moment when Daryl and you had been more alike. You were two people, hurt by the death of their friends, feeling lonely and guilty and a hundred other emotions that were too hard to understand. However, you had a hard time trying to empathise with him, and every time you tried, the thought of him killing your friend came back to your mind.


Fat Joey was never the careful or responsible kind, he went to Daryl’s cell to drop his lunch and forgot to lock the door when he left. Daryl considered his options, that would either be a trap or just carelessness from the Saviour.

However, he decided to act quickly and he just left. He walked cautiously down the hall, hiding behind walls and doors each time he heard someone approaching. The voices became louder as three men were about to turn on the corner of the hall, right towards Daryl. He panicked, as there was no place to hide. He opened one of the doors and entered quickly, shutting it behind him.

“What the fuck are you doing here?!”, you screamed as you saw him in your room. You had just taken a shower and your towel was on the floor, you dropped to your knees and patted the floor desperately, looking for it. You picked up the towel and held it over your body, trying to cover yourself up.

Daryl was just standing there, looking at you. His eyes travelling down your body for only a couple of seconds, then he looked away.

“Get out!”, you ordered, but he didn’t obey. “Didn’t you hear me? I said: get out! Now!”

You didn’t even care that he had escaped his cell, the only thing that mattered was that he was in your room and you were naked. The heat on your face was burning your skin, your cheeks beaming with colour.

Daryl opened the door and left, you didn’t know how he had escaped, but you knew for sure that he wouldn’t get that far.

You sat on your bed and, before you put your clothes on, you thought about that moment. Daryl saw you naked, the last person you wanted to even look at you, had watched you jumping in surprise and dropping to your knees and moving on the floor as you searched for your towel, all of that while being completely naked. Yet you didn’t feel angry, and you found yourself embarrassed at wishing that that moment had lasted longer.


A couple of days went by and Negan hadn’t asked you to go check on Daryl, he had given that task to Fat Joey instead, but after his screw-up, he gave the job to Dwight.

But you wanted to see him. In that whole place full of people you had been living with, Daryl was the only one who understood what it was like to have someone taken away from you.

You stood in front of his door in the morning. Very few people were awake, but none of those people cared about Daryl or whatever happened near his cell, so you opened the door and entered.

You could see him under the weak light that filtered from the lamps in the hall, he had wounds and bruises on his face, and he was leaning on the wall with his head down.

“Daryl, right?”, you called and asked if that was his name, at least that’s the name Negan had used on him. You closed the door, so you couldn’t see him anymore. “I’m not gonna hurt you, at least not right now.”

He didn’t say anything, and judging by the silence that had flooded the cell, he wasn’t moving either.

“I’m sorry about your friends”, you murmured sincerely, yet he remained quiet. “I’ve lost people too.”

“Who?”, he finally spoke, his voice was hoarse. You jolted slightly at the sudden sound of his voice, but you answered.

“A woman, she…”, you stopped talking as your voice was breaking, you cleared your throat and proceeded. “She was my best friend. And now she’s dead.”

“How?”, his question was simple but answering was not. You were sure that a part of him knew how your friend had died, maybe he was just trying to hurt you.

“You killed her”, you said dryly. “Or your friends.”

“I’m sorry”, he told you and it sounded genuine. You frowned, those were probably the last words you expected to hear from him.

“Are you?”

“Killing them people did nothing for us”, he said. “It only got our own people killed.”

“Were you close?”, you asked.

“Yeah”, was his only answer, but you didn’t need more. His voice, the tone he had used, the single word reply had been enough to tell you that he was devastated about the death of the two men. “Were you? With your friend?”

“Yes, very close”, you felt a twinge of sadness in your chest as your mind went through all those memories you had with her.

You talked about your friends for a few more minutes, then the conversation turned to yourselves and how you had survived all this time. He even asked you how you had come to be in Negan’s group, since he thought you weren’t a bad person. You asked him how he ended up with a group that murdered dozens of people in their sleep, and the talk became a little more tense.

However, everyday you spent a while in his cell, he expected your visit each day around the same time, which was always at sunset, when the guards got hungry and went for dinner, and the people int he halls were tired and went to their rooms.

Things with Daryl weren’t as bad now, you two understood each other perfectly. His people had killed your people and your people had killed his people, and unexpectedly, that brought you together. You didn’t hate him anymore, even if you did feel that your best friend’s death had been somewhat his fault, yet you wanted him, more than you wanted to admit, and he wanted you just as much.

One night, after visiting him, you headed back to your room, but before you could get there, Negan appeared in front of you.
“Where you’ve been?”, he asked. You were surprised to see him there, but even more to hear him asking you that. He had surely seen you leaving Daryl’s cell.

“I-I was, I mean, like, right now?”, you stuttered and moved your hands as you spoke. Negan chuckled bitterly for a second, but then any trace of amusement left his voice.

“You’ve been seeing that Daryl guy, haven’t you?”, his face was stern and a twinge of anger hid behind his voice, you couldn’t help but feel a little afraid.

“No, I mean, I’ve been keeping an eye on him like you ordered, if that’s what you’re asking me”, you said nervously.

“That’s not your job anymore”, he took a step closer to you until his lips were close to your ear, so he could speak and no one but you could hear. “I don’t want to see you in that cell again, I don’t want you talking to him, I don’t want you fucking him, not even looking at him.”

Your breathing became heavier as you heard him speak, you had always pitied those who disobeyed Negan, but now you were in that list.  

“Do you understand?”, he took his face away from yours and stepped back. You didn’t answer, you were still trying to process the fact that he had been speaking to you so close that his breath had touched the inside of your ear. He cupped his hand inside his ear and raised his eyebrows. “What?”

“Y-yes”, you answered at last.

“Good, and you know better than anyone, I’m everywhere”, he smirked and winked at you, then he walked away.

You exhaled deeply, relieved that he was gone, and you went back to your room. You took your clothes off and just left your underwear on, then you put an oversized t-shirt on, that was pretty much what you wore every night for sleeping.

As you laid in bed, all you could think about was Daryl. You tossed and turned in bed, trying to shake him out, but he refused to leave. You wanted him so bad, the fact that he was a murderer had become so exciting for you, and you remembered how he looked the first time you had dropped food for him, he had been completely naked. His warm skin was sweaty and shiny, you had wanted to run your hands down his entire body and you wanted to do the same now.

You couldn’t stand it anymore, so you pushed the sheets off of you and got on your feet immediately, but you suddenly stopped. You remembered that Negan had warned you not to go anywhere near Daryl’s cell, but you figured that one more night wouldn’t hurt anyone.

You were one of Negan’s “top guys”, so you knew exactly were the people who watched the halls would be at that time. You travelled carefully down the halls with your nightwear, you didn’t care anymore if someone saw you like that, all you wanted was to get to Daryl’s cell.

There was no one guarding the door and you had a set of keys, so you opened it and entered quickly.

“(Y/N)?”, he called from the other side of the cell.

“Yeah, it’s me”, you said between breaths. You heard him walking closer to you.

“What’re you doing here?”, he asked, you heard him louder this time since he was only a few steps away from you.

“I just- I couldn’t sleep”, you told him. The darkness in the room didn’t allow him to see the radish shade that had climbed to your cheeks. “And I think it’s because of you.”

“Me?”, he asked gruffly.

“Yeah, I just can’t stop thinking about you”, you confessed.

You raised your hands and tried to find him, you stretched your arm completely and felt his chest in the palm of your hand. You walked in that direction and placed both of your hands on his chest, feeling the fabric of his sweatshirt.

“I’m not supposed to be here, you know?”, you told him seductively.

“Why?”, he asked huskily.

“Negan told me to stop coming here”, you sighed.

“Then why are you here?”, his voice wasn’t aggressive but it was low and hoarse.

“Because I don’t want to stop coming here”, you smirked but he couldn’t see it.

“They could’ve see ya.”

“I don’t care”, you blurted out.

“You don’t care?”

“No, ‘cause I just want you.”

You took the step that separated you two and tucked your hands under his sweatshirt, feeling that warm skin that you were longing to touch. He didn’t move or say anything, he just remained still and you could feel that his heart was pounding faster.

You felt a sheen layer of sweat on his body and it only made you want him even more, you pulled the sweatshirt over his body and he helped you with it, pulling the hem of it over his head, and you finally knew for sure that he wanted you too.

Your hands fell from his chest to the waistband of his pants, you started to pull it down, teasing the skin of his hips as you did and grazing his crotch your fingertips. His muscles clenched when you touched him there, but he wanted more.

Daryl placed his hands awkwardly on your butt and noticed you were wearing nothing but panties on your lower body, you arched your back and pushed your butt out to let him feel it better, then you pulled his pants all the way down and he kicked them off his ankles.

You couldn’t see him, but you felt him breathing and shuddering under your touch, he was also touching you, but his hands were only set on your butt.

“I want you to fuck me, Daryl”, you whispered breathily and wrapped your hand around his cock.

“A’ight”, he said huskily and cupped one side of your face with his hand, he slightly tilted it back and buried his face in your neck, grazing his nose on it and taking a bit of your skin between his teeth. The sound of your moans only made him harder, because he knew that the pleasure you were starting to feel was just for him.

When his teeth let go of your skin, you found yourself wanting more, so you pushed him against the wall and pinned his wrists at the level of his head.

Daryl grunted and released one of his wrists from your grasp, he put his hand on your lower back and pulled you closer to him. He felt the fabric of your shirt there, so he grabbed it strongly and pulled hard, trying to rip it off of you.

You took your hands to his and stopped him for destroying your shirt, you pulled it over your head instead. Daryl took his hands to your bra and pulled the straps down, then he massaged your nipples over the cups. You unclasped it and it fell to the floor, now Daryl was touching your bare skin and nipping your boobs.

However, that’s not what you wanted. You wanted, needed him inside you.

