and he talked about supernatural fandom

Fan talking about Jensen as “Oscar material“

When we first saw you in Supernatural we thought “Oh well, he’s really handsome.”

But then we found out that there was more than that, that you have so much more to offer. We think that a good actor can take you to a different place and is able not to only make you forget that you are watching an actor but who also makes you care about the journey of a character. And that you really make people who watch you care about you and your characters and not just because you have a pretty face.

You handle both, tragedy and comedy, with equal ability and your face and eyes speak a thousand words, even when you are saying nothing at all. So, when Supernatural will end, don’t think about it as a conclusion but as a stepping stone which will lead you towards a bright future, because you are Oscar material.

Fandoms Reaction About Who Won the Election
  • Hetalia: *faints*
  • Homestuck: Oh boy...we need sburb to be real now...
  • Doctor Who: Haha byyyye! *goes into tardis*
  • Sherlock: I guess he lowered the IQ of most of the states with his talking...

As much as I love Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles holds the title of being his number one fan.

I just love listening to Jensen talk about Dean and thought a few of you might enjoy it as well =D

I Can't Lose you

Summary: After Y/N is injured in a hunt, Sam is beyond angry with her. He screams an yells before leaving. But when he comes back, he tells her why he was so upset. 

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader

Warnings: Angst just a lot of angst, worthlessness, Sam is being kind of a dick, talk about death

Word Count: 1,006

Prompt: Congrats Darlin!!!!! 💕 41, 46, or 1 with Sam and angst would be wonderful! Congrats again!- @flyin-down-a-backroad ( “What the Hell were you thinking running in like that?!”)

A/N: Here you go sweetie I hope y’all enjoy it!

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Being a Winchester would include...

•Dad talks
•Shouting at you when you mess up on a hunt
•Not letting you go on really dangerous hunts
•making your older brothers look after you when he goes on hunts alone
•being over protective when you get flirted with in bars when he’s around
•not letting you do normal-teen things like hanging out with your friends
•worrying about you 24/7
•"what the hell were you thinking?“
•sinking to your height to give you a hug because he’s so tall and you’re so small
•worrying about you constantly
•making you stand behind him on hunts
•not letting anyone hurt you
•staring down guys that flirt with you in bars
•"I did it to protect you”
•not letting you out of his sight on hunts
•holding your hand when Dean is stitching up any wounds you get on a hunt
•very very over protective
•comforting you with hugs when you cry because he’s not good with words
•stitching you up when you get hurt on a hunt
•shouting at you and arguing with you a lot
•but it’s only because he cares about you
•standing up for you when John shouts at you for messing up on a hunt
•"she’s just a kid, would you lay off"
•protective when your on hunts… “Do what you want to me just don’t hurt her”
•"how could be so damn stupid"
•selling his soul for you
•giving you the last piece of pie even though he really wants it


“(y/n)?” Dean exclaimed, bewildered that Sam would even say your name. “She’s dead, Sam. And she’s been dead for a very long time, because she couldn’t control her powers.”

“Yeah, but she saved our asses while doing it. And that’s exactly what I’m talking about; she has power. And a lot of it. And with Chuck by our side, he can, like… help her control them somehow.”

“Sam,” Dean started.

“Listen, Dean; I know I shouldn’t have brought her up, but… we need her.” Dean hated the thought of bringing you back into this. After you died, Dean couldn’t say goodbye for a long time. And now that you’re coming back? And he get’s to see your smile and the way your eyes smile with you, your hands that always held his and never let go… you. He’s not sure if he could lose that again.

“…Fine.” A wave of relief rolled off of Sam’s shoulders once Dean acknowledged the plead. “If you need me, I’ll be in my room.”

It’s a really bad time to think about it because it’s literally 10 am but…

Can any of you imagine what would it be like if Rich was just a little bit too late to get to Rob at the con at Toronto in 2013 (you know what I’m talking about)?

Can you imagine a life without Rob Benedict in it because I can’t.

If he wasn’t here, I wouldn’t even be in this fandom, or met any of you amazing people I consider a better family than my own. 

If he wasn’t here, I don’t think I’d be here either. 

So thank God for Richard fucking Speight Jr. for being quick enough to save a life that has saved so many others. 

My Tutor

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Part II / Part III

Requested: Yes! By the lovely teodorsalparov!

