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I NEED to tell people about something amazing that happened when I saw The Great Comet last week!

So in the song “The Abduction” Anatole silences the rowdy cast and sits down in the audience and there is supposed to be silence for a moment before he says “alright” and the commotion happens up again. WELL when I saw it an older women was sitting behind where Lucas Steele sat and in the silence kept shaking the shaker she got in his ear. In character he slowly looked behind him and saw it was this elderly woman and he turned around and struggled to hold in his laughter as she kept shaking it in his ear as he waved his hand for her to stop (in character). This went on for a good minute until Lucas just gave up throwing his arms in the air and laughed out “alright” and got up and the show continued as normal.

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What are your thoughts on Fenrys crush on Aelin? I don't know what to think tbh


I just don’t understand why there can’t be a male that is not in love with her. ALMOST EVERY GUY WE MET HAD A CRUSH ON HER. I just want Fenrys and Aelin’s bromance. 0 crush. Just bromance


OC art from the stream. Some more art of Yolette and now introducing the “Shadow Cat”!

Bonus below (=ↀωↀ=)✧


#just stop here #we all know why Betty hates this word #but she hated it even more when Archie used it as an “excuse” not to be with her #and Jughead do the same thing #even worse #Archie told her he’s not good enough for her and the way he said it doesn’t feel wrong #like he actually thinks she’s perfect girl and it’s amazing but still he doesn’t feel like he deserve her #and there’s Jughead who says it like something really wrong with her because of this and the way she is #like he despises her #nobody is really truly perfect but even if so what #what’s wrong with that? #also “you’re a cheerleader, for God’s Sakes” #that’s like the only thing that Betty really doing for herself and she’s enyoing it back off #and he’s mad that she doesn’t know what he want but he’s labeling her with “perfect girl next door” wtf #you really cross the line in this episode

Unrequited // Kol Mikaelson // requested

Request : can u do a onesided kolxreader where she has a crush on kol but he is with readers sister? Whether kol n sister know of your feeling or not is up to u. Thanks. 

Sorry for the long wait!!! This has been in my ask for like a month lol.

Requests are closed. xx

Pairing : KolxReadersSister

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s/n - sisters name

I stood on the other side of the bar, watching as he danced with my sister. I could see why he chose her. She’s beautiful, smart, and everything I’m not. I’m just the stupid sister with a third grade crush. But that doesn’t mean it hurts any less. They look so happy.. I just wish I was the one who made him that happy.

Love is a terrible thing. It’s even worse when it’s unrequited. You know almost every detail of this person, you know how to talk to them and how to make them feel better. Yet… no matter how hard you try they only want that other person. When I couldn’t watch anymore I quickly turned on my heel and left the building.

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Her best friend, 21-year-old supermodel Gigi Hadid, did a Vogue photoshoot with Joe in August last year, and soon after that Taylor was introduced to the rising actor.

Just weeks after they met, Taylor took her mum Andrea and her friends Este and Alana from the band Haim to the cinema to see Joe in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

A source says: “Taylor’s friends handpicked Joe as the perfect man to get her love life back on track – he is the polar opposite of her attention-seeking exes and incredibly low-key.

“After dating publicity hungry guys in the past, Joe is a breath of fresh air and not interested in Taylor for her fame or fortune.

“He just thinks she’s an amazing person and admires her talent.”

—  How Taylor and Joe met (The Sun)

Levi Meets Hanji

I love Hangi’s excitement and Levi’s genuine surprise at her compliments. Like Levi is pulling out his knife like he’s about to kill her but then Hanji goes and tells him how amazing she thinks he is, and he just freezes and has no idea what to do. No one’s ever just came up to him and told Levi they admire him. The level of offend Farlan is also connects with me on a spiritual level.

