and he told him he was pretty


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You made it back to the Avengers facility. That was the important thing.

You stumbled into the building, tears streaming down your face. You were pretty sure you had a black eye, and there were places that you were pretty sure bruises would be forming.

“Y/N! What happened?” Bruce asked, clearly concerned as he rushed over to you. He put his arm around you to stabilize you as he led you to a couch.

“I got mugged,” you replied through your tears. The other Avengers seemed to have overheard, and were heading into the room.

“What did he look like?” Tony asked firmly.

“He didn’t get anything important. Just my backup phone and a couple bucks I had in my wallet,” you told Tony, knowing he was about to go hunt him down himself.

“He got you. Anyone who makes you cry should be ready to face the full force of the Avengers,” Tony pointed out.

Thor nodded. “I agree,” he stated. “If he were to mug you, he would mug someone else unless he faces consequences.”

“I mean, I won’t condone unnecessary bodily harm,” Steve added. “But a little fright as punishment is sometimes necessary.”

You gave a little smile. “Thank you guys, really,” you said. “But right now, I just want to stop hurting.”

“Mint bath oils,” Natasha stated. “You soak your pain away in the tub while the rest of us track down your mugger?”

“I’ll still need a description,” Tony stated.

You shook your head. “The cops will get him sooner or later,” you stated. You didn’t want the Avengers to leave.

“Fun night in, then?” Clint suggested. “Sit back, watch a movie, play games?”

You nodded with a smile. “And get a little ice so I don’t bruise too much,” you added.

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Can you give me hope for clace?

Yes I know its really hard to be a clace stan right now but after talking to my fellow clace queen @amethystdruse I have put a few things into perspective.

  • First we have to remember that they are tweaking this arc from the books. At first I was SOOO ANNOYED by Clary’s lack of feelings for Jace but its come to my attention that Clary probably thinks Jace is totally over her. Jace is the one who pushed her away after the reveal. He told her in the COB that he wanted her to stay away from him & pretty much had a break up speech. He has really not shown much vulnerability towards her this season & when she started dating someone he acted pretty brotherly & said he wanted to be happy. So I can totally see why Clary would think that. We of course know how Jace feels because we see things Clary doesn’t
  • Clary’s happiness is so over the top it almost feels fake & I think it is. Right now she’s in denial. Clary has lost so much & I think diving into the clarysimon relationship & going at it full force is a way to avoid everything Valentine, the end of the world, her responsibilities, Jocelyn’s death & her feelings for Jace. 
  • I think we really just need to focus on the tiny little scenes they are giving us because the tide is slowly turning. That final scene between clace was evidence of that. The tone of that scene was not the same as the other clace scenes we got in 2A, It was so different , more intimate & very reminiscent of S1 clace. How close Jace was standing next to her, the looks exchanged, the chemistry & the way Clary was a little breathless when Jace touched her arm. This a slow burn process so we just have to keep loving & supporting them & eventually we will see a payoff.

Band of Brothers Week: Day 5 - Genderbend

Fem!BillToye - TW: Homophobic Slur

Billie Guarnere is loud and abrasive and “unlady-like”. Which is just fine by Jo Toye, she likes her girl the way she is. 

They met at a bar when Billie overheard some dick telling Jo that she’d be much prettier if she’d just smile more often (something she’d later find Jo is told constantly). Billie marched right up and told the fucker that maybe the girl didn’t want to smile for him. 

“Plus,” she adds, looking over at the dark-haired girl, with even darker eyes. “She’s pretty fucking hot without the smile.” She’s already forgot about the prick, now that she’s got a look at the girl, when he tells Billie to fuck off. It’s when he calls her a dyke that her attention goes back to him. Billie barely has time to whip her head around to introduce her fist to his teeth, when Jo’s own fist is slamming into him and he falls to the ground, clutching his bloodied face. 

“I think it’s broken,” Jo says absently, in a low, almost smokey voice, looking down at her hand, attempting to close her fingers into a fist.

Once Billie has stopped staring in awe of the girl in front of her she tells her that she’s got a friend who can fix her right up. 

They’re pretty much inseparable after that night. 

