and he talked about supernatural fandom

Fan talking about Jensen as “Oscar material“

When we first saw you in Supernatural we thought “Oh well, he’s really handsome.”

But then we found out that there was more than that, that you have so much more to offer. We think that a good actor can take you to a different place and is able not to only make you forget that you are watching an actor but who also makes you care about the journey of a character. And that you really make people who watch you care about you and your characters and not just because you have a pretty face.

You handle both, tragedy and comedy, with equal ability and your face and eyes speak a thousand words, even when you are saying nothing at all. So, when Supernatural will end, don’t think about it as a conclusion but as a stepping stone which will lead you towards a bright future, because you are Oscar material.


9x08 “Rock and A Hard Place”
On Comfort and Gentleness

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

This moment like many others throughout Supernatural as a whole imo shines a light on what Dean truly craves and what he thinks he is able to receive or what he deserves. This is a topic that has been point of discussion and fighting within the fandom for a long time and I rather not get involved in any of that, but to me Dean and his “sex life” is yet another clear case of “show vs. tell” that Supernatural utilizes heavily. I have talked about this multiple times and especially in relation to famous misconceptions about the Winchesters brothers, because while the show often “tells” the audience that supposedly Sam is the more emotional one and opens up more, we actually don’t see that while Dean verbalizes his emotions and concerns much more frequently than Sam ever did and yet he is often described to be the one “not wanting to talk”.

Now, how does that have anything to do with Dean and his sexual adventures? I think it’s important to take Dean’s own words at face value here, because imo he is actually very honest in this moment. To me his words reveal that especially in times of great distress Dean opts for sex as a means to feel better, though he knows perfectly well it’s only a temporary fix as one night stands aren’t really what he craves, but this type of intimacy is closest he thinks he could get. It’s clear however in his words and multiple other actions and comments throughout the series that Dean really isn’t looking just to shack up, but actually craves comfort and true connection, something that lasts far longer and something that has actually nothing to with sex at all.

So this might be a wildly unpopular opinion, but to me Dean substitutes feeling good and comforted and loved with having sex, where he can feel like that at least for a couple of hours, because really he doesn’t think anyone would want to be with him longer than that anyway. Plus, and this is mostly headcanon, for all Dean’s boasting, I think when it comes right down to it and to a serious relationship he might be very self conscious and insecure, for sure he would be a very sweet boyfriend, because if Supernatural proved one thing then it is Dean craving human touch and gentleness, intimacy really. And that has nothing to do with sex or sth physical at all tbh. Intimacy can be displayed in various forms but to me one of the most important aspects surrounding it is trust, allowing yourself to be vulnerable because you know you’re loved and understood.


“Can you tell me about him?” Jack asked Dean one day, as he walked into the elder Winchester’s room.


“My father… Castiel.”

Dean almost asked Jack to talk to Sam about it and to leave him alone but he relented.

“Unlike most angels, Cas was not a douchebag,” Dean started. “He loved humanity and he always put others’ well being over his own. He was selfless and he cared deeply about everything and everyone.”

Jack was now listening very intently to Dean’s words.

“He was a good soldier, but he was more than that. He was family…”

Dean could feel a lump forming in his throat. He took a deep breath to keep his voice steady and continued,

“He was my best friend and… and sometimes more.”

“You loved him?” Jack’s head was tilted slightly to the left as he looked at Dean with a questioning look.

Dean was about to get defensive and shut Jack out and deny everything. He wanted to tell Jack that what he was implying was absurd. But before he could say anything, Dean’s eyes fell on the mixtape by his bed. It was slightly cracked from the number of times he had thrown it against the wall in frustration at Chuck. He had even been mad at Cas for not sticking to their plan. He was mad at Cas for getting killed.

Dean cleared his throat and looked at Jack to see the nephilim still looking at Dean with a questioning look.