Prompt: “ hello! i dreamed about something last night so this is gonna be very specific :D so y/n is stiles’ cousin and she moves in with the stilinski family and her mother was a fairy, so she knows all about the supernatural. she quickly becomes lydia and allison’s best friend. one day she has to bring something to allison’s house while she isn’t there and chris invites her in for coffee. and while they are talking he kisses her. what happens next is on your imagination ½

2/2 because i would really love to see how this goes, given the fact that i woke up at the exact moment of the kiss :D thank you in advance c:

Fandom: Teen Wolf 

Character: Chris Argent

Word Count: 1.674

Warnings: The reader is underage and as you know Chris is way older, so don’t read if you have a problem with that,

Type: Slight Smut

Authors Note: I got a little bit carried away, and I changed the coffee thing. 

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You Are Not Alone

Misha x Fan!Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Mentions Of Suicidal Thoughts

Words: 1,052

Request From Anon: how about a misha oneshot where she gets him to sign something super personal and meaningful to her and she starts tearing up when she tells the story behind it? Like to the point where she can’t talk and runs away in embarrassment and he finds her later on?

I just wanted to say thank you to @one-shots-supernatural, you help get unstuck with this when my brain just didn’t want to function. So, technically, this is from both of us Anon. Enjoy! We love you!

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“Oh my god, they’re beautiful,” you muttered in a gasp, not being able to tear your eyes away from the gorgeous wings arching above the Archangel. Lucifer flashed you a questioning look, his expression averting to shocked and skeptical; he was analyzing you, trying to figure you out, trying to figure out what you were talking about, and if you were talking about what he thinks you’re talking about, then the entire situation itself would change drastically.

“(y/n),” Cas started slowly, “to what are you referring to?”

“His wings,” you pointed out. “They’re stunning.” You looked between Cas and Lucifer; Lucifer had a look upon his face that you never thought you’d see- it was more gentle and considering than most of the time, and Cas just stood there, swallowing harshly. “Did I… do something wrong?” you asked reluctantly.

“Would you like to explain to your friend here what this means, Castiel?” Lucifer suggested, a smile tugging at the end of his lips. Castiel gave him a fleet glare in response, then he gently turned to you.

“You can see his wings,” Castiel questioned in the form of a statement. You nodded, blinking in anticipation. “Humans generally can’t see angels wings, that is unless…” he trailed off, reluctant to finish the sentence, he just looked at you, his eyes showing a sort of… deep concern. “Unless that human is destined to be with a particular angel- soul mates, as your  kind would call it.”

I Love You Too

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: T

Pairing: Destiel

Summary: After dealing with Ramiel, Dean is finding it difficult to sleep. On his way to the kitchen to get a beer he finds Castiel all alone in the war room, and the two of them talk about what hapened.

Author’s Note: Do not read this unless you’ve seen 12x12 - “Stuck in the Middle (With You)”.

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Tagging Thingy

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Last song I listened to: The Schuyler Sisters…

top 3 shows: Supernatural, Sherlock, Timeless

top 3 characters: Princess Leia (still not over that), Belle, Hetty Lange

top 3 ships: ten x rose, Haruhi x Tamaki, and lastly I ship Castiel w/ being happy, healthy, and not abused for once

I tag @stupidships3335 @hamilimagines @imkindapassionate-kindasoulless @queentyna @daveedsbra @allofmyimagination (I’m just gonna do 6…I’m sorry but I’m cheating. It’s late, I’m tired)

My favorite thing about the destiel fandom is that we are one of the biggest shipping fandoms out there, we’re the most blogged ship, and we’ve won Jensen and Misha the award for best chemistry. 

And yet these two characters haven’t even kissed. We’re all just like, “Awww yess, look at that sweet sweet eye contact.” “But guys, what if they were alone….and they TALKED! Can you imagine?” “OHMYGOD HES TOUCHING HIS ARM” 

I love ya’all so much. 

Haunt me

Title: Haunt me
Fandom: D.Gray-man
Summary: Red is the Devil’s child, so being haunted by a ghost isn’t too abnormal, right? He just wished this Neah would stop cursing Mana.
AN: October Writings Day 5. Wherein Neah does not exactly stay in Allen’s head. For those curious: I’m taking October/Autumn/Halloween/Supernatural themed prompts for all fandoms, characters and ships (I know).

“He named a dog after you but not after me?” Red’s annoying companion ranted. “Wow, talk about love.”