You placed your hands on his shoulders and pushed yourself up, hooking your legs around his waist; to keep your balance, you slammed your hands on the wall on either side of his head. You started shoving your hips against his stomach, and he used one hand on your butt to keep you in place and the other to wander up your thigh.

When his fingers found your centre, you rocked your hips so they would sink in deeper. Daryl felt his fingers moistening as he buried them inside of you and your voice becoming raspier as you moaned for him.

“Daryl”, you called him between moans. “Just fuck me. Now.”

He didn’t need to hear it again, he placed his hands on your waist and positioned you at the level of his cock, you wrapped your legs more tightly around his torso.

Daryl kept his hands firmly on your waist, making you stay in place, and he moved forward. You whimpered when you felt his cock inside of you for the first time, yet it only left you wanting more. You shoved your hips together at a quicker pace, making him grunt in pleasure and rake his nails down your waist. You wanted to scream each time his cock hit your clit, but you didn’t want someone outside to find out about what was going on in there. As Negan had told you, he was everywhere.

Daryl sank his face to your chest and bit your collarbones, still thrusting inside of you. You stroked his hair and pulled it, grinding your hips together. His face fell down to your bouncing breasts, nuzzling them and running his tongue around your nipples, you whimpered when you felt his teeth nipping on it, it was slightly painful but it felt so awfully good.

A strike of electricity built up in your stomach and made your muscles clench, you felt your body going weak as you panted.

You felt him starting to go tense as his pace became slower, he knew what was about to happen, so he grabbed your hips and pulled himself out of you.

He put you on the floor, but your ankles were too weak to hold your weight, so you almost fell but Daryl held you in his arms.

“I have to go now”, you said, trying to recover your breath. You dropped to your knees and gently pushed his arms away from you, you trailed your hands down the floor as you searched for you clothes. Once you found them, you put them on quickly and headed towards the door, it also took you a while to find that one.

You opened the door and squinted your eyes at the sudden light that hit your eyes in contrast to the darkness in Daryl’s cell. You turned back to the cell and saw Daryl standing with his back against the wall, he was still naked and with a layer of sweat on his entire body.

He didn’t turn to look at you before you closed the door, he just stared at the wall on the opposite side through the wet strands of hair that fell over his eyes.

You shut the door and used your keys to lock it, trying not to make noise as they rattled, then you walked back to your room.

Focus (Tyler X Reader Smut) Part Two

Originally posted by isak-valterson

Pairing: sub!Tyler x Reader/                                                                      Warnings: Smut, Cussing, Slight Bondage/                                                                                                                 a/n: this is really fun to write

Of course it was awkward. The aftermath left a bigger tension between the two of you than there had been before. You would see each other in the halls, in class, and sneak the odd glance, but no conversation ever occurred - until one occasion in the cafeteria.

He was sat with his friends, laughing and joking. The sight of his pretty smile set off a fire in your stomach, and you left your friends to head over to his table. “Hey pretty boy.” You whispered in his ear as you sat down, managing to pull his attention away from his friends. “We have a revision class with professor y/t/n about the project, I thought we could head over there together?” You spoke audibly this time, smiling innocently.

He gulped, nodding silently before getting up. You took his hand and led him out of the lunch hall, not caring if anyone saw you. “You’ve kept quiet.” You said, still leading him. He stayed silent, and you chuckled, stopping in front of the men’s bathroom before turning to face him. “Come on baby, I’ll get some sound out of that pretty mouth.”

You pulled him into bathroom, luckily greeted by an empty room, and led him into a stall, shutting and locking the door. As soon as the door was shut, you pushed him down on to the toilet, immediately straddling him. With one hand round his neck, pushing his head back against the wall, you started to kiss him roughly, grinding your hips against his crotch. The rough handling already had him semi-hard, but you needed him right on the edge to carry out your plan.

You stood, telling him to remove his shirt and jeans before returning to your previous position, the removal of clothing now sending shock waves through your body too. You let out a soft moan, in the mix of his, feeling him twitch underneath you. Satisfied you could carry on with the next part of your plan, you stood up once again, pulling the belt from his jeans.

“Stand up, hands behind your back.” You ordered, watching the flushed boy stand up quickly, eager for you to continue. You pushed him back down, resting you hands on his thighs as you leant forward to kiss him again, biting down on his bottom lip harshly, earning a pained moan from the desperate boy. You could probably stop now and leave him in enough pain, but you wanted to punish him for making you wait so long, so you would carry on until he was begging you to let him cum.

You started to kiss down his chest, swiping your tongue over both of his nipples before positioning yourself between his legs and planting a kiss on to his clothed crotch. He squeaked, the desperation evident in his boyish noises. “Mmm, you sound so beautiful baby boy.” You spoke, pulling his cock from his boxers, listening to the way he gasped at the loss of confinement.

He was already rock-hard, but for extra measure, you began to pump him, his much anticipated whiney moans filling the stall. After a few more pumps you could tell he was on the edge, his stomach was tensing, his head hung back, his mouth wide open as his beautiful noises spilled shamelessly.

So you stopped. His head bolted up, his eyes wide as he realised what you were doing.

“That’s what you get for teasing me baby boy.”


“Please, what baby?” You smirked, enjoying the sight of the helpless boy.

“P-please l-let me cum. P-please.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, if that’s what you wanted you should’ve spoken to me sooner. But it’s okay, I’ll come and get you later. If I remember.” You turned on your heels and walked out of the stall, locking it from the outside before leaving the bathroom, a smug look on your face.


Poe Dameron/ Reader

Originally posted by sterkiller

Words: 1,659

Summary: You grow sick and tired as you watch Poe do most of the mission by himself. “Stay with the ship,” he says to you while you roll your eyes into oblivion. You can’t bite your tongue any longer.

Prompt: can you do a poe dameron x reader where they get paired up on another mission but Poe always leaves them to watch the ship (like K2 in rogue) and the reader is sick of it so they argue . But later in the mission while the reader waits, Poe gets in trouble and the readers saves poe. ”Leaving me behind all the time doesn’t exactly scream ‘part of the team’.”

Tagging: @kwaiky

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s note: We back in this bitch, y’all! College has got a tight ass grip on me so requests are taking a bit longer than expected. This was fun to write and I feel like it teaches an important lesson. Reading a fic AND learning? WHO NEEDS SCHOOL? (please go to school)

What’s the point on aiding Poe in missions when it always ends with you watching over the ship as Poe rescues the day?

Don’t get yourself wrong, you know you are competent and highly qualified to lead an entire squadron into enemy territory and come out successful. You know you are strongest in hand-to-hand combat and have a pretty accurate aim. You wonder if Poe ever sees that in you but there is never an opportunity to bring it up. All your emotions just get stored away and you open them back up as you wait for him to get back.

But once you watch Poe exit out the ship and turn back to you, you stop him from saying the inevitable.

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Kiss 'n Tell

A/N: okay so I wrote this while listening to Kiss ‘n Tell by Ke$ha. This is normal world au, and in this au, Lance and Allura are adopted siblings.

Keith winced at the sound of slamming and yelling coming from the apartment door in front of him.

He walked over to Hunk, Pidge, Shiro, and Allura sitting off to the side.

“Ummm… am I early or something?  How long has that been going on?” He asked Hunk gesturing toward the door.

Hunk winces, before sighing" No you’re on time, they’ve been at it for a while, I’m not sure what set Lance off, but he was fuming when he walked through the door, he asked me to wait outside for a few minutes, that was a half an hour ago"

Allura looks up as though she wants to say something, but closes her mouth as though she thought better of it.

“What is it?” Shiro asked, worried dad tone taking over.

“Well um….. I know what set him off, but I’m not sure if he would want me telling everyone, i had been under the impression he had already told you” she says not looking shiro in the eye.

“All-” Keith starts but is cut off by lance getting louder, loud enough to finally understand.

“Did you seriously think she wouldn’t tell me?! If so, you’re a bigger idiot than I thought!” Lance yelled, a strange mixture of anger and self-satisfaction dripping from his tone.

“ Oh like you have any right to be upset with me over this! I see the way you look at Keith, I’m not stupid Lance” growled Lotor,

Keith felt his eyebrow furrow in confusion.

“Ha, ha, Oh My Fucking God, you’re kidding me right?! I told you about keith before we got together! You already knew I had feelings for him too!” Lance yelled, his voice bordering on hysterical “but I have never even considered cheating on you, not once no matter how I felt about him”

Keith felt his stomach flutter at lance’s confession, surprise taking over his face as he looked at the unsurpised faces of his freinds.

But he had told Lotor about his feelings for Lance, months before they had even gotten together. Lotor had known lance felt the same?

“Really?” Lotor sneered “not once? Not even thought about it?”

Hunk clenched his fist in anger as lotor continued to accuse lance. Keith felt anger knot up in his chest.

“Hey, fuckface, obviously you hadn’t noticed but we’re in a relationship, or at least we were, and last time I checked, being in a relationship meant you were faithful to whoever you’re with!” Lance seethed “And last time I fucking checked, our relationship didn’t include Nyma, Rolo, or MY FUCKING SISTER!!!!”

The silence was deafening.

Everyone other than Allura looked surprised, Shiro looking at her with a his mouth opening and closing, trying to come up with something to say.

Hunk got up to open the door having heard enough, and surprisingly, it was keith of all people who stopped him.

“Let lance have this, let him get out what he needs to”, he said lightly, holding onto his arm. Then his expression darkened. “and once he’s done, Lotor will have to face us.”

“And to top it off, not only did you try to come onto my sister, and brag to her about sleeping with the other two while you were at it, you threatened to tell me she had come on to you?! Did you honestly think I would take you word over her’s?!”


“ No, I’m done! I could handle the canceling our dates, I could handle you working late a lot, but this, this is ridiculous, I want you to leave”

“Where do you expect me to go?!”

“I don’t care! Leave! I’ll call you when all of your stuff it packed and ready to leave, why don’t you call Nyma, I’m sure she’d love to have you over”

The front door slammed open to reveal a disbelieving Lotor and a pissed lance.