“I love him,” Dean agreed, his voice barely a whisper. “I am in love with Castiel and my biggest regret is that I never got a chance to tell him that.”

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Redder Than Ever

This is part five of the Good Little Angel series!

Good Little Angel

Good Little Angel part two

Good Little Angel part three

Good Little Angel part four

Word count: 1,082

Warning: smut, riding

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Summary/Request: Thank you @curlyxtomato for your request! This is a part five.

Your eyes become a subject of wonder and Cas presents you with a pretty shocking question. Not to mention what Lucifer admits…

A/N: Thank you all so much for supporting this series, I will be posting a Dean smut soon but this series is definitely not over yet.

Originally posted by markpellegrinoworld

“You’re lying.”

“Were you lying when you said that you could see my wings?” Lucifer raised an eyebrow, seemingly unbothered.

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Reasons To Date You (Brett Talbot)

Brett x Reader

Summary: Brett overhears you in school when you’re talking with your friends about how no one never wants to date you, and he’s eager to read a list about ‘reasons to date you’ out loud.

A/N: Thank you @bonniebird for providing me with this idea, I love this so much. Also, thank you for the help. ♥

Teen Wolf Masterlist

Brett Talbot Masterlist

Your extremely bad mood couldn’t be mistaken.

It was your second year of high school and all of your friends got themselves a significant other during their freshmen year. 

Well, everyone except you, it seemed like.

“Why are you pouting Y/N?” one of your closest friend sat down next to you and you wrinkled your nose once you saw her partner sit down next to her, knowing that his would be a lunch with a cuddle-party.’

And you would be third-wheeling.

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In honor of the100th episode of Supernatural Misha has worked on (He’s worked on 100, only acted in 99 though) - I decided to share with you guys, 100 reasons that I love @mishacollins as a sort of tribute/celebration to him. He’s done so much to change my life and I just wanted to put my love for him out into the universe. I also made this into a twitter thread which can be found HERE.