Highlights from the Rebecca Mader panel at Storytelling Con, Barcelona, April 22, 2017

  • Asked about visiting Prague:  “My favorite thing to do in Prague is just to walk around the old part, walk over the bridges, drink the wine and eat the food.  I ate and drank so much in Prague it was fantastic.  A really beautiful city.”
  • Asked about Elizabeth Mitchell:  She missed working with her on Once Upon a Time but loved working with her on Lost.
  • About Zelena’s relationship with Hades:  “That died a death didn’t it?  Zelena and Hades no more.  […]  Being with Hades was the first time Zelena has ever been in a romantic relationship with a man or a woman.  It definitely changed her.  It broke down some walls around her heart.  […]  He was awful.  She can do way better than him.  He’s an amazing actor.  I think she deserves to be with someone who doesn’t want to murder her sister.  You know what i mean?  […]  I need some new blood.  Someone new.”
  • If Regina and Zelena weren’t sisters would she ship them:  “Yeah.  It doesn’t matter because in real life we’re just Bex and Lana.”  What story would you like for them?  “To be lesbian lovers you mean?  I’d watch it!  It would have to be on cable or netflix.  And for them not to be related.  Just girlfriends, not sisters, two strong women?  I ship it.”
  • Why she became an actor and move to the US:  “I always wanted to be an actress but I couldn’t afford to go to college.  So I just decided fuck I’m going to move to America and see what happens.  So I moved to America with $200 and said I’m going to be an actress!  And everyone said okay… and I showed them.  Haters gonna hate….”
  • What would you like to be if you weren’t an actress:  “I don’t have a plan B.  I always wanted to be an actress so I did it.  I don’t have an plan B.  If it all goes wrong I’ll just have to do it at home.”
  • Asking about Glinda:  “Yeah I love it when there are lots of Wizard of Oz characters.  Tomorrow night, because you’ll all be watching illegally on your laptops, is a big episode for my character where you’ll get to meet the Tin Man and maybe the Cowardly Lion.  I think it would be great if Glinda came back at some point.  She’s beautiful.”
  • Bex cannot remember the Lost numbers.
  • Bex wants Star Wars characters added to Once Upon a Time.
  • How does she view Regina blaming Zelena for the death of Robin:  “It was not my fault!  I didn’t do it!  I didn’t kill him!  I killed Hades for her!  I’m FINE!  I literally killed my boyfriend to save my sister.  You’re welcome.  Regina lives because of me.”
  • FMK:  Emma, Rumple, Regina.  F: Emma, M: Regina, K: Rumple.  Because Regina would cook for her and be a good wifie.  “That’s a whole new tv show!  I’d watch it.”
  • If Zelena had a pet what would it be:  “A flying monkey.  And a broomstick.  And if you ever don’t see my baby in a scene, they’re like ‘the flying monkeys are taking care of it.  They’re good nannies.”
  • A love interest from Lost for Zelena:  Sawyer.
  • Funny stuff between the cast:  She directs people to Snapchat and she suggests Lana is always trying to feed her and make her fat.   
  • Favorite character on Grey’s anatomy:  “The hot guy who is always moody and works in peds.  And then like the hot blond lesbian.  I love her.  If I had a sick baby I’d take her to her stat.”
  • Promises that we’ll see some “sister stuff” in the coming episodes.
  • Question about Zelena finding true love, someone suggests Emma, “Sorry Hook.  Maybe she should break up their relationship.”  More suggestions about Zelena and Belle.  “At the end of this season I don’t know that she’ll find true love.  She’s still getting over that Hades thing.”  But says she doesn’t need a man.
  • Favorite ship on the show:  “Zelena and her broomstick.”
  • Favorite bloopers:  “When i forget a line I say such awful things.  There is a reason I’m not on the blooper reel much because when I forget a line I immediately swear.  Once my sister came to visit me in Vancouver in September and we were in Mr. Gold’s shop and Regina, she was the Evil Queen, and there was Rumple, and my sister was by what we call video village where the monitors are and I walked up to the Evil Queen and ‘FUCK!  I forgot what my fucking line was!’ and I heard my sister in the back scream and that made it so much worse.  I don’t even remember what the question was.”
  • Favorite life advise:  “Be yourself.  Piss off hater.  Do you.  Just do you boo.  And whatever you are doing in life just don’t give up.  And when things are really awful and you just want it to be over and you don’t want to do it anymore it never feels the same the next day.  Hashtag ThisToShallPass.”
  • What it was like working with Barbara Hershey:  “Awh mama.  Barbara Hershey was wicked.  She’s really kind.  She had really good candy.  I had a bit of a love affair with Barbara Hershey.  We fell in love and she would like hold my hand.  We had these beautiful scenes with Barbara, Lana and me, and before we shoot while the cameras were rolling we would just hold hands and look into each other’s eyes and just say ‘I love you’.  The three of us together was magical.”
  • Would she like to have a romance with King Arthur:  “A bit weird because Liam is a very good friend and I know his fiance so I’m going to say no.”
  • She’s only ever been to an airport in Sweden.  But she’d like to go there and see more then the airport.
  • What does she think about the Black Fairy:  “I love her.  I’ve known the actress who plays her Jaime Murray, for seven years.  Jaime Murray is an amazing actress.  But it’s nice.  We’re the same age.  We’re both English.”  About the final battle:  “Buckle up for safety, it’s about to get real.”
  • Memorizing dialogue:  She learns each line and then the second, and then goes back to the first and does both, and then goes onto the third, and repeats until she learns all of it.  She credits doing soup opera acting.