Lance’s expression quickly changed to surprise as he took in the other standing to the side.

“Uhhh…Hunk when did the others get here? He asked sheepishly

Hunk shared his awkward smile, "um they all showed up before the yelling got loud enough to understand” he said shrugging, before zeroing in on Lotor ’ s slowly retreating figure.

Hunk quickly grabbed his arm, pulling him closer" Ohhhhhh, no ya don’t buddy, I think it time you and I had another /chat/, don’t you? I’m pretty sure the others would like to chime this time" He said, his grin just a tad to wide to kind.

Lance opens his mouth to protest but was cut off by pidge shaking their head.

Keith steps in front of the others as the start making their way out of the building.

Lance let out a huff and a slightly embarrassed smile. “Uhhh, hi”

“Hey” Keith says a little breathlessly

“Soooo, ummm, how much of that did you hear?” Lance asks , biting his lip.

“Enough” Keith says, unable to take his eyes off of him.

“Ohhh…” Lance says, avoiding eye contact “look I know it kinda werid and you don’t have to keep hanging out with me if it bothers you, i-”

Lance is cut off by a quick peck to the cheek.

“Enough” Keith repeats, grabbing Lance’s hand and intertwining their fingers.

Lance’s eyes widen, his hand coming up to touch his cheek. Before a disbelieving smile lights his face.

He quickly let’s go of keith’s hand in order to throw his arms around the other’s shoulders. Keith’s arm immediately wrap around his thin waist.

“Are..are you sure?  This isn’t just because you feel bad?” Lance whispers into his neck.

Keith pulls back just enough to quirk an eyebrow at him. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure”

Lance nods, before a sad look crosses his face.

“I-…I don’t know ready for another relationship right now, I mean I literally just got out of a year long one just now” he says, smiling slightly

“And that’s just fine”

“But I don’t want to make you wait-”

“Lance, I waited over six years for this, I think I can wait a bit longer” Keith says rolling his eyes before stepping out of the embrace.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe I was going to help Hunk take out the garbage ” Keith says rolling his shoulders and stalking down the hall

“Don’t let them kill him!” Lance calls after him, before groaning and chasing after him.

Carl Doesn’t Have to Know (Negan x Kaitlin)

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Originally posted by sassmastersarahkv

Word Count: 2,025
Genre: Smut
Fandoms: Negan, The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Pairings: Negan x Kaitlin (Original Female Character)
Rating: Explicit
AO3 Link:
Warnings: Language. Zombies. Heights. Cheating. Oral sex. Vaginal sex.

Summary: Requested by @kaitlinlexieporrini. Carl’s girlfriend Kaitlin narrowly escapes the walker horde at Alexandria with Negan, returning to the Sanctuary with him for a naughty rooftop fling.

Note: I realize that Carl Grimes’ age is a hotly debated topic. His sex life with Kaitlin is vaguely mentioned in this fic, but as I wrote her as being 18 years old, I am also assuming at least for the duration of this story that he is at least 18 as well.


“Fuck!” Negan cursed as he ran away from Alexandria, the once quiet town now overrun with a horde of the walking dead. Rick and company escaped from the opposite end of the main street while Negan and a young girl that he’d never met escaped through a crack in the wall near the front gate. He dragged her along simply because she was there, trying to keep her safe. They careened around the trees, branches snapping beneath their feet, keeping an eye out for walkers and managing to avoid most of them.

“Let me go!” the girl screamed. “I know who you are!”

“Look, little girl, there is no time for this shit! We can get you back to your boy Carl later on! Every moment you waste fighting me is another moment for the walkers to close in. Now come on!” Negan tightened his grip on her arm and continued leading her through the woods to the place where he parked his truck. He shoved her roughly into the driver’s seat. “I call shotgun. Literally. I’m gonna keep this rifle aimed out the window at those walkers just in case. You drive. Fast!”

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In those early hours of the morning, Gladio was actually awoke feeling as if he as cold, like something was missing. A look of confusion pulled across his features for a moment before noticing what the problem was, you were no longer laying by his side. In a moment of panic, Gladio clambered from within the warmth of his sleeping bag and jumped from that tiny tent.

It was such a relief for Gladio to find you sitting on those lawn chairs beneath the beaming moonlight, the campfire was beginning to die down now but you continued to sit there, rubbing your hands together and gazing out at the plains around you. This concerned Gladio because you seemed to be deep in thought and that was never something good when you would begin to overthink things.

A small clearing of a throat came from the back of his throat as Gladio moved to take a seat on a chair beside you. “What the hell are you doing up?” He grumbled, the burly warrior wasn’t angry with you for a second, he was however incredibly tired. “It’s pretty cold out here. How about you come back in the tent and I’ll find a way to warm you up~” He offered in that jokey but flirtatious way.

The way that you didn’t really react to something that would make you so giggly only made Gladio even more concerned, frowning heavily in your direction and taking note of that distant look on your features. “Alright, what’s going on with you?” He asked in a blunt way, never one to beat around the bush.

“Nothing is wrong with me.” You responded and that only made Gladio look at you in a way that told you very clearly that he didn’t believe you. Another roll of your eyes and you responded. “It really is nothing. It’s stupid…” You kept trying to assure him but eventually, you caved. “I was having trouble sleeping because… because I was thinking about…” Then you were forced to think of the right words. “I was thinking about how you could literally have any woman that you wanted but somehow you have decided that you want me…”

For a moment Gladio remained quiet, pensive almost before looking across at you and simply replying. “Yeah.” Before creasing his brows. “Why wouldn’t I want you?”

A guffaw slipped from your throat before you responded. “Are you serious?” Blinking at him a couple of times. “Look at you. Look at all your muscles, you barely have an ounce of fat on you…” At this words, Gladio seemed to grin proudly and you understood why the man worked hard to keep himself in the best physical condition. “Now look at me…” Your voice was much more sullen now, dropping your gaze to the ground. “I’m the opposite of you Gladio. I can’t understand why you want to be with me…”

In that next moment, Gladio rose up and moved to be kneeling in front of you, taking both of your hands and then forcing you to look into his eyes. “Stop.” His voice was firm. “I want to be with you because I know that you are the sweetest, most kind, amazing person that I know.” He informed you without even skipping a beat. “I know that when I’m down you’ll be there to pick me up, I know that you’ll have my back no matter what, I know that you’ll keep me on the right path.”

Now little tears were gathering in your eyes before suddenly the burly man yanked you forward, bracing his hand firmly on the back of your head and kissing you with such intensity before pulling away. “I love you. There ain’t nothing you can do to get rid of me now…”


It was a rather peaceful night in the camp, apart from the fact that the boys wished to play a rather rambunctious game of Justice Monster V which had come to an end when Prompto had a little tantrum and almost flipped the table they were playing on. It took Noctis and Gladio a bit time to tidy everything away but after that, they soon disappeared back to their tents too.

That very pleasantly left you sitting out under the moonlight whilst Ignis was cleaning down his cooking equipment. It was actually really sweet to see what great care that he took of his things, making sure they were all cleaned thoroughly before stacking them carefully away.

All the while there was a silence between you both. It was clear to you that he was thinking intently about something. After a couple of moments, Ignis turned to you with a thoughtful look pulling across his face. “Love, may I ask you a question?” He quizzed, wandering over to take a seat beside you. “I noticed that you didn’t really eat your meal tonight. Did you not like it?”

You knew how much of an insult it was for you to avoid eating Ignis’ meal and the last thing that you wanted to do was hurt his feelings. “No, no. I really was enjoying it.” You quickly informed him, leaning forward to take both of his hands. “Honestly, it was delicious. I was just a bit full.”

A crease formed on his features before responding. “Yes, but you only took a couple of bits.” He commented and you found yourself frowning one against, pulling away from holding his hands and receding back into your chair. “Is something wrong? Are you not feeling well?” He questioned in a way that showed so much concern.

A small shrug came from you then. “No, nothing is wrong.” You assured him but Ignis wasn’t going to take was a dismissive attitude as an answer. Ignis moved to be knelt before you, placing one hand on your knee and then the other engulfed your hand, rubbing your skin soothingly. “I’m on a diet.” You informed him.

“A diet?” This only made Ignis even more confused. “My love, you cannot possibly sit here and think that you possibly need to be on a diet. That is preposterous.”

This only caused a scoff from the back of your throat before you replied in a sharp way. “Well, it isn’t preposterous to me.” You stated in a low way, trying your best to avoid looking him in the eye, this was difficult for you to talk about as it was without having to look into his inquisitive eyes. “I look at you and me… I just wonder why someone like you would want to be with someone like me.” You commented in a tiny voice.

It was as if your words stunned Ignis momentarily, gulping hard and tilting his head. “Excuse me?” Blinking at you before reaching up and placing a finger under your chin, very delicately raising your head to look him in the eye. “That is preposterous to me. Why on earth would you even think something like that?” The light haired man pressed, confusion running across his face.

A moment passed as you searched your mind trying to find your words. “What I mean is…” You took in a swift breath before replying. “You’re so handsome and funny and smart. Anyone in the world would be lucky to have you, but… you want to be with someone like me?” Your voice squeaked against your will. “I’m… I’m bigger than you-”

Ignis just gazed at you for a moment, as if you had personally insulted him, creasing his brows and shaking his head. “Of course I want to be with someone like you.” He then pinched your chin and pulled you closer towards him, staring directly into your brooding eyes for a moment and then continuing. “I’m lucky to have someone you like and I do not want you to ever forget that. Your personality is the only thing that matters to me. The only thing. Do you understand?” You opened your mouth to refuse but Ignis just repeated the words obviously wanting a response from you. “Do you understand?”