Jo Toye is difficult and irritable and “would be so much prettier if she’d just try harder”. Which is just fine by Billie Guarnere, she likes her girl the way she is.








I know this is kind of a comic-relief scene, but it’s pretty adorable how Yuuri actually can’t manage to stay calm if the hug he receives is not from Victor, he seeks contact, but it can’t be anyone, Victor provides him with comfort, his presence calms the other boy in ways others can’t.

He is clinging so hard, like he’s afraid the feeling of having Victor in his arms will go away…

I saw a post a few weeks ago about how Shiro might have heard Lance gushing about the team to the yupper over the comm and I was just thinking that if he did hear him, maybe Shiro might have told Keith what Lance said about him and about how cool he was and Keith really takes it to heart and so on a future mission Keith might be talking to an alien about the team in earshot of Lance and saying like “and Lance is our sharpshooter. He’s an expert marksman. He’s smart and brave…” And they catch each other’s eyes and Lance is beaming and Keith continues “he’s pretty awesome.”

listen,, i just can’t get over the fact that kent ‘once met ryan reynolds and he told him he was pretty’ parson is canonically one of the least chill people ever

honestly can you imagine him meeting tater at a bar after a game and tater who doesn’t have a single vindictive bone in his body slinging a very warm and muscley arm over kent’s shoulders and going, ‘little rat!! you win this time, next time i get you, yes??’

and meanwhile kent’s mind is just going, ‘you can get me right this goddamn second jesus flippity christ on a bicycle pick me up and fold me like a fuckin origami swan shit why is that sexy he’s so big abort abORT’ while playing a slo-mo slideshow of tater picking him up one-handed to the gentle strains of ‘gimme more’

and he kind of?? squeaks??? in response but really, tater is right there and he’s all nice smelling and weirdly handsome with his big nose and slightly wonky jaw and kent is kind of freaking out. at the same time tater is watching the blush spread under kent’s freckles and that’s the moment he decides, yes very good i’m going to keep this one


I love how these two moments contrast nicely to each other, even though they do seem similar.

In both cases, the recipients of the messed-up bento are smiling gratefully at Sanji, telling him that his food is great. Although Sora was clearly lying to protect her son’s feelings, little Sanji is oblivious to his mother’s kind intent, ever so happy that he made her smile with his cooking. 

In Luffy’s case however, I’m pretty sure he was telling the truth; he really enjoyed Sanji’s bento because he was that much hungry and missed his cook’s food sorely. But Sanji tells him that he’s lying - maybe because he can’t bear the thought that Luffy even enjoys something like a ruined bento as long as it’s from him. 

I think it’s also possible that Sanji might’ve been irresistibly reminded of his mother, and told Luffy the words he should’ve told her had he not been so young and naive. 

More than anything, the title of this chapter “you liar” clearly refers to Sanji, but it’s ironic how he’s the one telling it to Luffy, who is anything but lies.

So now my professor at university KNOWS ABOU YURI ON ICE

I have this professor at university that is really cool, because he likes memes, and jokes and etc, and the other day, long story short, he asked me what I have been doing lately, and I told him “ahh nothing, drawing characters from a series i like…” “which series” he asked

Oh shit

“Y-yuri On ice…..” i said

he was like “Yuri..on ice??”

I told him that it wasn’t yuri, but I think he doesn’t even know what yuri is hahaa. Later he mentions Yuri on ice to another classmate and the latter were like “ohh yeah, I’ve seen it on my facebook. It’s pretty gay”, and my professor was like “oohhh are those the good looking dudes that almost kiss in a bath house”…. and I was like “yeah….” OTL




FIRST, he listens to a coversation I had with a friend that also watches the anime, about YOI and all the theories that have been aroun latety about Viktor, and the “it is a ring/medal” dilema, and now he practically knows all the YOI Issues and other anime issues in general, WE EXPLAINED HIM ABOUT SPORTS ANIME, QUEER BATING, FANSERVICE, OTHER ANIME GENRES…YAOI… AND HE WAS LIKE 


where I come from ppl judge you if you’re an Otaku, so he told us that is good thing that we dont look like them shgdfj and that he actually enjoys hearing us talk