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may I please have some headcanons on the first time the boys get fully drunk around Candy? (so essentially more than the buzzed the boys were during Iris' party)

of curo se naon xpp i’ lbov wrtign v head cnaos of thec gyz being c dRINuk thyref vry funny 3 wry te  ty smmmm for asski-//shot

Ok I should stop and start writing these. They’re not gonna be super detailed though - it’ll be the types of drunks and how they’d act ?? they’re pretty short anyways so. Enjoy.

And wait a second I thought nath was the only one that got kind of drunk but not really ??


  • Seriously, Nath is the annoying drunk.
  • Slowly built up on getting drunk he didn’t just swallow and swallow…kept on building.
  • Probably got a little too into the fruit punch and started acting a little too carefree. 
  • Very sluggish speech, carries words on a lot.
  • Complains about all types of lights and noise - goodness someone just take him out.
  • Clings onto Candy a lot, usually by her waist or just hugs from behind like “Caaaandy when are we gonna go hooome?”
  • Such an ufking kid someone please throw him.
  • Very loose like he’s super loose, as in the wobbly drunk - the type that walks kinda weird and doesn’t walk straight.
  • Goes shirtless, the only thing that Melody approves of about this.
  • Tries to grab Candy onto the dance floor, can’t move to the rhythm.
  • Honestly ?? who knew how loose Nath could be 
  • Tries to dance on the dance floor, is pretty good but is actually very…strange.
  • Hiccups a lot in his speech, wraps his arms around everyone - even Castiel.
  • Will honestly regret all of his decisions after this.


  • A whining drunk, that’s for sure.
  • Face would be red the majority of the time, he probably drank a cup or two on a dare.
  • His speech is good enough to make out but crappy enough not to want to hear.
  • Leaves Candy a lot. Such as if she held his hand, he wanders off - probably into a wall, let’s be real.
  • Obviously his hair is up he keeps on sweating rain and is just not ?? someone to be around with
  • Not a violent drunk someone could say they wanna fight and he’d say “Later”.
  • Still recognizes who Lysander is and Lys, for once, wishes he didn’t.
  • Talks about a lot of weird stuff in his relationship, Candy needs to shut him up sometimes.
  • Randomly calls people attractive. Said this once to Amber and she took it to heart like an idiot
  • Doesn’t dance, it makes his headache even worse - more than it already is.
  • Hiccups a lot in mid-sentence around Candy-
  • Tries to tell her dirty jokes but always mixes them up.
  • Probably knocked himself out about an hour after he got drunk.
  • Speaks his mind a bit too much like - he’ll tell Candy how hot she is legit in front of everyone.
  • Has the WORST hangover out of everyone.


  • The sleepy drunk that complains about everything since they want sleep.
  • Hair would be messier around the edges to reflect on his drinking.
  • Mouth is probably drifted open, hard breathing.
  • Blushes the majority of the time - like tell him a joke he doesn’t get, he’ll laugh.
  • NEVER loses his notepad now there’s definitely something up with him.
  • Whines about wanting to have sleep, is like a little brother around Candy.
  • Sitting next to Candy ?? He’d wrap his arms around her neck and make sure to have one hell of a grip around her. 
  • Best to have him on Candy’s lap while getting pet, it’ll keep him quiet. 
  • Doesn’t dance, it’s too tired and doesn’t like dancing in front of others in general.
  • Wants nothing more but to go home and sleep with Candy, let him go home with his woman pls.
  • Has a very sluggish voice and often has some empty cup in his hand. 
  • Influenced either by Candy daring him or his peers, he wouldn’t drink by himself in general like that.
  • Falls asleep about 2 hours later after complaining about wanting to sleep the whole time.
  • Has the worst headache and doesn’t get up the next day.