1.) He gives me strength to get up and get through my day whether he knows it or not.
2.) He cares about his fans & constantly strives to show just how much.
3.) He cares about minorities that the struggles we face daily.
4.) He cares about the LGBTQ+ community & has gone to far length to prove just how much.
5.) He cares about mental health & the issues that affect those of us who suffer because of our MH issues.
6.) He cares about disadvantaged youths and wants to give them an equal playing field (Free high school, etc)
7.) He cares about disadvantaged groups in general & proves it daily through his work with Random Acts.
8.) He cares about lonely Senior citizens & tried to brighten an otherwise lonely day for them (Valentines Day).
9.) He funded Random Acts - a registered 501©(3) charity on his own because he’s the change he wants to see.
10.) He constantly runs charity events throughout RA & gets his fans excited to donate & put good out into the world.
11.) He runs GISHWHES - the biggest scavenger hunt in the world and most of proceeds from that go to charity too.
12.) His scavenger hunt often encourages others to commit random acts of charity towards strangers.
13.) He cares about the state of our country and how the political turmoil affects the everyday citizen.
14.) He is extremely invested in politics and is not afraid to speak his voice on things that offend him.
15.) He fights for the people. Not just his people, or my people - but all people.
16.) When he makes mistakes, he owns up to them and apologizes even when he doesn’t have to.
17.) He is active on social media and gives us (his fans) peeks into his daily life, which he knows we always want more of.
18.) He is a general friendly person who goes out of his way to be an angel to everyone he meets.
19.) The money from his Castiel photo ops at conventions goes to charity.
20.) Growing up, he experienced the struggle of poverty & goes out of his way to level the playing field for others in that situation.
21.) He’s EXTREMELY humble about his accomplishments and doesn’t brag about his good deeds.
22.) To date, he’s still shocked and made to blush when fans express how he has changed their lives.
23.) He wears safety pins when he can, to let people know he is an ally and will protect people who need protection.
24.) He’s a published poet and has a way with words that speaks to millions.
25.) He is EXTREMELY intelligent and uses his ideas and intelligence for nothing but GOOD.
26.) He is an amazingly talented actor & with that talent has become one of the most loved characters on Supernatural.
27.) He plays himself on Supernatural (an angel)
28.) He engages his fans, even going as far as answering questions other actors refuse to.
29.) He’s selflessly shared extremely personal stories of his struggle at conventions in front of large crowds.
30.) He supports intersectional feminism.
31.) He supports nasty women and acknowledges the world needs us and has talked publicly about it
32.) Even though shippers are historically snubbed in the SPN fandom, he gives us a voice.
33.) He’s gone as far as to physically “Ship” Destiel and that warms the cockles of my heart.
34.) He married his high school sweetheart.
35.) His relationship with his wife is absolutely beautiful and a goal for anyone with a significant other.
36.) The love he has for his wife is visible whenever he talks about her, he softens up and smiles.
37.) He supports his wife’s business endeavors no matter what they may be & defends her accomplishments.
38.) He & Vicki renewed their vows dressed in drag at an Albertsons and that in itself is amazing.
39.) He takes the time to maintain his beautiful marriage & goes on spiritual retreats with his wife.
40.) His family in itself is pure and goals for anyone with a family.
41.) He’s a busy man but still takes time to be a great father to his kids and it shows.
42.) He gives us access to his time with his kids sometimes and it never fails to put a smile on my face.
43.) He brings his kids to conventions sometimes and it’s adorable - there’s NOBODY who doesn’t love it when he does that.
44.) There are tons of instances where he has been seen comforting distressed fans on his own free will.
45.) He encourages fans to say hi to him if we see him out and about.
46.) He takes fans out to do fun things during his meet n greets, something which no other actor does.
47.) He has publicly stated he appreciates fanworks whether it be art, fanfic, crafts etc.
48.) He built his own house, proving he loves to see the fruits of his effort.
49.) He built most of the furniture in his house further proving he’s a hard worker.
50.) He interned at the White House during the Clinton administration
51.) He made the engagement ring he proposed to Vicki with.
52.) He invited fans to join him during his bike ride for E4K this year.
53.) He teaches his kids about healthy eating while teaching them HOW to cook.
54.) He ran over 50 miles for charity & anyone who’s ever even ran 1 mile knows how brutal that must have been.
55.) In 2011, he was named TV’s “Best Non-Human” by TV Guide which proves he’s actually an angel.
56.) His smile is singlehandedly the most beautifully infectious smile I have ever laid eyes upon.
57.) He looks good in literally anything.
58.) When I’m feeling crappy about life, I just look at pictures of him and I instantly feel better.
59.) His charity is in partnership with a crisis support group that has helped thousands of people like me during hard times.
60.) He’s not afraid to be emotional publicly and has even publicly cried before over issues that matter to him.
61.) His hard work and dedication inspire me to want to reach MY own goals.
62.) Seeing everything he’s accomplished makes me not want to give up.
63.) His sense of humor is brilliant and truly funny.
64.) He’s not afraid to make himself the butt of a joke and that kind of humor is extremely attractive.
65.) His humility (that I touched on earlier) transcends into everything he does whether it be his job, family or charity.
66.) He directly helps his fans - ex of which can be helping w/homework, sending them autograph replacements etc.
67.) He has posted his phone number publicly with the sole purpose to have conversations with fans.
68.) He truly regrets working on a movie about sexual assault & openly discourages people from watching it so we don’t get triggered.
69.) He steps out of his comfort zone sometimes to face issues in the fandom that no other actor wants to.
70.) He takes the time away from his family to come to conventions for his fans even when he’s extremely tired.
71.) His smile lights up any room.
72.) He very clearly says “fuck you” to gender norms & constantly does things like paint his nails.
73.) He encourages people to vote, even if it’s not for his candidate.
74.) He acknowledges the importance of white people being allies to minorities.
75.) He is extremely humble about his incredible good looks.
76.) He takes the winning gishwhes team on a vacation with him every year.
77.) He has been known to talk about very personal issues that resonate with fans during his meet n greets.
78.) He is nice to literally everyone (I’m serious, even to the people he dislikes: note, trump)
79.) This is kind of unrelated toa lot of the other reasons but he’s THICC HAVE YOU SEEN HIS THIGHS? wow.
80.) He’s an anchor for a lot of people who constantly struggle with depression (such as myself) and he guides us back to a good state of mind.
81.) He’s interested in the environment and he proved that during E4K this yr by bringing a geologist to talk to us about the terrain.
82.) His interactive gishwhes competitions inspire people to think outside the box.
83.) He’s simply beautiful like have you SEEN a picture of him?
84.) Everything he does is to better this world and community.
85.) He is the purest person I have ever come across in my life and I’ve come across quite a few people.
86.) His smiles are always genuine, you can tell by the way his eyes crinkle.
87.) He has struggled so much in his life and even then, came out successful. He is GOALS for all of us.
88.) He understands the reality behind a lot of these online “challenges” such as the ALS challenge & truly cares about the causes.
89.) He is extremely work oriented and has been known to stay on set way beyond what he was supposed to to film & perfect his scenes.
90.) His voice is pretty much the single most incredibly beautiful thing I have ever been graced with the opportunity to hear.
91.) He cares about orphans, refugees & homelessness.
92.) I truly believe that he loves each and every single one of his fans.
93.) He’s an imaginative goofball & that shows through with the items he has for gishwhes every year.
94.) He was the best thing to ever happen to me.
95.) This man is the epitome is what one should strive to be when it comes to their attitude, life & personality
96.) Whenever there’s a tragedy in a foreign country, he tries to tweet his support in their native language.
97.) He continually shows he cares about the fans that go through struggles and need support.
98.) When I first found out about his past, I promised myself I’d stop self injuring & make something out of my life. I am now clean of self injury and have been for a while.
99.) He unknowingly helped save me from one of the worst depressive periods of my 26 yr old life where everything seemed bleak & hopeless.
100.) His love for life saved MY life when I was hellbent on ending it last year and I will be eternally grateful to him for that.