“I understand.” You responded in a very little voice, staring across at him before the svelte man yanked you close and pressed a hard kiss to your lips, groaning into it for a moment. “I understand, Ignis. Thank you~”


The motel that you had all decided to stay at was practically in the middle of nowhere, there was really much entertainment around, so you watched the lads play a lively game of Monster Hunter V before grew bored, or tired and they all headed back to their rooms, leaving you alone in a room whilst Noctis wasted his money at the vending machine down the end of the dingy hallway.

When the Prince finally arrived back his arms were literally filled with snacks, balancing them in his arms, using his elbows to open doors and his feet to slam them shut again, grinning over the mountain of snacks as he clumsily wandered over and dumped them onto the bed. “Alright, I think I got everything…” He commented. “I got some of your favourites too…” He announced.

For a long couple of seconds, you just gazed at that mountain of package sugar and carbs, trying to count in your mind just how many calories were packed into each and every delicious bite. As if on cue your stomach growled loudly to inform anyone listening just how hungry you were and just how much you wanted to dig into that food Noctis had brought.

Carefully the Prince moved around the bed and took a seat, flipping on the TV and grabbing a packet of gummy candies. “Why on earth would you buy all this food?” You questioned, creasing your brows and looking across at him. “How could you be so clueless?” A hiss fell from your lips then as you quickly rushed past him and into the bathroom.

It was a mixture of your words and your quick exit that made Noctis concern, dropping the sweets and rushing after you, standing on the other side of the door, bracing his hands against the door and saying. “What have I done? What’s wrong?” He jiggled the handle but it remained locked. “Can you let me in? Don’t you want to talk to me?” He questioned with so much concern on his face. He really was clueless.

On the other side of the door, you stood there, staring blankly into the mirror whilst little tears rolled down your cheeks, stifling the hiccups that wanted to desperately leak from your throat by covering your mouth. “No, I don’t want to talk.” You told him in a firm tone, grabbing a warm towel and drying away your tears in a quick swipe. “I just want you to leave me alone.”

A long pause filled the room and for a moment you thought that Noctis had done as you had wished but instead he began speaking again. “I’m not going to leave you alone, not when I know you’re this upset.” He jiggled the door handle again. “Please, will you let me in?” A deep sigh came from your lips as you moved across the room, unlocking the door and pulling it open to see a very concerned Noct standing there. “Babe…”

“Don’t…” You whisper turning around and moving further into the room tying your arms around yourself. “I didn’t mean to take it out on you. I’m sorry for snapping.” You informed him in a gentle way. “I really thought you had taken notice about how I had been watching what I was eating the last couple of weeks. I’m trying really hard and when you come back with a bunch of candy it just makes it so difficult for me.”

Now that you mentioned it Noctis had noticed that you had been eating a lot more veggies lately, even taking the ones from his plate that he had been avoiding. “But why?” He questioned confusion on his face before moving towards you, reaching out to gently take your elbow, caressing the skin soothingly. “Why would you be watching what you were eating?”

A little sigh slipped from your lips. “Because I’m trying to lose weight.” This seemed to spark something in Noctis, creasing his brows and looking at you. “I’m trying to be thinner. I’m doing everything I can but-”

Suddenly a pair of lips pressing against your own stopped you from talking, Noct held the back of your head and pulled you into that searing kiss for a moment just holding you there. “I’m sorry.” His voice was tiny as he pulled away. “You’re doing a fantastic job and I’m sorry if I have made this any harder for you.” He stated, cupping your features and gazing across at you.

In that next moment, Noctis tied both of his long arms around your form and pulled you close, smiling down at you. “I don’t think you need to do this. I think you’re perfect just the way you are…” He placed a tiny peck on the tip of your nose. “But if you really want to do this then I’m going to support you every step of the way. Hell, I might even eat some veggies too… but only for you.”


Whilst all the lads had been calming down after a long day of exploring you had disappeared into the bathroom, taking a long shower to soothe your aching bones, washing all the dust and muck from your hair and the blood from the little battle scars scattered across your form. This was always the best part of the day in your opinion.

As you took a step out of that steamy shower and grabbed that fluffy towel to wrap around your body, you listened to what was happening outside of the room. It was actually unusually quiet, with the murmuring sound of the news of the TV filling up in the other room you just assumed that the boys had ended whatever fun they were having and called it an early night.

A tiny smile pulled across your features as you gently moved across the room to pull the scales away from the wall and took a deep breath before stepping forward to the plate. This time you were really hoping that you would see some kind of difference, something that would really let you know that what you were doing wasn’t sure nothing.

In a very hesitant way, you tilted your gaze down to take a look at the screen displaying your weight and instantly you were filled with regret. Not only had you not lost any weight but you had somehow managed to gain some too. “What?” You squeaked in a gently way before quickly dragging yourself off the scales, feeling almost betrayed by your own body.

This was a hard pill to swallow because you were trying to do everything right, by the book but somehow all that you were doing wasn’t enough. “Hey, babe…” A small knock was on the door and it startled you. “You mind if I come in? I wanna take a shower.” Prompto informed you and carefully you moved across the room to unlock the door. “Hey there beautiful~” He purred seeing you in just a towel.

It always amazed you that Prompto found the way to say the perfect thing when you needed it. Giving the blond a tiny smile as he reached across to place a kiss on your lips. As he stepped around you Prompto creased his brows as he sat a set of scales on the ground, looking across at you. “Everything okay in here?”

“Sure.” You responded in a tiny way before turning around and following his gaze. “Oh, are you asking about that?” You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “It’s nothing. It was stupid.” You informed him which only lead Prompto to turning around to gaze across at you, really searching your face for the answer he was looking for. “Prompto-”

“I knew it.” He whispered in a gently way. “That is why you’ve been getting up early, right? You’ve been going on morning runs?” He quizzed and you remained quiet. “And that’s why you’ve been avoiding everything on the plate but veggies?” The look on your face got so sad for a moment, gazing down at your bare feet and pursing your legs. “W-what’s wrong?”

A couple of stifled hiccups came from your lips before you replied. “Y-yes, I’ve been doing all those things, but they haven’t been doing me any good.” You informed him before gazing up at him with such an intense sadness in your eyes. “I’ve been trying so damn hard but it hasn’t gotten me anywhere. I checked today and I gained weight!”

In that next moment Prompto leapt over to wrap his arms around you, not caring that you were still slightly wet from the shower. “Hey. Hey. It’s okay.” He rubbed your back soothingly. “I know exactly what you’re going through, okay? I get it. I really do…” He sighed and pressing his face into your neck. “When I was younger I had a problem with me weight. It was really difficult but I stuck with it and I managed to pull through.”

This made you sniffle gently as you creased your brows, pulling away to gaze at Prompto and replying. “R-really?” He nodded gently.

“Really.” He responded with a tiny head nod. “I think that you are the most beautiful person in the world and I think you’re the strongest person I know.” The blond informed you with so much certainty in his voice. “I want to make sure that you’re happy and healthy. I’m going to help you with this. I want to help you with this – if you’ll let me.” His voice was tiny as he moved forward and placed his hands on your waist, squeezing gently. “It hurts me when you’re not smiling. I want to be the one to help you smile again.”

This only made a tiny smile pull across your lips, tilting your head and gazing up at him. “You’re sweet and… I think your help will really get me through this, Prompto. Thank you.” Moving forward you planted a sweet kiss on his lips, humming for a moment before pulling away.

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Day off | Joe Sugg smut

Day off | Joe Sugg | smut

Word count: 2053

A/N: First smut in English, please take it easy on me!

You can find more Buttercream Squad texts on here | Requests are open!

You started moving in the bed before open your eyes when you woke up, trying to find Joe in there so you could start heating your morning. After feeling only the sheets, you saw the bed was empty. You groaned and heard the shower in the bathroom aside your room, Joe was awake already.

You got up, wondering if you could join Joe in his shower, feeling more horny than you probably should this early in the morning, however this wasn’t a problem, was it? Who cared about that kind of issue? This was something that could easily be sorted out.

“Good morning.” Joe said when you entered the bathroom.

You gave a little ladino smile: “Good morning.”

Y/N in a good mood before eating breakfast and having her shit done? No, that wasn’t her.

“What?” Joe asked cautiously.

“Nothing.” you answered brushing your teeth and, after throwing the toothpaste on the sink, you revealed: “Maybe I could get in there with you.”

Joe looked a little anxious. Not the good anxious, the oh-no anxious.

“Y/N, no.” he determined and you faced him through the mirror.

“Why not?” you inquired while crossing your arms and turning to Joe, seeing his naked body through the box steam.

“I have a meeting.” he said and his voice cracked.

“It’s Saturday, Joe.” you refuted, walking to the shower and opening the box even if you had your clothes on.

“Y/N.” he warned, seeing your movements and not knowing if he could be able to escape them. “It’s an important meeting.”

“Oh, what a shame, isn’t it?” you commented, getting closer to Joe.

He took a step back and his back was against the wall, you took a step further and the warm water falling from the shower wet you, making the white t-shirt of Joe that you used as pajamas every time you were at his place turn transparent, so he could see that you weren’t wearing a bra that morning.

“Oh, for God’s sake, Y/N.” he sighed and held your shoulders tightly, making your smile grow. “I can’t, babe. I swear.” You got confuse and he laid you aside, so he could pass and get off the box.

“Fuck you, Joe!” you exclaimed, alone in the shower.

“We can continue it tonight!” he promised, walking to the other bathroom so he could finish his shower in peace. Now, thanks to you, it would be a cold one.


You were laying in the bed and watching Joe searching the closet for his accessories. You chose to put only a black lingerie and got in every room Joe went, still this wasn’t making any difference in your boyfriend’s life.

You rolled your eyes after listening Joe tell you for the fifth time the fact he couldn’t reschedule this meeting. You didn’t care about the damn meeting! You just wanted your boyfriend! You grumbled to yourself and then had an idea. Joe wasn’t helping you with your little situation? Fine, but you wouldn’t help him at all with his too.

“Joe?” you called, interrupting him.


“We have Oli’s party tonight, you remember it?” you asked, biting your lip.

“Yeah, I told him we will be there at 9.”