  • The kid drunk that literally has no idea what’s going on but wants to do it anyway.
  • Has such an annoying smirk on his face alongside some blush. 
  • If Candy tried to touch him or kiss him he’d be like “Wait - no, I have a girlfriend”. Candy can’t tell if she’s proud or not.
  • The one dude that starts a dance fight to some weird electro songs. 
  • Probably tries to flirt with Candy, leaning on the table, and slipped off and fell. But still won’t touch her.
  • Touches no one or anything, except that red cup in his hand.
  • Has fallen down once or twice, or just mainly anytime he thinks straight.
  • Will openly talk about his “crush” Candy and how amazing she is. 
  • Has a deep groggy voice, mixture of sexy and dumb tbh.
  • Doesn’t even touch Candy because, again, he has “a girlfriend” he can’t seem to see that IS Candy.
  • Very unbalanced, Alexy tries to restrain him on the couch with some spoon or stick he found.
  • Probably regrets SOME things he did but not all of it. Probably regrets not making out with Candy with such a valid excuse let’s be real-
  • Ends up vomiting most of the day.


  • The tough…but not really tough drunk. 
  • Very confrontational and vocal, though he’s usually more humble - he’s out of this league this time.
  • Very groggy, tries to flirt with Candy but is just in a mixture of ‘wtf’ and ‘what in the actual fuck’.
  • Will seriously ask to fight anyone, Candy has had to pull his arm and say “He doesn’t mean it”. 
  • Doesn’t dance, makes him dizzy.
  • Actually swears…not often but more as in to express his “anger”.
  • Seriously he’s a very weird drunk, one second he’s whining - the next he’s just wants to fight.
  • Gives very sloppy kisses to Candy, looks like a sad kid if she rejects him. 
  • Drank in a dare. There’s no way that this boy would intentionally drink like this.
  • Lays around a lot, usually across the whole couch.
  • Mentioned earlier, Kentin would be suuuper moody like - “You wanna square up??” to “Why do fireflies die so soonpls get my ref.
  • Probably fainted.
  • Is the sickest of sick back at home, swears he’ll never do something as stupid as that ever again in his teenage life.
how everyone in hamilton would kiss pt. 2

lafayette: he is always a gentle kisser although he definetly gets quite passionate from time to time. he tries to sneak up from behind you sometimes and he would just attack you with kisses and hugs. he is very affectionate and loves kissing you in public and just showing affection in general. also, whenever he gets home from working, he tends to kiss you on the forehead really gently and reminds you that he loves you so much and that nothing can change that

john laurens: dude he is so sweet when it comes to kissing and affection- he may get shy from time to time when it comes to kissing you- especially when he is around his friends and in public and he gets flustered very easily if you kiss him or start kissing his freckles. however, when you two are alone or on a date he is very very affectionate and he loves kissing your lips as well as pressing kisses to your knuckles when you are walking in the park or something

hercules mulligan: he is very unpredictable when it comes to kissing like he can just be kissing you gently one time and five minutes later, he’s kissing you very passionately and is kissing your neck- he loves kissing your neck by the way- as well. in public though he loves holding your hand and kissing your cheek and having this smile on his face because he is unintentionally showing you off because he thinks you are amazing

maria reynolds: she is very careful- due to her previous relationship she is kinda hesitant at first to show affection at all because she’s nervous and that’s understandable. when she realizes that you aren’t going to hurt her like james reynolds did, she slowly starts getting more affectionate until she gently kisses you to wake you up and while you guys are getting ready, you exchange hugs and other displays of affection as well

thomas jefferson: he is very very affectionate and isn’t afraid to kiss you in front of anyone in the world like if you two were to be on kiss-cam he wouldn’t even get embarrassed at all before or after making out with you (assuming you two are dating then) like he is a bit overwhelming with his affections and so he gets very passionate whenever he kisses you and it probably ends up with you two making out

james madison: he is like peggy in the fact that he is actually really shy when it comes to showing affection in general and it’s not like he does it often either because he doesn’t want to get you sick by accident or anything and he is always sick so it is a bit of a problem but!!! when he does show affection it’s just very gentle and it’s just like gently pressing his lips against yours and whispering i love you

Jazi’s Adventures in Dog Training post, as requested by a few asks.