I was on a computer, fyi, I have an scholarship at my university, and I have to work there for certain hours a week during a semester. So yeah, I was “working” but is actually boring af because I WAS DOING NOTHING, so sometimes I like to open microsoft paint and make stupid doodles and send it to my friends on whatsapp…

So you can see where this is going…

then I closed the window when I felt someone coming

I DID THIS UGLY DOODLE OF VIKTOR AND YURI and then he entered the room I was in and asked me to scan something… then he sits besides me and we talked AN D THEN HE OPENS THE MICROSOFT PAINT WINDOW ??? AND WE BOTH WERE L I KE W HAT




Being Jughead Jone's Best Friend Would Include....

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Hi, this will probably be very similar to one of your other requests but could i request a being Jughead’s best friend would include?

I’ve never wanted to be a fictional character’s best friend this much before. I’m sorry it’s so short by the way. If you want more message me.

  • You met in him in the diner.
  • You’d always hear people whisper about him when he walked past
  • But you always thought he seemed like a pretty cool guy.
  • “Hi, I’m Y/N. I go to Riverdale with you.”
  • “Yeah? So what?”
  • You sat down in his booth despite his rudeness.
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Trying to write. What are you doing?”
  • “Trying to get to know you.”
  • From there, it became a thing to sit down next to him whenever you saw him in Pop’s.
  • He became a bit friendlier towards you, but it took some time.
  • After about a month of early friendship, he told you about his novel.
  • You saw this as progress in your relationship and openly hung out with him during school.
  • Pop’s became your hang out spot because you both enjoy the burgers there.
  • But sometimes you’d go over to his house to play video games.
  • He’s not the most affable of people, but you somehow make Jughead a tiny bit more people-oriented.
  • He’s not as blatantly rude to people like he was.
  • Still has a hard time trusting people in general
  • But he trusts you with his life.
  • He always listens to your problems, and only tries to give you advice when you want to hear it.
  • It turns out he’s extremely good at giving advice.
  • You keep him updated on anything regarding the Blossom twins and what happened over the summer.
  • He let’s you proof-read his writings and takes your comments to heart.
  • He genuinely cares about what you think.
  • He defends you whenever someone talks bad about you
  • Which ends with you patching him up afterwards because he’s bad at fighting.
  • Being his friend it like having one of those small dogs that tries to start fights with anyone that comes near you.
  • He’s not afraid to be sarcastic around you either, like his humor is so dry.
  • He doesn’t really smile a lot, his lips quirk upwards a little but that’s it.
  • The one time you hear him laugh it’s the funniest crap.
  • You start laughing at his laugh and he laughs more
  • The night ends with your sides aching from the laughter.
  • He’s just a great friend all around, and you’d die for each other. (or kill.)
Thoughts on Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 8

So I thought of some reasons behind what happened to Makkachin:

To draw a parallel between last year’s Grand Prix and this year’s, showing Yuuri can overcome it and not fall apart. (Makkachin probably won’t die though. He will live.)

To illustrate that Yuuri and Victor are not codependent like Michele and Sala. Yuuri can do just as well and perform his best even without Victor there. The Free Skate will decide whether Yuuri can advance to the Grand Prix Final. It’s one of his most important moments. However, Yuuri will most likely advance in spite of Victor not being there (there are still three episodes after next week’s free skate). He is independent, can stand on his own, and has improved and grown as a person and skater since last GP Final.

They are still in Russia, which is probably hostile territory since they probably think Yuuri stole Victor, their national hero, from them, and Yuuri and Victor kinda kissed on camera. But Yuuri did even better than Cup of China, as though saying he is worth Victor’s attention. He also said he is not familiar with any of the skaters here (except Yurio, but that’s kind of tense), so he will essentially be alone and surrounded by ‘enemies’ on all sides. However, I don’t think he will crumble under all of this pressure because he has grown and Victor also mentioned he does better in foreign territory.