“What you think I should wear?”

Joe immediately looked at you. You never asked his opinion about your clothes. Never. You always liked to choose what would you wear in a point that even if you resolved to put an outfit days before the event and didn’t like the set the day of the happening, you would change it to something completely different. Also, he got a bit jealous of you being all over The Weeknd once, after you went to his concert and bought a t-shirt of it. Joe told you he didn’t like the t-shirt and you knew it was about him getting jealous, but not liking something you were wearing? Uh-oh, no! You used that t-shirt 5 days in a roll, making an extra effort to wash it and wear it every day.

“Why…?” he already distrusted you. Well, he should.

You ran your right hand through your hair.

“I don’t know…” you slid your hand to your bra strap, twisting it in your fingers. “I’m feeling a little bit bold today…” you sighed as you placed your left forefinger in your mouth. “Don’t you think that my boobs look nice today?” your both hands went towards your breasts and hold them. “I don’t know, they seem bigger.” you commented and pressed them.

You could hear Joe’s breath despite of him being far from you and, when you blinked, making your “innocent” face to him, he couldn’t breathe at all. You laughed and raised an eyebrow, pressing your breasts in a particular way now, setting a rhythm for it that soon would make you moan.

“Y/N…” Joe whispered, not being able to raise his voice more than that.

Seeing him so close to the edge of losing his self control made you get even hotter, therefore you slipped your right hand through your abs, marking the Paradise’s way with the tips of your fingers, and Joe saw when the fingers disappeared in your black panty.

Joe was struggling already after your little scene in the bathroom and seeing you being so damn sexy was too much to him. He could feel his pants getting tighter and his body heating. Unintentionally, his eyes met yours and you could saw the light blue turn into a dark one, the lust color. Fuck it. Joe slowly walked until the end of the bed.

“You just like to make my life harder, don’t you?” he asked and you looked at him, turning your body.

“Oh, no, Joseph Sugg.” you said with only what was left of your voice, your body tingling for Joe’s touch. “I just want your life to be better.”

And your eyes closed as they were at the beginning of that morning, but now you weren’t sleepy, you were fully awake and, in your mind, all you could see was the scene of Joe touching you the way you wanted him to and you could almost feel it as you pressed your core.

“Y/N.” he called and you opened your eyes. “Leave me a little.”

You smiled and took your hand off your thong, Joe bowed and hold the piece of lace, taking it off. He stood up and looked at you, being sure your eyes were on his before taking his t-shirt off too, so he bowed again and hold your feet, slipping them through the white sheets and making your legs flex together. Then he separated them, opening your legs and bending to give a kiss in between them, your body twisted of excitement.

In the moment Joe’s tongue licked all your core, you pressed your boobs so hard you were sure this would leave a mark after, but you didn’t care. You let a loud moan slip through your lips and started moving your hips, so Joe’s tongue could be more inside you.

“Hold up, dear.” he said, raising his arms and, instead holding your legs, he was holding your hips now. “Are you trying to rush the things?”

And there he was again, with his tongue making you see nothing that made sense, there were only color blurs all over your mind. You couldn’t handle it anymore, so you hold his hair with your left hand to guide him.

“Joe.” you whined.

He raised his head, despite the fact you didn’t want him to, and gave you a smile. He started crawl to the bed until being in the same height as you.

“Don’t like teasing now, huh Y/N?” You nodded your head, no! Teasing was the worst thing ever. “I do like teasing now, though.”

“Joe.” you whined again, his body was all over you. His jeans were rough against your skin and didn’t help you with your situation, making you want to rub yourself in those. You couldn’t move, Joe was holding his weight just enough to not suffocate you.

He laughed. Son of a bitch! You were just being a good girlfriend! You were almost about to tell him what he was when his lips pressed yours and you could feel your own taste on the tip of his tongue, vanishing all your thoughts with heat.

His kiss went down, exploring your neck before Joe took your bra off (finally!). He sucked your nipple while playing the other and you weren’t able to think in one full sentence. You intertwined your legs with his body and when he was near to your belly button, you decided you had enough. Holding his hair tight, you made Joe come up again to kiss him, so you twisted your bodies and now you were on the top.

With a little smile that said “my turn, sweetie”, you got up, hurrying up to take his pants off. How these were there for so long? Gods!

“That feels better, don’t you think?” you asked and Joe nodded his head, yes! Well, it wouldn’t be like this forever.

You decided to leave his boxers there for a little longer, so you could sit in his member and be a little naughty. You started riding and saw Joe let the head hang, without strength to keep going. How nice was the feel of making someone feel that way? Your hips acquire rhythm by themselves and the friction between your clitoris and the soft fabric of his underwear was welcome. Joe hold your waist as his moans grew louder. You were biting your lips and Joe Sugg could swear his life that this was the hottest scene he ever watched.

You gave him a nice smile and started playing with elastic of his boxers, your nail wandering his V area just to give him goosebumps.

“Y/N.” he warned in a long moan.

You laid down and gave Joe a kiss before getting up again and starting to took off his boxers. You put your right hand in his length and started making your way up and down slowly, feeling it pulsate according to what you wanted.

You heard Joe moan loudly, the same kind of moan you knew it was time to stop the little games, he soon would lose his patience, so you started being faster on your movements.

“Oh, fuck it.” Joe complained, sitting so he could hold your shoulders and throw you in bed.

A laugh escaped through your lips, you loved when you teased him so much he started getting pissed off. That day in particular, you were kind of inspired to do that.

“You think is funny, babe?” he asked, holding your hips so he could prepare himself. Your large smile answered his question. “Fine.”

And Joe didn’t want to play anymore, therefore he pushed himself into you without any delicacy and you grunted. This was what you were looking for.

So it was just like that Ed Sheeran’s song, you two pushed and pulled just like magnets do, although magnets couldn’t be as loud as you and Joe. You also couldn’t breath straight, not either Joe, as you got faster and stronger. Your bodies were sweating and the shiver announced the end was near.

Without failing, you felt your orgasm making it’s way to you. As soon as you got there, Joe did too, you both pressing your bodies more and more against each other, holding tighter until it ends.

Joe let a last breath escaped, then he got out of you and fell down in the bed. As you were catching your breath again, you couldn’t avoid to tease him.

“I guess we will need another shower after this.”

“Yes, I guess we will.” he answered.

You looked at him and gave a “I won” smile, just for fun.

“Fuck off, Y/N.” he complained.

You laughed and gave him a hug.

“Now you are already late, can you just miss your meeting so we can cuddle this whole weekend?”

Joe looked at you and then sighed, he gave up and placed his arms around you.

“You always get what you want, don’t you?”

“That is the plan, sweetie.”

He rolled his eyes.

“I will just call my agent and say I’m sick.”

Imagine getting the attention of Ivar

I just couldn’t resist, still have a headache, and still not up to my old self but getting better a little every day. It isn’t this long an probarbly won’t present much but I miss my sisters and friends over here so write something despite the pain. Hope to be back at my old self by the weekend, trowing those requests around for all you guys I so much admire and love. <3
Words: 1107

They pulled you out of the boat, pulling you down on your hair to your knees. You clenched your teeth, not wanting to admit to their ruthless manners of handling the new slaves in Kattegat, from with you were one of them. The girl aside you shivered over her whole body, the other on was crying, to young to be handled in this kind of way. It made you sick in your stomach, it made you so angry to see those Vikings triumph over there new possessions. They pulled the first one up and you followed their lead while those pagans showed you off to the people within this village. That whole travel here you thought of ways to smack them right back at the ground. Yes, you were a slave from now on but surly you weren’t planning on submitting whoever bought you. It felt like a parade, hungry men standing aside the road, looking to the new flesh that had arrive. The girl in front stumbled down to the ground and they pulled her right up at her arm, leaving those distinctive bleu marks on her flesh. You bited your lip, holding whatever anger you had within you. The moment they took you you where trading in a village for your old man. But other than that you were trained by two brothers who worked in a Saxons army. You knew how to handle yourself and you surly wanted to show them that.

That parade stopped before a building, bigger and taller than he ones you encountered on the way here. It was of importance, otherwise there wouldn’t stand men with shields in front. The girl had fall again, limping the whole way here on her right leg it wasn’t a surprise. ‘We should kill you to save somebody the trouble of handling you.’ One Viking in front said, pulling a knife ready to use it.
‘Don’t kill her.’ You reacted; stepping out of the row there was formed. The Vikings around, leading this slave parade turned around to you. You wrists tied together was their reassuring that you wouldn’t do a thing, just as it was a reassuring because you were a girl and by the looks of it girls over here didn’t present much.
‘Who are you to speak?’ One asked, walking back to you. He grabbed you with your hair, pulled your head back and you groaned. And that was when your eyes found something else. On the stairs of that building sat a boy, hardly a young man, he looked at you, piercing blue eyes intrigued by the defense you pulled up for a girl you didn’t even knew. It was something about that look, something challenging above that crook smile laying on his lips. ‘Some men will have a lot of fun with you.’ The Viking grinned, his hand grabbing for your breast. Your eyes gazed away from the boy on the stairs right back to your assailer. Before he even could taste something more of you, your tied hands grabbed over his head pulling it down while you pulled your knee up and his head kicked against it. You pushed him away, planting your foot right behind his so he smacked with his back into the mud.
‘Do that again and find out.’ You hissed in your own language. Offcourse it pulled all of their attention, you were out of the line up and still tied up but in some kind of way it didn’t matter, you could fight so why don’t defending the honor of yourself and those girls. Seeing that much weapons pointing on you … yes, it would probably kill you.

