and he supplied everyone else

Michael at The Party.  Michael Mell x Male! Reader

So this isnt proof read at all. kinda rushed honestly. i just wanted to type this out before i forgot the whole idea and lost motivation

“I mean i never considered myself gay but” Michael looked your way. “(y/n) Is literally the cutest person i’ve ever seen.” he said peaking passed his locker door. “I mean just look at him! His little backpack and his little books and his little pens-”

Jeremy sighed deeply “Micheal he has the same school supplies as everyone else-”

“No! Look at how precious he is!” he looked your way and giggled.

Jeremy stuffed his books into his locker and closed it.“Jeremy i don’t care how gay this sounds. But i.. I just want to protect him. I don’t want anyone talking bad about him or mistreating him” A thick blush spread across his face.

“Well Michael i don’t mean to rush you, but it looks like Rich is flirting with your man.” Jeremy teased walking away.

In the distance Rich approached you with a cocky smile. “Hey cutie~” He said winking and walking away. Michael balled his fist as Rich walked passed his locker.

You stood there and carried on with opening your locker.

Meanwhile michael was building up with rage. Jeremy looked at his best friend and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Hey.. you ok?” He said in a concerned tone.

Michael slammed his locker so hard that it was heard all threw out the hallway. Loud enough to catch your attention.

You guys had a few classes together, but he always seemed to nervous to speak with you. You swore he was put off by you or that you scared him. You always saw him around school but never had the guts to actually strike up a conversation with him. Until You watched the boy stomp down the hall.your heart couldn’t help but be broken for him. Seeing him in this much distress made you hurt a little bit inside and you couldn’t figure out why.

“Zombies!” Michael and Jeremy yelled in unison. Michael and jeremy clutched controllers as if their lives depended on it. The adrenaline was running high. Everything was building up to a pinnacle of tension. Each turn and shot fired in the map made the two more on edge.

In a blink of an eye, controllers were seen flying in the air. The two boys tossing themselves back from the TV as a “Game Over” screen flashed on the tv.

With that, Jeremy stood up. “Hey where you going? We can still restart the level.” Michael said looking at his bff in confusion. Jeremy started to put his backpack on. “Well there’s this party, do you wanna come?”

Michaels face scrunched up. “And panic in a bathroom again? No Thank you. Besides i have nothing to wear-”

“(y/n) will be there.” Jeremy said with a smirk.

“I think i have a hood i can wear somewhere around here.” Michael said finally getting up with a red faced

“Ok michael if anything gets too hectic, you can leave at any point ok?” Jeremy said getting out michael’s car. “Michael?” The boy clearly had other things on his mind. “Michael!” Jeremy said finally getting his attention. The glasses wearing boy snapped out his trance. “Sorry i’m just really focused on protection (y/n).” He said in a stern voice.


“Yes. What is something happens to him? What if somebody tries to drug him! or touch his butt!”

Jeremy smiled at the boys concern for you. He spotted Christine and started to jog his way over to her. “Catch up with you later, Michael!” He said waving slightly.

Michael swallowed hard at the music thumping from the outside. He contemplated on even going inside, until he got the image of Rich trying to touch your butt. And he practically ran into the house.

Inside people were EVERYWHERE. Drinking, dancing and talking. He searched all over the house for you. He found himself in the kitchen.  Only to be greeted by Rich. “Yo! Michael! Come have a beer!” Michael could feel himself build up in rage. Just the sight of rich made him upset again.

He still walked over and accepted the red solo cup that was handed to him. He sipped slowly thinking about how much he would rather have a slurpy. Every obnoxious person he didn’t want to see was all in one area. All the jocks, all the drunk cheerleaders, they were all here. Michael still scanned all the surrounding areas for you.

“So michael! You see anyone you want to hook up with?” Rich said nodging the boy slightly. “Well not really, i just came out here to see one person but i can’t find them.” Michael said still looking around the room for you.

Rich pointed in a different direction from where they were facing, turning michael and him around completely. “See that guy over there?” He pointed you out. Michaels face lit up. “(y/n)-” He felt his heart start beating faster. He could see you slowly dancing to the rhythm of whatever dumb pop song was on. You smiled brightly as the light hit your face in just the right way. You laughed with a small group of friends, and the image alone of you laughing made michael melt a little bit inside. You saw michael and smiled widely and waved. He burned bright red and he waved back.

“i’m going to make him mines.” Rich said biting his lip and waving to you. You awkwardly waved back unsure of what to do. Michael felt the pit in his stomach empty. He felt every negative emotion all at once. “I mean the things i would do to that boy. id-” Before Rich could finish the senince, a fist came straight to his face.

A crowd of people swelled around the two. “Fight!” Yelled some random person.

Rich wiped the edge of his mouth to rid himself of a small amount of blood. “What that fuck Michael!” Rich said in a slight shock. Michael stood there with a balled fist. The room went quiet. “You know what, you can have (y/n).” Rich said walking off.

All eyes went on to you. You felt eyes burning your skin and then the music started to kick up again. You decided the rid yourself of the drama and sit on the lawn.

Michael saw you and decided to join you.