To emphasize that the love Yuuri has for Victor is not selfish and Victor has improved as a coach. The call was made to Yuuri, and Yuuri could have not told Victor, and Victor would have stayed beside him (though that would be a pretty OOC Yuuri thing to do and it would have fractured the relationship between them when Victor does find out). Yuuri understands how precious Makkachin is to Victor. Also, when Yuuri told Victor about it, he was worried about Makkachin of course, but he also remembered he is a coach and cannot just ditch his duties and student like that. He was only willing to leave after finding a replacement for himself (more like forcing it upon Yakov).

That’s all that I can think of right now, if anyone has anything else to add, feel free~

Little Things

Word Count: 4876

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff. Pure fluff. Little bit of angst. But pure fluff. 

A/N: I don’t really know how this happened. It’s pretty bad but @nichelle-my-belle @impala-dreamer and @bringmesomepie56 told me to keep going with it so I did. I apologize in advance for this mess. 

Written for @redlipstickandplaid ‘s birthday challenge. My prompt was hangover. 

“De?” You padded your way into Dean’s room, blanket clutched tightly in one hand, your eyes filled with tears and your thumb in your mouth. “De.” You shook him and he groaned, blinking awake, seeing you standing there.

“Y/N? What is it?” He mumbled sleepily, taking in your state.

“I…I…” You kept stuttering, unable to get the words out through your fear for a minute. Dean just stared at you, trying to wake up and take it all in. “I had a bad dream. Can I sleep here?” It wasn’t uncommon for your nightmares to bring you to Dean’s room, but you generally just threw yourself into bed with him and cuddled up. Something was off about you. Your mannerisms were weird. Your voice was higher pitched. He just couldn’t place exactly what was going on.

“Yeah, of course. Get in.” He pulled back the blankets and scooted over for you and you crawled into bed, much like a child would have, snuggling up against him and putting your head on his chest. That’s when it hit him. The witch. She’d muttered some bullshit at you earlier that day and nothing happened. You’d insisted you were fine but you’d been acting weird ever since.

“Y/N…sweetheart? How old are you?” Dean questioned.

“Four.” You sniffled.

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And evil takes a human form in Prince Lotor. Don’t be fooled, because he may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing, slut-faced ho-bag. But in reality, he is so much more than that.

“Prince Lotor is flawless.”

“He has two Zublorg purses and a silver spaceship.”

“I hear his hair’s insured for $10,000." 

"I hear he does spaceship commercials… in Balmera." 

"His favorite movie is The Princess Diaries." 

"One time he met Lance Mcclain on a mission to get crystals…”

“And I told him he was pretty.”

“One time he punched me in the face…”

“…it was awesome.”

someone (i think it was @fatlardo?) posted about the darkest Check Please timeline (Shitty playing Lacrosse, etc) and it was pretty funny, until i started thinking of the real darkest timeline… i’m so sorry.

  • Jack died during his overdose.
  • Bitty never got out of Georgia. He’s closeted and sad and only has friends over the internet. 
  • Shitty went to the College his father told him to go, he’s miserable, is slowly becoming a douche himself.
  • Lardo had to be realist and chose a career more stable than art. She goes into management, which feels right, but there’s something, a lot, actually, lacking in her life.
  • Ransom focused on his studies, stresses 99% of the time and never played hockey, so he never met Holster.
  • Dex gets online classes because he needs to help with the fishing.
  • Nursey stays in NY and becomes such a pretentious hipster omg
  • Chowder is the only one who made it to the SMH but the other guys are not as friendly and patient as they could be. He doesn’t really make friends, there. 
  • Parse never managed to get over Jack’s death and is MESSED UP
  • Johnson wears a goatee because he’s genre savvy, but he’s sad and misses people he never met. 
  • Holster became a firefighter.

Context: this 9 year old joins the server looking to make some trades and he’s pretty polite and business like for his age. Everyone, admins and mods present included, are impressed with his behavior. I sell him my The War Pig and he mentions how some mods on another server of ours were jerks and told him to kill himself. Everyone jumps to this kid’s defense and the admins present ask the kid to point them out in the other server, because those ones over there are known for their brutality. I get they were doing their job, but it’s always great to see nice admins helping good players.