‘Boys, don’t fight a defenseless girl.’ You jerked your head around and looked at the boy again, sitting on those stairs, blue eyes full amusement looking at you.
‘She tried to kill one of our men.’
‘Hardly, she isn’t capable of killing and despite that, you’re afraid of what a girl can do?’ He spotted. Oh, that was what he thought of you? Being a weak little girl.
‘You want to find you?’ You asked him angry. He parted his lips, intrigued before he smiled again … not the kind of smile you would welcome into your life, it wasn’t that sincere. He tilted his head and you saw the danger staring right back at you.
‘Bring her here.’ He commanded and the obedience coming from the men around you told you enough. You stopped working against them while they grabbed you with your arms and dragged you right before the stairs of that wooden building. For the first time you saw how his legs where tied together, the way he shifted his weight while leaning closer to you, he was a cripple. ‘Do you know who you are talking to?’
‘Amuse me.’ You whispered right back.
‘I can assure you some amusement.’ He said, those blue eyes looking intensely over your body. You lifted your head up, to proud to submit to his words or to even give it a change to be afraid of it. ‘What’s your name?’ He asked. You didn’t answer until someone grabbed you with your head.
‘Answer the prince of Kattegat.’ The Viking sneered into your ear. You gave him a filthy look before looking back to that prince.
‘Y/n.’ You answered, regretting that one already.
‘Well Y/n, this can go two ways.’ The prince began. You looked right back at him, something he very much liked to begin with. ‘You can’t fight this arrangement as hard as you can, I will break your right in two when I’m done.’ He proposed. Those Vikings threatened you in so many ways but nothing was as promising as his words. ‘Or you can actually enjoy it.’ His fingers, curved themselves around your chin, lifting your head closer to his. ‘I can be your biggest nightmare if you want me to be but other than that,’ he felt silent and you looked into those eyes like he got your right there. The movements his fingers made, sliding to your throat, wrapping them around it, squeezing it while he pulled you a little closer. Your nose almost in contact with his and still you held your pride right up. But there was something else you felt, a certain desire lingering deep inside your body. His nose trailed your cheek to your ear. ‘It’s a shame I have to break you before I can taste you. Sure as hell I will enjoy it.’ He whispered the promise right into your ear, making you shiver to the bone. What mess did you get yourself in this time.

The Guardian from Afar

Member: Rap Monster // BTS

Main Plot: They have to get the money before their family can suffer.

Short Summary: A leader was supposed the most composed figure in a gang, meanwhile NamJoon had long since lost his cool.

A/N: Took me like forever to write this. Sorry, @kawaii-hedgehog, but I still hope you’ll find this as enjoyable as the previous ones xD

Words: 2.3k

/ SeokJin // YoonGi // HoSeok // NamJoon // JiMin // TaeHyung // JeongGuk /

“NamJoon, wouldn’t it be a great thing to have an invisible red tie of fate with the person you are destined to be with; to know that somewhere in this world, there is someone out there, waiting for you just as you wait for them?” her sleepy voice asked as she was hunched over, supposedly studying.

“In a romantic perspective, sure, but in reality, it would only hurt you more at the end.”  He answered curtly, shutting his book and sending her a fleeting glance. “Why? Thinking about marriage already?” it was a childish jab at her, the kind that they always played upon each-other, only this time there was silence as his reply. “Wait, seriously?” his eyes widened in shock, and his heart swelled with pain. “Aren’t you a little bit too young for that?”

She sighed disdainfully and pushed off her `Psychology on the human behaviour` books to the side. “I have one too many debts nowadays; can’t keep up with them, either. Marriage seems like the only way out of this mess, you know?”

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The Journal

I found this journal among some things in granddad’s attic. As far as I can tell it belonged to some old relative of ours but I’m not sure what I make of it? Maybe one of you guys can give me some help here. Maybe this is some sort of fiction the guy wrote while bored, I can’t imagine running a farm was that entertaining. But at the same time, I really don’t know. Some of the book’s illegible but I’ve inscribed what I can down below.

_ _ _

June 12

Another storm tonight. Real bad one too. Think lightning touched down a few times in the pasture. I’m gonna have to go out tomorrow to make sure nothing’s damaged. Today was good though. Productive. Think Rose is going to have that calf soon- she’s getting bigger by the day.

Alva’s talking about going to Sara’s grave again. I don’t know if me or the boys will have time. She might have to walk there herself. And I wouldn’t say it to her but I miss Sara too. Almost too much. It’s better I stay home.

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i´ve been hearing symphonies, before all i heard was silence.

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prompt: “I love you from the bottom of my heart, but I don’t trust your cooking. “ 

aaron feels like after everything robert´s done for him over the last year, the least he can do is cook him a proper anniversary dinner. so he does. well, he tries to.

Aaron was cooking. Well, actually it would be more accurate to say that Aaron was trying to cook. He was man enough to admit that anything more elaborate than a bacon sarnie was usually beyond him. But today was important and he would be damned if he didn´t put a decent anniversary dinner on the table by the time Robert returned from work. Sure, booking a restaurant would have been easier, but after having spent the past few weeks locked in a cell, constantly having to look over his shoulder, constantly running scared, he didn´t need the crowd. And really, he just wanted some quality time with his husband. Alone. No interruptions.

So that was why Aaron was standing in the kitchen of the Woolpack. A kitchen towel thrown over his shoulder, trying to keep an eye on the two pots and the pan currently on the stove in front of him as well as the preheated oven. Cottage pie. Robert´s favourite food. (Yes, proper farmer´s food. Not that fancy sushi he´d had at a business dinner in Leeds that one time. He just said that, because it made him sound posh.) Because of course it couldn´t have been something like curry and chips. That would have been too easy.

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first time; worth it.

Originally posted by forchrisevans

steve x reader, (smut).

AN: holy fuck, that gif is so beautiful. *heart eyes* anyway, this isn’t edited or extremely detailed but still, mainly smut. i also have no fucking idea what to name any of my writings so give me a break!! 

warnings: blowjob, slight dirty talk, swearing, drinking. 

tonies parties were always entertaining. god knows what he was celebrating this time, the man had the tenancy of celebrating just about anything but either way, it was a reason to get dressed to the nines and flaunt yourself, all while getting drunk with your best friends and you didn’t have to pay a dime thanks to being an avenger so really, it was a win win situation for you.

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Hey Angel Chapter 76

“Ooooh snacks!” Jackson giggled before running over to the snack food aisle at the grocery. “Can we get these?” He asked holding up a huge bag of candy. 

“That’s not snack food,” Harry laughed taking them from him. “That’s candy and we don’t need that much in the house.” 

“But Daddy, they yummy,” he groaned. 

“We can get a few up at the front, but we don’t need a lifetime supply,” he laughed. 

“Ugh fine,” he mumbled. 

You laughed shaking your head. “Jackson, why don’t we find something else, what about those granola bars that you love?” You smiled.

“Ooh yeah! I love those!”  He nodded with a smile. 

“Just don’t eat them all before the week’s over,” Harry laughed picking a few boxes up off the shelf. 

“I growin’ boy I hungry!” He smirked. 

“Oh my god,” Harry laughed. 

“Ella, baby, do you see a snack that you want to have?” You asked. 

“Uhh,” she said tapping her finger on her chin in thought. “I wan those!” She said finally pointing to some pretzels. 

Harry grabbed them and threw them into the shopping cart. “Okay, now on to the real food,” he joked. 

You laughed and pushed the shopping cart over to the produce section. Harry walked over and grabbed a bag of apples, while you got some Bananas and the kids went to pick up some blueberries and strawberries. 

“Yummy!” Ella giggled handing them to Harry. 

He smiled. “Yep, we can have them for a snack today with our lunch.

“Yay!” She clapped. 

You laughed and went over to grab some vegetables and put everything in the cart and headed to the checkout. Harry put the food on to the counter and laughed when Jackson picked up a handful of the candy bars. 

“Don’t forget these,” he said putting them on the counter with the rest of the food. 

Harry laughed shaking his head. 

“He takes after you,” you laughed. 

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he laughed and paid for the groceries before grabbing all the bags. “Okay, babies, hold Mummy’s hand while we go to the car. 

“Kay!” They giggled grabbing your hand. “Hey, Mummy where ya ring?” Jackson asked. 

“Oh, it’s at home,” you said softly. “It doesn’t fit right now because of the babies growing in my belly.” 

“Huh?” He asked as you all walked to the car. 

“Well, you see, because the babies grow in my tummy, everything else sort of has to grow too, so my hands are a little bigger than they were when Daddy gave me the ring,” you said. 

“Oh, huh,” he said nodding. 

“I think you’ve just blown his tiny little mind, baby,” Harry laughed putting the groceries in the car. 

“I think so too,” you giggled. 

Jackson climbed into his seat in the car and Harry helped Ella into hers while you got into the passenger’s side. 

“You know could you imagine what people thought of us parking in the expectant mother parking space and you were the first one to get out and the last one to get in,” you giggled. 

He laughed and rubbed his belly. “I’m just not showing yet,” he smirked. 

You giggled. “I would totally be okay with you carrying at least one of these kids,” you said. 

“I would if I could trust me,” he said backing out of the parking space. 

“Daddy, how come Daddy’s can’t have the babies, but the Mommy’s do?” Jackson asked. 

Harry looked over at you and you giggled. “It’s a valid question,” you pointed out. 

“Well, buddy, um Daddy’s just don’t have the means to carry babies inside that tummies. We don’t handle pain very well, so that’s why Mummy’s carry the babies because they’re like superheroes when it comes to that. Daddy’s couldn’t do any of that,” he said. 

“So true,” you giggled. 


Back at the house, you were making everyone some lunch. You were making some sandwiches when the babies kicked you hard. 

“Oof,” you groaned grabbing your stomach. “Calm down babies, we’re about to eat.” you giggled rubbing your belly. 

“Are our babies hungry?” Harry laughed putting his hand over yours. 

“Yes, they keep kicking me,” you said. 

“They’re active little ones,” he laughed. 

“Very,” you laughed. 

“Well, just think in a few months, they’ll be here and they’ll be keeping us up in another way,” he laughed. 

“Yeah, we better start getting as much sleep as we can,” you giggled. 

“But our nights are so much fun,” he smirked. “So much fun.” 