The boy patted the ground, gesturing michael to sit next to him. You smiled. Michael nervously sat next to you. “Rich didn’t hit you, right?” you said looking at michael. Michael shook his head no.

Michael felt his hands slowly grazing the edge of your hand. His palms went sweaty. He felt all the blood rushing to his face.

“Look at all those stars.” you said looking up. You’re eyes filled with so much enchantment. So much wonder and so much light. “Aren’t they beautiful;?” you said looking straight into his eyes. “Yeah you are.” he said.

Now you were the one blushing. You looked away trying to hide your blush from him.”sorry.. That was dumb huh” Michael said rubbing the back of his head.

“No. its sweet.” you said looking at him with a wide smile again.

The both of you spent the rest of the party laying on the grass looking at the stars and listening to michael’s ipod. “How you getting home?” Michael said

“Well christine was my ride, but i think her and jeremy left.”

Michaels voice lifted. “I can take you home!”

“You sure it’s not too much trouble?”

“Not at all. I’ll even get you a slurpy.” you giggled at the comment.

“Then it’s a date”

His face lit up. “You mean like an actual date?” michael asked.

“Not if you don’t want to..” you said looking away. “No! I do! It’s a date!’ Michael said leading you to his car. This looked like the start of something good.


Unsuspecting of the transformation Ardyn pressed forward with the bait. The visage of a beloved friend and advisor, likely more, held much potential for a well crafted dagger. “May we talk privately? A bit of friendly advice between us? It has been so long after all since we had taken a moment for ourselves.”

“…Yeah. Yeah, I’m game.” Noct rises, deigning not to look at the world map, where Succarpe’s location was marked with the flag of the Alliance. He walks deeper into the tent, toward his cot - the armies had suggested putting forward a grander tent for him, but he’d refused. Standard supplies, like everyone else. They insist it’s his right, but he doesn’t– doesn’t quite believe he’s worthy of the crown just yet. Not until a clear victory in sight. 

He makes a beeline for the coffee pot, but he finds it emptied. He’s hungry, too, having skivved on dinner, but– coffee and dinner can wait.

“What did you want to talk about?” He asks, turning to Iggy, still holding the coffee pot.

You just know Simon is one of those people who is SO anti-Valentine’s Day like he spends the whole lead up to it grumbling about it being just another ploy to sell meaningless, over-sentimental junk and he scowls at window displays with fluffy bears holding satin hearts. 

But he also knows how much it means to Rick and Kieren that they can celebrate Valentine’s Day out in the open like everyone else so he goes and gets supplies from Amy and sets about making the world’s worst home-made Valentine’s Day cards because they mean so much to him and he wants them to feel happy and loved but damned if he’s going to become another mindless victim of consumerist culture thank you very much. 

(He thinks he’s been really sneaky about it but there has been glitter in his hair for days and Rick and Kieren can’t stop smiling at him looking all disgruntled and glittery) 

Hipster!Cas, Nerd!Dean for Max Enrique and Justo Enrique 

                Castiel bit down on his lip feeling the cold metal of his piercing slide across his teeth. He was about to walk into his first class of his last year in high school. Daunting. Sighing, he finally walked into the art classroom and sat down at the back stretching out his legs. Popping his headphones into his ears, he tried his best to zone out, wishing he was in bed at home sleeping off his hangover rather than being forced to do work and pretend he likes more than a handful of people at the school. Suddenly, he found the earbuds being ripped from his ears and he jerked his head up at the sudden lack of music.          

                  “I said nice scarf faggot!” Some tough guy with a varsity jacket on practically yelled into his ear. In his hand were the ends of Cas’s headphones still playing Arctic Monkeys softly from the speakers. Cas just looked up and him and quirked his pierced eyebrow.

                  “Thank you so much compliments are always appreciated,” he replied, his voice dripped with sarcasm.

                “Whatever freak,” the jock replied before dropping the headphones and going to his seat. Before Cas could insert them back into his ears he heard a voice speak up next to him from the seat he hadn’t even realized had become occupied.

                “I do like your scarf,” the voice said. Turning, Cas saw the owner, a shy looking boy with glasses and dark blonde hair.

                “Sure ya do,“ he scoffed, wishing the seat next to him was back to being empty. Before the boy could respond, Cas plugged his music back into his ears and turned away. Of course it was right at that moment that the bell rang and the art teacher walked into the classroom.

                 "Good morning class! As you all know my name is Mr. Sanders and I’m the art teacher. Seeing as this is the upper level class and all of you have taken art before, I figured I’d start you guys off with a project.” Before the groaning and mumbling from the class could really start, the teacher kept going, “It’s going to be a partner project so you won’t be carrying all the weight yourself! Now if you turn to the person next to you at your table, you’ve just met your new partner.”

                 While most of the class seemed excited about not having to do all the work themselves, Castiel was inwardly cussing out Mr. Sanders for not only forcing him to collaborate, but to make him do it with the geeky kid next to him. He made no move to introduce himself to the kid on his right as the assignment was passed out. He could sense the boy next to him growing more and more awkward as everyone else started to get together to plan out their projects. He could also sense the boy was too shy to say anything, so he finally took pity on him and turned to face him. 

                  "Name’s Castiel" he said with a head jerk that resembled a nod.


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