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KS 14 thoughts

- So many thoughts about chap 14 and yet don’t have the time to write sth long T.T. I’ll just say some main thoughts I have after reading the chapter (spoilers)

- Sangwoo lied about his age, because he also told the old lady that he hadn’t completed his military service. Perhaps they’re talking in Korean age here (which means Sangwoo’s real age is 22 & Bum’s is 26), because if you think about it by years, him being 20 is pretty logical, as I explained here.

- Bum was indeed in a financial situation before getting kidnapped. He might not even have a part time job (and unfortunately that means relying a lot on his abusive uncle).

- The landlady totally didn’t know what she was trying to get her daughter into (lol good thing Sangwoo’s not interested)

- I think Sangwoo just snatched a pair of thrown away crutches from under the telephone pole. Dude didn’t even plan to ‘outdoor test’ Bum that day how impulsive.

- ‘‘Haha have you ever even had sex?’’ confirmed that Sangwoo has no idea about what Bum’s uncle have been doing to him.

- ‘‘There’s still so many things we haven’t done together’’ confirmed that Bum is in for some bigger plan than just lock down & abuse.

- BUM’S NEW DEVELOPMENT remember ‘‘he’s kissing me omg this is what couples do and Sangwoo’s doing it to me! O///O’’?, now it’s ‘‘shopping? isn’t this what couples do? is it alright for me to do this with Sangwoo? -.-’’. Also ‘‘green light pls turn’’. I’m good @y00nbum

- Sangwoo’s definitely back to using threatening words & insults with Bum. But I think he’s not hurting Bum physically atm.

- Woo will probably take Bum to his friends to test him further (about trust and obedience probably). I’ve seen theories saying that Bum will be humiliated, raped, whored out etc but I don’t think sexual abuse is in Sangwoo’s nature. So until I see chapter 15 I’m not too worried about Bum’s safety yet.

(From now on all ks spoilers will be tagged ‘spoilers’ & ‘ks [number]’ so you can blacklist them)

I think it’s interesting how we as a fandom consider Jack to be the one with the praise kink, yet in the comic it’s Bitty.

I think at this point in the story, Jack knows he’s worthy. He doesn’t need (or maybe even want) that outside validation 24/7. It helps, but not more than it would for anyone else. What Jack needs is Bitty’s love and care, and his patience. He needs to know he is allowed to be himself and still be loved. Loved for who he is. Now, he needs someone to listen and be there and stick with him; not reaffirm his worth like he would have needed two years ago.

Bitty, on the other hand? Multiple times in the Huddles Bitty’s given some sort of affirmation from Jack, and even in the main comic Jack’s “you were so good, Bits” is pretty telling. It says a lot about Bitty that he is the one that wants to be told is good, a lot that maybe hasn’t otherwise been revealed yet. Bitty pushes his needs to the side because he thinks other people matter more than he does. What he needs is for someone to come along and remind him that he is important too, that he’s worthy, that he’s good. And the fact that Jack can be that for Bitty is the best thing.

The Pump Police

This story is from a few months ago. It isn’t about me, but rather my boss. I work as a cashier at a gas station, and my boss is an overall pretty chill guy, but sometimes he really goes off on rude customers, much to my delight.

My boss came to the store to drop some things off. Since he was only going to be there for like a minute, he was in a hoodie and sweatpants instead of his proper uniform. As he got out of his car, he looked over at the pumps and saw a guy smoking. Obviously this is a big safety hazard, so my boss went over to him and told him he couldn’t smoke at the pumps. He insisted the guy put out his cigarette, and the guy just gave him a dirty look and said, “What are you, the pump police?”. My boss acted defeated, backed off and headed into the store. He walked right behind the counter, got on the register, and used an override to stop that guys pump. The guy came in, visibly pissed off, and began yelling at the cashier before his eyes fell on my boss, still in his hoodie, standing behind the counter. My boss looked at him and, along with some exaggerated motions akin to a touchdown celebration, yelled “I AM the pump police, bitch! Now get the hell off of my property!” The guy meekly left the store without saying a word and has never returned.

My dad watched “Family First” (it aired about a week ago here) and he came to me and said: “I don’t understand! Let DiNozzo go if that’s the case, but why did they have to kill that girl?”

*slowly clapped him out*