You giggled. “That’s true,” you said. 

“Hello! We hungry over here,” Jackson said from the table. 

“Ya! My tummy bout to eat me,” Ella gasped. 

“Nu uh,” Harry gasped. 

“Yes uh,” she nodded. 

“Well, then we better feed it, uh?” He laughed bringing them their food. 

“Thank ya!” They smiled before taking bites of their sandwiches. 

You brought over your and Harry’s food while he got everyone drinks and sat down at the table. 

“Is it yummy?” You smiled to Ella. 

“Ya!” She nodded with a mouthful. 

You giggled. “Just think we’re going to be adding two more mouths to feed. We’re going to have four kids,” you said. 

“I know it’s crazy to think about, but I wouldn’t change it for the world,” he smiled. 

“Me neither,” you smiled. 


The kids were napping now and you decided to have a relaxing a bath. You were starting the water when Harry walked in. 

“What’s this?” He asked. 

“My form of nap time,” you laughed. “Want to join me?” 

“You know you don’t ever have to ask,” he smirked taking off his shirt. 

You rolled your eyes and took off your clothes before getting into the tub. Harry joined you and pulled you to his chest and wrapped his arms around you. 

“I love you,” he whispered tracing his fingers on your belly. 

“Are you talking to me or the babies?” You giggled. 

“Both?” He laughed. “Because I love all three of you.” 

“And we love you,” you smiled. “Who do you think they’ll look like or we’ll we have a mix?” 

“Hmm. I would love to have both of them have a mix of us,” he smiled. “I want to see a little bit of you and a little bit of me in them because it will be a reminder that they’re made from both of us.” 

“And our love,” you smiled. 

He smiled kissing your head. 

“So, there’s been something I’ve wanted to talk to you about,” you said. 

“Oh, yeah what’s that?” He asked. 

“Well, you know how at one point we were talking about looking for a different house? One that we chose together and could make our own?” You asked. 

“Yeah,” he said. 

“I know that got put on hold because of everything that happened, but I think we should still consider doing it. I know we won’t have time to do it before the babies get here and it might be months down the road after their born, but I really want to look into again,” you said. 

“We could definitely do that,” he smiled. 

“And that sort of got me thinking about something else,” you said. “What if we moved a bit closer to Abby and Hunter? I’m not saying like right next door to them, but maybe the same neighborhood?” 

“I mean, yeah, we could do that, but do you mind if I ask why?” He asked. 

“The other day, Jackson and I sort of had a talk,” you said. “He asked me if the babies would have to leave like he has to leave. He’s getting older now and I think he’s starting to realize that not everyone has to leave their Mom and Dad each week. So, I started thinking that maybe if we lived closer to Abby and Hunter, all of us could spend a little more time with Jackson and he wouldn’t feel like he’s leaving. If we were all just walking distance from one another, it might help him feel not so far away when he’s staying with his Mom and when he’s here. Plus, Hunter’s my brother, so we’re all connected in more ways than just Abby being Jackson’s Mom,” you said. 

“You would do that?” He whispered. “You would choose to live somewhere just to make my son feel better?”

“Of course,” you smiled. “I love him and it hurts me to see him so upset and I feel like when the babies got here, it might be harder on him having to leave.” 

“You’re fucking amazing,” he said. 

You laughed. 

“God, I love you,” he whispered. “And to know that you love my son, that much,” he sniffled. 

You turned around a bit to wipe his eyes. 

“I’m so glad that I met you,” he whispered. “I’m gonna need to send James some sort of gift basket or something.”

You giggled. “He has been waiting on that for a while,” you laughed. “Although I technically would blame the hot ass coffee you spilled on me.” 

“You’re never going to let me live that down are you?” He groaned. 

“Nope, I lost a really good shirt that day,” you said. 

“Hey! I told you I would have bought you a new one, but you declined the offer,” he laughed. 

“Because I didn’t want your money,” you laughed. 

“No, you just wanted my body,” he smirked. 

“Okay, yeah, on that note, I’m getting out,” you laughed standing up. 

“Hey, get back here,” he whined. 

“No,” you laughed stepping out of the tub and wrapping a towel around you. 

“Okay, but you know it’s true,” he said following you and wrapping a towel around his waist. 

You rolled your eyes. “I think out of the two of us, you were the one who wanted to sleep with me first,” you said. “I saw you looking at my boobs that night at the restaurant.” 

“I might have had a few glances, but I wasn’t doing it in a pervy way,” he defended. 

“Was that before or after you knocked the water on me?” You smirked. 

“Oh my god, leave me alone!” he laughed. 

You giggled and changed into some clothes and sat on the bed. 

“You know that all feels like ages ago,” he whispered. 

“it does, doesn’t it. We’ve been through so much and here were are getting ready to have babies of our own,” you smiled. “Which we still need to name by the way.” 

“Yeah, I’ve actually been thinking about it,” he said. “And I have an idea for our little girl.” 

“Oh, I wanna hear!” you smiled turning to face him. 

“Well, I sort of wanted to name her after my Mum, but not like a full on naming after her. So, I thought about using Anne has her middle name, and so I started just thinking about names that went well with Anne and I came up with Willow,” he smiled. “Willow Anne Styles.” 

You gasped. “I loved that name! Yes, that’s perfect!” 

Harry smiled. “We have our first name! Do you hear that Willow Anne, you have a name now!” 

You giggled. “Since you thought of her name, want to hear what I thought of for our boy?” 

“Of course,” he smiled. 

“I had been contemplating a few names, but I think I have the perfect one now since we’ve decided on Willow. The name I came up with is Wylie Ace,” you said. 

Harry smiled. “Willow and Wylie,” he said. “I love it. They’re perfect.” 

“We finally have names!” You cried. “We’re one step closer now!” 

“Yes we are and I can’t wait to meet you Willow Anne and Wylie Ace Styles,” he whispered to your belly. 

Making a Fat Piggy

Charlie licked his lips as he scanned the computer screen. He scrolled through the many pictures of his friend, Tom Nevin. Charlie had a crush on Tom. He loved Tom’s slightly chubby belly. Charlie come across a picture of Tom where he was on the floor with his belly showing. This really turnt Charlie on. He just wanted to fatten Tom up and play with his belly. Charlie smirked. He knew exactly what he was going to do…

Tom was sat at his desk, trying real hard to ignore the fact that he had work to be done. He sighed and turnt to talk to his friends.
‘Im so bored’ moaned Tom.
'Same’ replied Jack, who was sat next to Tom. 'I dont understand anything on this sheet’
'You can say that again’ Groaned Charlie, who was sat behind the two. Suddenly, the bell rang. All the students started to pack up and leave.
'Make sure you finish the work at home. I will be checking next lesson’ said Mr Ford as the students started to leave the class. It was time. As Tom placed his backpack on, Charlie turnt to him.
'Hey Tom’ Charlie gulped 'Doing anything tonight?’
'No, probably going to play Fifa or something, why’ Replied Tom.
'Do you wanna come round mine?’ Asked Charlie.
'Sure, why not!’ Smiled Tom as he left with Charlie, unknowing of what is going to happen to him…

Charlie and Tom reached the house. Charlie opened the rusty gate and reached the door. He placed his key into the lock and pushed open the door.
'Cheers’ said Tom as he entered the house. He threw off his bag and Charlie shut the door.
'So, want something to eat?’ Asked Charlie, trying to hide his smirk.
'Yeah, go on’ Charlie gestured Tom into the living room.
'Just sit on the sofa while i go see what we got’ Said Charlie as Tom sat down.
'You sure your Mum and Dad wont mind?’ Asked Tom as Charlie stumbled into the kitchen.
'Nah. They dont care.’ Charlie smirked as he started to fill a wheelbarrow with cakes, pizza, cookies and other fatty foods. Tom glanced round the living room. He pulled out his phone to see a text from his girlfriend Becca:
-'Hey Babe. You up for meeting tonite? Xxx’-
Tom replied:
-'Sorry babe. At Charlies house. Text yah when im home. XX’-
Tom locked his phone when he saw Charlie enter with a wheelbarrow full of food.
'Isnt that going overboard Charlie’ Asked Tom, dazed by the sight.
'Nah. You’re going to eat it all though’ Smired Charlie as he stuffed a cupcake into Tom’s mouth. Tom tried hard to resist swallowing the food. He whacked Charlies hand which allowed Tom to spit out the food.
'What the fuck Charlie!’ Screeched Tom as he tried to sit up. Charlie quickly pounced on Tom, pinning him down onto the sofa by sitting on his legs.
'Oh calm down’ said Charlie as he started to unbutton Tom’s shirt. Tom tried to push Charlie off, but failed.
'What the actual fuck!’ Screamed Tom as Charlie ripped the shirt from Tom’s body to reveal a small plushy belly. Charlie squished the roll of fat.
'Oh im going to make you so fat!’ Laughed Charlie as he squished the small squishy belly.
'Charlie!? What the hell is wrong with you!’ Cried Tom as Charlie continued to run his hand across his tummy. Charlie shoved a cupcake into Tom’s mouth with a larger force than last time. Tom tried to hold back from swallowing the food, but failed. As soon as the cupcake was swallowed, another was shoved into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as he continued to try and free from Charlies tight grip, but it was too hard. Charlie smiled as he continued to fill up Tom’s mouth with food.