So yeah, if you ever want to even begin to question my love for Misha Collins- don’t. I will love him fiercely until my dying breath.

Congrats on the milestone, Misha. We love you.

Fandoms Reaction About Who Won the Election
  • Hetalia: *faints*
  • Homestuck: Oh boy...we need sburb to be real now...
  • Doctor Who: Haha byyyye! *goes into tardis*
  • Sherlock: I guess he lowered the IQ of most of the states with his talking...
Exam Season

Request- Hi! I was hoping I could request something since exams are giving me extreme stress. Could you do a Cas x Reader imagine, (who is also the Winchester’s youngest sis), where the Reader puts makeup on him? And obviously Cas is like, “why are you putting makeup on my vessel?”. Just something funny like that. Thanks❤ 

Word Count- 794

Masterlist       Prompt list     Request a story or drabble

Tag- @evyiione     @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish   (also tagging @winchesters-favorite-girl as she as her test tomorrow good luck!)

A/n- This is just a quick little story I wrote while revising for my exams. I made the reader and Cas just friends I hope that’s okay anon :)

“I love death. I really do.” You say looking at the piles of books you have to revise from.

“Dean killed Death remember.” Cas says looking through all your books. “Sam and Dean said to inform you that they will be back later on. Also they said not to over do it on the revision.” He says turning to look at you.

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J2 Gold Panel at HousCon17

Now that the panel videos are out (thank you, Crowleys Hellhound @ YouTube!), it’s time to take a look at what happened at the morning panel in Houston.

The general atmosphere of the panel was extremely playful and very relaxed. The J’s were quite openly affectionate - the heart eyes were strong at this convention.