I’ll be honest, the biggest reason I’ve hesitated to post this is because I don’t feel like getting into an argument. I’ve had enough of those, I’ll talk about this in detail but I would like at least one of my posts to go without screaming.

Recently, I’ve taken on a reactive client- a young dog I’ve known for about a year when she came through my puppy classes at 4 months old. L*, like most of my reactive dogs, is poorly matched with her current owner. She changed hands 3 times before she came to me as a puppy, each because she is ‘too much’. She is a rottweiler/bullysomething owned by an elderly couple who’s biggest and most energetic dog was a yorkie, and they are largely unprepared for what it means to own a working breed dog. They’re more than a little afraid of her and misread moat of her signals, which compounds the problem.

L is not only reactive, she is also a bad puller. She was started in a front clip harness after panicking in a halti no matter how desensitized she was to the pressure, and while her walking skills improved, she quickly figured out how to stand on her hind legs and slip it when she was reacting to an incoming dog. Clearly, that was no longer going to work.

For two sessions, I tried Creed’s prong on her, giving her a clear and consistent consequence for poor behavior. The majority of corrections were self inflicted, and her stress lowered as she quickly caught on to the more strict 'rules’ of a walk. I taught her owner how to use a prong, making sure that he understood not to hurt her or be unfair with it, and made him practice with it several times before allowing him to buy one himself.

He practiced keeping his emotions either upbeat or neutral, he practiced walking in a sterile area and then outside the store with no other dogs present with her at low stress and giving calm focus, we talked about threshold and timing and rewarding good behavior to replace the bad and LAT/LAM, and then last week… we added a dog. Creed, to be specific.

Her owner was dubious that she was ready, but I was more worried about whether HE was ready. L started off by roaring at Creed, he moved her away, and she deliberately chose to disengage. He kept his head and she continued to choose correctly again and again. She would look at Creed and stiffen, then offer the behavior of huffing, taking a step back, and gazing intently at her owner. (Me: reward that! Right now!)

L, a dog who, 4 weeks prior, could not even glance at another dog or dog-shaped item 50 feet away from her without having an explosive reaction, was more than capable of walking about 10 feet away from Creed side by side in a perfect heel, calm and relaxed and without stressing, tail and butt wiggling happily when he glanced down at her and scratched her ears for doing SO well and trying SO hard just for him. Her owner, who came in 4 weeks ago trying to get me to take her off his hands, was laughing and smiling and playing with her, calling to me how proud he was of her and how amazing he thinks she is.

L has a long way to go before she’s done. She’ll be coming to a few of my BAT workshops where I have group walks specifically to help dogs like her, and when she’s stronger with that we will wean her off of the prong and settle with a martengale since she is a collar-slipper. She is still fairly mismatched with her owner, but this has made him feel far more capable of handling her into adulthood and has prevented her from going through a 4th upheaval prior to turning 2.

I see repeated on here frequently- don’t use corrections for reactivity, reactivity and aggression is based in fear, corrections make fear worse. I would agree that SOME reactive or aggressive dogs are acting out of fear… but some are not. L started out as a frustrated greeter puppy. When she became a teenager, her frustration in being held back on a flat collar or harness in greeting morphed into reactivity. Changing her emotions towards Creed would not help here, as the problem was that she wanted to be social and was lashing out at the barrier preventing her from reaching her target. Unfortunately, to most people, this looks like serious dog or fear aggression.

Away from public eyes, I have had conversations with various dogblrs that perscribed to positive only training end up with a dog that was reactive and not out of fear. These folks work for months and sometimes years, just like I did with Creed, getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of improvement with +R and finally trying a prong, slip, or e collar… and the dog’s stress plummets as it is taught that the behavior is unacceptable please try performing something else.

Note that I am not saying to slap a prong on all reactive dogs and call it a day. I’ve used +R BAT on the vast majority of my reactive clients because those have been fear based. But those that aren’t, sometimes a different method is necessary. It’s always better to change your methodology to match the dog, rather than try to force the dog into the neat little box you want it to exist in.