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  • <p> <b>Hetalia:</b> I can't believe Homestuck's dead... *sniffle*<p/><b>Supernatural:</b> Don't worry, I'm sure he cared deeply about you. *pats shoulder*<p/><b>Dr. Who:</b> Yes... He would want us to trek on...<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> Ahem.<p/><b>Hetalia:</b> I just... wish I could talk to him one more time.<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> Ahem!<p/><b>Supernatural:</b> I think we all know what he would say...<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> AHEM!<p/><b>Dr. Who:</b> What is it, 'Lock?<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *points to crudely made coffin*<p/><b>Homestuck:</b> *busts out of coffin* HOMESTUCK 2.0; HIVESWAP; I'M BACK BITCHES.<p/><b>Supernatural:</b> Fuck.<p/></p>
Just One Scene: Part 1 (Jensen X Reader)

FANDOM: supernatural

CHARACTERS: Jensen X Reader, Jared, Misha (and I guess the characters they play)

WARNINGS: mention of blood, talk of depression and mental breakdowns.

SUMMARY: You play one of the shows lead female characters, and your character is about to get with Dean for the first time. this is in the midst of your characters emotional breakdown, and turns out to be a really romantic, hot and heavy scene. You’re afraid your own feelings for Jensen will get in the way, but he’s worried about the same thing..

A/N: I had a request kinda like this a while back, and started writing it. I wanted it to be kinda lengthy since I haven’t posted in a while, so I hope you like it. As always, feed back is appreciated, requests are most certainly welcome and I love you all?

Pellets of rain pummelled the windscreen of your car, the thunderous drops echoing inside. It was calm, peaceful, exactly what you need to put your mind at rest for today. You sipped at your steaming Starbucks and tapped the steering wheel as you waiting in the Vancouver morning traffic.

Your script was in the passenger seat, along with overflowing cups of coffee for the crew. Being an actress on Supernatural was the best thing that had ever happened to you. Not only did it mean you had the privileges of expressing yourself within society, but it also gave you the most loving family.

It was a strange thing, to go to work in the morning to be with family, but it’s truly what they were.

Jared was like your brother, and you would always goof around together, trying to get everybody else to screw up the take. Misha was always there to make you laugh; you weren’t sure how he did it, but within seconds of being in his presence, you’d double over in keels of uncontrollable laughter. And then there was Jensen, your best friend. He was one of the people you were most grateful for. He was always the one you’d go to if you needed help. You started out hanging out on set, then at lunch times, and then eventually after filming. Now, you were inseparable 24/7.

Pulling up into the gravelly car lot on set, your eyes found Jared’s and he waved at you from his trailer door. You grabbed your tray of coffee’s, your bag and jacket, and made your way over.

“Morning moose!” You chuckled handing him his coffee. He guffawed at your struggles to move the objects in your hands.

“Morning Y/N. Need some big manly help with that?” He teased tugging on your jacket and throwing you off your balance. You kicked his leg with the thick sole of your boot playfully.

“Actually, asshole, I’m a fully grown woman and can cope by myself!” Misha’s rumbling laughter came from behind Jared as he emerged from Jared’s trailer too.

“God Jared, don’t objectify the girl!” You rolled your eyes at them, handing Misha his coffee too.

“Y'all are stupid. Anyone seen Jensen?” You changed the subject, hoping to get the last of your coffee off the tray. The boys exchanged a look and started smirking at you.

“Why? Want some practice for today’s scenes?” Jared said, with Misha adding “Hope you shaved” at the end. This time you put your shit down and squared your shoulders.

“Fight me, bro!” You growled, and chest bumped Jared. This however wasn’t the best idea as he was 6'5 of solid muscle, and your boobs just bounced off him. In fact, it kinda ached, and it took everything not to touch your boobs out of reflex. He took this chance and grabbed your wrists, spinning you round.

“I’ll win!” You scoffed and laid your head back on his giant shoulder.

“Nahhhh, you love me too much!” Misha slurred as he hugged you from from the front, and Jared from behind.

“Yeahhhh we doooo” they cooed as they slowly squashed you into a flat block. Pushing them with all the strength your measly body could scrounge, they slowly began to separate, laughing at your feeble attempt.

“GUYS! Cut it out!” You shouted, tapping out on Jared’s arm. Yet again, they were laughing at your expense, but right now, you hadn’t a care in the world.

“Where IS Jensen?” You questioned, praying for an actual answer. The last coffee on your tray was bugging you, and all you wanted was to give it to Jensen so you could start your day.

“He’s in the makeup trailer, he has an early scene or something?” Jared gave in, almost feeling bad for pissing you off already. You pulled your bag over your shoulder, picked up the coffee tray and muttered thanks to them both before setting off towards makeup.