Jensen and Jared show up on stage - but wait, isn’t that some hotter version of Cas? Jensen certainly looks appreciative of the package. (0:57)

Jared feels uncomfortable wearing such small clothes and a fan suggests he’d take them off, so off they go - with style, of course! Jensen provides the stripper music by banging a drum with child-like enthusiasm. (2:43)

Unfortunately the shirt is too small as well…


Here comes the mandatory naughty joke! The J’s are talking about the prison garbs they wore for the episode First Blood. Jared insists on calling them onesies while Jensen calls them coveralls. Jensen thinks babies wear onesies and a baby joke starts. Jared loved the comfy “onesies” and thought he could sleep in them and then Jensen says “It’s two o’clock, time for bottle feeding!” (5:30)

Now, let me explain this a bit. Here’s what Urban Dictionary has as the most popular explanation for the term “milk bottle.”

So, uhh, is Jensen talking about feeding Jared with actual milk, or is there something else behind the joke? Seeing how the J’s seem familiar with every dirty word in the English language and Jared’s reaction to this joke, I’m fairly confident that this was a naughty joke indeed.

This makes me think of all sorts of things and I can tell you that none of them are G-rated.

A fan says she’s gotten her 72-year-old grandmother into Supernatural (and continues with something I can’t distinguish) Jensen asks her “Has she seen this?” (10:30) and continues straight into heart-eyes mode, shaking his head fondly. Pay attention to Jared’s face on the screen behind them! They look at each other with such love.

Jensen is asked about the difference between filming Smallville and Supernatural. Jensen says “The lead (Tom Welling) was bigger and way better looking” to which Jared responds “Don’t be so mean to yourself.. you’re big!” (13:11)

They both seem a little embarrassed by the joke and I might never forget this moment.

I thought this moment deserved its own video clip. Jensen is still talking about Smallville here and says that he (his character) had a really hot girlfriend on that show while in Supernatural he’s stuck with “this hot chick.” (15:19) Notice how he repeats it for what I can only assume is for added effect. Jared doesn’t seem to mind it at all, but waves happily at the audience.

I can only say that the reaction of the audience is disappointing. Had I been there, this would have been the moment where I’d have let out an inhuman screech. The audience squals a little at first and laughs at the repeat. Fandom, I am disappointed in you.

Other great moments from the panel:

  • A fan asks if they get overhelmed at times at 15:34 marker and both of the men give heartfelt responses (gifs)
  • A fan asks if Dean would take advantage of a drunk Sam and… cut his hair. 21:57 (gifs)
  • Jared calls Jensen “Jen” at 30:05 marker (gif)
  • Jared declaring he isn’t wearing any underwear at the very end of the video before quickly making this exit (pic)

I sensed a very clear theme in this panel and that was mutual appreciation. We got to witness an insane amount of heart-eyes moments here - even to the extent where I stopped writing down the markers for those. They were so abundant. Jensen called Jared hot twice, Jared showed appreciation of Jensen’s size… There was a possible blowjob joke? This loveydovey panel came out of nowhere - I had expected to see G in Houston along with some on-stage bearding, but I was surprised in a very nice way.

This panel is definitely be one of my favourite ones in the history of SPN conventions, if not the absolute number one.

PS: Main panel post here.


Request: Requested by @neverabandonthejeep: One shot pls :) where some other guy at school is trying to hit on you and stiles gets really mad and picks a fight with them even though he knows he’s gonna lose thanks 😘.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader.

Warnings: Violence, language, and mentions of blood (not too graphic though).

Fandom: Teen Wolf.

A/N: Sorry this took me so long to post and forgive if it’s bad, I had a serious writer block till now. Also I changed the request a little bit, hope you don’t mind.

(Not my gif, credit to its owner).

The lacrosse team dressing room was packed. There were boys showering, others changing to head out of the school and others were talking about who knows what.