Okay so I know I’ve been rambling endlessly about how much I love Nate and Sophie as a couple lately but just one more thing real quick, okay? Okay. I was thinking about the two of them (you know, as one does) and I realized yet another aspect of their relationship that is amazing and even more evidence of how great their relationship is portrayed on the show.

I love how much Nate supports and appreciates Sophie. So, you may be thinking, he doesn’t support her! After all, we are all well aware of The Office Job debacle, but it’s when she’s not completely there, when part of her is wandering through the role of a con, planning the meticulous aspects, that he has the tendency to take particular notice of her. And guys, I have examples!

In The Boiler Room Job, Hardison and Nate are in Nate’s apartment, listening as Sophie acts it up as The Chocolate Whisperer. Hardison is there, keyboard at the ready, slightly stressed, ready to help Sophie completely nail the chocolate tasting. Nate, however, is completely at ease, even smiling just a little bit. And then, of course, Sophie completely NAILS the chocolate tasting and Nate is standing there all proud as Hardison stares dumbfounded at his screen and Nate goes “Yep, that’s my girl.” THIS IS IMPORTANT. This is one of those moments where you can see how proud he is to be able to be with her, how much he appreciates the little skills she has that maybe others don’t know so much about. You can tell how extraordinary he KNOWS she is in this scene and I think that’s amazing.

Also, in The Toy Job, there is another amazing scene like that, except Sophie is actually there. So, the scene starts with Nate, Parker, and Sophie leaning against the table, eyes glued to the screen as they discuss the con. Suddenly, they need to think up a name for the toy they’re going to use. Sophie decides it’s time for her to leave, grabbing the attention of the others as she gets up, picking up her coat and moving towards the door. Then, just like that, she thinks up a name for the doll, a perfect name that will work just the way they need it to, and she comes up with a catch phrase too in the slightly dramatic way that only Sophie Devereaux could pull off before exiting in a way that is just as much Sophie Devereaux as the rest of her little speech. But the best part is when Nate turns around to look at Parker with the BIGGEST proud little smile you will ever see on his face, “Sophie Devereaux.” He says simply, ever in awe of the grifter, femme fatale, and thief that he was rapidly falling in love with.

Basically, I just love love love Nate and Sophie as a couple and I love Nate being proud of Sophie ❤️

BTS Falling for a Tall & Masculine looking girl

Anon requested:  ayye can i get a reaction to bts falling for a tall masculine looking girl thank youououk

Yes you can! I hope it’s alright :) You can always request again if you’d like to. ~A


He doesn’t mind her masculinity he actually thinks it’s cute. Her height that gets him a little discouraged. He doesn’t like being looked down on. And she literally has to look down to have a conversation with him. 

“Aish, now I know how Jimin feels when he has to talk to anybody.” 

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Joon doesn’t give a fuuuuuuuuuuck  about her height / masculinity. He thinks she looks amazing no matter what and literally melts when she does anything around him.

“Aish, she’ll be the death of me. My tall, beautiful goddess.” 

Is just over all a fluffy goofball when anyone brings her up in a conversation 

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He’s got nothing against her height but feels WAY discouraged about her masculinity. She seems fearless and also quite strongly built whilst he’s just a yellow noodle who wants to prove he’s manly enough to protect her. It would backfire because he’d scream and run away over a spider and she’d just put it in her hand and take it outside. 

“Aish, I messed up, didn’t I?”

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Tries SO HARD to act like a normal gentleman until she finally told him to just be himself. Then the alien comes out and he’d kinda just put on her high heels and start laughing. 

“I’m still not even clearing your shoulders.”

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Is a sulky, pouty, whiney little boy.


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Surprises all of Bangtan and even himself because he turns soft and giggly when she’s around.

“Can you like.. Come down here so I can attempt to kiss you?”

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He loves her to death but always runs and hides when she’s around because she’s a girl and we all know how good Kookie is with the chicks. 

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‘the first time you meet him, he’s funny’ - in the pilot bill asked loads of questions and sort of challenged the doctor and probably did think he was funny

‘the second time, he’s amazing!’ - in smile she was super impressed and although she questioned the sci-fi, she never questioned his morality

'the third time, you realise he’s the most dangerous man in the universe’ - THE LINE AT THE END OF THE NEXT TIME TRAILER