The rain had long since stopped, leaving a dew over everything. Splashes sounded below your feet as you trenched through the puddles of rain towards the trailer. A good 90% of the crew was already on set, ready for the big day ahead.

Lighting would be a huge issue, so that’s was a key focus today. Not that you wanted to think about that right now. Your character, Mia Dowley, was finally about to get together with Dean. For months, nearly years, the two characters had been pining over each other, not realising that either of the other had feelings for them.

This was the penultimate episode: they finally get together. And not just a kiss either, noooooo. The fans were truly getting what they wanted, in the form of a heated, passionate, emotional shower scene. It was supposed to be Mia, saturated in blood after a hunt, sitting in the shower mid breakdown, when Dean breaks her out of her reverie. This scene had to be perfect, you owed it to the fans. You owed to Mia.

Thoughts clouding your mind, you failed to see Jensen going into his trailer, and instead went straight to makeup. When you opened the door, the team was having a whispered conversation in the corner. Immediately, they swerved your way, all eyes on you.

“Oh! Hey Y/N!” Maya greeted you cheerfully, coming over to the makeup chair. “Big day ahead, we need to get started now!” We began fumbling about on the vanity table, organising the products you’d need.

“Yeah, sure, uhm. Has anyone seen Jensen?” You asked, casually biting your lip, like you did when his name entered your head. The rest of the girls giggled a little, aware of what they thought was a little crush. You rolled your eyes at them.

“Yeah” Maya told you. “Just finished his makeup, he went to do some early scenes. You didn’t see him coming in?” For a brief second, you had a flashback to your earlier thoughts of sexy times in the shower with Dean, and grew nervous again.

“No, I was a little distracted… What’s on the menu today?” You decided to change the subject, praying to Chuck that they wouldn’t jump on your ‘distraction’. To your delight, you were right.

“Well, first, we gotta make you flawless and waterproof your makeup since it’s a shower scene. I mean, not that you aren’t already flawless, you bitch, but some mild colour correction. Then we gotta take the….” Her voice became a sound at the back of your mind as you sank into your thoughts. At the very forefront of your mind, you wondered if Jensen was anywhere near as nervous as you…


Jensen’s boots clumped around on the trailer floor, filling the silence with synchronised thuds. It was just enough to keep him sane while his mind was whirring out of control. Today’s scene had him riled up.

How in God’s name was he supposed to keep it together. He was kissing you! I mean, you!!! You were the most incredible person he knew. You never ceased to amaze him. He knew you were smart, but when he’d gotten to really know you, he became convinced you were some kind of genius.

Everything you believed in made sense to him. Not only that, but in a way, you were the perfect partner. And oh yes, the cliche of falling in love with your friend, or falling in love with co worker was too much too handle, but you were perfect to him. All he could think about was how hard it would be to get the character onto the screen, because he’d struggle to get past his own feelings first. But, he was an actor, and he could do anything he set his mind to.

'It’s like when Jared tries to mess with me in a scene, I just gotta power through. Straight face it!’ He thought to himself. A knock on the door snapped him out of his reverie.

“YEAH?” He called, hoping it wasn’t Y/N. Luckily, Jared came through the door with a cup of coffee. He set it on the counter next to Jensen.

“Hey man. Y/N got everyone coffee this morning, but couldn’t find you so she sent me.” Shoot. Jensen had forgotten it was your day to get coffee. He should have gone and got it.

“Thanks man” he managed to utter out before returning to his restless pacing. Jared eyed him knowingly: he totally knew how he felt. I mean, how could he not, He’s Jensen’s best friend!

“Bro, you gotta lock it up!” He laughed, seeing how nervous Jensen was.

“Am I that obvious?” He said, chuckling with him.

“Yeah, it’s stupid. Just think about how important the scene is from a story telling point of view. Think about the characters. Forget about anyone else. Think of Dean and Mia.” With that, Jared left to go get his makeup done, leaving Jensen alone to internalise his worries yet again. It was just one day, then he could go back to being the annoying bastard who ruined all your takes.


Finally, you were on set. You were there and you were ready. Makeup had taken a while, but at least you looked good. They’d waterproofed your skin makeup, so your face looked flawless, but they’d let your mascara run, almost to make it look like you’d been crying. It was an emotional scene after all.