Tom groaned as Charlie squsihed Tom’s belly.
'Look at it! It’s getting bigger!’ Smirked Charlie as he poked Tom’s flabby belly. His belly was now bigger. It took on the size of a small soccer ball. It was flabby and started to hang over Tom’s tight trousers. Tom now started to grow moobs, which took the shape of small mounds. He also started to get large love handles. Charlie got off Tom’s lap and made Tom stand on all fours on the floor. Charlie placed a large chocolate cake infront of Tom. Charlie sat on Tom’s back.
'Eat all of it’ Said Charlie as he spanked Tom’s round butt. Tom groaned nd took a large bite out of the cake. The chocolate icing smudged around Tom’s face as the moist texture of the cake melted inside his mouth. Charlie rubbed Tom’s bubble butt which strained against the tight trousers. Suddenly the Trousers ripped down his backside. Tom groaned at the feeling, which caused cake crumbs to fall out his mouth.
'Oh my…’ Blushed Charlie. 'My piggies gone and ripped his trousers! You are getting so big piggy!’ Charlie spanked Tom’s bum, which caused a ripple across his body.
“Im getting so fat” thought Tom as he continued to demolish the cake “Why is Charlie doing this to me?”
After another ten minutes of Tom eating, the cake was completely consumed. Tom spluttered as he started to breathe heavilly.
'Well done my giant piggy!’ Smiled Charlie as he got off Tom’s back. 'Hope you up for more’ Charlie place another four large chocolate cakes infront of Tom.
'No. Please’ Spluttered Tom as he started to pant heavilly.
Charlie sat back on Tom’s back 'Eat them now piggy’
'Too. Full’ Groaned the bloated piggy.
'Eat them now or im going to call over your entire family to see what a fat pig you’ve become’ Charlie smirked. Tom sighed as he took a bite out of the first cake.
'Good piggy!’ Laughed Charlie as he ran his finger down the rip of Tom’s trousers.


'Wow!’ Squealed Charlie as Tom’s trousers completely ripped from Tom’s body. Tom groaned as the trousers ripped from his body, leaving only his underwear as the last piece of clothing on his body. Tom turnt to see his large butt was on show which had a pair of boxers so tight on his body. They were so tight, his fat cheeks started to flow over them, looking like his ass was eating them.
'Damn piggy!’ Charlie blushed as he squished Tom’s butt 'They flew off! Looks like you’re boxers have become a thong! They look so tight on you Piggy!’ Charlie smacked Tom’s right butt cheek which caused Tom to moan. 'Continue eating your cakes piggy! Only one and a half left!’ Tom moaned as he continued to fill his mouth with cake.


Tom took the last bite of the cake in front of him. Crumbs fell from his mouth as he chewed the last bite.
'Well done piggy!’ Exclaimed Charlie as he sat on Tom’s back. 'I knew you could eat all them cakes!’ Charlie got off Tom’s back. 'Sit up piggy!’ Tom struggled, but managed to sit upright, leaning his back against the sofa. Tom’s belly hung over his underwear and his thighs. Hhe had a few rolls on his belly which rolled like a rolling pin. Tom’s moobs now took the appearance of a girls pair of boobs. His thighs nearly tripled in size, they were now soft and squished on the floor. Tom also had a number of chins which hung under his original.
'Look at you know piggy! You’ve gotten so fat!’ Charlie grabbed Tom’s love handles and shook, causing Tom’s whole belly to bounce. Tom moaned as Charlie continued to bounce. Then there was a knock at the door.
'Be back in a sec my piggy’ smiled Charlie as he stood up and left the room.

Two minutes later, Charlie returned with eight pizza’s, eight portions of fries and tons of burgers.
'You ready for more my piggy?’ Chuckled Charlie as he placed the food on the floor.
'No. Please’ Tom tried to get up, but struggled.
'No point trying to escape my piggy!’ Said Charlie as he sat infront of Tom. 'You are going to eat and thats it’
'Too. Fat’ Moaned Tom as he placed a hand on his tummy. 'Im so. Big’
'Thats it, touch you’re body. Look and feel how fat you’ve got. Look how big you’re belly is. Look at the way it sags down over your underwear. Look how big  you’re tits are, they are bigger than your girlfriends!’ Charlie moaned 'You are getting so fat! But not fat enough!’ Charlie picked up a slice of pizza and shoved it into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as the cheese flavour spread across his mouth.
“Im so fat” Thought Tom as Charlie placed another slice into his mouth. 'Ive gotten. So big. I cant even. Move. Im too. Big.“ Charlie continued to stuff food into Tom’s mouth. Tom was now helpless. He was too fat to move, being stuffed non stop and was being sat on the lap by his 'friend’. Tom moaned as Charlie smiled.


'Last burger piggy!’ smirked Charlie as he placed the last burger into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as he chewed and swallowed the meaty burger.
'Well done piggy! You ate everything!’ Smiled Charlie. Tom groaned. Tom was huge. Tom’s belly now pushed his legs apart and was touching the floor. His moobs were now the size of a large breasted woman. His moobs sat ontop of his flabby belly. His thighs were thick and huge and were squished against the floor. Huge love handles formed on Tom’s hips, followed by rolls up the side of his body.
'Damn Piggy. You are so big!’ Charlie grabbed Tom’s belly.
'Ooh’ moaned Tom 'Stop. Please.’
'Look at you! You’ve gotten so fat!’ Charlie moaned. Suddenly Charlie lunged ontop of Tom and kissed him. Tom pulled back and their lips disconnected.
'Whats wrong piggy? Dont want to be my piggy?’ Charlie leaned in to Tom’s face 'Kiss me back now, or else’
Tom sighed and leaned in towards Charlie. Their lips both connected as they kissed. Charlie’s tongue broke into Tom’s mouth and danced around. Tom moaned as he did the same with his tongue.
"Why is he doing this” Thought Tom “And why am i kissing him back?” They continued to kiss as Charlies hand squished and played with Tom’s fat, moving around his fat body. Charlie pulled away from the kiss and smirked. His cheeks were red and he was sweating 'Ive been wanting this for years Tom’ Tears started to fall slowly from Tom’s eyes. He is now Charlie’s piggy.

ajoyfulstorm  asked:

Something about oversized sweaters and mugs of warm beverages, everyone loves oversized sweaters.

replace “warm beverages” with “wine straight from the bottle” lol. hope you like it!

Jack wasn’t due back at the apartment for another hour and Bitty was miserable.

Not so much in a codependent, can-only-be-happy-with-my-boyfriend way, but more of a…Jack’s ridiculous floor-ceiling windows were drafty and Bitty was already soaked through from the sleet he’d trudged through getting from his rideshare to the lobby of Jack’s building and he needed his big, unnaturally warm Canadian boyfriend to snuggle his frozen limbs back to life sort of way.

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first lady, five.

Originally posted by kimthwriter

pairing: taehyung x reader.
word count: 3.1k
content: inappropriate language, mention of physical violence, ice hockey!au

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

The cold wall in your back was definitely not a concern when his heated body hovered over yours, locking you in the safety of his arms as you kept him just as secure by wrapping your legs around his waist. There was no sound beyond the soft moans you left in each other’s mouths and a couple of hearts beating fast enough to break their rib cages.

You didn’t realized how addicting his lips were until Taehyung pulled away to catch his breath. You grunted in disappointment and soon his grin was placed against your neck, making sure to leave a trail of blossoms as his teeth found the skin of your collarbone. Another sound left from the back of your throat as your fingers got lost in the locks of his hair, now approving his actions - his hands snaking under your shirt while his lips not leaving your body.

Once again, Taehyung seemed to be too distant for it to be bearable and your gaze soon rushed to find an answer on his own, any sign of anger or annoyance disappearing the second his dark, magnetic eyes emated care and adoration as they were fixed on you. They also mirrored a silent promise that you couldn’t precisely describe, but your body seemed to understand pretty well.

That moment it occurred to you that maybe Heaven was real.

In fact, it seemed pretty clear that Heaven was him.

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nohrrin replied to your post “A/B/O starters (send one for my muse’s reaction)”

��������*coughs* 70 with either omega noctis or prompto/anyone? >3>

What I said: “I have things to do, I’ll get to these soon.”

What I meant: “This one is amazing, I already have an idea, I’m gonna write this on my fucking phone.” 

IgNoct, with mentioned Promptio. Darker than I meant it to be. 

“I got into some trouble today. I sort of punched an Alpha in the face when he touched me. Long story short, there’s a couple of officers at the door who would like to talk to you about getting control of your omega.”

There were certain things Ignis had come to expect to happen in his life as a result of being the future advisor, and good friend, to the Crown Prince of Lucis. Having to duck paparazzi hoping to goad him into saying something untoward by shouting the latest rumors at his head. Having to come between Noctis and interestested nobles and dignitaries who couldn’t control their urge to sniff around the prince. Finding vegetables hidden in napkins because Noctis was a literal child at times. Patching Noctis up when he warpped into walls and furniture and one time out of a window. Being used as a pillow by said Prince (and occasional Prompto) because he smelled nice. 

Occasionally wanting to flash his teeth and chase off any alpha (or beta or gods, even omegas and Ignis still owed Prompto all the apologies in the world for how he’d treated him when he and Noct had first become friends) that Noctis so much as smiled at. 

All of that and more were things Ignis accepted and took in stride. He was sure, in fact, that he could cope with anything Noctis threw at) him at this point. 

Except opening up the door to his flat one warm evening and finding Noctis, slightly rumpled with his mouth pressed into an unhappy frown, scent threaded with embarrassment and anger, flanked on either side by police officers. Ignis looked at Noct, looked at the officers, thought about the glass of wine he’d just set down, and sighed. 

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@clarz​: “don’t leave me, you’re too warm.”

The line’s ringing before Niall thinks twice about it. It doesn’t even register until Bressie answers with a curious, “’ullo?”, and Niall has to look at the screen of his phone to figure out what’s going on.

Bressie’s contact picture is staring back at him – the one Niall took while they were in bed nearly six months ago, Bressie all sleep-soft around his eyes, cuddled up in Niall’s blanket – the one Niall desperately needs to change.

Anyway… Right, he called Bressie. ‘Course he did.

“Niall?” Bressie asks, when Niall doesn’t say anything right away.

“Hi, hey, Bressie,” Niall says, wincing at the way his voice gets all polite. That superficial voice he uses when he’s dealing with his boss. This is off to a great start, isn’t it.

“You rang?” Bressie prompts. Niall’s cheeks get warm. Right.

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