Stiles and Scott were discussing quietly some supernatural issues while gathering their things to finally go home. Everything was fine until Andrew Jones, one of the team Golden Boys and full-time jerk entered the room.

“Damn it, how can someone with just their presence bother everyone’s existence,” Stiles grunted at the sight of Andrew laughing with his gang of brainless friends. Scott turned his head a little to catch what his friend was observing.

“I don’t know why you hate him so much, I mean yeah, he’s a complete idiot but apart from that, he has never done something bad to you,” Stiles let out a fake chuckle to put on a serious face after. “You, my friend are too good to see that he is a complete asshole with a ridiculous personality, and don’t for-” Scott’s laugh interrupted his best friend rambling. To say the Stilinski boy didn’t like Andrew was an understatement, but this whole exposition of reasons just lead to one main argument: Jones had a thing for you, Stiles girlfriend.

“Are you sure, this has nothing to be with the fact that Andrew likes (Y/N)?”

“Maaaybeee, but after all he’s insufferable,” The two mates felt silent as they stared at the boy in question getting closer to them with his group of friends.

“Look what we have here, the athlete and his loser best friend,” Andrew commented earning a killer glare from Stiles and an eye roll from Scott.

“What do you want, Jones?” Stiles fumed, he honestly didn’t have time for this or anything that involved Andrew Jones.

“Nothing, really. Annoying you just gives me satisfaction,” Scott scoffed, this asshole was being beyond ridiculous and yes, he understood why his best friend hated him.

“Oh yeah? You know what causes me satisfaction? Not facing jerks like you who can’t even understand a proper phrase” And with that Stiles turned around to leave, followed by Scott.

“Alright Stilinski, leave but please say hi to (Y/N) for me and don’t forget to mention that I wish I could see that body of hers,” Oh no, that went way too far. Nobody made that kind of comments about you, not if he was there. His body shifted so now he could face the jerk in front of him.

“What did you say little fucker?” Stiles voice came out low and threatening and his eyes were blind by the anger. The smirk Andrew had just got bigger at this reaction.

“I said, that I wish to see your girl in all her magnificence,” That was it. Stiles curled his hands into fists and punched Andrew with a strength he didn’t even know he had. The boy fell from the force, and everyone looked at Stiles amazed; usually he would attack someone verbally, he never punched and kicked his way out of situations, but this time something really took him to the limit.

“Son of a bitch!” Andrew shouted; now the big bad guy was angry. This wasn’t going to end well. Rapidly recomposing himself from the blow, he pushed Stiles making him fall and started to punch him repeatedly. The blood was starting to drip from Stiles‘ nose and he was sure that his face would be dark purple in certain places.

“What the hell is happening here?” Someone gasped, all the boys in the room getting out of their daze to see a feminine figure standing shocked at the view of the other two guys wrestling on the floor.

“Scott! Do something!” You shouted, was he really watching his friend being beaten and doing nothing to stop it?

“Shit! Right,” The werewolf used his muscles to throw Andrew to the other side of the room, probably leaving him unconscious, and his group of friends flew off after witnessing Scott’s strength.

“My gosh, Stiles!” The boy tried to sit straight but his body was in pain, you rushed to his side and helped him. There were bruises starting to form in his beautiful skin and his nose was bleeding, that sure hurt.

“I’m fine (Y/N). It’s alright,” The comment didn’t make things better, this situation was not fine at all.

“No, it’s not alright you dumbass. What were you thinking? I mean look at you!” You stressed. He stared at your face that even with a frown of worry looked beautiful. By now, Scott was helping you to put him on his feet so you could go to the infirmary.

“(Y/N). Love. Calm down, please. It doesn’t hurt because it was for a good reason” Stiles half smiled at you, but hell, you were angry at him for getting himself in this situations.

“And what was that good reason?” You asked, scanning his features.

“I was defending you. He was saying bad things about you. And I-” He was interrupted by the feeling of your hand on his sore cheek.