Currently, your clothes were spattered in fake blood, and you were wearing fancy underwear with an easy rip shirt. You weren’t a method actor at all, but right now, you were doing everything you could to get into that emotional headspace; It almost felt like being an angst ridden teenager again. God, next thing you knew, you’d be screaming along to Twenty One Pilots and assuring your mom that the new haircut you got wasn’t a phase. (Spoiler: it totally was)

“Y/N, we’re ready for you” beckoned the director, gesturing the AD’s over to where you were sitting. They bustled around you, moving you to your mark. Maya came in to touch up your makeup and re arrange your clothes. Just thinking about what was about to happen made you nervous, emotional. What if you completely screwed it up, and the fans hated it? You couldn’t do that to them, not after what they’d done for you.

“Alright, when we call action, we’re gonna aim for one take. We want real, raw emotion. Anyone who doesn’t need to be here, please leave” called the director. At least it was a chilled out episode. He’d assured you that you could take as much time as you needed to get the emotions right, and that they’d just cut it down in editing.

“All right… And…. Action!”

Proud To Be Unique

Osric x Fan!Reader

Warnings: None?

Words: 815

Request From Anon: Have you ever done an Osric oneshot? He is just so genuine and caring and sweet and I’d love to see one for him.  Maybe the reader is wearing his Proud to be Unique campaign shirt and he sees her on the street and they start talking about it and she tells him about her struggles?

Sorry it’s short Anon, but hopefully you love it! I love Osric, but this is the first time I’ve written him. Hopefully I didn’t butcher it.

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Alright, so I’ve been running this blog for almost 3 years now, and I think it’s important for me on day 2000 of Adam’s stint in hell to talk to you guys about all of this.

First of all, I’ve long since left the Supernatural fandom. I haven’t watched Supernatural since early season 10 (I basically stopped watching as soon as I found out it was being renewed for an 11th season). I just couldn’t continue watching the showrunners beating this dead horse. In all honesty I think they should’ve ended after season 5, but that’s neither here nor there. Watching a TV show die is so much less painful than watching it continue to live well after its expiry date.

The reason I started this blog was that Dean was given the choice between saving Sam and saving Adam, and he obviously chose Sam. I didn’t have a problem with that. I had a problem with the fact that after that point, Dean never tried to go back and save Adam. Death gave Dean an ultimatum, and given the amount of times we’ve seen the Winchesters take the third option, I couldn’t believe that they never went back to make Death save Adam too. 

I know a lot of people think that there are more characters more deserving of a rescue from hell, for example Bela Talbot, and for the most part I agree. The only reason I chose Adam was that there was a big song and dance about the fact that Adam /could/ be saved, and nothing was ever made of it again. Frankly, and I hope this doesn’t make you guys hate me, but I always found Adam to be a bit of a bland and underdeveloped character. But that’s just me. A fair number of you guys obviously seem to really like him, which is why you follow me, I guess. 

This was never intended to be an Adam roleplay blog, which is kind of the reason I don’t answer most asks sent to me. Sorry about that. If you ever sent me an ask that I didn’t get around to answering, sorry. I played along with it for a while, but the thing about roleplay blogs is that people will send you asks that are designed to catch you out, or to be difficult to answer, just so that they can say “aha, got you” when whatever you said gets Jossed by canon.

I received an ask a little while ago suggesting that Adam was never in hell to begin with. I also saw a text post to the same effect. When Cas threw that molotov cocktail, Adam’s body was destroyed, and even though Michael, being an angel, didn’t die, Adam did, and would’ve been sent to heaven. I didn’t give this theory much credibility at the time to be honest, because the ultimatum Death gave Dean certainly implied that Adam was in the cage with Sam. However, Death could’ve been lying to Dean, knowing that he’d pick Sam, but testing him to see if he’d surprise him. I don’t know if I believe it, though. Death certainly has a soft spot for Dean. 

As well as that, all official sources I can find seem to operate under the assumption that Adam is in hell, and canon (as far as I’m aware, given that I don’t keep up to date with it any more) never implies otherwise. Still, at this point I think there is some weight to the theory that Adam is in heaven, and has been all long. 

I’m sure some of you have noticed, I haven’t always been good at keeping my queue up to date, and I’ve had my fair share of technical problems (like that for a long time I didn’t realise that if I hit the post limit on my main blog, things queued on this blog wouldn’t post).

This blog has been a constant part of my life for the past 3 years, and here, on day 2000 is where I’m choosing to end it, I want to end on the note that maybe I was wrong all along. Maybe Adam was never in hell to begin with.

Thank you. 

- Ella