and he tainted them all

Not that it excuses his actions...

…but let’s look into what we know about Blaine’s past; and why he is the way he is.

  • His father was neglectful both of Blaine and his mother.
  • He didn’t listen/care when Blaine’s mother was suicidal and asked for help.
  • Which led to Blaine’s mother committing suicide, because Angus didn’t bother locking up his gun.
  • You’d expect this would cause him to act/lash out, misbehave… too bad his his nanny was an abusive witch who-
  • Beat him.
  • Made him clean the floor with his tongue
  • Locked him in a fucking dog cage.
  • Killed his dog because he stole a pack of gum.
  • His father knew about all the abuse, but did nothing to stop it. 
  • Blaine found comfort/peace/solace in music, but then his hero Kurt Cobain ended up killing himself… exactly like his mother did.
  • The only person who gave a shit about him, his grandfather, was shuffled off to hospice care under shady circumstances.
  • He actually was smart. He had aspirations; developed widgets and such… but got kicked out of school because he partied.
  • He ended up selling beer/drugs to teens on behalf of Mr. Boss… despite the fact he was a privileged rich kid. It’s not like he needed the money, he probably got sucked into it by his own drug use… which we saw in the pilot.

Blaine is not a good guy, but he’s certainly the lesser evil when we consider the likes of Vaughn and Mr. Boss. I’m not taking up or justifying anything he did, but looking at what he has done…

  • He provides a service to Seattle’s zombies. While he turned many of them, which makes it extortion, we know he didn’t create all of them…
  • He didn’t know about the tainted utopium/wasn’t exactly in control when he scratched Liv/when the boat party shit went down.
  • We never saw Blaine have a vision in season one. I think this is key. I don’t think he ate the brains he sold… don’t you think he’d have some remorse or a moment of weakness where he turned himself in if he ate the brain of a teen who just saw one of his friends die? When he said he missed Zombie!Blaine and Liv called him out on the visions… his reaction was curious. We saw him kill some old running buddies in 1x02… it wouldn’t surprise me if even back then he was taking out the competition/Boss’ underlings. If they influenced his behavior, made him even more homicidal and despicable…
  • Technically we don’t know if Blaine is guilty of murder. He’s certainly an accessory. He ordered and profited off of the killings, but he we never saw Blaine himself kill anyone first hand with the exception of:

-Jerome, who was already dying/escaping from Julien. You could see it as putting him finishing the job and putting him out of his misery. He caught the kid, he wasn’t going to escape… but rather than let him suffer..? I know, this one is reaching.

-Jackie, who killed one of his employees and was a liability.

-Lowell, but it was in self defense…

-His grandfather, though it was euthanasia as much as it was for vengeance against his father.

  • He did try to kill Major, but to be fair Major just shot up his business and all his employees.
  • He had nothing to do with what happened to Liv’s brother, aside from giving him the job in the first place. The person to blame for the explosion was Suzuki.
  • The Zombie Hooker was already a call girl, he didn’t force her into prostitution so much as appointed himself her pimp… which itself is skeevy and gross.
  • Though he wasn’t forthcoming with Peyton, his interest in her seemed sincere; and even when she wanted to resign he tried to talk her out of it. Not for the sake of his moving against Mr. Boss, but her career. He actually seemed to care about her.
  • Though it’s to protect his own bottom line, he is cooperating both with Liv and now Major. His definition of BFF is overstating it, but he’s more of an uneasy ally than he is an enemy
  • He actually seemed to care about some of his employees. While some were/are disposable… see season one; he actually seems to have a fondness for Don E. and Chief. Even Candy, the girl who does his makeup. He gave her the chance to get revenge against his dad. It’s because of him that Angus had the latter two mutilated, but Blaine seemed to compensate them. Chief, the only zombie in Blaine’s employ… that we know of, got time off…

Blaine is not a good dude. Is he tragic and sympathetic? To a degree, but he’s also power-hungry, sadistic and narcissistic. All that said…

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father fluff with general hux

There was something about babies that genuinely… Scared General Hux. Whether because he couldn’t take care of them, or because he feared he’d taint them with all the blood he spilt over the years, he wasn’t sure. He thought, maybe, that things would change when he had his own children to hold and love. How he was wrong. Surely, he’d try, and he was, but there was something about a crying baby, who wouldn’t stop, that got the General on edge. Like his three month old daughter, straggling in his arms and crying to him. He didn’t know what to do. There were options yes, but at three in the morning, his mind wasn’t sharp enough to think about the possibilities. And so, he rocked back and forth in the rocker, trying to coo the baby back to sleep, but to little avail.