“Look Stilinski, I love that you wanted to stand up for me, but a bump fight isn’t the solution,” And it was true, you’d rather being called things that watching him get severely hurt.

“She’s right man” Scott agreed with you. Stiles smiled lightly, knowing you cared deeply about him.

“Okay, Okay. Now, you two fools take me to the infirmary. This hurts like hell” You and his werewolf friend laughed at his sass.

“Alright, princess” You responded jokingly.

anonymous asked:

What would happen if Dean caught you sneaking the last slice of the pie as a midnight snack?

The Last Slice

“What are you doing?” Dean grumbled, walking into the kitchen, the room illuminated only by the light of the open refrigerator. 

“Nothing!” You mumbled around a mouthful, crumbs spilling out from between your lips. 

“Right, nothing. What are you eating?” He chuckled, pulling the door open fully. His eyes popped open when he saw your hand covered with the sticky, deep purply-blue colored filling of the pie you’d made the day before. “My pie!” He shrieked. You were quick to pull your hand from the pastry, flicking the stray blueberries off your fingers. 

“Dean, Dean, please. I’m sorry!” You waved your hands around, pieces of crumbly topping flying about as you flailed. Dean watched as droplets of blueberry filling hit your face, trying and failing to stifle his laughter. “You - you’re not mad?” Your face softened, brows relaxing from their previously furrowed state. 

“No, I’m not mad. How the hell could I be mad at someone as adorable as you, standing here at almost one in the morning, splattered with pie. Talk about dream come true.” Dean laughed and stepped toward you, his hand reaching out and landing on your hip. You looked down at your oversized white t-shirt, splotched with blueberries and covered in crumbs. “You’re perfect.” He pulled your waist closer to his and held you there, bending down and kissing you with a satisfied groan. “My God, you even taste like pie.” 

What Would Happen…

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Self explanatory/Damon Salvatore Smut

Originally posted by theeskyisthelimit

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Hiii could you do a Damon Salvatore smut where he hears about thigh riding and asks the reader about it and she shows him and it becomes his fav thing ever

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Jailhouse Fuc-Uh rock

Dean x Reader

Summary; You and Dean go undercover in Dwight Correction Centre, Illinois to catch a rogue Reaper, luckily for you two, the prison houses both Men and Women together.

A/N: So, after seeing the gifs of Dean in Prison again it spurred my muse to write a one-shot about the Reader and Dean in prison together, now I did my research and there was a Prison that temporarily housed both Men and Women convicts before closing in 2013, it was based in Denver – Illinois however I have absolutely zilch idea on how accurate this would possibly be so lets just take the accuracy with a pinch of salt!

Word Count: 4,318

Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Dom!Dean, hand-on-throat sexy action but not too intense, Violence

Originally posted by proof-is-in-the-pudding

“Well, personally I thought that it took you a little while to get here but looks like you finally made it” you said from the back of a riot van.

“Can it princess, you and your lunatic boyfriend enjoy your time in there together while you still can before the trial where you both get put away, apart, for a long, long time” the driver warns you.

You roll your eyes and shake the shackles that are binding both your arms and legs which are attached to the bottom of the van “yeah I’m sure we will.”

Dean just shakes his head, sat next you and in the exact same position “y'know, we robbed four stores before you amazing cops made your appearance.”

“Shut the hell up, didn’t get away though did ya?”

You and Dean both share a look before deciding that it’s probably best if you do cram it for now, so how did you end up here?

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So uh yeah it’s great to see these Halloween photoshoots with J2M and all but everytime they appear on my dash I just can’t help getting angry. Someone’s missing.
Someone very important.
And it makes me fucking furious that everyone just ignores him and his fantastic acting like he never existed in this fucking franchise.
Y'all know who I’m talking about.
Y'all do.

I don’t need you/Peter Pan Smut

Originally posted by overgrons

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Ayooo I’m working on requests! 

Also can we just talk about how fine he looks?

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Help please!

Okay, so most of you won’t know but I have created a Camp Camp AU where all the character’s personality are reversed. Max is all happy, Nikki is girly, so on. I have already done a lot of detail on the three kids, if you would like to see the said pictures, please message because I can’t use links on phone, help.

Anyway, what I am here to ask is that if anyone would like to help me out if they can draw a design of a character that is not the three kids because I can not draw the others no matter how much I try, please help me.

Full body would be recommend but I don’t mind. I have a list of all character’s personalitys below if you are willing to the job (big thanks to @natm2trashshippers btw for the great ideas :3) You may change the character’s personality a bit if I am wrong and I see them different then how they are. If there are ANY questions on the matter then just message me. I will tag some Camp Camp artists that I know off hand. Please tag me in the designs you create so I can see how great they are!

Artists: (who are amazing btw)
@letsahtyart (pretty sure you are in the fandom, sorry if I’m wrong)

Max = Clumsy, Cheerful, like younger David, very emotional, not secretive at all, is really dumb, has Autism and ADHD, is really gullible, loves supernatural and talks about it with his best friend, Neil, the lovable idiot, adores the counselors, really girly and proud, climbs mountains and trees, is covered in bruises, gashes and cuts and is missing a tooth

Neil= Douche, overconfident and wears shades 24/7, Really dumb, is failing every class, doesn’t know what anything is but pretends he does, breaks rules without a second thought, pretends to hate Max because of his reputation, Loves the supernatural, cares a lot about his reputation of the cool bad kid,

Nikki= Super Girly, bitchy, sassy as fuck, like the Flower Scouts but meaner, smarter then Max and Neil combined, which I guess still makes her kind of dumb, is the most logical, has a resting bitch face, likes to dress Max up, goes boy crazy,

David= Doesn’t care at all, hates kid, curses more then original Max did, flirts with all girls, tattoos and piercings, hates all the campers, especially Max and doesn’t see how he could be this happy.

Gwen= Loves kids, is very calm, loves the camp, is quite happy, very clean and organised, has got their life together, a lot like David but very laid-back.

Harrison= Thinks magic is stupid, shy, kind of nerdy, loves science, a lot like original Neil but a lot nicer and has no sense of humor.

Nerris= Lives only in reality, doesn’t believe in myths or fantasy, very smart and formal, likes science.

Space Kid= emo, sad, dark, hates going outside, kind of lazy, mature.

Nurf= Hippie, hates violence and loves everyone, world peace and calmness.

Preston= Doesn’t care about anything, hates plays and music, lazy, laid-back, appreciates everyone’s skills, very too loud or too quiet, not dramatic. (I don’t know what’s the opposite of dramatic)

Dolph= Hates all nazias, has curly hair because it curls it to not look like Hitler, is very smart and carefree, doesn’t care about anything, never snaps and hates begin in control.

Mark is fucking pissed and I would be too! He was killed off as though he were nothing but a cockroach! He deserved better! Crowley deserved better!

For the people who say “Mark is taking this personal!” I DIRECT YOU TO @lucifer-in-leather and her post about how he was killed off with her thoughts about it because damn she read my mind!

As for Mark, the fandom and family still love you all the same, if not more. Fuck the writers. Not for killing off Crowley, but for the fucking way they did with absolutely ZERO respect for you and all the hard fucking work you’ve put into this show and this character!

Coming Out to Pay (Anti x Reader)

Requested? Yes! Anon requests: hi I really love your work, could I request sean/anti x reader where reader keeps teasing sean and he eventually gets fed up and anti takes over?? nsfw if you can, but you don’t have to. thank you ily!!

Fandom: jacksepticeye

Pairing: Sean x Anti x Reader (I will most likely be calling him Jack, though, not Sean. sorry it’s just a habit!!)

Warnings: NSFW!!!! (at some point in this one shot i stole a line from supernatural oops im not sorry)

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