His hands were gentle for a change, shifting around the small baby in his hands, his resulting in them squeaking out in displeasure for being so suddenly moved. “Hey, hey.” General Hux cooed, stiffening up a bit as they cried harder, “It’s okay, daddy’s got you…” He heavily contemplated waking you up, and wasn’t sure why he didn’t as he cradled the small child in his arms, sighing delicately as he did. “Are you hungry?” He asked, knowing they couldn’t answer him.

“Hux,” You murmured, walking towards the rocker he was sitting in. Strange, the redhead thought to himself and looked up at you with tired, blue eyes, I hadn’t heard her get up… “What’s wrong? I heard Treece crying…” Your voice seemed to sooth the crying baby in his arms, but only slightly. “Oh, my babies.” He noted you using the plural for ‘baby’, a small smile stretching on his face when he realized you meant him and your child. “How long has she been crying?” You stepped down into the nursery, walking towards them eagerly, your maternal instincts kicking in heavily.

“She woke up about an hour ago, crying and I thought…” Hux watched you with careful eyes as you bent down, scooping the small bundle of auburn hair into your arms. “I thought I could handle it, but I couldn’t… I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay,” It was your turn to sooth your love, Treece looking up at you with wide eyes, as if she knew what was coming. “It’s okay, Hux…” He visibly swallowed, fiddling his fingers together.

“The most powerful General of the First Order, who commands Cadets and Stormtroopers cannot control a three month old, how odd.” He teased about himself, though you could tell he was obviously hurt.

“Hux, what’s wrong?” Treece reached up, grasping the neckline of your nightgown and tugging on it, silently telling you that she was indeed hungry.

“I just… What if she doesn’t like me?” He murmured, “Look at how she is with you, and then the second you hand her to me, she’s crying…”

“It’s not a matter of hating you,” You whispered, gathering a bottle so you could make your child some milk, “It’s a matter of being comfortable. I don’t know if you know this, but you’re a very stern and stiff person…” Hux looked up at you, hunching his shoulders at your words. It was then that you noticed how tired he appeared.  “Which is a good thing, when you’re a General. But, you’re a father now… Treece… She loves you, you’re her daddy…”

“But, that scares me…” his voice was light and broke off near the end of his statement.

“And it scares me,” You admitted, Hux’ head picking up so he could gauge your emotions by your expressions. “It scares a lot of people, being a parent. But, she needs us, Hux… More than anything…”

He sighed, defeated and nodded, “I understand…” You locked eyes with him momentarily as he stood up, walking towards you and pressing a delicate kiss to your forehead. His mouth lingered there as he began speaking, “I love you, and I love Treece.” Hux paused, thinking about what he wanted to say next, “Will you show me how to take care of her…?”

“I think Treece and I would like that very much.” You replied, pressing your lips against his slightly. 

the valiant never taste of death but once

@emilyenrose was my 1500th follower and so gets a fic of her choosing; she asked for something with Fingon. This is a complement to and one man, in his time, plays many parts; it covers the same time period but the other host.

                                                           act i.

Elves could see eight colors, depending how you counted them. A prism split them, always in the same order: on one side the far-red that hot things gave off, the color of living things in Endorë’s dark. Then red, then orange, then yellow, then green, blue, violet, then true-purple. Flowers were often true-purple because bees could see it best.

That these were the only colors the Elves could see had been unknown to Aulë until the Noldor had advanced the study of light far enough to describe it, and then it had been a source of delight and astonishment to him. To Aulë there were a thousand colors visible when a prism split, hundreds to the side of far-red and hundreds on the other side of true-purple, colors that the stars spoke, colors that the Eldar could not see. The  range of light that Elven eyes captured was just a tiny sliver of the true thing; the whole was vast beyond comprehension.

It was dark now, and the only color was the far-red of shivering Elven bodies and the distant pinpricks of cold and unforgiving stars. The fire on the opposite shore had long since burned down and out. Findekáno had not moved since it had, but in the long night his thoughts had already hit all their notes - grief, anguish, hatred, betrayal - and now circled idly around this, around colors.

His skin was going grey with cold, but that barely registered. His breath kept clouding his view, then dissipating in Araman’s harsh winds; every time he imagined he would see something different on the other shore. Every time he saw nothing at all. 

Even if they now regretted it, which they assuredly did not, what would he see? It was too late. The ships had burned.

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